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What's Up? - Topics #10; Entries from 12/12 - 7/13

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  1. ***2012: Biggest winners and losers:

    Winners: Obama, Nate Silver, Serena
    Loser: FOX, Romney, Allen West, Koch Brothers & Sheldon Adelson

    whats yours?***

    Winners: Obama, Nate Silver, Federer (no one thought he'd get back to #1 again)

    Loser: FOX, Romney, Allen West, Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson - That's a lot of money down the drain! Add on Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, & Karl Rove!

    ***Yet again, the "fittest player, mentally toughest" myth has been soundly disproved. Having enacted numerous fake MTO dramas while playing, it is no wonder his credibility is a bit low when he makes new, strange injury claims. One shouldn't be surprised when people express surprise and disbelief at his latest claim.***

    Amen and hallelujah to that! lol!

    ***Djokovic plays a part of Johhny Mac in this story. - - How so?***

    Djokovic is Nadal's foil for now! In '11 alone he beat him 6 of 6 times; all in finals Borg was the #1 player in the world winning most everything in sight except the USO! When he finally went down in both Wimbledon and his USO desire to McEnroe in '81, he was done! Borg was still winning the French Open at the time as well! Nadal seems like he's done for the most part except on his beloved clay! He doesn't want to come out like Muster in the 90's and demand the exception to only play on clay, but if he weren't craving or indeed entitled to being #1, he could get away with it!

    ***I'm not sure if Borg ever won a USO, but I think he won Wimby. - - Are you kidding me!?***

    Don't hurt him LC! Borg won 5 straight Wimbledons Gemdal; '76-'80! He played in 4 USO finals losing 2 to Connors in '76 & '78 and 2 to McEnroe in '80 & '81! This tourney was his curse! He was injured, but never for any length of time! Before the USO of '77 he had a bad shoulder that wouldn't allow him to crack his serve or hit overheads! In '78 his thumb was smashed somehow and he couldn't hold onto his racket! He was still good enough to get to the final, but he dropped his racket to the court several times; esp. after serves! In '79 he came upon the booming serve of Roscoe Tanner in a night match! I blame his coach for insisting on day matches, knowing sooner or later he'd have to play at least one! The following year he made sure to have a cupcake match in the 1st rd at night; old man Bob Hewitt was the victim!

  2. ***Sen. Graham: Obama's Cliff Meeting 'Political Theater'***

    Republicans are full of shit! When they were in charge, they spent this country into oblivion with 2 wars, an unpaid prescription drug bill, and 2 unwarranted tax cuts to the rich! Why don't these people admit they want to bankrupt the country so they can default on SS, Medicare, & civil rights for minorities and women if they could get away with it? They destroyed themselves instead amd it looks like they haven't learned their lesson! They're still shooting themselves in the foot with stupid
    comments and being totally unreasonable in the budget talks and the "debt ceiling!" Obama ran on increasing taxes on the wealthy and Republicans are willing to throw the country off a preverbial cliff to keep their promise to their political lovers; Grover Norquist among others! Screw these ass-holes!

    ***Fiero, the spending from 2001-2008 was NOTHING compared with today.***

    The country had a surplus back then for Bush to throw away! Of course there's more spending now! The credit card bill for Bush's wars, prescription drug bill, and tax cuts are coming due! When unemployment is high, revenues are down! Add on pushing for more tax cuts while the rich clean up, things will never turn around on it own! That's why they call it stimulus spending; needed after the condition of the country left in such straights! "Thank's W!"

    ***Blaming others is extremely CHILDISH and accomplishes NOTHING! Adults accept the situation and look for ways to overcome it.***

    That's typically said by someone who knows where the guilt lies, but refuses to accept blame! Typical right-winger! I listened to Bush yack about inheriting a recession from Clinton until the last days! Keep fooling yourselves! I know hypocrites when I see them!

    ***Obama is demanding that Mitch McConnell allow a straight up-or-down vote on Harry Reid’s fallback proposal if the two sides cannot reach a deal. If no deal is reached, Obama is daring McConnell to filibuster a continued tax cut for the middle class and Boehner not to hold a vote on it. A senior Senate Dem aide tells me that the fallback proposal Reid is working on would extend tax cuts on income just up to $250,000, not up to $400,000 as Obama’s most recent compromise proposal did....***

    As well it should! If these a-holes won't accept deals, Obama has no obligation to do more! He's in the catbird seat and sooner or later they'll have to give into him and common sense!

    ***Let us know when the Republicans approve the last budget Bush left behind in 2008 for 2009.***

    Don't ya love it? Conservative, Republicans, & FNN hammer that there hasn't been a real budget in place since before Obama like he has anything to do with it! Blame the idiot Congress, esp. the House for sending over such crap bills that a Dem. Senate can't possibly take it up for consideration! They know Obama would veto it, so why bother? This is like those same people cutting budgets all over the place forcing cities and states to fire teachers, police, & firemen, then look at Obama and shrug, where are the job? These people aren't even sly about their deception! They're too stupid to even hide how incompetent and unpatriotic they have been to the country!

  3. ***How is it the GOP"S fault that Obama hasn't balanced the budget in 4 years and he doesn't want to balance it now. If he did he would cut spending. The GOP refuses to give him a blank check. And what's wrong with that? Obama wants to raise taxes, which he will do if there's an agreement or not. ...Bush did better by Americans balancing the budget than Obama ever thought of doing.***

    The delusions, spin, and outright lies just keeps on coming! Where were these mythical balanced budgets with so much off the books; wars, drug bill, tax cuts! Why can't people accept this man is doing a decent job and if Republicans would stop dragging their heels, things would have turned around a lot sooner? When it all explodes in their faces it'll be the same old refrain, "didn't see that coming!"

    Mohrons! Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Perry, and all the rest were a colossol joke in comparison and it wasn't even close! Accept it! The people have spoken and they've accepted his solutions ! He ran on increasing taxes on everyone's income above $250,000 and Republicans are holding it all up trying to keep their promise to Norquist, the Koch brothers, and all the rest of these unpatriotic bastards that only care about themselves! Balancing the budget at this time would make about as much sense as giving
    tax breaks to millionaires to accomplish the feat instead of trying to expand the economy with stimulus! Giving breaks to ass-holes who pocket the money instead of investing back into the economy have no one to blame but themselves when all goes to hell and they're held responsible! Blame Bush, Wall Street, conservative think tanks, Fox News, conservative radio, not the President and the Dems in the Senate who are trying to stand up to all this craziness! It's almost over with the economic cliff
    looming in a couple days; thank Gawd!

    ***The medical setback comes as Clinton is wrapping up her busy tenure as Sec. of State, during which she has logged more than 400 travel days and nearly a million miles. She plans to step down from the post if and when Sen. John Kerry -- President Barack Obama's choice to replace her -- is confirmed by the Senate.***

    With all that we still have to endure Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, and other morons demanding to see medical records since they believe she's trying to avoid testifying on Benghazi attack months ago!

    These peple have no shame and probably won't be satisfied until she comes out crippled in a wheel chair or dead! Such animals on the "right!"

    ***Got to wonder if this is a cover story to give credit for ducking out on testifying before the present Congress.***

    Hmmm, I guess you, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, and others won't be satisfied this is true until she completely "strokes out" or dies! Pathetic!

    ***And oh yeah....the loving words from the left when Brietbart died were just so warm and fuzzy. Made me feel all good inside. George HW Bush didn't get much love either while in the hospital. ...***

    You just made that shit up! I don't know anyone that even brought up that old man! There will always be isolated instances, but overall Dems couldn't care less about those losers on the "right!"

  4. They gutted the bill to allow MORE spending than was agreed to in August of '11. You don't seem to grasp that the majority of the House was elected to CUT spending. - The House is in chaos. Petty
    factions are squabbling for power with no concern for their elected tasks. We have trusted them with governance and they are self absorbed with trivia.***

    You had a better deal before, but these pinheads on the "right" kept saying NO! Now they're stuck with an enpowered President who can demand pretty much anything he wants; esp. when these fools wait until the last minute! They could have done a lot better if they had worked over the Xmas holidays! They lost all their leverage vacationing instead of working on this situations! The dumb continues to get dumber!

    They can't seem to learn their lessons; work with Obama now instead of waiting until the 11th hour when all the cards are in Obama's hands! All he has to do is sit back while these fools destroy themselves! He doesn't have to lift a finger!

    ***The U.S. House has voted to approve a bill allowing taxes to rise on the wealthy, extending unemployment benefits for millions and delaying deep automatic spending cuts in federal spending for two months, ending the long national drama over the fiscal cliff.***

    Republicans just played this great; AGAIN! They could have had more tax cuts last year, but to be obstructionist they nixed it! Now we're saddled with more debt! So much for the deficit hawks; all are "full of shit!" I believe they need to keep on spending, but sooner or later "the Right" has to let the President have his way without a colossol fight which ends up just costing us more in the long run! Things are looking up and turning around! Some people just don't like it to happen on Obama's watch! It's gonna happen unless they really go to the edge again on the "debt ceiling" in a couple months!

    ***Republicans knew if they took it over the cliff and everyone's taxes went up they would be blamed. It would have been their fault... Tea Party didn't care.***

    All the more reason this should have been taken care of weeks ago! It was inevitable! Republicans weaken their position everytime they take it to the limit! Obama's finally learned his lesson and stopped negotiating with himself! I'm pissed he even gave in to the income levels of $400,000-450,000, but I guess he had to give these losers something to crow about! Norquist was almost giddy thinking "we won!" What a dolt!

    ***Lobbyist Grover Norquist should be subject to investigation for meddling within government affairs. He actually figure he controls Congressional elections with his influence.

    Gun Owners Like Me Are Not The Problem And Taking Our Guns Away Won't Reduce Gun Crime***

    What a bunch of suckers; spending so much on a war with their own gov't that won't ever happen! Real fools & jackasses! The NRA and gun producers are just laughing in your Fk'n faces!

  5. ***How did Nadal hold his #4 ranking despite all the time he did not play while injured? seems like he would have dropped off the charts? Do injured player's ranks "lock" or something?***

    You're kidding right? lol! I'm no fan of Nadal, but he won quite a bit up until the summer! A number of matches he lost the previous year to Djokovic were won; esp. on clay in the final! He should have dropped some, but the rest of the men's tour stinks! They don't want it; barely eeking out upsets in smaller tourneys! They almost never touch the elite 4 in the majors allowing them to run roughshot over them year in and year out! Even in Borg's day as dominant as he was, he wasn't allowed cakewalks to titles like Fed, Nole, Murr, & Rafa these days! The 2nd & 3rd tiers of pros are an absolute embarrassment since physically they can compete! Their problem is the mind and heart; so lacking!

    ***ATP looks like they are cracking down on stalling between point.Lopez was quite upset with the ump's call. Nadal better be ready if and when he returns.I don't think they will be taking his foolishness any more.***

    I haven't watched much of late, so I had no idea this was on the front burner! I just happened to flip past Lopez match with him stomping around unhappy with new rule! Highly overdue; esp. after "5:53" last year! I'm still trying to recover after staying with the match after 1 am here in Chicago to well past 8 am! I'm nauseous just thinking about it!

    ***It still doesn't change that TC is fully of bad programming, run on the cheap and a joke of a channel supposedly dedicated to tennis. All this is made worse when I look at the channels dedicated to other sports.***

    They seem to get all the matches out, but I'm not entertained! Matches I'm not interested in are re-played over and over! I used to think they listened to me here! If I suggested a classic match, next thing you know, it was being telecast on "Classic ESPN" or TTC! Since YEC, I've barely surfed by! What happened? Love 30 was almost predictable; esp. the last 4 matches! Surprise, Nole and Rafa leads the way with a match that went 5:53! Shocking! I'm still trying to recover just watching it!

  6. ***Hillary Clinton in hospital amid speculation of her avoiding Benghazi probe***

    Sean Hannity last night was still mouthing off to Bozell how much he questions this whole thing! Also projected by commenting on CNN's ratings when the fact is he's lost half his ratings since the election! He's just not credible, if ever! When Colmes was around to balance him out and correct himsometimes, he was passible! Since going on his own, he's too out of control, fabricating stories and conspiracies other than reporting the current news! All these loons on the "right" have lostcredibility even amongst their brethren! Coulter, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Rove, Malkin, Ingraham,Bozell, Hannity, and all the rest have a lot of spainin' to do! They'll try to spin the actions and beliefs of this party, but I think it's futile! They've been exposed as truly nuts!

    ***It's also fitting that the high priest of the enviro-religious nuts {Gore} is now set to retire with $100 million petro-dollars. - Al Jazeera has 1000 times more integrity and honesty than Fox news pretends to have.***

    It's ironic the "right" is after Gore for selling his interest in Current TV since they've been on a "Jihad" against him since he left public office back in 2001! It's as if they feel he was found to be more highly regarded than the sitting President at the time winning a Nobel, EMMY, Grammy, and a few other awards & accolades that "W" can only dream of in his sad and pathetic retirement! Fox News with their leading personalities go after Gore nightly for something including his extravagent homes, lack of following his own "green advice," and flying on a private jet! Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity,, & Bill O'Reilly only show how jealous they are of this man who went on to do great things and became richer than than wildest dreams! lol! "Suck on that Rupert!"

    ***Child support claim rankles sperm donor to lesbian couple - the state of Kansas filed a petition seeking to have Marotta declared the father of the child and financially responsible for her after the couple encountered money difficulties.***

    What is it they say for situations like this, "no good deed goes unpunished?" Nothing having to do with Kansas surprises me any more! They've gone so deeply stupid "red state," this will only be the beginning I'm sure! If unable to find the father, they might have gone after the manufacturer of the syringe used for insemination! Some real dumb arse people around there!

  7. ***Boehner Reelected As House Speaker...- I am quite certain Obama sand bagged him in some fashion. Dingy Harry Reid certainly did. Obama LIES constantly and mislead Boehner.***

    Yeah, why would Obama be cooperative, just because the 1st piece of legislation to go to a vote concerns repealing Obama-Care? Makes sense to me! Obama should have these people up for tea so they can tell him to his face what they really think about him!

    ***In Kansas isn't it illegal to teach mathematics in public schools?***

    I wouldn't joke about that, you might be giving Brownback ideas on more ways to save money so he can lower taxes even more in KS! It's a little horrifying to see red state after red state going under the influence of these "right-wing" nuts! They really do hate education; teachers and their unions in particular! Might have something to do with how hard it was for them to get thru the system! Now they're punishing it by starving it of funds! Off the top of my head I remember Florida getting saddled with Scott! He couldn't wait to cut $1.75B out of statewide education budget to give nice, fat tax cuts to his buds and local corps! It's hard to feel sorry for them though, hating Cristy was more important to them at the time! It didn't matter that the company Scott was affiliated with had been fined by the Fed for fraud and had paid $1B to settle things! Florida will be paying for that mistake in more ways than one; and for the next generation of morons! Last I heard, the drop out rate was at a staggering 49% down there!

    ***2 Republican Congressmen Vote For Allen West Over Boehner For House Speaker - Allen West is no longer a member of Congress... he lost in November.***

    You don't need to be a member to Lead The House! That's how much we need the Republican party! They can be lead by WEST and be just as functional! "Good job guys!" While I'm at it, I might as well tell everyone, you don't need to be a judge to be on the Supreme Court! You don't even need to be an attorney or know anything about LAW! Just an FYI, it's not likely, but a plumber could be nominated and make it thru confirmation if they thought him wise enough to serve!

    ***Lobbyist Grover Norquist leads the Republicans in Congress just as he did for the past 20 years.***

    Grover was the House Leader for a while, but he gave up the job when the going got real tough! He was totally obsolving his subjects of this tax increase and he looks all the fool for it after he was so steadfast against any symbol of a tax increase last year! He's done as House Leader; for now! These are delicate times and I have to believe true sanity will prevail with the nat'l debt ceiling negotiations!

  8. ***What does everyone think of "L & O: SVU's season 12 episode "Spectacle" where the young man fakes a rape/kidnapping to get police to pay attention to his brother's case? I really liked it and thought it was well acted and a nice break from the typical rape case. I was wondering how much time the college students would serve in prison for the rape and what would happen to the younger brother (Jason) of Greg. Would Jason be sent to foster care? Would Greg be able to get custody of him later?***

    I hope he pays a stiff price turning the city upside down for that one life! Send him to "OZ!" Keller can take care of him! I felt the same way about the 2 kids that faked a car-jacking/kidnapping of their kid; to cover themselves! They were drunks I think! No way would they walk away from what they did to a city! Does this go on all the time in NYC?

    ***Yeah really, the cops waste all that time trying to save a victim's life when there ain't any victim, if any REAL victim would've been killed during that time, it'd be on all those idiots' heads.

    So the Lycans where slave, and they fought back against there oppressors, so that makes them the bad guys?***

    I don't know where the doubt comes from? Slavery is slavery; racial or abusing animals! Vampires felt superior so feeling entitled shouldn't be a surprise! I think I've seen this plot before; "Roots" maybe! Amistad? Romans? Germans? Japanese? History repeats itself all too often on the screen! We demonized Indians and we ripped them off!

    ***In "True Believer" episode, I don't see how they found him "not guilty" on the gun charge.***

    It's unfortunate The Public can even think it possible that cops and prosecutors would conspire like that! Unfortunately you see it splashed across the headlines all too often; shady judges, prosecutors, and plenty of cops! They're found guilty of complicity in some way; not necessary concerning one case! 20+ years ago some little girl was raped and killed in Naperville! It was a "well to do" area and they wanted results! It seems the city cops, state sheriff's deputies, DA, & judge railroaded some poor latin kid! It took a couple years to exonerate him, but none of these scumbags served time in his stead! They were run out of office though and the DA kept his license! Maybe he'll develop a hooker/pimp trade! Morons!

  9. ***...KS is a highly religious state. A place where blue laws still prevail abundantly in the communities. ...It exists not b/c they are all "Reps", but b/c that is the overall composition of those who live there.***

    Red state politics can be as conservative and backwards as they want, but there are a bunch of folks within those states who are being punished for that intransigence on certain subjects! I'm sure the opposite is felt by conservatives in blue states with how permissive they seem to be in those same cases! The difference is blue state politics is, you can have your own beliefs and no one's forcing you to have an abortion, but for some strange reason you still feel oppressed b/c a neighbor might be doing something you don't approve of! Reps love to play "victim," but most of the victim-hood is self-inflicted just b/c they can't mind their own business! ...Reps have lied every step of the way and seem to be on a 'jihad' to bankrupt the country so we can eliminate all the New Deals of SS, Medicare, & Medicaid! Sometimes I think if they could turn the clock back on civil rights, they'd do it! That's your history of obstructionism, bigotry, sexism, & narrow-mindedness! ...your party is a disgrace these days and has been for a while now!


    OCO, the bills from Bush's wars are still coming in! We finally got some of those tax cuts for the rich off the books as well! You seem to forget "W's" prescription drug bill wasn't paid for either and Obama just shored that up! "Thank you Obama" is what you yo-yo's s/b saying! Normally you shouldn't keep blaming the previous admin., but the repercussions of those 8 yrs are still be felt! The deregulation of banks and their institutions tanked the country, ...! People know we need money to pay for infrastructure, but it's still a game to see how much we can screw the country out of those payments! I probably wouldn't gripe about the "haves" being such thieves, but supposedly those break they got was to encourage employment and the shoring up of business! Instead it's being pocketed and other moneys being sent abroad to protect them from rightful taxation! ...With higher employment, growth follows; SIMPLE! The foot-draggers on the "right" have been sabotaging Obama's efforts so far, but somehow we're overcoming it, albeit slowly!

    ***...Well done, Fiero, well done. It is the fault of both sides and that has been shown, explained and proved over and over. It is the partisan bs that is the problem. ...Keep up the good work as I plan to do my part.

    Here in America, I never heard one bad word from a conservative about gov't when Bush was in office. It's all hypocrisy, you see. Just a way to push a corrupt agenda if one side isn't getting their way. Blame the gov't if I'm not personally benefiting from them in some manner! ...And some of these folks actually call themselves "Christians" and "family-oriented" too. I'm sure Christ would just love your agenda and principles which are the complete opposite of his! If we had more individual thought and perception, then they wouldn't be allowed to get away with their bull!***

    Good luck trying to make sense of a world with little "common sense!" Hypocrisy, lying, and total, obvious villainy seem to rule the day; at least for a while! We expect the worst, so we make it a self fulfilling prophesy by allowing the "status quo!" ... An Ohio Rep. was in prison and received 25,000+ votes back in the 90's! You can't feel sorry for a society that allows such imbecilic behavior! I gave up in '04 allowing a campaign of hate and intolerance sweep good people out and more evil into our political infrastructure!

  10. ***Maybe I just don't understand the ranking system well being a casual fan of tennis. It just seems hard to believe Nadal could NOT PLAY for MONTHS and have no effect on his ranking. Seems like some others would be collecting points while he was getting none. - Can wait for AO classic matches to start.***

    Don't blame yourself! The ranking system isn't hard and it actually makes sense! Rankings are computed over a 12 month period! Points are designated for wins and in what round you fall and are accumluated! If you win 1000 points for winning a Masters like Miami or Indian Wells, those points stay with you until the following season trying to encourage defense of a title! If you don't play or lose in an earlier round, you lose that 1000 points from the previous year and a new computer ranking comes up with the adjusted new number! Rafa won a number of Masters on clay including the FO worth 2000 points last season! The rest of the tour has players who lack a little heart and don't want to move up! They fold against the top players; esp. in majors so you don't have rogue players like Tsonga or Berdych getting anywhere near #1, #2, or #3! The top 4 have been ensconced in concrete for years now with maybe one interloper, Del Portro by winning the USO a few years ago! That's been it! Nadal has gotten away with this before by piling up points over the spring & summer so even when he has a weak fall and winter, he's only dropped as low as #4! It was never like this in the old days! I'm very disappointed in the men! The women are almost in the same predicament, but no one seems to want the top spot! We went 2 years with Woz as #1 w/o winning a major! That's lame! What are these other mental midgets doing?

    I've seen all the classic matches I needed to see besides one; '86 USO, men's semi, The Big Cat, Miloslov Mecir d Boom Boom Boris Becker in 5 sets! Passed out in the middle of it only to wake as Becker leaves the court! Suffering from sleep apnea back then, I missed a lot of stuff if I didn't tape it! That was the year "Our Czechs, Beat Their Czechs!" Navratilova d Sukova and Lendl finished Mecir's run in those finals!

    ***...In addition, Serena Williams has played more individual multi-slam winners than Graf or Navratilova did in their eras. Besides with Navratilova/Evert, in singles slams, they were even in their competition in the same era; therefore neither dominated!***

    We'll see if Serena will have the dedication and wherewithal to hang in there and approach Evert, Navratilova, or Graf! It's a little late in the game for Serena to finally decide "I want to be thought of as the best!"

    ***...I did not "dismiss" any player, but YOU like to "DIS" Serena; we all have OUR favorites!***

    I'll still be touting Martina's doubles, Fed cups w/ 2 countries, 6 majors in a row, losing 1 or 2 matches a year! She actually changed women's tennis with fitness and to keep her on the court longer, the tour went best 3 of 5 at Virginia Slims Championships starting in '84!

    ***Good for you Fifi, but you do not have to demean Serena to prove another is better. All know that Graf, Navratilova, Evert, and Serena Williams are the greats of women's tennis. Only Serena is still playing!***

    Who's demeaning the child? I just said she hasn't been as dedicated as she could have been; same w/ Venus! They were part-time players who used health issues as reason to skip months in a season over the years! This is just unheard of by a top player; at least on the ladies' side! Nadal seems to play when he feels like itl!

  11. ***America lives under the shadow of George W. Bush - I thought Bush was retired? Hasn't Obama fixed everything yet? Where is the hope and change Obama promised? Was Bush that powerful that even Obama cannot defeat him after 4 years of fiscal mismanagement and economic incompetency?***

    I think we would have been well on our way to some kind of recover but for the "foot-dragging" and continuous obstructionism perpetrated on the country by the Republicans! There was no honeymoon; doing the bare minimum! It's hardly Obama's fault a budget hasn't been signed in 3 years when The Tea Party is running things over in the House while one rogue Republican senator can stop everything requiring a super majority just to call a bill to the floor in the Senate! That's probably the most disgusting aspect of all this! While you have unprecedented political battles going on relentlessly about policies that were routine under Bush, you have to believe many of the arse holes are going to burn in hell for this crap they've been pulling in America's house! "Please go to the brink and trash the economy with a debt ceiling fight guys! I'm so tired of this shit! Just take us into the volcano and burn!"

    ***Bush's policies ended on 1/1/2013. This is now Obama's policies.***

    We're still in Afghanistan, Qitmo is still open, SEC still rather weak and hasn't really prosecuted anyone but Madoff and Martha! Hundreds of billions of dollars were ripped off and we still don't know where it went; that includes Bush's Sec. Paulsen with TARP back in 2008! Couldn't tell you where and who he sent the money to! These arses should be in jail; ALL OF THEM!

    ***I am just as angry as you in most regards. All these Neo-Cons that suddenly found religion in terms of fiscal responsibility. They had 2 yrs to balance the budget as well. They failed. Yet, they now parade around screaming about the debt monger Dems only want to spend and raise taxes! The Republicans just want to spend and let someone else pay for it.***

    Good for you! A pox on both their houses, but the "right" is definitely more to blame with how bad things are in the country!

    ***Yes, Republicans ARE TO BLAME for what happened to America. Some people have been paying close attention to politics since before Election 2000, others (R) have turned a blind eye, looked the other way. - Twelve embassy attacks under Bush and Fox news doesn't say one word. One attack under Obama and they latch onto it like a rabid dog on a chew toy.***

    What else would you expect from such hypocrites? The latest obsession is with Gore! The man never took office in '01, but you would think he's responsible for all the ills of the world that "W" perpetrated on us! Their brand of insanity just can't be reasoned! Dems just drive them into irrational frenzies that will destroy them; Clinton, Gore, now Obama! Hillary is always there as a reserve; they go back and forth with her w/ faint praise, then total disdain! I feel for their families that have to explain their brand of psychosis!

  12. ***Kudos to President Obama for sticking with former Senator Chuck Hagel despite outrageous opposition from the usual suspect. Now let the right wingers bring it on.***

    They'll make it difficult! Republicans are like petulant children right now! They're upset with Daddy for sending them to their room in the last run of talks! They want to pout, be more than passively aggressive with one of their own in Hagel, and it won't do them a bit of good in the end! They're just marginalizing what little credibility they had in decision making! It's quite pathetic that routine business can't get done without all the wrangling for attention and political points! The country can tip over and go under anytime, but games like this will continue to be played! Truly pathetic!

    ***Uh, I may be a lapsed Catholic, but this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Everyone who reads this board should know that Catholics can divorce. There is divorce (which is civil law) and then there are church tenets. ...***

    Please don't get me started on those hypocrites! lol! Ted Kennendy was allowed an annulment from his 1st wife even after 2 kids! Church law means nothing really! They break all the rules, all the time! Total hypocrites and one of these days they'll update from the 14th century! Started out as a Catholic here, but all I can do is shake my head with their behavior; esp. of late with sex and child abuse charges so rampant! They need extreme donations just to pay settlements! Sickos!

    ***My lips are still zipped but I can sound an "Mmmm hmmm." - I think you are being disrespectful to believers. It's amazing to me how people think it's okay to carry anti Catholic sentiment around. It like any other form of prejudice should be spoken out against.***

    Oh it's meant to be offensive! I hate hypocrisy in politics and religion! These people pass judgement and set the rules all the times; it goes way back in time and history! Catch them breaking those same rules; "well sue or prosecute me!"

    ***I'm not sure who you mean by 'these people', but that is a rather rude statement. I cannot further discuss w someone who wishes to offend others. I take the same issue w this when I hear people speak w anti Islamic sentiment. To me it's just as bad as being racist.***

    Well you can support a mafia of silence if you like! With so many cases out there, few are going to make excuses publically if they want to keep their own credibility! Rationalizing there are bad people in every walk of life is even more offensive since we give power to "these people!" People in positions of authority whether in politics or religion have to be above reproach! All too often we see and hear of their failings; "do as I say, not as I do!" It's called HYPOCRISY and should be penalized to the fullest!

  13. ***I can't speak for Fiero but I'm not anti-Catholic. I am, however, anti-BS and anti-uncritical thinking whatever the creed, religion, race, sexuality, gender, etc.

    A few things, though:

    It's not "a few priests" and you acting like it is is part of the problem and makes you complicit. Lives have been ruined by men using their so-called moral authority to sexually exploit and assault children and women and so many of you so-called believers look the other way. Is sex abuse by members of the clergy exclusive to the Catholic Church? No, not at all. Is it a HUGE problem within this denomination? Without question.

    I agree with you that the Catholic Church provides generous support to services that don't fall out of line with their doctrine. Pre-politicalization, I think the charity offered by the Catholic Church was, for the most part, exemplary.

    Universal? I don't know about all that. I mean, you said yourself that divorced people are refused communion, a holy sacrament. And, like most religions and other Christian denominations, many of the Church's laws are extremely sexist.

    Just the other day an Italian priest said that women "provoke the worst instincts which end in violence or sexual abuse. They should search their consciences and ask: did we bring this on ourselves?" Violence against women (by men) in Italy is a significant problem but this dude is blaming women.***

    You made the cut as well! Very impressive for an OT! I love going on tangents! Good job! Thanks! Not anti-Catholic either, but I won't turn a blind eye to their problems!

  14. ***This tennis message board is a mess. - "LOL! You love it though!" - Yea, it's just like Congress.***

    Not! I glance and if a topic grabs me, I'll check it out and contribute! I don't spend even a quarter of the time I used to when this place was more relevant to legitimate discussion on tennis and politics! Now we have the censor police that try to stiffle free speech, obliterating posts just b/c they don't like the content! It's defintely a wasteland out here of late! I shoot thru like a bullet and don't feel I've missd much! This place could be such a sanctuary to people who like expressing themselves without feeling they'll be censored and told to "stay on topic!" What happened?

    Yep, I see the total intransigence! On one side you have the "bow and scrape" crowd to the alter of Serena and Venus and any questioning of that diety is not permitted! The other side of which I'm a member look at the totality of the history of the game not allowing past champions to be forgotten! We as a people are so prisoner of the moment, we can't see a day down the line much less a generation! We all have to be willing to open our minds!

    ***What these haters / hatahs don't realize is, this hatred only inspires Serena and Venus to work even harder at performing up to the best of their potential.***

    More power to them! - Scalpels at the ready on this thread so I won't bother to contribute much! It'll just end up on the cutting room floor! Congratulation to Serena on near perfection at the end of her career! This is reminscent of Martina's '87 season! Just took the top titles and left the scraps for Graf and Evert! You can't do much better than a Wimbledon, USO, & Olympic gold! The rankings will fall into place soon enough! #1 is right around the corner!

    ***...4. Obey the 25 second rule.***

    We'll see if Nadal can adjust! He's so accustomed to taking his sweet time between points!

    ***Hopefully you'll both be preaching the same thing about Djokovic once the AO rolls around....but I doubt it.***

    I agree about Nole believe it or not! It was self-preservation as far as I'm concerned! He's watched Federer waiting and waiting for Nadal to get ready for the next point, frustrating any kind of "run" he may have had trying to slow things down! To let Nadal see and feel what he's been doing, Djokovic picked up the same habits! That's why we wind up with 5 and 6 hour contests; mostly toweling off and stalling! I watch classic matches where points are quick and the time btw even shorter! This has gotten so out of hand; even with the women!

    ***Graf did almost everything very well and her "backhand" was great.***

    It was great and very reliable! Problem though occured in the early 90's; for a couple years! Gabriella Sabatini almost owned Graf there for a while just laying into her backhand! She would finally break it down, looping deep balls at it; esp. on clay! At Hilton Head in '91, Graf had a lead in both sets she lost 5-7, 6-7! Gabby was down a break 2-5 & 3-5 resp., took a timeout to change attire and broke back each time to run out the match in straights! Graf actually tried to hit a couple backhands with both hands, she starting losing so much confidence in it! On cement in Miami it wasn't much different; Graf could be up a set and a break, but Gabby would go on these huge runs of points and games frustrating Graf and her father in the stands!

