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What's Up? - Topics #1-7 (11/07 - 5/11)

X-Men/The Phoenix

Compilation of SW #1-7! Anything was posted here! We talked about Politics, Sports (football, tennis,  figure skating), TV, and Movies (Batman, Underworld, X-Men)! Posts framed with "***" are comments from others transferred over! -  - (CLOSED - 60 posts)

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Batman Arrested - A.F. "ND"


  1. ***SW #7 - (10/10 - 05/11)***

    ***Scoundrel hates the American election due process of law. They resent the American Way when his side doesn't win... Typical, all too typical of the right wing scum o' the Earth...***

    Too true! Obama has disappointed me continuing some of the Bush Doctrine, but the alternative would be a lot worse! If not for the Dem. president and Senate, you might as well cash it in! They seem to be dead set on bankrupting the country thru the most idiotic policies; tax cuts, pork spending back home still just as bad as it ever was, and endorsement of int'l conflict utilizing the military when a nice diplomatic gesture might have sufficed! Republicans like to be isolationist when the world economy is linked! We're one of those lynch pins, but they think nothing of doing something stupid that affects the world market unnecessarily! The oil increases have nothing to do with shortages! You know Wall Street speculators are running game on us again as they did during the Bush years! Evil habits are hard to break! And these are the same people bitchin' about lack of patriotism! What's patriotic about cheating your own government and taking money "from the people" when you don't need it? Even if they did "NEED" it, they're still the most evil SOB's imaginable with the stakes so high right now! We could be out of this cellar within a couple years if people would start acting like civil human beings! Unfortunately we're all a bunch of babies more concerned about our own "ox" getting gourd or not! We're supposed to be better than that, but the "right" have propagated this stance of "only the strong should survive! You're on your own poor women and children! You're out of luck old people, we can't afford to take care of you!" Why was it we were all in great shape, paying our bills, and had a nice little surplus before Republicans took over and still trying to get out of the hole they created? We voted these bozos back into office, so we have to take responsibility for that! Hopefully the country will wise up, but we all know it won't last! The Koch Bros spend so much in propaganda trying to endorse the worst in the "right!" Complain, blame the Dems and the President, and just keep pushing those tax cuts no one is asking for! The polls have told these a-holes it's time to up the ante! We can't keep borrowing for these shortfalls! We're just about sold out totally to the Chinese! Are we paying any attention to what's going on; really?

    ***Democrats Take No Responsibility for a Budget Mess They Created - I never said that the past 3 years haven't been a budget nightmare, but it isn't only the Dems' fault. Those years of 2 wars, tax cuts, off-shoring at taxpayer expense all contributed. Then the recession hit and the bottom fell out. ... I don't agree with everything Obama has done, but then I think we could have saved thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars by not searching for the 'Fabled Lost' WMDs of Saddam.***

    Finally, a voice of reason! Tell the ostriches out there what's what! Ya gotta beat them over the head with the info again and again! They live in an alternate universe and see things a bit differently than the normal, smart individual! Some like the Gov in Wisc. thinks everything's fine and he will stay the course; "for the people!" I want to thank him for visiting us from the Planet Delusion! He will successfully lead these Dodos on the "right" into oblivion if we're lucky! I thought they were done in '08, but they made a great comeback w/ distortion, lies, and talking down their own country, education, and economy! If they were any more blatant hoping we'd go under, their own families would ask "what the hell are you doing?"

  2. ***Breaking News Alert: Obama unveils plan to reduce borrowing by $4 trillion over the next 12 years...- You gotta give Obama credit....he's persistent w/ his agenda, even though he has to interject and mold it into the lies that he tells us. What an arrogant bastard he is.***

    Well if that ain't the kettle calling the pot black? You guys are such a joke! You rail about deficit spending and jobs, but nothing is done on your side to help the problem! Legislation the Republicans are sponsoring eliminates jobs, forgoes infrastructure rehab that's well needed, and takes food out of the mouths of children and the elderly! Pathetic!

    Boehner and the 'right' went on and on about what an accomplishment they had done by cutting almost $39 billion out of the current budget just signed! BIG LIE! This year will only end up saving about $326 million even though the tax cuts for the rich will continue into next year! Again, the deficit has nowhere else to go but UP! Nice spin by calling Social Security something that needs to be "transformed!" What is that the latest euphemism from Frank Luntz? I swear, when this guy finally goes to Hell, it'll all come back in spades; we can only hope! "Speaker Boehner, where are the jobs?" If Boehner was any more captive by the "Tea-baggers," the FBI would have be sent out!

    ***According to supply siders, by stimulating the the economy with government deficits, the tax revenue will increase enough to cover the deficit.***

    I'm still waiting for one, just one person to explain to me "why Bush's tax cuts, which have been around for almost 10 years" haven't turned our economy around? He wound up with a "net" ZERO job creation while waging 2 wars w/o paying for them! Tax cuts have just done us such a world of good; NOT! Clinton raised taxes on the rich and marginally on the middle class; BAM! 22 Million jobs created, the budget was balanced, and a nice little surplus was left behind for "W!" It just frustrates me to no end to hear hypocritical, lying right-wingers railing about spending when they were in charge for 6 years! They turned our economy around, but not in the direction beneficial to anyone, but their rich slave masters! We're in the toilet due to Republican ideas and governance and nothing anyone says can make it seem they even have a clue what they are doing! I suppose the plan could be to bankrupt the country so they can trash SS, Medicare, & Medicaid! That's what happened in the 90's after Reagan/Bush! Clinton had to reform welfare and all was right with the world! Now look at us! Just sick! Gawd help us if this continues; the divisiveness, the lying, the cheating! It's all on us if we keep electing A-holes who don't have our interests in mind!

    ***Luck was on Clintons side....not Bush's. Clinton had the benefit of a strong tech burst....which fueled the economy. No terror attacks....and furthermore, the economy was already in decline before Bush took office. Bush had 911, Afghanistan, and Katrina to deal with....Iraq is debatable.***

    "Oh Waaaaaa; the violins are playing!" Give me a break! You're going to use those old excuses; luck, boom, and it was before 911? You're more lame than the people you're trying to defend! They're making you look like a real fool! You go down the talking points Luntz has given you thinking everything will be ok if you just ignore it! I'm sorry, life doesn't work like that! Hard work and thought have to be utilized; not just slogans, excuses, and other BS! Why bother? You people are all on auto pilot! You don't even think for yourselves anymore! Just go on tying your hopes to the words of Rush, Hannity, Beck, Malkin, Ingraham, Coulter, Savage, and all the rest of those loud-mouthed losers! Bon appetite; eat it all you like!

  3. ***Fed is clearly the 2nd best ever to play on clay.. - Absolutely no proof of Federer even being half as good as Borg. If Federer had been able to beat Nadal at least once at Roland Garros there would be an argument, but's clearly Nadal, Borg and Guga being the standouts, and others like Bruguera and Muster perhaps beating Federer too. I think Guga at his best would give Rafa the most trouble!***

    I like the way you think! Well said! I love Roger and will definitely put him out there as GOAT Supreme, but he's falling short there! He was lucky to get the one FO and I appreciate Soderling's contribution to the "cold hard record!" That's the problem with history when it comes to rating the best, "the cold hard record!" For a while we put Borg as one of the greatest b/c of his record at Wimbledon and the FO! It's unmatched, no doubt, but those empty columns by his name next to the USO and AO is glaring! We accepted him any way b/c we saw him and knew his bad luck at the USO! In the future people will care less and just look at the record and Federer can not come even close to being thought of as some kind of clay master! I think it was a great accomplishment by making those 4 str. finals, but historians look at the winner, not the finalist! Comp. was tough "way back when," and championships had to be won with endurance, skill, and desire due to playing w/ wood! Now adays I'm sorry, but without today's technology, Fed would have his lunch eaten by those past champions!

    ***Wow come Borg gets a pass for quiting from the sport? When Lendl and McEnroe started beating him, seems to me like he quit cuz he wasn't the best anymore.***

    What's your point? lol! Players leave at different times for different reasons! I understand Borg and never questioned his decision! He probably felt he had done as much as he could do! Most people don't remember he was a pro on the tour at 15 when it was rare for any boy that age to make a splash on the pro circuit! He wound up getting a fairly high seed at Wimbledon in '73 due to the boycott so he's been "right there" for almost 10 years! His level of concentration to play and win the way he did from the baseline with wood had to take its toll! You'd hear about his collapsing in bed after a match just trying to air out his mind! He was a simple guy; read comic books from what I hear! He's gotten no pass! He's thought of as one of the true greats! Still trying to figure out what in the world you could be talking about! He won 5 str. Wimbledons and 6 of 8 French Opens he played! What is he supposedly getting away with; "in your own mind?"

    ***Borg had lost interest in tennis towards the end of his career. Noah said he heard Borg singing to himself during the changeover in one of their last matches and thought wtf?***

    Borg was probably the 1st player I can think of that you could attach the term "burnout!" His whole life centered around tennis! You can say that about most, but the level of concentration he put forth to win in those days had to be draining! Since Borg, until recently no one has owned the FO like Borg only losing 2 match and those 2 to one person; Andriano Panatta! It was a changing of the guard I thought anyway! McEnroe, Lendl, Wilander, and others were taking over from Borg, Vilas, Gerulaitis, & Tanner! Only Connors made it possible to go on winning w/ his 2nd Wimbledon in '82, and those B2B USO's; '82-83! He was truly done by '84, but insisted on hanging on to embarrassment for the rest of the decade! His temper finally catching up with him w/ a record fine and suspension later for abuse of an umpire! Will Jeremy Shales ever live that down?

  4. ***Since Sampras & Agassi... - What was left for the American men? Blake never had the talent or belief. I always knew Roddick was going to be an one-slam wonder. Isner, Fish and Querrey will be footnotes. I love watching Federer and Nadal, but love to have an American to root for.***

    It seems to happen more on the US men's side of tennis; lack of talent! The women usually put forth a few ladies to take over the US mantle, but the pickin's have been slim of late for both! Mattek-Sands; that's the big Fed Cup name? No wonder Italy won with players I don't even know well! I remember back in the mid 90's where it was just Sampras and Chang; nobody else in the top 20! I just don't see much hope for us! Smaller countries have invested well and are eating our lunch! Belgium had the top 2 ladies for a while and they aren't as big as New Hampshire! lol! What's going on with the USTA? I hope Patrick McEnroe can turn things around for us or we'll be having this discussion again real soon!

    ***Tiger choked worse than Obama at a Tea Bagging Convention***

    It was his to take! He missed putts that even shocked me! I wasn't unhappy about it mind you, but that was a pretty awful finish! I think most paid too much attention to Tiger's collapse late! I think they did the winner an injustice since he did birdie the last 4 holes to snatch victory from that Aussie! I thought it was his, but he faltered a little as well! Very entertaining final round! I love how the announcers are fawning all over Tiger to the last! When he loses, they're in absolute shock! WHY? He hasn't won anything in almost 2 years! There have been 10 different winners in majors! That should never happen even with so many good players taking over! Golf does better when Tiger is winning, that's a fact, but I don't mind a little variety in the winner's circle! It can be very nauseating listening to the experts slobber all over Woods! Even if he isn't playing, some may be performing "Tiger-esque!" Gag me w/ a proverbial, rotating spoon!

    ***3 greatest male clay courters....- Rafa thrashing the Goat en route to 4 titles makes him the best clay courter ever.***

    Call me old and senile, but I'm not about to bestow clay "goat-dom" on any current player! The game has been corrupted so much by fooling around w/ the court, balls, rackets, and strings, I just can't and won't give any of them the credit; can do it w/ a past era gone by w/ wood! Borg was one of the last to win a major using wood! There's a lot more of an accomplishment w/ him; that's why we revere the man so much! I'll go as far as the 90's with Muster, Guga, Lendl, Wilander, and of course the true clay-court GOAT, Bjorn Borg! He lost 2 matches at the FO; to the same player, Adriano Panatta of Italy! He welcomed an early exit in '76! Does that make Panatta the true clay court goat; I don't think so! That loss permitted Borg more practice on grass winning his 1st Wimbledon title! That wouldn't have happened if he had won the FO or even played the final!

    You see what it did to Stefan Edberg back in '89! That match against Chang almost killed him and he was lucky to make the Wimby final vs Becker eating a bagel on the way to a humiliated and lackluster effort! It's a miracle we've been privileged enough to see 2 back to back FO - Wimbledon winners! It hadn't happened since Borg in '80! It took almost 30 years! That's why Borg's the true clay goat winning the French Open and Wimbledon 3 times in a row! If Nadal can catch up to that, I'll look at it again!

  5. I didn't think anything was out of order with how Serena's now portrayed! I'm sure everyone has heard of abusive relationships where they can seem the best of friends! It's not that they're enemies, but they have a secret relationship where daughter may be cleaning up after a drunken parent! You love them in your way, but resentment still has to be there! Even fathers who have abused their daughters sexually can still have a cosmetic relationship later for people to make up their own interpretations! Happens all the time!

    ***Very well said Fiero. What do you think about Irons re-occurring on SVU?***

    Jeremy Irons may not be desperate, but TV still doesn't have the respect of film and theatre! It's hard to have too much reverence for tv when the least talented characters like the Kardasians can pull in $60 million! Snooky and "The Situation" are bigger than any star from early tv and they don't do "anything!" Like Paris Hilton and others, they are more famous for getting into trouble or "relationship" drama! It's a sad state of affairs when more and more stars are going the way of this huge medium!

    ***Wow're so RIGHT! I'm so sick of these so-called "REALITY" shows with these no-talent "POS." I'm so sick of it all.

    Did anyone else hate the ending to Limitations? - I don't think they felt sorry for him per-se, but more like they wanted to make him suffer by putting him in jail.- a flea bag hotel working and him in a wheelchair jail is not going to be such a big deal; he wont suffer much. Benson and Stabler are all about revenge (masked as justice) and they just aren't going to get it this time hence the disappointed looks.***

    Where's the real outrage? There's one thing we forgot, how did they catch this person? They victimized the Constitution, the raped victim herself, and their own morality! They turned everything and everybody upside down to solve a 5 year old crime and in the end, the state will be taking care of him! The victim was jailed for contempt because she wouldn't id her rapist! They only know that because she admitted it! Being religious she didn't want to pursue it since she was handling the situation! The squad figured out he must be a member of her church, so they turn over "separation of church and state" by invading their membership ripping off those cards cradled in that poor woman's hands! I was appalled; still am! That's one of the reasons I don't particularly care for any of our good guys! They move heaven and hell to serve justice to a dead person, but they turn over the lives of the living while doing it! This has happened more than a few times; Alex or whomever arresting an uncooperative witness! Does that make sense to anyone? This is supposed to be a victim's unit! I didn't know it was their job to create more victims! It happens a lot!

  6. ***R.I.P Disco Diva Loleatta Holloway - You caused me to dance my ass off. Your voice will always resonate with the in-crowd...***

    She will be missed! Loleatta Holloway along w/ Dan Hartman are played repeated to get me toe tapping to "Relight My Fire" and her classic "Love Sensation!" Hard to believe she's been with me on tape since 1979! What a voice! - She "blew up" in the 90's w/ "Marky Mark And The Fun Bunch" lending vocals to the song and video of "Good Vibrations!"

    ***Hit and Run. ***

    I just don't remember this one! I know I never bought it and maybe by '78 they stopped playing it as much! I thought you were bringing up Carol Jiani's "Hit N Run Lover" until I looked it up! I was more familiar with that one along with Karen Young's "Hot Shots," Sarah Dash's "Sinner Man," & Whitney Houston's' mom Cissy singing "Think it Over!" I never really got into Loleatta until Dan Hartman came along w/ "Relight My Fire!" Her 1st single was "Love Sensation" in my head anyway! I guess I need to go back and research this fabulous voice! "Rest in peace babe!"

    ***Honestly, the main reason the Oz & Law & Order shared so many actors is probably because they were both filmed on location in NYC, so the pool of actors are all New Yorkers rather than Hollywood/L.A. residents. Also, Oz was produced by Barry Levinson, who was the producer behind the show Homicide, where Richard Belzer originated the role of John Munch. The actors who were in both franchises include:

    Christopher Meloni played Chris Keller on "OZ" and Elliot Stabler on "Law & Order: SVU".
    Robert John Burke played Special Agent Pierce Taylor on "OZ" and Lt. Ed Tucker on "Law & Order: SVU".
    Lauren Velez played Dr. Gloria Nathan on "OZ" and Stephanie Jameau on "Law & Order: SVU".
    David Zayas played Enrique Morales on "OZ" and John Mireles on "Law & Order."
    Dean Winters played Ryan O'Reilly on "OZ" and Detective Brian Cassidy on "Law & Order: SVU".
    Lee Tergesen played Tobias Beecher on "OZ" and Keith Ramsey on "Law & Order."
    B.D. Wong played Father Ray Mukada on "OZ" and Dr. George Huang on "Law & Order: SVU".
    J.K. Simmons played Vern Schillinger on "OZ" and Dr. Emil Skoda on "Law & Order" and "Law & Order SVU".

    Edie Falco played Diane Whittlesey on "OZ" and Sally Bell on "Law & Order."
    R.E. Rodgers played James Robson on "OZ" and Darryl Kern on "Law & Order: SVU".
    Anthony Chisholm played Burr Redding on "OZ" and Leroy Russell on "Law & Order: SVU".
    Kathryn Ebre played Shirley Bellinger on "OZ" and Detective Alexandra Eames on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent".

