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TOP CHEF; from Nov '07 on ...

Season 8 - All Stars
Another embarrassment here with TOP CHEF being on my "must see" list! I used to watch them over and over again! I came in on it mid Season 1 and got caught up in the drama of competition! The last few seasons haven't been that compelling and the challenges are a misnomer! These people are smart, talented, and have a huge drive to succeed! It's amazing to see the lengths people will go to win even when they know the whole world is watching and monitoring every word! I suppose you are expected to do anything when you are fighting for your dream of becoming a "Head Cook," (errr) The Top Chef! Like the blog above dealing with PR, this will be an acct of what I post on MB; esp. one on (Prev.TV mb)! Additions: Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen, & Chopped

The comments framed between the "***" belong to other posters!

Top Chef Holiday SpecialTiffani over Marcel & CJ - (Chicago)

4 Star ALL STAR - Harold (Sn 1)** & Co. -d- Sam (Sn 2)*** & Co. (Miami Beach)

Season 1 Winner: - Harold over Dave and Tiffani - - - - - - (Las Vegas)

Season 2 Winner: - Ilan over Marcel, Sam, and Elia - - (Waikoloa Village, Hawaii)

Season 3 Winner: - Hung over Dale and Casey - - - - - - - - - (Aspen)

Season 4 Winner: - Stephanie over Richard & Lisa - - - - (Puerto Rico)

Season 5 Winner: - Hosea over Carla and Stefan - - - - - - (New Orleans)

Season 6 Winner: - Michael V. over Bryan V. and Kevin - - - - - (Napa)

Season 7 Winner: - Kevin over Angelo and Ed - - - - - - - - (Singapore)

Season 8 Winner: (All-Stars) Richard over Michael & Antonia - (Bahamas)

Season 9 Winner: - Paul* over Sarah, Lyndsey, & Bev^ - - - (British Columbia)

Season 10 Winner: - Kristen ^ over Brooke and Sheldon - - - (Los Angeles)

Season 11 Winner: - Nick over Nina, Shirley, & Louis^ - - - (Maui, Hawaii)

Season 12 Winner: - Mei over Gregory, Doug,^ & Melissa - - - (Mexico)

Season 13 Winner: - Jeremy over Amar,^  Isaac & Marjorie - - (Las Vegas)

Season 14 Winner: - Brooke^ over Shirley and Sheldon) - - (Mexico)

Season 15 Winner: - Joseph^ over Adrienne, Joe S., & Carrie - (Telluride)

 - Reprint: - Posted on 10/10/06

"Top Chef is a new reality show that airs on Bravo TV in the US. It's a cooking contest show where contestants vie for the privilege of being crowned Top Chef. (And some prize $$$ too.) I'm rather addicted to reality TV. I loved Project Runway and most of all, ..........Top Chef's chief judge is Tom Collicchio.

My reaction: What a pretentious, overblown and pile of crap is this? This is "fusion" at its very worst. This is what turns people off fusion. He deserves to die, in the culinary sense."

** - Harold w/ Dave, Tiffani & Stephen (cap*) - *** - Sam w/ Marcel (cap*) Ilan & Elia

^ - Last Chance Kitchen Winner - ( * - won quick fire challenge; 1 handed egg prep.)


  1. Season 5:

    ***All those guest judges look alike after a while. Yeah, I remember that guy Yakura. Can we say pompous?***

    Pompous? Who on this show isn't? lol! Tom C. is constantly talking about what he would have done in the same situation as the cheftestants! "No Shit Colicchio? You've only been a mainstream top chef for 50 years!" What a jerk! Anthony is a know-it-all, but he's funny! Gale just follows Tom's lead actually contradicting herself at times! Rocco has settled down into being a nice guy and very good judge! I'll take Anthony and Rocco anytime over any of these other bozos!

    ***No Anthony and no Ted! Pompous? For sure. They can be real assholes and they piss me off at times...but, I love them anyway.I will miss them both.***

    That was me who said Bordain was pompous, but he's also the most entertaining! Remember back in S3, maybe the 1st episode, he was called out from a reference in his book dealing with serving! He looked at the guy and called him an S..O..B! lol! It was funny! Mike is very rude, but he makes me laugh too! From S2, RW, he asked someone about so much shit on the plate at serves! lol! I think he hammered Ilan for an extra bowl for his veggie! Sam was also eviscerated for that watermelon-cheese dessert by the judges and patrons!

    ***That was Howie. He left of a dish and thought he was a goner. Nice save have to say. Good thing Clay's dishes sucked as bad as they did.***

    That still ticks me off! They ran Clay out of there and Howie didn't even complete the assignment! That was as bad as on Season 3 of Project Runway when Keith didn't design an outfit for his dog, but Bonnie was "run" because the hem on a dress wasn't finished! Judging is so scatter-brained on these shows! You know the producers are getting involved saying "this person is 'great' tv! Let's save him for another week or 4!" How in the world did Spike and Lisa make it as far as they did last season! That was ridiculous with them being in the bottom 3 week in and week out! I'll never trust the judging again! Love the cooking, but hate the results of it at times!

    ***That is true, Jay. Hate the results sometimes...but, LOVE the whole package.***

    I'm devastated! My eye-candy is gone! What am I to do now? Jeffrey's a nice 2nd I guess! I'll miss those red cheeks of Patrick a lot; all 4! He reminded me so much of Finnish Professional poker player, Patrik Antonius! (weeping) -

    ***You will just have to remember him affectionately leaping into Richard's bear-hug!

    I'm going to remember that too, but "affectionately" isn't exactly the adjective I'd use. ...I was really hoping Patrick would stay and he and Richard would"special friends."***

    Oh come on! lol! Richard has eyes only for Colicchio! I just wrote, Tom has his stalker for the season! lol!!

    ***I think that comment from Adriane made Tom re-think his opinion of her, based on her bio. I know I'm going to have to watch her, and maybe drop her from my top 5.***

    I also thought she was "toast" talking about going to a book! They emphasized the horror of such a thing with the music; BOOM! lol!! I would have auf'd her after that! Come on! She had no excuses with 20 years of experience and owner of an establishment! I think she mentioned that; not like I care! We're going to go thru this crap some more with the judging being out of whack! They save some 'nebbish' that has no right making it half way thru the season! Happens every year! Look at Spike and Lisa from last season! 2 of the most unpleasant and "bad" chefs ever made the final few! Disgusting!!

  2. ***I thought the quickfire was a clever competition. I have not viewed all of the other seasons, have they done this before? It seemed to be poetic justice that Hosea won and Stephan had to settle for second place. A piece of humble pie every once in a while will do him no harm I dare say.***

    Well I saw Gordon Ramsey do that same QF challenge on Hell's Kitchen! The chefs had to name the ingredients in a dish he prepared and the winner got a day trip to Las Vegas; taking another chef with her! I'm so tired of my namesake bitching and moaning from start to finish! My GAWD, Jamie has been in the top often and all she can do is complain, "I haven't won anything!" Hey; feel fortunate 'you' haven't been in the bottom and on the chopping block! Also, what is all this animus towards Stefan? Is it all jealousy? Everyone seems to have it "in" for this guy! He can be bossy, but he knows his stuff!

    ***Danny was asked to pack his knives and go. It was a very close call between Danny and Eugene.***

    Danny had to go! Last week "mugging" for the camera, talking about how good he was! And he obviously doesn't pay attention to the show! Why on Earth would you add mushrooms to that dish? Hasn't he seen that the judges are like "death" on each dish that has mushrooms? "They weren't seasoned well, they were cold, whatever!" They really hate bad mushrooms and aren't forgiving when it comes to that little fungus! lol!! MORON! Up to the last he thought he did a great job! Lucky Carla didn't 'bite it' since she didn't say anything about the addition! Eugene probably should have been auf'd with the bad rice and not telling the ladies to roll those ingredients to make sushi!

    ***Jamie was the epitome of gracelessness! She's a poor loser and a worse winner!***

    So true! What is this feeling of "I deserve to win" mentality that's with these people? I was hoping Jamie would lose out again and 'kvetch' some more! If she even says scallop again, I may have to commit hari-kari; (oopps I forgot I gave away my sword)!

    Those 2 had to go! Neither have impressed me yet! "Carla you dodged another bullet!" Why is it when these people do a dish they've done a million times, it comes out awful? So sad! You sure these people can cook?

    I didn't look back! Did any one talk about the can goods snobbery! What a bunch of a-holes! That is such an insult to all the hardworking single moms who have little or no choice to use such goods!

    ***No one has commented yet on that. But I agree with you Jay.

    I use can green beans all the time. I prefer them to fresh and especially over frozen.***

    This was almost predictable! Ariane had been skating thru with wins that weren't that impressive! Last week she babies some lamb watching it every minute, then tries it again! She had to go! It all caught up with her! Bout time! Now if we get rid of Jamie, my namesake, I'll be almost happy! lol!! Her whining is just too much to deal with! "Grow up GIRL!" lol!! - Leah and Hosea; (steamy stuff next week)

    ***Jay~ They can't get rid of the last of team rainbow.....where's your loyalty? LOL!! At least she isn't as bad as Lisa from last season, the queen of sabotage and whine!

    Well....I think Leah should have gone home personally...she was the one who tied the lamb up and if it wasn't rolled correctly,***

  3. ***TC does have a rep for bootin' the cutest guy first...Ever since Clay...JMO...***

    Oh Clay from S3 was alright, but he was just a mild-mannered country boy from what I remember of him! His amuse bouche was a flop, but it was shocking to see him auf'd since Howie had an incomplete dish; wasn't all on the plate! That was "BUSH-league" judging! "Tom C. you stink! You let personal issues cloud your judgement at times!" Stefan was by far the best chef in S5, but his attitude stunk! He's German for GAWD-sake! lol!! I still think Richard was nixed when he was obviously hitting on his "BEAR!" lol! Maybe the "mrs" said "get rid of him!"

    ***I was heartbroken....when John Besh was not selected for The Next FN Star.***

    I was just as disappointed! I know he's better than that! He's used many times as a judge or talking head dealing with cooking! John was one of the tasters in New Orleans last season! I still feel sick remembering what Casey did to Carla! She totally convinced her to go in a particular direction and it all failed! As I've said before, Casey is a black widow! Befriend her at your own peril! lol!! How many times did she talk about being close to one of the chefs, then they're history the very next challenge? Is it a coincidence? Hmmm!

    ***I loved Carla, but if you change your menu to please your sous chef ; who has nothing to gain, then shame on you. It's not Casey's fault that Carla lost her very individual style of cooking by listening to her. You didn't see Hosea or Stefan second guess their menu. That's why they were more successful.***

    Speaking of overpriced burgers, watched a show on the subject on the Travel Channel! A place in NY was selling a regular old hamburger for $41! Might be reasonable; Big glob of KOBE beef infused in the center with your fixin's of onion, cheese, ..., with tater totes! Mustard is infused with champagne, ketchup a special chipotle mix, and on and on to justify 'rippin' ya off!' lol!! The gold leaf is so sick; in NY $1000 pizza with gold leaf, caviar, truffles, etc! I wonder are those execs that lived like that still literally flush money down a toilet! IDIOTS!

    Well from Season 1 the most memorable things are Andrea getting a 2nd chance when we lost a body! The old lady had a father in the hospital! Andrea was brought back to keep things in balance! Let's see, RuPaul brought out the sleaze in food, and Tiffany kept alienating herself from everyone all the way thru the season! All 4 sous chefs in the finale went for Harrold as TOP CHEF!

  4. Missed "Restaurant Wars" for season 1! That one was my faves! These were the best of the best and they were all so pompous; Stephen, Tiffany, Dave, Miguel! This was one of more humorous episodes with Stephen walking the space, overdoing it trying to choose and pay for the decor, as well as being arrogant enough to believe that Harrold's team with Tiff was being called 1st to give them the bad news that everything went Lee Ann, Stephen, and Miguel's way! "Our food was 'fly'!" What an idiot! You had Tiffany sacrificing the name she was to use for her own rest.! "Oh cry me a river girlie! American Workshop has been claimed I'm sure many times before! Nothing original there!"

    Miguel was just a colossal fraud! He was always "in the weeds!" If he wasn't using sugar instead of salt, he was ordering fish at the grocery store and not having it scaled! What another idiot! I'm so glad Dave won the challenge! It had to break the face of Tiffany; it was her dream to go to Europe! "And??" Most do! lol! She was just too rude to win even though she knew what she was doing! Love watching her getting called out on her "rip off" credit of Dave's desserts in the finale!