  15. ***Nadal a #5 seed at Roland Garros - by not playing at the AO '13, he loses 1200 points and will drop to 5400 points. Ferrer should over take him for the #4 ranking

    imagine a #3 seed versus 5 seed in the QF - Murray

    imagine a #2 seed versus 5 seed in the SF - Federer

    imagine a #1 seed versus 5 seed in the finals - Djokovic ***

    I think we were sitting here last year at the same time guessing when Federer would take over #1 and how long he would hold it! He held it longer than I thought he would! Nole pulled back a little on his schedule since he couldn't defend all those points from 2011! Roger has set a mark that won't be eclipsed in my lifetime; 300+ wks at #! The next crop are slowly killing themselves chasing points and money around the world! The matches take so much out of them unlike the old days, I can't imagine anymore men playing at the top of their games past 28; 29! Same for the ladies! Serena and Venus will be it for the old ladies!

    ***Ferrer and Berdych in Djokovic's half at the AO...Where is the logic behind the 5th seed being in the same quarter as the 1st seed? If Nole, Ferrer, and Berdych all make it to the quarters, Novak will pretty much be playing back-to-back semi-finals just to make the final. I don't understand why the draw does not automatically have either the 7th or 8th seeds in the #1 seed's quarter.***

    Always been that way; a coin flip! The only thing for sure is #1 & #2 are opposite each other! Either can play #3 or #4 and in the round before #'s 5, 6, 7, or 8! It's not automatic 1 playing 8 and 2 vs 7! ...Bout time Nole got a break fighting off Federer in semi's all too often!

    ***McEnroe wasn't the only observer who compared Williams to Andre Agassi.***

    I take great pride in Navratilova and Roger acclaimed as "GOAT's," but I don't live to see the approval of people and announcers I don't know! You guys need Mary to get down on her knees, bow and scrape to the temple of Williams? Hmmm! That truly is a bridge too far!

  16. ***Can a player lose a match, but not have their serve broken? - Agassi -vs- Sampras, USO QF 2001 & '91 Wimbledon, Stich-vs-Edberg SF 4-6,7-6(5),7-6(5),7-6(2)***

    In doubles it happens a lot more with tie-breakers!


    I feel your pain! lol! I'm still trying to recover from those last 2 men's matches; Djokovic taking 5 hours to eliminate Murray and almost 6 to outlast Nadal! Sickening! Thank Gawd they're cracking down on all the stalling! We'll see if the players can adjust! Maybe that's why Rafa is hesitating to come back! Hmmm!

    ***The Greatest? - Maragret, Steffi, Martina, Chris, Serena in singles.***

    The last two are definitely correct; Evert #4 and Serena a firm #5! That won't change; EVER! We can come up with rationale for each of the other 3 to be #1 including the raw numbers with Court, Navratilova, & Graf! Suppositions & arguments can be made concerning stabbing of Seles which changed the history and our perception of tennis legacies significantly! I still say Martina has the advantage with longevity, 167 singles / 177 doubles titles, level of competition over 20+ years, winning at almost 50 y.o. in majors; '06 USO!

    ***Yes, FO '03 is on Serena's mind, but and I think the Razzano match, w/ her crying during it is what really lit her fire. - She will be laughing all the way to breaking Navratilova/Evert's slam record this year, baby!***

    I'll believe it when it happens! I have two words which relates quite appropriately; "Tiger Woods!" Still waiting for those 18 too and he's older! lol! Jack Nicklaus is relaxing with his record intact! I'm not sure Martina and Chris are sweating it!

    ***I wonder why she didn't play more doubles towards the end of her career? As much as I did not like her as a person, I really thought she had one of the best all-around court games and net games in the business. I wasn't into tennis whenever Navratilova was playing, but I really cannot imagine someone having better hands at the net than Hingis. Was it an ego thing, having won so much so early her career?***

    Hard to believe people aren't taking "time and energy" into consideration with Hingis cutting back on doubles' play! People forget with the length of matches in this past era, sometimes doubles matches weren't completed until well after midnight! She's still a little girl among Amazons! She needed to get "some" rest to deal with those giants! lol! The mud-slinger, hyperbole, & outright distortion of Hingis and her era is more than a little disgusting! You guys complain about how Serena is talked about and treated, but people think nothing of belittling this little girl! Truly pathetic guys!

  17. ***"Limitations," L & O: SVU - I HATED this episode b/c one woman was stupid enough to forgive a rapist and hide him while 3 others demanded his whereabouts. The woman was incredibly stupid and the end was stupid b/c. We were supposed to feel sorry for the rapist b/c he's in a wheelchair? B.S.!! I wanted to see Stabbler kick him out of that chair so much.

    If they had the other cases still within the time limit, then I'd agree, but I think all that was left was the last woman and if she didn't want him to be held for it then it's her call. Why the other women got mad at her I can understand, but she was thinking about her attack and what she knew about the guy. The other two can't live vicariously through this woman's rape conviction to feel they got justice for their own. They didn't. They ran out of time. Had they not sat on this until the hearing, like Cragen said, then I'd be all for it. She'd be obstructing justice of other cases, but it was her own. She made the call. The man was a cripple, he got his karma.***

    That episode's storyline was a travesty! Who's rights weren't violated in this episode? How they got a judge to sign a warrant and demanding congregate's list of that church? I'm appalled as Olivia took the address cards from the old lady! Absolutely obscene! After all that, the guy is going to be taken care of better in jail! What a bunch of morons! All this because one vindictive woman would let it go? She didn't care if another victim was jailed! I'm still seething over this one!

    ***Nothing was as bad as WET. AS FOR "Limitations," people need to understand not all Rape victims are the same or have the same reactions. The girl had met her rapist and forgiven him and knows he's no longer a threat. She(and all rape vicims) only have to anwser/be resonsible for themselves. I understand why the other women were upset, but in reality, would knowing his name and who he is be any comfort? Maybe it would be maybe not. I knew I needed to move on and stop wallowing in what happened. My rapist never spent any time in jail for what he did, continued living his life until he died a few yrs ago. I feel for anyone who has been a victim and ideally bringing the perp to justice... it doesn't always happen; U can heal with out it.***

    That one woman refused to move on! She had "the means," and she intended to make sure everyone suffered around her including businesses, the city, and anyone who doesn't cooperate fully to her specifications! That was a horrible episode! "WET," I still haven't seen a repeat! It's just real scary out there; people, businesses, and gov'ts playing games with "water!" The previous James Bond film, "...Solstice" touched on it with the bad guys trying to corner the market on our life's blood; outside of blood!

  18. ***...What matters is the message that Colin Powell was trying to convey to his fellow Republicans. For those that read ALL of Mr Powell's words and put aside what anybody else said, they would realize that Mr Powell loves his party and worries for it.

    I think the Republican Party right now is having an identity problem. And I’m still a Republican. I’m a Republican who grew up along with George Bush XLI. I grew up with Ronald Reagan, Cap Weinberger, Frank Carlucci, that Republican Party, the Republican Party of Dick Lugar and John Tower. But in recent years, there’s been a significant shift to the 'right' and we have seen what that shift has produced, two losing presidential campaigns.***

    Republicans expect "blind loyalty" without question even if it goes against your own principles! They used to be the "fiscal party," but the Bush years belie that crap! They don't see a minority, race, or cultural problem in their party because they only see standard bearers of Clarence Thomas, Condy Rice, and "the once great" Colin Powell! These people are so blind to their own intolerance, we're wasting our time trying to help them! I gave up during the "W" years! If you can be that selfish, fiscally irresponsible, and without conscience lying to the people you serve, they're all beyond help! The 4 year "foot-dragging" with this President while we're teetering on the edge shows they're more concerned about saving their jobs than helping their own country! It's sad and unfortunate! Nationally they're a mess and are falling back farther and farther in credibility; check the numbers!

    ***'Blind loyalty?' The Republican party? Oh please! Apparently you're forgetting that Joe Lieberman got the ax from the Dems b/c he wasn't loyal to their agenda of bashing the Iraq war. And we know why some Dems think it's ok to refer to Black Republicans as 'Uncle Toms', 'Aunt Jemima', 'house Negroes' to name a few of degrading names they call prominent Africa Americans that 'weren't loyal to their party, but chose another party's affiliation. We've seen the You tube video of Dem Barbara Boxer acting condescending to the CEO of Commerce, Harry Alford and how he was offended by it. She tried to act like he should be grateful that she is touting another Black opinion that happens to agree with hers....and that he should be grateful and agree with her as well. Just wait, all of this degrading of folks and intimidation by the Democrat party to those who do not agree with them will catch up with them...and so will their lies that they tell all the time.***

    Well there's independent on one hand, then there's Joe Lieberman who's propping up a Republican candidate for president! Going to the convention of the enemy; what were the Dems supposed to say, "good job Joe?" I'll be the 1st to point out something must be wrong with any minority that calls himself a Republican! There's been a Jihad against women, Blacks, gays, "illegals," and the poor for years; only worse now since Obama's the President! They figure they have cover to act as intransigent, bigoted, with a true lack of common sense! The level of disrespect this man has had to endure is unprecedented and if ever the country is STUPID enough to put a Republican in that chair, I don't ever want to hear any BS about how uncooperative the Dems are behaving! I will laugh in your freakin' faces and point out all this shit! What a bunch of losers; they just don't understand the repercussions of their actions right now!

  19. ***ESPN and their obsession with Sharapova - The world is obsessed with Sharapova, so naturally they would choose to fulfill the desire of the majority of their viewers.***

    Federer's the face of men's tennis even when he's ranked as low as #3! He went 2 years w/o a major and the endorsements were still his to command! I'm sure Nole and Rafa don't apprciate that when holding the top spot in the rankings!

    ***Will Novak end up0 with more majors than Rafa?***

    Being a Nole fan, probably not! I have to be honest and consistant! Like Rafa, he works entirely too hard to win matches and I just don't see that much longevity in him! The other men will catch up sooner or later, but he might get close! Ya never know really!

    ***"Never should have gone 5 sets in the first place at '12 AO." - What a bunch of hogwash. It went 5 sets b/c that's the way the match played out.***

    Same thing happened at the USO! He was up a break and servivng for the match; hense brain freeze allowing a deflated Rafa to come back and extend the match! It's happened too many times not to take notice! It's not all Rafa each time; come on! lol! I've been watching tennis for over 40 years and I never saw anything as ridiculous as Nadal going to his knees, pumping himself after winning that 4th set! It was pathetic and sad to see of a top player! "Act like you've been there before moron!"

    ***...Exactly my dear Fireball! ... And cast your mind to the exact situation when Federer won the 4th set tiebreaker at Wimbledon against Nadal after saving match points when Nadal hit his backhand return long..... Federer let out a cool 'aaaaaaaayyyyy' and that was it. ... Both were the same circumstances... a slam final... 4th set... tiebreaker... came back from the dead to win the breaker... yet one man handled it with class whilst another sunk to his knees like a buffoon and carried on like he won the tournament. Glad he lost subsequently after.***

    ***The Denver defense was horrible; playoff game. No pressure by Von and others on Joe Flacco. Champ "Toast" Bailey needs to retire. Peyton, greatest regular season QB but a one SB wonder. I can't beelive the last turnover he made. I don't like Baltimore and cheating New England much worse. New England in the Superbowl. ...***

    That should have been Peyton's curse; best regular season QB w/o SB! Fortunately for him he played by "loser" mentalality ridden Bears in '07! They get a lead with great play then go defensive trying not to lose! Manning picked them apart little by little; MORONS! Even Marino wasn't this lame in the post season! The league was a lot tougher back then too! Peyton has no excuse, esp. since his little bro has 2 wins in 2 appearances in SB's against arguably the best in Brady! You can imagine who can puff up their chest a little bit more with real pride! lol! "Peyton, you're a real disappointment!"

    ***NFL, is a tougher league now. Better, bigger, and faster athletes than Marino faced. Brady, I put an asterisk next to all Patriot SB wins, b/c only some of their cheating was revealed. Also some of those SB wins were won by a field goal. Bears didn't have a losing mentality when they lost to Peyton's colts, but had Rex Grossman.***

  20. ***...But you can enjoy watching it if it makes you happy inside dear***

    I haven't found women's tennis entertaining in years! Radwanska the only one I have true appreciation for, getting the most out of her game! She's my little Hingis replacement! lol!***

    ***Well Venus losing seems to tickle you pink so I was just encouraging you to watch it since you are enjoying this moment- Aga is actually as good than Hingis. Martina was lucky to come up when she did. A few years later and her career probably wouldnt be as good as Aga's is.***

    I hope you're talking to someone else! I get no enjoyment out of her losing even when it tweeks you guys! I just don't care anymore! It's a wonder I pay any attention, but tennis has been a part of my life since I was 13; 1970! Hard to let it go totally!

    ***But Fiero if I'm wrong I aplogize b/c I would hate to think as Serena would say that you are "ugly" on the inside you know?***

    Aga is unwatchable or should I say un(listenable)! The decibel level is much too high! I can hear that idiot in another room! It makes no sense to make all that freakin' noise! All the women are ridiculous with all the squealing and screetching!

    ***That's fair, you just seem to make a ton of comments about things that you don't care about ....that's all-...Venus could show up at Wimbledon and shock us all I just can't completely write her off...***

    Nothing else better to do! Retired ages ago so I just "troll" here and IMDb for comments on tv programming and movies! Just saw The Dark Knight Rises! Love all that's Batman! Oh I wouldn't write anyone off! Some thought Federer was done! Surprise; WIMBLEDON win out of the blue!


    Doesn't seem much of a difference in the last 10 years; countless unforced errors, no back-up game, and a serve though powerful in it's day, very unpredictable and could go off anytime!

    ***I keep hearing about this Henin girl. What happened to her? I keep hearing she is great, but she is still young and retired long ago. Why? - It appears Kim and Serena defeated her in finals and she "chose" to retire!***

    Just hateful! Typical hypocrisy! Why so much evil circulates around here, I'll never know! Some really horrible people present! Why do I bother? Ya just won't let this girl alone; Hingis either! It's so pathetic! Not even playing, but the insults continue! GAWD help me!

    "Dude, learn to read the internet! Info supplied by these people are always suspect!" What a bunch of losers!

  21. I don't know how Roger's supposed to get thru all these tough matches if they go according to seeds? It's just one elite player after another w/ Roanic, Tsonga, Murray, then possibly Nole in the final! He'll ascend to Gawd-like status if he can get thru all that! "Good luck Roger!

    ***I was like LMAO watching Tomic's faces each time Roger made those incredible passing shots, some of them really umbeliavable, not to Federer of course, and Tomic was like trying at his best and hardest only to see his opponent mastering each shot. It was fun!

    Wait, Am I The ONLY One Who Expects Flipkens To Oust MARIA Tonight? - One thing's for sure, Kirsten is smarter than Venus. - And why is this untruth significant?***

    Why is it an untruth? Where do we find strategy and a competent back up game out of Venus? It's all or nothing; been that way from the beginning! It's ugly tennis no matter how you judge her game! I have a real problem with the lack of grace and body control by both Williams'! The raggedy ann flailing arms and legs just isn't attractive! Martina, Chris, Evonne, and others showed real style! Loved it back then! Just ugly tennis going on these days; esp. with the women! Federer the only one with any real class and style on the court!

    ***Try being compact when all arms and legs.***

    How bout that? I thought he had enough of a point lead to stay in the top 4! Wow, dropping to #5 and maybe #6 if he doesn't start winning right away! lol! Amazing; never would have thought it would happen this soon! I do see a future of Nadal breaking down and unable to compete in a complete calender year!

    ***I hope someone does the primal scream when they beat Novak. I would pay to see that lol - And people like Cav and FiFi have the gall to whine about Rafa's celebration in last year's final. Somehow Djokovic screaming and ripping his shirt off like a neanderthal after a 4th round match is much more appropriate...***

    Nadal had won the 4th set and he dropped to his knees as if he had won the whole thing! How premature was that Miss Nadals?

    ***I don't care for Djokovic's shirt-ripping, but I'm not about to sit here and act like I can tell a player how they can and can't celebrate a win (or winning a set, for that matter).***

    It's a wonder his team mates tolerate Nadal! He does it to them as well! Like he really loses that often to them, but he acts as if it's the first time sometimes! He's so ridiculous! Verdasco gave it back a little at Madrid last season! Just laid on the blue clay and Rafa had to wait for him to compose himself to shake hands! It doesn't stop him from acting out after every win anyway! Moron!

    ***You don't care for Nole's shirt ripping antics against a 'player he's never lost to before' ... well I don't care for 'someone who drops to his knees and celebrates like a goose' when they win a set.At least Nole celebrated after he knew he had beaten his opponent; not like Nadal who still had a set to play.***

  22. ***Ferrer In Trouble to Almagro - Down 2 sets... Got the 3rd to stay alive.***

    It turned into a women's match with these weenies unable to hold serve in the 4th set! So sad to see! Ferrer been serving well, but he still can't seem to close out his serves games! Almalgro's always been a head case! He just doesn't believe he can beat his team mates; Nadal and Ferrer! He had his chance and ow it's gone!

    ***Amazing, Almagro tries to be a bully with most players, but that lovely 0-12 record against Ferrer shows, obviously not against Ferrer. Served for the match THREE TIMES and choked it away every time? He's a dog with fleas.***

    Verdsasco finally broke thru on Nadal at Madrid last season, but he was whining before his 1st match; hatin' on the blue clay! He gave it away with a huge lead! That was a gift!

    ***I'm gonna go out on a limb, lol, and say that, if Almagro couldn't beat Ferrer in this match, he's not EVER going to do so. What a pathetic fold up; made Jana Novotna look clutch for crissakes. At least he softened Ferrer up for presumably for Nole.***

    I've seen it many times! Some players are just owned by another; esp. a team mate! There's a pecking order that isn't broken at times! Happened when I played in school! I was #2 while 12th in state was our #1! That wasn't going to change!

    ***Djoker's cupcake DRAW should bring him another GS - Nadal out, Murray nowhere to be seen. Beat down boy Ferrer in the semis. What more can you ask for? - Couldn't agree more. Murray and Federer will tire each other out and whoever wins it will be up against the fresh Serb. I'll be very shocked if Nole doesn't win it.***

    Funny I used to say the same thing about Nadal and Federer when they were seeded #1! Who would have thunk it? Bout time he's been given a break! How many times did he have to go through 2 out of 3 of the other top players to win his majors? Nadal exacting revenge on Soderling in FO '10 final should qualify in that vein! Federer should contribute to Roddick's retirement plan since he was his favorite pigeon in his major finals; esp. at Wimbledon! Just saying; what goes around, comes around! I have no problem with Nole's draw even though I'm a Federer sycophant!

    ***Fed always gets to play at night - Murray's team is complaining about this unfair organization of matches given that Murray has had to play in the heat of the sun.***

    It's called "tournament prerogatives!" Been done for as long as I can remember! They want to keep the old guy in there so what better way to help him out? lol! Cooler, the ball travels faster, and he has the advantage of fan approval with that raucous crowd!

    ***...Also against a possible SF against Murray, Fed will have less time to recover.***

    How soon these hypocrites in Murray's camp forget! Doesn't he get to play ALL his matches at Wimbledon on Centre Court? Just sayin'! What's good for the goose, is good for the gander; whatever! lol!

    ***If he were playing more during the day, then the same people would talk about how it's an "unfair advantage" for him to be finished with his matches before his next opponent(s). You really can't please everyone.***

    You can't please "anyone" around here! lol!

    ***Murray now has a major to his credit. He plays just the same, but he has a different kind of confidence - he KNOWS he can do it. It's not a guarantee, but his chances against Federer I estimate as 55-60%, whereas against Novak - 40-45%. W/o a slam it would've been about 10% less.***

    Agreed! I keep trying to tell people confidence is the most important thing! There are plenty of people with talent, but being able to perform in the crunch is what makes champions! I still have a faint recollect of Borg after he won his second Wimbledon, he started to destroy his opponents, even on cement at the yearly ATP Chp. before the USO!

  23. Tournament directors have been guilty of criminal scheduling before! Years ago at the USO some American player finished late into the night, but they scheduled him for noon the next day against Connors anyway! The guy was stiff as a board and just gave the match away 2, 2, & 2! I'm sure the same people didn't make a big deal out of it rationalizing Connors would win anyway! Total BS and I would have balked and told them where to take their tournament! They wouldn't do that to a top player, why him?

    ***More highly relevant and timely tennis references from Fiero***

    It's so weird I get frustrated watching Murray play these days! For practices' sake I played like that at the club to help my endurance and patience, but in the crunch, esp. in tournaments I was chipping and charging, rushing my opponent at every opportunity! You get a lot of satisfaction playing that passive-aggressive style esp. when you embarrass your opponents who thought they had the point won 3 or 4 different times! I understand somewhat, but he's hampered his career by at least 2 years thinking he can abuse Nadal, Federer, & Nole in such a fashion! His only advantage over Federer is age; hense his small edge! Murray finally lucked up and got past him last year at the USO, but it was a long time coming! If he had attacked just a little bit more in one of those Aussie finals, he could have been on his way! Silly!

    ***Errani served out the 2-hour, 36-min match w/o dropping a point, thanks in part to Venus sending the final shot into the net. "We don't think she played bad," Errani said about Venus at a post-match news conference. "Maybe she made some mistakes in the last few games ... but that's pressure and it's normal at that stage." - "It shows they're human," she added.***

    It's called defending your own play! I get tired of Venus and Serena thinking they can get away with that same ol' refrain, "I beat myself, she didn't do anything but show up!" They've softened it a bit over the last few years, but that's how they feel! Losses are incidental and they take all due credit away from their opponents! It's not very classy or sportsman-like!

    ***This isn't 2008. The sisters have not used that line in years and always credit the opponent great play.***

    So what are you saying, there's a statute of limitations on stupid comments made? You sound like a politician and media source on tv! Just admit what I said was right and move on; I know I have! As for Martina, if I feel like giving her the benefit of the doubt with the language differences, that's my business! If you don't like it; TOUGH! Speaking 5-7 languages, I don't expect her to pick up ever nuance and figure she's being a colossol bore! At the time she still was the most successful junior beating 18 y.o. at 12, turning pro at 14, and winning her 1st major at 16! Owning a slam in women's doubles, 12 majors at such a young age, with tons of 1st and other records, she has a right to be as braggadocious as she wants! Deal with it people! Get over the HATE! Same with Justine! Gawd save yourselves!

  24. ***Serena out of AO in 3; Sloane to play Azarenka - Good on Sloane for taking advantage. - Come on Pam, both you and I know she did not take advantage. She won it all on her own from a 100 percent healthy Serena.***

    You can't reason with these people! They're like Republicans in the Obama era; total victims! They can't help themselves and can't be mature when their idol falls! Excuses will fly and they won't give Sloane any credit! The hypocrisy is palpable since Serena has had her share of walkovers when her opponent was hurting or injured! Did she give them a break? I doubt it! Good win for Sloane; end of discussion!

    ***I have issues with Serena's injuries - Every time she loses her fans are ready to do the injury song and dance instead of giving credit to her opponents. The fact is if you are old then unexpected stuff can happen and make you lose. The gracious and sportsman thing to do is praise your opponent and move on. In Stephens case pass the torch.***

    I've already given my 2 cents on this issue! These people are in complete denial concerning the attitude and lack of respect Venus and Serena have shown toward the rest of the women on tour! Even though it hasn't come out of their mouthes in the last few years, I can still hear them saying from the past, "I beat myself, she had nothing to do with it!" lol! Well Venus beat herself about a dozen times or more at the FO and AO; hense she has none!

    ***Would Sloane beat Henin? - "yes for sure but double bagels could be out of question..."***

    OCO; you're new to this game I'm sure! lol! You have no idea what you're talking about! lol! Henin owned Serena during a period in the mid last decade! In '07 alone, she eliminiated her at least 3 times in majors! She actually has a backup game unlike the Williams' who resort to mindless ball bashing for the most part!

    ***Serena crushed a racquet not her opponent***

    Yeah, the racket alone caused her to miss-fire and hit the ball into the net, wide, and long! Sloane was just a beneficiary of Serena's bad play and injuries! She just happened to be standing on the court and had nothing to do with pushing Serena to the limit which may have caused or exacerabated her injuries and old age rally potential! "People, please get a reality check and grow up!"

    ***No one will beat Serena - don't see that happening for 2 reasons:

    1) It's amazing she can keep playing at that level at 31 going on 32, but she would have to be the dominant player she was last half of the yr for the next 2 yrs and she could never be that much consistent all her career dealing with injuries, lack of motivation or whatever...

    2)The field is no longer weak as those Safina-Jankovic-Wozniacki days at #1 rank where everyone looked erratic. Aza, Maria and Aggie are all stepping up their games and other few teens are coming...***

    Makes sense to me! Don't be shocked with attacks! No one's allowed to doubt the heart, mind, power, or wardrobe of the Williams'! lol!

    ***Yes, fiero! I'm aware of that... thanks! lol***

  25. ***The feeling of doom was in the air all tournament - perfect storm; I sensed it early on. First of all, Serena was entertaining talk about winning a grand slam, matching the greats. she never did that before. The bad luck in the AO - ankle, lip, and back. Sloane - very mature, steady and what athletism having just played Serena helped her from a week before. Doubles - yesterday's doubles match did not help.***

    Martina Navratilova is a great champion who played doubles every major; probably adding MD as well and you didn't hear any of this crap during her reign! She was a lot older as well! Why the excuses? Can't Serena just lose for the sake of losing? Sloane held her nerve and outlasted the old lady; end of story! Serena will get her chance for reciprocation later we all know this! Move on!

    ***Exactly - I thought sloane would play great vs Serena. One of sloane's problem is she doesn't really know how much offense and how much defense she should play. (kind of like a Monfils, she at times either goes for big shots or she just mindlessly defends). Serena almost always hits big, so Sloane will kind of be forced to defend a lot and will only be able to go for her shots a small percentage of the time.

    In all due respect the level of competition allowed for Martina to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, Martina herself admitted such, less talented players and a much less physical sport all around. Also in Martina's day her opponents were most likely playing doubles as well. So it was a more even playing field.***

    You still have to put out the mental time to stay at the club everyday; all day! I don't think you guys realize the stress put on Martina to do well, esp. during those periods of being #1! Nothing was made easy for her, defending her life style and not getting any support from Wall Street with silence in board rooms when her name was mentioned! I give her all due credit for being a great champion, a genuine giving and thoughtful person, who had to overcome so much to get to where she is today including defecting from her home country! American life is so much easier for our children!

    ***The reality is Serena had injury. Sad that so many can't even acknowledge that. Any player who plays in pain and fought as hard as Serena did deserves respect. She didn't quit or withdraw which is more than can be said of Sharaprova and Vika recently.***

    Everyone's got a story! Did Serena go easy on opponents when she knew they were hurt or injured? I doubt it! Move on I say!

    ***Fiero, if you want to wax lyrical about Navratilova, why not start threads doing so. But you keep comparing her and her era to now. And it is not always relevant.***

    I bring up Martina b/c you guys bring her up! You say Serena will pass by Martina and Chris in major wins, hense you've invoked their names and era! You want credit for something, it has to be referenced by something! In this case Martina's name is as good as anyone's! lol!

  26. ***NBC blows Serena loss WAY out of proportion - "Serena Williams lost it in more ways that one"

    "There were times you could physically see the changing of the guard"

    "A titanic battle" - no. no. and no. Shut up, NBC.***

    Guys, get a grip! There's nothing nefarious going on here! Tennis still isn't the "be all, end all" for the world and the only time it makes world wide news outside of a major final are upsets! Upsets make the sport as much as consistant winners! There would be no reason to report on the AO at this time unless a top player was injured or eliminated! This would happen whether it was Serena or Azarenka! They would hark back to past upsets if it had been another woman! Remember as good as we think Aza is now, she still has only the one major! The tape of that crack up against Serena a few years ago still makes late night classic tv! It happens to everyone! Get over it! That '09 USO tirade will live on forever due to who it was at the time; arguably the best player of her era!

    ***Women's Tennis - Had Serena Williams pulled off the win, all 4 semi-finalists would have been former Slam champions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing that would've been the first time that happened on the WTA in a LONG time. We're used to seeing this dominance on the men's side (Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic) and it will be interesting to see if Sharapova, Williams, Azarenka, and Na can follow suit.***

    It's almost impossible these days on the ladies' side of tennis! Since Martina and Chris back in the 80's, only Hana Mandlikova broke up their string of major wins during that period! I joked that around that time at the USO, the men might have 12 or 13 major winners; Lendl, McEnroe, Connors, Becker, Edberg, Wilander, and tons more! People were laughing at the ladies until Graf, Sabatini, and Seles showed up! The reason to laugh at the ladies these days is of some recent history; #1 player for 2 years w/o a major; even a final! Then you had the "part time" play of the top players due to injury, prenancy, retirement, or outside interest! The men looked a bit weak for a while with Federer routinely taking 3 majors and the YEC, then Nadal holding onto the top spot for a while before the ascendency of Djokovic! They have some other good players in the wings like Murray, Del Po, Tipsarovic, Berdych, and Tsonga; so they're looking good!

    ***wow, he did? Sounds to me he hates women! How would he like it if someone said that about his sister or his wife?***

    I guess I'd take more offense if she was a big, fat pig! Years ago the tour did have a problem! Even the top players let things slide, carrying around quite a bit of junk in the trunk! If you check back to the 70's, even Evert's thighs could have used some trim! If you were athletic, it wasn't an issue against the average player, but you heard about Martina's bouts with her weight, once called "The Great Wide Hope" by Bud Collins! She would race to leads against Evert, even on clay, but in the end she was sucking wind unable to stay with her if you can believe it! Navratilova's first major loss was to Evert at the FO in '75! Few would believe by '84, Martina would be toying with Evert on that same court! Martina took up fitness seriously around '81 and transformed the ladies' tour! Everyone dropped some weight, but the second tier still had problems; hence the comments from Krajicek! He was serious b/c he has a half-sister on the tour! He's since apologized and been redeemed taking over ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam! He supposedly has a foundation with his name on it!

  27. ***And isn't '07 the same year Venus beat Bartoli at Wimb. Henin admitted she lost to Marion cause she was afraid to face Venus. You don't own someone you are afraid of.***

    Venus wasn't part of the response at the time! I zeroed in on Serena for that season and I was right, "Henin took Serena out of majors at least 3 times!" Where's the problem besides hurt feelings of the revelation coming out again?

    ***What's with all the Vika hate? - People have their reasons to dislike or like whoever they please, valid or non-valid reason, its life.***

    Before it came down, 2 injuries were being treated! She admitted on tv her nerves were rattled and she was choking like a dog! It's been done before! Gabriella Sabatini worked the system at Hilton head back in '91! She took a 10 min break at 3-5 & 2-5 down in the 2 sets they played! Gabby came back to win both 7-5, 7-6 respectively! They tweeked the rule so you couldn't go in to change clothes on your opponent's serve, but that was about it until recently! Now it's being abused by everyone; including using challenges they know are just a time waster!

    ***Didn't Simon complain about women earning as high as men, Or am I confusing that complainer with another player? I would cut Tsonga some slack on this one for a # of reasons.***

    In '85, McEnroe and Connors objected to equal pay! Their protest was to boycott the inaugural Lipton Int'l in Miami! This tourney was to become the 5th major going a fortnight, with mixed doubles, and best of 5 sets for the men starting in the QF! It was early in the season, maybe mid feb. when the AO was still in Dec.! The women went to form w/ Martina and Chris playing the final and predictable results! I believe Martina won all 3 of her events! The men weren't so fortunate; top seeds Lendl and Wilander! The final wound up being a classic, but with players few knew; Andrea Jaegers brother-in-law, Scott Davis against "Gentleman Tim" Mayotte! Mayotte won 4–6, 4–6, 6–3, 6–2, 6–4! It shouldn't have gone 5 sets, but Tim was trying to go over his returns and Scott was serving lights out! Davis had 2 sets and a break, but pooped out, lost some stick on his serve and Mayotte came all the way back to win in 5! I wonder how McEnroe and Connors feel about missing out on that chp?