    Luis Guzmán played Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez on "OZ" and Cesar Pescador on "Law & Order".
    Robert Clohessy played Officer Sean Murphy on "OZ" and Kenny Peluso, Robert Telford and "Painter" on "Law & Order", Lt. Roger Lemoyne and Phil LeGrand on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and Joel Parven and Vinnie on "Law & Order."

  7. ***SW #6 - (07/10 - 10/10)***

    ***Actors wanted to play Dem. ''hicks'' from West Virginia. - Gov. Joe Manchin (D-WV) slams Republican John Reese for 'hicks' ad (Video)***

    It's a wonder Republican stay Republicans! You have examples of this all time! Going back to "W" and his administration, insiders were caught belittling, insulting, and patronizing religious leaders they had suckered! You have Republicans filibustering jobs bills, unemployment extensions, and making demands to give tax cuts to the top 3% knowing all they'll do with the money is save it rather than spend or invest! Gawd these people are dumb! Polls say Americans know Republicans put the country in this hole, but they are also in agreement with the constant negative response to all Obama's accomplishments! They are ready to go back to these losers, liars, and fiends of the "right!" Obama's done a lot in a very short amount of time! History will say if he's successful! Too bad his detractors are more interested in their own power than saving the country's economy! So sad!

    ***Trying to turn a Democracy into a Socialist country was Obama's least one of them!***

    Just keep whining about how bad things are rather than looking in the mirror guys! It's the "right," in particular Republicans in Congress that have done everything they could to sabotage any recover! They have been obstructionists from the beginning of Obama's term not allowing him one moment of peace & success! These guys have filibustered job bills & extensions on unemployment! Downplaying all successes like saving the auto industry and finally getting some sort of health reform doesn't seem to be enough for these losers! Even though polls hold Republicans responsible for the country's plight, they ready to go back to those policies! Bush and that Republican Congress did such a bang up job! Too bad you won't have Clinton's surplus to cushion the fall if and when it happens! I can't wait for you guys to take over! It'll be the end of us and I'll be right here to give you "I told you so!" If the country is stupid enough to repeat their mistakes, we deserve to go down in flames!

    ***You haven't stopped whining about Bush who'll notice if you whine about Nov? Btw, Obama isn't owed anything for the damage he has done.***

    Well "W" was such a colossal fuck up! I want to make sure the losers that supported him realize that fool will go down in history as the worst president in the history of the country! You asked to be screwed, not the country!

  8. I hope the WTA is fining these 2 for dereliction of duty for taking off the rest of the year! Some #1; and former #1! A real shame! You never had any of this crap with Martina (N & H), Chris, Steffi, Monica, or Justine! And you guys persist in this mythology of Serena being the GOAT! Yeah, this is some way to plead your case! Let's remember it for always ok?

    ***I hope you made use of the boner you got from typing this...***

    Ohhh, it felt so good! Truth is a wonderful aphrodisiac!

    ***Hasn't Justine been out longer than Venus, & wasn't Monica out for 2 years...***

    Get back on the meds babe! You're going to compare Monica taking time off after getting stabbed and Henin who actually retired comparable to the Williams' playing when they feel like it? Seek help ok? - I don't understand the beef! What isn't true? Am I lying about something! Monica is the only #1 player to take off an extended amount of time with little explanation around the time of Wimbledon! The rest didn't miss GS tourneys at all! Can the Williams' say that? Again I ask, what am I saying that isn't true? Why does all the press have to be glowing tributes to their greatness or they're deemed "haters?" They mess up like anybody else! They just do it a lot more often!

    I never believed Favre was that great last season! If you look back he inflated his numbers and his legend by just squeaking by Detroit, SF, & Cleveland early on! I didn't look back, but I'm sure there were a few other patsies they took advantage of last year! It's astonishing people are surprised Minn is struggling! Favre did everything he could to make sure of that; no OTA's, playing Hamlet all summer down in Miss., then while his team mates are begging him to come back, Favre is demanding more money from those poor slobs! So for the privilege of having "John Wayne" QB your team to 3rd place in the division, you'll have to pay him more at the same time! Nice planning! I wouldn't blame Jackson if he just left these losers! They obviously had more faith in that old man! Why would he just sit back and wait all this out? He might; I wouldn't!

    I have no idea what people are talking about when it comes to the QB situation in Chicago! This has always been the Bear's "cross to bear" (no pun intended) for generations! Absolute incompetence in choosing them over the years & keeping them healthy when they've had terrible offensive lines as well! Miami, Denver, San Fran, & many other teams can draft a franchise qb and let them grow over 10-15 years! Never seems to happen here in Chicago! I'm afraid to check the numbers, but I wouldn't doubt we've gone thru 50 or more in the last 20-25 years! We've drafted bums and traded for other teams lame signal callers! Ya remember 2 "1st round" picks to get Rick Mirer? Rick Mirer? How can we ever forget Kordell Stewart? It looked promising with Eric Kramer, but I didn't keep up that much with the team then! Lived out in California in the 90's! Heaven knows how many qb's came and went while I was away until 2002! Will we ever get it right?

  9. It's unfortunate that for the most part, "we the people ain't too bright!" Rethuglicans have been lying about stuff for as long as I can remember, but for some reason the country can't seem to retain that info! All I heard about since Reagan was the same BS about tax cuts, limited gov't, & fiscal responsibility! It was all a lie; it never seems to happen! They had it all during the BUSH years and you see where we are now; at the precipice, right about to be kicked over the edge! What's so pathetic, it seems we can't wait to go back to those bad old days of a divided country, more deficits, & a true lack of hope! I have none with the people running things now!

    I just object to "people of means" actually filing for Social Security and Medicare! Even Reagan who was given a house after he left the presidency filed taxes showing he was receiving it! That disgusts me so much! These "old biddies" in my area wearing fur coats, jewels, have a driver, and are using food stamps "tick me off!" As they say, "the rich do get richer!" - It ticks me off when I hear of people with more money than they know what to do with, but still file (which is their right) for assistance upon retirement age! I'm in my 50's and haven't worked in years! Even though I may have it coming to me, I'm sure I won't be filing any time soon; if ever! I'm far from wealthy, but I don't need the help! I just wish more people would do the same if they can manage!

    ***Fiero, until the law is changed, people that invested into SS are just as entitled to a return than an individual that has never paid one cent into it; more so imo. Btw, SS was optional when it was offered to me....I opted to donate for a future retirement investment.***

    If you have a large group of people, you're going to find some unpleasant; even at a church function! It can't be helped! The thing is you do have these conservative groups that have some hateful people out there and all of these clowns play the victim card when it's pointed out! "We're all being lumped together!" Well; the same is done in reverse all the time! According to some all Dems are liberal, socialist, marxist traitors! And we're expected to have respect for their opinion? I just wish people would look in the mirror before they cast their hate filled nets! If you don't want to come together and get thru the troubles of the day, who else will you blame when nothing is done? If you're in power and things still go to shit, it'll still be Obama's fault I'm sure!

  10. ***Rachel Maddow Uses Deceit To Bash Republicans - Miss Maddow speaks the truth and the cons can't handle it.

    You guys have got your official Republican Propaganda Ministry in Fox News and you're still complaining about the "left wing media." As're not looking for "news" or "different views"..... only "right wing group-think."***

    It's another way for them to play the victim! They just can't help themselves! "Rachel is picking on us and she's not telling the you the whole story!" Oh WAaaaaaaa! - They truly "can't handle the truth!" It's pathetic! They spend 24/7 lying about programs, reforms, taxes, & of course their rivals! Since they feel they're so put upon by the main stream media, they figure they have to lie, cheat, and destroy everything in their path!

    I really figured with how badly things were left after "W" they would act right; NO SUCH LUCK! They're as horrid as ever and just don't seem to care that things are crumbling around us and going back to their way of doing things can't be absorbed again! Bush used up all the leeway we had; there's no Clinton surplus to fall back on! Unemployment is already high! The economy is in the toilet! Why can't sane people see this and act accordingly? Republicans are such shit-heads; all of them!

    ***..what the problem here is an audience knowing the facts and listening to someone who is supposed to be reporting news, and the audience knows when that news person is intentionally spinning that report to suite an agenda. why MSNBC is the least watched network and Zucker was shown the door the other day.***

    You're whining about the politics of it all while I'm more concerned about policy! You know, what these bozos are paid to do? That's the problem with the entire Republican movement; NO MEAT, all sizzle! It's so sad! You had such an auspicious legacy with Lincoln, been living on that for generations, but it's slowly coming to the fore; you guys don't care about people, the country, or anyone else! It's so sad to be that blatant with the disdain you have for immigrants when most people are from a "previous crop!" Hypocrisy has become a trademark! You can't even tell people what you'll do if the country is so inclined to give you another chance! All I hear are the usual vague BS about family, tax cuts, limited government! No specifics can be seen or heard from you guys! You had it all during the last decade, ya did nothing! What's the excuse, the Dems were obstructing you? We all know that's a crock since "reconciliation" became another trademark for you to hang around your necks! Just keep blowing smoke! When it all comes crashing down, who then will you blame when you get your way? Of course it won't be anything the "right" has done! They're always blameless! Spare us GAWD!

  11. ***Our money bailed these guys out.Chrysler Auto Workers Busted***

    I have no regrets about "W" & Obama bailing out the auto industry! It would have been even more a devastating blow to the country if that domino of the economy had tipped over! Millions of jobs are linked; auto supply, insurance, livery services! All of that might have gone under as well! I just hope they're smart enough to reorganize, get rid of that grandfathered union pension stuff that's crippling the whole thing! It just can't be sustained!

    As for the big 3, buy American even though they haven't earned that kind of loyalty with models that fall apart within a couple years! Ya get what you pay for; yeah $30,000 for a hatchback! I really don't know anymore! I stopped buying years ago! Still holding onto my '87 Fiero 2M4! I would never buy a foreign car even though they may be constructed better! That's one thing I've stuck with over the years, promoting; BUY American! We contribute to that imbalance of imports/exports! We just love buying foreign goods!

    ***I agree, but their vehicles fall apart because of CAFE standards that have been pushed. Metal is getting thinner and the tire pressure is up to 50 pounds in the tires. ...Vehicles will not last if they are built like this.***

    It's hard to believe we actually have conservatives around who thought it should be allowed to fail! What a bunch of morons! Thank Gawd rational thought prevailed! You don't want to be a "super power" unable to make our own vehicles? Even Korea makes something! How barbaric would it have been? We invent a technology we aren't able to produce; again! How lame are we? When did it happen that we "can't do shit?" That's depressing!

    ***I do agree on the bailout, but don't agree on how it was carried out.***

    It worked out! We've gotten money back already, unlike Bush's T.A.R.P.! Heaven knows where those funds went! There just was no oversight or book-keeping! I wish I knew how this could happen to a party who's so fiscally responsible? Poof; they just blew it off! "No big deal!"

    ***We have not gotten our money back yet. And Bush's so called TARP was Bush saying what can I do to help you get things moving for you? Obama wanted TARP so Bush got it going for him.***

    Oh pls! "W" wasn't doing anyone any favors! He blew $350 Billion! He was looking for the rest, but Congress blew him off! The rest or $350 Billion was held and then disbursed by Obama! Pls get off any idea BUSH was doing us any favors! He will go down in history as the worst and everybody knows it!

  12. ***Sampras believes that Nadal can overtake Fed in Slam haul - ...said that it's possible for Nadal to break Federer's record. I just don't see how this is something "against" Roger. ...I didn't expect this tone from Pete.***

    I'm sorry, but this really sounds desperate to me! Roger took the Sampras game and took it to another level! Pete was surpassed and dropped to 3 or 4 in the GOAT sweep stake! After Roger got to 15 with a FO, it was curtains for any talk about Sampras being the GOAT esp. since Laver had 2 GS's; one as an amateur and pro! It just seems like the arguments are changing every few years when it was settled for so long! Now we've gone from Laver to Sampras to Federer; now to Nadal and he's yet to crack double digits! What's the rush? WHY can't we wait for him to get there! I used to hear the same about Borg, Lendl, & Wilander; they'll do this, that, and the other thing! All of them were idiots; never happened! Ya hear me Bud, Tony, Leif, Pat...?

    ***There's nothing wrong with what Sampras said and the only people who have a problem with his words are the overly sensitive Fed fanatics like you. The keyword here is "can." Some commentators predicted that Federer could get to Sampras' record way before he got there and people were not so offended by these comments.***

    Federer was winning not just 2, but 3 majors a year! He caught up "that fast!" Nadal comes and goes depending on his level of "juice" and if they are overwhelming his muscles or not!

    ***These women will get in the HOF, but is one slam a ticket to the Hall of Fame? Also I wonder if Dementieva would get in with an Olympic Gold. I think she had a much better career then many of these 1 slam wonders other then Conchita Martinez... Thoughts?

    C. Martinez, Ivanovic, Schiavone, Myskina, Majoli, Dementieva***

    I think the standard should be higher as well, but someone's voting for these people! If you're a one slam wonder, you better have contributed to the game in some way; ie the beauty of Sabatini, the longevity of Novotna, the history of the 1st Italian to win the FO in Schiavone! Who knows? Ya have to really bring something to the table if you don't have a lot of wins in majors! I think Pierce & Kuznetsova are marginal even with 2 majors!

  13. ***Senate Blocks "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal and DREAM Act***

    I love it! Make these gutless turds show their votes! Better than just letting this subject die until after the mid-terms! That lame duck session probably won't get it passed either, but at least we know how POLS are just concerned about saving their jobs other than leading! They follow the stupid, unwashed masses rather than making the tough choices we sent them to DC to make! How pathetic are we that we'll be the only western nation with this type of discrimination! "Way to go America! Another proud moment secured!" Thanks!

    Tea-Baggers won't ever see their own extremes! I have posted all kinds of articles, sites, and blogs to confirm the things I say, but it does little good! They will always come up with a reason "not to believe a finding!" Everyone's a liar and out to hurt poor, misunderstood conservatives! The "lame-street" media will distort them and their beliefs per Palin! When it comes to LIARS, no one on the "right" should be casting doubt on other people's veracity! Newt was "fooling around" with a staffer while lambasting Clinton for his sins! The list of other hypocrites is too long to list w/ Ensign, Vitter, Cunningham, Craig, & Stanford! These are the same kind of people who said Clinton should resign and respect the public office he held! Notice not one of these phonies stepped down! Most of them are still running around since their idiotic constituents can't see how evil they truly are inside! Gawd save them!

    ***Wow! Republicans Hate The Troops - Those in Congress against DADT say they want to hold out for the scheduled Dec. 1st report from the Pentagon review of what effect it would have on the troopers. It seems to me busy-body gay reform activists are too pushy and hyper and want it all done now on their terms with no regard for the effect it may have on the military.***

    What a bunch of Fk'n idiots! You've tempered the topic too much! It should have read "Republicans HATE America!" They really don't give a damned about anything but their own power it seems! They just proved it with the 1st vote against a defense bill! Wow! How scummy can you get? I think it possible for these slime bags to do just about anything now to hurt the country, this president, and every citizen with their constant objection to just about anything and everything! I give up! You losers win! Go ahead and blow the whole Fk'n thing up! ANIMALS! We deserve it allowing these ass-holes to even LIVE!

    Opponents prove each day fooling around with this issue, they are hurting the other men and women in the military with little regard! They are woefully undermanned, but what do they care? They've lost thousands of specialists, translators, and of course proven servicemen and pilots already! It doesn't matter that some national guardsmen are still stuck over in Iraq and Afghanistan! There lives in shambles; lost homes, jobs, spouse tired of waiting! Who knows; obviously no one cares! I never hear anything about the plight of some of these people! They have been stretched to the breaking point; some just can't take it and blow there own heads off their shoulders! No one seems to care, esp. in Congress! All they can think of is making sure no fags get into the military even though the Pentagon more than likely would accept the change! What a bunch of sorry SOB's! They must really hate the troops! Hell, I think the "right" hates America! They can't observe the Constitution even though they keep trying to quote it! Too bad they must have missed those days in class because they sound like real morons "misquoting" statutes in the document! Christine O'Donnell definitely needs to read it before making another stupid quote! Gawd save this country from these idiots!

  14. ***GOP, Tea Party Unity Spells Defeat for Obama - I am a Dem and if there were someone that was better than Reid or Pelosi, I would support them. That should tell you how slim the pickins are in those districts. As for Obama, he has 2 more years and then I will judge him accordingly.***

    Preach it! Maybe it'll sink in! I'm very disappointed with Obama and the rest! Not from what they've done, but for how they've allowed the "miserable right" to get away with "downing all hope for the country," making up reasons why we should turn on him given so little time and chance to succeed, and the inability for them to articulate what they would do if and when they do get power back! That same old song of cutting taxes didn't do it for Reagan or Bush! The economy and the deficits were out of control! Think about it, in my lifetime Only DEMS have tried to really keep the gov't running without trashing the economy the way Bush did just a couple years ago! With Clinton the nat'l debt was actually going down! With "W" it was doubled with deficits as far as the mind can see, but that doesn't matter to some of you! Ya just have so much anger and hate you can't see straight! It's unfortunate for your children, this kind of behavior will without a doubt cost them and their future; if there is one!