    ***Season one ROCKED..... It really did and nothing will ever capture that magic again. It was all so new and fresh and naive and innocent really.****

    From Top Chef Reunion Dinner: - Excuse me, "Marcel seemed really defensive?" Obviously you must have had an easy childhood! No one wants to be reminded of being harassed, bullied, or made fun of! Idiots like Sam, Cliff, Ilan, Michael, & Betty went way over the line concerning Marcel! This was a kid and he was humiliated, assaulted, and made to feel insignificant since they did all this on tape! They had no shame and he really needed that jerk Fabio trying to push some button to make good tv! He should have told him off just like he did Toby! I'm sure it was a real shock to the panel that someone finally stood up to their "more than rude" comments and criticisms!

    ***...Fabio was giving him the chance to give his side of everything, and to speak about it with the perspective of time... And I don't think that is unfair question. After all it was show on national television..***

    I bet people think I'm some fan of Marcel's! NOT!! I just don't think anyone should be treated the way he was! He did nothing that would condone screeching at him the way Sam did at one store, screaming like Ilan making fun of Marcel's foam, and the constant insults from someone that was supposed to be mature in Betty! I dislike a lot of people! I don't go off the deep end like they did! I avoided idiots like Marcel by working with computers! I tended to work 2nd or overnight shifts to skip office politics! Some might say Marcel is looking for trouble getting involved in an occupation that forces close interaction with people who may hate his guts! Poor thing! "I feel your pain Marcel!"

    ***LOL... by the way you were defending Marcel it did seem like you were a fan. So I take it you don't like Betty, Ilan, or Sam either? Who are your favorites?***

  5. OMG; believe it or not Ilan was a fave of mines! If you read back to S2, you saw I gave him huge props on his offerings and his quiet confidence! He kept the other chefs on task and kept them on an even keel! Something happened and he just lost it! Maybe he picked up some of Betty's bitterness! He then infected Sam and Cliff and they all just went at Marcel tooth and nail! The bloom was off the rose!

    After so many seasons, I have to admit my overall favorites were in season 4! You had Stephanie, Antonia, & Richard who had a quiet confidence and never really disappointed too many times! Lisa being there tonite representing S4 was a joke! She was in the bottom it seemed like every week, but if I remember correctly, it was 7 times! WOW! How did she make the final over Antonia? What a joke! She should have been gone long before Cuba; along with Spike!

    This season seems to have the most talented chefs I've seen though! You have the V brothers, Kevin, & Jennifer that have been really impressive! They know their stuff and haven't been skunked by stupid challenges like the vending machine and beach fire-pit gimmicks! They know sauces, flavors, wines, etc! They've just been very impressive! I thought Season 1 was the most talented until this one! Season 3 was good with Casey and Hung, Stefan (S5) is great, but these guys are absolutely gifted in my eyes! They better learn to do desserts though so they'll be more of a well rounded chef!

    ***Jay, I agree. Seeing that tape again made me see red. Too bad Marcel didn't bring assault charges against Cliff and his accomplices - maybe even sue Bravo who supplied Ilan with the camera. At least Tom Colicchio had the right intentions - disqualify Cliff, Sam, Ilan and Elia and declare Marcel the Top Chef - too bad Tom got overruled by production.***

    I thought Tom wanted to just cancel the whole thing and eliminate all of them! It made no sense to disqualify Marcel due to him being a victim, but the others were culpable if they're just sitting there watching an assault! We have "good samaritan" laws these days! Cliff was the most at fault, actually touching Marcel! Ilan was complicit by filming it, and Sam could just be considered a total arse since he was supposed to be the alpha male of the group! He was supposed to keep order like Harrold in season 1! It was bad enough when he would scream and screech at Marcel in public! For him to just sit there and allow what happened; I don't know how anyone could have any respect for him and his judgement ever again! I'm totally serious! Something has to be wrong with all of them to think that was acceptable behavior! A simple apology would not be enough for me!

  6. The script continues in these reality shows! Just watched The Food Network's, "The Next Iron Chef!" The one with the biggest mouth and ego, got his "just desserts" when he went down in flames just before the finals! Chef Appleman all but tried to sabotage the competition and took great glee in their misfortunes! He was so smug and sure he would be going to Tokyo to compete for the next opening of "The Iron Chef!" Many of these chefs were acting quite beneath their station! If told they need to just grab a protein off a table for the latest challenge! They go at it "tooth and nail," actually bowling over a woman and snatching a loin of pork from another chef's grasp! Quite shameful really! All they can say is "that wasn't very nice!" It was assault you bitches!

    ***I was quite pleased when they sent Appleman home. It seems to me that he tried his sabotage tactics in every episode. I was not so happy to see Chef Trevino go though.***

    OMG; I'm just hatin' Fabio hosting this Top Chef Reunion Dinner! I know they coached him to be a real jerk asking those questions just to get a rise out of the guys! I personally would have called him a couple choice names if I were Marcel! It was almost bullying by him! Casey has a lot of nerve showing up after what she did to Carla! I was glad she found out; probably thru here! I talked about her like a dog after season 5! It's one thing to make a suggestion; she took over the damn final! I guess her finale wasn't enough, she had to hose Carla! As for Tiffany, she'll never be able to live down her showing! After all these years, it's like she's a daughter of "Darth Vader;" and I don't mean Princess Leia! Looks like they're going to "jump" Casey later in the show! I can't wait!

    ***I'm not sure that Casey is to blame for Carla's loss. If anyone is to blame it is Carla herself. It seemed to me that she really didn't have a plan and wasn't giving her sous chef, Casey, any direction as to what she wanted her to do. Hence, Casey made some suggestions which were up to Carla to accept or decline. It is too bad that execution of Casey's suggestions were poor. And whose fault was it that Carla's dessert in the oven got burnt because she was so discombobulated that she wasn't paying attention? Because Carla was such a sentimental fan favorite someone had to be blamed - hence Casey got the assignment.***

  7. Gawd; what would we have done if she had bluffed her way into the final like Lisa in S4? If she had just a scintilla of confidence in herself, she would have gone further believe it or not! She must know something or she wouldn't have been invited! Didn't she have a specialty having to do with being a vegan? Robin was intimidated and embarrassed by her lack of experience and knowledge compared to the other chefs! If she had stuck with what she knew, she might have gotten past Jennifer and Eli! She kept trying to prepare things she had no real clue how to make! She went up against some really good chefs; and I was embarrassed for her!

    They sneered and were condescending, but in this case it was warranted! I'm very impressed by the caliber of chefs this season! Even Jennifer who has imploded has to be good if Eric Ripert had anything to do with her apprenticeship! Eli should be next! What a goof throwing all that crap into a cup and thinking that was enough! OMG; how can he even joke about being close to the talent of the Bros. and Kevin? Right now I'm embarrassed for him since Robin in gone! He's now the dead fish of the group! He has made some real clunkers! He might sneak thru if Jennifer goes into her shell even more! My Gawd, a clam is more relaxed! "Loosen up girl; you have the skills! You were a star the 1st half of the season!" lol!!

    ***Robin herself said she played it safe in several interviews now.***

    She may have said that, but the fact was that after her efforts in the beginning being laudable, she went away from her comfort zone trying to keep up with the other chefs! She saw them matching sauces and wines with dishes, layering of flavors, and being innovative with recipes they may never have used! She had to feel a little behind their experience; having nothing to do with years! Robin tried to make things she had no clue or idea of how to produce and she slowly went down in flames! She held on longer due to other chefs who were also a little overwhelmed!

    To his last day, I was wondering where this huge ego came from when it came to Ash, Ron, Robin, and others! Ash going out the door was commenting on "what he wanted to do" rather than explain what he actually did! Ron acted so competent, but he was actually called on his efforts being "rancid in their mouth!" That was disgusting! You should at least know if something is fresh or not even if you aren't the best cook in the world! Nuf said about the lack of knowledge in Robin's case! Good luck Jennifer hanging on if you don't get your "shit" together! This is all about the men really; Kevin, & the V Bros! Good luck guys; more to Brian though! What a cross to bare with that idiot brother of his! lol!!

  8. ***What does everyone think about Kevin asking Bryan for advice on cooking sous vide?***

    I instantly thought Kevin would be in trouble! He pulled a "Carla" and went with a technique he wasn't familiar with! I just don't understand the judging! They said Kevin would be dismissed right away from that "french comp" because of the simplicity of his offering! What do they do, give him the win and an opportunity to actually compete soon? Too bizarre especially since they thought Eli did a good job and the Bros had problems! Why do I watch this show? They have the best chefs, but they aren't really judging; they're picking the chefs to make the final! They are great, but too many errors were made including undercooked food, bones in the fish, and of course Kevin's very simple offering! I don't think Eli is up to the level of any of the others, but it seems he put a lot of work and effort in there and he was dismissed! "Tsk, tsk Magic Elves! Shame on you Tom!" I should stick to "Chopped, Iron Chef, & The Next Iron Chef," but they pull the same crap too!

    ***Me too! For a minute there, I thought he was going home. I'm glad he didn't though.

    I actually thought that he and Jennifer were really human in this episode in their help to others.***

    Oh I have enormous respect for these guys! They are just grunts compared to so called genius master chefs out there that have judged on this show and others! All too often on "The Next Iron Chef" you saw such classless and tacky behavior from the likes of Jehangir Mehta! He didn't think it was unethical to run down his fellow contestants and even sabotage their efforts! I was really put off by this season on "The Food Network!" They talk about honor and class and few have shown it on that show! You had Nate Appleman and Mehta using up ingredients like Spike on Top Chef just so other competitors couldn't use them! It was disgusting to see experienced master chefs acting like that! I really appreciate Jennifer and Brian compared to those guys!

    ***I agree Jay - they really did step up this time. Michael was just insulting on so many levels. If Kevin is WINNING with food Mike V. makes at home, then shouldn't he begin making the food he makes at home?***

  9. I couldn't agree more! Been a while since I've commented on the comp.! Not much in dispute when it comes to the finish! These are the best chefs and truly deserve to be there! ITA about Kevin! You hit the nail on the head! Simplicity is good to fall back on when in dire straits, but if you're given a task, have decent resources and time to prepare, you should come up with something extraordinary! I'm still waiting from what people are saying about his menus! I'm very impressed with the participants this season and anyone who takes it is deserving!

    At the moment, your order of winning is also good for me; Michael, Brian, Kevin, Jen! Not that Jen isn't a favorite, but she should be more confident with her background! My Gawd, working with Eric Ripert should give her a huge ego! I just haven't seen any of that confidence needed to be a "Top Chef!" Her performance running her team a couple times was commendable though! She obviously knows what she's doing! None of these guys have faked it to the final like in past seasons! Should I name names?

    ***Quite honestly, these boards are becoming a lot less fun, although I'm wondering if it's because people are losing any sense of what is and isn't appropriate, or if it's because I'm getting so sick of Bravo it borders on the ludicrous, and that's carrying over onto here.***

    So true! Ludicrous is right! Some of the shows coming out won't get much viewership; esp. by me! If they go back to Shear Genius, Top Design, or Make Me A SuperModel, there's a chance! I actually blog those on my personal pages on yahoo, multiply, and myspace! These pearls of wisdom can't be lost to posterity so I copy them over and sometimes add comments from others!

    Ripoff! lol! Jen was hosed! Kevin served tough meat! Jen was auf'd and they didn't have much complaint except they wanted the original plan with the grilled duck! "Big mouth; ya should have just said it came out just the way you wanted it! Confit!" I thought Brian would win this one! Are chefs too lazy to salt and pepper at the table? Sheshhhh! "It was perfect whiners!"

    ***Jay, I am in partial agreement with you in regards to Jennifer. Kevin could have gone, but he has the best record up to now and was in the lead for fan favorite. I thought that Michael would surely catch more flak from Gail, the resident expert on how eggs should be cooked. Too bad about Jennifer - her mishap with the oven is reminiscent of Carla who wasn't watching her oven and burnt her dessert while Jennifer wasn't paying attention to her oven and let the coals die out. Next week should be interesting - Brian or Kevin is fine with me - not Michael who I thought was a little too sharp in responding to a guest's question and has been somewhat of an ass all season long.***

    That happens! Remember season 2! Sam was the alpha male and he was cut at this point! What a shocker; "he didn't cook anything!" lol! That was a huge upset since Ilan had been doing spanish dish after spanish dish; even in Hawaii! "Put away the saffron Ilan and no one will get hurt!"