    ***Proud of Fed - The way he hung in and forced a fifth set and won 2 TB's along the way. Tough when you are trailing in this AO semi to Murray all the way.***

    Fed has nothing to be ashamed of even though he's probably the most stubborn top player I know! He's getting up there and refuses to compromise and attack more! He trying to beat Murray from the baseline exactly like those losses to Nadal at the FO! He served and played more aggressively against Nole the previous match a couple yerars ago, then forgot when playing Nadal at '11 FO final!

    ***Refuses? He choked, frozen in place. - Yeah the 3 guys who have won as many slams together as federer has alone sure do great at beating a man 5 years older than them and well out of his prime. Outside of Nadal who did it mainly on clay, nobody touched roger when he was in his prime, so you should stop with your faux nonsense since it is impossible to back up.***

    Thank you! When all is said and done, Roger will own most if not all the important records! His name is all over the books now! FAUX? I think not! Some group out there needs a reality check!

  28. ***I think Murray is going to be favorite over Nadal at Indian Wells and Miami.***

    I don't think Nadal will make the quarters to even meet a top player like Murray! Remember, he'll be ranked #5! He has no protection! If those tourneys were smaller he wouldn't even have a bye in the 1st round! lol! "Oh the indignity!"

    ***Man Phil, if this was your plan for making less money so the gov't can't take it all, you're doing a bang up job!***

    What an idiot! I was never a fan of Mickleson's, but he was great in my book if he could embarrass Woods in a tourney! My new fave has to be Rory while Phill really ticked me off to hear him grumbling about taxes! He's doing so well while others are starving in the street! I loved seeing that ball fly over the club house! OMG, the guilt has to be setting in finally!

    ***Henin still the only women to quit a Slam final - Thanks to Li Na for not quitting even though she was injured.***

    Poison pens still flow! Henin will be planted in the ground one day and losers will continue to dig up her body to dredge up who knows! Pathetic!

    ***What will Federer fans think of Nadal a decade later - Time shapes our perspective on many things. Just as many Sampras fans have warmed to Andre Agassi in the past decade, will Federer fans do the same for Nadal? ie) w/ both players retired, many of Pete's fans who hated Agassi during their playing days started using Andre as an argument to burnish Pete's legacy. Agassi's weaknesses and behavioral drawbacks started to be minimized for nostalgic purposes. Will the same be done with Nadal by Federer fans who hate him?***

    Not me! I loved your "pie in the sky" semi-reality, it's just nowhere near being true! Both these rivals have no use for one another; while they played, off the court, or in the future! You saw how Agassi fanned the flames of their rivalry with that crazy book of his? I really didn't need to know he goes commando; esp w/ his drooping lavaliers! Roger and Rafa only pretend to tolerate one another! Rafa is running game, slowing down a match, while Roger would like things sped up! This is what's frustrated Federer in at least 2 of those FO finals and possibly a Wimbledon! Rafa also hated how Roger squashed him as President of the ATP not supporting his ridiculous idea of a 2 year ranking! Rafa quit the council after he saw Roger wasn't going to play ball! Does that sound like there's a meeting of the minds with either of these couples/rivals? Please! :-)

    ***Obviously this would be dependent on Nadal finishing with fewer Slams than Federer.***

  29. ***I only began watching the men's final towards the end of the 3rd.***

    Same here! I was lucky to miss the monotonous baseline rallies, taking it to the limit TB's! I saw the close of the 3rd and the quick 4th! What was on Murray's mind trying to come back? He looked like a real idiot trying to pump himself up and come back from 2 breaks down! What would he have done if he had brought it back even? He could barely walk or was he pulling an "AZARENKA?"

    ***He was laboring in movement. I think he was genuinely in a lot of pain from blisters. Murray looked all done in by the 4th whereas Nole looked as if he could raise his game further. I did not watch the ladies finals. Did Vika take a time out in the finals. I read online from a post in a newspaper that she did. But not sure if that is so.***

    I didn't watch it either, but Li Na had to take a couple breaks herself; ankles rolled and she hit her head and may have had a concussion! Too weird! Vika was catching HAell from all sides in the press and tour from her act the previous round against Sloane! She broke down and cried when Li 's ball was out and defended her title!

    ***Djokovic closer to Nadal than Nadal is to Federer - Nole already has 6 slams! Only 5 to go to reach Rafa. Rafa on the other hand has 11 with 6 to go to reach Federer. - - The curious case of Raphael Nadal***

    Mon Dieu! Nole on a Federer run making finals, semis, & quarters! Will we be talking about him in those terms? Heaven knows Nadal can't stay healthy enough to even attempt to set any of those conseq. tournament consistency!

    ***How many slams will Nole end up with - 3-4 more over the next couple of years.***

    Agreed! I'm not greedy! He has the ability to win more, but time is weighing on him along with stiff competition! WE can't have 3 or 4 GOAT's in a 10 year period! Like "Highlander," there can be only one!

    ***I'm not feeling this Djok v Murr "rivalry" going forward/ Doesn't captivate me. We were spoiled by Fed v Nadal. Nole v Murr will never be of that level.***

    Agreed! I call it ugly tennis in the 1st degree! Nole's playing his game and it's beautiful in its own way, but I always have this feeling Murray is trying to prove something! "I'm gonna beat these top guys at their own game from the baseline" and it's cost him a couple majors IMO! He's not going to win too many of these battles against Nole and Rafa no matter how long he works out! He's more than likely the most fit, but 3-5 hour matches are hard on you! You don't have quick points, but 20-32 stroke mini-wars/games that have to drain you over that period of time! Add on the stress of bad calls, the crowd, $2.5 million to be made, with all that fame, it's crippling pressure! Nole has learned to control his nerves, his body, & mind! Well deserved win and he didn't back into it like some past champions! He destroyed all comers including #4 Ferrer and the latest major champion #3 Murray!

    ***So do you think if Murray was not disadvantaged by the schedule, and had like Djoko another day to recover; that they were essentially both on a fair playing field, he might have fared better.***

    The way I feel about it is, if Murray felt drained, he shouldn't try and get into these mini-battles from the baseline taking 30+ strokes! It's so ugly and Murray will break down most of the time trying to perform like this against Nole and Rafa! It's just not smart! I keep wondering what is he trying to prove by working out so hard, then getting into 4+ hour battles with these other top players? He has an edge on Federer alone and they aren't of the same generation of players! This is equivalent to the end of Navratilova while Graf is hitting her prime!

    ***I'm amused by people who claim they're not making excuses, then in the next breath complain about the scheduling disadvantage.***

  30. ***Federer and Nadal - ...Is anybody actually dumb enough to think that Nadal has actually been a better player than Federer?***

    Why so surprised? For sure people will look at the cold, hard numbers and say Nadal owns Federer! It's of course far from the complete story! You have to consider age, surface, and circumstances behind each of those wins! I expect only the most knowledgeable of fans to understand that completely! Even if they were the same age and had the same # of tourneys under their belts, Federer comes out on top with serious "runs" at Wimbledon and The USO! Add on the lessor majors and YEC, he's head and shoulders above Nadal! Case closed!

    ***Yeah, a lot of people are dumb. Even the dumbness gets hold of quite a few top commentators like Wilander, Gilbert, & Mac Bros who can only make headlines by slamming Fed's only weak spot in his h2h resume.***

    I've told people before! Everyone has a hole in their resume; EVERYONE! Supposedly Rod Laver never beat Lew Hoad! Does that mean Hoad is the real GOAT even though Laver has 2 Grand Slams? It's just not logical! Laver's only other short-coming is at the WCT Championships in Houston! He was never able to win the series season ending Chp. in May before the clay court season was to begin! He had 2 heart-breaking loses to Rosewall in finals and a couple early eliminations; 1 to Stan Smith!

    ***... Even when Nole was humiliating Rafa from surface to surface in '11, you still had the usual Nadal fans proclaiming that the H2H was still in Nadal's favor like as if that meant squat during the beatings he was taking. - ...Absolute rubbish!!...So when Nole beats Nadal over and over from every surface known to man it means 'squat' to you .... yet Forehand launches into hyperbole about Nadal 'thoroughly owning' Fed when he has a losing record to him on GRASS AND INDOORS... you remain silent. Hilarious!***

    Too funny! This makes about as much sense as conservatives trying to revisit Roe v Wade and Tthe civil rights legislation of the 60's! Give it up people! The record is clear who's the GOAT! Even Laver has deficiency of being unable to beat Lew Hoad! Does that make Hoad the GOAT over ROD who has 2 Grand Slams? Be realistic; we're supposed to be smarter than this!

    ***Formula for beating Nadal on Clay

    1- Serve Huge.
    2- Hit mostly to his BH (~70% of the time).
    3- Play very, very deep.
    4- Play with heavy topspin to both his FH and BH.

    Beat him with 'body language.' Nadal tries to intimidate with his fist pumps and scowls. Do it right back at him and mentally bully him. One arm push-ups on the court and sprinting around the courts followed by sprint hurdling the net can prove to be absolutely killer showing Nadal that you are nimble and light on your feet. Yell 'Vamos' at his UFE and forced errors louder than him and take a lot of time between points.***

    I believe it is these matches at the FO that have alienated Federer and Nadal! They were absolutely unwatchable with the constant stalling, toweling off, and general slowing down of these match! Roger wasn't allowed to win! Rafa plays games and is just not one to have any sympathy for if it's being worked on him as well; Rosol @ Wimbledon and Nole of in '11! Make Rafa wait, bounce the ball incessantly before serving, and definitely serve him out wide on the deuce court!

  31. ***On Jinx's sleep disorder - I hope he wasn't faking that in the confesssional; passing out.***

    It's nothing to triffle w/ since most people don't go in for treatment! It's just ignored for the most part; heaven knows I did for yrs! I lucked out that I didn't run over anyone in my car or fall off a platform! The handful of times I've hit the floor, I was at home! You don't get good sleep for different reasons; some like me just stop breathing for a min or 2 while others just never get good sleep due to breathing problems (deviated septum)!

    You can have an operation or most use c-pap machine to push air into the lungs while asleep! It's passive resistant that backs off when you exhale! It's a pain wearing a mask and young people esp. will just ignore it until something more serious happens! It's expensive to deal with! When I was in my 20's I survived on 4-6 hours of sleep for yrs! I think playing tennis helped! It started catching up with me though as I got older and wasn't getting as much exercise! You're always run down w/ a possibility your brain will just shut down and you'll pass out asleep! You feel it coming on and hopefully you have time to get to a chair, bed, or couch! It's no fun even with treatment! Funny it has so much stigma b/c many are walking around with minor levels of the same disorders! If you snore, more than likely you have a serious problem which will only get worse over time!

    ***My bf can never really fall asleep until he falls in such a deep coma that he stops breathing for 30 secs or a min. But it only happens at night. By worse, do you mean you will stop breathing for longer, does it happen more often? Did it start just during the night for you?

    Like you said, young and ignoring it. He doesn't stop breathing for a dangerous amount of time (although it really freaks me out), and it doesn't cause any poblems other then lack of sleep. But if it can get worse I think I should convince him to see a doctor.***

    It doesn't take a lot to diagnose; believe me! He's textbook! A contributing factor with me is that I had a problem with strep as a child! Taking deep breaths brought on coughing fits! I sorta trained myself to take shallow breaths and even hold off while asleep when it should be involuntary! Testing at a sleep center showed that I stopped breathing at least 50-60 times during the night! That's a lot for me since I rarely do more than 5 or 6 hours! That meant every 5 mins or so I'd stop breathing for a minute or more, then I'd "start" taking a deep snoring breath, turn over and the cycle would repeat itself resulting in little restful sleep! After I turned 50 I started getting up going to the bathroom! I didn't need it, but I was so wide awake, it wasn't more of an inconvenience than normal! Even if I forced myself to stay in bed 10 hrs, I still looked like hell and felt so very tired! After I started using c-pap I didn't extend the time, but the sleep was more restful and I didn't wake up ever so often!

    "GET THAT CHECKED OUT!" The reason I say it needs to be looked at, it affects other things; blood pressure and the like! Hypertension almost killed me! If you can't afford normal doctor's visit, most every city has a list to be put on for free testing! Might take months depending on where you live! Chgo is pretty expensive; $2000 for the testing and another $2000 for c-pap machine, tubing, & masks! The state can take care of it if there's a program! I'm babbling a little! Even though I'm on the machine, I don't really enjoy it and there are times I just get up early just to take it off! As a result I'm still tired and weak, but I'm better off than I was! I'm a lite sleeper; deeper sleepers have little problem with the machine! Look it up online; C-Pap, Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy! I haven't hit the floor with a narcoleptic situation since I started c-pap!

  32. ***Hagel Vows Policies Worthy of U.S. Service Members, Families - Confirmation hearings off to a rocky start***

    Hagel terribly unprepared for the vicious and vitriolic questioning of past colleagues feeling betrayed! Obama has to be loving this; watching Republicans cut their own throats like this again and again! They just can't help themselves! What will this say to the "grunts" who has a man nominated to this post only to be attacked vocifoerously about comments that have no bearing on the policies of the President? They're acting as if Hagel will run rogue over the Defense Department, slashing budgets, etc.! If it happens, it'll be with the full support of Obama and they should just acknowledge that right now! They're playing right into his hands with "Sequestration" looming march 1st!

    ***Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks Christians should be free to practice their religion in Iran, but Islamists should not be free to practice their religion in America***

    Graham has lost it! He's overcompensating pathetically! He should just leave gracefully before he disgraces himself any more than he has these last few years! He lost all credibility backing McCain and Palin in '08! You can back your party without throwing all caution to the wins and support a doddering old fool and a nitwit from Alaska! Boy did we dodge a bullet!

    ***Hagel looked like an inept, incompetent FOOL! He will fit right in with Obama and his Gang.***

    Funny all this mythology is coming out now! Hagel was McCain's right hand man back in 2000! McCain thought he would make a great Sec. of Defense back then! What changed? Maybe it's b/c Hagel has commented that Iraq was the worst mistake since Viet Nam! McCain can't take it that he was wrong, wrong, wrong! He screwed up, picked the wrong side of history, and badgering this man to refute what he thought about that conflict isn't going to help his position in history! McCain is going out in a bad way; well deserved! He should have left gracefully after Obama saluted their contest at the end of '08! He couldn't help but come back more crotchety and cantankerous! He'll be wheeling around in a lark soon, totally oblivious to what's going on! AZ will deserve him!

    ***McCain acted like a elderly ass. They really should not show his interrogation antics on nat'l tv like they do.***

    I once used the term "Republicans eat their young;" well Hagel's no spring chicken! Amazing how they forget all their past comments, flattering one another, then when feelings are hurt, they make a spectacle of themselves like this with insults and accusations! McCain and Graham should know better; esp. since Hagel's a veteran! I'm shocked they can turn on an old friend and colleage trying to score cheap points with statements made years ago and apologized for already! What an embarrassment for them and their constituients!

    ***Clinton says critics of handling of Benghazi attack aren't living in 'evidence-based world' - To the Republicans? Forgive a white Republican President- crucify a black Dem President.***

    Well it's just another example of a double standard that makes no sense! With Republicans that's the definition of reason; "making no sense!" After watching both Graham and McCain yesterday, you have an example of McCarthy hearings of the 50's! They tried to goad this man, stretch him out prostrate, and were relentlessly whipping him to eleviate their own guilt in past decisions concerning the Iraq War! They made a mistake and they think by beating up on Hagel, this will obsolve them of all blame with so many dying in such a useless war! It was one of the most obscene things I've seen in years and the "right" should be embarrassed! Unfortunately we all know they have no shame, so we're wasting our time even talking about it!

  33. ***Do you enjoy watching First Take with Stephan A. Smith and Skip Bayless? - Frustrating thing is when Bayless goes off about something that doesn't remotely come true & then doesn't have the ballls to admit he was incorrect. Stephen A Smith is solid. Bayless a moron.***

    That's about it! I go back to the "COLD PIZZA" days with Woody, never missing the show! Even if out of town I taped it to watch later! Now I can't even have it as background noise over my shoulder! Bayless is unwatchable, err unlistenable! He hedges all bets to keep his imagined record perfect when the fact is he's wrong "ALL THE TIME!" He's pathetic and I can't deal with him anymore! I think he's lost it in his old age! I used to care what he had to say; NOT ANYMORE!

    ***I once did a streak for the cash picking the opposite of what Bayless picked. Got my streak to 5 before he got one right.***

    He's a lot like Mike Lupica; always so full of himself! He's never wrong really! There are circumstances that take away their correct pick! lol! Last night Skip thought PI should have been called in the end zone! Normally he would be on the other side and say "let them play!" He just can't stand being wrong! He owes Suggs a huge apology, but of course he won't! If he does, it'll be with that stupid smirk on his face totally disengenuous! He's just an awful person these days!

    ***I watch First Take every now and then to laugh at the absurdity that comes out of the mouths of Skip and Stephen A. - First Take is full of trolls....professional trolls.***

    I just wait for the times I hear Skip is being taken to task or run over for something stupid he may have said! Last year it was Jalen Rose who smacked him down a peg or 2 and it's hard to believe Skip could recover from that confrontation! Skip is like a lot of these people, athletic 'wannabees!' Jalen got tired of his crap and went back to Skip's record on the court and embarrassed him; BIG TIME! It was revealed Bayless avg. 1 point in games he played back in school, but of course it was the coach's fault! He was never more small that day! I think YouTube still has the clip online to this day! It was great!

    ***Bravo Joe Flacco! - On-the-road winner over Payton Manning and Tom Brady; truly deserves the Superbowl MVP***

    I give it up to Flacco unlike Skip Baseless who begrudgingly does so! He can't let it go how wrong he is about so many players! He praises Bret Favre, Tim Tebow, & Tony Romo regardless of how many times they've cost themselves games; esp. playoffs! Then there are the rivals he can't give the time of day to without disparaging them in some way as he does to Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, & Raven's, Suggs who have proved him wrong! He can't stand it! lol!

    ***Anyway, I explained why I personally was rooting for the 49ers. It actually was more like rooting against the Ravens than rooting for the 49ers.***

    When I lived in the Bay, I just don't think they took football seriously! Even though the "Black Hole" in Oakland seemed "to represent," it was still a desolute place to be for almost 20 years due to the mismanagement of Davis! I haven't looked at the ratings, but I think this SB has slipped, esp. in SF! I was ready to turn away until that "saving" of the game with the power going out! I thought that was 'bushe!' Halftime wasn't enough for SF to regroup so the league gave them another break after that 108 yard KO return! That totally turned the tide and SF's would have had an asterisk by their name in my book if allowed to come back and win that game!

  34. ***They do not like you Barack Obama,
    Wether on a plane, a train, or llama.

    They do not like you shooting skeet,
    They do not like you eating meat.

    They do not like you drinking beer,
    or even if you roped a steer.

    They won't like you with the monster trucks,
    because, young man, they do not give a fuck....

    They do not like you when you prey,
    They did not like you anti-gay.

    They do not like you cutting tax,
    You could not stand... when you wore your mommy slacks...

    You cannot reach across the aisle,
    Cuz everything you do is vile.

    They complained when you killed Osama...

    So, on a plane, a train, or a llama,
    Rolling a 44 at Bowlerama,
    Despite your nice white Kansas mama.


    They do not like you, Barack Obama.


    Next Recession Belongs to Obama, Not GOP - There is no "next recession" - everyone but Wall Street and the rich are still suffering to Bear's, Southern's, GOPackers, Bush and shifty's great recession which began Dec'07 due to failed Republican policies...

    DEMOCRATS HELD BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS IN 2007!! And not a single Democrat has ANY responsibility or hand in the recession??!

    Good What utter ideological goofyness...- I think it has been shown that just holding a majority doesn't mean your agenda can be passed.***

    I haven't read this entire thread, but I'm sure people haven't forgotten a record in fillibusters invoked! Nothing can even get an up or down vote on the simplest of agendas with the minority ready to jump at a moment's notice to stop anything being passed thru the Senate! Hell McConnell lost his mind in such a way he actually fillibustered his own bill! Sen. McCaskill almost got whip-lash while presiding over that joke of a session! They'll all be happy when it all comes crashing down next month! I've stopped caring! We send these fools to do work and all they do is play games! Screw them all!

    ***I would say the GOP party is the biggest loser these days. Look at how they are tearing each other apart. America showed them how much they hated them this past general election. The only reason they held the Congress is b/c of gerrymandering. That party hates women, are racist, hate gay people, so they lost the White House again in an embarrassing way. I'm happy to see them tearing each other to smithereens. I have to say it warms my heart seeing them implode.***

    We have to be vigilante unfortunately! Their latest plan is to rig the states even more with reapportioning of the delegate/electoral college in blue states alone! Since they have no hope of winning Pennsylvania, they want to change it so the Republican can get half if not most of the count even if they lose the state! I'm so disgusted I can't even talk to a Republican! They are SCUM of the Earth as far as I'm concerned, always looking to smack down the people and take power regardless if they are ligitimate winners or not! In my eyes, they're all LOSERS! Someone is voting for these clowns so it's hard to feel sorry for ourselves! We obviously have some very hateful people in this country!

    ***Bush vetoed every bill the Dems sent to him and the Republicans upheld the vetoes- so saying the Democrats caused the Bush recession is bullshit!***

  35. ***Djokovic has won the Australian Open again and has self-confidence - How many more majors can/will he win this year?***

    I would hope he would set up his schedule to optimally go after the French Open! I see no reason why he should take at least one other major! I'm hoping for FO, but will be perfectly satisfied if he finishes his season with another Wimbledon or USO!

    ***I still believe that Roger will win 3 more slams!***

    ...and terribly unrealistic! Time is short and shooting by quickly! Hard to believe he was shut out in '11, but who would have thought Roger able to hang on to take another Wimbledon? Few others I'm sure! I'll give him 1 major, but that's it! Probably a USO after a long season and Nole, Andy, & Rafa have punched each other out early on! lol! 18 is a nice, round number matching Navratilova and Evert-Lloyd-Mills-Norman!

    ***So HAPPY my Rafa comes back next week - Tennis has not been the same without it's best player.***

    Best player? Hmmm! [confused how #5 is anywhere near close to the "best"]

    ***Federer at his best is untouchable; Nadal and Nole at their best are beatable - Federer's mono didn't prevent him from winning six matches to make the final. - ... Neither did Rafa's 'so called injury' which had no bearing on Nadal killing his opponents for his first 3 matches before losing to Soderling in the Round of 16 at the French Open.***

    No one whines and complains about his body breaking down more than Nadal; face it! If he loses a match, he's like a Williams sister, "I was hurt!"

    ***Who is the least lovable #1 in tennis ever?***

    A Tennis Channel program proclaimed Rios the #1 everyone loved to hate! In women's tennis that's a "poser!" Hmmm; at the top of my list would be Wozniacki since she had no majors to speak of for those empty 2 years at the top! Seles was my least favorite overall though! That was one ugly game to watch! Safina had to be another one with no major to speak of!

    ***Wow Stosur blows when playing in Australia.***

    A lot of players have difficulties playing in front of the home crowd! How many Wimbledon finals/wins does Tim Henman have, FO's for Amelie Mauresmo, and Aussies for Hewitt and Rafter? It happens to some players!

    ***The nice thing about this type of argumentation is that those who oppose Nadal in this way actually admit that they can't comment in a negative way on his tennis skills and talent.***

    You obviously haven't been paying attention to my posts! I've said all too many times what ugly tennis is being played by Rafa among others! It's hard to watch and listen to for that matter! There are pleyers who excel at being backboards; fine, but that alone doesn't make you the GOAT! Too many still think because he's had this advantage over Roger on clay, he should be thought of above him! BS! That's ridiculous when you see Roger has 2 "major" great runs (Wimbledon & USO) while Rafa only has the one at the FO!

  36. ***Novak is great on Clay. I think he'll be favorite against Rafa and Roger, unless he draws Nadal in the SF and plays a 5 hour match while Federer waits for the winner. I'm sure Fed will get to 18 b/c he's definetly due to win the US. Of course another Wimbledon would be great.***

    Depending on the draw, at #5, Nadal could technically play Nole in the quarters! Not likely since I'm sure they'll flip some of the seedings! #5 only valid here in the States as the USO often sticks to offical rankings!

    ***ROGER WILL GET TO 20 SO LISTEN CAREFULLY WHY! - Only Rafa beats him for sure at RG and we know this! Novak isn't winning the French b/c he will fold in a big spot against Rafa or Roger if they play there! The only reason Roger lost to Novak and Murray at the AO was b/c he was coming off physical 5 sets wins over Tsonga and Delpo!

    I guarantee that if Roger plays Novak or Murray at RG, that he will win if he's not coming off a physically taxing match! I'm also pretty sure that Roger will win 1 more Wimby and 1 more USO; I just don't know when! Novak and Rafa are always shot by the time the USO comes around and we'll see how their bodies hold up by the end of this year!

    Also Roger is playing way less tournaments than any of the top players this year so that will benefit him a whole lot. So w/ him being 31 and turning 32 by the Open will be irrelavant. Roger also will beat Novak on grass b/c thats Nole's worse surface by far! The only reason he won Wimby was b/c he didn't have to beat Murray or Roger to do it!

    Novak is great and he's surely the best and most consistent player in tennis these days! He holds up great in rallies and his defense and return of serve is at a pinnacle and he has to seriously be considered for GOAT status! But he's very beatable on clay and grass, so he's definitely no sure thing to win the next 2 Slams! Roger will win 20 slams b/c he'll win one this year and one next year and I'm sure of it! He can definitely win the French if he can avoid Rafa b/c Murray is terrible on clay and he walloped Novak last year at Wimby!

    ALL ROGER NEEDS TO DO IS AVOID RAFA ON CLAY AND GRASS B/C UNLESS ROGER PLAYS A TAXING 5 SETTER THE MATCH BEFORE MURRAY AND NOVAK CANT BEAT HIM ON GRASS! Novak always slips and falls on grass and his defense and return of serve isn't the same like HC's b/c grass plays quick like indoors! That means he can't have long taxing points, so he can't beat Roger on grass.

    I also don't think Rafa would beat Roger on grass at the moment b/c he doesn't return like he used to! Murray and Novak have just taken returning to a new level so I think Roger will realize how inferior Rafa is to those guys at this very moment! Yeah, Rafa beat Roger at the AO last year, but that was a long time ago and dude just played for the 1st time in over 7 months!

    The French is wide open, but out of respect I still tab Rafa the favorite! I'm praying that Roger draws Murray in the semis there b/c Murray is a joke on clay and he hasnt improved nearly enough to bother Roger on clay! I would love to see a Rafa-Novak 5 hr epic with Roger waiting in the final. I'd love his chances if this happens! U guys will see man, Roger has a great shot to win a slam this year and maybe 2! Murray and Novak are very weak on clay and grass so they aren't sure bets!***

  37. ***...and yet, when Bush was in office, every 3-6 months a gay Republican male was ousted for peeping under bathrooms stalls, sending little underage boys sexual texts and pics, or cheating on their wives with OTHER married men. So how can they hate gays when in fact a large portion of them are in the closet? I totally get your point. Not sure if they hate women either. I just think they want women to not lead, but follow. They prefer that women stay in the kitchen & bedroom, not the board room.***

    Easy, since they've always been the party of "hypocrites!" They criticize government relentlessly, but they want to hold onto power even if it means destroying our economy! I mentioned many years ago, they should just include an "H" in their logo for that very reason! Henceforth, they will be referred to as the RNHC instead of RNC!

    ***WHO is the biggest "LOSER" of 2012? - Lance Armstrong. The GOP/Tea Party/Mitt Romney/Trump/Rove are a close second.***

    Nothing's as big as losing the Presidency like Mitt Romney had to go through! He was so unliked, he couldn't beat a man with high unemployment, a soft economy, unable to get budgets passed in Congress, and a lightning rod for the Republican party to go up against! Romney had hundreds of millions of dollars spent in seeing him win, including the backing of a network in FOX NEWS! It just can't be more embarrassing for a human being in his position! His name is "mud;" right up there with "Bush!" Poor JEB might as well forget it in this lifetime! "W" screwed the pooch and his family will never get another chance as far as I'm concerned! We'll take on a Clinton though!

    ***Juan Williams: Where's the outrage over Obama's drone policy? - ...the absence of national outrage is deafening.***

    What's your point? I agree, there's a huge double standard and Obama will get a free pass on anything controversial for one very good reason; too many out there crying "wolf" on everything else that's going on! People have been desensitized to any failings of this man because he's been blamed for everything except global warming and The Kennedy assassinations! He's been called a NAZI, socialist, dictator, traitor, lazy, liar, unpatriotic, unworthy, and a host of other names more obscene! It's the fault of the Republican party who tried to demonize a pretty nice family guy so that people just aren't seeing or hearing things; it never seems to stop! Who's fault is that mainly; FNN, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Rush, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, & Ryan? You can't attack someone with his favorable numbers when "your own" are so pathetic! It's political suicide so Obama's thriving while the rest of the country's pols may be floundering! It's only logical, but I can't see much of a see change anytime soon! The Republicans have proved they never learn their lessons attacking women again with another one of those stupid restrictions on abortions! MORONS! They just can't help themselves!

    ***I think you are right. The vast majority of folks just ain't listening much anymore. And the partisans for sure ain't listening. Heck, look at secret's own sourcing. NBC News broke the story and it ain't linked to NBC News. The story is linked to Fox News. That will carry President Obama a while. ...If the majors re-run it over and over and over b/c it seems that is what it takes nowadays.

    Either you believe that the buck stops with the President and the Sec of State when they say that, or you don't. If SOS Clinton was too busy to be concerned with the folks they sent in harms way, then she should have resigned or been fired long before 9/11.***

    Common sense will come around in '16 when the choice of Hillary overwhelms the lame possibilities of Santorum, Cantor, Ryan, or their new darling, Sen. Rubio!

  38. ***Nadal back after months off the tour with knee injury. Comeback at Chile Open. - Nadal will not win either IWs or Miami.***

    What is wrong with these people? They think Nadal's just going to saunter back on court and take 2 Masters titles after months of inactivity! Doubtful; way doubtful! It's either wishful thinking or they're drinking a little early in the day!

    ***You tell them Fiero. - I wouldn't be surprised if Nadal won both Hardcourt Masters titles if he has been juicing properly even given the layoff, but yeah if he is playing clean then it would be superhuman if he just started winning stuff he gets into and I would be very amazed.

    ...The virus issue was just a convenient excuse to avoid playing at the AO due to the playing surface and preferred to begin the year on clay where he's most comfortable and which is easier on his knees. It'll be interesting to see whether he plays IW and Miami next month. ...imo, I do believe Rafael doped in his teens, but not during his ascendancy to being a prominent player today over the past 5 years due to the rigorous, spontaneous spot testing now. Thirdly, who's hating on Rafael? ...***

    Didn't you know, any critique of Nadal or The Williams' is automatically taken as "hatin'?" It's chronic delusional behavior only periodically seen on this scale! Rafa's idea for a 2 year ranking would have again saved him from dropping on the ATP list to #5!

    ***Yeah but when 98% of your comments are NEGATIVE about the WS or Nadal, then YES that is HATING! Learn to differentiate between the two.***

    What a nerve! True hatin' comes from LOSERS picking on little girls like Martina Hingis and Justine Henin! They aren't even playing, but the "haters" can't stop themselves! I won't even bring up the disgusting comments posted out here about them! The haters just can't help it I guess! "You were saying?"

    ***Complete and utter B.S since Venus Williams, one of "The Williams" was completely creamed on this board after AO doubles loss and injury to Serena. Pull your face out of your anti-antediluvian ass, Methuselah.***

    Not by me! I couldn't have cared less! I saw it, but hardly even touched on it! It's an embarrassment; "that is all!"

    ***Fiero, you not caring is neither here nor there. It is to disprove your point that critique of The Williams automatically taken as "hatin' by showing that one of the Williams, Venus was criticized vehemently w/o anybody claiming the critics are haters of The Williams! It gets absurd with you.***

  39. ***I think you just need to catch up with the modern times.***

    I said I'm stuck; what do you want? Why put me down b/c I prefer something else or understand I'm looking for something else? It can be done! Gasquet, Federer, and several other men are styling just as I was talking about with finesse, controlled aggression, and a purpose on the court! Not everyone has to be play with mindless power!