    Love how you people just live in denial! Truth means nothing! We have to prove there are idiots in this world! Talk about living in denial! lol! What an asshole!

    ***"Denial"...? You know ALWAYS appears you are looking in the mirror when you say things....cause the things you say are ALWAYS exactly what represents A little self projection there maybe....? Anyways...Quit telling us we are in "denial" and post the proof.....otherwise its YOU who are in "denial. ...You think that's hatin'?"***

    I would think so! Try justifying that opinion when THE Pentagon is complaining about a shortage of man-power! HELLO! What's that all about when kicking out thousands of well trained and dedicated soldiers are needed? We still have thousands of nat'l guardsmen abroad! These people have lost their families, homes, even their lives with rampant suicides taking place! Just b/c you don't hear about it much, doesn't mean it isn't happening everyday! There's a sense of hope with the election of Obama,,,,

  15. ***SW #5 - (05/10 - 07/10)***

    ***I watch a match on TTC between Connors and Ashe from 1974...both were using medal frame rackets. So the top two players from that year;..the transition was at least starting.***

    The tennis boom had begun around then with Evert and Connors winning Wimbledon and the US Open in '74! They were trying to infuse enthusiasm for the game with some new rackets and accessories! The truth of the matter is, most of the top players that tried metal or Arthur Ashe's fiberglass Composition I made by "HEAD" tended to go back to wood eventually! Even Laver who said he played one of his best matches with a metal racket ended up saying "no more" and went back to basics! Usually it was due to elbow problems! Even Martina who was playing with some kind of very stiff composite stick that was killing her arm around '77 called "The Lotus" went back to wood and stuck with it until the French Open in '82! It was a bit shocking to see her playing with that Yonex "horseshoe!" She beat Andrea Jaeger to win her 1st of 2 FO finals!

    ***For whatever reasons, the WS' have been inconsistent. Consistency is part of greatness. If you want to say Serena is GOAT on her best day, you may have a good argument. And if she continues racking up slams like Navratilova did late in her career, then GOAT status becomes more deserved.***

    They can dream of course! It's the inconsistency that keeps me from bestowing "greatness" on either Williams sister! Serena's a lot better, but she's had her moments of indecision and lack of focus! What was worse than 2007 losing 3 GS 1/4s to Justine? She's a lot better now, but she needs to keep it up for 2 or 3 more years! As for Venus, she made her mark and I give her all due props, but only Agassi has been as "all over the place" as she is sometimes! She has tourneys where no one is ranked in the top 200 like at Acapulco this year; and she has trouble getting thru the draw because her supposed great serve goes off due to a bad toss and technique! Her forehand can disintegrate as well! Hingis used to pound it for most of a match and just broke it down more than a few times! No top player should have that glaring a weakness at any given time! Losing those clay court matches this summer can't be ignored! She was supposed to be the #2 player in the world! Sorry, she dropped to #4! It must gall her a bit to see Jelena in her spot from yesterday! We'll see what happens in the coming years!

  16. Beside escaping Communist oppression and dealing with her weight, she became a champion that won Grand Slam titles over a period of 4 decades; doubles with Evert in the mid 70's, then Betty Stove, & Billie Jean King! Into the 80's her partnership with Shriver was legendary, winning the GS in '84! She even won the USO in '89 with Hana Mandlikova! Winning her last singles title at Wimbledon in '90, she continued taking mix doubles titles with Paes and Bryans thru 2006! SO I really wish these people would stop making me laugh about comparisons between Martina and Serena! Adding her #'s with Venus wouldn't get her close!

    ***Today's racket and string technology is light years ahead of the 70's; the difference is huge. Players weren't ripping winners from the baseline like they are today and the serves were much slower. You actually had to construct a point.
    Also, wood rackets were not on their way out in the early 70'. Hell, Borg and McEnroe both used wooden rackets in their 1980 Wimbledon final.***

    Wood was a great equalizer! This is why I give players from the past more credit than today's! It's a joke in comparisons when you think of the technology differences! It would take a good couple years to get even a good athlete to the skill set necessary to play competitive matches! Now it can be done in months! When I think of players like the Williams or Agassi trying to whack away with those sticks we had to play with, they would have smashed them into bits and moved on to something else; I promise you! Tennis was more like golf; if you were having a bad day, your technique couldn't necessarily save you! With today's rackets, you can just blast your way to a win over some sap that shouldn't have been on the court with you in the 1st place! lol!!

    An example of how great Borg had to be is in the stats of his final vs Connors at Wimbledon in '77! From the scores you know it went 5 sets, but what you don't know is how flawlessly he played if you look at the numbers behind the numbers! I can remember it like it was yesterday; Bud Collins noted to Borg that he returned all but 2 of Connors' serves and had only 5 forehand errors in the entire 5 set match! I don't think you understand how fantastic that was b/c with wood, the sweet spot was about the size of a fist! Borg's was even smaller b/c he used severely tight strings to impart his topspin with just a flick of the wrist! Bud called Borg's racket face a "pain of glass!" The strings just had so little give to them!

    The reason I know this is that I experimented with those tensions for a couple years! I only played with 76 #s of pressure b/c I wanted to be able to serve and volley sometime, but Borg was playing with 85 #s in his tensions and it took amazing concentration and stamina to play the way he did with that racket! It could snap at any time! Those rackets were made to play with about 60 #s of tension and that was universal besides special cases like Borg with tight strings and his pal G. Vilas of Argentina that liked loose string tensions in the 40's! He took bigger swipes at the ball and could control it! Enough history for now!

  17. ***... Claiming the superiority of one by showing the alternatives are inferior as you claimed Martina did in trying to tear down others to inflate her own accomplishments. You are doing the same.***

    Just proves my impartiality! Even though I think Martina is the GOAT, I'm not blind to her faults as some are on this board about their fave! Not trying to pull or incite anything, but we all know there are ostriches, then there are ostriches! I've been around too long to inflate and bestow greatness on someone I know is not! For a while I was giving it to Sampras, but we've all come to realize that was ridiculous since he didn't even play a FO final! We were looking at the #'s and totally dismissed that even though Laver was forced to miss 4 years in the last amateur days '64-67! He still earned 2 calender slams and a total of 11 majors! Roy Emerson had 12, but wasn't given as much credit for his majors since so many top players had gone pro! He was never in the discussion of Goat'dom even though his total was above Borg, Laver, and Lendl

    ***Nadal USO Record - Hey, Borg never won the USO either. = 2009: #3 seed: Semi-Final Loss to Del Potro, 2008: #1seed: Semi-Final Loss to Andy Murray, 2007: #2 seed: Fourth Round Loss to Ferrer, 2006: #2 seed: QF Loss to Youzhny, 2005: #2 seed: 3-RD Loss to Blake, 2004: Unseeded: 2-RD Loss to Roddick, 2003: Unseeded: 2-RD Loss to El Aynaoui***

    You got it all covered! ITA; both he and Murray will probably be done if either make the semi! I won't write Federer off quite yet! He's saved his season before with a lone win at the USO! Hard to believe he has so many doubters since he is holding onto the AO title! That's more than most out there including Djokovic, Murray, DelPo, Roddick, and Davydenko! Fed may go out in a blaze of glory taking this USO and hanging it up like Sampras! It just depends if he still has the desire! Heaven knows he doesn't need the money! The family is dragging him down; talk about "hanger ons!" Shesshhh!

    ***WTA needs Serena Williams***

    It was a joke with her in 2008-2009! The rankings were all over the place! With 2 wins of GS and nothing else, she had to be satisfied with being #2 behind the likes of Jankovic & Safina! Things didn't improve much making Venus #2 w/ the lame wins she had! That was a joke and all who jumped on that bandwagon of an all Williams' final! Wonder of wonders, no word about it; that and taking of the doubles! How soon we forget!

  18. ***Conservatives Are More Than Twice as Likely as Liberals to Be Strongly Patriotic, Says Gallup Poll***

    What a crock! Conservatives are more likely to TALK ABOUT PATRIOTISM! lol! Heaven knows they've done everything possible to try and kill all positive influences on the bad economy they contributed to! Turning down unemployment extensions, talking down the economy, and going back and forth on their views on immigration reform; or lack thereof! No one is more full of BS than a conservative! They talk a good game, but no one is more disingenuous! They also talk about family values, but who are the 1st caught with their pants down doing something they said was a sin? I don't want to go down the list of all those hypocrites of Clinton's but; Vitter, Sanford, Craig, Ensign, and more! That's the conservative movement is all about; TALK and hypocrisy!

    ***Michael Steele Must Resign***

    The entire circus behind the RNC is well deserved! What can you expect by choosing someone like Steele outside of reasons having to do with ability? People talk about Biden's gaffs, but they're nothing compared to inaccurate statements and lies that Steele expresses! The man thought Afghanistan hadn't been attacked and conquered before which was his reason why Obama's war shouldn't be going on! HUH? "W" may be happy to pass the buck! Steele also said "the government has never created a job for America; it was more small business, blah, blah, blah!" Gov't workers are saying; "HUH?"

    How many ridiculous statements will the RNC have to deal with until they finally get fed up and just "take the hit" for selecting him in the 1st place? They were hoping to hold out until the next official vote I'm sure, but Steele is really pushing their buttons! I don't believe it's intentionally, but he's definitely making it hard to keep him! I welcome and hope he stays on! I don't think Nov. will be half as devastating as once thought; losing both Houses! Doubtful!

    Republicans have been "shooting themselves in the foot;" hell "the freakin' head" for the last couple years! They just can't help themselves trying to make a point that no matter what the issue, they can find a reason to be contrarian! I love it! Just shows how obvious and pathetic their motives; wanting power back regardless if it hurts the country! Unfortunately it really proves how "dim" half the country must be to be following their lead in any faction!

  19. ***Tilden, Laver, Rosewall, & Connors - All those guys except for Connors never won a Slam on concrete.***

    Well Connors has it all over everyone winning our schizophrenic USO chp. on all 3 surfaces; grass ('74 v Rosewall), clay ('76 v Borg), & finally cement ('78 v Borg)! No one will ever do that again; FOR SURE! Who was running things to let this happen; 3 surfaces in 4 years? Sick!

    ***Murray will never win a slam - Mentally he doesn't have the power brain to beat Nadal or Fedex***

    It's just a stupid way of playing! He gets all fit, ripped, and ready to run for days; so what! Just because he has a handful of great counter-punching plays doesn't mean that should be the style to try and take on the top ranks in the sport! How many times is he going to pass anyone 30 yards behind the baseline? It makes no sense! He got a couple wins over Nadal and Federer early on, but I think he's done! He has no real weapon to hurt any of them besides Novak who has health issues! Djokovic will just run out of gas or have breathing that is so labored, it's painful to watch!

    ***A lot of you guys like Fiero & Maddd disagree about Serena being TOP 5 and feel its all about numbers. Well, even Navratilova knows Serena is a top 5 already ...***

    I know it's not all about the numbers! I just won't accept Serena's smaller count at this time because she didn't take the job seriously! She played when she wanted, often (real or faked) injured, and definitely showed a lack of enthusiasm playing smaller events! If I believed it was all about the numbers, I would have put Margaret Court at the top, but I don't for obvious reasons! I still place Martina above Graf even though she has more GS, but again, I take into consideration other factors like Seles' stabbing! Serena will have to do a little more for me to put her in the company of the other greats! She may get there, but you have to hold onto the #1 ranking for a while longer for me to come around! Even Chris Evert with her limited game made a name for herself winning 7 FO's alone! The one by Serena just doesn't rate talking about! It was almost 10 years ago! People can huff and puff from here to the end of time and nothing will change until she does more; SORRY!

    ***Navratilova - numbers don't matter ...Serena is the best***

    I'm not ready to drink the SERENA Kool-aid yet! I'll let you guys float around in fantasy land and I'll hang out in the real world and to see what really happens over the next few years! No matter what she does, I have to give it to Martina just for her longevity and huge count in tournaments; 167 singles and 177 doubles titles! Sorry, the most delusional people can't keep ignoring these numbers! If they want to do it 30-40 years later, fine, but for now I have to give it to the real GOAT; MN! Martina's just being humble and giving Serena props! She's letting you argue about it now, but believe me all are expected to come back to her no matter what the argument!

  20. ***Will Nadal ever act like a TRUE #1? - He lies and cheats his way to wins now. In many ways, he's worse than Hewitt. Will Nadal ever act like a true #1, and win Slams on his own?***

    I just wish he would respect his position more as #1! He demeans everything he should be standing with the stalling, making his opponent wait, and challenging call after call; and being wrong most of the time! I can also do without all the fake enthusiasm when he has to come back from the dead at the hands of some nobody! If someone is hurt, you don't need to be jumping around acting like an idiot when you're winning a match handily! You would have thought he won the tournament on the 2nd or 3rd day with some of his antics on court!

    ***He likes to think of himself as the underdog. Even if he is playing like the # 150th ranked player, he won't stop his fist pumps, karate kicks and yelling vamos.***

    I guess it just shows my era to be boring, but people just didn't do those sort of things! It was demeaning to the opponent and all who watched! I was winning at 18 and never did even a quarter of this stuff! It wasn't hard to just walk or run to the net and shake the guys hand without making him eat some trash talk or subject him to some kind of sleazy action on my part!

    ***FAUX #1 Rafa ABYSMAL at US Open - in short, he hasn't even been good enough to make it to the 5th set of a Semifinal at the USO. By the time he gets to a 4th set, he's toast.***

    That's pretty normal for players who have to work that hard just to beat scrubs ranked in the top 100 or so! Murray will be a zombie by sept. as well! By the YEC, they'll be showing up limping just to pick up their bonus checks! Poor Rafa was humiliated 3 times not winning a single set in 3 matches last year! Yeah, that's really representing!

    ***Serena has to focus very well on the USO; no carelessness like 09***

    So that's what they call a "psychotic rant" at an official these days? Wow, the delusions continue!

    ***Yeah Serena was careless not to control her emotions. She was kind of surprised Kim was playing well and couldn't focus on tennis. Anyway I'm sure this time around she'll be more than ready.***

  21. If Nadal Wins Today.., what does that say about the men's tour that the top player in the world has been able to take the FO & Wimbledon back to back to back for 3 straight years? Borg had been the last player to do this including taking the "Old World Triple" in 1979; Rome, Paris, & London! He took the double 3 straight years; 1978-1980! By winning Paris in '81, he was close to making it 4 yrs, but lost in the final of Wimbledon to McEnroe! I guess that's what made Borg a legend! It took 30 years to match or even come close to breaking some of his records!

    ***Federer fans SUFFERING and hating on Rafa - u people need to get over it...his time has come and gone..- People said his time had come and gone back in 2008 when he went 3 GS in a row without winning. How did that work out? He won 4 more. Slow down on the Fed is "done" talk. Still too premature.***

    They just can't help themselves! The true "hatahs" are the ones who can't just enjoy this win! They have to tear down Justine, Martina, Federer, and Vera! They are the true "hatahS"! - ... I stopped caring a while back who won Wimbledon! Fed's done his job to secure his legacy in tennis history and so far I haven't latched onto a new and upcoming fave! The women are just about unwatchable, but I'll try to keep up with what's going on so I can still "talk tennis" here!

    ***Oh, come on! Graf wasn't mentally weak! Seles had a good run, but Steffi won her share against her too.***

    Seles seemed to have had Graf's number! Even when leading like at the AO in '93, the year Monica was stabbed, Graf was unable to finish! She was up a set and a break, but wouldn't attack and take the match to Seles! After letting that set slip thru her fingers, Steffi was done and wimped out 6-2 in the 3rd! Seles undoubtedly would have taken her 4th straight FO, and was a contender for Wimbledon since Martina was down and just about out! Graf was fortunate again to take advantage of the biggest meltdown, choke-job in the history of tennis; Novotna gave away that final after being up 4-1 and 2 breaks in the 3rd! Do I need to relate the horror? lol! "Pass!" I still feel it! The Duchess had to cradle the girl like a baby and got her white suit stained with those tears; shed by all for Jana!

  22. ***Has there ever been a men's player dirtier than Nadal?***

    Besides the rantings of John McEnroe, the most obvious sleazebag is Boris Becker! He was under the management of Ian Tiriac and he picked up quite a few bad habits from the old man! Even McEnroe brought it up that Becker had this incessant cough he had had for years trying to annoy and delay his opponent! lol! From what Agassi wrote and talked about, Boris was always trying to get into the heads of his "victim" during important matches! It's subtle so most aren't aware, but people in the know "know" all about it!

    ***Graf intimidated Navratilova. Serena by coming from behind and beating Graf in the '99 IW final showed Graf that her weak backhand was not going to get the job done. Venus in the '99 Lipton semi demolished Graf by picking consistently on her backhand and Graf did not have a response. Davenport did the same in the '99 Wimbledon final to beat Graf as well!***

    Spoken like someone who knows little about Graf and her game! People may "poo-poo" that slice backhand, but it was more an offensive weapon than most knew just watching! Graf was quite capable of top'n her backhand in her prime, so don't let those later years fool you! At the height of Navratilova's powers, Graf's probably the only base liner that could stay with her! I'd still give the nod to Martina since she was more aggressive! She proved even in her later years, she could take Steffi in her prime!