  10. ***Knew there was a reason I liked the Frank from S2 (aside from the fact that he threatened to turn Marcel into mulch)!***

    I was never a fan of Marcel, but I found it more than a little disturbing to see grown men and women with absolutely no self control; threatening a kid for the most part! It was senseless most of the time! They couldn't even come up with a reason they hated him! They all were personality deficient; how much do these people get out? They seem to work 12 or more hours and off time is spent smoking and drinking! Frank, Betty, Ilan, Michael, (Mr. Alpha Male) Sam, & a couple others should be ashamed of themselves; esp. Cliff who got himself ejected after the assault! I can understand disliking someone out of hand, but to act on that dislike everyday was more than childish, sad, and pathetic!

    ***I waited six years for Top Chef to come to D.C., and the third challenge is to grill outdoors for glorified office equipment. I am not amused. ...***

    Oh that was ridiculous! All too often these "cooks" fall back on what they think they know rather than really creating something! I'm disgusted by some of their choices; soul and spanish food at a BBQ? Give me a break and then they didn't do them well! Auf them all; at least half of these clowns! Some just don't seem to have a clue! How many think they can get away with a bad dessert knowing how that has fared in the past? Total morons!

    ***I find it interesting that both Aarti on Next Food Network Star and Arnold on Top Chef 7 wowed Jonathan with lamb kofta. Wonder which was taped first? BTW, we need a Jonathan Waxman Network: 24/7 Obi Wan!***

    He's too nice! We look forward to a barrage of insults and rebuke from the judges! That's the lone reason for watching "Hell's Kitchen;" just to see Ramsey beating up the chefs! Jonathan has been all over the place of late! Is he taking care of business at his restaurant? Next he'll be a judge on Iron Chef; it could have happened already and I missed it!

    ***...And screw Ramsey. I have no use for him, and I don't watch his crappy shows.***

    I really didn't start watching until season 4 of Hell's Kitchen! It was funny at the time and continued to amuse me through season 5, but the last couple have been sad! Too many cooks; not chefs! They have these sparkling resumes, but they can't execute under pressure! One guy was an exec. chef for a steak house; all his steaks came back (raw) when he was in charge of his team! It was so bad that he made the final in season 4! Checking back on You Tube for the previous seasons, you see they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel! Julia in Season 3 was fairly good getting to the last 4 and she worked a Waffle House! All the other chefs were trying to put her down for not being classically trained like them, but she took them all down with some great effort during serves including a QC as 3rd runner up those final days!

  11. ***Concerning Marcel, remember, the chefs are sequestered for the duration of the filming; even the ones who are eliminated are sent to a "sequester house." If you were stuck with someone you disliked 24/7, how long would it take you to start wanting to end him?***

    I'm sorry; that is no excuse! I know my limitation and they should also! I couldn't stand being cooped up with my family, much less strangers! I wouldn't have put myself in that position; for any amount of money or exposure! Easy for me to say since I've never been in need, but all too often people use lame excuses to explain boorish, poor, or disgusting behavior! Human nature just doesn't cut it for me!

    I don't mind Tom C. being a mentor and judge, but "ratting" out the chefs like he does is rotten! Remember Marcel and his salad dressing globule drops that he didn't use in the final? That was not Tom's business to say Marcel left it off! It didn't work so he went to plan B! That should be his prerogative without being ratted out like that! I also have a problem with his leading the judge's table! All too often Gail will use the exact same words like "that was smart" judging Ilan's dessert choice of mellon and sorbet in Hawaii! Think for yourself GIRL! She actually changed her mind more than a couple times during judging trying to 'suck up' to Tom no doubt!

    ***It does, however, bring up a glaring problem with this season's NFNS. Giada's supposed to be the finalists' mentor, but I haven't seen her acting in that capacity very often.***

    Oh she's been awful in the past! I think it was 2 seasons ago, some kid who was fairly good was stumbling a little on his presentation and she did nothing to help! She just smiled, no real re-assuring eye contact, and he was about to cry with just no reaction from her! I need to go look that up! It really bothered me since she's supposed to be a mentor!

  12. --- Season 7 ---

    ***Tim and Stephen at the bottom again.***

    ...and Tim's shocked each time! Why? lol! He goes for shortcuts and isn't putting forth much effort; it's obvious! Only a few really are! It grosses me out how some of these so called chefs have actually gone to their roots for some sort of salvation and it's nauseating! The tacos, collard greens, and other homemade fare is just so unimaginative, tacky, and lackluster! It's hard to call many of these people; "CHEF!"

    ***It really annoys me to no end when people call something simple, and unworthy of praise, just b/c so many poor people eat these foods as a major part of their diets. If they're so pedestrian why is it that so many of our most acclaimed chefs cook them, and claim them to be some of their faves? ...Please get off your high horse.***

    I have nothing against common, everyday fare, but what winds up being on the plate is all too often inedible! It's usually undercooked because their timing is so bad! Overcooking is another issue when you know they are forgetting about something cooking in an oven or pan! Tom C. expresses it all the time, if you want "simplicity" it has to be perfect! These cooks are far from it! Only a few measure up to the real up-scalers they had last season! I see "fast food" and "greasy spoons" in the future of many here! Egads! Sue me!

    BTW, I like common, everyday fare! Give me the meat loaf, hot turkey sandwich, veal Parmesan! I've never really tested my palate usually only going out of the way with friends when out of town; Mexican, Tai, Italian! Love it simple; American, Cantonese (Chinese), rice bowls, Gyros', & cheeseburgers! My idea of a treat is wasting cash at Red Lobster and a good steak house! IHOP is an option every couple months! Gotta watch that sodium and cholesterol!

    ***...These types of food are not bad. They are very good, but the preparations have been off at times during the season, so far. That only reinforces what Mr. Colicchio has to say about simple food. It's fantastic, but it's more fantastic when you prepare it with care, and love. ...It's like the difference between going to Taco Bell, and Chipotle. One is fairly tasty junk, and the other is a beautiful melding of tradition, and fresh organic products. By the end of the season we'll be at the high end again.***

    Calm down Miss Thing! The judges have used the words inedible I'm the furthest you can be from being a snob when it comes to so called "fine dining!" I think blowing hundreds for a meal is a luxury I can do without! My parents like to get the family together and we'll go all out, but I'll only do it once every few months; Benihanas, Longhorns Steaks, or Riva's here in Chicago at Navy Pier! Not to be crass, but it all flushes the same! I'll stick to gyros sandwiches, hot meat loaf, & any kind of chicken!

    I'd rather make my own breakfast scramble with homemade potatoes diced with onions, sausage, and leftover steak, & eggs! To me, that's decadent, but at least I can control some of the fat! I'm no big time cook, but I learned I had to start making my own food; fast food, nice restaurants, & greasy spoons all have the same denominator; empty and useless fatty calories you don't even know or appreciate most of the time! If you do it to access which is evidence in the US becoming borderline OBESE as a nation! Food has so much fat added to it! What really kills me is to eat healthy, it actually costs more! I'm sure people have seen organic food priced 50% more and it'll spoil faster since no preservative or chemical retardant of any kind has been used!

  13. ***I love Benihana's...It's actually one of the only chains that's really good. Caraba's was great too. They have the most delicious mussels app and great bread. I've missed you Jay... Hope you are well.***

    I just don't watch the show as much as I used to! Hard to appreciate these cooks! So many are just plain bad! Just what I need "SimpleheadedBear" calling me out for bad spelling and snobbery! What an ass-hole! Like I should really care what he thinks!

    The chain I'm anxious to try is Red Robin, but we don't have one in the city! Chgo doesn't have a lot of huge chains due to labor laws, ridiculous taxes, and lack of incentives! You have to go to the 'burbs to find a lot of those places! Streeterville is the closest RR, but I'm not traveling over 10 miles for a hamburger, no matter how good they may be!

    ***And well ...even Chili's can be ok...TGIF, but only for a select few things. I notice now when I eat at chains, the food has this taste... And I don't know what to call it; just a chain taste I guess. I can't stand the salad bars at like Ruby Tuesday's ...***

    I think all those places talked about including AppleBee's, Old Chicago, & other places we see endlessly on tv enticing us with the fattiest foods ever created! It might as well be deep fried cheese saying you're getting some milk into your diet! I really like IHOP, but I only go every couple months to get the "deep fried shrimp" or "chicken" Cesar salad! Something as simple as a salad has been made into one of the most decadent things I could eat; a Cesar salad with tons of thick creamy dressing, then hot deep fried battered shrimp or chicken dropped onto it! Add on the Texas or Garlic toast dripping with butter, I can't feel anymore guilty eating something; maybe a gyros! lol!! That's truly deadly!

  14. ***...Angelo is the perfect example of this. He's done Asian inspired dishes most of the time and is usually praised for it.***

    Like Ilan with his Spanish food, will we find out Angelo is just as limited? Probably not! His ego certainly has no limits!

    ***I was kinda surprised that Ed was there in the bottom. Hope Alex goes next.***

    He should be! They gave him zero positive feedback! That dish was panned in its concept! lol! If it is him, some will say Karma, I'll stick to production sabotage to punish "after the fact!"

    ***LMAO at Alex, dude needs a helmet just to cook.***

    That alone was a good reason to watch, but I'd rather watch past seasons! Too many of these cooks should have been dismissed by now! Chefs? Pls chil'! Only a handful could measure up to some of the great talent of last year! Unfortunately a couple of the best have to tell all how great they are; day in and day out! Such uneven performances! Alex's crash and burn was telling! He won't last much longer!

    ***I'm glad that Tiffany is shining and having her great moments. She is such a positive force in the show.***

    Well I think Tiff's more centered than most and she won't sabotage herself into being "auf'd" next week! Micky in season 2 won QF and EC in one fell swoop! Who was the last?

    ***Agree ... Tiffany's doing quite well & has a great attitude. Is anyone else surprised that Alex wasn't caught & punished for "pea-gate" - Do they not have cameras all over the place all the time and have pea-gate (or not) on tape?? ... Is there such thing as Brazilian cuisine?" Seriously?! At the end of the day, a Top Chef must be one who is at least familiar with exotic ingredients and cuisines outside of French and Italian.***

    We have a great Brazilian steakhouse here in Chicago called Fogo De Chao Churrascaria ! They have a site and video where they show attendants walking around the place with different types of meat & chicken on skewers that had roasted in a fireplace near the front of the place! It's sliced off as little or as much as you want; all you can stuff yourself with! - Like I said, I love places like that, but I won't make it a habit! Went with mom, bro, & his wife! Easily $300+! They have a huge salad bar and a fried banana dessert you might all like!

  15. ***S2: Michael won for the colors QF and 7 deadly sins EC.
    S3: Hung won for the Le Cirque QF and the Culinary Institute EC.
    S4: Richard won for the dessert QF (1st X we see his banana "scallops") and for the improv EC.
    S4: Antonia won for the 15-minute entree QF and the cooking with kids EC.

    S5: Stefan had 3 sweeps. The 1st was the apples QF (received immunity) and the neighborhood food EC. 2nd was the pre-packaged food QF and the farm EC (which he shared with Jamie and Carla). 3rd was the fish-cleaning QF and the Le Bernadin EC.
    S6: Kevin won the TV-dinner QF and the vegetarian EC.***

    Thanks! Just another reason to laugh at the choice of Hosea in season 5! Stefan was unlikeable, a real prima donna, but he knew what he was doing like no other that season! Very impressive! Off the top of my head, I'll pick a season with the cumulative # of chefs over the years:

    Harrold (S1) w/ Tiffany, Stephen, Lu Anne, Dave
    Marcel (S2) w/ Ilan, Elia, Sam, Cliff
    Hung (S3) w/ Casey, Tre, Dale
    Stephanie (S4) w/ Richard, Antonia
    Stefan (S5) w/ Hosea, Jeffery

    Pretty much all of (S6), but spec. The V Bros, Kevin

    Kenny (S7) w/ Angelo, Amy (just can't remember S6 & 7)

    Working it down to the top 12:

    Tiffany & Stephen of S1, Sam & Marcel of S2, Hung of S3, Richard & Stephanie of S4, Stefan of S5, The V Bros, Kevin of S6, & Angelo of S7 so far! - These chefs know their flavors, didn't have many real disasters, and fundamentals are sound!

    Top 6 is hard: Marcel, Hung, The V Bros, Kevin, Angelo

    I can't go much further! 3 can be dropped off due to personality or lack thereof: Marcel, Hung, Angelo

    That would leave the V Bros & Kevin as the top 3 chefs of all time; in my warped head anyway!