    ***I'd seriously like to know who your top 10 male & female players are. Am I allowed to ask?***

    10 is too many: Federer, Kuznetsova, Radwanska, Gasquet, & Djokovic, among a few others!

    ***Were going to step out of the 1950's and into the 1990's - I understand that's a HUGE leap in time, but you can do it. lol! We'll work on the future later. And FYI Fed, Kuzy, and Djoker are ball bashers.***

    It's not mindless aggression! There are artist like Federer and Kutznetsova on one hand then controlled aggressors like Nole & Radwanska who knows exactly where their shots are going! They can change direction on the ball like few others and are maximizing their talents unlike the ball bashers I mean! I'll leave it to your own individual paranoias who I mean when I say that!

    ***You're telling me that Roger can't win 20% of the next 15 slams through 2016? It's simple math, he keeps getting to semis at slams, so sooner or later he's gonna win 1 here and there like he did last year; isnt he? the next 7 slams will be key for Roger b/c I don't see him deteriorating until 2015! So lets see what happens until than, but I really believe Roger gets to 20!***

    The problem in this last generation of players, there just haven't been many upsets at all! The top seeds have gone to form for the most part so Roger hasn't been getting those cupcake draws that Sampras may have gotten in the past! When was the last time Roger had a patsy in a major final like a "Pioline, Martin, Chang, Moya, or Ivanisovic?" Fortunately Fed did have his own era "Agassi" in Andy Roddick! Poor thing might have had a different career if someone had upset Roger just once or twice at Wimbledon or a USO!

    ***Horacio is being very aggressive, going for his shots, and serving well. Not making many errors either. He's fighting. This final in Chile against Nadal could be a stepping stone for him.***

    Zeballos's definitely not giving it to Rafa! He's making him work for it which is all I meant! Some whiners are so touchy about their heroes!

    ***Widdle Wafa got taken to the woodshed. Notice how his delusional fans either scurried for their rat holes or are in Stage 5 Denial Mode?***

    I can imagine they're in shock! Only one has been caterwalling; repeatedly! Hysteria doesn't become her!

    ***I remember vividly when Federer entered Estoril a few years back, many Nadal trolls were mocking Federer for entering such a lowly tournament and how desperate he must've been to snag an easy clay title. Even when he had to play Davydenko in the final who had an exemplary finals' record, the hits still kept coming.***

    They said this was the first appearance of Nadal at a 250 event since 2008 Queens! Did they bump up the points and I didn't hear about it? He supposedly skipped Queens last season trying to avoid the entertainment tax levid by the country! It's never enough; went to Halle instead and lost early anyway! Smart! Maybe it hurt his prep going into Wimbledon, hence that bad loss to Rosol in the 2nd round!

  40. ***On Friday, Dr. Benjamin Carson appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to explain why he felt compelled to speak out against the big government policies endorsed by President Obama -- in front of the President.***

    After the level of disrespect this Dem. President has had to endure, I better not ever hear from conservatives and other Republicans "at least respect the office!" There was none and it's kind of disgusting that so much of it came from their own leadership; municipally as well as nationally! Dems worked with "W" and gave him his shallow victories with unpaid wars and his "Prescrip. drug bill," but no such reciprocation is forthcoming! If ever a Republican holds that chair, I hope whoever is reporting then will be sure to expose the hypocrisy!

    ***Lindsey Graham, the right wingers and Obama - They intend to block Obama's nominees for Defense and National Security over Benghazi. This is unprecedented.***

    I can't tell you how disappointed I've been in Graham of late! He's usually a voice of reason, but he's lost it like all the other moderate Republican senators who are afraid of primary challenges! They have to be seen giving grief to Obama to stay off the radar of the Tea Baggers and I think it's more than a little sad to see! If he can't be principled pol, he should find another vocation or job! I know that's a contradiction in terms, but when you see normal, rational senators behaving like this when things could crumble anytime, you can tell they're not thinking of what's truly important to us; more them saving their own butts!

    ***Everyone pipe down and let the president be clear. I don't want to hear a peep out of "those who say" tonight! - SOTU was ....***

    Rubio was unwatchable in his response to the President! He was obviously nervous and had dry-mouth so bad, he had to bend over to get a bottle of water to drink; poor thing! The smile was so forced and phony! I hope he didn't disappoint you guys too much! He was all I thought he would be; and more! lol!

    ***Mark Levin BLASTS Both Democrats And Gutless Republicans For The Destruction Of This Country - "Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!"***

    When I need a good laugh and nothing else is on tv, Levin is great on You-Tube! He's such a fool and it's a wonder he's right up there in regard w/ Rush, Hannity, and Beck! That isn't saying much, but some people agree with this moron!

    ***Rubio and his water bottle - wtf was that? It's ok to get thirsty during a speech and sip water - why do it cloak and dagger like no one could see?***

    If only this response to Obama's SOTU speech were just bs! They know they're lying btw their teeth! Marco was sweatin' too! Throwing a kid out there to spew the party line isn't going to make it taste any better in '14!

  41. ***Rubio proved he's NOT ready for Primetime taking a sip of water during a live broadcast! LMAO!! You know, when you are lying, your body does not produce saliva, i.e. dry mouth!! He can joke about it btw, but my boy was caught in the act

    When are these Republicans going to learn it’s not the person, it’s the message? Just b/c you put a Hispanic in front of a camera giving a speech in Spanish don’t mean Hispanics are going to support him. It’s like saying Clarence Thomas speaks for all Blacks and we know the deal on him. It’s like a black Barbie; just a white one colored over. PLEASE.***

    They all know about "putting lipstick on pig!" We just went thru 4 awful years dealing with the subject; and more! :9) - Even FNN finally got tired of that messenger and dismissed her recently along with her illigitimate co-conspirator, Dick Morris! Out with the old, in with the old with a new face! Nothing changes really!

    ***SNL is sure to do something with this. Maybe have him go for a pina colada and a taco.***

    Hannity bemoaned what was to come 5 min. after the conclusion! He knows; we all know what's going to happen to this guy! I have no sympathy for him! He's too new to the job to have a legitimate position anyone cares about! Even Obama kept his head down the 1st couple years! Rubio has embarrassed himself on the level of Jindal last year! Talk about "not ready for Prime Time!"

    ***The right wing & the press? - People have a tendency to want to read political views and opinions that are more or less in line with their own. Many conservatives however refuse to look at any news source other then Fox. They demand views and opinions voiced that echo their own. Thus their view of America and the world is slanted and out of focus. They have become myopic and unable to see the big picture. Other points of view on all matters are automatically considered one-sided and false. Their minds are closed and locked up for the night.

    LOL, a poorly veiled attacked on Fox News.
    { More of an critique on right wing gullibility and their need for collective "like-think".}

    How can anyone call Fox News "Radical" and remain silent about MSNBC?
    { I said the opinion reporters are radical.}

    The one and only right wing show on Fox is Hannity, MSNBC has crazy man Ed Shultz, the Racist Sharpton, Obama nut Matthews, Dingbat Maddow and Razor lipped O'Donnell, talk about Radical.
    { Seems any reporter you don't like is radical, crazy, racist, a nut, dingbat and razor-lipped. You are just proving my point.}

    The only news anchor on Fox who is clearly to the right is Megan Kelly but CNN has Soledad, Wolf and Candy not to forget Piers, and AC who more than make up for Megan. Fox is clearly slanted right but no one with half a brain cannot see that CNN and MSNBC is heavily slanted left.
    { Claiming Wolf and Candy are left wing is ridiculous. They are both consummate professionals who keep their politics out of their job.}***

  42. Nadals' a real hysterical character. Why so irrational? She's getting no back up or "fan likes," but feels like such a victim defending Rafa. Why? Isn't he a big boy? Does he need that much defense? I think people have made legitimate gripes and grievances concerning Nadal. I still shake my head over the idea for a 2 yr ranking. OMG!! Seems he's been spoilt for Oh too long and it's catching up with him. He looks like a big baby complaining about ATP rules now; esp since he was part of it not that long ago. Is there a doctor in the house?

    ***Good points, she's gone completely off the reservation. Barging into the threads of anti-BP threads, berating people for spending much of their time talking about BP-when she's doing exactly the same thing, only in support, naturally! - If THIS hysterical over him stinking up the final in Chile, imagine how they'll become if he doesn't win FO?

    DO YOU THINK NADAL WILL PLAY IW AND/OR MIAMI? I DOUBT IT. THE KING OF CLAY WANTS TO PRESERVE HIS LONGEVITY IN THE SPORT. - Nadal also complained about the tour's attempt to strictly enforce the 25-second rule between serves, saying it will not benefit the sport. "People like to see great rallies, long matches, and for that to happen, the 25 seconds are not enough," he said. "If the ATP wants a sport which is faster, but doesn't take into consideration a lot of strategy or great rallies, then it's right doing this. I think the players in the locker rooms are not very happy with that rule."***

    What a whiner. No one's put a gun to his head to play as hard as he does. It makes no sense saying something like this; "people want to see great rallies and long matches" Not me! It's ok periodically, not every point with games going 12 min. or more! That's idiotic, stupid, and unnecessary! Let a point go, speed up the court, and definitely speed up play penalizing stalling tactics! I hate 3+ hour matches. Nothing's that good that I'd want to do it for that long except to maybe sleep.

    ***Obviously Nadal's preference is for clay (he even hates the blue clay, wonder whether he will play Madrid and/or if they will change that court). - If 25 secs are not sufficient he should retire with his 11 slams right away and let the younger and older guys play and duke em out.***

    Wow, the Nadal fans must be apoplectic with the state of feeling for their hero; or lack thereof. I've never seen so much "blow back" and genuine unease by his fans. He better learn to stay quiet like Roger. You don't hear any of this kind of cater-walling from him. Rafa really needs to grow up fast. The end has to be near.

    ***Roger Federer takes on role as backroom power broker (ATP future and situation) - ...But after leading the ATP Tour Player Council as president the last 3 yrs, Federer has become a savvy student of the laws of political governance. ...***

    I think the women have led the way in the top players being very responsible for their tour, up-keep, and future prospects. On the men's side, all I can remember is disension, selfishness, and a lack of foresight.

    ***What needs to change is having someone there at the beck and call of the players with a towel to wipe off after every point. ...When did the intro of having someone there ready with a towel begin?***

    I have a very vivid memory of Lendl and Clerc going to the towel after every point; even if an ace around '81 or '82! They were playing on red clay in TX; maybe River Oaks! Few abused these breaks, but that's where it started for me! You started hearing about 30 sec. clocks, etc.!

    ***Fiero, thx for the info. If players need to towel off, so be it. ...then being on standby to take it back from them sweaty, snotty and so on.***

  43. ***Reid challenges GOP to filibuster Hagel - What's the biggest shame is that the leader of the Senate for the last 75 yrs (joke, lol) doesn't know the difference between a fillibuster and a vote to commit! The 'Rule To Commit' has been used many times by the Dems to delay confirmation for nominees by the President in the past and should be no big deal if the same is done for Hagel.***

    As I've said, if EVER a Republican is "lucky" enough to hold this office, I hope they remember the level of disrespected, hate, and juvenile behavior just trying to obstruct Obama and his policies! You aren't hurting Obama, you're hurting the people and the country! Going from one created catastrophe after another makes no sense! Like the man said, "pay your bills, pay them on time, & stop playing games with the US economy!" There's so much that can be done to turn things around! Any complaints should be dropped on McConnell and Boehner's doorstep! Impuning the character and patriotism of Hagel has hit a new low that even McCain had to back off Cruz yesterday! How low can these people go just to make Obama look weak? It's not working! It's only making Republcans look small and petty! That's a compliment in comparison to how these last 4 years have gone! I'm disgusted and everyone who want responsible representation should be as well!

    ***I'm still perplexed at why some refer to our president as Mr. Obama instead of President Obama. - Yes, you're wrong. It was not ALWAYS. "They" often called presidents Clinton and Bush etc. "Mr." Selective hearing, perhaps?***

    Another case of "looking for something to complain about!" lol! There are a lot more tangible reasons to have animus with how Obama has been treated by all concerned! The titles or other adjectives used is the least problematic of it! :-)

    ***...And, yet that is nothing compared to the damage that obuma has done to the USA in just 4 years. Just imagine the decades of damage obuma will do in the next 4.***

    Seek serious help Babe! The bills from "W" arrived during these last 4 years including his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his Prescription drug bill that wasn't paid for, and countless other measures perpetrated on the country while the "right" kept lowering taxes on the ones that got us in such trouble! Get your facts straight and stop playing the victim! The American people are the ones being "run over" while complainers like you are just delusional and forget why we're in this position! Obama has lowered the cost on gov't and is only responsible for about $1 trillion or so of this nat'l debt! The rest is "W's;" almost $8-10 of it! How soon people forget it was about $5 Trillion when Bush came into office with a surplus which was paying it down! He screwed up, lowered taxes, gave breaks to the wealthy and put us in this situation! Get it right, "righty!"

    ***MOST INTELLIGENT Americans DIDN'T forget Fiero....That's why that LIAR Rob-me was trampled by 2-time re-elected President Barack H. Obama - I'm TIRED of these right-winger, Tea Bagger-types playing the victim card.***

    Well we must have a lot of dummies! Republicans are still running the HOUSE! Even with their Gerry-mandering, they should be losing hand over foot but for the most naive and stupid of us who believe their tripe! At least their base is contracting! They haven't learned anything still commited to their war on women, gays, science, & "so called illegals!" How do these people survive? Are we really that SLOW overall? :-(


    I expect him to slow down and drop some matches like this after extending himself to retake #1 last year! He's should be concentrating on the majors from here on out! If he had a real brain, he'd skip the French Open! If he played aggressively and really took it to those baseliners I'd say fine, but knowing him, he wants to beat them the old fashion way! Those 5 setters are gonna run him down even more! He could change his mind or have you heard if he's going or not? "Skip it Roger; you're past it!" lol!

    ***Nadal out of top 10 end of the year? - Berdych, Juan, Jo and Janko will easily show their exhaust pipe to Nadal who will have to defend tons of points from 2012 with no gas left in container. My only doubt is about Gasquet who can never achieve anything meaningful in tennis. I doubt Nadal gets out of the top 5.***

    You're probably right! Today's 2nd tier has been such a disappointment! It's not like I'm looking for upsets, but "in my day" it was expected! Only the ladies routinely had their top 4 seeds in the semis! This is so pathetic; not that Federer, Nadal, Nole, & Murray aren't better, but it's more telling how they're allowed to escape defeat from the sad and gutless efforts by their fellow pros! Players like Tsonga, Berdych, Gasquet, Ferrer, Del Po, Tips, and several others have the ability, sometimes going up 2 sets to 1 and find a way to let those elite players escape again and again; the majors! Roger is the GOAT, no doubt, but he's stubborn! The reason he hasn't won more FO's is his own fault mainly, trying to hit from the baseline with Rafa, but his his fellow pros have hurt his effort as well by not taking Rafa out more than Soderling's upset a few years ago! It's really not that complicated; these other players have NO HEART!

    ***lol..u are aware that he's defending virtually zero points from Wimby until next year this time? He'll likely end up in the top 3-4 come year end.***

    The problem for Nadal besides having so many points to defend from early 2012 on clay and cement, his history in the fall and winter hasn't been that stellar! There's a good chance if the other top 10 pros come to play this season, they can all over take him and push him out of the elite top! This isn't women's tennis where you can get away with taking off all that time and your seeding/ranking is preserved somehow!

    ***He's got some tough decisions ahead of him; he plays IW/Miami - hurts his knees - and can't perform (near) 100% @ the FO and doesn't win - and next year his knees are worse, etc. OR - He skips one (or both), perhaps gets fined (who cares - gazillionaire), and keeps playing clay court tournaments up until the French Open and has a good chance. What DO you do? - Is a Nadal a much superior athlete than Serena***

    I think he has to at least show up in Miami! Gabriella Sabatini like Nadal were very popular; obviously being Spanish speaking! It would be criminal for him to skip at least going down there for a round or 2 before jetting off to Europe for the clay season!

    Lets not even get into comparing men and women again! After all is said and done, both will wind up being broken down old heaps! Federer and Navratilova were elite sportscars in comparison to the "off road" RV's that Serena and Rafa represented in tennis! There's such a difference!

  45. ***Fiero, it is amazing how you endorse Conan's twisted observation of labeling Serena as "athletic and muscular" and don't see the irony of how Martina Navratilova, your heroine was labeled with the same demeaning tag long before Serena. Yet, because of your animus towards Serena, you are too clueless to note this twisted irony and claim Serena who became the oldest #1 ever as "off road" RV in tennis.***

    Martina was labeled some kind of bruiser, but that was idiculous! She was the same dress size as Chris Evert; only 5'7" and 135# compared to these Amazons today who tower over the announcers, umpire, and some of the men! lol! :-) - I'm also allowed to have favorites; TWISTED person! If I don't care for how someone plays, that's my business! F#ck off!

    ***In contrast to the rest of the lighter field, Serena weighs at least 175 lbs w/ a lot of muscle. It's easy to feel intimidated by her if you are a woman and in some cases even a man. I remember women's tennis used to be pretty light in Graf's era and before that. I think Davenport came along and changed it. Now there are genetic freaks both in the fields of pro bodybuilding and tennis that the world has not seen before.

    Wow. Do you think Martina was less athletic and muscular than Serena? You and Conan are delusional. - Martina was ripped and toned true and had stringy muscles, but she was not heavy and bulky like Serena.

    IMO she had much better fitness than Serena. Steffi had much better fitness than Serena. Serena starts to huff and puff after a long point and this is exploited by opponents at the FO.

    WHY COULDN'T JUSTINE HENIN WIN A WIMBLEDON GRAND SLAM? - One reason is Venus Williams defeated her in the 2001 final. Second reason is Amelie Mauresmo defeated her in the '06 final.***

    Such an idiotic thread! Like Justine is the only top player without 1 of the 4 major! Grow up people! Few own them all; even Venus! Why aren't you guys haranguing her for no FO or AO titles? Losers and hypocrites; typical! Why not ask why Serena only has one FO like Roger? That's a legitimate question of your GOAT! You want to ask questions, I can give them to you to make you wish this hadn't been started! lol!

    ***And Hingis no FO, McEnroe no FO, Borg no USO or AO, Sharapova no . . . ooops, she has them all, and Lendl no Wimbledon major. . . and the list goes on, don't it?

    No - Never. Justine will never come back. Her elbow is literally destroyed. No "baby-boost" can repair that damage.***

    That was absolutely terrible technique in what Carlos may have done to Justine's serve! It hurt my arm just watching her do it! A real shame for a #1 player to limp out of the sport like that at the top of her game; twice!

    ***Graf would have beaten a more experienced and better Serena Williams***

    I was no fan of Graf's; more mindless aggression from the baseline, but she had fewer meltdowns than Serena! She went through an awful lot more; stabbing of her rival (Seles), past greats challenging her to the end like Chris & Martina, and wasn't necessarily liked by the masses with most preferring the beauty and elegance of Gabriela Sabatini!

    ***She went through more than Serena? Did she almost die and did she have a sister murder?***

    ON THE COURT dolt! Everyone has a story; and Serena's could actually be a good one! I don't have to accept it; thank you very much! The whole family has been F.O.S. from the very beginning of Richard abusing Hingis! Rich, successful and all they do is whine about being used and abused! Spare me!

  46. ***Justine was a solid player, but unfortunately she will forever be tagged with that moniker of "cheater." Admitted as much herself, stating years later that what she did at the '03 FO w/ the "hand incident" was not her best moment. I believe she never won Wimbledon was deathly scared of Venus & Serena, so that's what I chose: She was scared of Venus and Serena. Now that I think about it, she was a smallish player, and Wimbledon rewards big, powerful play.***

    Some people can't move on I see! I won't "parrot" the behavior by going back in time to reinterate some of the stupid behavior and actions of their favorites like the Williams, Pova, & Aza! We'd be here all day anyway! Some should be criminal offences worth jail time imposed! I wonder who would be the 1st?

    ***Justine had no excuses when Serena handed her what was the worst beatdown of a reigning #1 in Open era history at that time.***

    This is so ridiculous! Why do I come by this stupid place? You people need to grow up; one of these days anyway! Justine beat both those WIlliams' fair and square plenty of times! Get a freakin' life losers!

    ***You are ridiculous FiFi; Justine neither has the H2H over Venus nor Serena and both Venus ('01 W) and Serena ('10 AO) defeated Justine in slam finals!***

    All of you are just as bent and ridiculous! Invoking the names of players who aren't even on the tour makes no sense! It makes you look so pathetic!! Leave Hingis, Henin, & Navratilova alone! These are all great players who deserve a lot more respect than they've been getting! They held the #1 ranking longer than any of these other pretenders!

    ***What will Nadal be seeded at the French - He has a bucketload of points to defend btw now and the FO. He may not climb into the top 4 by then, setting up some wild QF with some unlucky git. lol***

    I was saying the same thing yesterday! People keep talking about the year end ranking and the fact Rafa doesn't have many points to defend after Wimbledon neglecting how many he has to deal with this spring! The FO might gerry-mander the seeding a little even though he might drop to #6 or #7 by then! We'll see!

    ***Tennis is at its most boring now with Only small tournaments and no shocking news about anyone.***

    It's always been that way, but we were more patient in the old days! I accepted these dead periods knowing when they started back full force, it would be relentless for the spring and summer! We just demand to see more now because of Tennis Cable Channel! I don't watch many of these 250 events, but it's better than nothing!

  47. ***...Dense? No not really, just not prepared to call a whole audience that will visit IW in 2013 racist because a few idiots shouted something in 2001.***

    Can you believe these losers are still whining about some mythical snub at IW? Just shows how pathetic, slow, and "dated" they all are! I hark back to the old days and they flip their flat-tops! They go back in time all the time if it suits them just to belittle Hingis and Henin! Bringing up Justine & Martina again and again is really the most pathetic thing esp. since they haven't played on the tour in years! They need to get new material, esp. the biggest and most chromic of complainers, "Chelsea Lately!"

    ***...really calling Serena a pretender when her record makes Justine's look horrible? Not only does she have double the slams than rat face has, she owned her too. Some of you guys are haters live in another world. Henin better than Serena. JOKE.***

    Can you be any more pathetic; talking about someone's looks when Serena isn't exactly "Miss America" herself? You need serious help! Henin did her thing is less than half the time of the Williams'! That's a fact! They under achieved while she well over-achieved! She was a little girl in a big girl's world and faired prettry well! You can't argue that seriously! You'll try, but mohrons aren't paid too much attention around here; you would hope!

    ***Saying serena is a pretender and she has a far more distinguished record than rat face Henin. Henin didn't even win wimbledon. Whose the pretender again? - Fiero, it's best to not even read those posts.***

    I know, but why should I let these losers run me off? lol! It can be very frustrating, but I've been a member since '99 and 3 formats ago!

    ***...Just came back in 2011 but rarely posted, and now I'm back again. Mama's jeans, high top fade. well there you have it.***

    Funny you losers harp on looks so much! I did model quite a few years ago! My life experiences have been a lot more extensive than most! I've tried to settle down and have quiet times only to come across guys like you! So sad for me! OBTW, you're blind too! My hair was pulled back in a ponytail! I've never worn a fade in my life! lol!

  48. Henin did her thing is less than half the time of the Williams'!

    ***Hear, hear, Fiero! Fools like Kj can never understand this simple fact.***

    More victimhood! Only in Amercia can a rich broad, internationally famous, and the top ranked player can whine about how she's treated. Must make her feel good that she has the backing of such a petulant child as McEnroe. Cry me a freakin' river. "Waaaa!" All of these people need to get over themselves along with the fans who can see nothing but what they want to see.

    ***McEnroe---Sadly, SERENA'S Race Plays The Chief Role In How She's Treated - ...including McEnroe, fawns all over her calling her "unbeatable" and the "greatest ever" when she is not, and her shenanigans are pushed under the rug. Those who point out the harm done by her hostile exploits are labelled as you know what. Stop the martyrdom please!***

    "PREACH!" Yeah, you're not allowed to question, critique, or even look at Serena sideways w/o the dreaded label "splashed" all over you. These people even go that extra mile to attack Black people who have the nerve to say something negative about their Queen. It's sad that free speech isn't allowed and insults are only allowed one way, crying fowl and having moderators delete posts they don't like. It's so pathetic here at times.

    ***DENNIS MILLER - HBO's Bill Maher from 1994-2002, now Bill O'Reilly's sidekick? - He's horrible now, but I'm wondering what happened to the guy who used to be somewhat funny and had rants based on facts or at least a little logic. I don't believe 9/11 changed his mind. I don't believe he was a crazy conservative in sheep's clothing. Is it just money Or getting older makes you more conservative? He needed work? Any ideas?***

    I have the same questions! I taped his old specials where he raked Reagan, Bush, & the Conservative movement! Now he's butt-buddies with Hannity, O'Reilly, and Ingraham! He doesn't have anything good to say about Obama and must feel like a real dolt going against something he strived for way back when! He would normally be rather proud, now it's a colossol mistake made by liberal, socialist, left-leaning kooks! He's totally gone to the dark side just to have even a small voice of incompetence! WHAT HAPPENED?

    ***I'm glad someone else noticed this. I'm not crazy! He was hilarious at times, and I loved how he'd bust out with odd yet such obscure references that made you read or look them up. He seemed more like a liberal who occasionally could be very conservative if it made sense in his mind (and that's a good thing.)***

    If I remember correctly, Miller started playing the victim when his show was cancelled on Fox; right after it was Joan's, then became Arsenio! Every place he stopped by he bemoaned the impatience of Hollywood, blah, blah, blah! Arsenio actually had him on the last time I remember him on the network where he was like a petulent child kicking a rock around with his foot! He talked to the ground for the most part! It was a pathetic performance; speaking about his persona! He had been broken really! He got that MNF gig and I thought he would be fine, but that lasted only 2 years I think! He went "Darth Vader" soon after just having periodic segments with Hannity and O'Reilly! Now he's a FNN shill! I'm so sorry for him! I just can't believe it!

  49. ***Are you forgetting the reason that the Dems didn't pursue Vitter's name on that list; didn't want their own names out there! Face it, ...!***

    There are hypocrites, then there are Reps! These people don't care about their country or the economy! Their only concern is gaining power! They did it with Clinton, now they're doing it with Obama! The problem they're having is, they've gone so far to the "dark side," even their legion is a bit disgusted! Obama didn't win twice with just indep. and Dem. votes! The so called "right" and conservs went all the way "hating" with gays, women, illegals, unions, & gov't itself! ...I give them another 2 election cycles and they'll totally eliminate themselves; even in "red states!"

    ***There's not one fact in your whole rant..., but just pure vile animosity.***

    Under Clinton, who raised taxes to pay the bills, all he got was opposition to his ideas! The US turned around, there was peace and people were making money; everyone, not just the rich! We the people must have decided, what are we doing with all this prosperity? We don't want to pay down this debt which was only $5T at the time! Let's hire a "compassionate conservative" for the job who wants to give tax breaks to the wealthy! In turn that'll stimulate the economy and jobs! Total BS, the money was pocketed, transferred abroad, and outright stolen! Jobs migrated to save and make even more wealth for themselves! That wasn't enought, let's have 2 unpaid wars (Iraq/Afgh) and a "prescription drug bill" on top of those 2 tax cuts in '01 and '03! Let's deregulate W St. and the banks so they can scam more money out of us, then save them with borrowed money from our feared enemy, the Chinese!

    All this didn't occur in a vacuum! We elected nitwits and numb-skulls that have ridden this country into the ground when we were in great shape! And with all the problems now, we still have slimey Republicans thwarting every idea on the progressive side to finally turn things around! Infrastructure needs are prevalent, the electric grids are in shambles, and bridges and roads are falling apart! You spend money on that, people are working, and the economy moves; SIMPLE! That's how it works! Republicans think they can cut their way to prosperity, but it has never worked! Obama is only responsible for about a Trillion of the nat'l nebt! "W's" bills are still coming in! BTW, even Reagan raised taxes and fees 11 times! Is that enough info for you to suck on?

    ***Bill Cosby Says Those Who Oppose Obama Are Racist - geee...Mr. Cosby, then what are the Dems that didn't stand up for Bush's SOTU? Is Cosby a hypocrite? Yes..***

    So after all this time, you don't think there are racists in the party? Fine, well I'll call them BIGOTS at least! There has been historic disrespect of this President with a Republican Rep. screaming out "you lie" during a SOTU address by Obama! Wilson not only didn't apologize, he sent out a newsletter soliciting campaign funds for doing so! I doubt the Dems have ever done anything that low! Around the country there have been so many instances of Republican managers and political heads that have been caught doing or saying something against this man that was totally racially insensitive resulting in them having to resign! That isn't racist I guess either? The man has tried to utilize ideas and past bills supported by Republicans! They still say no to every thing! They obviously feel they can get away with being this way since they've gerry-mandered all but 39 districts in Congress! They don't have to act right and respect the office! I say fine; the country be damned! Just keep obstructing for other reasons than race! We'll still go under as a country!

  50. ***There are racist in both parties! Look at some of the comments from the Dems. ...what about all the times Bush was referred to as "the smirking chimp?" Remember the outrage over the cartoon of the dead chimp and the caption about the healthcare law having to be redone? If you don't see the hypocrisy and double standard here...then you're just as big a hypocrite/ partisan/ racist as these other folks!

    Is Antonin Scalia The Vilest Person In Washington?***

    Oh please, if Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich are in town, w/o a doubt, they're the vilest creatures in the area! Senator Vitter gets an dishonorable mention by being on two lists promoting prostitution; DC and LA! Such high brow characters who pass judgement on President Clinton to this day! Damn ballsy too!

    ***So having an extramarital affair tops employing a prostitute at the federal level and running a prostitution business out of ones house in your book Fiero? That would make Clinton one of the most vile in your book wouldn't it? What is Dick Morris's transgression? Just working for the Clinton's?***

    I couldn't care less about these people's personal lives! It's Republicans and conservatives that want to make an issue of it! I did care later that all those hypocrites at the time have been caught up in scandal and affairs including Vitter, Sanford, Foley, Cunningham, Gingrich, Livingston, Hyde, and so many more who were pointing the finger at Clinton! I love it! They make him look like a saint! Clinton didn't give a damn what they were doing behind closed doors, but you guys like to make an issue of personal transgressions and turn the country upside down! We look for crap to fuss about! That's a fact! We can never be satisfied with things! NEVER! - OBTW, Morris was caught up in a sex scandal too! Some cheap hooker actually went to the tabloids talking about him sucking her toes and fondling her shoes! That poor wife of his just stood there in abject shame no doubt!

    ***Do you not realize that when Clinton raised taxes, it actually kept the economy from growing to it's potention? The irony is that Clinton did work with the Republicans and both were able to produce a workable budget. Obama hasn't produced a workable budget since '09! The senate won't even pass the one he's presented b/c it adds too much to the deficit. ...Did it not occur to you that the President LIED to the people when he said that "Sequestration" was the Congress's idea? And then, he even claimed he would veto any opposition to the sequester? When you have to lie to try to paint one side as bad...then YOU are the problem. Obama is the problem.

    speaking of Reagan...that's baloney..your just spewing leftwing rhetoric...Reagan lower rates that were 50% under Carter! He lowered them again and again...the only reason he chose to raise taxes is that the Dems promised they would cut taxes too...but they didn't! Kinda like what Obama is doing now. Moving the goalposts..with no plan of how to cut!***

    Just live in TOTAL denial! Which is it, did Reagan raise taxes or not? You're contradicting yourself in one sentence! I won't even bother since FACTS mean nothing to you! GROW UP!

    ***Did anyone notice..- the f-bomb Joan dropped that wasn't bleeped? I had to rewind it a few times but, it was definitely the f-bomb. lol.***

    Joan asked him about auditioning, "how many auditions?" Someone had to write this for him; probably Joan! "Oh, there were 3 auditions and I had to let someone finish in my throat!" I almost blacked out from laughing so hard! I couldn't get air esp. with Guiliana's reaction jumping up and down in her seat with arms flailing around!