    All you have to do is remember the USO in '91; Martina was thought to be done too! She had lost a QF match to Capriati over a 2 day period at Wimbledon earlier in the summer! Judy Nelson had just served "papers" to MN and her representatives as a going away present to London! I wasn't too surprised! If it hadn't been Jennifer, it would have been someone else! Martina returned to the States and just played Team Tennis over the summer, letting her rank fall to #5 and being seeded #6 at the USO!

    MN wasn't sharp and her shots didn't have much punch, but over the course of the week & a half, she started rolling her backhand and popping her serves! She survived all kinds of "whipper-snappers" in long, grueling 3 set matches; a couple times with 2 TB's! She had to get past Manuela Meleeva, Arantxa Sanches, only to be rewarded with a shot at Graf in the semi! MN started off very well, totally outplaying Graf! Martina was ready to take her in 'straights' save a really bad baseline call that rattled her! She went on to lose the 2nd set in a TB, but courageously came back to take the match in 3; 6-4, 6-7, 7-6! The following day she truly was "done" and with Monica Seles running the old lady from side to side taking the 1st set in another TB, MN succumbed to Seles for her 1st USO; 7-6, 6-1!

  23. ***I personally don't focus on making things negative by reading into so called indirect comments.***

    You must be new here! lol! You can't reason with these people! No matter what is said, even if it's a glowing compliment, an insult will be interpreted! This reminds me of the Reps back in the '90's parsing every word Clinton said trying to find some hidden meaning they could hit him with! It's so sad! It says more about them and their lives than anything that can actually said as an insult to the Wms'! Bitterness has engulfed them in some way! ...if, if, if! If Serena grows balls, she'll be a Wms bro; so what? How do you jump 13 to 18? The same is done with Nadal promoting him to Goat'dom like 7 >16! People beat me up when I thought Justine proved to be the best of this era holding onto the #1 a lot longer than most!

    ***Nadal has won 14 straight sets over Berdych - I notice their head to head is 7-3, but Nadal has won their last 6 matches, and has won 14 straight sets***

    That's one thing, but the other is Berdych has a way of giving it back or away! He tried to give it to Djokovic in the semi, but Novak just didn't take it! Byrd played Roddick in a final a couple months ago and was handling him! I had to leave, but had it in my mind so much that he must have won, I didn't bother to check later! How embarrassing!! I don't have a lot of hope he can take Nadal! Rafa can run ya to death!

    Wow; Serena with her own Hand Incident.

    ***Yes I saw what happened. Jelena looked at Serena, saw that she was ready and served. Serena on the other hand waited until Jankovic started her serve motion to show her hand. Jelena was furious about it, but it worked against Serena in the end as she lost all pts from then on ;-) ***

    Well it looks like only you and I can see that! lol! At least I won't have to deal with them talking about Justine from hence forth!

    ***Justine Henin was criticized for retiring without any evident pain that would justify her action and for not finishing the match even though they were a few points away from completion, thus depriving Mauresmo the opportunity to properly celebrate her first Grand Slam victory....***

    As I said, keep deluding yourselves! A real shame after all these years you can still run a person down for what you perceive as some kind of indiscretion, but not even acknowledge the same incidents in your own girl; today and at USO last year! I'm ready to drop it, but obviously you want to keep this going! Your choice I guess!

  24. ***SW #4 - (03/10 - 5/10)***

    ***All Republicans in Congress care about, or concern themselves with, is selfish political ambitions and taking back the majority. Currently it's a "power struggle and no more!"***

    Too bad Republicans have none! Issue after issue has made them look worse and worse; weaker and weaker! I didn't think they'd have the BALLS to block financial reform, but they proved me wrong; again! McConnell and Boehner are such an embarrassment to society! They just can't look any more foolish trying to protect Wall Street who have no leg to stand on concerning self-regulation! Why should I ever be surprised by any idiotic thing they do these days? They official lost their collective minds back in the 80's! They have been worshipping at the alter of Reagan ever since! The crazy thing about that is Reagan couldn't pass the conservative test these "tea-baggers" are pushing!

    Conventional wisdom said that Obama would lose a lot of support with a big turnover for midterm elections! I just don't think it's going to be that bad! The "right" has so alienated the masses, even Obama who has had to deal with withering criticism is still above 50% approval! Unprecedented? Who knows or cares! The trends look good, so I'll be happy enough; esp. knowing some are actually "eating their hearts out" at this very moment! Can it get any better? We'll see what knuckle-headed thing that they do next time! Vilification of the next judicial nominee before the person is even selected? Sounds like a winner for us! Thanks guys!

    ***GOP Gov. Crist likely to run as Independent - Rubio has questioned the wisdom and constitutionality of the controversial Arizona law. Won't that cost him a lot of Tea Party conservative votes?

    Rubio is politically pandering for Miami-Dade County votes. He knows he needs Cuban votes to win. He might say he disagrees with some aspects of the Arizona law, but like I said he's trying to please voters. And he's so far ahead of Crist he can say whatever he wants to say.***

    That might have been the case if the election was just around the corner! Unfortunately for so many of you guys, we have months for more silly "right-wing" intrigue! Maybe Gov. Perry of Tx. can officially secede by summer time! Come on guys, you can sabotage yourselves a little bit more for the good of the country! Just shoot yourselves in the fuk'n head one more time and all will be good!

  25. ***290,000 Jobs CREATED..Ahh shucks, More bad news for the right wingers - I will also add that these "record" job increases are only important when you take into account the record job loses under the current administration.***

    Just keep deluding yourself! Sheeshhh! It must wreck all the weekends for you guys to hear those numbers! You can palm the good news on census, but the fact is the numbers would be better except more people started looking for work again! I know I'm wasting my time, but you're going to see and hear this information regardless! If you continue to lie to yourselves and other posters, at least you'll know why you landed in HELL!

    Well it's more understandable with my posts getting deleted! I'm a lot more insulting! When I get frustrated with a stupid or idiotic comment, I usually say so! No one likes that even if they're just joking! Unfortunately we have a lot of delusional people who believe their own BS! lol!! I go thru that a lot here where these people 'go off' trying to diminish Obama and his administration! It's more than a little pathetic since it seems they want the country to go under just so conservatives can take back power! I of course 'lose it' calling them every name in the book since that's so unpatriotic bordering on sedition! All you have to do is listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to know I'm telling the truth! That is not hyperbole! These people are truly disturbed and we go at it daily since I have no other life!

    ***Whatever happened to free speech? We are too politically correct in society. I honestly call being PC "being hypocrites". Say one thing, but your heart beats to another drum.....hypocrisy at its finest.***

    You're kidding right? lol! This country was founded on those principles or lack thereof! We supposedly were setting up a new nation where everyone was free; NOT! Tell that to the blacks, American Indians, and Japanese internees! We talk about free speech, but that's all it's about, "talk" even though it's written in stone; errr paper! How many times have you seen celebrities or politicians apologizing for something that was true? For political correctness it may have been the wrong time, too soon, or mixed company! We're so full of crap! I almost moved away after "W" was chosen by the Supreme Court! Had even scoped out a city just outside of Amsterdam; Haarlem! I might have saved my money if I had! The market crashed soon after Bush took office!

    Then with Bush running the show; maybe Cheney, we have a new set of hypocrisies with torture, more internments of innocent people, & renditions! Besides a hypocritical administration talking about fiscal responsibility, they put through half a dozen bills and programs without paying for them and now we wonder why the deficit is so large! So hypocrites all around now; us, them, and everybody! It's our heritage! lol!!

  26. ***All it took for Phil to get a sniff of #1 was... - ..Tiger being out for 6 months. Same thing with Phil's fluke Master's win.""

    Fluke? Sounds like circumstances that could have been different if both didn't do something that is causing this to happen now! No one put a gun to Tiger's head to lay off for 6 months! I wish I could fathom what can be in people's mind trying to give Woods some "out" when it's obvious he isn't the guy we all thought! Not like I care, but the "fawning" and excuse making has got to stop! In "golf" you can't win them all and Woods proves that each tourney, but you would think he has won every tourney entered! He does not and has not! The commentators on tv aren't much better! One day, common sense will prevail! We can only hope!

    ***Now I know Jack's record will be taken down by Tiger. Thanks for the reassurance Mickelscrub.***

    I'm no fan of Mr. Woods, but that record won't last! It's improbable that Tiger will go the next 20 years without taking at least enough titles to stomp that record into dust! Golf isn't like other sports! He can play well into his 30's, 40's, & 50's! Jack won his last at 46 and he's nowhere near as fit as Mr. Woods! Too bad it was never really possible for me to be a fan! I always thought he was a phony and proves it again and again! He's lucky most overlook the "cussing," tacky jokes, & confrontations with the fans along with his idiot caddy! I remember him as a kid talking about how his father would play loud music to train his concentration, but if you so much as have a click of a camera, both will lose it! That is so ridiculous esp. since you know people are paying premium dollars for the honor of gazing upon the great 'Tiger Woods;' NOT!

    ***Both WS have been exposed in Rome once again - For Serena to have lost 15 consecutive red-clay tourneys over the last 8 years, it shows that she has not achieved since her heyday of 2002,,,***

    So much for "GOATdom" bestowed on Serena anytime soon! Even Martina Navratilova who wasn't that thrilled on clay won several large tourneys including 2 FO's and a couple Family Circle Cups & WTA Championships! Pls don't say she didn't have to beat anybody; I remember Evert, Austin, Jaeger, and Mandlikova at least! Still waiting for Ree and Vee to break that glass ceiling!

    ***So..Who are the clear FO favorites now? - Kim, Justine, Venus, Serena, Svetlana?

  27. ***State-Run Media Smear Rush w/ Out-of-Context Quotes on Oil Spill - Rush needs to stop lying and distorting the truth.***

    It's the only way some of these losers can get out of bed and fight; they have to delude themselves in some way just to keep going! It's more than a little pathetic since being so negative and trying to blame Obama and his administration for everything hasn't done them a bit of good! The people hate both parties now, but that doesn't stop Rush and his disciple Sean Hannity from not only exaggerating a problem, but actually trying to create and distort them! Last nite SH was talking to some clown who wrote a book concerning Obama! You would think the President was some Manchurian underground agent with the way he was talking! They are still trying to link him to terrorist fronting Bill Ayres as only the tip of that conspiratorial movement! These people are so disturbed, but you have to remain vigilant; some just aren't that bright and believe anything told to them; esp. from FNN!

    Yeah soooo "out of context!" That idiot Rush said this spill is "no big deal" last thursday on his radio show; "the ocean will take care of itself!" He also said the EXXon Valdez's spill at Prince William Sound is pristine when people there say 27,000 gallons are still making areas as unlivable as weeks after the initial spill; and that was 30 years ago! That's what aggravates me the most about the oil industry; make your profits, but quit playing the victim, talking about your meager profits when they're in the billions and won't even both installing proper safeguards that may have cost less than a million! These people are like the auto industry not recalling a car they know is defective because it would be cheaper to pay the lawsuit costs!

    ***Another rat jumps ship! - House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D) has told close associates that he will not seek re-election and an announcement of his plans is expected as early as Wednesday. It never ceases to amaze me that the state-run media has nothing better to do than critique Rush, but skip all the news about John Edwards.***

    ...and Edwards' indiscretions affects us how? He's not even a player anymore! Rush's big mouth excites many nut-jobs to do stuff they wouldn't normally do in a civilized society! You can ignore the real problems and play the victim all you like, but you're really just embarrassing yourself! I hope you clowns report Republican rats that jump the ship also! Heaven knows they started already with Lott, Craig, and others! Your own insecurities give you away even mentioning this stuff! The people aren't happy with either party! No favorites will emerge in the end! Times are hard and we should all be working together to make things better! Your petty advantages in Congress will only make you feel better in your heads; not your wallet! Believe it or NOT!

  28. ***The players of past eras sound like beer swilling slobs who never trained ... in my opinion the players of the past were pretty damn great athletes and today's pros are not superior by "leaps and bounds."***

    Well you would be wrong; well almost! lol! Most of them were "like beer swilling slobs;" esp the Australians! lol! Conditioning was unheard of for the most part! Some did a little running, but most got all they wanted and needed on the court! Heaven knows back in the 70's that's all we did! Even players I thought were great athletes like Ilie Nastase; I was shocked to see how truly flabby he was when he lifted his shirt and dropped his shorts! Borg was one of only a few I would deem a great athlete back then! Having heart and determination got you somewhere; (ie Harold Solomon, Eddie Dibbs, Vitas Gerulaitis), but I wouldn't say they were great athletes!

    The Aussies were a different breed; they seemed to work hard, play hard, and party hard; but get away with it! I think the training and coaching of Harry Hopman transformed them into "supermen" and "superwomen!" It was miserable down there in Australia, but mentally they got thru it with small placebos like a wet handkerchief around their neck! That's what set them apart from other players in the world! Well that's what I remember anyway!

    For the women, the pickin's are even slimmer! Going back to 70's you had Billie Jean, Martina, Hana, and Evonne! You remember what Richard Krajicek thought about the women's tour players back then? Training just wasn't in their daily reps; a little running maybe! I think I saw one ad where Margaret Court was endorsing the use of weights, but that was rare! Even swimming was seen as something that could only hurt exercising the so-called wrong muscles!

    - - - - - ogle the hotties of tennis!

    ***What if Borg came back when he started to in '82? w/ the new graphite rackets just months away, would Borg have won another GS? USO?***

    What are you talking about? Borg was still winning GS up until the time he left! His last was at the French in '81! He was still the undisputed KING of clay! Lendl was just coming into his own and finally took his 1st in '84! Borg was just terribly unlucky at the USO w/ injuries, bad draws (playing Roscoe Tanner at night), and the schitzofrantic changes of the tourney over his career from grass, to clay, then finally settling on hard court! He's still great regardless, so I'm not sure what we're really discussing!

  29. ***Rafa mentally toughest player of all time - It is irrefutable. There was Borg, Sampras, Becker, etc., but no one like Nadal.***

    Too bad Nadal couldn't act right at the end of his match; as usual! It's so unusual for me to dislike a young player from the beginning, but Rafa has succeeded! He may be a great guy, an animal lover, and the best son in the world, but on the court he's surly, too competitive, and just looks so unhappy! He challenges calls all the time with most of them being wrong! Even though he had 3 match points against this kid, he challenged the 1st serve! It was out, but he pointed to the wrong mark! I just don't like that along with his absolute joy at winning this match! It was so unnecessary esp. for someone who's a former #1! This was a semi for GAWD-sake! You would think he'd won another Wimbledon on Federer! - I played tournaments from the age of 16; the last in my late 30's and I never jumped up and down like that to show up my opponent; never! It might seem like a petty reason to be unhappy with the guy, but people who know tennis etiquette know what I'm talking about! I know this is the 21 century, and manners and sportsmanship are out of vogue, but it's the way I feel! "Rafa, have more respect for yourself, the game, and your opponent!"

    ***...Wait, that's not the ONLY time she quit. Poor Justine quit during Fed Cup Play, which prompted Kim Clijsters to call her SELFISH and a poor sport...***

    And as usual this has to fall back onto Justine! Just sick; and you talk about me being obsessive and catty! Fine; we can go that route! Justine will never catch up to the legends; HAPPY? She has still made a mark on the game holding onto the #1 ranking and being a world-class clay courter! If she wins another FO or 2, her memory will be set! I'm happy; why can't you be for your faves? You just have to keep putting down Justine! Does that make you feel better? When I critique someone, it has to do with the moment! You hacks keep going back in time in your "hot Tub time machine" to bring up heaven-knows what and why? If I keep bringing up '09 USO, don't be surprised! I won't let you get away with besmirching this girl's reputation w/o commenting back! Serena has given me so much ammunition! "Enough babbling! Gawd you people make my head hurt and hands shake!"

    ***The Vikings deserve Brett - ..Brett's going to own you again this year and you know it. Why else would you be here trying to convince us otherwise?***

    Favre got his jollies beating GB twice during the regular season! He was bound to give away another NFC Chp. game in the end! His pact with the Devil to come back and teach Green Bay a lesson for calling him on his bluff about retiring; they accepted it and he just couldn't live with it! With all the vindictiveness of a scorned woman, he has been living this jihad that has just about consumed his soul! Watching the replay, Minn just didn't want that game! Between the fumbles and penalties, Minn proved they would rather The Saints get to the Super Bowl for the 1st time! Why go just to lose again like the chocking dogs of yester-year? I just thank whoever for saving us from the deification of Favre SB week! I would have committed 'hari-kari!' Thanks NO; you did us all a "solid!"

  30. ***Worse that Exxon Valdez***

    ..conservatives are so credible trying to blame this on others but BP; NOT! These same a-holes are the ones saying there are no spills and even if it happens, they're prepared; LIE, LIE, LIE! There have been over 800+ spills off the cost since 2001! With "W's! help, the breakers that Europe is required to install on their rigs is not here! Again you have me blaming "the Manchurian candidate!" It's so easy! Things just keep coming back to this "well meaning" dude! Save money temporally before having to be sued later and clean up the coast; that makes sense! IDIOT oil industry!

    The problems so far are the greedy bastards on Wall Street and the banks! They've come back into solvency, but are still unwilling to let any of it go for investments to start those jobs! It's just one of those things; they're making money, but don't want to share in any way! They're doing ok, so for now that's ok by them! When the government crumbles they'll see the lite and wonder why didn't they act right! Haven't they been looking at GREECE? What a bunch of jerk-offs!