    A top 10, having respect for ability and nothing else:

    Tiffany knows what she's doing along w/ Stephen from S1
    Hung of S3, Stephanie & Richard of S4, Stefan of S5
    The V Bros, & Kevin of S6, & Angelo of S7!

    After all my insults, I'm sure this will pump up Angelo's ego even more! lol!! If he's anything like the previews for RW, I wouldn't want to work for him! That will probably drop him down on most people's list if he's just a rotten person!

  16. ***Stephanie won more elimination challenges than either of the Voltaggio brothers. Richard Blais won just as many, and he's in their sandbox. What automatically puts them over him or her?***

    Maybe it's the snob in me, but I place the V Bros and Kevin above Richard and Stephanie b/c of innovation, creativity, & fine dining skills! I think Stephanie, Richard, & a host of others were very good, can take common everyday fare and make it delicious! For some strange reason, I just have this feeling that some chefs are gifted, can go anywhere in the world and gain respect overnight on a grand scale; I pick the V Bros, Kevin, Stefan, Angelo, and Hung (off the top of my head)! For great food, but probably more homey fare I got, Richard, Stephanie, Marcel, Sam, Cliff, Casey, Tiffany, and a host of others from TC! I was terribly impressed with the standards from S6! You just had a handful of "scrubs" who made the season! This year set us back a little with quite a few that don't really have a clue and are just plain bad!

    ***Waaaait a minute. Richard Blais wasn't innovative? He was Mr. Molecular Gastronomy in his season.***

    Again, you're right, Richard was very innovative! I'm just not sure he could fly off to France and participate in a "fine dining" comp.! Don't get me wrong, I think he's great! I'd hire him in 2 secs.! Stephanie is a keeper as well! I just have immense respect and admiration for the talents of the V boys, Kevin, Angelo (hate his guts), Hung, & Stefan! It may have a lot to do with confidence; Stephanie had little at times and just wasn't sure of herself even when the judges liked her offerings!

    ***I wish I had started participating on the boards sooner; am I to understand that most people think Marcel was the better chef? I liked Marcel and his personality even when he was being bratty. The Wolverine hair fit him perfectly. The other chefs were obviously threatened by him, hence the hostility and animosity. Even the most unlikable person on Top Chef has friends, Marcel had none. I wanted him to win so badly and in my opinion he was sabotaged. Ilan can suck it. I didn't find anything endearing or inspiring about his dishes or his personality.***

    ITA! When S 2 started, I thought Ilan was great; a real team player! It wasn't until later he turned into a villain! His "mommy," Betty wasn't a good influence on him! He took her lead and really became abusive towards Marcel! It'll be hard for me to forget his behavior at the end even though some think it's human nature to follow the pack! If I had been there, even if I didn't like Marcel, I would have said something and maybe stopped some of that harassment! I'm very sensitive to bullies and won't stand for it; even if you're CUTE!

    ***I liked Ilan initially too, but the more the season progressed it was obvious that he felt threatened by Marcel. They all did. They just would rather pick on the runt rather than to admit to that. Marcel was/is a geek, but that in and of itself doesn't deserve the kind of treatment he got.***

  17. ***I was surprised that Angelo didn't make at least the top 3. The ambassador that tasted his food said that it was splendid and it was something you could expect to be served in the top restaurants in Japan. It was surprising IMO that Tom had a different opinion of it.***

    It just proves that the guests/Amb. thoughts didn't matter in the end! The Chinese Amb. loved the duck dish, but it was panned by the judges as not being crisp enough; left fatty! Truly, that may be an American affectation! Maybe that is how it should be as ethnic food; fatty instead of crisp! Real foodies get on my nerves at times; panning something that is totally acceptable in one form or another, but is judged to be bad if something they would have done to make it better was missed! It happens!

    I still remember the "CHOW" site that interviewed chefs after they were auf'd! Some other critics joined the final show giving the 'highs and lows' of the season, Padma's wardrobe, and Marcel's assault! One of the women commented that Collicchio does do that; says what he would have done in a particular situation! She laughed and said, "no shit Collicchio; you've only been doing this for 20 years!" - S2 Rndtble; very funny! - Rndtble S3 podcast is on 2nd page!;menu_stories - all podcast of TC!

    ***In short, it's not that I have an encyclopedic memory of every episode of the show. It's that I started noticing a slide in quality in S5, and it's been getting progressively worse since then. - Jim, ITA with "Kevin.... you are not Top Chef." It was the single most disappointing TC moment for me. Humiliating and unnecessary.***

    I thought the slide started much earlier! I'll raise you one and put S 4 where the real slide began! How bad were the chefs if Spike and Lisa survived 7 and 5 eliminations respectively? I was appalled! When it comes to dismissals, I think Richard in S4 got the same, cold news! As a single disappointing TC moment, I still can't believe that chefs survived to make the finals after assaulting Marcel! That was truly disgusting! Only Cliff suffered, but others should have been penalized; big time!

    ***The Next Food Network Star>>>Top Chef***

    Not yet! It's getting there though! The chefs aren't as good on NFNS; most are just cooks, mom's, or trying to change careers! On TC, Angelo may have thought he was the best, but he's fallen off that pedestal of late! He still gets kudos, but hasn't been winning! I think S6 had the best chefs; Kevin, The V Brothers, Eli, & quite a few others really knew what they were doing! I can watch season 1 and 2 over and over; S1 finale the best! It was just desserts (no pun intended) for Tiffany! Top 10 TC Chefs: - Tiffany, Stephen (S1) - Sam, Marcel (S2) - Hung (S3) - Stephanie (S4) -
    Stefan (S5) - The Voltaggio Brothers, Kevin (S6) - - - ??? - Angelo (S7) - ???

    ***Good show, however, it is very difficult to watch the Chef-in charge verbally degrade / abuse the show's contestants.***

    Well the chefs get to degrade one another next week with "Restaurant Wars!" The previews show Angelo losing his mind yelling at his staff / other chefs! It's their own fault! He probably won a QC and got to choose or he was nominated as Head Chef due to his huge ego! He's conned me into thinking he must be great!

  18. ***Kenny was ... Cocky for no reason. And people actually calling him classy?? Wow! He might be the most delusional D-bag Top Chef has ever had, yes even more so than Marcel and others. ...He cooked two pretty lame dishes, AGAIN. And was the self proclaimed leader of the team that LOST. He deserved to go home! Adios, Hamburger Helper!***

    Kenny's ego notwithstanding, the judges say he knows what he's doing! He just needs to learn to edit! If he's guilty of anything, it was trying to do too much! Let's not go to fantasy land; Kenny knows how to cook! I see this on other programs like Iron Chef, Next FN Star, & even Hell's Kitchen all the time; dishes judged the best were kept simple! Kenny's dishes were too complex with too many components; nothing new here (we know)! Why go "Gangsta; Hambrgr Hlpr" on the BRO? lol!! We heard Tom last nite, but that still doesn't make it right! His ego's out of control as much if not more than most!

    --- Informal POLL:

    Who did U pick to win TC each season? Fave or true talent?

    Season 1 - Stephen, but he was "a legend in his own mind!"

    Season 2 - Ilan; a real team player & nice guy those 1st days!

    Season 3 - Brian; just a fave! - Hung had it all the way!

    Season 4 - Richard my fave! Not unhappy w/ Stephanie!

    Season 5 - Stefan; without a doubt the most talented!

    Season 6 - Michael V.! Fave and the most creative!

    Season 7 - Angelo, but he's fallen off the fave list! A real jerk!

  19. ***This isn't Iron Chef; you're supposed to cook to the level of the challenge. This can range from top-class, fine-dining dishes for Hubert Keller to cooking for the senior citizens at an old folks' home. In this case, they needed to do a dish that could be served at TGI Fridays.***

    I guess I expected a little more from her! On FN's, The Next Food Network Star, Aria was put out there in an "Iron Chef" challenge with bacon the secret ingredient this past sunday! This was the last 4 mind you! I was more than a little appalled that this woman couldn't do better than make breakfast for her family; family style! French toast for the most part with all the fixins' for the judges to share! They should have escorted her butt right off the set! She just had no clue what the challenge was all about! Betty fit that role at times; totally clueless! Did she really think those less than pureed soups in "flutes" would pass muster at a dinner party? If I remember correctly, the challenge she won had to do with a firehouse! Padma was wearing shorts, a denim vest with a sheriff's star on it! broke up talking about her and the wardrobe; she picks her own!

    ***True, but don't forget--Aria was expected to produce dishes on a certain creativity level, and failed to do so. Tom, Herb, and Aarti did, which is why Aria lost. In this challenge, all 13 chefs were asked to produce a dish that could be replicated easily in a chain-restaurant setting. The only one who failed to do so was Frank. ...***

    I can barely remember S2! I wasn't happy with Marcel's poor behavior; I do remember that! Emily's steak was salty; easily done when under pressure and waiting as they had to with a limited time to do whatever! Did Sam cook anything? Did Ilan's dish have saffron? Frank's had to be a mess; his creations always were!

    ***Sam's dish involved no heat, but that wasn't a condition of the challenge. The published recipe for Ilan's dish contains no saffron: Corn & Bacon***

    I was being facetious babe! Not like I cared! Seasons 1 and 6 have to be my favorites! #2 was ok until the final! #3 was annoying with HUNG and the "black widow" Casey! #4 had so many awful cooks like Lisa and Spike! #5 was a joke allowing Hosea to even get as far much less win the season, and 7 will stink since consensus has it that Kenny was a fave and should be in this final! Angelo may not have much competition now! Tiffany's been good, but fine dining is not her forte; comfort and home style more her thing! It will come to bite her in the butt sooner or later she's not classically trained; that I know of anyway!

  20. ***Betty kind of started the "Marcel hate" ball rolling, but Elia, who earlier told Marcel she'd stand up for him no matter what, later turned on him. She started by "having his back" and wound up stabbing him in it...***

    Well she was also goaded by Ilan! Elia needed his approval and submitted to his peer pressure! To the last he suckered her into complaining at judge's table in Hawaii that "Marcel was disrespectful in the kitchen;" blah, blah, blah! She looked so weak! Ilan was probably chuckling to himself! Sam had enough sense to try and talk her out of it, but it was too late; her foot was planted firmly in her mouth! Marcel wound up looking a lot better those last few episodes!

    It was more than a little disturbing to see grown people like Betty, Cliff, Sam, Frank, and Michael just berate, beat up, insult, and try to humiliate some kid (Marcel)! It was just so irrational! Dislike who you like, but to "go off" on camera showing how short your fuse is, who would hire these people? Sam screamed the boy down in the store! I understand his frustration, but again, why do it on camera? Cliff; well what else can be said after his assault on Marcel? Elia? Ilan; what else could be expected at the end? He was playing the game! I'd pass on all of them!

    ***High school is over Jay, the bullies cant hurt you anymore. Move on. Marcel has. People are allowed to make mistakes. It's when people wont allow them to learn and grow b/c of those mistakes that a real crime happens. I hope you have done no wrong in your life, but if you have, I hope nobody judges you as harshly as you judge others.***

    Perhaps spoken by a reformed bully? Sounds like someone is trying to underplay poor behavior! I have nothing to atone for thank you very much! I was a good student, played tennis in my free time, and not a lot else in high school besides study! I didn't have time to back-stab anyone; nor the inclination! Pls don't assume to justify boorish behavior; yours or those jackasses from season 2 to me! It'll fall on "deaf ears!"

    ***...The only thing I've poo-pooed on is your pity party.***

    You are obviously taking our relationship more seriously than I ever will! My opinion stands; you were terribly insensitive and I didn't ask you to feel sorry for me! I gave you nothing to feel sorry about! I just stated I thought that whole affair with Marcel and the rest was more disturbing than you portrayed it! The one to really "lose it" was you over nothing! I "lost it" over something I think is serious! Since this is in print you won't have to keep up with my lips; it should all be clear to you now!

    ***Yes, I saw that. As a woman, comparing a headlock to rape is pretty fucking offensive. "Jay, just an fyi. If you want to make a point, use analogies that compare. Marcel was humiliated, not violated."

    You are such a fool! It's been explained to you and every other "knot-head" out here that being awaken from a sound sleep by some drunken pranksters who hate you is not acceptable! It is nothing to be taken lightly! You obviously haven't learned anything from them or me! The rants have been going on for a while now and you're still as dense!