    ***EXACTLY. If they (mainly Joan) can get away with some of the glaring vulgarities that they do, what's an F bomb here & there?***

  51. ***No! No! No! Jeb Bush: I Won't Rule Out 2016 White House Run: Sure, just like the Castro Brothers in Communist Cuba, or father and son team in Communist North Korea; the same family should sit in the White House decade after decade. There's over 300,000,000 Americans today. Why do the Bush or Clinton Families feel they should rule the nation?

    Why not ask the hundreds of millions of Americans that voted for them? Twice each!***

    ...and counting! lol! I blame America! You allow each side to bloody each side without respect for the truth; why should good people want to lead this miserable country? We live to tear people down! We reward bad behavior and punish simple offenses! Florida Gov. Scott was a felon assoc. with company that paid a record $1B fine, but they preferred him over Gov. Christi who had the nerve to shake the hand of Obama before the election! We deserve rotten representation and it's getting worse every election cycle! After they reach DC, they only really care about keeping the job at the same time disparaging the workings of which they're a part of! Disgusting animals!

    ***George W. Bush and the Dixie Chicks? - 10 years later, Dixie Chicks right all along:

    It was 10 years ago this week -- as the country was barrelling toward war with Iraq -- that Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, stood in front of a packed house in London and said: "Just so you know, we're on the good side with y'all. We do not want this war, this violence. And we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." It didn't matter that the evidence to invade Iraq was questionable or that Maines later apologized. The damage was done, and one of the most popular acts in the country became its most hated. Its music was banned from radio, CDs were trashed by bulldozers, and one band member's home was vandalized. Maines soon found that the group needed metal detectors installed at entrances to shows on its stateside tour because of death threats. ...***

    Thanks for that OP! We can't let the "right" forget how intolerant they were trying to punish these little girls back then! It was a shameful time along with the hatin' on gays and illegals! I pretty much gave up on "common sense" in America with the campaigns of hate in '04! I thought we were done, but rebounded for about 5 min. electing Obama! Unfortunately a select few can't take it and would rather see the country "crash and burn" than allow this man to propose an agenda and fullfil his promises! It's more than a little pathetic with how bad things are right now for such immature behavior to be so prevalent with old men like McCain, Graham, McConnell, Boehner, & others who've been in Washington much, much "TOO LONG!" They do nothing but complain about how DC doesn't work, but they've been in leadership for years! Where's the self-reflection? Never gonna happen in my lifetime!

    At least we're free of national Republican candidates winning in the foreseeable future with their caveman ideas of how things should run for us! Please continue to attack women, gays, immigrants, unions, Acorn (which doesn't even exist), & consensus; they'll be out of existence soon; we can only hope! The polls mean nothing to them which is why their ranks are in such a deficit of likeability and respect! Gerry-mandering of districts have given them a false sense of security, but they invite competition from within if they compromise in the least! They have no insentive to act right anytime soon!

  52. Is Paul Ryan literally insane? He supposes repeal of Obamacare part of his 10 year budget plan that miraculously has the $700B savings from Obamacare! Is he under a doctor's care; a mental health specialist? He definitely needs one! You can't take this guy seriously anymore! His election embarrassment has finally made his brain snap; what little was there in the 1st place! The only thing more insane is JEB thinking there's no Bush baggage and he can run for President with little or no problem in '16! And he's supposed to be the smart one! People on the "right" have a serious problem; in so many ways!

    ***Ryan is NOT insane. The insanity was that Dems unloaded Obamacare on the populace despite our objections. Obamacare is not about healthcare, it is about the Democrat usurping our freedom; an abomination. If it is possible to repeal this 2000-page piece of legislative junk, it should be done. As for the Bush baggage, there is probably not all that much as you apparently hope. Most of that baggage is contrived by the MSM and sadly there are hapless viewers that swallow because of the lack of regard for truth and initiative of research.***

    Keep believing that! There have been proved savings already! 12 Republican gov's have cried uncle and are now on the path for the "affordable health" care package that is the "law of the land;" per the SCOTUS! What don't you people understand about that on "the right?" I keep hearing bluster about Constitutionality, but you guys ignore the law when it suits you! Your loss! Just tell them "I don't want it ok?" We'll save on yours while taxing you for it anyway! "Loser!"

    ***Ryan lost his own county in Wisconsin 2012..***

    Really would have been a kick in the groin if he had lost his seat in Congress too! I think he knows he dodged a bullet, but the election fever still persists! Why else would he provide a 10 years budget which balances in time with a totally delusional presep of Obamacare being repealed! He even incorporates the $716B savings from Obamacare even though he wants it gone! SICK! Someone tell this fool it's law, confirmed by the people when they turned Mitt back into a private citizen! Too bad they didn't do the same to their boy in WISC.! He really needs some serious mental care! Thank Gawd for Obamacare! lol!

    ***When you commit a crime against the Fed gov't and sentenced to death for it, then the gov't carries out the execution, not the state, exp. Timothy McVeigh.***

    Yeah! Never been a big fan of public executions, esp. the waste of money knowingly spent on the process! The cost is a 3rd housing the person for life, while blowing all that court time, appeal work, and transporting some loser to and from court inflates it to a min. of $2M! Too bad ignorance rules and we'd rather spend the extra to poke out "an eye and a tooth!"

  53. ***Nixon should be Tried Posthumously for Treason! - Revisionist history is a dumbing down tactic the 'left' uses to annoy the 'right.' They don't really believe it either. They just hope it annoys you.

    For the record the US never lost an engagement platoon size or larger in Viet-nam. When the US pulled out of Viet-nam in '73, the VC and NVA had been decimated, it was only after the US left did they regain their strength and go back on the offensive. Read a book ignorant ones.***

    The conservatives lean toward "willful ignorance" on recent history! Funny Nixon's name is the only one listed in the title when all recent Republican Presidents should be so named! Going back to Reagan and his treasonist activities with Iran and the Contras in Central America! While loudly proclaiming the US doesn't negotiate with terrorists, he not only is in talks with them to get hostages released, he sells them arms! Instead of that money heading back to the treasury, he sends it to Central America giving aid to what he called "Freedom Fighters!" Nevermind that he overrode a Boland amendment that made it illegal to fund activities down there, negotiating with terrorist should really have been the end of Reagan and his administration! He's revered instead like most of these criminal guys masquerading as patriots! At least "W" hasn't exactly been given a pass with 2 conventions going by with nary a peep out of that loser! War crimes will probably be assigned this guy after he dies just to avoid the added humiliation of being one of the worst Presidents ever! Like I said, there's a lot of willful ignorance going around!

    ***...I spend 90% of my time debunking left wing lies here. Absolutely no tolerance whatsoever.***

    Right back at ya! The delusions continue I see! Total victimhood perpetrated on you by the "lame-street media!" You poor misunderstood darlings!

    ***Why Do Democrats Share Blame For The Iraq War which they voted AGAINST by 111 to 147 (29 to 21 in the Senate and 82 to 126 in the House), but they don't share credit for the 1964 Civil Rights act which they voted FOR?

    All of the Democrats who voted for the war were wrong. All of the Republicans who voted against the civil rights act were wrong.***

    Dems do share blame in that era of terror hysteria, so called patriotism, & civil rights abuses! They were too busy being on the defensive with how Republicans have been portraying them for years as weak and not up to the challenge of protecting the country! It's why Hillary lost to Obama because she went along with the hawks afraid of being thought of as "soft!" Everyone with any kind of intellect knew this was a kinard perpetrated on all of us to go after Saddam no matter if he was implicated in 911 or not! People like Cheney would leak a story to the NY Times' Judy Miller, then go on the sunday morning talk shows and quote what was in the paper! We were all a special kind of stupid back then! Even someone I respected like Tim Russert rolled over and didn't question the lies spewed by the Republican machine back then! Our country is still paying for that mistake and the Dems should take a lion's share of the blame for just being politically weak at the time!

  54. ***What that one Republican said about rape and "shutting that whole thing down" was stupid, but does this mean they are going to name all episodes after stupid presidential comments?***

    You can call liberal bias and generalizations being perpetrated on you, but I'll take their hyperbole which is closer to the truth than the outright lies of any Republican! You don't want me to go down the list of total "untruths" no matter what shady poll or statistic you want to sight as evidence of a claim! I was raised a Dem, but thought myself an Ind. since Republicans had some decent candidates, but I'd cut off a finger before voting for another one the way they've behaved in the last couple decades! The "self-loathing" they foister on us with the animus they've shown towards Clinton and Obama tell you all you need to know! They would rather the country "crash and burn" than allow them to have any kind of success! Unfortunately for them, when you "cry wolf" as much as they do, no ones listening anymore! Even if Obama's caught red-handed in the middle of something, people will ignore it now since he's been vilified from day one!

    Obama tried to honor his opponent in '08 after the election, but McCain turned on him like a rabid dog the very next day unable to deal with the loss! I don't have the time to go down all the horrendous, bigoted, ignorant, and racist comments that are made every single day at this man's expense in the White House! They can't stand it and show how dark, empty, and pathetic they truly are in real life! Call me anything you like, but I can back up my claims! I have several blogs with tons of instances where Republicans lost their way a long time ago! Their ideas haven't changed in decades and they wonder why the last several elections haven't even been close! You just can't keep hating on large swatches of the populous; Blacks, Latinos, Asians, women, unions! How many votes should Republicans expect from groups of minorities that they openly have disdain and disrespect for? Euphemisms like "inner city youths," illegals, and feminazies aren't going to help their popularity either!

    ***Did Akin ever name the "Doctors" he consulted with? I would love to have a talk with them lol.***

    That's what makes these people such huge liars! If you make them come up with a witness or reference, they can't do it! They start stumbling all over themselves! What's even more pathetic, some of these "numbnuts" are doctors like that one on the show last night! It's unfortunate that some on the "right" hate science, but will use it to club you over the head so you'll come to their way of thinking! The only thing I find more criminal than a Republican are the people who support them! They must love being used and being made a fool of; "no offense! No, take offense!" You see the result of their kind of governing; red states are falling by the wayside! Michigan is supposed to be a blue state, but it's being run into the ground by a Republican state house, senate, and gov.! Florida's governor cut $1.6B out of their education budget and now wonders why 49% of their knuckleheads are "drop outs?" I could go on, but my hands will start to shake with the rage invoked by these selfish, ignorant people!

  55. ***So much for Sequestration ...I just love how the crazy right blames the entire DC spending problem on Obama. According to the chart the spending started before Obama was even born. -- Meanwhile, still no White House tours, but $500 million for Palestine?***

    Hey, that's just the way it is; "priorities!" We needed to give 10+ yrs of tax cuts to people who didn't need or ask for it, but 2 wars had unlimited funds supplied with the bills coming due now! People can keep complaining about blame being put on "W," but that's only fair having so much off budget during his terms forcing future admins to deal with his frivolous exploitations of the system!

    ***Agreed and the Tea Party is such a pathetic joke! These TEApublicans are scum. They want power, not to help the country. - You have a lot of talking points. That's what you've got.***

    Ewwww, you sound like a "reichwinger!" Invoking "talking points" is supposed to undermine my arguments? lol! I don't think so! As I've been saying, I can back up my bluster, but a scum-sucking Republican can't do anything but lie to themselves and others! It's part of their nat'l platform I think! They're just doing what they think the country needs, a huge dose of austerity and "only the strong should survive" motivation! Let the poor and sick wither away and die! That's their idea of a health plan BTW!

    ***I have a friend that will believe anything, esp. if she saw it on the net. ...***

    We keep hearing from our politicians about how exceptional America and Americans are; yeah, exceptional dumb with little or no common sense!" We seem to be going backwards, not forward! I thought we were on our way after Clinton! The debt was actually getting paid down, people made money and splurged on resorts, trips, fashion! Now some are starving to death, but all the "right" can do is talk about tax cuts for the wealthy b/c they are our "job creators!" Total BS since most are corp. with few if any employees! Lawyers' staffs don't grow! Gov't staffs are shrinking b/c of cuts, and we wonder why we're going down the toilet! The top 1% have it all, but it's not enough; esp. with the help of Republicans! Why do they hate the country so much; Civil War still on their minds? Heaven knows we're as divided as much as anytime in our history; North vs The South! The animus is palpable!

    ***Haha - you lose. You invoked the Nazis. That didn't take long at all. Your entire post is a couple of talking points.***

    Am I lying? If Republicans are so good for the country, why is it everything turns upside down when they're in power? We have these huge deficits that they say aren't a big deal when it belongs to them, but out of power it's all about the deficit and the nat'l debt! Why the switch? During Reagan, Bush 41 & 43, income went down, the rich got richer, and the debt ballooned! During Clinton and Obama, more jobs were created, even with the foot-dragging of Republicans, and people are feeling better about things! Some people can't handle that and would prefer "soup and bread lines" with no soup or bread supplied! Many of Paul Ryan's cuts deal with feeding people; meals on wheels, school lunches, food stamps, etc.! He wants to elim. or at least cut them significantly! Do you deny his whacky budget or are you believing his "talking points?"

    ***Excellent post, but I doubt you will get a sound rebuttal from them. They are generally ignorant.***

    Republicans spit on higher learning! Santorum actually made an issue of Obama wanting more kids to go to college; "what a snob!" These people have really lost it! We're dropping precipitously in science, reading, and math, but they want to cut education budgets! They allow visas for people to go to school here, then kick them out upon graduation! Again, where is the rationale?

  56. ***So much for Sequestration ...I just love how the crazy right blames the entire DC spending problem on Obama. According to the chart the spending started before Obama was even born.

    Meanwhile, still no White House tours, but $500 million for Palestine?***

    Hey, that's just the way it is; "priorities!" We needed to give 10+ years of tax cuts to people who didn't need or ask for it, but 2 wars had unlimited funds supplied with the bills coming due now! People can keep complaining about blame being put on "W," but that's only fair having so much off budget during his terms forcing future administrations to deal with his frivolous exploitations of the system!

    ***What that one Republican said about rape and "shutting that whole thing down" was stupid, but does this mean they are going to name all episodes after stupid presidential comments?***

    You can call liberal bias and generalizations being perpetrated on you, but I'll take their hyperbole which is closer to the truth than the outright lies of any Republican! You don't want me to go down the list of total "untruths" no matter what shady poll or statistic you want to sight as evidence of a claim! I was raised a Dem, but thought myself an Ind. since Republicans had some decent candidates, but I'd cut off a finger before voting for another one the way they've behaved in the last couple decades! The "self-loathing" they foister on us with the animus they've shown towards Clinton and Obama tell you all you need to know! They would rather the country "crash and burn" than allow them to have any kind of success! Unfortunately for them, when you "cry wolf" as much as they do, no ones listening anymore! Even if Obama's caught red-handed in the middle of something, people will ignore it now since he's been vilified from day one!

    Obama tried to honor his opponent in '08 after the election, but McCain turned on him like a rabid dog the very next day unable to deal with the loss! I don't have the time to go down all the horrendous, bigoted, ignorant, and racist comments that are made every single day at this man's expense in the White House! They can't stand it and show how dark, empty, and pathetic they truly are in real life! Call me anything you like, but I can back up my claims! I have several blogs with tons of instances where Republicans lost their way a long time ago! Their ideas haven't changed in decades and they wonder why the last several elections haven't even been close! You just can't keep hating on large swatches of the populous; Blacks, Latinos, Asians, women, unions! How many votes should Republicans expect from groups of minorities that they openly have disdain and disrespect for? Euphemisms like "inner city youths," illegals, and feminazies aren't going to help their popularity either! I'm done for now!

  57. Conservatives At War; film at 11! - I watched with a huge grin as Laura Ingraham tried to make a point to Bill O'Reilly on "The O'Reilly Factor," and he just wouldn't let her really talk! She's trying to tell him he can get his point across without using the term "bible thumping" in reference to his "talking points" yesterday about conservatives! All she could do was bite her tongue if she still wants a job! Bill's at odds with Rush Limbaugh whether he wants to acknowledge it or not! Fox News is in a circular firing squad and I can't wait for the countdown! "Hannity, get in there!"

    ***If it weren't for Bill, Laura, Hannity and FOX News, BSNBC talking heads wouldn't have anything to talk about - Bill made a big mistake last week and tonight. It will hurt his pocketbook pertaining to his new book, but we will have to wait and see if it hurts his TV career as well.

    Apparently you didn't watch! It wasn't yesterday and she didn't bite her tongue, she made him mad. Laura Ingraham has had a career as long as Bill has and she needs nothing from him to continue to do so. You should really do some research before you just post your emailed talking points Fiero.***

    I thought it was last week, but Bill and Sean have been "backtracking" the last couple days over the BS they've been spewing! Hannity got into it for 2 days with Kirsten Powers; lay-about Dem. on Fox! She normally just lets conservatives run all over her, but she got it through to Sean that he was being a hypocrite and a mean spirited jerk bringing up the Obama children again and again! He couldn't believe they were going on "spring break" again while the White House is tour-less! Why make the kids part of this crap? As I said, it's really been a circular firing squad! Charles Krauthammer has had to deal with the boos because he's not falling in line criticizing Obama for everything including scurvy! I have legitimate gripes with the man, but because so many idiots out there make up stuff, no one listens when something is actually being exposed! You guys cut your own throats and Obama really appreciates it! Believe me, I saw the veins popping out of his neck! He can't stand being criticized and he's catching it from all sides; Limbaugh and rest of the conservative radio intelligencia, his co-workers like Alan Combs and Kirsten Powers, and of course the legitimate press that he expects to manipulate and use the situation just to embarrass him! What a tool! lol!

    ***LOL, no wonder you are a lefty loon, you are out of touch with reality. Fox News buries the other cable networks. MSNBC is a known haven for those in the FBI's witness protection program. I'm no fan of O'Reilly or Hannity, but the truth is they bury the competition and that is just a fact.***

    Be sure to look up the stats referencing FNN viewers as being less informed than coma patients! Fox misleads their viewers so much, they've been put in the bottom of the intelligence pool; sorry! Watching Fox you would have thought Romney was sprinting toward the finish line election night and should be dismantling Obamacare as we speak, errrr post! I was truly embarrassed for them all; esp. Megan who had to humor Karl Rove! The man is dangerously psychotic! OHIO was already given to Obama, but he had scenerios where it was conceivable the tide could turn! All those people need serious medication and counseling!

  58. ***Should Jeffery Skilling Get Early Release? - Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, who is serving a 24-year prison term for his role in the energy giant's epic collapse, could get out of prison early under an agreement being discussed by his attorneys and the Justice Department, CNBC has learned.

    I think he should serve the whole sentence as well as having all his money confiscated to pay back the people he was part of stealing from. Does anything make him different from Bernie Madoff? Should Bernie get out of jail now too?***

    Some of these elite animals need to die in prison! They thought nothing of ruining their companies, the country's economy, and retirements of their employees!

    ***Keystone XL Ad Wars Heat Up - Competing ad campaigns from supporters and opponents focus the attention once again on the beleaguered pipeline project***

    One of these days we'll learn to protect our water and air from these monsters! Not sure how anyone could trust this type of pipeline with so much anedotal evidence of their incompetence? They say there are plans if a catastrophe occurs, but we've seen evidence they don't have a real clue allowing local water to be polluted and in some cases ignitable by flame! Tar-sands is hard to clean up; look at Arkansas! That neighborhood still reaks with oil flowing down the street due to another one of these leaks! Let these money whores take advantage of another country!

    Republicans Sending mix messages thoughout session - They 1st said they would fillibuster any attempt to restrict gun ownership, but now we see they've backed off giving 16 votes in addition to Dem. Senate to move along the discussion 68-13! Same with the budget and taxes coming up, trying to gain concessions on Social Security, but I just heard Rep. Greg Walden from Oregon admonishing the President for even considering cutting the program in any way! Joe Scarborough excoriated the man thinking him just another RINO! Walden is charman of the RNCC to elect more Republicans! They don't know what the Hell they want to do! It won't be any different with immigration reform!

    ***Please don't compare every Texan to Bush. I'm proud to live in TX, and I've also lived in France, Greece, Egypt, England, and New Zealand. There's no need to be rude and pigeon hole people.***

    TX is just 1 of the places that deserves as much condemnation as possible! "They're terribly limited!" They like being rubes! The center of their universe is TX in their hearts and minds! They have more regard for pee-wee league baseball locally than a pro team somewhere else! One of the worst 5 months of my life was spent in Austin; GAWD help me! If they hadn't paid thru the nose for my services, I would have told Perot to "kick rocks!" The pollution of the air and water is a crime and no one seems to care! The kids are permitted to wallow in poverty, uneducated, or close to it, and they wonder why things are going so poorly for them! Perry has been a disgrace as Gov., but he's re-elected time and time again even though they know he's corrupt! The last straw was their all out Jihad against some girl group! They were only expressing embarrassment to having Bush as President and being from Texas! They were almost destroyed for voicing that opinion! Why should I care what those people think; even though losers like Senator Cruz and Cornyn always have plenty to say?

  59. ***Not all conservitaves went after the Dixie Chicks***

    Enough did! It was "attack dog" time, all day on Rush, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, and the rest of those knuckleheads! They're the true leaders of the party! lol! Heaven knows how often pols apologize if they say anything against them! They're hammered relentlessly until they appear on the "said show host" and grovel! It's so pathetic! Michael Steele who was running the RNC truly embarrassed himself a few years ago sucking up to Rush! I just have no more respect for these people! 20 or 30 years ago, I'd vote for a "good" Republican, but even the good ones have sided with the "dark side" of late! They're contracting as a party! Rand Paul didn't help things at Howard Univ. recently, trying to quiz the kids on party affiliation of the NAACP before civil rights legislation passed! If he wasn't trying to insult these people, I don't know what he possibly could have been doing! He's a fool and anyone who listens to him is in serious jeapardy of following a sick path!

    ***There's a difference between a mixed message, and a flip-flop. Senator Obama promised to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; in his first year in presidential office. I have no reason to disbelieve his intention to do so. Congress blocked him. It's a somewhat different story with the GOP. Republicans have been the elephant wagged by its own tail for decades; at least since Reagan integrated the "religious right" (authoritarian social conservative reactionaries). They've lost their grip. But that's not the end of it by any means. Now it's Norquist's absolutiests, and the "tea party" crowd that inflicted disproportionate influence on their party. It seems obvious that influence has worked to the detriment of the GOP. CPAC made vivid how desperately, how fervently the Republican party is groping for a new path. The GOP is at warp speed modifying their position on:

    - illegal immigrants & illegal immigration
    - same sex marriage
    - congressional obstructionism (not gone, but the ice is thawing)***

    True enough, Obama promised a lot; kept most of them, but you have so much obstruction from the "right," his tenure has been more than frustrating! Republicans can't even agree with the man on ideas they've had! Clinton co-opted their ideas and wound up having a very successful admin. even with all the slings and arrows shot his way! Things got done! With Obama, they've decided, even if they agree, they won't just to make his life hellish! They aren't hurting Obama as much as they're hurting the people of this country! We've seen what austerity did to Greece, but these fools want to cut things to the bone; except of course corporate welfare! They don't mind helping out their buddies even if it's to the country's detriment! Those are the facts! Live in denial at your peril! Obama has had signature accomplishments, but the Republican party is contracting with their rotten behavior and unwillingness to compromise on "anything!"

    ***And the hilarious part of all that is, the GOP makes the Democrats look organized by comparison! - "I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." - Mark Twain

    Fiero425, sadly, I agree. The Republicans have demonstrated they're more committed to their partisan antagonisms than they are in the good governance of the nation. It's a disgrace.***

  60. ***I find it ludicrous to assert that only the Republicans demonstrate partisan antagonism at the expense of good governance, without acknowledging equivalent actions by Democrats.***

    It's called "picking your battles!" Obama can only do so much and needs the cooperation of the other branches of government at times! Unfortunately they're at odds and it won't change anytime soon! It probably won't even change after Obama is out of office! Obstruction is now the way of the Republican party! They feel like victims, put upon for their beliefs, and have little regard for other group's ideology! They think they're right even if 90% of the country is in opposition! It's sad and pathetic when some of these people supposedly have high IQ, but keeping the job is more important to them; so screw us!

    ***Ultimately those who appose any form of gun control are voting for death and those who want sensible gun control {such as the Obama admin. is proposing} are voting for life. Its not rocket science.***

    Well you know how far behind the world we are! It has to be hammered home again and again! The ones crying foul haven't lost anyone to gun violence more than likely! I think it terribly hypocritical to whine Obama's using emotion to push this through when their argument for not having something as practical as background checks at gun shows is the least we should do to keep arms out of the hands of criminals and psychos! Let them shoot up The Fox News studios, maybe they'll back off being such idiots!

    ***So, Fiero. Is this your way of taking the moral high ground? Wishing that your ideological opponents get killed by guns? Pretty sad perspective Fiero, when you support retribution by way of the violence you otherwise oppose.***

    What retribution? It wouldn't even be justice! Just want to see what they'd say if something this tragic hit closer to home! When it comes to gunplay in the streets of our cities, there is no moral high ground so get over yourself! You'd be right with those Conn. parents if something happened to someone you know! Hypocrite!

    ***If there hadn't been the gun hysteria of the last 20 years, then some teachers at Sandy Hook would likely have been armed, as they used to be in the old days. So then the cause of these deaths is the anti-gun hysteria. Those Connecticut parents have no one else to blame but themselves. The only way to protect children is with armed guardians, as was always the case in the past.

    Really? That's rather insane. The right to bear arms is a right, not something that is forced on a population. When were armed guards present as in the past? Your anti-hysteria is nothing but an excuse and leads to a poor debate and is quite arrogant, no where else to go?***

    WE have some truly disturbed characters running around and I'm not talking about the psychos who have already done their evil deeds! Wow! Someone here actually thinks we should go back to wild, wild west times and have everyone packing? How stupid can some people be? Sheeshhhh!

  61. ***As a North American fan, I am curious to know what was so bad about PM Thatcher that she was hated this much. I'm not trying to be provocative, I would genuinely like to know.***

    I think her worst and last mistake was that ridiculous poll tax! Talk about squashing the poor! She came from there, living above her dad's grocery, but acted and spoke as if she was the Queen "Fuk'n" Mum; bitch! If she supported Reagan, she was definitely written off on my list! Both were certifiable at the end thinking they could do or say anything! I felt your pain across the pond! She invoked riots with her policies and in death! What a horrible woman!

    ***If she was that bad how did she last so long then?***

    People are idiots! I said the same thing about the moron governing Texas! He's been there since "W" left the office in 2001! They like the rhetoric! Thatcher was also manipulative! She could call an election when she was at a height of popularity for something instead of waiting! It happened more than once!

    ***Your top 5 dramas? Homicide: Life on the Streets, The Shield, "Oz," St. Elsewhere, Law and Order***

    I had to agree with your list except for "The Shield!" I couldn't watch a series where the cops are the good & bad guys at the same time! The little bit I saw early on had them killing an FBI agent, torturing a suspect by sticking the pin of his shield into him, etc, etc, etc.! PASS, no thanks! To replace it, I'll select "Hillstreet Blues!"

    ***Stop serving raw food Ramsay! - I'm sick of all the d-bags out there that think they have gourmet taste, etc...***

    I hate "going out" w/ extended family members; most asking for "well done!" Gross and classless; sorry! Like on tv news, "if it bleeds, it leads;" right into my mouth! I can't stand even medium if I have a choice! Yrs ago I told them at "Outback" to undercook their Jackaroos; pork loin madallions!

    It was a little pink, but I trusted their meat! If I make chkn, it's "just" cooked! The bone a little pink doesn't bother me! I guess I'll be at the top of the most disgusting person's list of the OP! I've done steak at m-rare since I was 7! In a cultured society, that's how you're brought up by civilized parents! Over cooking anything is blasphemous in my book, but my brother must have been dropped on his head asking for well done this and that in restaurants! Father, mother, and I sorta distance ourselves! I don't do tartare though! It's got to be at least hot!

    ***"I think many people who are aggressively defending Jinkx on RPDR are doing so b/c at some point in their lives they've been bullied in the same way. Only it wasn't broadcasted on nat'l tv.***

    [raises hand] Tell me about! I'm damaged goods after the way I was treated all thru grammar and HS! I'll never be right and have no real relationship with anyone outside of my family! I've felt on my own from the beginning and prefer it that way after so many years of abuse by d-bags that have no idea what they are doing to someone's future psyche and confidence! I performed well in my work, but chose computer profession so I wouldn't have to deal with people; limited basis anyway! I worked nights and any odd weekend and holiday hours just so I wouldn't have to play office politics! Believe me, it stays w/ you for all time!

  62. ***Nadal's record vs the Top 10 is surreal domination, the greatest in history

    Nadal vs the Top 10:

    Djokovic: 19-15 after loss to Nole at Monte Carlo '13

    Federer: 19-10

    Murray: 13-5

    Ferrer: 17-4

    Berdych: 13-3

    Del Potro: 8-3

    Tsonga: 7-3

    Tipsarevic: 3-0

    Gasquet: 10-0

    Almagro: 9-0

    Rosol has upper hand on Nadal again - For the second time in less than a year, Rafael Nadal has been upstaged by Lukas Rosol, a 6-foot-5, 27-year-old ball punisher from the Czech Republic. The first time, in case you spent last year living under a rock, was in the 2nd round at Wimbledon, where Rosol eliminated Nadal and helped drive him into a 7-month sabbatical. Nadal won the Barcelona tournament Sunday, logging his 8 wins in 9 attempts in that city and rebounding from his failure -- by a whisker -- to win his 9th consecutive title in Monte Carlo.

    Nadal wins another title on clay. Ho-hum. ...Nadal has 38 straight wins in Barcelona, and he's won 80 of the past 82 sets he's played there. The clay season has barely started, and Nadal has already salted away 3 titles on the red stuff. This guy has won 23 clay-court titles at Roland Garros and Masters 1000 events alone. ...Novak Djokovic may throw a monkey wrench into Nadal's gears again this year, as he did in 2011 (and as he did in Monte Carlo, just over a week ago). But short of that, the chances are slim that anyone will beat Rafa in a duel on the dust.

    Grass may be a different story, and if you're hoping for a projected second-round rematch between Nadal and Rosol (shades of John Isner against Nicolas Mahut, the rematch!), you can just forget about it. Rosol is playing his way into a seeding at Wimbledon.***

    Rosol just won Bucharest!

    ***Is Rafa still in his prime - This question has to be asked in light of recent events like a hobbling Djoko taking him to the cleaners on clay.

    Actually ... Rafa has 4 titles. Brazil, Acapulco, Indian Wells, and Barcelona. Lost 2 finals; Chile and Monte Carlo.***

  63. ***Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford defeats Elizabeth Colbert-Busch in the state's 1st Congressional District.***

    I just don't want to ever hear from conservatives and Republicans trying to denounce Democratic reprobates and proclaim they're the party of family values; "ever again!" After this montrous vote and the retaining of a creep like Sen. Vitter (DC Madam fame) of Louisiana, they shouldn't have anything to say, but it probably won't get them to stop! Being sleazy is ok if you have an "R" behind your name! I love it! He'll be such an embarrassment walking around Congress after all he's done! What a windfall for the Dems and the comedians of late night! They'll have a field day for the next couple years at his expense!

    ***Well Fiero, I do see your point, but understand that 'forgiveness' is an extremely powerful emotion as well as a very effective political tool.***

    Where's the contrition? It hasn't been 2 years! You have got to be kidding! It doesn't bother me because I don't expect better from these people, but the hypocrisy is mind numbing! They condemned Clinton and he stayed with his wife! They've gone on to do great things! You think this sleazeball will be anything more than a joke? I truly doubt any significant legislation is going to pass with his name on it!

    ***In your usual ideological demogoguery rush to judge all conservatives, you forget that a few Democrats have been re-elected after scandals. So are you going to make yourself look very silly by basically saying only Republicans re-elect these people after scandals?***

    The thing is Republicans always try to play the family card; so above the Godless Dems! It's the hypocrisy that gets them in the end, not the act! I suppose you can assoc. and compare it with religious leaders or conservative politicians voting against gay rights, but then are caught "in the can" or elsewhere soliciting men! Real sleazebag, self-haters you have there on the "right!" To Hell with them all!