    ***Bush spent way too much duty time relaxing at home in Crawford. He would take 5 wk vacations like when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans remaining on the ranch 4 days after it struck. Don't keep propping up Bush, the entire nation knows better and won't forget anytime soon; esp. military families with lost loved ones!***

    They say never under-estimate the intelligence of the electorate, but they prove they can't be trusted election cycle after election cycle! You give people all the information needed to make an intelligent choice and you wind up getting disappointed all too often! All you have to do is reflect on what happened in FLA back in 2000! Nothing was more ugly than those 'shady right-wing" thugs sent in to disrupt the whole thing! I still have vivid memories of these "animals" trying to bust into the room to stop the re-count! Not 2 or 4 years later, we're rewarding this behavior by making another mistake letting Bush fear-monger his way to a 2nd term! - They talk about respecting and giving all due recognition to war heroes, but you see what these people do when they are being threatened!

  31. ***SW #3 - (11/09 - 03/10)***

    ***CNN--Conservative REPUBLICAN Charges Party For Back Wax: ***

    There's nothing like a Republican bitch-slap fest; gets ugly! Sooner or later they'll be talking about each other's mother; believe it! Again, fiscal hypocrisy reigns! Too bad for the "tea-baggers!" This is another blemish on their record supporting another numb-nutt; Mario Rubio! He's a kid for Gawd-sake! I've got shoes older than him! I like Crist and he was one of the voices of reason on the "right" when the stimulus package was being debated! At least he wasn't the hypocrite the rest of them were railing against the money, but posing with checks as if they brought it in themselves! What a bunch of low-lives; Sanford, Jindel, Pawlenty, Barbour, and the rest of those hillbillies! I used to think Jindal and Pawlenty had some integrity, but they've shown themselves as partisan as any of them! I'm still lock-jawed with the propaganda Pawlenty perpetrated last year saying he would stop all moneys going to Acorn in Minn.! What he failed to tell his gullible constituents that there aren't any chapters of Acorn in the whole state! Another sleaze-bag is born!

    ***Chief Justice Roberts speaks out about SOTU ***

    Republicans always put their foot in their mouths when they not only forget one of their own or worse yet they did something they're complaining about at present! I mentioned last week about Republicans sponsoring a bill then dropping it like a hot potato when it becomes politically expedient! McCain had the nerve to "bitch" about Sen. Franken "objecting" to unanimous consent for Lieberman to blather on longer than his time permitted! Franken was chairing the proceedings and he was told by Reed to keep things moving along! What big mouth do you think stood up and railed about how "he's never seen anything like that in all the years he sat in the Senate?" McCain of course; he not only heard and saw it, HE DID IT HIMSELF several years before! He objected to another senator finishing his remarks in the exact same way! I wish these 'numb-nuts' would at least be credible in some of their complaints, but of course they never are! They're always full of themselves, the system, and think they'll get away with this crap! As for the Supreme Court "slight," how soon we forget Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushies objecting to the Supreme Court and hoping they would change their position on ABORTION right in the middle of other SOTU; "(right to their faces)!" Done! Get over yourselves!

    ***...The ignoratti have gotten off at the local library..***

    Glad you and other knuckle-heads always seem to come by and pan my posts, but have never been able to mount a legitimate argument against them! The truth hurts I'm sure! The light of day has to be shined on the lying, hypocrisy, and just plain evil intent of some politicians regardless of party! It's just unfortunate we have so many scammers on the "right!" The Dems are no saints, but you just shouldn't get ignoratti's like the hypocrites and liars on the "right" when this country has been "on the edge!" If anytime was the time to come together and strive towards a common goal it's now, but a-holes like McConnell, Boehner, Canter, and of course all the loony radio hosts like Rush, Ann Coultier, Laura Ingraham, Mike Savage, & Mark Levin don't care if the country goes under! Having things run by them in their own "image" is their only goal; the country be damned!

  32. ***Court has record of 24 on the women's side. Comparing women's to men's tennis is a joke. Lets combine the tours and see what happens. If I'm not mistaken, big share of Court's Slams were won before Open Era.

    Yeah Court still won slams at an alarming rate even AFTER the Open started (1968). I am starting to think her post open era slams are pretty legit... Court won I think 11 slams in the Open Era... and that is after Court retired in 1966 for 3 years! So don't sleep on Court... she should have a place at the very top of tennis I think... Court was winning Pro matches while pregnant!

    1969 & 1973 - Won 3 of the 4 Grand Slam
    1970 - Court Won all 4 GS singles tourneys (her GS was DURING the open era) ***

    Who you tellin'?? lol! I've been listing Court consistently even though most want to devalue her mark in the game! The woman won before the open era and after in '68! She was the Navratilova of her time lifting weights, playing before, during, and after her pregnancies, & winning the "Box Set" of singles, doubles, and MD in all the GS! She was tough and could win with anyone including Virginia Wade in GS's! An all time champ!

    ***One has to wonder what was behind all the hype in the first place concerning Safina and Wozniaki last season. ...***

    It's like you just totally ignored the record! It's called being in the zone and you have a hot streak that takes you higher than your ability! Safina had a good spring last year I suppose! She was #1 because she had performed better than Serena over that calender year! Woz was the newcomer and played some exciting tennis! She got noticed; esp. since she's "hot!" I don't understand what's so hard about that concept! Safina and Woz. have fallen off, your girl is #1, but none of you seem to be happy! You complain, bitch, & moan about the Williams' don't get enough credit! You claim they are beaten up on by the press and commentators, & then there's the fantasy going on trying to make both of them "GOATs!" Forget it! Dream on people! That's why they play the season instead of anointing someone #1 without even playing!

  33. ***Republicans defeat and gut Domestic Policy. Bush neglected USA for 8 years. He had no domestic policy.***

    Well he had a domestic policy, but not one we elected him for! He systematically bankrupted the country! I truly believe Republicans want the country to be in such a financial hole that we will have to get rid of all the entitlements created by the Dems. including Social Security and Medicare! They successfully started the process under Bush 41 which made Clinton reform welfare! The real biggies are hated by Rep. and they want them stopped; at any cost including trashing the treasury! They love to talk about fiscal responsibility, but we all saw a Republican Congress pass 'unpaid for' legislation and expenses off the books to disguise how high the deficits were going! How soon we forget the Prescription Drug bill, 2 tax cuts for rich people and big business, 2 wars, and other legislation went thru under their own "reconciliation" acts that they now call the "nuclear option!" Such hypocrisy! We let them get away with it so why shouldn't they all act like jackasses?

    ***Post--Anti-Gay Republican SENATOR Admits He's Gay

    I truly feel sympathy for this guy. It must be damn tough living with a secret like that and voting against everything that is related to his sexual orientation. I would not want to be him. He really should not have sought such a high political office.***

    Forget it! Don't bother! All of these jokers take this job for the power, title, & notoriety! They can make a lot more money in the private sector, so I'll save my sympathy for someone who really needs a job that compromises their ideals, beliefs, and orientation! "Screw 'em!" Reminds me of that jerk-off that ran The Heritage Foundation, Richard Mellon-Schaife! This character was after Clinton 24/7! He's also a self-hating fag, ass-hole! He rails against same sex marriage and tries to punish anyone that tries to support gay rights! Anyone who takes public office doesn't deserve some special accommodation because they work for the people! That's the reason nothing like this should come into play, it is an elected office and he didn't have to run! He does work for us; his personal tribulations should not be the people's concern or should it! If he's in some kind of turmoil, resign and let someone else do the freakin' job!

    ***I hate to see articles like this. Its almost as if they treat it as some deadly virus people have. ...***

    You can't let some hypocrite get away with that! If he's passing public judgement on people, groups, and lifestyle, he better have a squeaky clean past, present, and future! You know people like that will use whatever you do against you, ya got to return it in kind so evil intent will be exposed! It's one thing for some preacher to denounce sin and people on sunday, but you can't let him get away with sinning without his own dirty laundry being exposed as well! I remember Bill Bennett talking about self- control and not being self-indulgent; then we hear he lost over $8 Million in Vegas! He thought it was his ow business! I agree except he's always trying to tell people what to do himself! That's hypocrisy and it needs a good airing; esp. these people who try to determine things in other people's lives!

    ***Anyone who thinks: Reps = bad, Dems = good, OR vice=versa is either very ignorant or naive. Ever hear of the case of this Dem Congresswoman from CA? Does this mean all Democrats are corrupt?***

    Boy are you far-afield of the topic! Hmmm! Must be a Rep.! Gotta demonize a Dem to make yourself feel better? This is the longest post of drivel concerning an alternate topic that I've ever seen with a site address to further your point! Sad, so very sad! "Hello, the topic had to do with a self-hater and hypocrite!" Catch up babe! lol!

  34. ***I don't think there is any crime the Congress and President hasn't committed.***

    Oh pls spare me your stupid generalizations! I hope you said the same thing when Bush was in charge with his party running Congress! I'm sure; NOT! Massa is a disgusting NY pig and I have little sympathy for his plight! He can't just leave in disgrace, he has to take a shot at the Democratic leadership about their efforts to pass health care reform! He's obviously losing what little mind he has changing his story from he's leaving for health reasons to he used inappropriate language with a staffer! He hinted he might rescind his resignation, but Pelosi promised to clean up that "swamp," and I'm sure Massa is OUT for good! What a creep!

    ***What is a liberal's definition of a ''degenerate pig" Fiero?***

    Hey, if you follow what I post here, you'd know I have no love lost for any of these old men running Congress; rep. or dem.! It's time for a new guard! I say they all need to be wiped out from Rep. Barney Frank and Charlie Rangel to Senators McConnell & Orin Hatch! A pox on both their houses! Unfortunately the young rep. have been contaminated and can't think for themselves anymore! People I thought were fairly good people are mirroring and backing the disgusting behavior of their leadership; Cantor, Aaron Schock, Joseph Cao, and other freshmen representatives! They now march in lock step even when it's not beneficial to their constituents! Cao who's district is in the heart of New Orleans in the 2nd District at least was a lone dissenter in the beginning, but it looks like the leadership has him bound and gagged of late! I never see him complaining about what his party is doing to obstruct anymore! A real shame not to even to have one voice on the "right" to keep things fair, balanced, and compromising! What happened to those old harpies Sen. O. Snow and S. Collins who supposedly could be counted on to do the right thing? Even they can't be expected to act like adults now it seems!

    ***Too many Peoples' Politics Reps. are lost in the '08 campaign, unable to accept the results. They are still campaigning like the election didn't take place... blah-blah-blah!***

    Too true! It really shows how unbalanced a lot of these people are! All too often the things they pointed out as criticism for Bush and the Republican congress was somehow unpatriotic, immature, and indecent! They would know I guess since some of the stuff they say and do are the most disgusting ever recorded in US history! (Is that hyperbole?) The country was going under last year and you had Republicans openly going against the interests of the country and the world because they couldn't accept defeat! They should get used to it with some of the bad actors in leadership! We have 24 hour coverage and anytime you have them say and do something they think they can get away with, they'll find that tape loop coming back to haunt them showing their evil intent when things were bad and they weren't of any help! Rep. can try and spin it, but they finally went too far with this health care reform obstructionism! Dems feel everyone is entitled to decent health care, while republicans think only the strong and independent should survive and "to hell with people who can't fend for themselves!"

  35. ***Do you think if Federer had met Nadal at Wimbeldon he would have won? I say no. Now JMDP can't sustain his play. This is because he just plays super flat. This means that on a bad day he will always miss and miss and miss. As for Djokovic and Murray, they're no match for Federer on HC.***

    Fed will age eventually! He can't sustain this for too much longer! I see parallels with Sampras! That annihilation of Roger by JMDP was very reminiscent of the thrashing Sampras was subjected to by Hewitt and Safin at the US Open! Fed won't drop off the map like Pete in 2001, but the days of him winning 2 and 3 GS a year has to stop sometime! Nadal's injury saved him in some minds! He was "so" written off by many! After that loss at Aussie Open in '09, people just thought Raphael would take over! You see what thinking does for some of these people! Love it Fed not only won another Wimbledon, but took a FO before it was too late! I had assumed his chances had passed by 2 years ago! He proved us all wrong, but it can't last for too many more years! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    ***Hey Fiero I see your point and moving Nadal away saved Federer a lot, but put him back in the picture and you'll see Fed's chances are bigger at the USO. Federer's loss to JMDP was also Federer's doing. Had he served for the 2nd set, he would've won the USO for sure. As of now, there is no rival for Federer on HC. Ok, JMDP did it once but that's just only once!

    Graf's place in tennis "GOAT" history is debatable but she belongs in that debate; Serena doesn't. Graf, Navratilova, Evert and Court are the true GOAT candidates.***

    Not thrilled about the order, but at least the names are right! I wish people would just get off this thing about Serena being even thought in the conversation of Goat'dom!! It is so ridiculous! No matter what criteria you want to imagine including trying to deny as valid any GS's won before 1982! Martina swamps her #'s, Graf smacks her down with more consistency over a longer period of time, & and even Evert represented better as #1! Court gets get an even higher honorable mention reigning as #1! So pls just "stop yourselves!" - *BTW; it s/b Navratilova, Graf, Court, Evert!*

    ***Evert won as many slams as Navratilova and she appeared in more slam finals. She was better in singles tennis IMO.***

    Well so maybe that argument against Navratilova can be dropped! Someone was railing about her won/loss record in GS's winning half! So with Evert winning the same # and being in more finals lowers her percentage! Personally I wouldn't mind being in more finals! I'll let the lunk-head, sport's experts fight it out about my ranking in history! Like Lendl would give up all those near misses and say "I'd rather not!" Yeah, right!

  36. ***The nation already rejected Romney once...***

    How soon we forget; Nixon & Reagan were both given walking papers; '60 & '76! They both came back; '68 & '80! These are your guys! Why can't you remember that? I'd take Romney over some of the other riff-raff on that side of the table! I used to feel the same about McCain until he lost his soul and his mind a few years ago! Hugging Bush was just too much especially when everyone knows he hates his guts! Sorta doesn't matter since the 'bitter old man' hates a lot of things these days! I just can't fathom why at his age and level of competence would he want to subject his state to another 6 years of malaise from his office!

    ***Market crash, escalating unemployment, recession and global economic meltdown can't be blamed on Obama. They all happened on the Bush watch... no slight of hand will change that. Republicans need to take the blame for their failed policy. Health care insurance reform needs to apply to more than just 3 million uninsured as Republicans propose, they need to get a life.***

    You're dreamin' babe! The day a Republican leader truly stands up and takes his party to task will be the 1st time! Any blame they take is always just an addendum to something the Dems may have done in comparison! True "scumbags" like Boehner and McConnell have really embarrassed themselves and their party! You can't talk about coming to a compromise and then back away b/c it isn't enough every single time! I keep hearing this BS that the Dems are going to pay for passing this health-care reform package! They would pay more if they didn't and we all know the "wrath of GAWD" would have come down with Republicans losing their minds over this issue either way!

    If the Dems pass it this month and Obama signs it into law, they'll talk about the cost and how socialist the program is! If it's successfully put on hold for another generation, the "right" will beat Obama over the head saying he couldn't govern w/ Dem Congress! It's a "no win" with these jerk-offs! I can't keep it respectable since they don't treat Obama with any respect! They've all but used the "N" word on the man and it's unfortunate we have people who shamelessly denigrate a sitting president to his face on national tv! If you even whispered something about Reagan behind the scenes, these same "actors" would be railing about it! Not like it will make any difference to point this stuff out! These people live in total denial! Just let them bury themselves in Fox News coverage!

    When unemployment skyrocket at the end of the Bush term, you didn't think he had any responsibility for it! Even though job losses have stabilized, there's evidence that the stimulus worked!" It appears YOU don't think Obama's doing enough! What would you have him do? He could suggest spending more, but you don't want that! So what would you have him do? I'm hearing a lot of complaining and back-biting with no real solutions as usual from the "right!"

  37. ***I increasingly have a feeling that Borg and Lendl are constantly underrated here b/c they were beating America's favorite sons. Borg was abusing Connors, while Lendl did the same to McEnroe (Connors as well).***

    You got it! I remember watching Connors and Borg in the '77 Masters Final in NY! My mom and I were rooting for Borg, then my dad walked in clapping for Connors! I asked him why since he didn't particularly care for him! He said "I don't want some foreigner coming in winning all this money!" Well he got his wish! Borg still had a little trouble with Connors on a fast indoor court until '78! After that, Borg owned Connors; esp. on grass if you can believe it winning all their matches at Wimbledon; (4 - 0)!

    The McEnroe matches against Lendl were my favorites though! There was so much contrast with John attacking the net relentlessly, while Ivan would have to come up with the fantastic passing shot! What really determined the matches was Lendl's serve! At times he could out ace John and really keep him pinned to the baseline; McEnroe had no chance then! The level of dominance went back and forth a few times; Lendl won the 1st matches, even in Davis Cup, then McEnroe got a couple! Lendl then started to destroy McEnroe before Don Budge talked to John and told him he had to attack the net even more aggressively! He won a few huge matches; Wimbledon and US Open over Lendl in '84, then Ivan took over for the last time in '85 and McEnroe could barely stay in the sets while Lendl ran him around like a chicken!