  21. ***This Episode of "RW" was the weakest I've seen on TC. After 35 years in professional kitchens, I understand that sometimes you're thrown into situations that are less than ideal for executing a service/meal, and have to answer to the client and the public at large, ...***

    What does this say about the chefs from this season when things are pretty much set up for them? All they have to do is cook for the most part! The decor and supplies are already there; no shopping for glasses, silverware, & dishes! I can't tell you what a "come-down" this is when all they had to do is complete service for the most part; just do the job without totally falling on their faces! In the past they had to do so much more and come up with something really special as in S6! I guess The V Bros, Kevin, & others really spoiled me!

    ***Yes, I agree...Kevin and both the Volatggio Brothers, as well as Jennifer have spoiled me for this Season. - So, what makes a great chef? Executive chef sends out 2 bad dishes and doesn't ensure the other dishes were good. I can promise you, had Kenny done one great dish, he would still be there.

    Based on the challenge that preceded the incident—as well as the blogs that followed the airing of the episode—Cliff was going to be PYKAG'd anyway based on his dish, and I think that's why he was the only one eliminated rather than the whole crew of Cliff, Ilan, Sam, and Elia as Tom wanted.***

    You got it! He was history! If I remember correctly, his lentil puree didn't go over well! You know what really angered me was Sam's attitude! He expected Marcel to drop everything to help him after being "shouted down" in the store! I couldn't tell you how hypocritical and stupid he looked; then to allow the assault later, LHAO, my opinion is fixed! It can't be changed! Call me vindictive and small! I have my reasons!

    ***I'm so bummed about the outcome of The Next Food Network Star ~ I was really rooting for Tom ~ Aarti is just too damn perky ~ If she makes some great Indian dishes, I guess I will watch her for awhile...***

    The problem with Tom is, he may have his own personality and POV, he isn't half the cook Aarti is; they've been saying it since day one! Symon went nuts over her last week at IRON Chef demo! "The best food I've had in all of NFNS!" He was raving about her! Tom really had some problems technically! You can't make chicken everyday! Remember his imagination went nuts with "bacon steaks!" They were awful; remember? It was Aarti all the way with me! Herb still has his moments of "freezing" in his tracks! Aarti just needs to buck up her confidence; she can already cook!

    ***He basically marginalized Mia every chance he got during the LA Magazine competition (where he, Mike, Elia, and Mia were a team), shooting down every idea she had and talking over her in discussions. With Elia, he yelled at her constantly in the kitchen despite her repeated requests that he tone it down.***

    Without even looking back to see who you were talking about, I figured it had to be Cliff! He lost his charm early on and cemented my low opinion of him during RW! He was so sure with him at the helm and working the front of the house they would be better off! He was the worst host, was demanding, and at times quite irrational! When he had immunity during the "Holiday" challenge, he might as well have sabotaged his team! You never saw him during service after shooting Mia down time and time again! By the time of the assault, he had fallen off TC's radar as far as I was concerned! He was lucky to get past that beach challenge with sand in his food! Heaven knows what else could have been in that bowl! Lucky for him Frank stunk it up along with Sam's "toad in the hole!" Gross!

  22. ***...finally!!! Alex is gone! He was the worst. I have no clue how he lasted so long.***

    Happens every year! In S4, how in the world did Spike and Lisa make it so far; much less the final as Lisa accomplished! She was absolutely hilarious excoriating Stephanie and Richard for not congratulating her for making it! She played this "distant bitch" all season, pushing people away, saying she didn't care what they thought, blah, blah, blah! Boy did she look like a fool! What did Richard say, "congrats for being 3rd?"

    ***Hmm, so Amanda's gone. Well if Kevin doesn't get his head in the game he's next. It would be an awesome finale if Tiffany, Angelo and Ed made it.***

    You're assuming Angelo will make it! lol!! He's really been going down, down, down! What an ego for someone that has been falling on his face of late! Ed's been cleaning his clock and even Kevin has out-done him here and there! Tiffany's not supposed to be in it not being classically trained, but the flavors must be there! She must be doing something right!

    ***Thank heaven that Amanda is gone... I am sorry but there is no way in hell that I would have even tried that Tuna Tartar dish.. the grey tuna was a total turnoff, and I don't care what it tasted it like, I would have never even found out.***

    She proved how little she cared serving something like that to Eric; come on! Is she absolutely insane? "I was afraid of being in the weeds," so you offend the sensibilities of great chefs with your gray, raw fish? Gross and stupid!

    ***No kidding... I lol when he said that he was offended by the tartar.... I knew at that moment that there was no saving her... not that I wanted her saved mind you. Ah, but Nikki wasn't the only one to make poopshrooms. Remember the ship and Howie's cigars....and poopshrooms in S3?***

    These guys never seem to learn! 'shrooms were done a couple more times after season 3 and it was a dismal failure along with most desserts each time! You might as well punch your ticket home! The 1st couple elims. were bad desserts and it'll happen again! lol!! Poor Carla of S5 took advice from her "sous" Casey (S3) and it still wound up being a bad decision! Ya learn to do it yourself, keep to your aesthetics; do what ya know! Don't let anyone talk you into doing something outside your comfort zone! You saw what happened to poor Marcel when he took Sam's advice about that salad w/o the fish in S2 finale; got smacked in the face by the same helpful hand! It's all cut-throat! Michelle B. as a judge proved what a bitch she was excoriating Andrea a few weeks ago for minors errors! This profession like any has jealousy, ego, envy, ... and a combination thereof!

  23. I didn't get that involved since I've been so disappointed before; Tiffani over Dave in S1, Lisa even making the finals in S4, and Hosea winning it all in S5! All disgusting! My Take:

    Tiffany was doomed when I heard about those peppers! I think going back to season 3, it was mentioned TOM has a real problem with them if not prepared properly! He will nail you for serving him a green pepper with the skin still on! You might as well give it up! I'm surprised he didn't jump on it more because I believe that had a lot to do with her leaving! Another thing I think that hurt Tiffany is it seemed every time she was asked about a dish she was preparing, it usually was something she did a lot back home! All mention that some times, but where was the originality! It may have been there, but I just don't remember it!

    I can't believe the prizes given; even for a simple QC! London? $10,000! Wow! In Vegas I expect the high rolling, but this is a bug shock to see cars, trips, tons of money just flowing! In S3 it was a big deal for Casey to get that Apple Computer! That's been put to shame with Australia, Italy, and other trips to come! Tiffany cleaned up even though she didn't make the final! She should be very happy and proud! I think the choices were ok! I really felt Tom was going to hammer her for those green peppers! Someone mentioned in past seasons he has a real aversion to the skin!

    I don't like when their better chefs are eliminated because of one challenge, but that's the way it is! In S1 Dave was a much better chef than Tiffani! Cirque du Soleil hated what she prepared, but a dish was left off by Dave! He's history! Sam was all over the place in S2; up and down, pretty much everyone's alpha male, but he really ended up disappointing me with his behavior during the Marcel assault! It was a shock that he was knocked off in the final! Most were sure either Marcel or Ilan would have to bite a bullet! Like Tom said in that Hawaiian final, "he didn't cook anything!" lol!! I've already cried the blues over Brian M. in S4; too many ingredients in that venison dish! At least Stefan in S5 made the final! It was obvious he was the best chef; just ask him! lol!! I think in S6 you had the best chefs and somehow they were saved even when they made serious errors! I wouldn't have been able to watch without all the ones selected for that finale! They were obviously the class of the whole production company since DAY 1; the V. Bros & "pork man" Kevin!

  24. ***I enjoyed this episode but I saw Angelo Sosa double dipping again, which is disgusting. There just has to be rules like on Chopped. You just never taste your food with a spoon and stick the spoon back in to finish serving. I feel sorry for those poor souls that must eat that food. Totally unsanitary and they never say anything about it. ...***

    Oh I know what you mean! I hit on "double dipping" on the IMDb message board! I was grossed out myself! Angelo was practically sitting in that pan! That's why even if I were invited, I wouldn't eat at a chef's table! You know what they say about "watching sausage being made?" They all do it with spoons, their fingers to taste, and other ways I'd hate to think about! If I were cooking, I prepare it as if someone is looking over my shoulder! Heaven knows I bet chefs have dropped ingredients on the floor, but still used it; BET! "Kiss it up to GAWD does the trick every time for some people!" lol!!

    ***Well....IMO a loogie would be MUCH worse!! You have given your opinion about Angelo double dipping. What say you about the sweat dripping off Kevin's nose into the food?***

    That's nothing! You should have seen this pig on "Hell's Kitchen!" OMG, he was sweating directly into the sauce and Ramsey had to jump all over him after he wondered why it was so salty! I would have murdered him! I couldn't believe he was kept past the 1st challenge! If memory serves, poor Will was so lost, he had to go! Must have been season 5!

    ***Ed with his immunity is really getting on my nerves tonight. Why is he bothering Angelo? In the past, chefs wanted to win with immunity "to look stellar."***

    He did and he was; did it all with his food! Great job ED!

    ***Kelly made it pretty far in this competition by being in the middle a lot. Rooting for the underdog makes me feel better than rooting for the jerk.***

    I agree, she was talking more than she was truly cooking! I think they got it right if you look at the entire season! Kevin got better as the competition went on! He could have been auf'd anytime early on! Angelo seems to know what he doing even if he's a jerk, Ed has been good for a while, & Kevin came on strong at the end! "Ya'll are still grossing me out sweating into the food then double dippin'!" Gack!

  25. I give Europeans a pass when it comes to arrogance! It's quite normal for there to be plenty of "bluster" when it comes to a chef! In the States, it isn't becoming and we normally eviscerate braggarts; esp if they fail! Stefan didn't bother me half as much as "wanna-bees" like Carla, Hosea, & even Fabio! He was all talk even though he won that challenge with a "bum-wing!" It was chicken for Gawd-sake! lol! I'd love to see any of these bozos go up against The V Bros or Kevin from season 6! They would be embarrassed for sure unless the challenge was dumbed down like Betty of season 2 winning that TGIF challenge with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup; PLEASE! lol!

    Season 6 had some "masters" indeed! They were very impressive from the "jump!" They went right to work with some hard pairings of french wines to corresponding cuisines/dishes! It was a great season for me! They had their share of "scrubs," but overall they had a very high level of talent! Even ELI made it interesting and has been on "Iron Chef" as a sous chef a couple times that I've seen!

    ***I enjoyed this episode but I saw Angelo Sosa double dipping again, which is disgusting. There just has to be rules like on Chopped. You just never taste your food with a spoon and stick the spoon back in to finish serving. I feel sorry for those poor souls that must eat that food. Totally unsanitary and they never say anything about it. ...***

    Oh I know what you mean! I hit on "double dipping" on the IMDb message board! I was grossed out myself! Angelo was practically sitting in that pan! That's why even if I were invited, I wouldn't eat at a chef's table! You know what they say about "watching sausage being made?" They all do it with spoons, their fingers to taste, and other ways I'd hate to think about! If I were cooking, I prepare it as if someone is looking over my shoulder! Heaven knows I bet chefs have dropped ingredients on the floor, but still used it; BET! "Kiss it up to GAWD does the trick every time for some people!" lol!!

    ***Well....IMO a loogie would be MUCH worse!! You have given your opinion about Angelo double dipping. What say you about the sweat dripping off Kevin's nose into the food?***

    That's nothing! You should have seen this pig on "Hell's Kitchen!" OMG, he was sweating directly into the sauce and Ramsey had to jump all over him after he wondered why it was so salty! I would have murdered him! I couldn't believe he was kept past the 1st challenge! If memory serves, poor Will was so lost, he had to go! Must have been season 5!

  26. ***There seems to be a refrigerator malfunction nearly every season - Nearly every season, there seems to be a frig or freezer malfunction which totally ruins one contestant's food, and often the person ends up going home for something that was not at all their fault. ...***

    Sorry to say, the crap they've been pushing just isn't up to snuff! I heard from the beginning they've had nothing but trouble with the frigs and stoves! The problem stems from them setting up and breaking down the set daily! There's always a a chance a connection or plug not to be in place! Then of course there's the chance of sabotage! Tiffani from S1 was accused of several acts behind the scenes!