    My mom had a dinner party in '73 with prime rib being carved to order and it was almost raw! It was the one time that I thought it needed a few more minutes! Heavy meals were all the rage in the mid 70's!

    Another neighbor had staples for parties; chicken curry fondue with fixin's (white rice, raisins, coconut, etc), sunday salad (raw spinach, boiled eggs, red onions, Itl. dressing), and chocolate pudding with cool whip!

    I believe, to this day, Sheree's the only one that can handle Nene of RHWOA! You can tell Nene has a real problem with Sheree invoking her name several times at the reunion and in her one on one with Andy!

    She's still feeling that 1st episode from Sheree's last season! She ripped Nene a new one, ran her ass out of that restaurant, down the street into her car, then over to Cynthia's for some "crying time!" It was great! No one has gotten the best of Nene; even in her delusional state of overlooking all her faults! She's never guilty of anything; "it's just my opinion!" So above it all!

  64. ***Here is my top 4 from all the seasons of "Law & Order: SVU." Very difficult to pick amongst so many darlings. And there are a few more that probably should be on the list. As you can see from season 5 and 6, I couldnt do it! I envy you! You get to see 300 brand new episodes of SVU - I first noticed this show when they had finished season 8. So through a whole summer I saw 8 seasons of SVU before starting on the ninth. I loved the show from the first second I layed eyes on it, and if I remember correctly it was a rerun of "Raw" that first caught my eye.

    Season 1

    Season 2
    Closure part 2

    Season 3

    Season 4

    Season 5

    Season 6

    Season 7

    Season 8

    Season 9

    Season 10

    Season 11

    Season 12

    Season 13
    Educated Guess
    Hunting Ground
    Justice Denied
    Home Invasion

    Season 14 (so far)
    Dreams Deferred
    Deadly Ambition
    Undercover Blue
    Legitimate Rape

    Like I said, these are not the only good episodes, but these are the ones that really stand out to me. I am sure there are more, but I had to keep the list as short as I could.

    Just finished watching his fantastic Quentin Crisp duology, 'V for Vendetta', and the wonderful adaptation of '1984.' Will be moving on to 'Contact' shortly.***

    I was big on watching PBS back in the 70's because you'd come across something like "The Naked Civil Servant!" The next time I remember seeing Hurt was as Caligula in "I Claudius!" Then he had an "Alien" bursting out of his chest in said sci-fi thriller from '80 with Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, & Harry Dean Stanton!

  65. ***Distrust Is Sinking Obama!***

    I see people are still "driving" the hate machine! They just can't help themselves! They figure if they say something enough times, it'll be true in the hearts and minds of all Americans! That doesn't say much about us if we're that gullible and stupid to believe anything said about the President from such ANIMALS who couldn't care less if the country goes under just so they can take back POWER? If it's true, we deserve anything that happens! I'm sure we're on the rode to ruin anyway! You guys just have enough influence to disrupt things and keep this recovery from being full blown! It's sad to see such treacherous behavior so evident and open for all to see! Obama may be guilty of a lot of things, but because of the constant "over reach" questioning his citizenship, patriotism, and the like, he's gotten away with a lot of hypocrisy and less than Presidential behavior! After Bush, you guys should lay low and not saying anything! He'll cut his own throat if you give him time! Making up conspiracies concerning stuff he has little or no control over just makes you look like fools out to get him! No one's going to listen to that crap after relentlessly doing it since he took office!

    ***So now that people are holding the leader of the country accountable for things that are going wrong under his admin., they are "animals?" ...Remember Obama's.... "the buck stops with me" comment?***

    I call you inarticulate and slow if you think the President is responsible for the behavior and jobs of lifelong bureacrats! He didn't hire many of these people and he can't be held responsible for everything that goes on in DC; esp. when you have a "hate machine" out there trying to trip him up at every turn! The Dems got some things done while "W" was in office! The "right" hasn't let Obama have a victory of any kind without shedding blood and I think it's sick! It began the day he was elected and it's so sad to see people acting like this; spoiled & petulant that you didn't get your way!

    ***...Obviously you've never had any type of leadership responsibilities that require accountability.***

    ..."W" was more of a criminal and his popularity is going up after starting 2 wars, legislating and signing into law bills without paying for them by lowering taxes, and trashing the country's economic future for years to come! If anything good does happen, it will only be an accident of fortune with so many of you guys hoping for the worst!

    ***...yes, obviously if electing Bush jr. was a mistake (and it was), giving him a 3rd and 4th term (as Obama) is an even bigger mistake.***

    Well at least Obama as a Dem pays for his mistakes! "W" didn't do that; wars off budget, no tax to pay for prescription drug bill, tax cuts during all of this! Republicans are so full of shit talking about being so fiscally responsible! They take advantage of our universal stupidity every election cycle!

    ***Whats funny is Republicans talk about how you can't blame a former President for our current situation, but if a Republican gets elected in 2016 and things get worse, they're so going to blame Obama. Isn't grand how we will just continue to argue for the rest of humanity without actually improving anything? I choose to just sit back and watch it burn. Yay America!***

    "W" complained about inheriting a recession until the day he left office! Now that's ballsy and ridiculous at the same time! True enough, things are crumbling around us, but all they can do is find fault and pass blame! Pathetic! We deserve what's happening to us since we keep retaining the same "losers" every 2, 4, & 6 years!

  66. ***Serena denies the comments she supposedly said... oh Lawd. The drama never ends. - Serena has apologized. Her statement contains no denial of what she supposedly said.

    - -

    Serena probably believes what she said to that reporter. I'm sure he has a recording of that interview, so she has to be careful how she frames it. I'm sure it was an off the cuff remark. She almost sounded as if she was running over the thoughts in her head aloud to whomever was there.***

    Stinks huh? That's the way it is. When you're the top player on the planet, people pay more attention to what you say. This is why Federer hasn't been caught up in stuff like this. He keeps his mouth closed for the most part and then speaks intelligently when needed. Poor Serena hasn't learned after years of being on top, she's free to speak her mind, but be ready for the backlash after it's proved to be insensitive and thoughtless. It's unfortunate it will drag out through Wimbledon and the TABLOIDS will have a field day. If she has a publicist, they should get to work immediately.

    ***Should Fed retire if he wins Wimby? - The guy is still good enough to make 2nd week of any slam on a regular basis. Why should he retire? Unlike Graf, Sampras, and all those past champions who were overfed by tennis, he still loves it.***

    He has nothing else to prove, but going out after a Wimbledon win would put him up there with the 'Tennis Gods' for good; no question. I still have reservations though with Laver hovering over Roger's record, no matter how stellar, but what if....?

    ***Fed would have smashed Laver's record if he had won 2 FO finals against Nadal (the calendar slams). Just one match separated him from the GRAND SLAM twice. I doubt Laver would have the Grand Slam if he faced Nadal in the FO final twice. Fed achieved everything, but going out at the top would put an icing on the cake that won't melt easily, solidifying his GOAT status even further. I want to see him play forever believe me, but you want the best.***

    If, if,....but he didn't. "If my aunt had 'nads,' she'd be my uncle" as Jim Rome would say. That's a glaring problem in "The GOAT's" resume; losing record to his top rival, Nadal. Hard to get past that.

    ***Only hard to get past if you ignore every fact known to knowledgable fans.***

  67. ***Cragen is the longest character in strictly the 'Law And Order' Franchise yeah, but John Munch is the longest running character ever b/c of the guest appearances he's made on various other shows that aren't 'Law and Order' centered.***

    I noted on another thread that Munch character crossed over to several programs including "X-Files;" maybe 4 or 5 times!

    ***I got this from Wikipedia...

    The character has spanned over 20 years and 21 seasons. Along with 122 episodes and 1 TV movie of 'Homicide' and 318 episodes of 'SVU' (of which he has not appeared in 3 episodes of 'Homicide' and 65 of 'SVU'), Munch has also appeared as a character in other TV series, movies and albums:

    -Law & Order—four episodes: "Charm City", "Baby, It's You" (part 1), "Sideshow (Part 1)", and "Entitled (Part 2)"

    -Arrested Development—two episodes: "S.O.B.s" and "Exit Strategy"
    -The X-Files—one episode: "Unusual Suspects"
    -The Beat—one episode: "They Say It's Your Birthday"
    -Law & Order: Trial by Jury—one episode: "Skeleton (Part 2)"
    -The Wire—one episode: "Took"

    -30 Rock—two episodes: "¡Qué Sorpresa!", the characters are watching a SVU episode, with dialogue written and action shot specifically for 30 Rock and the series finale, when Jenna Maroney lands a guest role on SVU as a corpse. It should be noted that Munch appears only in the context of being a TV

    character (or, in the latter case, Richard Belzer as himself playing Munch) in this series.

    -Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    -A Muppet representation of Detective Munch appeared in the Sesame Street sketch "Law & Order: Special Letters Unit" where he was portrayed by David Rudman.

    -Munch makes a cameo appearance on the 1993 Paul Shaffer album The World's Most Dangerous Party.
    -Belzer appears as a Munch-inspired Detective Sharp in the 1999 Mad About You episode, "Stealing Burt's Car."

    Munch has become the only fictional character, played by a single actor, to appear on ten different television shows. These shows were on five different networks: NBC (Homicide: Life on the Street, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, and 30 Rock); Fox (The X-Files and Arrested Development); UPN (The Beat); HBO (The Wire) and ABC (Jimmy Kimmel Live!). Munch has been one of the few television characters to cross genres, appearing not only in crime drama series, but sitcom (Arrested Development), late night comedy (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and horror and science fiction (The X-Files). He has played a role in int'l tv series, beginning with UK crime drama Luther where he is mentioned as an American contact for the series' Serious Crime Unit (SCU). Notably Luther stars Idris Elba, the actor who played Stringer Bell in the HBO drama The Wire where Munch previously cameoed.

    I think many people who are aggressively defending Jinkx in S5 of RuPaul's DR, are doing so b/c at some point in their lives they've been bullied in the same way. Only it wasn't broadcasted on national tv.***

    [raises hand] Tell me about! I'm damaged goods after the way I was treated all thru grammar and HS! I'll never be right and have no real relationship with anyone outside of my family! I've felt on my own from the beginning and prefer it that way after so many years of abuse by d-bags that have no idea what they are doing to someone's future psyche and confidence!

  68. ***MEN'S WIMBLEDON - Nadal has a reasonable, tough draw. He has to face ...and Fed in qtrs. The Ferrer section is rather weak. ...I looking forward to the Berdych vs Djok 4th rd potential matchup.***

    Looking back on draws from 10+ years ago, you could lose half your seeds by sat. Whoever wins deserves an easy final. 4-5 hour marathons are not fun. Last year was a perfect 4 set victory for Fed. Any takers on repeat vs someone like DelPo or Berdych? Nole should get through though, but ya never know.

    ***Some ppl were happy that Nadal was seeded 5th and could have a tough road at Wimbledon. Well, that is the case, but it could make it even harder for Roger. That is what you get when the seedings don't match the actual calibre of the players. I haven't checked all the details but, if the 4th round is the first big test for Rafa, then I am not too worried for him. Nadal's my least fav male player. He still should have been given a higher seed.***

    Probably, but if memory serves, it was the Spanish Fedr. that ranted yrs ago, promising to balk and not play when Wimbledon manipulated seedings to drop them. Now they want the opposite; to be raised from below. So hypocritical if you ask me!

    ***They opposed the subjective seeding and so do I. At least with a formula, 'it is' what 'it is' and everyone can use a calculator.

    Maria made those omments AFTER Serena apologized - Yup, but it wasn't good enough! But I'm not sure Maria knew what Serena was apologizing for. "Black Heart"?? Why did she say that about Grigor??

    Serena apologized for Maria being brought into the article inadvertently by this so called journalist.

    Maria accepted the apology, but then sought to hit below the belt by disclosing SW's private info on air and berating SW on the Steuben.

    What am I missing here? How did Serena bring this upon herself? She gave an interview to a writer that had nothing to do with Sharapova. The writer assumed the gist about a call convo Serena was having with someone was about 'Pova.***

    Hilarious. The double standard is mindboggling. If Maria or anyone else had made a comment like Serena about a "Black Heart," it would've been over for them. The media is quite complicit in elevating Maria's stature in tennis past all reality, but I'd go on the attack too. I wouldn't have been as suttle either. Serena was lucky IMO. Maybe she'll keep her mouth closed from here on for a while. - You know how the British press is in real life? They love stuff like this. Serena has made headlines for them that I'm surprised haven't already started. Just saying! If she did or said nothing, why apologize? This has to be locker room gossip and Miss Wms is trying to stop this runaway train. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses?

    ***IMO, the more I think about it, the more I believe Serena deliberately said those things in front of the reporter. Who gossips in front of others about acquaintances they have in common unless they want them in on the convo? I'm convinced that convo was staged to occur at that exact time b/c she wanted it out there. I doubt the writer pulled the 'top 5' comment out of his ass. More likely that he asked Serena who she was talking about when he heard she was talking about a tennis player and she gave him that comment. She deliberately set out to throw shade as far as I'm concerned. As regards the apology, she only apologized that the reporter guessed correctly that it was Pova and put her name in print.***

  69. ***What will Nadal's excuse be this time going out in the first round of Wimbledon? Yes he was walking gingerly during the last game. What about the rest of the match getting outplayed by a 135th ranked player?

    To tell the truth, I saw that match and Nadal looked like he would have preferred to be somewhere else. He is always up for Roland Garros b/c he feels more at home on the clay. Grass isn't his thing!

    Rafa always fakes injuries when he's losing to an unseeded player in the Slams. He can't just take a loss, its always b/c of an injury? He uses his so called injuries to try and throw his opponent off. Funny that John McEnroe said he thought Rafa is the best ever. Then he gets whooped and eliminated in straight sets in the 1st round? Don't you have to be #1 in your own generation in order to be considered #1 all-time? Hasn't Federer just set the all-time record for most weeks at #1 on Nadals watch? I guess McEnroe forgot about that tiny little record. He's gonna skip Rafa past a guy who has dominated him in the rankings throughout Rafa's career? I just dont buy it...

    That's what I don't like about Rafa. Maybe he's really injured, who knows? But man these injuries only come up when he loses!!! And then for all the clowns, grass is way easier on the body than clay. watch. Rafa will back bounce all of sudden and sweep the hard court season. Watch!***

    I doubt that. Even with this extra rest, I can't see it. He's spent his load winning all those clay events. His summers tend to stink and I find no reason why this one should be be any different esp. since he's aging. The dude works too hard to be slackers. He was fortunate to win the FO with those early round marathons. Old guys can't do that indefinitely and still win. Fed's the abberation of our time. No real bulk or muscle, but has competed at the highest levels for 10+ years.

    ***Roger plays much shorter points, in general. That makes it easier on the body, I guess. As for Rafa, the HC season will depend on his physical condition. If his body is OK to play on hard courts later on, he could play only 1 or 2 events before the US Open. With this kind of schedule, he could extend his career and stay competitive. A shorter preparation makes him more subceptible to early upsets, however.

    A pint-size man beats Rafa! hehehe! Hope it hurts! - Yeah, I asked elsewhere why a righty munchkin with a one handed backhand wasn't the least bit bothered by that stupid lefty BH crosscourt when it certainly seems to bother Fed.

    The Munchkin made excellent use of the BH slice, setting up some points with it, and winning a point outright with it. I can count the number of times that I've seen a backhand slice winner (that wasn't a dropshot) when both players were pretty much on the baseline on one hand-and I've watched tennis for a long time.***

    Give them time. The excuses will fly sooner or later. I thought Federer was supposed to have the best slice BH in the game. They compared this guy to Rosewall. I almost fell off my chair.

    ***Ya know, I almost prefer the cowards like Mad Dog and his ilk, who scurry down their ratholes than those who show up talking stupid SHIT: "oh, he was injured, but he didn't use it as an alibi;" WRONG and WRONG!!***

  70. ***When was the last time Rafa lost fair and square? Probably to a top ten player most likely named Ferrer (not Federer). He certainly didn't lose fair and square against Soderling, or Rasol, or Mr. Darcis. Anyone?***

    Oh they led with injury when Ferrer took that Aussie match a few years ago over Rafa. He took time off too. A legitimate loss that people can't argue with outside of the top ten? Hmmm, might be the "twelfth of never." I don't remember too much credit went to Dodig a couple years ago that summer. I still say Rosol beat his butt.

    ***Ok folks, so when exactly did Nadal injure his knee? Let's see: he looked great at the FO when he was clobbering Ferrer in the final. And he didn't play in Halle or Queens Club. So, did he injure his knee getting off the plane in London or getting out of the shower this morning? - Please tell me who the last nobody was to beat Federer.***

    That's why he's the GOAT and Rafa isn't. It doesn't happen. He "is" more vulnerable these days to good players like Delpo, Murray, Berdych, and Tsonga though.

    ***I think Nadal got lucky that they slowed the grass down after 2000 and he was able to win 2 titles taking advantage of this fact and the fact that the grass becomes non-existent in the 2nd week and acts almost like a clay court. So yeah, I think a decent grass court player with a big serve and big game can take him out in the 1st week when the grass is all over the place and fresh with the lowest bounce. Fed would beat him 100% of the time if they played in the first week.***

    It's hard to even call this grass court tennis. The only real bad bounces occur on the chalked lines. Approaching the net these days is almost a suicide mission with today's rackets and strings. Slowing down the court only made it worse allowing so many baseliners to reach semi's. That never happened before 2000. It's a joke.

    ***Darcis also played the big points better than Rafa, esp. at the end of the 2nd set when Nadal had a chance to close it.***

    Watching the replay now. I have to laugh at how Rafa is trying to run around his backhand like that on grass. To spray the ball so much as a result only made it more hilarious. Rafa had all the advantages with calls going his way when Darcis' ball was called out; it was squarely on the line. Oh the advantages of being a seed. The crowd is beaming and cheering this guy on. Do they hate Nadal that much in London? Usually they want to see more tennis. They didn't want him to come back, just supporting this "nobody" to the end.

    ***Similar to when they cheered Soderling at the FO 2009. There are lots of Fed fans out there.***

    Even Borg could be boo'd or opponent favored. It happens. In Rome, playing against Adriano Panatta in the late 70's, they were actually throwing coins on the court to disrupt play. That was shocking!

    ***Does anyone still think Nadal will win another Slam off of clay? If so how many?***

    2 by accident since a lot of players just can't close him out when he's on the ropes. Both the men and ladies have that problem against the top players. They can be 2 points away and give it all back.

    ***Well said. I put one cause he is on the downhill slide, maybe at the top now, while Fed too is on the downhill slope further along.***

  71. ***Evert And MCEnroe Should Go Into PR Work***

    Evert couldn't compliment Serena enough and McEnroe is all but handing the GOAT trophy to Rafa this morning. So much for impartiality behind the mike and in front of the camera. If Rafa retired today, John would be on his knees begging Rafa to get well and come back. Sick puppy! He really thinks tennis needs Nadal. Talk about an inflated sense of worth. Funny he was gone more than half the year and I didn't miss him at all.

    ***Jason Whitlock attacks Serena... AGAIN - When will this jack-face leave her alone? He always does this, something is wrong with him. - - ***

    Great article. Whitlock's a good writer who tells it like it is. Sycophants are not coddled and are put on notice he only wants to tell the truth about a subject that others are afraid to tackle. Did he lie about something? The truth must really hurt some here. You're not allowed to criticize Serena I see. I knew it was bad, but not that bad. Shheeshh! Face up to it, her comments were dumb, immature, and not well thought out. It's called "backlash."

    ***No he doesn't tell it like it is, he says things so he can get attention. He's not a good journalist. Journalist don't find pleasure in picking on people constantly. They try their best to be unbiased and just tell the real story. But hey, if you find enjoyment from him, then live your life.***

    I'm trying to understand your animus toward Jason, but you aren't being specific enough. Where do you have a problem with his comment? Has he made something up? Is it that you and others just don't like Serena's faults being aired? She messed up. Being #1 in the world, people pay attention to what she says. Next time she'll think twice before spouting things that inflame such passions.

    ***Although the sports media overall is intimidated by smart athletes of color, it's refreshing to hear when a few do get to give insight in an intelligent way.***

    Who would that be? It certainly wasn't anyone here who blames the girl for her predicament. I'm still shocked other women talk like that about one another. Typical though. Chris Rock muses that "women hate women." I have to agree at times. The backstabbing rarely stops with so called sisters, BFF's, and mothers.

    ***SugarPova's loss was deliberate - I do not think her loss was deliberate, but I am glad that she was sent home.***

    You're being kind! Deliberate? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard since Evert said she's never seen Maria miss-hit a ball. I heard that same BS when Henin lost to Bartoli; "she didn't want to play a Willaims. SO STUPID! We're talking about points and money and I find it hard to believe professionals act like that; so conniving. We have bad sports and mind game-players like Nadal and Azarenka, but deliberately losing is a real stretch.

    ***POVA's gamesmanship was a NO GO - She is very overrated...she only won 4 Slams on every surface in 10 yrs, while many other present playing WTA players won many more.***

    She's just been too over-rated all these years. True enough, she has all the majors, but it took her entire career after so much promise winning Wimbledon 10 years ago over Serena. Talk about under-achieving. Injuries only caused so much of her decline. It's the pathetic way she plays just bashing the ball. Doesn't take much heart or skill to do that.

  72. ***The jury for the Zimmerman trial are all women? The six jurors who will decide George Zimmerman's fate have been chosen, and they are all women. The four alternate jurors consist of two women and two men. The prosecuting and defense attorneys have referred to the jury members as five white women and one black or Hispanic woman.***

    It's Florida! Is there any doubt "injustice" will prevail? I can't remember a big case the State has won against a murderer, rapist, or other corrupt dilettante! Going back to the Kennedy-Smith rape assault to Casey Anthony; the more obvious, the more likely they'll walk! I'm still shocked with pictures and defendant admissions, they can't seem to agree on death penalty phase of Jodi Arias case! What's wrong with these people down there? The electoral process is a freakin' mess and overall justice seems to be a pipe dream!

    ***George Zimmerman has gained TONS of weight! - looks like he has used all the money Sean Hannity and the rest of the defense league sent him to eat and eat and EAT!

    Don't be surprise if he gets off. Remember, they didn't even arrest him til 120 days after murder and people protesting all the way from NY and Sanford.***

    Cry me a river about his weight issues. I have no sympathy for this animal. His defense team is just about as disgusting. They're all liars and hypocrites. If the news hadn't caught it, he would be running around "scott-free." He has juice; either a judge or police captain related or something. I can't remember. This is FLA. so anything can happen. Apparently down there you're allowed to kill children with impunity.

    ***AARON Hernandez Denied Bail. Should Looks Matter In Such Decisions? He Is Rather Beautiful - It didn't help Jodi Arias though. she was even more good looking.***

    Arias was stupid enough to actual take pictures of her crime. She was busted on so many lies, I just couldn't imagine how they could justify an acquital? At least with Anthony, it was totally circumstantial, but a solid case! It's FLA; what do you want? They're all idiots down there. Look at the Gov. on down. Elections are always a mess and it's getting worse every year! He cut over $1.6 Billion of his education budget the 1st year to give tax breaks to local businesses. It's a mess! I won't even visit the state.

    ***The Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action. We are under siege in our own country and our one and only Uncle Thomas is supplying the nails and the hammer. - Here is President Bush, a conservative Republican signing and reauthorizing the VRA after that the Congress in '06 had voted overwhelmingly for renewal. What happened in less than 7 years?***

    The result of 8 years of "W," that's what's happened! He appointed all these losers in the lower courts as well as the SC! Did people think we would get by unscathed? Depression, high unemployment, and massive stupidity in gov't! Pile it all on the BUSH'S! Starting 2 wars, lowering taxes, and with these bad decisions of the SC, I'm surprised we're still running at all! We're doomed by our own idiotic vote!

  73. ***It can't be true Roger is out of Wimbledon so early? I'm completely in shock right now that besides the tops seeds that had already gone out, we can add Roger to that list? I am without words...***

    It had to happen sooner or later. How long do you think Roger could keep this up; til 40? He hadn't been playing well and all comcernedc exaggerated his performance in the 1st round. I thought it was totally premature and presumptuous to assume Roger and Rafa would play one another in the quarters. I thought one or both wuld lose; esp. with Rafa's lack of preparation. He can't come into a touney cold like Wimbledon and do well. I'm surprised he just didn't pass it up altogether. I guess he felt he could make up points since he went out so early last year. Wrong again. Maybe next year.

    ***How far will Federer drop in the rankings - commentators said drop to #5***

    He has so many points to defend, it can only go down without a major win. He also loses bonus for Olympic final. It might be all downhill from here; not Sampras-like, but still down. He's good, but not as sharp and others aren't afraid. He dreamin' if he thinks he can continue to play like this for the next 3 or 4 years and play another Olympic.

    ***Serena Williams And The Royal Box - Well I find it interesting that people who hardly work and just live off of tax payers money have a lot of nerve to blatantly snub somebody who actually does work hard and made a lot achievements in her life.***

    It isn't news really. It's people looking for something to cry about. Depending on the time, the royal box is always empty for tea. Everyone leaves with the royals for that and it's been like that for as long as I can remember. It's just something to kvetch about no doubt. The reporter is an idiot and the people who take note of it are idiots.

    ***Singles Win / Loss Career - Top 100 OF ALL TIME: Tour Events Only - Serena is now #4...#1 was a little surprising.

    - - ***

    What a joke. Martina always put herself out there playing the entire year unlike these other people who would take off weeks and months, not playing at all. These percentages mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. There's only one GOAT and it will never be Evert, S. Williams, or Graf no matter what people say with 167 singles titles, 177 doubles, 59 majors, and 9 Wimbledons alone. Like Federer's record, it's unmatched.

    ***Just watched the 2001 Wimbledon final again. IMO, the best final ever. There will never be a People's Monday Final again now that the roof is closed and I would be shocked if we ever see a WC winner!***

    The Semi was better for me only because Rafter took out Agassi! Never was a fan of Andre's and he proved me right later; a huge douche-bag, regardless of his school and charity!

    ***100% agree. He got away with so much crap and yet he never hesitates to take a shot at Serena. How he got away with so much is beyond me. Charity is good and his school seems to be helping those students, but the free pass he has gotten is ridiculous. - Rafter/Agassi game was a good one too. It was the 3rd consecutive time they met in the semis (Rafter won the last 2)***

  74. ***Federer Old and Injured - A shadow of his former self indeed.***

    It had to happen sooner or later; the "beginning of the end." I thought it ridiculous him saying the other day thathe can play on for 3 or 4 more years and maybe play the next Olympic gamesl. He's used up just about everything he had left to re-take #1 ranking last year, Wimbledon and to take Olympic silver. It's been all downhill since; losing the top ranking and not defending all those points. He's going down to #5 soon. How much further will he let that happen and just try to hang on? He definitely has the ability to take another major, sneak up on us and all, but those grand days of marvelous, artistic play are long behind him!

    ***Indian Wells more exciting Slam than Wimbys now. - Pam finally made excuses for Serena losing match at AO to Sloane Stephens in feb.***

    I've always considered it an elite level tourney going back to the 80's and 90's when they played best of 5 in the final. I still remember a 4 set, 4+ hour thriller with Edberg and Agassi. Stefan was on his last leg running down all those shots of Andre's, but he sliced and diced and continued attacking the net on his way to a huge win. I always preferred it over the other "5th major," The Lipton.

    Pam is the Queen of excuses having so many injuries herself. She always had them ready actually coming out for a press conference like Quasimoto a couple times with a towel and ice wrapped around her shoulder. In the future, looking at the cold, hard record, no one's going to care. These days, who isn't hurt? It's like figure skating, you have to push through it, shut up, or don't play.

    ***Cloyd, even Sloane knows whats waiting for her next time she plays Serena...NO MERCY & NO LOVE!!***

    No faves, but if I have to watch the WTA, Radwanska isn't bad. The screamers, squealers, and other loud cows on the court are unwatchable. Kvitova's ok, but can give you heartburn among other things trying to watch her close out a match she should have won easily.

    ***You can always MUTE the tv when play is in action. Also if the women are unwatchable, then STOP WATCHING and STOP commenting on the board. You give the impression that you LOVE the WTA b/c you're always commenting on the players.***

    I've been told that before, but I already have a short attention span as it is. If I can't hear the commentary, I might as well surf on by.

    ***No question the women grunt, but men do too, and we let them off the hook. To me the only unwatchable is usually Pova, Aza, that kid that took out Pova, really they are a handful, there are some more, but off my head these are the major culprits. - Scheduling 2 men's matches before a women's match is just stupid to say the least.***

    SO much for equal treatment on the tour. Unbelievable! I thought you guys wanted to be treated the same; now you want to be passed on as special? Wow, the hypocrisy is mind-blowing. What about women's matches that go over 3 hours making the men play into the night; esp. at the USO? Yeah, that's the kind of respect women are looking for; "treat us special and put us on first. HOW LAME! I'm so embarrassed for you guys.

  75. ***Roger is in the lead now. I think his early loss really came out of nowhere to most people. Those who know the sport know that Sabine is a dangerous player on grass. I don't think most people expected Roger to win the whole tournament, but certainly not to go down in round 2.***

    I see Fed as the greatest, but it had to end sooner or later. He sold his soul to win those tourneys last year and taking back the #1 ranking. He had nowhere else to go but down.

    ***It's not the 1st time Federer is written off. He will come back with a huge win this year.***

    It's quite possible, but the era of Fed automantically making it to the quarters and semi's is defintely over. He'll have to work for it from now on. The fear factor and AWE just isn't there anymore.

    ***Federer can no longer beat Rafa, Novak, or Andy consistently any longer. He has trouble with lower ranked players like Tsonga and Berdy too now a days. He no longer has speed as he once did on court, and he's also now having back issues on and off. His backhand misfires more than ever, and those other players are much younger. Fed can no longer go 5 sets to win ANYTHING at this age. if he's to win a Slam he has to have MAJOR luck, and be playing at his best.***


    ***Please ESPN, get Shriver off the air. She is driving me nuts with her dribbling, slavering and salivating over Sloane and Madison. Wonder how her 3 kids ever put up with her prattling on and on.
    While you're at it, send Chrissie with her! - So Pam has never won a singles slam? Poor thing!***

    Well that makes little sense. Neither has Sue Barker, Renee Stubbs, Mary Carillo, Betsey Nagleson, and many others. What does that prove? Come on guys, you're smarter than this; or maybe not!

    ***Serena inching closer to the 17th....are you with me!! - Watch out Chrissie and Martina!!***

    Martina has nothing to worry about. With her 59 major titles, 9 Wimbledons alone, her legacy is secure. Her record is unmatched and not likely to be so anytime soon; esp. by Serena.

    ***Even Chris Evert believes that Serena is the greatest player now, and she played Martina. She believes that prior to that Martina was the greatest that ever played. She acknowledges the current conditioning of athletes, the racket, and fire power, their height and weight all comparatively. She is being realistic and putting the era records that were obtained in context.***

    I'll give you "best ever baseliner." That'll be my only concession to any Williams. She's still quite pathetic and inept at net, just going for broke all the time. There's no real talent up there in sigles and I've seen them all including Court, Goolagong, Mandlikova, King, Shriver, & Wade. Even Hingis held her at bay for a while. They all would embarrass her bringing her into the net.

    ***I don't see it as Serena "chasing" history; to me it's more like her making history. She hit her 600th today! Talk about history!***

    So many homers trying to compare 600 wins to Evert and Navratilova who are well over 1300 with 150+ titles. It's sad! There's just not enough time for the old lady to come anywhere near the body of work of these 2 great champions. Believe me, Evert is only being humble and nice on tv. Behind the scenes I'm sure she feels the same way.

  76. ***Wimbledon match Worse loss of Serena's whole career IMO - WTF was that? Now 19 is in doubt IMO. She almost has to win the USO right before her 32nd bday if she is going to be susceptible to these type of losses.