    Connors had a distinct mental advantage over Lendl at 1st! Lendl lost match after match, even ones he didn't want to win! In 1980 you could still manipulate and select a match up at the Masters! Lendl had already qualified for the semi w/ 2 wins! He went up against Jimmy who also had 2 wins! The problem was that Borg had a final record of 2-1, so whoever won the match would be 3-0 and would have to play Bjorn! No one wanted that around then! The one loss Borg had was from defaulting his match to Vilas so he could rest up from the flu! Lendl played a tough, close 1st set then he started blatantly giving away the match coming into the net on stupid approach shots! Connors wasn't amused and supposedly shook his fist at Lendl! Connors took it out on Ivan for the next couple year beating him in at the US Open final twice ('82 & '83) and a WImbledon semi in '84! After Lendl took over #1 in '85 he started dominating both McEnroe and Connors usually making them look bad at the same time!

    ***Lendl beat Connors 17 straight times since 1985!***

  38. Has anyone seen previews for that new movie out; "THE BOX?" I probably won't see it, but interested in the content! If memory serves, it's really a "takeoff" on a half hour episode on either "Tales From The Dark Side" or "The Twilight Zone!" Years ago I saw it where some guy comes to the door and talks to the occupants about getting a great deal of money; not a million! All they'd have to do is push a button on something that looked more like a toy! The only caveat would be someone they don't know would die! The husband may have been hesitant and dropped the subject as a practical joke, but the wife is desperate! She mulls it over all night and during the day while her hubby is out of the apartment, she presses the button; TWICE! The guy comes back, asks her if she pressed the button only once and she says yes! He looks at her and says you get the money, but someone she didn't know would die! To me this only meant the next person selected who pushed the button would probably kill the last recipient! Anybody? lol!!

    GAWD; originality, creativity, and any kind of imagination has just gone the way of the Dodo bird! So much of today's programming are remakes of past shows! I've noticed tons of shows from the 80's and 90's getting dusted off and thrown out there like V, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210! Even movies are getting a new lease on life with a spin corresponding to current events! That may not be anything new, but it's so blatant and obvious Hollywood has lost its edge!

    ***Yup! It's a classic Twilight Zone episode, and half an hour was enough to tell the story. It's going to have to be awfully padded to make a full-length movie of it. I personally have no desire to see it at all.***

    Was it here that I read something about MDL's Madison being poly-amorous? Watching a program on MTV2 now called "Real Life" and they are 'bi-oping' 2 of them! One is a girl who is dating a girl, who's also involved with a guy! The other is guy who has 2 boyfriends, but one is feeling left out so they're thinking about bringing a 4th guy into the group! They are supposedly faithful to one another even though they all have sex together! Too weird! So Madison has a girlfriend and boyfriend? I just don't watch enough! I did see friends try and introduce him to a couple guys! Oh boy, one of the guys is being cut out; 2 sleeping together while one is alone! I think they'll plan on bringing in a 4th guy! Poor thing is just crying a river all by himself!

    Update: Both the girl and boy added another guy to their groups so it will be even now! Typically you see this type of thing with younger people; 18-26 y.o.! They look happy, but like being Gay, they seem to always be talking about the lifestyle! "Good luck guys!" A guy i saw a couple times talked about jumping in a pile with his friends, boys and girls back in the 90's! I guess this is the next trend; actual dating as a group and loving one another; exclusively as that group! Too weird!

  39. ***These idiots lost the Governorship in two states...and they are bragging about winning a no name race in NY?.....These fools are terrified and desperate.***

    Not that I care, but I understand where they're coming from! The Dems picked up that 23rd district which has been held by the Republicans for over a 100 years while the Republicans took expected races! Corzine was "dead man walking," and everyone knew it including the White House! I was shocked they stuck their necks out there so far by dropping Obama in there 4 or 5 times trying to push Corzine over the finish line! Unfortunately there was little he could do! New Jersey is a mess at the best of times! With the economy the way it is along with the stereotypical corruption feeling, he had no chance! He couldn't even buy the race!

    As for Virginia, who really didn't see that coming? THE "RIGHT" had a decent candidate, nice family man, with a story to tell! The Dem was some nobody that you'd have to really scratch to find out where he stood on anything above what he had for lunch! Besides that, history tells us the governorship has been taken by the opposition party for the last 8 election cycles! The Dems took it when Bush won! So what? Taking that state was no big shock, so get over it!

    What you should be scratching your heads about is with the infighting of the conservatives and the Republican leadership, more bloodletting is on the horizon! I like Governor Crist in FLA! He seems to be a fairly honest man, who can think for himself and not let partisan politics hurt his state and his own integrity! It didn't bother me in the least that a Rep. Gov. embraced Obama and thoroughly endorsed the stimulus plan a few months back! Other scum-sucking Rep. like Pawlenty & Jindl will bemoan the spending, but took the money! Actually having ceremonies showing them bestowing funds on some worthwhile program! They always neglected to thank Obama and Congress when they were taking their bows!

    I wouldn't be bragging about the majority of our populous being so ass-backwards! We love to think we're so far ahead of the rest of the world! Delusion reigns here I'm sorry to say! I wouldn't live anywhere else at this time, but I'm embarrassed for us in so many ways! We're the only western nation that eliminates service of gay people in the military; our children are 'taught to the tests' rather than really learning anything! Prison populations are growing unnecessarily due to antiquated drug laws! We've become the most litigious nation in the world suing over anything trying to get a free payday! All that does is drive up the cost of everything in the country including insurance, product and housing inflation, and in general a "piss-poor" attititude on life as we see it! We allow crooked politicians to manipulate and steal from us at the same time knowing it and re-electing them time and time again! We deserve our plight and we won't get out of it anytime soon if we keep conducting "business as usual!" That would be unfortunate for all of your children! We haven't hit the basement yet, but obviously things are looking down regardless of this minor recovery blip! Things need to change now or we'll only make it harder trying to get out of this hole!

  40. No one can compare to Navratilova! She was out there for 20+ years, winning until her last days on the court taking GS doubles titles! If you gave Serena, Venus, Steffi, or even Monica more years in their prime, they couldn't come close to her record! She was a great singles player, but obviously she's the best in doubles winning with whoever was free at the time! If it weren't for the ridiculous power generated by these new rackets, she could probably take most of these "chippies" now who think they are playing tennis! They aren't! It's something akin to "rollerball!" Just get out the lead balls, motorcycles, and some obstacles to jump!

    ***Ok, I was with you until you insulted the game. Tennis is a sport that has evolved just like every other sport. The men and women of today are still working hard just like the men and women of yester-year to stay competitive and achieve in the game of tennis as it is played today. So yes, they are playing tennis, not "rollerball". It may not be moon-ball, wooden raquet tennis of the early 20th century, but it is still tennis, and you still have to beat the opponent on the other side of the net.

    Navratilova had it all. Strengh, ability, guts, courage, net game, serve, forehand, backhand, foot work, speed, intelligence, mental toughness,...I think the advantage Graf and Martina had to get better numbers than Serena is based on their physical condition. Graf and Navratilova rarely had injuries while Serena, like Venus, is always struggling with form. I blame it on the modern hard hitting style of today's tennis.***

    I blame Serena for her own struggles with injury and bad conditioning! She's just plain lazy! No way should she be toting around that much weight as the #1 player in the world! You shouldn't be surprised about injury if your general conditioning is so poor! It's so expected, they usually joke about her playing into tennis condition every year at the Australians Open! It's something she could do something about! The ruthless schedule both tours observe can be voted on! What's happening is the top players are the ones being punished with such a long year because the majority of the other pros want and need the extra work and prize money! Filter some of that top money down to the lesser players and maybe they could vote in a lighter calender! We all know that "ain't" happening so they need to stop complaining about the long year and get into better shape so they won't get injured so easily!

    No time in recent memory have we had the women's ranking hanging by a thread for so long! You had a blip of controversy mid '85 when Evert had won the Aussie Open at the end of '84, then the French Open! By the time of Wimbledon the points were so close they made co-#1's with Evert at the top of the draw and Martina Navratilova at the bottom! Martina was a little shaky playing almost perfect tennis for 3 years, had to start wearing glasses, and was probably just plain tired, but got thru the draw and beat Evert in a 3 set final! We need Henin back to put Serena back in her place! lol!! The rankings will clear itself up soon after! It's funny that so many people were beating up Safina for not winning anything! Well Serena has won those 2 GS's and the YEC, but she's as devoid of good numbers as much as Safina was this past year! Have any of you ever seen anything like this? Too weird!

  41. I watch Faux Noise everyday! I gotta have ammunition if I'm going to undermine them! They make it so easy talking about being 'fair and balanced,' but at the same time using the excuse that there's a difference in their news shows and the commentary types in prime time! Those same "commentators" use that term "fair & balanced!" So someone's full of it! I choose to believe all of them are full of it! They will delude themselves for just a little while longer getting paid to exaggerate, spin, and outright LIE about the topics of the day! Hypocrisy reigns!! The most embarrassing show of course is Glenn Beck! When he signs off, the straight-jacket comes out to escort him back to his "mental bunker!" Hannity will soon follow! He thinks he's being so rational and smart talking about Palin, Rush, Cheney, Bush, & Rove! He gets affirmation thru the crooked polling of Frank Luntz! What another shady character!

    ***Bill Clinton unveils statue of himself in Kosovo ***

    Just one more reason for the "right" to lose their minds over this guy! They tried to destroy him with absolute trivia and he wound up outlasting them all! He was a very successful 2 term president, leaving the country in great shape; financially and politically at peace! He got his wife elected to a state they didn't even live in! Ran a good campaign for her election to president which netted her another position of Secretary Of State! It's just got to be killing these guys who are just "HATERS!" Their guy "W" is reviled around the world with his image being burned in effigy in most corners of the world while Clinton is acclaimed, being greeted as a hero and great man! Now a statue in a European country! I wonder how they spin this trying to make Clinton look bad and their guy something seeming more than a empty suit!

    ***Clinton is welcome anywhere in the world...'W' cannot step outside of the US for fear of being arrested for war crimes...but he'll be ok...he's down in Texas doing motivational speeches...THIS WAS OUR PRESIDENT FOR EIGHT YEARS...doing motivational speaking...what a country!

    Sleazy Bill is as narcissistic as ever;-D ***

    As usual, name-calling with nothing to support the accusation! So pathetic and juvenile! Such a pity, it's where they always go when nothing can be said that makes any sense! All you have to do is go back inside the last year! Obama was a terrorist sympathizer, socialist, nazi,narcissist, & racist; and this is from the so called "smart conservatives!" What a bunch of idiots!

    I'm not thrilled with either party, I just know I wouldn't vote for a scum-sucking Republican to save my life! All Republican politicians have shown themselves to be sheep who are LIARS, HYPOCRITES, and war-mongers! Too often they walk in lock-step following their leaders no matter how stupid the idea, law, bill, judge, or budget! For years I've listened to this BULL about lowering taxes and the cutting of spending! Never seems to happen! They spent more in Bush's term in the 1st couple years than the Dems did in the 8 years of Clinton! He's the one that held down spending, balanced the budget, and created a surplus for "W!" In less than a year, Bush gives away that money, lets Congress go nuts spending like crazy in their districts all the while saying they are a "fiscal responsibility" party! TOTAL BS!! In my eyes, I don't know how the Republican Party can recover from such a horrid period under their "rule" with Iraq, Afghanistan, the fall of Wall street, Katrina, and the national debt being doubled like that when they were in power!

  42. Such a double standard you people exhibit! People on the "right" who rant and rave about liberals, gays, blacks, & illegals don't count I guess! I wonder if these same sanctimonious conservatives were as critical of Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh with some of their racists and personal comments about Obama; "he's a racist, socialist, nazi, bigot!" Those same idiots that cheer these losers love Ann Coultier, Sean Hannity, Mike Savage, & Laura Ingraham! These people are the true haters and very unpatriotic! They want Obama policies to fail knowing if he goes down, we all do including moronic Republicans! They have money and fame from being haters, why should they care about you? When you complain about one side alone, you look ridiculous! I'll be the 1st one to complain about how corrupt all politicians are; Dem and Rep., but this one sided and delusional dislike of Obama is just too irrational to believe! Get a grip; everybody! There are no saints on either side!

    ***The great recession which is beginning to decline today was official started December 2007 all on the Bush/Cheney, GOP voter watch.. Bush/Paulson wanted first TARP to avoid a recession that was already long since in play! The recession was Bush's folly, end of story!***

    I couldn't have expressed this any better! There will be quite a few in denial, but I just wonder how outside of blaming the Dems since they were in charge of Congress, we all seem to forget those spending bills signed by Bush and written by the Republicans! They never saw a piece of pork they didn't like or want! Spending was so out of control in those early years of "W" and he didn't question any of it! All that mattered was his being able to undermine all of our credibility with starting a war under false pretenses, condoning torture, and running the country through politics and not policy! Bugging our phone calls, trying to quash any dissent with the scarlet letter of "unpatriotic" was only a few of the tactics used by this president to trample the constitution and "bill of rights!"

    It's like going back to Iran Contra! These so called genius pols can't remember what they had for lunch, but they want us to trust them with our national security! "I don't recall" should be stenciled somewhere in their political platform! When times are tough, go to "I don't recall!" They think that's better than lying, but believe me they can still be charged with something; if only Obama and his Justice Department would grow a spine! You can't let these criminals get away with what they did! They started a war with falsified intelligence reports, condoned and promoted torture, bugged our phones, abused the FISOR court system, and let large corporations get away with stripping their companies of assets! Then they have the nerve to criticize Obama for solutions he's using to try and recover from their incompetence! Why would anyone listen to creatures like Cheney, Bush, Gonzales, Rove, Libby, Rumsfeld, or Paulsen? They created all these problems and no one is really paying for it! Even though Libby was convicted of a felony, he never served a day of jail and has the nerve to be upset he wasn't totally pardoned by Bush! What a scum-bag!

  43. Only in this country will you find a political party that tries to use something like this as a negative to get back in power! So very pathetic of them and the people who appreciate such tactics! I've never been so disgusted with the Republican party as much as I have the last several years! Even when they are found to be "wanting" while in power, they continue to try and hurt their country with the most childish, trivial making behavior! It doesn't look like they will stop anytime soon still trying to put the kibosh on health care reform! Why should they care, they are taken care of? So for all of us to know and hold onto, a Nobel Prize is now worthless according to hateful conservatives! What a bunch of morons!

    Oh please help us all; we're such a screwed up country! Hypocrisy and contradiction should be our calling card for sure! We love to think of ourselves as being evolved and ahead of the rest of the world in ideas, integrity, and humanity; THAT'S BS of course! We are the only country that dismiss a soldier for being gay; even if well trained as a pilot costing us millions! We talk about being pro life, but those same knuckleheads are the main ones looking to put people to death in prison even though it cost more for that execution; $600 Thousand for life compared to over $2 Million for death penalty cases! Complaints are made about how corrupt DC is, but we send the same shady characters back to Washington every 2, 4, & 6 years!

    Greed has taken over big business where enough is never enough! How many of these thieves are whining about selling off a couple of their 7 homes just to make ends meet? Those poor, deprived millionaires! Even Senator McCain didn't know he owned 8 homes when asked! There used to be a covenant where big business took care of their employees; NO more! They are always looking to cut and consolidate staff rather than expand it! All in the name of the bottom line; their pockets! Even with all that's happening with our poor economy, the usury and stealing continues with our blessing! We just aren't too bright I guess and just won't learn and change things! Obama's doing his best to fix things, but his own party isn't even trying to help! They are too busy just trying to hold onto their seats not really caring about their own so called principles! I really gave up in 2004 when we gave "W" another 4 years to trash the country! Just unbelievable!

    Gawd, you guys sound like me! Mid 40's it was all downhill for me; all the way! Sleep apnea was slowly killing me until I got c-pap machine in 2006! I put on quite a bit of weight with inactivity and weakness while my mom is looking and feeling better! At almost 72 she has more drive and energy than I do! She just has a low threshold for frustration! A wrong turn on the road will make her head back home! lol!! I think a lot of what's ailing me is the stupidity that is going on with our public officials when they see how bad things are! It just drags me down to see people finding any reason to trash this president even though I'm no fan! He can't breath without someone criticizing him for a problem! ,,,

  44. ***SW #1 - (11/07 - 3/09)***

    Well I've changed my mind about the slams over the years due to how they've evolved! Back in my day, the French and Australian Opens weren't as big as the Masters; or even the WCT Championship! They've both come a long way in stature and have become the best believe it or not! The French actually gave more money back in the late '70's; Vilas & Borg got about $42,000+!! No one liked going down to Australian due to the distance and the court conditions; bad grass, very windy, and of course "bloody hot!" The only real game in town were the big 2, Wimbledon and the US Open!

    The Open almost fell out of favor due to their own inconsistency; changing from grass, to clay, then finally to cement within 4 years! That was a real joke! That's the only reason Conners will be remembered for winning on 3 different surfaces during that period; '74 grass (Rosewall), '76 clay (Borg), '78 cement (Borg injured)!! So what I'm going to do is rate them from decades ago to now! The French Open really shows who's great in the long run since it's so hard to win; clay being an equalizer for the hard-hitters and players who are all serve and nothing much else! Wimbledon was always a joke until the last few years! Anyone could win just serving out of their minds back in my day! That's why so many upsets occur, with unseeded people making final!