    ***If I was Ed I would've taken a stand and told the judges that I'd rather do it alone then have to work with a loser like Ilan. I'd make it clear and make sure Ilan heard it, then I'd do my best Ralph Kramden impersonation and get in Ilan's face and call him "A LOSER!" - They should have given the chefs a choice out of maybe 8 chefs from the past seasons and choose knives to who'll pick first. Yeah, Ilan could stand there, but then you'd see that no one would pick him. If I had to choose between Ilan and Suyai, I'd pick Suyai knowing that in picking Ilan you'd be on the losing side.***

    OMG, you must be an old timer to remember Suyai! Wasn't she the 1st chef kicked off season 2? It was either a surprise basket of frogs' legs or something else that taste like chicken! lol! Ilan really shined early on in that season! It all went downhill after the chocolate covered liver for Eric Ripert! What a moron! Saffron, saffron, saffron; they really should have called him out on that! I suppose since it's an expensive herb, maybe that gave him some cache with the judges! He was serious while Sam "didn't cook anything" at his finale in Hawaii! Still one of my fave season to watch! Finale stunk, but Season 1's finale the best! Can watch Tiffani go down over and over again! What a liar! "I made that panna cotta dessert!" lol! Busted bitch!

    ***I know what you mean! ...she said of running into Harold's knife or something lame like that.***

    That was in reference to her sous chefs saying they'd rather work for Harrold! She said they were invaluable at judge's table, but Dave & Stephen didn't have anything good to say about her! Same thing happened to Marcel the following season! The sous' couldn't wait to trash him!

  27. ***Ilan ruined it for poor Ed. The dessert was the killer. - I really wish they would ditch bringing in past contestants and or winners as sous chefs for the finale. IMO it's too much of a benefit or a handicap depending on the chef that they get stuck with. I would rather they just bring in some no name chefs or just do like they did on Top Chef Masters and let them use a chef from their own kitchens. This way they avoid any douche chefs like Ilan/Casey who try and take over and tell the competing chefs what to do, or chefs like Hung/Michael Volt. who people will think are the reason the contestant won.***

    Some will say Ilan cost Ed this win, but I'm sure Tom C. will go down the list of why he chose Kevin and it'll have nothing to do with the desserts; BET MONEY! These people are so predictable!

    ***Sooo, Kevin, errrr Michael V won again? - I'm thinking if Kevin hadn't chose MV, the outcome would have been much different.***

    Since they raved about Kevin's dessert drink, maybe as in Season 1, they should ask who made it! lol! Tiffani was ready to take all the credit for that panna cotta when it was Dave; start to finish! Did Kevin or Michael V. make that drink? Wasn't interesting enough to watch again; yet! Season 1's finale can be laughed at over and over seeing Tiff go down in flames; too priceless!

    ***Top Chef Desserts is looking like a big Drama-Fest already. Will you be watching?***

    I wasn't going to watch TC Desserts, but glancing at it, it seems to be a train-wreck! These people are such bitches! lol! They are hilarious! Got a few hotties on there too! Lots of "eye candy!"

  28. ***List your 5 least fave chefs - Dave sabotaged Tiffani, so he's on my list!***

    Dave? What did he do? He seemed to go all out to help her in the finale! Should he let her take credit for his dessert if she's stupid enough to pass it off as her own? Please! It was (pardon the pun) "just desserts" for a ruthless competitor that some have suspected was the one hitting oven dials of other chefs with an elbow or 2! Slanderous I know, but I believe she was capable! She had proved to be a liar on several occasions including incident with Marcel at judges' table! BTW, she thought he should go home when she was in the top group! She lied about doing it later and Miguel let her have it; "...snake; sssss!"

    My least faves:

    1) Spike (4)- Too competitive; win at all cost
    2) Lisa (4)- Just surly all the time
    3) Stephen (1)- Huge ego; thought he was better than he was
    4) Ilan (2) - One of the worst winners; very limited chef (saffron addict)
    5) Hung (3) - Super ego; was good, but hurt his own creations being careless or finishing too soon! Remember at the finale, the QC? He cooked his fish, was sitting there waiting for others to finish! He didn't win because he neglected salt! How stupid is that?

    I just can't believe they're giving Tiffani another chance! She already was in a finale and she won one of those special events, "TC Holiday Special" over Marcel and CJ! Truly a real "gip!" I don't need to see that old sea hag; on the level of Lisa of S4; just bitter, surly women! GAWD! Just what we need with next season's All-Star retreads!

    My biggest complaint with Jamie from that season, then and now is the fact she can't cook! She's very limited, slow, and not very creative! She does what's comfortable, not really wanting to learn or she would have been more honored by being at Rupert's place! She was so rude and disrespectful! She couldn't even be trusted to help out whole-heartedly when brought in on Chef Masters! She and other loud-mouths that came back as well like Dale, Michael I., & Spike should have been skipped for a reprieve!

    Supposedly Spike is doing well, I saw him on Iron Chef, but I just haven't been impressed by anything he's done including his cut-throat tactics in trying to win! I thought Chefs were more honorable! I've seen them lose civility on these shows; Chef Master, even "The Next Iron Chef" on Food Network! Some of the most well known and respected chefs resort to hoarding ingredients, knocking you over to get to a pan or piece of equipment, and the worst "knocking the effort" of another chef out of hand! Remember Kevin last season tried to critique Michael V.'s dish in one of the challenges to his brother Brian! BV cut him off real quick asking "did you even taste it!" That shut him up for a moment or 2! I guess you gotta blather about something in those dead periods, but these guys do that sort of thing not caring they're being overheard and taped for all to see and hear forever and a day!

  29. I was wondering how Jamie would "hose" her team mates! No one should be surprised she had to leave after slicing her finger! Shocking! What a lazy bitch! 2 stitches! Wow!

    ***ITA - and she's back just in time to serve with all of 2 stitches...give me a break!***

    That wouldn't have "fly'd" with me, this bogus over night challenge at the museum!! Suffering from sleep apnea, doing something like that, staying up all night for the most part, then stress over screaming brats 1st thing; PASS! Open the door, I'm leaving with Colicchio! Notice he didn't camp out! lol!! Screw that!

    ***Jen said it herself - her father always said "coming in second is still losing" ...must have been a tough childhood.***

    Jen's a perfectionist! Failure is unacceptable! - OMG, I exploded with laughter when they called her name! Like she could be shocked! If not for her "rant," she may have survived! I would have sent TRE home for not even trying to do something with that over reduced sauce! "Hey moron, at least warn them and use less!" Idiot! I don't feel bad for him being auf'd during 3rd season! He hosed Casey and that's hard to get me to feel sorry for her! Remember she's the "Black Widow!" Don't get ensnared in her web of friendship, it will send you home!

    I don't mind Jen; she's tough and got where she is because of that, but I've never laughed so hard when someone was auf'd! Subliminally I was receiving her curses under her breath I guess! She's got one fowl mouth there; along with Dale, Michael I, & Fabio! All of them are so full of themselves!

    Well we find both Tiffani and Tiffany were wrong tonite! lol! Tiffani did realize how limited her choice was and Tiffany thought it was a good choice thinking fruits and vegetables might be limited! Wrong on both counts! I heard "SCOTCH EGG" again! Someone on Iron Chef did it! Where in the world do you find something like that in the States? Is it a NorthEast thing; Maine, Delaware, Conn.?

  30. The major probably with Jen's dish is she had no real help from Jamie! Even if Jamie had been there, she wouldn't have been of much help! My bet is Jamie wouldn't have questioned the dish and it would have gone out as is anyway! She's so dependant; nothing excites her for the most part! Dale is try to keep the "Rainbow Flag" flying with her, but he better find another friend! She's not going to be there much longer! Better chefs can only screw up so much! She'll be exposed as the fraud I've always known her to be; "Miss Scallop!"

    ***... 2 of them will be elim in the double elim in ep 3, another in ep 4, and ep 5 seems to be the episode that they cook head to head with Tom.***

    Even if this isn't the case, it should happen! There are half a dozen chefs that shouldn't be there so they might as well thin the herd with the usual suspects! Elia's confidence was shot before she even started! She was beggin' while exiting "judgement!" Jen's nerves had to be jangled with sleep deprivation!

    In my condition of sleep apneac, I would have left the museum along w/ TOM after they informed them they would be sleeping over night! I'm sure it's not in Jen's character to say she couldn't handle that challenge, but her nerves were frazzled or she wouldn't have "gone off" like that at "judgement!" Would she talk to Eric Ripert like that? I'm still more than a little shocked by her demeanor last week! I have never laughed so hard when a chef was auf'd! I busted out mainly due to the rambling under her breath with a rant going on w/ judges inaudibly; same as she left the kitchen! Marcel was a little flushed!

    Everyone loves Harrold, but I'm not sure he ever was that great! He beat Tiffany b/c of her over-reaching with "duo" dishes in her finale! I agree with your analysis of Jenn! She just doesn't have the temperament to compete! She had me rolling on the floor with her objecting to criticism and the tirade at the end! She has to be good though or Ripert wouldn't have her on staff! Stefan still the "baddest" chef ever! He has a huge ego, but he knows his stuff! His only real misstep was 'hitting' on Jamie; regardless of her preference, she's a total slug in the kitchen!

  31. If you try to help as much as you want, then you should step up if it doesn't work out too! I didn't like Tiffani and Angelo all over someone else's dish, then walk away as if they had nothing to do with the finished product! Not like I care because Spike has been sleazier than most! Yeah, someone needs to tell some of these egomaniacs they didn't win their season! Some had even less of a chance like Isabella, Dale, & most of all Jamie who should be "walking" pretty soon if there's any justice in the world! What a horrid, conniving woman! She's like totally oblivious to her lack of skill and effort! I can hear Tom later on, "she didn't cool anything!" Deja Vu from their seasons; Jamie going early to Sam not actually cooking anything in the finale S2!

    ***My sentiments exactly. Jamie needs to go. - I don't know if she thinks that she's in way over her head or what, but to see her blatantly dodging the competition is bizarre and unfair. I really dislike Spike, but even I'll admit that it's not right that Jamie's still in the competition and Spike isn't.***

    I've said it back in season 5 and I'll keep on saying it, Jamie's a total waste of space! People talk about her lack of enthusiasm, apathy, and down right laziness, but for some strange reason she keeps just plugging along as if nothing is wrong! Even during Chef Masters she didn't perk up as a sous! When a chef had to drop a chef, Jamie was the 1st to go! I can't picture it, but her Chef Master had worked with her in the past and knew to drop her like a bad habit! She was diplomatic about it, but again I'm sure Jamie was shocked! "Yeah, right!"

    ***Jamie's team should have sent her out against Carla. Tre already had immunity, so he had a pass for the competition. If they had conceded that they were likely going to lose, they could have said, 'Hey, Jamie, you have to go,' and sent her out to ensure that everyone on their team that could be judged would be judged. - Obviously, this is a hindsight 20/20 situation, and it would take a lot to make them just accept losing, but this would have been the best strategy for the rest of the team to at least have a fair judging. If only...***

    Oh come on! No hindsight necessary! It was a deliberate tactic "not" to offer her rotten dish! She was already saying she wasn't going up there and there was nothing that was going to make her go! She was adamant, then hiding out in the end! One of the more despicable things I've seen on the show! So much for integrity! Even Chef Masters disappointed! Competition is competition I guess and common courtesy goes out the window!

    ***...and I used to hate Spike, but I was really sad to see him go. He grew on me this season, may have mellowed out on the douche-y-ness, and he was actually really gracious when leaving. At least he got rid of those ratty fedoras.

    What were those horrible things on his head all season then? lol! He hasn't mellowed! He was a douche to the end "running game" trying to win the competition! Why couldn't he just make a good dish instead of trying to manipulate the process? I didn't feel sorry for him at all even though Jamie is just as bad if not worse than Spike! He at least has some aptitude to cook! We're still waiting for Jamie to show anything edible!

  32. What you see is what you get with Richard Blaise! He's a very talented chef; a step above Marcel using molecular gastronomy! During his season he was big on sous-vid cooking actually blowing a challenge using salmon for a charity conference gala! Salmon is already mushy; sous vid technique didn't help! A good sear would have been so much better w/ a crispy skin! His only real blunder that I can remember! It was no luck that Richard made the final along with Stephanie, Lisa, & Antonia!

    ***Season where you totally disagree with the winners - season 5 was a mess w/ Hosea winning.***

    I agree S5 was a real mess, but it happened before then and it happened later!

    1) Harrold deserved to win, but he wasn't impressive at all! Both Stephen and Tiffany were by far more accomplished chefs!

    2) Ilan started out well, but we found him to be as limited as Hosea in S5; "Mr Saffron!" More than likely it should have gone to Marcel only because the others were so lame; Sam didn't cook anything, and Elia was scatter-brained and lost at the end!