    I agree. You have the finish line in sight and you airmail this match in. You were up in the 3rd, steamrolled her in the 2nd, and then lose all your service games down the stretch. Just plain pitiful and give Sabine credit. She forced the action.

    Let's give Sabine credit. She could have choked this, but she hung in on the break point. Its no excuse, but let's be honest. Ree did not play her best tennis and we all know if she came out on fire and playing at least 80%, Sabine would be on a plane back to Germany.

    Serena was definitely "off" today. Sometimes it's NOT easy to get an easy draw, it can work against you. She had little resistance in the first 3 matches she played and when she came against some "resistance," her nerves overcame her. No accuracy on her groundstrokes and she didn't follow through.
    Lisicki matched her shot for shot and serve for serve. She was enjoying seeing Serena's confidence drop. I'm not anti-Lisicki, but Serena has to work on her mental will when up against a tough opponent, even if they are only tough for a day.***

    OFF? This tourney and the USO were already printed under her resume according to so many around here. She was supposedly unbeatable. How things change in one day. Now she's off? As I said, that's why they play the match before awarding the trophy. It's such an injustice to overlook her opponent like that.

    ***Serena wasn't off. She told it during her press conference. Serena admits that Sabine was reading her serve very well and was playing too good. I think Serena didn't feel comfortable when she was serving in the 3rd set, b/c she was really afraid of Sabine's return. It was one of the few matches in which Serena couldn't use her serve as an ultimate weapon. Sabine was serving even better and returning Serena's big serves with ease.***

    ***Conservatives and Abortions - I have often wondered why conservatives who claim to hate big gov't are hellbent on passing the most stringent abortion bills on the books despite Roe v Wade being the law of the land. From TX to Ohio, from Al. to NC, a woman is under assault from the most intrusive of gov'ts that we have ever seen. What is going on? Texas executed the 500th inmate, yet its governor claims every life is precious or sanctity of human life. Some of the same governors vetoed or refused to expand Medicaid to poor children.***

    Nothing is more disgusting than these obvious demented human beings preaching about life, but always ready to take it for their own ideals; war at the top of their list. Every life is precious, but all you hear about are cuts to programs where people are supposed to be fed as well including food stamps. No money to take care of all those kids they don't want aborted. They'd rather invest in prisons to house those people they have so much contempt for, criminalizing any bahvior they don't approve of. Republicans and conservatives are unthinking, unfeeling animals as far as I'm concerned.

  77. ***Clapper: I gave 'erroneous' answer b/c I forgot about Patriot Act - "Intelligence chief tries to explain false Senate testimony by saying" he 'simply didn't think' of NSA efforts to collect phone data. The guy who is supposed to know about major pieces of legislation that gives him the keys to everything...forgets about that recent legislation that opened every door but a few, and uses that "forgetfulness" to open the remaining pieces of Americans lives.

    Obama clings to shit like a dung beetle...Holder is the poster child, but he has some real losers with him that should've gone long ago. As Obamacare inevitably crumbles, the DNC should be an easy target.

    Then, there's the GOP. These idiots can't stop gov't growth and most don't want to. The McCain/Obama foreign policy is an easy target too. Rand Paul wants to take the party towards Libertarianism, but that seems impossible to me.***

    People forget with the intransigence of the Republicans in the Senate, Obama can't get his own people in these positions! Clapper is a Bush holdover who Obama thought would pass approval w/o a hitch replacing Blair! That was true, but some Senators had apprehension knowing this guy was shady and now Obama's responsible for anything he does and says! Dept. after dept. has shady characters like that b/c Obama's been too gutless to fight and punish Republicans for blocking his real choices! They can't even get directors in some of these positions b/c they can't get through the "Veto first"

    Senate! It's sad and pathetic and I hope one of these days Republicans will get smart and dump these losers; esp. McConnell! That sick individual promised to oppose everything and make Obama a one term President! Has anyone ever heard of anything so outrageous; no honeymoon, just stimying everything so something as simple as a budget can't go through? Guess who's made the skapegoat? OBAMA of course! I blame him for not putting up enough of a fight for what he really stands for, capitulating again and again trying to be a compromiser among people who don't!

    ***We can't continue to keep blaming Bush at this point. Obama needs to own his own shit. No excuses anymore. I mean he had no problem in his first term pointing the finger at Bush for all of the insane shit he did. Obama needs to take ownership of his failures.

    If you don't believe Bush has some very bad fuckups/failures then you're truly naïve or a blind follower.

    War in Iraq
    Patriot Act
    Had a huge hand in destroying the GOP
    Bin Laden

    Both Obama and Bush have had major fuck ups while in office. It might have something to do with them having the same single party state politics on many issues.***

    People will probably say all that bad news is Bush's legacy, but the fact is his true legacy is he screwed up so much, he got elected a Black guy and possibly a woman in a few years! I can't imagine any Republican being able to compete! They're on such a tear just alienating women, minorities, unions, and every other fridge group! They still think they can win just taking the White vote! That's insane with the demographics getting away from that every couple years! If they can't come up with better candidates than Gov. Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Gov. Christie (who won't make it out of the primaries), and Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton will have little to worry about; even with the smears that have already started!

  78. ***Morsi Overthrown in Egypt - Egypt protests: President Morsi runs out of time as army prepares to step in***

    The man was defiant to the last yesterday proclaiming he wasn't going anywhere when he had been given 48 hours to come to terms with what "the people" wanted! Since taking over, he hasn't been able to turn things around, unable and unwilling to compromise with countries that would have supported his leadership. Unemployment went up and the Muslim Brotherhood is in disrepute; and now out of power with the army taking over until new elections can be held! There were millions in the street protesting and he absolutely refused to act "for the people!" He blew it; big time!

    ***How can the head of the NSA, CIA and Booz-Allen not lose their job due to this colossal security failure? They were in charge of detecting and protecting against threats. Snowden is still running free as well.***

    The biggest failure to date is not the exposure of secret intelligence, but our bullying of European nations to block the air space of the Bolivian president's plane last night! I can't tell you how upset I am with those countries involved fooling around with a plane in the air! If it had crashed for lack of fuel circling around for 3 hours, I'd be pointing my finger directly at Obama! True enough he's better than having that loser Romney in office, but this int'l incident is going to cost all of us!

    Snowden was not on the plane after it was searched in Austria and we look like idiots, along with France, Italy, and Portugal! "What's your next move Mr. President! You keep saying you're not going to scramble jets to go after this guy! This was worse! You've now implicated other countries in this farce!"

    ***DRAMA IN THE SKY: Bolivian leader's plane rerouted on fear Snowden aboard...Furor over denied airspace passage, refueling rights...'Act of aggression' by France, Portugal, Spain...'Orders came from United States'...Austria finds 'no sign' Snowden on board...Bolivia enraged, accuses Austria of 'kidnapping' -

    Obama admin. is getting played. If the President of Bolivia's plane was suspected of carrying Snowden, then that's an asset telling that to the US. This is a stinky int'l incident and IMO it looks like its meant to embarrasses the White House, NATO, and Europe all one. Russia is playing us like a fiddle.

    Please explain how these two candidates, Obama and Clinton are bad if they are to continue winning? You really believe Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than these two honest men. Why can't we get more moderates on this board..?***

    I said nothing about them being bad, but the people of this country can be convinced to vote for 'noodniks' like Romney at any time! It just takes money, not smarts! I don't think Obama would have won if not for how much Bush had alienated and just about destroyed any integrity the Republican party had! They lie, plain and simple! They talk about being financial fiscal! They turned a surplus into a huge deficit, doubling the nat'l debt! What kills me, after all their irresponsibility, Bush was still complaining about inheriting a recession! What a dolt!

    Next, Republicans talk about gov't intrusion! It's one thing after another with them trying to get inside your bedroom telling you what you can and can't do there! 2004 was our lowest point, hating on gays, foreigners, and sending our armed forces into sovereign nations with made up excuses like 911! Saddam had nothing to do with Alcada, but that was a huge lie perpetrated on us all through Cheney, Rumsfield, and Bush! They pounded that BS into our heads which we all know to be a huge lie now! Should I go on?

  79. ***Nadal falls to Belgium's Steve Darcis. Biggest upset I have winessed since I started following tennis 5 years ago. - - You miss Rosol last year? That was a much bigger upset.***

    Rafa needs prep, and when he skipped Halle like that, I knew he was in trouble! I didn't think he'd go out in the 1st round, but I definitely thought it was premature to think it was automatic that he and Federer would be playing in the quarters! That was just rude; esp. with the way Roger's been playing; or not playing really! He used up all he had regaining his #1 ranking and taking another Wimbledon last season! He's been done since and people have been pushing him around like he's just "another player!"

    ***Nadal's knees are shot. He puts too much tourque on them with his ground strokes on the outside leg. That's what happens when you hit unbalanced shots. Your body rebalances for you and you get hurt. His service motion will kill his shoulder soon too, although it's not as big a deal as his knee issues will be.***

    I've been telling people for ages Rafa won't last with his technique and working so hard to win matches against people we don't even know! I'm surprised he's lasted this long and the only path for him is DOWN right now! He's not going to have a Federer rebirth! He can forget about ever being #1 again! He might even win a major or 2, but dominance with the way he plays is truly over off of clay!

    ***Why doesn't the tennis channel show the Junior matches in the slams? - When they do not have coverage instead of showing repeats of matches from a million years ago. If the USTA supports youth tennis so much, why not get them some coverage?***

    I want to see the legends play! I briefly caught a "crawl" saying Hingis and Davenporte were playing doubles there! Haven't heard a thing about the old vets! They used to make a big deal out of winning the men's and ladies plates along with entertaining matches from the stars of yesteryear! They have the time; why not give us a treat?

    ***I enjoy that too. Always fun to see our old favorites still out there. - Janowicz scares the beJesus out of me and could definitely beat Murray, but I think Murray is on a mission now and his return takes away Jerzy's biggest asset. Janowicz will be a top 5 player and possibly a dominant number 1 some day if he can mature a bit.***

    Be afraid; be very afraid Andy! He was not impressive, just barely making it by Youzhny! As usual he gave it away! Verdasco was guaranteed to give it all back as well! He's done it enough times! Nadal has shaken their confidence so much, they will allow top players to take matches from them no matter the lead! I've seen Feliciano Lopez 2 points away on clay against Federer, missed a sitter overhead, and it was all over! He systematically collapse and allowed Roger to win that match! Murray was very fortunate one of those losers was on the other side of the net yesterday! Anyone should have been able to finish that match off no matter how much Murray wanted it!

  80. ***Can Weiner really win as NYC Mayor? - Didn't Mark Sanford recently win some election in SC? People don't give a fuck.***

    Sure they care, but only if the accused is from an opposition party! Sanford, Vitter, Cunningham, Gingrich, Livingston, and all the rest are perfectly happy criticizing Clinton for his indiscretions, but refuse to look in the freakin' mirror; and their supporters don't seem to give a damn! Such hypocrisy, but what else is new from those losers on the "right?" They pick and pick and pick, but anything they do is acceptable! The country will catch up to them one of these days! I'm no fan of Weiner, but he didn't actually do anything unlike the rest of these knuckleheads!

    ***What makes America great, and how can it be even greater? - IMO, our next step in greatness should center on the 1 in 5 children born into poverty today, and the 1 in 6 people over age 65 who live in poverty.***

    Unfortunately the more time goes by, the less we seem to care; actually being fueled by one side of the political spectrum! You have some that want to do something about it all the time, while another couldn't care less and tries to find reasons to make cuts! Attacking food stamps, meals on wheels, and different other programs to help feed children and seniors is only happening on one side of the aisle; Conservatives and Republicans! I can't go on without losing my temper at the way these people have been behaving the last few decades! When it comes to war and subsidizing large corporations, the money can be found so hypocrisy reigns as usual!

    ***It's b/c of indifference of the general populace more than anything. All one has to do is look at the bestseller lists for fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, and tv/movies. Education is the silver bullet to indifference and ignorance. - Interesting. Do you have any references to back that up with?***

    What more do you need to see and hear? Do you listen or watch the news? It's talked about all the time; poverty rate going up and people in the "so called most power nation" has people starving to death! We throw away more food than any country I can think of and waste even more playing games! It's ridiculous and if you have no clue, nothing we say will be able to educate you!

    ***The poverty I'm talking about is not starvation like in many parts of Africa and Asia. Since we're the greatest nation on Earth, I'm fine with talking about poverty figures in the USA based on Federal Poverty Guidelines. Anybody who says that making above $19,531 for a family of 3 is somehow above any idea of "poverty" in the US in the year '13 is ignorant.***

  81. ***Liberals of sportshoopla, do you listen to or watch lefty media personalities? If so, why? I see them as analogs to the filth-spewing personalities like Rush and Beck. Why would anybody listen to them?

    I don't watch Stewart or Colbert for the political commentary. I appreciate the writing, which is first class IMO. If I have nothing else to do, I'll watch their shows. Not a fan of Maddow or any other tabloid news personality, lefty or righty. Get some of them off TV, where they are slaves to ratings, and maybe their commentary would be more interesting. I will say that I listen to Rush from time to time when I'm bored. I think his politics are a jumbled mess, and I think he's saying things to appeal to sheeple more than having a die-hard belief in everything he says. Rush is pretty intelligent, and has a good sense of humor that I can appreciate under the tabloid political stuff.***

    I watch and listen to them all! They all tick me off for different reasons; liberals being surprised by the "right" and the "right" for being total d-bags that don't seem to care about the country! It seems more important for both to keep power, but with the "right" they're actually depressing our recovery and doing it on purpose! The cuts to programs for the poor can't be explained while the "right" will spend all they want on border patrols and wars! They're truly lame and irrational! WTF is up with these people and the attacks on women, gays, unions, and illegals? They are cutting their own throats, but they won't bleed out fast enough for me; the scummers!

    ***Cuts to programs for the "poor"? This country is spending $60 BILLION a MONTH on food stamps...that's $720 BILLION a year...on? Food stamps...understanding that is 100% unsustainable for any length of time does not mean the "right" doesn't care about "poor" people.***

    Seek help Chico! $60 Billion a month? Check your facts before coming out here again please! That's ridiculous!

    ***How much money is in 'disability?' I know the 2 largest programs set back about $260 billion a year.***

    Social programs are high and will only go higher, but that isn't the fault of the program, it's the corruption that goes on behind the scenes that's making it unbearable! I still remember my mom being a supervisor for public aid! While one of her staff was off, some poor woman had been approved for funds since she had sick children! Going through her desk, records showed the checks were going to the staff member and they were being cashed at her husband's grocery store! That's peanuts compared to other shady practices going on! You have people who need to have enough of a profit to warrant them helping poor people and I think that's so sick! In other countries, doctors don't become rich! That's unseemly to them, but not for the quacks we support who are in it only for the money! The same losers try to even skip out on their college loans! I'm sure there are quite a few better people in the system, but all you hear about are the criminal types most of the time!

  82. ***Janowicz is in big trouble now. 4-4 and down love-30 on his serve. This is the set - What a choke job this is. He can't get a first serve and now Murray has won the last 10 points until that one.***

    Oh please; the real choke job happened a couple days ago! Verdasco should have finished Murray off in straight sets! He's done it all too often playing against the top players and I feel for his fans to see this happen again and again; esp. against Nadal! No lead is safe with a lot of these 2nd and 3rd tier players!

    ***Agreed. I can't understand Almagro either. The guy has more talent in his little finger then most players on tour and yet he can never make a serious run at a major. Too much of a headcase I guess.

    Which would be a bigger deal for the UK: Prince William's Kid or Murray beating Joker?***

    Without a doubt, Murray winning Wimbledon! I think they've already let it slip that the baby's a girl if not twins! If it was a boy, I'd think differently, but according to current legislation, she'll still be the next in line after her father! Harry can rest assured he has no shot! For a while, Andy will be KING if he wins this Wimbledon! Not sure what happened after winnig the Olympics! It came and went as far as I was concerned after Roger went down to defeat; again! Not realistic to think he can do anything in 3 years at Rio Games; and more than likely on clay.

    ***Hopefully tomorrow's final will better than today's stinkfest. - One or both could rupture an achilles tendon ...

    Please, don't even say that joking. I had a dream last night I was watching the finals and Djoker went down with an ankle injury and had to retire. That would really suck to watch an entire tournament and then not really see a final. - They made Djok whittle off the side numbs on his shoes, so you never know.***

    Those "stuff shirts" at Wimbledon need to catch up to the 21st century! If I had been Roger, I would have told them to "kick rocks" when they demanded he change shoes due to the colored bottoms! What about the bottoms on the ladies' panties? There was plenty of orange and pink flying around more obviously! I would have walked! He wasn't going to win anyway! Now he's going to play 2 extra clay court events this summer before the hardcourt season begins! Not what he should be doing to make up points! He will run himself down and maybe go out early at the USO! "Be careful Roger! You're no spring chicken out there!"

    ***Welllllll....Dwight Howard is allegedly heading to: HOUSTON...***

    What happened to this guy? He was a fan favorite for quite a while, but these last several years, he's really turned into a d-bag and "coach killer." Reminds me of LeBron, but without the championships. Both are losers and could have handled their departures from original clubs with a lot more dignity and respect for their fans. It seems to be more about money. He'll make a huge salary and pay no state tax. I'll never understand people with money. They have more than they need and at the same time think all accomodations should be made for them for free. Morons!

  83. ***WHEN Will Rafa Seize The No. 1 Ranking? The day he stops losing first round at a major***

    You're all dreamin'. He'll only see the #1 ranking in front of his name in old issues of Tennis Magazine. Boy does he look even more foolish after his stupid idea of a 2 year ranking instead of 1. How self-serving! It would even hurt him more now with so many months off the tour.

    ***I didn't realize he missed the French Open.***

    It's what changed the seeding so Rafa had to play Nole in the semi instead of the final. Djokovic would have to have a monumental collapse to his summer and fall record to drop to #2. Murray on the other hand has to defend his USO just to stand pat.

    ***Ivan Lendl WAS THE KEY to Murray winning Wimbledon - Those who cant do, teach. Lendl continously choked at Wimbdeldon. That will always be his legacy.***

    At least check the record before making an utter fool of yourself. It's hardly a choke when you play so many semi's and finals losing to better grass court players like Becker, McEnroe, Connors, & Cash. What a silly comment; choker! He did all he could to win and just happened to come up against better players; plain and simple!

    ***Ivan Lendl has a career winning percentage higher than Federer (during an era filled with quality opponents).***

    Quality players is putting it mildly! During that era, you could have 12 different "major" winners competing at the USO including Connors, McEnroe, Lendl, Becker, Edberg, Wilander, Sampras, Cash, and others. Just check the record. The women have always been top heavy with just 2 or 3 major winners; Martina and Chris taking most of the them, giving crumbs to Hana Mandlikova, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Tracy Austin. Then Graf and Seles came along. The men's game has always been richer in talent, but Federer and Nadal were so much better, it looked worse than it was.

    ***Ferrer continues his pathetic existence as new #3 - As the whole tennis world watches with amazement at this slam-less wonder. I think ranking points are grossly over rated and the whole thing is a joke.***

    In the old days, even the #2 ranking can be dubious. If I remember correctly, even Tommy Haas held it for a while. You can't always have solid 4 top players like we had with Roger, Rafa, Nole, & Andy. The women have been the biggest joke the last few years so we shouldn't be surprised since Rafa took off so many months. It had to happen even with all the wins he amassed on clay this past spring.

    ***Is this the weakest era in the history of women's tennis? When someone with a game like Bartoli wins the most prestigious tournament in the world, you really have to revise your opinions on the matter.***

    The same was said when Martina Hingis won 3 of 4 majors in '97; "it's a weak era." This is by no means a weak era. The players have the skill; the mind needs training. What they do is go out there and bash the ball without any purpose so in a crunch, they wilt against better players like Serena. Plenty have the ability, but mental stamina isn't there. People love to put all the praise on Sharapova; her fight, blah, blah, blah, but she's really doing nothing but hitting hard and wearing down her opponents. Women tennis players are a lot more fit, but that isn't enough to be consistant.

  84. ***Rush Limbaugh in trouble with Fox News? Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh seemed to tell a caller on his show on Monday to stop watching FNN, but later insisted his advice referred only to avoiding the network’s liberal commentators. ...

    ...On Monday, when Tony from Tampa called in and mentioned a pundit whom he’d seen "somewhere on Fox," Limbaugh appeared to insist that the caller stop watching the network. “You need to stop watching these people, b/c they’re not going to change,” ...

    - -

    Ann Coulter and Glen Beck bit the hand that fed them and now perhaps it's Rush Limbaugh's turn to do the same. ...***

    We can only hope it happens; sooner not later! I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt at the beginning watching his tv show years ago! His self-hating couldn't be contained and he even lashed out at Chelsea Clinton who was only 14! He's a sick individual who won't be missed even by his most vociferous of fans! He'll be forgotten soon enough!

    ***Palin may run for Senate seat? Sarah Palin may not be done with politics after all. The former Alaska gov, who was also 2008's GOP VP nominee, said Tuesday she's contemplating a bid for U.S. Senate against Democrat Mark Begich. He's up for re-election in '14. "I've considered it b/c people have requested me [to] consider it," Palin told conservative radio host Sean Hannity on his show. "I'm still waiting to see what the lineup will be. ..."

    Begich, a former mayor of Anchorage, was elected in '08. He defeated long-time GOP Sen. Ted Stevens, who died in 2010 in a plane crash. "Sen. Mark Begich has got to be replaced," Palin told Hannity. "He had not done what he had promised to do for the people of Alaska, which is to represent what it is the nation needs in terms of energy development. - B/c he's on the wrong side of the aisle, he has to go along to get along with his Dem. leadership, and that's a shame," she continued. "That's a waste of opportunity for our nation." ...

    - -

    Why do these people think the nation is going to Hell in a hand basket simply b/c a Dem is in the White House? They are always saying Obama is destroying the nation and they have to stop him before it's too late. They think George W. Bush is the perfect example of an Christian American President who can do no harm and they seem to be in complete denial about all the harm he actually did. ...***

    You 'ain't' whistling DIXIE! It's what they call Obama derangement syndome and it's the reason he has gotten away with some improprieties and lack of fulfilling promises because these people on the 'right' have "cried wolf" entirely too many times! No one's listening to them but the hardcore haters! It has been said, if Obama came up with a cure for cancer, they'd have something negative and stupid to say instead of cheering! They're habitual liars, saying they will concentrate on creating jobs and not one bill has been passed t that affect when our infrastructure is in tatters! We could put 2 or 3 million people to work tomorrow to deal with roads, bridges, and other ancient and falling apart pieces of the country, but to hurt OBAMA alone, they're willing to sacrifice everything, including the well being of their own constituients! It's hard to feel sorry for any of us, b/c we are the ones sending the same ineffectual losers back to DC every 2, 4, and 6 years! Gerry-mandering only does so much! We are willingly putting politics in front of common senses and we'll contunue to pay for it as long as we perpetuate these events and lack of concern for truth, honest ideas, and deeds!

  85. ***The problem with people who claim the 80's a stronger era is that they haven't shown who are the tough opponent players like Graf beat to get to the final. I read that the shortest final in women history was a final Graf won in 30 min. Sorry that is a weak era.***

    Sounds more like a weak match, not a weak era. Even Federer went down in flames to Nadal on clay in one of his matches at the FO very quickly. No final is guaranteed to be that great, but I wouldn't postulate that the entire era was bad because of it. Please make more sense when posting out here.

    ***During a decade of tennis ('80-'89) and 39 Slams, only 7 players won GS; MN (15), SG (8), CE (9), Hana (4), EGC (1 at the tail end of her career), Tracy Austin (1) and ASV (1).

    - -

    The WTA has topped that in 3 years off this decade. Get a clue...these women could phone it in until the semis. No competition.***

    The problem with people concluding the 80's was a weak era is they aren't taking into consideration that Martina and Chris are in the top 5 of all time on the ladies' side of tennis. That shouldn't take away from the other players making them out to be placeholders in a draw. It's terribly insulting and overlooks them as a total waste of space. Even though I'm a fan of Hingis', obviously her reign could be called almost an accident of riches with Graf leaving and before the ascendancy of the Williams'. Davenporte was there, but she was weak mentally until she got her act together in 2000.

    ***Well here is one's person's opinion. Let me know if you would want any one of the players outside of the top 3 with your house on the line:

    - -

    Hey HBK, we'll give him a helping hand:

    Hana (4)
    Tracy (brief period b4 injuries)
    Steffi (late 80's)

    Sabatini (1)

    Kuznetsova (2)

    and that doesn't include some fluke Slam winners and #1 players.***

  86. ***ZIMMERMAN Rests His Case Without Taking The Stand. GUILT? - Jury will get the case this week.. Who knows what they will do?

    1. Pick your battles
    2. Don't let your mouth write a check your butt can't cover

    You shouldn't get to claim 'stand your ground' if you front Mike Tyson and get pulverized in the process.***

    Rambo brought all this stuff on himself and I can't let it go that this was a kid being stalked by a grown man with a gun. I don't care who started the altercation, Zimmerman should not be able to do that and get away with it. They need to stop trying to find reasons to acquit this loser! He's a murderer, plain and simple.

    ***Perfectly rational & logical. What perplexes me is that the number of persons that disagrees exceeds zero. I absolutely, sincerely, DO NOT GET that. It's like trying to explain Relativity to an amoeba. I don't get it.

    In 2005, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with "resisting officer with violence" and "battery of law enforcement officer." Both these felonies are considered third-degree. Due to his desperate attempts, the charges were reduced to "resisting officer without violence" and then the only remaining charge was also completely waived off when he entered an alcohol education program.

    In the same year (2005), Zimmerman's ex-fiance, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order, alleging domestic violence. In retaliation, Zimmerman filed for a retraining order against Zuazo and both these claims were resolved with both restraining orders granted.

    "Manslaughter" for Zimmerman? - Here's what I think: A manslaughter conviction is on the table. Murder two? No way.***

    Zimmerman should get the max just for lying up to this point! There's so much that has been disproved like him being caught off guard because Martin supposedly jumped out of the bushes! What bushes? The tree's were even bare at the time! The dispatcher told him they didn't need him following this kid, but he "ran" after him! Martin was on the phone and questioned why this "pervert" was watching and following him! Zimmerman, who's supposedly trained in MMA tactics was probably getting his arse kicked and resorted to the only thing he was sure of, shooting this kid in the chest! No matter who started it, Zimmerman got into a situation he couldn't handle even though he thought he was "John Wayne!" Regardless, a kid is dead, and FLORIDA should burn if these idiot jurors fall for that BS of self defense! If you can't handle the situation, don't get into "b!tch!" While in jail, he'll learn what it means to be preyed on; the bastard!

    ***FLASHBACK: Eric Holder Telegraphs Conspiracy To Hang George Zimmerman On Trumped-Up Federal Charges***

    FLA. is still the SOUTH! Precedent; "Mississippi" is the federal way to handle areas that don't act right when it comes to crimes like this! People forget Sanford allowed this animal to go home like nothing happened! No grand jury was held and if not for civil rights protest, he wouldn't have been arrested and charged then after 44 days! Let's be honest, if the roles were reversed, Trayvon woulld be languishing in a jail cell waiting for resolution! Just keep dreamin' this is a country that has equal justice! That's total BS and we all know it!

  87. ***Peter Dodo's spin on Martina Fungus... - Well, that's ONE way to look at it.***

    So very ignorant to villify and make sport of a 5 time grand slam champion. It's more than most in the history of the game and 5 more than any loser on this board. This place can't shut down fast enough so you'll be in the woods wandering around trying to find another site to s*ck up to the Williams'. If they were so good and so much better than Hingis, they never would have lost to her. So what does that say about them both in the end to lose to a "FUNGUS?" - Funny, no mention of the homewrecker, Serena. Hmmm! I wonder why?

    ***It appears Patrick's home was wrecked before he met Serena; but some like to write their own scenarios! Serena has no involvement with Hingis' long notorious behavior; from her debasing other players for their race, age, and gender to her serial dating the ATP! Maybe, had tennis been her focus, she would have more than 5 singles Slams?***

    Excuses, excuses! Surprise; typical hypocrisy willing to analyze one side, but not the other. The same could be said about Venus and Serena who had so many outside interests, they couldn't be bothered to play tennis "full time." Maybe they'd have more majors and a lot fewer bad losses to players outside the top 200. With so many years up on Hingis, both should have accomplished more in less time. Unfortunately that didn't happen, now they're scrambling to make it up.***

    ***Serena Williams has 16 Slams, 13 doubles, 2 mixed and 4 gold medals; she needs no excuse. Venus Williams has 7 majors, 13 doubles, 2 mixed, and 4 gold medals; and does not need an excuse either. Only those who criticize them try and find excuses for their success! Hingis' 5 slams, 9 doubles and 1 mixed does not excuse her of her vicious tongue against others and criticism from anyone!***

    The old hags also played many more years and Serena still hasn't passed her up being #1. Both sides have something good and bad to say about one another. I remember their "old man" actually getting into the act attacking a 16 year old girl. That was truly pathetic back in the '90's.

    ***Venus and Hingis are the same age and placed in a Slam final against each other in '97. Serena is 1 year younger and defeated Hingis in her 1st slam in '99. The fact that Venus and Serena stayed on tour longer (despite injury time off) than Hingis proves their superiority to HER!***

    Yawn! After all is said and done, Hingis did more in a shorter period of time and will indelibly be written into the record books b/c of her accomplishments at such a young age, regardless of the "hating" going on here.

    ***Period of time is not a consideration for the HOF. Hingis won her 5 Slams within 2 years; Serena won her "Serena-Slam" ('02 FO through '03 AO and 2003 W) and 5 slams in less than a year in a half! Now what?***

    I can certainly count and have placed both Venus and Serena in the top 10 all time. It's unfortunate that you try to tarnish Hingis just b/c she's about to go into the HOF. What is your real beef with this woman; true jealousy or what? Please get over yourself!

  88. ***I am going to not JUDGE and give Martina a pardon. I went in on Serena for dating a married guy and got obliterated on this board. Good job for defending Martina. ...***

    Hingis' consistency puts her in the top 20, holding the #1 record longer, actually defending some titles unlike the inconsistent Williams', not to mention getting to all the Slam finals in a calender year. I could go on, but her record is so extensive, I'd be here all day.

    ***I liked Hingis game, but when started losing to Serena, a more seasoned Venus, and her lockeroom cohort Davenport, she quit. The competition was too much and her ego couldn't take not being the best on tour anymore. But Hingis, aside from her tennis game. I still don't like her, what is there to like? ...***

    Hingis was a little girl and wasn't a muscle bound Amazon like the other ladies of that time; Williams', Davenporte, Capriati, and others. She had standards, just like Graf who left when her time was up. The only thing that bothered me about Martina leaving was it left behind unimaginative, ball bashers to take over the sport. She still could take anyone in doubles and win, even at 15 with Helena Sukova, but what can be done and said now? It's over!

    ***I think people forget that Martina was very young and that she had probably not lived a very diverse life. I think a lot of her comments were from immaturity, and that as she has grown and matured she has a different outlook on life as she has been exposed more to different cultures through her travel and business. I think I was most put off by her alleged comments about Mauresmo.

    I just found it ironic that when she married her husband there were whispers about his age and why he was with her, now he is the one crying foul. Who knows if any of it is true? She was great to watch on the tennis court although she caused many of my favorites some hard times. Ultimately she had the career she was supposed to have and it was an impressive one. I apologize if my musings caused any offense.

    Two things that prevented from Hingis to have a better career record (maybe 9-10 GS) - her arrogance prevented her from winning more during the time she dominated. Losing to Graf at FO was from her arrogance. She wanted to beat Graf's forehand. A better game plan and she would have won. She used the angles very well. One of the smartest in that, but never wanted to add power to her game.***

    What did you want her to do, start lifting weights? Her mother helped her decide not to overdo weight training and trying to become overdeveloped like some of these other freaks of nature. I don't fault her for that and as a result, she stayed fairly and relatively healthy unlike other players who were constantly taking time off for serious, muscle and ligament injuries. I could name both WIlliams', Sharapova, and others who couldn't stay on the court more than a few months.

