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Nole, The Master (Tribute) - Pt.1 & Pt.2

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic is a Serbian pro tennis player who's been ranked world #1 in men's singles by the ATP for 223 wks. He's considered one of the greatest players of all time. He was coached to his best results by former Slovak player Mari├ín Vajda. Parting in '17, brought back in '18; dismissing Andre Agassi & Radek Stepanek.- - (Comments?)
French Open 2016 - Completes Nole-Slam
12 Major wins & counting


per Wiki: Djokovic has won 12 Grand Slam singles titles, the 4th most in history (tied w/ Roy Emerson), & has held the #1 spot in the ATP rankings for a total of 223 weeks. In majors, Djokovic has won an all-X rec. 6 Aussie Open titles (tied w/ Emo), includ. an Open Era rec. 3 cons. titles '11–13 (the only player). He won 3 Wimbledon titles, 2 USO's & 1 French Open title. In 2016, he became the 8th player to achieve the CGS by winning the '16 FO. Djokovic the 3rd man to hold all 4 major titles @ once, the 1st since Laver in '69, & the 1st ever on 3 diff. surfaces (HC, clay, & grass; & 6th man to win GS Singles title on all those surfaces).

He's won the ATP World Tour Finals 5 times (4 cons., a rec.) and holds the best match winning rate (83.00%) in Open Era, as of Aug. 2016. He's tied w/ Nadal all-time record of 30 Masters 1000 series titles. Djokovic's records include breaking the single-season rec. w/ 6 titles in 2015, winning 31 cons. ATP World Tour Masters 1000 series matches, playing the finals at all 9 ATP Masters 1000 tourneys (shared with Federer & Nadal), and the only player to win 8 of the 9 events at least twice.

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5 YEC's & counting; 4 straight
Nole's my new fave player, on par w/ Lendl! He had to play "2nd fiddle" to Borg, McEnroe, & Connors 30+ yrs ago! Both #1 while opposed on all sides! Fedal's fading as Djoker #'s the RB suppl. them item by item; H2H rivalries, Majors, Masters, & %!

Current News: Djokovic defeats Kei in the QF of Rome! Drops SF to Nadal! - 5/20/18