    3) Hung the most accomplished, but he should have lost for just being careless and sloppy! Remember in Aspen when they were to prepare a fish and cook it in the QF? He finished early and still lost the challenge; no salt! What a dip! My Fave was Dale M., but he was limited too; "seafood king!"

    4) Stephanie won, not making any serious errors, but again she was just competent! Blaise was a lot more interesting, innovative, and knowledgeable!

    5) Hosea; nuff said! Stefan all the way!

    6) Michael V; I picked him from the 1st day! His ego was his only handicap!

    7) Kevin; pls! He should have been auf'd very early on! He was so bad those 1st few weeks, I'm still amazed he was able to turn it around like that and win! I can't go with Angelo even though people have acknowledged him as being the best! I'll go with ED! He was "knocking it out" those last couple weeks! He might have won if Ilan had been a little more creative as Ed's sous making that "dry ass cake" w/ salty whipped cream!

    8) It's anybody's guess who'll take it! These people just aren't that impressive or they would have won before! Angelo may be thought of as the best, but why do people fail miserably when he makes suggestions or helps out? That tells me something about his lack of leadership qualities! He's only there to make himself look good! Both Tiffany(i)'s won't make it! Both Dales have too many bad days; one gone already! Mike I. has never been as good as he likes to talk! Fabio and Antonia are just holding on! Carla has had her moments, but if I had to narrow it down in the final, I'll take Richard B., Marcel, Casey, & Angelo!

  33. Tre? I really don't know why he's getting featured more! He doesn't seem as 'with it' this season! Back in season 3, I couldn't imagine him letting Angelo anywhere near something he was to cook! Tre has been rather "blase" since he's arrived! He won that QF and he's begun to coast or something! I just don't see him in the same light! He's starting to be like so many other chefs; "all talk!"

    ***Well put, Jamie, and Tre isn't the only one who was loved by me during their season and this time around is getting on my last nerve. ...***

    I was just surprised Kevin made the finale in S7! He was very average at the beginning, producing something he snacks on at home! It was pathetic! He reminded me of a contestant from "The Next FN Star" who produced a "family style" French Toast breakfast in "Kitchen Stadium!" I was appalled and embarrassed for her! She had no clue about elevating common every day fare; Kevin was like that those 1st few weeks! He turned it around much later and truly impressed all by the end! The season still should have gone to ED though! lol!! Angelo shouldn't be able to take credit for anything laid up all day! Hung did the real work! They probably should have brought someone back; probably Kelly since she was still there! She was no fave of mines after that salt incident at those Washington restaurant challenge! She over-salted her steaks and wouldn't share the seasonings with others! It was Karma!

    There's ego which is needed to be confident in what you're doing, then there's super-ego which is obnoxious! Michael I, Dale I, & Angelo are just plain obnoxious! Some can elevate themselves w/o words, while someone like Angelo has to keep telling everyone how great he is; to a fault! Casey, Marcel, & Richard are quite good, but they don't have to keep telling people about it; they just do the task!

    ***That challenges are gratuitous prickery. That's not clever, that's not a challenge, that's being a prick. I think that's what tonight's EC was.***

    Hey, they signed up for this abuse and humiliation! lol! Money's flying around; cars for QF's! Come on, they can handle it! If they had been led properly, they might have survived! I blame Dale for keeping his head down when he would have been the perfect person to run that kitchen! He played Jamie, but won the challenge by just doing his job and nothing else! He wiped off his shoes while the place is on fire! What an Ass-Hole!

    I can definitely do without the extravagant prizes! After you've won a couple of challenges, you lose your incentive! You can say people will kill for money, but after a while, it's just money and it can't buy you happiness! I still wouldn't be able to take more than a couple weeks of this "abuse!" I'm flattering myself to even propose going overnight! No way would I ever deem it necessary to expose my lard arse to the world and live with a bunch of strangers! Not happening in this lifetime baby!

  34. Casey wasn't as reckless as Stephen H. from last season who admitted at the reunion that that was how he went about the challenges; "out of the box, on the fly, just throw some ingredients in the air and hope it works!" I don't think Casey was that reckless and from the clip I just watched they said it had plenty of flavor, it just needed more time! Now I'm really confused why she was eliminated over Jamie! She deserved to go, but they normally try to keep who they want to see more of! Are they saying by this dim-witted decision that Jamie will come up with something "even edible?" Heaven knows Casey was 10 times the chef Jamie is right now and forever after! Her rotten attitude will doom her! She doesn't seem to want to compete! This is just a 'social' for some I guess!

    ***Marcel is so annoying. For a moment I wished the old Dale was back and would have knocked his lights out.***

    Hey, wtf for? Are you disturbed or something? Marcel has done nothing, but you let the rant of a nut like Dale incite you to want violence done! Check in somewhere; quick! I HATE BULLIES!

    This is either Dale or his mother! You must think we're a bunch of idiots! Dale? You think he's amazing? Seek help if not related to him or you're off your meds! He's always been an ass and always will! Did you not see him go psycho on Chef Masters? He has to be on medication and if not, "get them!" Tiffani went out like a lady and I'm sorta proud of her! I couldn't stand her, but she really has gone thru some sort of metamorphosis! "Good for you girl!"

    ***Hey Jay, Chiarello is one of my all time faves, he is a class act, and a great chef. It really irritated and pissed me off that Dale treated him like that. Dale did say that he was (or is) in anger management . I think he showed a great restraint with Marcel, and it showed he grew up from then. I know it is a short time, but people can change. Tiffani changed too, she grew up a lot in the past few years. Kudos for both of them.
    Dale was so NOT being a bully!! Would you have really sat there and let Marcel get in your face like he did to Dale??***

    As I said before, I missed all that watching "Law & Order: SVU!" Even missed the 1st half of repeat due to "Chelsea Lately!" I don't miss 1st run programming for Bravo fare! It always repeats! Just got caught up with "serves!" I must have missed the "blowup!" All I saw was the 1st few minutes when Dale was gratuitously making remarks about Marcel and he hadn't said "Boo" to him! I guess they got into it later while planning menu; missed all that! Maybe the 3rd repeat unless I go to TC for new matches! lol! Top Chef just isn't at the top of my "must see" list!

    ***..., you summed that up perfectly. Marcel is his own worst enemy.***

    If only people weren't so judgemental and decide within 5 seconds if they want to be bothered with someone or not! Some of us are socially awkward! We aren't as understanding as we would want for ourselves, but that is one of our major failings, intolerance of someone "outside the box!" I don't blame people, but you see it time and time again! We take someone's word for it "you don't want to be bothered with this person!" It seems like people like Fabio & Dale are predisposed to "hating" on Marcel and he doesn't have to say anything! I still haven't seen this blow up yet, but I'm sure we're not getting the whole story! No one's a saint in this group! Antonia was crying! Is she feeling guilty about something? Thank Gawd Jamie's gone! The woman is so delusional! She probably thinks she can cook! Remember "they've come from around the world to tell her how great she has to be!"

  35. ***..,Tom got a piece of Tre's salmon with cooked bloodline intact, and was heard to comment about how that part is supposed to have been removed.***

    That really ticked me off! Angelo was being so helpful cooking Tre's fish, but he didn't see that bloodline? He practically gets into the pan basting it, double dipping and all! Angelo grosses me out in so many ways!

    ***Didn't Angelo cook Tre's salmon at the "Tennis" challenge, not the "Night @ the Museum" challenge?***

    You're probably right! I don't watch the episodes over and over again as I used to! This season's a joke; SORRY! It's hard to take it seriously! These are supposed to be veterans, but so many are just floundering! What is going on? Maybe, is it just me? Tiffani a nice person all of a sudden! I feel like I'm in the "Twilite Zone!" I'm a little spoiled maybe! Season 6 and or 7 alone is better than this group of All stars, but the stars from those seasons are sorta shell-shocked! Tiffany has been up and down and all around! I would think we would see more excellence! Some of these "cooks" are actually shocked when the judge's "pan" their dish! Dale didn't delude himself last week with that noodle thing for the QF at least!

    Can't wait for RW; that's always good! When Marcel lost in his season, it was hard to fault him since he had done most of the work! Cliff was such a loser as the host! Elia's hamburgers were like lead, and it was just a train wreck from the jump! It was no better on the other team; LaLaLina; what a joke! What was that disgusting dessert Sam tried to do; watermelon gnocchi? lol! That without a doubt was the worst RW ever; on both sides! In season 3 they got a "do-over," but it still wasn't as bad as season 2's!

    ***LOL @ Tiffani & the Twilight Zone. I have to agree with you. Season 6 was the absolute BEST (IMHO). They were excellent chefs, the challenges were mostly about showcasing the chef's talent. - ...bloodline was left in the fish and served. (It's that odd bit of brown/gray flesh you may have seen on a piece of cooked or smoked salmon.) You've got that mixed up with Angelo cooking Tre's fish for the US Open..***

    I never take that piece of fat off whether I broil or pan fry my salmon! Just had some last nite! It's the best when "blackened" with cajun spices, but my idea of spicing up a dish is throwing pepper, garlic powder, and paprika on everything! Never been a big fish person; barely doing lobster, shrimp, and salmon once a month! I just hate fighting with bones! I suppose fine dining deals with that, but if I go to a nice place like Riva's on Navy Pier here in Chicago, I'm gonna have a steak, lobster, or the biggest chop I can get! FISH food just doesn't satisfy me! lol! While living in California in the 90's, people were always pushing sushi! I said fine, bring it on, just make sure to heat up the grill at my table like Benihana's! I "ain't" eating raw fish! Tuna, sardines, and mackerel are an exception, but the worse thing you have to worry about is mercury poisoning! At least the bones have been removed or pulverized!

  36. ***Right. Tre let the sauce over-reduce, and it became one large tub of liquid salt.***

    This is what I'm talking about, elementary errors of judgement are the norm! What is wrong with these people? It's not that hard; they've been there before! Even Angelo and Richard have been dragging! I still say some are just "all mouth" and no real talent; Fabio, Michael I, Dale! At least Jamie's gone! Too bad for Tiffani! Tre's wife is gorgeous; and those girls! They are going to be heart breakers!

    ***But they're cooking under time constraints that wouldn't exist in a restaurant, in unfamiliar surroundings, and they're at the mercy of producers who, with the possible exceptions of Angelo and Tiffany, are far more willing to stack the deck against the chefs than they were during the chefs' first time on the show.

    They may be under-estimating Carla, or they may be underestimating the power of simpler dishes, perfectly prepared.***

    Notice I haven't said much about Carla! The only real mistake she's made was listening to Casey in her finale in S 5! lol! I feel the same way about someone winning with something very simple! Arianne back in S 4 was winning challenges with a tomato center stage on a dish that was cold! Amsterdam; DAMN! Went there back in 2001! Was supposed to be there for 3 weeks and make day trips to other countries, but wound up coming back home after 10 days! Too much a homebody! Saw it all, did it all, but didn't wait in line to see Anne Frank House! Loved Rembrandt's studio and home; side by side! Very narrow stairwells! Saw photo exhibition of Dennis Hopper while there as well! Van Gogh & Monet works were the bomb! Maybe one day I'll go back!

  37. ***What is Mike Isabella doing on this season? Does anyone know whether he's the contestant who was eliminated earliest? ..., but though Marcel is often contemptible, he does appear to have real culinary talent, unlike Isabella.***

    I don't understand this animus Michael I. has for Marcel! He's after him at every opportunity! He doesn't let Richard or Dale bother him; he gives them "props," but for Marcel, nothing but contempt! What an A-hole! He's about as useless as Angelo who did nothing from what little I watched of this episode! Poor Tiffany is just looking so bad! It's like people forget how to cook! In her case, she forgot how to fillet! Is she about as much "talk" as some of these other ego-maniacs? I'm starting to wonder!

    ***I think Tom and company know this is a reality TV show and ratings drive it. If it was just a straight cooking show it wouldn't last. Conflict makes these shows. They thrive on it. And people like Marcel, Tiffani (during her season), and Lisa F are ratings bonanza. Tiffani and Marcel's losses in the finale crashed the website.***

    I think people should be appalled by how shockingly bad the chefs appear to be these days! They should be very embarrassed; esp. Tiffani! She was an embarrassment alone; TIFFANI = NENE Leaks! OMG, she was absolutely screeching there! I hate vociferous talk and laughter at a restaurant; call me a snob! That was just too 'down home" and loud for me!