  89. ***AND ONCE AGAIN, NO MEDIA COVERAGE FOR MORE OF THESE SCUM SAVAGES. HUH? - With dozens of episodes of Black mob violence in more than 15 cities over the 4th of July, it is tempting to start with Chgo. Chicago was the site of several cases of Black mob violence during the holiday fireworks, which city officials and local media downplayed or ignored.... - "Why does the liberal media cover up these stories?"***

    What cover-up? Watching Fox News, they're constantly talking about the gun violence in Chicago! They harp on it every day; 70 people shot over the July 4th weekend alone! No one's covering anything up; you're not listening or looking! Blacks can't be racist since they have no real power to back up the kind of hatred that comes from "The MAN!" Blacks are doing the hiring and firing, ripping off the people while working for the gov't, etc.! We all kno, esp. in rural areas, Blacks are trampled over like they're garbage! Right now, they'd love to even take their rights away to vote; evident everyday if you just listen! The lack of respect for this President is all about racism where even Republican leadership all but use the "N" word on the man! So spare me Blacks are the worst out there!

    ***ZIMMERMAN Jury--We Can't Decide. Really?
    - ***

    I saw another "OJ quick verdict" when that note came out. I was like, "get ready for the riots." I think they want to be more deliberative and at least appear to take their time. Maybe tomorrow, but it'll be over soon enough. I don't expect much out of FLA. It seems permisable to kill your own children down there. Their history is rittled with ridiculous verdicts.

    ***Can anyone explain this jury only comprising 6 persons? I did follow the jury selection for the Casey Anthony trial, and anyone who expressed any sentiments about a child being defenseless or similar was immediately dismissed.***

    Because it isn't a capital case with the "death penalty" on the line, most venues use just 6 jurors with 3 alternates. I believe when Doctor William Kennedy-Smith got over on FLA in his rape case in '91, it was the same situation. People joke about liberal Cal., but even conservative jurisdictions let obviously guilty people get away with it all the time.

    Whenever I hear commentators trying to use Cal. as an example of miscarriages of justice, I point out all these cases in FLA and Texas where horrendous verdicts have come down. The judges aren't much better; esp. in TX where one of them actually insinuated a raped woman had it "coming" since she was dressed so provocatively. If you're gay, anything can happen! A man raped his daughter in Texas a few years ago! He was jailed, but his daughter was taken away from the mother since she left for another woman! After all that, when the guy was paroled, the daughter was given back to him rather than the mother. We have some screwed up justice in this country.

    ***At Xmas time I was having a lunch with a few colleagues. One woman began talking about the "murderous thug" who deserved to be where he was. After venting for a while, as it transpired, it became evident her above sentiments were referring to Trayvon. I did not feel TM deserved to die or be referred to as a thug and said so. This woman then began to elaborate (even more) repeating every few minutes that she was "not a racist but..."***

    Some people have no shame and will back 'sadistic and evil" behavior. That Boston Marathon bomber has tons of support with guys and gals protesting his even being arrested. I wonder how things will transpire in OH. where 3 girls/women were held captive by some guy in his home for 10+ years? The charge count is approaching 1000 trying to make sure he doesn't get off, but you never know in this country.

  90. ***I had to research the difference between manslaughter, 2nd degree murder..etc. I thought I knew what they were and I did in a way, but I also got more information to clarify the meaning.***

    He's sweatin' bullets in court. It has to be A/C'd, so he's obviously feeling the pressure. I'd have more sympathy if his rotten defense hadn't tried to villify the kid and talk about giving Zimmerman back his life. What a nerve, esp after he was allowed to go home that night after shooting the kid in the chest. He's got to live with this regardless and will have to live in seclusion for the duration just like Casey Anthony.

    ***Not Guilty on all counts - Once he is forced to testify in civil court and confront his lies (tonight you are going to die) and with the lower standard (a preponderance of the evidence, rather than beyond a shadow of doubt) they will fold quickly. I can't wait to see that weasel sweat like a pig as he tells those lies.***

    I'm not sure, but the lawsuit won't just be against Zimmerman. The complex is also on the hook because of the gun. They may have told him that it wasn't permissable. I have a faint recollection of that if he was officially doing a neighborhood watch and a contract was involved. I could be wrong of course, but what good is it? They've proved how distorted true justice has been for years. If only stealing elections was their only problem down there!

    ***I believe the complex has already settled with the Martin family.

    - -

    I for one look forward to seeing the liar exposed.***

    Thanks! I hadn't heard! - Interesting! At least my memory isn't totally failing me. The complex was smart enough to settle fast. I hope the Martin's clean Zimmerman out. He deserves "no break" as far as I'm concerned, collecting money from all over the country to this day.

    ***Well you can bet that a lot of Black people will feel a need to be armed now. If an innocent kid can be hunted down and murdered, then no Black person is ever going to feel safe now. And Florida has established the precedent. Now all you have to do is claim you felt threatened, and you can kill any Black person you want.***

    You can say that, but we all know it won't matter in the end! Some poor, Black woman down there was being threatened by her ex-husband and shot a warning shot in her own apt.! She was prosecuted by this same "special prosecutor" and given 20 years! At least now I know why she had that stupid "smirk" on her face last night after the "not guilty verdict," she's a typical Republican that has a double standard and can't be trusted in the simplest of cases!

    ***Exactly, why did GZ do it?***

    Didn't you hear Zimmerman on that non-emergency 911 call, "those F'n punks always get away?" If he ain't a racist, he's at least paranoid, a bigot, and he profiled that kid; no doubt about it!

    ***He didn't even have a headache the following morning. The doc that treated him, the next day, did NOT feel the need to order a CT or felt that he needed ANY observation. So, based on those medical facts, his beating couldn't be that severe. He lost the fight that he initiated, and shot this kid.***

  91. ***If the prosecution could have presented a better case against Zimmerman, would it have been different?***

    Doubtful! This is FLA! They could have had video tape of the crime and they'd find a way to exculpate him from responsibility in killing this kid!

    ***It will be interesting to see if they go after Zim on civil rights charges. The FBI investigated and found no basis for hate crimes.***

    I hope the Martins just let it go and ignore that slob! He will forever be linked to killing this kid and that would satisfy me enough. ...The Martins got a nice settlement from the complex that Zimmerman was patroling which should keep them for a while.

    ***CLEARLY, The President Is Unimpressed With The Verdict***

    Regardless; only in FLA are you allowed to kill your children without a penalty; look at Casey Anthony!

    ***Why was Angela Corey smiling after the verdict of Zimmerman??***

    I'm glad this was brought up. No one said anything on tv that I saw concerning her "Joker" smirk! This is the same woman who prosecuted some poor women who was trying to defend herself from an ex-husband! Didn't even hit him, shooting into the ceiling, but she's languishing in jail with a 20 yr sentence!

    ***The DOJ will reopen it's investigation of Trayvon Martin's shooting death after Zimmerman was acquitted in the state case. Last yr the DOJ suspended it's probe to allow FLA's state prosecution to proceed, but will now step back in to determine if Fed. prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges. This case is far from being over.***

    They don't have a leg to stand on unfortunately. They already started looking at Sanford last yr. The cops didn't look good avoiding an arrest until after a furor was sounded around the nation; 44 days, but after all is said and done, this case is really over. ...Zimmerman will just have to live with the blood of this kid on his hands for the rest of his miserable life. It's not like the Simi Valley/LA cops that beat Rodney King. Not the same circumstances.

    ***Asiana to sue TV station over racially offensive fake pilot names - Asiana plans to sue a CA tv station that mistakenly aired fake, racially offensive names for the pilots of the flight that crashed last wk in San Fran., the airline announced Monday. - ...How did "Ho Lee Fuk" get past the mail room guy much less countless editors doing redundant editing?***

    From what little I heard about it, they don't have a leg to stand on! These names and spellings were confirmed by an NTSB intern! After a crash and loss of life, Asiana has a lot of nerve whining about their freakin' names being maligned! They weren't checked out for alcohol or drugs as our pilots would have been; as well as captain's order to hold off with evacuation for a min. even though a fire had started!

  92. ***WAIT, So Hingis Has Officially Returned To The Tour? - She gets into the HOF and then comes out of retirement. Makes no sense.***

    This is nothing new here! Navratilova and Billie Jean King did the same thing. Hingis just wants to join the elite crowd of winning double's majors after entering HOF.

    ***So she must've notified the WTA, Swiss Federation, and Olympic Committee awhile ago of her unretirement so that she can be made available for drug testing before her first match.***

    Hingis has proved she can win doubles with anyone; even flakes like Anna Kornikova who could double fault 20 times in a match. You guys need to move on and let it go. Your hating on this poor girl changes nothing but makes you look like idiots.

    ***You have to file paperwork to officially retire from the WTA. I remember that when Mauresmo retired. I guess Martina never did. seriously people, it's not as big a deal as you're making it.***

    It is for the "haters." They just can't help themselves. Instead of embracing a return of a serious contending player, they're trying to find fault in it. MORONS!

    ***Did Borg ever assimilate anyone when he played?***

    What? I have no idea what you mean. I know the meaning of the word, but concerning human beings; talking cannibalism? Lendl picked up his style and took it to a new level though.

    ***Who would win in a match between Renee Richards and Richard Raskind?***

    OCO, a man against a woman again? Renee complained about being a Cadillac with a Volkswagon engine since she waited so late to make the change. She was only capable of doing well in doubles by that time getting to USO final with Betty Stove. Even Virginia Wade with all her mental issues still beat her in the tournament. My step-dad said he knew Richard back in Forest Hill days as kids.

    ***Sandrine Testud, Amanda Coetzer, & Anastasia Myskina***

    Notable efforts: Sandrine upset Seles at Wimbledon one year, Amanda beat Graf several times (even indoors & on clay), and Anastasia won a FO and Olympic medal.

    ***Martina shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame? Let's just sit quietly and think about how ridiculous that is.***

    CryFirefly: some people are just disturbed and hateful. If you criticize their fave, they lose their minds, but continue to denegrate others. It's so sick!

  93. ***Boycott of Fla might help to make change when it comes to heinous verdicts allowing murderers to go free***

    Like when those idiots in SC wanted to fly their Confed. flag on the Capital, maybe an organized boycott of activities in Fla would get them to change their minds on laws used to protect these heinous criminals! Too many times slugs like Anthony and Zimmerman skate on their obvious, circumstantial cases of murder! They've been on my "list" since stealing election of 2000! The NFL and NBA should join in refusing to hold major events like the Superbowl and All-Star games! Convention centers should sit empty and let South Beach go straight to Hell!

    ***No boycott? Perhaps no change, but a well organized, effectively targeted boycott could work like this: a nation-wide boycott of Florida citrus products, fruit products, OJ, & lemon juice, could put pressure on farmers. The farmers then pressure their legislators. The farmers just show their State representatives their accounting books. "This is what it's costing the State of Fla." Then the legislators figure out what will happen when the resultant tax revenue decline causes short-falls in their own committee's programs; and they fix the problem.

    Hate to tell you this but Fla didn't 'steal' the election - the decision came from the Supreme Court and every subsequent review concluded that Bush won in any case.***

    Who are you kidding? The Supreme Court only put the final nail in that election coffin! They were already rioting trying to stop the recount! Didn't you see those local animals busting into that office? It was obscene in 2000; absolutely insane down there! Republicans own that state and every election cycle is a circus and a joke; cutting back days for early voting, stupid ballots with hanging chads, unreadable ballots choosing one candidate and actual voting for another! The Governor isn't helping matters with his behavior either! Rigging election results is their thing down there! Fortunately even he couldn't stop Obama's landslide last year! Romney just wasn't a credible candidate even for them! - Florida has been in the cross-hairs before when Anita Bryant was "hating" on the gay population! They were made to fire her as a spokeswoman by not buying oranges and juice! It's worked before when injustices have gone on!

    ***I would just like to see the old conservative party return; the Republican party of Eisenhower. The Dems are far from perfect, but at the moment it is the conservative movement that has gone over to extremism. It is a pact with the devil.***

    They're so busy trying to be the opposition party, they want to go against anything a progressive would support except the obvious; child molestation, rape, and murder! If they could get away with it, they'd try; believe me! Conservatives are some sick puppies out there, hurting their own constituients just trying to different from the status quo! What's more disgusting than this jihad on women, trying to take away what is clearly legal in these conservative venues? They don't care if a woman is attacked and raped by a stranger, they want them to have that kid to prove what? They know if their own wife or daughter was in that position, they'd cross state lines to take care of it! There has been evidence of that hypocrisy with an old pro-lifer like Rep. Barr from Georgia when he was in leadership! He not only was cheating on his wife, he demanded his chippy get rid of the kid driving her personally for the procedure! They're all hypocrites, but it's hard to feel sorry for people concerned since they voted and keep sending these same losers back to DC again and again! I've given up on common sense when it comes to Red States! They all seem to be "bent" beyond belief!

  94. ***Bush was pretty decent as leaders go and as an individual he is a decent guy. In regard to the education situation, I have to agree that Bush did a disservice to the nation. He had a decent idea, but he allowed Ted Kennedy to do this and Kennedy revamped it into a mess. ...***

    I guess we haven't dropped far enough for you guys; obviously! We're ranked down in the 20's among western nations in math and science! Until we have blithering idiots running things you won't be happy; "he's just like me!" So much for supremacy anywhere except military might! Gawd help your stupid children in the future!

    ***Ohhhhh...that's right...Obama isnt "running things." Thanks for the correction.***

    Running what? McConnell fillibusters absolutely everything put forth; even if not supported by Obama! Wake up and quit lying to yourself and others! Johnson as Majority Leader dealt with 1 fillibuster while Reed can't even tie his shoes without 60 votes to allow it! Please spare me your indignation saying Obama hasn't led!

    ***Rep. Issa Withholds Evidence which apparently Proves He Has Been Lying about IRS non-Scandal***

    He will continue to repeat lies and misinformation b/c the American people are too lazy and stupid to make sure he pays for it! He headed that committee and did nothing but perpetrate a fraud on the country! He's a liar and probably the most disengenuous politician on it!

    ***I would just like to see the old conserv. party return.

    Me too, where are they, all dead, morphed into the Tea Party after being taken over by Scientologists, eaten by the Giant Killer Red Tomato?***

    Tell me about it! Something happened to them during the Clinton years; massive poisonous kool-aid passed around the convention maybe! They haven't been "sane" as a group since! Back in the 70's and 80's there were plenty of Republicans I would have voted for; even Nixon, but since Bubba, the derangement syndrome has been even too much for me to bear! They say and do heinous things and are unapologetic about it! I remember they would say to at least respect the office of the Presidency! Since Obama took over, what haven't they said and done that is so disrespectful, bigoted, and dare I say racist? All the rules went out the window and I can't see them recovering anytime soon! They can't even be trusted to support one another with Tea Partiers going after conservative reps. of their party if they so much as smile at a Dem! If they agree in any way, even to save the credit rating of the country, they'll be punished to the fullest extent of their ire! I've given up on all of them even though Dems aren't saints; at least they're not collectively insane!

    ***The kool-aide that killed the conservatives was served by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Hannity, O'Reiley, & Laura Ingraham. They are extremist that get people hooked on fear and anger.***

    Those are only the most well known! Believe me, watching FNN so I know how hateful these people can be, there are so many others to note! I can do w/o them, but the "right" embrace these animals and worship whatever they have to say! If there was even a sentilla of truth, it would be ok, but the crap they spew is totally made up! They repeat lies over and over again until the people who subscribe to their BS can't help but believe it all! Benghazi is still hot on their lips! I just wish I knew what they are trying to accomplish by trying to make Obama and the admin. responsible? We can have a 9/11, but they have nothing but adoration for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the rest of those liars! We have Issa propagating more BS about the IRS and again, it's all made up controversy! They just can't stop themselves! One of these days people will see them for the animals they are and maybe this country will turn a corner! It won't happen in my lifetime unfortunately!

  95. ***What Tennis legends deserve to have statues? - Also where should they go/what venue or place?***

    Borg at the FO, Lendl at USO venue, Sampras at Wimbledon, & Djokovic at AO. JMO! If women included, Evert at FO, Navratilova at Wimbledon, Hingis at AO with singles/doubles wins, & Graf at USO so she won't feel left out. It's hard to give credit to either Williams' since they didn't take their careers seriously, playing when they felt like it outside of injuries! - Novak has won 4 titles and 3 in a row at AO! No man's done that since Open tennis started at the AO. That's why I thought Nole deserved the honor.

    ***Hana Mandlikova - How many Slams would she have won if she hadn't played alongside Evert and Navratilova? She has 4. She'd probably have 16 if those 2 hadn't been around.***

    Sorry, it wasn't Martina and Evert that stopped her mainly! She cut her own throat really due to having so many options. She had every shot in the book and could embarrass both if she was on her game. Then there are the other times she couldn't keep the ball in the court. Believe it or not, I will say she had the most talent, even more than Martina! I still remember a couple of their Virginia Slims matches that were classics. Hana's ripping her forehand at over a hundred miles an hour and she was the only one doing it among the top players! At Wimbledon, she could serve you off the court which is how she took out Martina at the height of her powers in '81, only to revert back to a head case the next day and meekly went out to Chris in straights! Hana turned that around in '86 making her 2nd final, but Martina won fairly easily.

    ***Serena is for sure the most classless athlete not only in tennis, but in all sports.***

    I still can't get over her villification of that poor girl who was drugged and raped. Serena thought nothing of putting the blame on her. "I wouldn't have put myself in that position." Who cares what she would have done? Just moronic!

    ***Looks like the ESPN Forum is finally history. RIP***

    It was gone yesterday! Good riddance to bad rubbish! You weren't allowed to express yourself there with Williams' and Nadal sycophants that didn't allow their reputations to be besmirch! Those same losers railed against Henin and Hingis who aren't even playing on the tour! I won't miss it at all or the people!

    ***Federer Makes Winning Start in Hamburg with New Racquet » peRFect Tennis - The reason he added two 250 events in his calendar is two-fold. One to try the new frame and get some match practice with it.

    Two, he is hurting for some ranking points I think. He needs to remain on top five to make an impact in the Slam draws. Before now he never really found the time to try a change, but he got bounced early from Wimby which was maybe a blessing in disguise and got an extra 10 days. Wish he had done this some years back but better late than never.***

    He really needed the practice! Watched most of the Florian match, but turned away to catch some news at 5-5 in the 3rd! Still waiting to see who won it; ESPN holding back on the final score! BTW, the German Open is a 500 series event; or so it says on the screen!

    ***Fiero, Federer won 7-5 in the third. Next up is a Qualifier who is playing pretty good. I expect Fed to get through and meet Fognini or Almargo in the final. So if he wins the event, he's getting 500 points.

    Fed playing Gstaad. If he wins Hamburg so he gets to 6285 and another 500 win can put him breathing down Nadal's neck. Nadal is at 6860 and doesn't play til Montreal Masters. So the race to USO crucial to both guys to see who ends up in top 4 or even top 3 b/c Ferrer is within striking distance (only 200 pts ahead of Nadal). I really don't want another Slam featuring Ferrer as one of the big 4 b/c he is a beat down goat for anyone in semis.***

  96. ***Boycott Of Florida Might help make change - I like the keys as well. Everything is so relaxed and laid back and folks love to party.***

    Fla can be a paradise, but I'm still done with the place! Again and again outrageous things seem to happen down there; SYG, crooked elections, wards of the state missing, drug trade hub, with declining intelligence proved by stats showing almost half of the kids are drop-outs! With Gov. Scott cutting the education budget by $1.6 B, it's no wonder few want to be bothered going to school!

    ***Why Obama’s Remarks On The Zimmerman Case Are A Failure Of Leadership - ...Obama won b/c he got the most votes...TWICE. Why don't you excuse makers face the fact that your 2 candidates lost decisively to what you deem as the "worst President ever"...What does that make the people who lost to him??***

    Sore losers is right! I used to hear about respecting the office of the Presidency, but since Obama took over, "there are no rules!" They've all but called this man the 'N' word when speaking about him! He can't win no matter how things shake out! If he says something about a subject, he's playing the race card! If he keeps quiet, "he's not leading!" The man could come up with a cure for cancer and still the conservatives wouldn't give him a break! Their actions aren't hurting him as much as the country, but they figure if they continue hammering him and his programs, they'll get back into power! Fortunately they've overplayed their hand so much, even some conservatives couldn't vote for Romney who was the epitome of an "empty suit!" They may not win nat'l office again for a while with their Jihad against minorities, women, unions, immigrants, and abortion! Until they become a second rate party, they'll continue to act like this and I say fine! If anyone's stupid enough to think things will turn around with a President Cruz, Rubio, or Paul, "have at it HOSS!" Hopefully I won't live long enough to see them made credible!

    ***Trayvon's Actions That Night Proved He Was Dangerous - He proved he was dangerous by confronting a person who was stalking him. Though Martin wasn't armed; so to a conservative he must be crazy...who would ever confront a stalker when unarmed? Gun nuts wouldn't even talk to a Girl Scout unless armed.***

    These gun toting turds are truly gutless! Now they can even brag about "bagging a kid" who was totally unarmed! It's the new kind of "safari" I guess! When they start shooting each other on the street like animals, I wonder will they come to their senses? Probably not; it's Florida after all!

  97. ***The Keystone pipeline? - Such a pipeline will supply a lot of needed jobs on both sides of the border and give the economies of both countries a boost. Environmental concerns can be met and overcome with modern technology. Its time to move forward with the Keystone pipeline project. Don't you think?***

    Is no one taking in consideration the studies that show these pipelines are just about guaranteed to leak? Drinking water can be lit on fire right out of the tap, the soil saturated and unusable, with little blame accepted by the industry! It's so easy for all concerned to say we need this pipeline, it creates jobs, blah, blah, blah, but never see the big picture and possible results!

    ***Well, we know the results of getting our oil from the Middle East....9/11 for a start!***

    Our need for foreign oil is dropping all the time! We've actually started shipping oil abroad! We could always try and conserve, but that would be too adult for us! At one time Carter had us down to 4.5M barrels a day! After Reagan, it jumped back to well over 11M needed! Our politicians are of little help, taking subsidies and kickbacks more than likely! What do they care as long as they pocket their cut; damn animals? Reminds me of how blatant and corrupt so many of these people are when you see the Speaker Of The House passing out checks to his members on the "right!" It appears they've legalized their own corruption so there isn't a lot that can be done except to vote them out! Unfortunately people aren't smart enough to change their own representation except if it affects them personally! We're all to blame for how things are going and it isn't good! Employment could be cut in half tomorrow if they really wanted to do it! Plenty of infrastructure needs repair like rodes, bridges, and the like and it would pay for itself in the long run with jobs, taxes being paid, and added spending for products, homes, and more, but we'd rather wallow in misery and "stand pat!" It's so disgusting I stopped caring! It only makes sense, but unfortunately common sense isn't in vogue in this country allowing Europe to pass us by in so many ways!

    ***Peter King Says Hillary Clinton Would ‘Destroy’ Rand Paul and Ted Cruz: King believes the Republicans don’t stand a chance if they put up the wrong candidate against Hillary Clinton. “I think she’s very strong on foreign policy, and I think that if we nominate someone from our isolationist wing of the party, she’ll destroy them,” King said, putting Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz squarely in the isolationist category. White House strategist David Axelrod said Clinton would be the most likely Democratic nominee in 2016. If the Republicans are true to form it will be between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton and Clinton will be the first female President of the United States.***

    I think Hillary should beat anyone they put up on the Republican ticket! They've seiously damaged their brand on the national level and it's getting worse every election cycle! Starting with their 1980 convention platform, there's been this Jihad against women trying to take choice away from them concerning their own bodies! It's gotten quite obscene in recent years with people like King, Cruz, and Paul acting like troglodyte, seeing themselves and protectors of women and the unborn! The gender gap is getting wider and wider! State houses have put onerous restrictions on abortion clinics with many being closed altogether! It's hard to have a lot of sympathy since Republicans haven't hidden their agenda, so some women must be voting for these fools when they take over state houses and Governorships, but since the Supreme Court gave them some say in regulations, it's been sick to see this happening and women are starting to wake up!

  98. ***I admit at the moment I don't know that much about Rep. King and what he stands for, but listening to him speak and reading his words, he does seem more than ready to criticize and praise people on both sides of the political spectrum.

    He's not an extremist, but he's against the Dem. platform of abortion, gay rights, stem cell research, & immigration. ...***

    I'd call him extreme when he went on a crusade to monitor, restrict, and outright insight animus towards Muslims! They wanted to open up a community center in NY a few years ago a little too close to what he called "ground zero," and his vitriol almost started a race war unnecessarily! He's an odious character, can't be too bright, and is quite the bigot if you talk to him for any amount of time!

    *** Chris Matthews...Apologizes "for all white people" - ...And white people spilled that blood to level that playing field.***

    It's leveled? Who told you it was leveled?***

    Some here have to keep deluding themselves to get over apparant guilt from the past and what's still occurring at times so blatently now! Racism is far from over as we all know! All you have to do is see and hear how some have reacted to Obama's election and his attempts at trying to make change! Some have talked themselves off the air or out of a job, actually calling the man a liar, stupid (for using a teleprompter), and only got where he is now through affirmative action! That's quite insulting and bigoted and few can argue with that! It's unfortunate that in the year '13 some of the same battles are still going on! It's even more shameful watching ourselves get set back with conservative ideas of family and business, trampling over the poor and allowing the upper class free reign no matter how illegal and immoral their behavior! Someone stole capital causing our economy to crash, but few if any seemed to pay for it! Now there's this Jihad against women, trying to control their bodies, all in the name of being the savior of the unborn! These laws have been passed, ratified for decades, but they are still being maligned by people we thought were good for the future of the country!

    ***Powerful men and sex? How can we explain the endless parade of successful individuals, who by all appearances seem intelligent and competent, and yet risk destroying their careers and their personal lives over the chance to have a sexual escapade? ...

    These powerful men who have risked it all for a little on the side includes a president, a few govs, a World Bank Dir., & 1 of the top golfers of all time. It affects Dems. and Reps., Americans and Europeans, ...

    I think "power" has a lot to do with it. If you're powerful in some way you may think it's your right to use that power to your advantage and that includes getting sex from whomever you wish. - It made me remember Bill Clintons short statement that about wraps it all up, "I did it because I could."

    ...and a lot more have done it and just haven't been caught! lol! I always question the "holier than thou" crowd always talking about family and morals! Each one has been busted at one time or another including Newt Gingrich, ex-Speaker Livingston, Senator Vittor, and of course a returning Rep. from SC going back to DC, ex-Gov. Sanford! Each one has sat up on a perch, condemning Clinton in particular, but are found to be total hypocrites and liars themselves! The real shame is they don't seem to pay for it in the long run! Some won't resign like Vitter, while others are re-elected later! Who's fooling who in this society?

  99. ***...In vivid contrast, if a man impregnates 1,000 different women, he can have spread his DNA to 1,000 different children. Women simply could not do that. These patterns are profoundly deeply engrained, reinforced by many millions of years of evolution. Wilson has explained the scientific basis for this fundamental dimorphism of human libido.

    And so are women. It is marriage that is probably the artificial scam created by religions to extend their control over us. That and land ownership and inheritance.***

    Religion had it's place in the history of man! Not eating pork wasn't just to avoid it for the sake of avoiding it, but to save them from poisoning! The reasoning for religion needs to change and update itself with the times! It was and still is a form of control that should have been dropped many years ago! Bill Maher today thinks they are just fairy stories to scare children and the weak minded! I have to agree, but wouldn't insult a whole group that way; esp. with his docu-movie, "Religulous!"

    ***Yes, I would agree. One of the reasons Akhenaton failed was that by dumping the old religions and priests completely, he disrupted the religious granaries that ensured food supplies through droughts and sufficient seed stock. So religion can maintain some useful rituals. Marriage is also useful when one wants to claim land ownership for sedentary agriculture, and you have to consider lineage and inheritance. Marriage also reduces conflicts in a very over crowded society. But I think the main purpose of marriage is for the hierarchy to take control over sexuality, and dictate.***

    Change can be made and history has proved it can happen! Most people gripe about priests not being able to marry, blah, blah! Many years ago they could! The problem was they treated church property like it was their own, giving away land and the like to wives and children! That's when they had to reign them in and actually forbid marriage! They did it to themselves, so Catholics have no one else to blame but themselves! People really need to go back and read to fully understand where agnostics and athiests are coming from! We're not criticizing them for the sake of criticism, but for just cause! Religious history is littered with attrocities against their fellow man to keep them in line, including burning at the stake, beheadings, and tyranny during the Inquisitions! Writing a paper on Henry VIII, I was appalled to see his contribution to butchery just so he could facilitate divorce and remarriage! I could go on, but most don't want to hear it! lol!

    ***This is 2013; you have the choice to get married if you want to or not. If you can't be monogamous why bother fooling some woman into believing you are making a committment? There are plenty of women who feel the same way, I don't understand why these folks just don't hook up and screw their brains out? Just don't make a committment to someone to be trustworthy and faithful when you can't and then there is the lying, that's the bugger, the sex takes a second, plus people know and it's incredibly humiliating; ask Hillary.***

    What's funny is the ones out there criticizing Hillary for staying with Bill have been married 2, 3, or even 4 times! Such hypocrisy; as usual! Sen. McConnell, Newt "the cheater" Gingrich, and a host of other losers should keep their mouthes shut on that subject!

  100. ***I confess to having a perverted sense of humour consequently I hope Ted Cruz runs. I am just dying to see how the Birther nitwits treat Cruz who was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother. - If he was born in Canada, how could he be President of the United States?

    Basically the same way that George Romney (Mitt's papa) was able to run back in the 60's even though he was born in Mexico. Cruz was born in Canada to be certain, but his mother was a US citizen. Thus he was also a citizen at birth, since his mother was a citizen and met the basic criteria required to pass on that citizenship to her offspring, no matter where they were born. The Constitution simply requires a president to be a "natural born citizen" who has resided a minimum of 14 years in the US. However, the constitution never defined what constitutes a "natural born" citizen. ...The elder Romney, and John McCain (born in the Panama Canal Zone) among the most recent. I can only assume that Cruz has an original copy of his FS-240 (Consular report of birth abroad) to demonstrate his citizenship birthright. I know that even though I was born abroad and spent the first 17 years of my life abroad, I was born with American as well as Italian citizenship (the only decent thing my father ever gave me). And my FS-240 has served whatever purpose an American birth certificate would have served.***

    I guess these reasons only work for "some" people! You still have many knuckleheads calling themselves "birthers" insinuating Obama has no right to hold the office! How hypocritical are these animals and losers really? The news just ran down the list of moments of extreme disrespect to this man including calling him a liar during the SOTU, and Michelle Bachmann using terms like "shucking and jiving" and "gangster gov't!" I don't ever want to hear from these people talking about a respect for the office when you see and hear the crap that was spewed during Obama's tenure! It'll be so easy to "blow them out of the water!" BTW, I was born in Canada as well on the island of Newfoundland due to my Dad being in the USAF on St. Johns! I have duel citizenship, but I'm sure someone would complain about me running for office! lol!

    ***Fiero, would you consider being my running mate in '16 on the Eyetalian-Canuck party ticket? We could give the birthers something to really talk about. And keep that goofy Orly Taitz occupied for the next few years.

    You guys got room in your admin. for a redheaded chick as Secretary of State?***

    It's a deal and a date! lol! Hasn't that woman been put out of her misery yet? OMG!

    ***...While I can't accept Chris Matthews has any authority to express apologies for anyone but himself, I will accept that his apology is his confession that he's a racist. I would not have accused him of it and never heard anyone else do so. Of course, to include "all Whites" is audacious and gives the apology a ring of insincerity. However, I hope this confession is a sign that he intends to forsake this grievous fault in his own behalf.***

    I guess many should be happy that his network, sunday morning show has been cancelled! Watched a few minutes of the final telecast with 12 of it's contributors waxing poetically about it's tenure, saluting with champagne so early in the morning! Not sure about his MSNBC show "Hardball!" If you ask me, he's well "past it" and should have been replaced ages ago! He knows what he's doing, but it's not fun dealing with a blowhard and loudmouth who's getting near doddering like John McClaughlin (The McClaughlin Group) on PBS!