    The old days:

    1) Wimbledon
    2) U S Open
    3) French Open
    4) Australian Open


    1) Australian Open
    2) French Open
    3) Wimbledon
    4) US Open

    Saw John McEnroe on First Take today! They were asking him about the rivalry between Federer and Nadal and who's the best of all time! Federer is already there just one behind Pete Sampras, but he thinks "Nadal can take over if he continues to play like he is now for a few more years!" He compared him to Borg in winning 4 of 4 French Opens; Borg won 6 of 8! He rates them Laver with 2 Grand Slams, Sampras (14 GS), then Federer(13 GS)! "Nadal can be added to that list soon!" I like that he was honest enough not to place himself in their company! Funny Conners in the conversation even though he's won more tournaments than any other men! He had too many weakness and was really just 'hanging on' those last few years I guess!

    ***List your worst tennis moments!***

    1) Borg losing to Conners in 4 sets at '76 US Open (it was on clay; it was his time)

    2) Borg losing to McEnroe in 4 sets at '81 Wimbledon ( sent him into retirement)

    3) Martina Navratilova losing to Austin at '81 US Open

    4) Martina losing to Helena Sukova at '84 Australian Open (it would have been 7 GS titles in a row; 6 will have to do I guess) - '83 Wimbledon thru '84 US Open

    These were my 2 favorite players of all time with Martina holding up her end winning more tournaments in the history of the game, men or women; singles and doubles! Bjorn Borg had to settle with 6 French Open titles and 5 straight Wimbledons!

  45. ***Let them fail. GM management is clueless and greedy. UAW never hires the BEST WORKERS...... only family members.***

    I have no idea about the work ethic of these people, but overall, you have to admit these same workers pretty much let their union destroy the company! Legacy cost directly linked to what the UAW has done for decades didn't make the industry viable! It was inevitable! I have no idea how they even survived this long! I thought it was a joke Congress was considering to give all the auto makers 10's of billions of dollars, when in fact, none of these companies is even worth it; accounting-wise! The labor costs are absolutely crippling GM and Chrysler and they fully deserve to fail, but we don't want that! I guess the country is willing to foot their bills to help them get by, but it wouldn't bother me to let them go bankrupt just to get rid of those idiotic contracts! Did I hear when they release some of the older workers, they still receive 90% of their salaries! That's insane! They are practically supporting those families for life! No other company does that unless you want to count our own government! You hear horror stories of people being paid from multiple & different departments even after they retire!

    ***Republican pundits are the worst when it comes to hypocritical behavior. Glenn Beck is just the latest. It's due to the fact that most Republicans are too stupid to remember what was said yesterday let alone what was said a year or two years ago.

    You're bloviating now. Let's stick with the facts please. You've not proved any hypocritical behavior on the part of Glenn Beck thus far.***

    Oh pls! Just like a FOX clone to put a challenge out there knowing they will be found to be as uninformed as they love to call others; not to mention in total deni el! All you have to do is watch Keith O. on MSNBC! He daily points out hypocrisy, lies, and total disengenousness in both Glenn Beck and your hero Bill O'Reilly (Mr. Bloviate)! Glen needs to continue his therapy with the "choking up" act! Even if people felt like "enough already" with the 911 victims, it's tackless and quite ignorant to actually go on tv and complain about them! Even worse to lie about doing it! Bill O is exactly the same way! Neither can remember the "stupid" comments they made the previous day! I watch these clowns just so I have the ammunition to blow their fans out of the water! Bill actually blamed rape victims for how they dressed and even commented that kid in MO. who was kidnapped and living with his molester for 5 years enjoyed not going to school and riding his bike around with no responsibility! I don't know how these people survive scrutiny since they are both so disgusting! It just proves memories are not just bad on their part, the consumers are even worse!

    ***Spoken by a true Un-American, You and Moore are one of Earls commies. Bring us down from the inside,***

    I will never understand the mentality of this country! You state truths that embarrasses us and you're automatically called a commie, socialist, and worse yet unpatriotic! Talk about being in denial! What is wrong with telling the truth? You can't explain away atrocities we've committed by ignoring them and lambasting people who have the nerve to point this stuff out! We bull-dozed the American Indian, endorsed slavery, put Japanese citizens in internment camps, experimented on blacks at Tuskegee, and more! If someone just relates history, you shouldn't be attacked for it! Michael Moore is smarter than most, especially dim-bulbs like Bill O, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity that use him as a whipping boy every time they have nothing relevant to say! It's so easy to beat up on someone who says things "WE" the people hate to hear! Get over it! We're not saints! If Russia had pulled the same thing with IRAQ, we would have been all over them in the World Courts! Hypocrisy reigns!

  46. This has gotten so out of hand since Monica Seles! I do believe "grunting" is coached as much as anything including the "fist clench!" It's so contrived and unnecessary! If you really are straining to get to a shot, I expect a small gasp, but today's player do it if they hit a drop shot or lob the ball! It's so pathetic and deceitful! Like Martina said, it's a way of disguising the impact of a shot and the spin imparted by a player! I know you can't prove it, but they should do like Mills did with Seles, tell them to stop all that noise! Even Seles cut back when told to do so at Wimbledon years ago! They know exactly what they're doing out there on court!

    Ya have to admit, the networks are only going to telecast sports that are profitable to them! Money is tight and as you've seen over the past several years, NBC has almost gotten away from sports altogether! More and more sports, tennis in particular have gone to cable if seen at all! We get the Grand Slam's, but little by little all other events are being nixed for other programming! The reason, tennis is almost unwatchable! I said it years ago, the mindless kind of aggressive play is not entertaining! The new technology has made tennis more fun for the average player, but the pros have taken it to a level that just makes no sense! Hitting a winner practically hit from the stands isn't my idea of great play! So what, you closed your eyes and hit the ball as hard as you could and it nick the line! (YAWN) I miss the days of Ilie Nastase, McEnroe, Evonne Goolagong, and Martina Navratilova where there was some strategy on the court! You knew a plan was conceived and executed and it all was determined by the opponent! You don't get that these days! IT's boring and few people watch as much as they used to! Like McEnroe suggested, they should be made to go back to wood rackets; at least something smaller than the snow-shoes they play with today!

    At the World FS Chp. Evan will hold his own! Moroz has been good, but can he hold on to make sure we get 3 skaters at the Olympics? Abbot had a disaster last nite! As I thought, it "don't:" look good for us without Johnny! Looking forward to the final tonight! That was a gift to Joubert! What is up with these judges? The new scoring is supposed to eliminate scandal! He made an obvious mistake in his combination and still won the short over Lysacek and Chan? Bogus! If it was Plushenko, I could sorta understand it! The judges love him, but Brian "ain't" that special! He has a quad, but his run-out on it and his 3-Axel have never been that impressive! News on him talks about his playful program, it's strength, blah, blah, blah, but I just don't see it! We'll have to see what happens tonite I guess!

    The men did a great job! Doesn't look good for the women though! I can't wait for Chan to mature and I too prefer Johnny's skating over Evan's! ...

  47. ***Kirsten Powers Writes of ...'War On Women' For Years From Leftwing Misogynists..***

    You guys are so delusional! For you to equate the jokes or comments by the left to justify the jihad waged against women of late is as pathetic as it gets! You have Governors and Republican Houses around the country who are still trying to stop women from taking contraceptives, having abortions, or even make decisions to do so! Planned Parenthood has been maligned when only 3% of their procedures are abortions! They're there to screen women for cancer, but Republican FOOLS think all that's going on are abortions of 8 month fetuses! You're all fools and when they come for you idiots with straight-jackets, you'll be wondering "what happened?" Hopefully I'll be around to laugh at you bunch of F'n idiots!

    ***Good thing Kirsten works for Fox, MSNBC would fire her for speaking the truth as she has done.***

    Kirtsen is no real liberal! She allows these guys with bigger mouths to over-shout her so her views are usually drowned out! She's getting harder and harder to watch and listen to on FOX NEWS since she's so freakin' weak! She ought to smack Cal Thomas for some of the asinine statement he makes next to her! Jim Pinkerton is living in his own world just making up stuff as he goes along and Kirstin doesn't jump all over him for his pathetic lies! All of them do it on FNN! Saying "news" is a misnomer; esp. after 7 pm! That's when the lies and outrageous commentary go flying from O'Reilly, Hannity, and any other boobs on their shows that can't simply tell it like it is! They have to make up their own truths which are nothing but delusional lies!

    If there's so little female representation, guess who's fault that is; WOMEN? They make up most of the electorate and they are obviously voting against their interests since we have fewer women in Congress; esp in the Senate! If women are getting hosed, they're probably contributing to it by voting for conservative ass-holes that aren't exactly hiding their agenda! I'm losing sympathy for them if they want to do stupid stuff like this!

    ***If you're defending them..then you're either one of them or approve it!.***

    I don't approve of any of this back and forth! They're all supposed to be so smart, but they often get so frustrated they degrade themselves in the end! I understand some of the left's frustration though! You actually have women on the "right" siding with the misogynists by agreeing Miss Fruck is demanding payment for her to have sex as if taking the pill automatically means you're "sleeping around!" You would think other women would be out there, including Republican women to tell these fools "the pill" isn't just for contraception! It's a hormone thing needed by some women to prevent cancer, lessen blood during menstruation, etc! Why don't you hear more of a defense? Older women take the pill to get thru menopause and hot flashes! I'm not even a woman, but I seem to know more about the situation than them!

    ***It's the "EXTREME" view that the gov't shouldn't expand to forcing people to pay for others birth control... it's just a moderate view that there's no limit to the power of gov't.***

    I'll tell you neanderthals one more time, "the pill is not like Viagra or Cialis! You don't take it just because you're about to have sex! It's a daily admin. regardless of sexual activity!" Why is that so hard to comprehend? It's called hormone therapy and it helps prevents cancers for some women! OH I FORGOT, a lot of you are "Ditto-Heads!" Rush doesn't teach you any better! Sorry! Carry on! OBTW, Rush has to be a hypocrite and a liar since he's been married 4 times with no kids! Either the viagra doesn't work or these women are taking those very hormones he's condemning other women are taking! Grow up people!

  48. ***Allen Iverson Completely Broke After Blowing over $154 Million Dollars - It's actually closer to over $300 million when you're considering all the endorsement deals he had.***

    I don't even know why we're talking about this fool! He's been a mess since day one; being prosecuted as a teenager, to practically running Georgetown basketball as a freshman, he was always a discipline problem in the NBA! To the end he was being catered to and he expected it! His last ditch effort in Europe couldn't be enough; money or fame so that was a total waste of time! This guy was the hardest, body sacrificing player out there, but he wanted to play 5 on 1; him being the 1! Other players on the court were only obstacles to him scoring and he treated them as such; team mates included! Like Barkley and a few other players without chps, winning wasn't as important as being the reason they won! Who was more selfish than Brett Favre? Alan Iverson of course! Why should we be surprised he's broke? He never had much in the way of smarts, just listen to him for 5 secs; "we're talking about practice, not a game, we're talking bout practice!" What a moron!

    ***Wade always seems to skate, while LeBron gets killed for every little thing and Bosh simply goes unnoticed.***

    LeBron has given Skip Bayless of "First Take" more ammunition to beat him over the head with a "lack of a clutch gene!" I won't be able to watch the show monday morning! "Clueless" will wear out everyone on the set, pounding the desk and his chest, trying to convince people Bron's over-rated! He's already fashioned him as Robin to Wade's Batman! Truly clueless; hateful! What does he want from the guy?

    One of the best performances was by San Antonio Spurs' Robinson who scored 71 points against the LA Clippers on the last day of the '93-'94 season to win the NBA scoring title at 29.8 points per game. (Shaquille O'Neal finished at 29.3). His team fed him the ball needing every point to surpass O'Neal on the very last day of the season!

    ***Where Should Peyton Manning Go since being released by Indy?***

    When he gets "laid out," everybody will jump on the band-wagon for "after all the surgeries, why didn't he retire?!" I can see it now; not wishing anything on him, but this is football! He's going to get hit and you're going to hold your breath every time it happens! I think everyone concerned is complicit; Peyton for not giving it up, his family for supporting it, and any owner willing to pay him some ridiculous amount of money to risk his life at this point! It could be like a cop getting shot in his last week "on the job!" Sorry, but it's a possibility! With millions and endorsement deals now and yet to come; WHY?

  49. *** can't defend how bad this movie is, esp. when people behind the scenes acknowledge how terrible the movie is. Our hero himself, Blade, is barely in the film. He's made a secondary character in his own movie.***

    This movie may get a lot of "hater" reviews, but it's still entertaining! The assembly line mentality of the production works keeping the franchise relevant! Everything may be true about how poorly it was produced, but I watch it every time I surf by on cable! Love the music, the plot though weak, and the humor! The same is being said about the last "Star Trek" offering from 2009 and "Underworld: Awakening" recently! It won't stop me from watching because I like these franchises! If they put out another "Alien" or "X-Men" sequel, I'll be there!

  50. ***Let's also not forget the cruel attacks by RIGHTIST that Kristen Powers forgot to mention, like how ugly liberal women are...and how hot right wingers are? I wonder how many times that has been pointed out.***

    Not enough is said about both sides' abuses! Texas and now Virginia have had Governors sign restrictive measures with those invasive ultrasounds! Again, these same people talk about jobs, education, the economy, etc, but all they've done is try to curtail women's & union rights! It's a real jihad that women are supporting by voting for these Nazi's! They all lie to get into office and then we're shocked when they go off the reservation doing everything but what they promised! The Governors in Wisc., Ind., MI., VA., Fla, & TX. will all be in trouble after these past couple of years of tyranny against women's rights! HOW ANY WOMAN COULD VOTE REPUBLICAN IS BEYOND ME! They hate you guys; vehemently!

    Who changed the subject? BTW, I'll take a left-winger over a right-winger anytime! Left wingers (prog-lib) promoted women's suffrage, civil rights for blacks, voters rights in the 60's, and finally gays in military! Without left wingers, I might still be in chains, unable to vote, with a mom that would be little more than chattel to a husband! One of these days you'll evolve into the 21st century; one day maybe!

    ***if you think for 1 min. that any of those women who lived under those circumstances would approve of what was said by the left-wing misogynists in this article that Kirsten Powers exposes, then you are sadly misguided.***

    After all this commentary, I guess it gave you guys something to talk about since the economy seems to have turned around a little & unemployment on the wane! Since we're exporting more oil, the refrain of "drill baby drill" is falling on deaf ears! You've lost all your issues and you want to focus on something else; no matter how lame! This is another "birther" issue! More distractions! I feel so sorry for you guys! I'm not even an Obama fan thinking he could have done more, but you're making his job easier with constant sniping over non-issues! Now Hannity and O'Reilly have gone over the deep end promoting this controversy over a hug by Obama with a Harvard professor 20 years ago! It truly makes me sad to see the pathetic lengths some will go to try and discredit this man! Truly pathetic!

  51. ***FYI...I find so hypocritical for the left to criticize Bush and think he shouldn't have been elected b/c of an economy that boasted 5 and 6 percent unemployment...but find that 8.3% is a reason to re-elect a Dem!***

    Even with all the foot-dragging and filibusters perpetrated on this "do nothing Congress," of course "they" didn't have anything to do with it? What's telling is while we had all this obstruction by Republicans, the country is still turning around and YOU PEOPLE can't stand it! You constantly point out the negative and conveniently forget the positives! It's so pathetic, but what else can you do? Keep on doing what you do, it's only helping Dems take back the House! Thanks! - Obama only has to list his achievements and your representatives look like real ninnies! Osama was killed, troops are coming home, unemployment is going down, the DOW is way up, confidence in what's going on is definitely trending up! Your negativity can't change that, no matter how much you try! PLS GROW UP!

    ***And thanks to Obama we now have an additional $5+ Trillion of additional Nat'l Debt. Who woulda thunk it...?***

    You can throw whatever figure you want out there! That debt is not Obama's! The bills of "off budget" governing from "W's" admin. has come due; "thanks GEORGE!" Unbelievable you could blame Obama, but why should I be surprised? Where did you think those bills for 2 wars, the prescription drug bill, & no child left behind went? They've come due along with a couple trillion dollars in tax cuts to the rich over the past decade! Again, "thanks George!" Where are all these extra jobs that were supposed to be created? We're still waiting! Gawd, some of you can be so gullible! Just look at the states run by the "right;" falling on hard times due to their own incompetence! They're now called "low info" voters and you can have them!

  52. ***How Do People Suffer Thru Watching Ed Schultz? - ..I wish he would speak the truth...he's not doing any of you liberals a favor by spinning for the left and taking big bucks from the unions to speak well about them.***

    Trying to discredit Schultz isn't going to quiet him down! He's the loud-mouth counterpart to Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, and other right-wing nuts on the radio! The only difference is Schultz doesn't have to fabricate his outrage and the news! These others disreputable morons make up their shows as they go along; regardless of the truth! "Climate change is a huge hoax, 'Obama's a Socialist, Marxist, Muslim, pals around w/ terrorist & worse,' and Obama's health plan will be a blight on America" even though they initially proposed single-payer thru "The Heritage Foundation" years ago! What a bunch of idiots; them and us for listening to such drivel! If these clowns could just be a little more consistent with their criticism, they might be a little scary! As of now, these are just HUGE JOKESTERS and the people who give credence to their "hate-speech" are just as embarrassing!

    ***Will America Survive?***

    After electing "W" twice, I felt we were "done!" Common sense was non-existent then and we're losing more each election cycle! We know how corrupt our politicians are, but can't be bothered holding them responsible for deregulating the "money people" of Wall Street and Big Oil! Obama has been trying to shame Congress into dropping subsidies to both when they are making money "hand over fist!" It doesn't seem to matter to them how high gas prices are while making record profits! The people are expected to give them a "tip" I guess when promises of creating new jobs was made when in fact 200,000+ jobs are being cut yearly by the oil industry!

    They've set themselves up with leases that aren't being utilized because we have cut consumption! We've been exporting it of late! The price is still going up! That's crooked; being made worse with our Congress slipping them incentives and subsidies they don't need! Deficits only grow when we allow Congress to just throw money away while cutting taxes at the same time! Like I said, common sense has gone out the door!

    ***Can A US Supreme Court Justice Be Impeached And Removed From Office?***

    Congress is gutless; they won't reign in those FELONS on the SC! Thomas and Scalia have openly supported "The Heritage Foundation" with Thomas' wife getting almost a million dollars for her lobbying! After he was busted for not reporting that money he should have been impeached! They all but admit they are above the law! The Justices on the "left" are expected to respect the office & recuse themselves when appropriate! The others feel they can do whatever they please with impunity! Unfortunately Roberts & Alito are fairly young and will act political at every turn! Thomas and Scalia definitely need to go and soon!

  53. ***Republicans Santorum/Gingrich Played By The Rules...Democrats Didn't..Now Voter Fraud Charges...***

    What a freakin' joke! A truly pathetic argument going on here since the Republican primaries have been rife with fraud! Votes mysteriously disappearing, then turning up to give Santorum IOWA when it had been awarded to Romney! Other states so far have had more than criminal behavior behind the scenes, changing the rules, counting or not counting votes on a whim! I have to laugh when I hear Republicans complaining about voter fraud! No group has shown itself to be as lawless as the RNC when it comes to the vote!

    Anyone who supports a Republican, I have to question their sanity! Self interest should tell you to look somewhere else! They've been on a "Jihad" against minorities (blacks, illegals, gays), women, "Planned Parenthood," unions, and public education for the last 30 years! These people are truly "bent" knowing that lowering taxes will only depress the economy more! They're purposefully driving the country into bankruptcy and I find it amazing they have so much support!

    They want to dismantle the safety net only b/c they have been so successful and were created under the Democratic party! Obama's admin. has actually been the 3rd Bush term, but all you hear about are complaints even when ideas from "the right" are proposed and implemented! Obama's health-care plan came right out of the "Heritage Foundation," but it's unacceptable since Obama got it passed! It doesn't matter to them that Obama got Bin Laden, has used drones to kill more terrorists, and deported more illegals than Bush in less than 3 years! The utter disgust I have for Republicans can't be expressed! All our wounds are self inflicted by taking on these radical "Tea Partiers" who won't be happy until the country is destroyed! They truly are working hard at it!

    Cantor's the one really running the House! Speaker Boehner has been castrated by him and can't seem to get anything done! Pelosi can pass over 200 pieces of legislation a year and Boehner can't even get one budget passed successfully! Republicans in general are pretty pathetic and really don't care if we go under! They are openly wishing and hoping for the worst; gas prices, the economy, & unemployment! Some truly sick puppies out there on the "right!" Even with all the good #'s out there, you have these same pinheads talking it down! It's never good enough! Now if they were in power, we're supposed to wait, give it time, it'll all improve eventually! Gawd these people need some serious psychological help along with the FOOLS who vote for them!

  54. Hillary Rosen mentions Anne Romney's never working a day in her life and they're ready to execute the woman for her comments! What a bunch of losers and hypocrites!

    ***Your kidding right? The people who are accusing Republicans of a (fake) "war on women" makes a comment that disparages home maker mothers and we are the "losers and hypocrites"?***

    I'm surprised woman vote for Republicans at all! There's been a constant Jihad on women! Romney agreed on the closing of Planned Parenthood! Laws are being put on the books making it harder and harder to get an abortion! Kansas is just about a "police state!" "Person" laws being issued so that even at conception, you can be responsible for murder if anything happens to a baby! You have got to be kidding me! I can go on, but if you're wacky enough to go along with the master plan, why should I care? I don't need Planned Parenthood or any of the other cancer screenings they're doing! Wake up, you're being "bamboozled!"

    ***I'm surprised all women don't vote Republican. If not for Republicans, they wouldn't have got the vote. Just like Republicans freed the slaves and voted in higher %'s for the civil rights act, voted in higher %'s to give women the vote. Democrats were against it.***

    You're not keeping up with your history! There's been this juxtaposition where Dems became Republicans and visa versa; didn't you hear? Republicans are now the ones that want to shackle women, minorities, illegals, gays, etc.! Yeah, they hate their mothers, sisters, and daughters! Why else would you try to create circumstances to take away rights that have already passed? Like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said last week, if Republicans don't believe there is a war on women, "go ask your mothers, daughters, & sisters!" McConnell sat there and lied saying Republican female senators "don't have a problem with the direction we're heading!" That was a colossal lie! Let's go to the video tape! In recent weeks all of them have questioned "what the hell" are we doing? How embarrassing for this fool and the people who support him! These people can't possibly be as religious as they purport; heaven knows they're going to burn in hell for the stuff they've been pulling of late! I find it unbelievable they sit up there "ragging" and downing the economy and employment when it's turned around! That is probably one of the most treacherous things I've heard in a while, but Republicans are full of that! They always over-reach!

    They had an issue with Hillary Rosen's insult of Anne Romney! Of course they overplayed their hand, now they have to walk back everything! A Christian League decided to take a swipe at Rosen by condemning her statements and added on their own little insult that "Rosen was just a lesbian who couldn't have her own children so she adopted 3!" Very nice! So now that they've shot "adoptions" in the head, they have to walk back their comments! They will never learn; just total morons!

  55. Beckel "Goes Off" on Hannity: "F..bomb" dropped twice (LIVE) - (00:24)

    ***Bob Beckel didn't realize when the commercial break ended during last night's final segment of Hannity, caught in a heated off-camera argument with fellow panelist Neal Boortz. ...and as the cameras started rolling, the first words on national tv were, "You don't know what the "fuck" you're talking about."

    Bob Beckel was obviously carrying on with an off-air argument and missed any cue about going back live. So he finished yelling at Neil Boortz, "You don't know what the fuck you're talking about."

    Sean Hannity tries to get him to apologize, and Beckel absolutely refuses. Then Hannity tries to inform him that they were on air. Beckel refuses to acknowledge that. Then when he finally realizes he just dropped a two-ton F-bomb on live tv he apologizes and blames Hannity for not telling him he was on the air...***

    You expect a network like MSNBC to hire "right-wing nuts" like Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham to shore up lagging ratings? lol! I don't think so! They can't even have Ann on for a few minutes; her ideas and commentary are so extreme and crazy! If you want fake news and talk, stay with Fox; I'll just surf by periodically to catch them doing or saying something stupid; as usual!

    The guests that are being featured are "king losers" by the way! Dick Morris? Bernie Goldberg? Dennis Miller! Monica Crowley? Laura and Ann? Yeah, they represent very well; NOT! I've watched Hannity since '97 when he was being reigned in a little by Alan Colmes! He quickly lost his sanity and for the most part is a babbling idiot with few people around to "call him" on his bullshit!

    *** in the heck could we forget the famous Joe Scarborough...Mark Halperin referring to Obama as a DICK!....moment? Scarborough's reaction was PRICELESS!***

    Oh I loved it! It totally "blew up" that notion about drinking the "kool-aid!" You had a conservative Dem. use disparaging words and called the President a filthy name! That should put an end to that conservative BS! Obama has many detractors who are supporting him trying to avoid the alternative! Heaven knows I've called this the 3rd Bush term! He's compromised himself to the core and still YOU people aren't happy! There was a "surge" in Afghanistan, more drone strikes on terrorist, record arrests and deportations of illegals in his 3+ years, tax cuts extended, and still you guys bitch and moan! It must be in your freakin' DNA; just never "F'..n" happy!

  56. ***Gingrich said. "And there's no question that Fox had a lot to do with stopping my campaign b/c such a high % of our base watches Fox."***

    Santorum said the same thing a couple weeks ago! FNN is without a doubt the most bias outlet! They spend a great deal of time attacking the other networks because they're always being criticized for their bias! Tape is shown showing them being the usual; hypocrites and liars! They complain about Dems inciting violence against Zimmerman in FLA, but I'm still looking for some sympathy and an apology for getting that nut to shoot Doctor Tiller in Kansas! Bill O'Reilly was championing doing anything to stop "Tiller, the baby-killer!" He got his wish and of course he's stayed "mum" on the subject! I think the family should sue him and the network! They would be saying the same thing if the reverse had happened! Typical idiots!

    ***Rachel Maddow Makes History and Triumphs over the War On Women - Republicans tried to target Rachel Maddow in their war on women, but Maddow made history by calling out the GOP’s condescending misogyny on Meet The Press.***

    These surrogates are looking more and more ridiculous attacking with arms flailing about! It's almost embarrassing to see it! You would think they would lose all kinds of credibility after being called out on some of their more outrageous charges and accusations! They complain about Obama rubbing it in their faces taking out Bin Laden! They are still chewing up Carter on his failed attempt to rescue hostages back in '79 so spare me the hyperbole! These people are liars and hypocrites and can't possibly be as religious as they claim! They are destined to go to "Hell" with some of the crap they've spewed since Obama took over! They just can't stand it and show how irrational the most respected Republicans are; just listen to to the railings of McCain, Boehner, & others who expect us to believe Obama's the most divisive president in history! "Give me a freakin' break!"

    ***Fox News Sunday turns into a Bible Thumping Lovefest. - Just trying to find out where our right wingers are getting their notions.***

    I agree! If you're going to question or object to what they stand for, you have to know about it first! I never miss sat's, "Wash. Journal & Fox News Watch!" They attempt the most in being impartial, but they slip periodically! The irrational prime time line-up is another thing! Bill O'Reilly can't help but misinform always pontificating how above "the main stream media" he has become! Btw, Bill must be hitting Methuselah territory! I've been watching him since '98 coming on before Catherine Cryer and Hannity & Colmes! To relate to any of his guests or persons who emails him, he says he knows the area well and lived there for 2 years! He's lived and taught in every corner of the planet if you listen to him! It can be somewhere in Ireland and he's been there! Then we have an ignorant "drop-out" like Sean Hannity wielding a lot of power on his show and his radio hours every day! He says he doesn't dispute the president's birth or religion, but every week he has these lame topics to invoke the discussion; "why do 34% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim?" Very low rent news commentary show there; a real joke!

  57. ***Ted Nugent Booted From Army Concert***

    I'm glad that picture of the Dixie Chicks was posted! Whenever I hear the whining about freedom of speech and the hypocrisy of it all, I invoke their name! People like Nuggent, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Ingraham, Coultier, & all the rest of the rightwing "hit squad" went after these little girls for exercising their rights and we saw what happened! They didn't even say anything that bad! I'd be embarrassed if I was from Texas too after dealing with 3 terms of "Bushes" as President! They gave us nothing in totality! It's truly a pathetic record if you add it all up; or try anyway! It was a sad era broken up by the success of Clinton! We can only hope to continue this trend now with Obama! Just what we need is to go back to the 50's with Romney! What a loser; rich, but still a loser! I cringe when he tries to speak off the cuff! It's just so sad! "Those cookies don't look like you baked them...!" Who does that; anywhere?

    ***...that theme is that Republicans are mean, intolerant, racist, homophobic, horrible people who no decent person could ever vote for. The war on women, the war on Blacks, now a war on gays. Republicans are at war with all but one narrow, fading and bitter subsection of American society, and Obama is the shining knight who will lead the charge against them.***

    And?? You seemed to have covered it all! lol! - Such hypocrites complaining about this paper reaching back to Romney's high school high-jinks! Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and the rest of that mafia railed on Obama's intro of what they thought to be a "radical faculty member at Harvard" 20 years ago! How soon we forget! It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic! The complaints are only valid if a Republican makes them! If it's someone else, it's political or they have an agenda! Republicans have an agenda; drive the country into bankruptcy to eliminate all "New Deals!" These fools hate the "Great Society" programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and possibly even Civil Rights! Heaven knows they are trying to limit people's rights to vote around the country with an all out assault on minorities, old people, and students! Just keep doing what you people are doing! One of these days the truth with be acknowledged what a bunch of evil ass-holes you really have been and continue to be!

  58. ***Mitt Romney Has A Truth Problem***

    Romney does have a veracity problem! You can only say "you don't recall" so many times when sooner or later either your competency or honesty will be in question! I've seen him argue both sides of an argument too many times! I saw his logic and support of an issue change within 3 sentences of answering a single question! It evolved before he was able to swallow, take a breath, and give you that quality "deer in the headlights" look! The man has no real convictions he's willing to talk about! I don't want or need to talk about his religious beliefs, but he certainly is staying clear of it! I doubt he'll be stupid enough to question Obama's Christianity again! He really doesn't want to open that "can of worms" up again! Hard to believe this guy has 2 degrees from Harvard! I'm not impressed!

    ***Harry Reid does to kids what Obama has done to the economy. still falsely claiming stolen valor by claiming to be a Wounded Warrior?***

    Well we know Romney didn't break a nail in Paris avoiding Viet-nam, so he couldn't be a wounded warrior! This whole thread has to be a joke since no one has lied about their own history as much as Mitt! He couldn't even tell the truth about a picture he's in w/ his dad! Supposedly it's a car show, but is really the World's Fair! The guy is shameless! As for unfounded accusations, I'm still waiting for apologies from the knuckleheads that wouldn't give Obama credit for being an American! They question his loyalty, patriotism, and religion! I laugh in the face of stooges that get all huffy about liars! Look in the mirror sometime!

    ***It's Harry Reid who doesn't understand...he keeps on lying.***

    Where's the lie? You might say they're unfounded statements, but not necessarily a lie! There's only one way to find out; give up the tax returns! All I heard for months about Obama was "show us your birth certificate!" Are we in the middle of more "double standards" BS? Shocking! Such hypocrites! They can spew it, but they can't take it! I don't condone Reids actions, but Dems are sick of letting the "right" crap all over them without fighting back trying to stay above the fray! 2010 was a wake-up call so if you make unfounded accusations, expect retaliation; even if unseemly! Where are those "death panels?" Just blame yourselves for dragging politics into the gutter! As Romney says, "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander!" The accusation that Obama is trying to hinder military voters is total BS! Right out of his disgusting mouth came a lie from Mitt! Did you all attack him for it? I doubt it!

  59. ***Tell us what the liberal Democrat "Do Nothing" Party has done? Still waiting....***

    What a joke with Congress on perpetual vacation getting nothing done! Boehner has wasted his tenure in that seat and I can't wait for him to be bounced! ALl he's sponsored are anti-abortion bills, attacks on Planned Parenthood, and other legislation putting women and immigrants in the cross hairs! And they question what is this "war on women" and why they're so low in the polls with them and the Latin community! What a bunch of idiots! Even Rubio won't be able to help them if put on the ticket! "Please do it!"

    ***As that "Romney killed my wife" ad shows, there is no depth below which these people won't stoop to lie about their opponents.***

    You guys would know I guess! No one but "right-wing" slime has slithered so much in the sewer before in these situations! I find it hilarious faux offense is taken from minor stuff when Republicans lowered the bar so many years ago! Everything is fair game now; wives, family history, business! You did it to yourselves! You maligned war heroes like Kerry(2004) and McCain (2000) and you get upset with a commercial? Cry me a freakin' river! Nothing is sacred in my book anymore after the treatment of Obama; questioning his religion, nationalism and patriotism, citizenship, & honor! His family is still be maligned trying to insinuate a brother into the picture he's never met! Please spare me the outrage on negative campaigning!

    ***Obama released his tax returns so The Mitt apologist need to get with the program and tell him to release those bad boys.***

    Facts and recordings won't get in the way of how they want to run this pathetic campaign! It's unfortunate you can't take the word of Romney! He's flip flopped on everything from politics to lunch! It's embarrassing to see him be so definitive and clear about his position one day only to go 180 the other way within the same statement! Doesn't he realize tape from his past campaigns will show what a hypocrite and liar he really has been since the primaries! Gingrich outright called him a liar on CNN! This is nothing new! No one, even rivals of his own party "care for the guy!" He doesn't seem to stand for anything so the least he can do is come clean on his taxes! We will probabaly find out he paid little if any taxes; esp. during the periods where losses can be written off in 2009! I really don't care how much the guy has made, but it really bugs me when so called job creators send their ill-got gains thru venture capitalism abroad and don't bother to re-invest in this country as promised! Why give tax breaks to these clowns if all they're going to do is hoard the money like rats? So much for "trickle down" unless you like being pee'd on!

  60. With as bad as things are with Republicans trashing Obama for all 4 years, it's a wonder he's still in control of this election! High unemployment, jobs staggered with Republican obstruction, and nat'l debt sky high thanks to previous admin.! He's lucky the competition is so incompetent that he should squeek in and change the record for re-election with such horrible numbers attributed to him! I don't blame him, but this hasn't been a new day in DC in the least! It's only getting worse each year, but that's the people's fault for sending nuts int there to represent them! Nothing can get done with the present day attitude! All our problems are self-inflicted so I have no sympathy for our predicament! We have shaped this mess and need to take responsibility for it!