    ***Tiffany should have gone home. - ...How has Marcel been solid this season? His only win was on a team with Richard and Angelo. Other than that he's never even been in the top.***

    Marcel is a very innovative chef! Unfortunately it's the process that gets his juices going, not satisfying the customer! All too often he goes too far trying to use technique as a sledge hammer to beat everyone over the head with his "innovation!" Tiffany & Antonia on the other hand have been just "slogging" through! I've been very disappointed in their lack of desire and the cooking has been "weak!" Tiffany should really be embarrassed by cutting that fish up so poorly! So much for her title of Executive Chef at a "fish eatery!"

    Most everyone is coasting along! Only Richard & Carla are really pushing the envelope and taking this thing seriously! Michael I. just talks a good game, but that's all he really is "is talk!" Dale is really losing it! He just has no idea how he's talking to people at times! He just "zones" out and will again be shocked by his behavior! "DUH! Camera's rolling babe!" Dale did what he does at home! He's no innovator! Lucky he didn't have a "Lisa" to sabotage him as in his first "go round!"

  38. ***..., I was ready to hold Marcel's head in a bucket of water for a few days. It's time the Marcel-defenders faced the fact: he's an unpleasant little asshole who doesn't really get how badly he turns people off.***

    I'm not a Marcel defender as much as I don't like bullying around me of any kind! I don't care if Marcel is talking about people's mother, it makes so little sense to be after him like that 24/7! Fabio didn't even know the guy and he had it out for him before even seeing him this season! Marcel's socially awkward, get over it! You ignore pests most of the time! If you sit someplace swatting at flies all day, you look like an idiot! It would be one thing if Marcel was purposely going out of his way to be annoying; I don't think that's the case! People are just on a "stress train" due to all this money, fame, and the competition heating up! I still say most aren't taking this seriously! Their efforts just aren't there; Tiffani, Angelo, Antonia, Tre, & others at times! You still have a couple who are all mouth and are just expressing animus towards Marcel as amusement; Fabio, Michael, & Dale! They aren't that great and have been doing only marginally well by doing what they do w/ very little pushing of the envelope! Unfortunately Marcel is more enamoured with using technique over satisfying his customers! That's my only problem w/ him!

    ***Fabio did know Marcel before this season. They had some Top Chef Special and Marcel started mouthing off at Fabio after Fabio asked him a question he didn't like.***

    I don't call that "knowing" someone by spending an afternoon with a bunch of cooks schmoozing, cooking, and "remembering when!" I'm downloading an mp3 of a round table to my Multiply page which speaks to this issue of bullying Marcel and Season 2 in general! It's kinda funny especially ripping Padma for her stilted speech pattern and sleazy costuming every week:

    http://fiero425.mult...Chef_Roundtable - S 2 round table from

    http://fiero425.mult...try_for_1107_on_... - personal blog of the show...

    ***Serious question: how long do you take to decide that someone's a DICK?***

    It doesn't take long at all, but they're in an unusual situation; a competition on tv where the whole world is watching! I would go out of my way to avoid conflict and wouldn't make it my life's work to "hating" on some fool that is just socially awkward! You may call it fake, but no one looks good just picking on this poor schnook! That's all it really is from Dale, Spike, Mike I. and way back in S2 with Ilan, Betty, & Sam! Let's not even rehash the assault by Cliff!

  39. ***I think what Jay is saying is that yes.... Marcel might be a jerk sometimes, but many of these chefs have some really bad qualities..But to have this many people hating him collectively without really knowing the full story seems rather town squarish; ....hang him hang him hang him......Yuck! It's the worst part of our humanity. I had to defend Lisa too you know ....Oy what a job that was.***

    OMG, even I can't defend Lisa! She actually does go out of her way to alienate people from her! You can be as surly as you want, but don't come back complaining about how you're being treated when you've been so distant & whiny! She almost never smiled, all she did was complain about the challenges, didn't seem to care how people "took her," but when Richard, Stephanie, & Antonia didn't congratulate her for making the finale, she's playing a victim! "Get lost LISA; for good!" Even Tiffany redeemed herself, so it's possible for Lisa, but I can't see it without her really coming back to prove it! Since she was such a rotten chef, she won't be called back! I said the same about Jamie and others, but here they are! Wow!

    OMG, wasn't Lisa just awful to deal with? From last night, Mike I.'s getting on Marcel's case because he didn't allow him to take equipment he had acquired to complete the challenge! It was one thing after another with Isabella; "anybody got this, anybody got that, ..." Wtf? He had no right getting ticked off at Marcel b/c he couldn't take his lard ass around the corner to get his own colander, veggies, and seasonings! I really have a problem with Mike; all talk, no real talent! He's doing his job from day to day and just holding onto these challenges!

    ***Harold called Marcel unprofessional. How would you like to discredit him? .. If after 22 eps I still have to keep an open mind about Marcel, should I also keep an open mind about Cliff after 11--or, for that matter, should I keep an open mind about that "angry bully drunk" Frank after only 7 episodes?***

    You can compare little ol' Marcel to the big, imposing bullies of Cliff and Frank? I guess we can't agree on anything now! lol! You never saw Marcel get into someone's face threatening them and you certainly didn't see him "jack up" someone from a sound sleep! Physical presence has a lot to do with how I feel about this situation! If he were 7 years old, I can see the frustration, but all these people are supposed to be professional adults! Not seeing much of it in the crunch unfortunately! The only ones I don't have to worry about being silly, childish, & unprofessional are Carla, Tre, & Richard! The rest are up for grabs and they've had their moments of "why am I here?"

    I'm surprised no one seems to have a problem with Dale going off on Fabio's servers! They were just doing their jobs and here you have psycho Dale being profane out of the blue and for no reason! Fabio at least tried to straighten him out, but I don't think he got through to him! He really needs to go on some kind of medication if he hasn't been prescribed yet!

    ***No, I simply saw Marcel excuse his failure by blaming it on other chefs being threatened by him. ...Like you said, these people are all supposed to be professional adults. How professional is it to go off on drunken rants just b/c you're a sore loser? ...We saw Dale yell at them, and we saw Fabio take him aside and talk to him right afterwards. ...***

  40. ***At this point in their careers these chefs should need very little leadership. Dale didn't even lead anyone. Richard thinks he - They just did what they knew had to be done. Yeah if Marcel was *leading* a bunch of CIA school students or line cooks..ok....But NO those chefs know what to do at this stage of the game. Marcel didn't make them mess up. They did that on their own....Marcel should team leader checked the food as it was going out.....and that was his downfall. He let bad food out of his kitchen. This ain't the first time a good chef has lost it in RW!***

    I guess it's just you and me KK sticking up for Marcel! I've been saying all season, these "cooks" have been through the trenches, they know what to expect, but most of them have been sleep-walking! As usual the Head chef takes the bullet for RW, but as you said, the other chef's efforts are what doomed the team, not anything Marcel did! These are supposed to be grown ups, but you have those "said grown ups" arguing and bickering "on the line;" pathetic! If Angelo is so put together, why didn't he do something? He's usually all over everyone's efforts, but as Bordain surmised, he just "ducked and covered!" Wimp! I hope not to hear from that ego-maniac again; esp. after he trashed Tre's fish helping out at the US Open challenge, but the "mouth that roared" will definitely be back! What a useless character; all mouth and no brain! He produces raw dish after raw dish even when Tom tells him "not to do that!" What a moron!

    ***And I don't know if anyone else has brought this up yet, but this is the second time Marcel has held who his team would be in his hands and went crying about it afterwords. In season 2 he had first pick and took Sam, who hated him, and Mikey who may or may not have been on drugs.

    And this week he took Mike I who didn't like him, and Angelo who he accused of sabotaging his massive fruit before. I know the phrase is keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but Marcel might be better off picking his friends next time... If he actually has any.***

    Yeah, that bothers me a lot! You have a loser who when they are in charge make such bad decisions! At the finale he had a chance to pick 2 people that could have really helped and believed in him, but no he took guys who hated his guts; Michael and Sam! His judgement really can be called into question on many fronts, but he can COOK regardless and has some good ideas!

    ***To be fair, Marcel didn't really have a lot to choose from. The other 4 choices were Betty (who REALLY hated his guts, and unlike Sam, couldn't be counted on not to sabotage him), Elia (with whom he'd had a conflict just a couple of days before, so it probably was still fresh in his mind), Mia (arguably the weakest chef of the lot), and Frank (who'd threatened him physically).***

    It was definitely a "no win" situation, but Sam and Michael would have been at the bottom of my list along with Betty and Elia! He should have gone with Frank and Mia who would really have appreciated staying! Normally neither would be picked since they are so weak, but I think that would have worked out perfectly with Marcel's ego-mania! In 'poker lingo" I would be calling for a "re-buy!" lol!

  41. ***Wow, Anthony Bourdain sure has a way with words. When he says something about a dish I notice how Colicchio either titters at his smart-ass comments or nods his head emphatically in agreement at his verdict. I don't think he has the balls or confidence to go against Bourdain.***

    Besides Bourdain being right, he's a real star! Tom is just playing one for this show! They manage to make Tom look more animated by having a wooden doll (Padma) standing beside him to distract that he's probably the most boring guy around! Anthony is the life of the party and he can insult me anytime!

    ***"...True, but I don't think I can recall Tom ever even saying something like, "I thought it could use a bit more acid", or "I would have liked a little less salt." He just nods and agrees."***

    We've talked about how some of the judges "parrot" one another at times! The biggest offender is Gale who will use the exact same words Tom uses including that Ilan's dessert in the finale was "really smart!" How many times does Gale have something to say, probably admitting she loved a dish, then totally changes her mind after Tom "nails" it for some elementary reason? It's a joke! I want them to go to a blind tasting! They don't need to know who cooked something for judging! I feel it does matter to them! Judge the food, not the cook, errrr "chef!

    ***Mr. Colicchio, I watched the show tonight and was a little disappointed. I noticed how the 3 of you made excuses for all the guys except for Tre. You had an Italian born Chef who could not cook pasta and another who could not make an Italian dish better than me; and I can't cook, but I know italian flavors. ...***

    I'm glad someone else thought the same! Tom would eviscerate an Italian chef normally in this same situation! Michael was talking "shit" the entire time up to the end commenting about Antonia mussel winning & Tiffani's polenta dish! He's a real piece of work! He needs to just shut up and cook! It happens every time! The one blowing the most smoke about "I got this" will always end up eating those words!

    We actually had Michael praying not to be sent home when Padma saved him by naming Tre! Another guy, all talk and even mentioned he changed the risotto from the winning recipe! What an idiot! All 3 of them w/ Dale should have been sent home! They were so sure of themselves, but even looking at prep, it didn't look good! That pasta was stiff as dried out putty! I've never made pasta, but it looked more like peanut brittle mix! Should have gone with the dry box! Another idiot! Why do they sabotage themselves? I suppose it's to say "I made it from scratch!" You saw what happened to that girl in season 4 who always made her own pasta? It finally got her sent home! More idiots!

  42. ***Anyone noticed how the episode pointed out Mike's hypocrisy?***

    Michael I's been full of BS since he arrived 2 seasons ago! He thinks he's better than he really is and hypocrisy is way down my list of faults! He's still just a cook; not a chef! He's nowhere near as talented as he likes to think! Remember he's the only contestant that was on a winning team for an EC, then brought back as one of the loser that same challenge in Season 6 w/ the V Bros! How do people forget what a loser situation that had to be for him? Too bad it didn't humble him "at all!" I still get upset with his constant haranguing of Marcel, then asking him for something in the same breath! I can still hear him asking Marcel for a piece of equipment or pot! I would have told his fat ass to walk around there and get it himself! It could take some of that tonnage off probably; NOT!

    Fabio's been doing more than skating on thin ice for quite a while! He's been quite an ordinary cook since the beginning! I have no idea why people are giving him such "props" as if he's some master chef! "I don't think so!" Even when he half way won a challenge in his season, it was comfort food that the Master Chef judges voted as memorable to their youth! Wasn't it just chicken that he made with a "busted wing" or burn to his hand? He has never impressed me in the least! What has he done but "kvetch" about how stupid a challenge was to him? Good riddance to bad rubbish! Idiot!

    That last QC was taken from Richard! These guys weren't going to vote for him! You heard nothing but complaints about him winning, giving out too much info, and just being too nice! They couldn't bring themselves to vote for his dish even though I saw Tiffani throw her head back in ecstasy! They can't be trusted; they'll admit it! I hope they don't do that again! Even on FN's Next Iron Chef you had unscrupulous types who just didn't want to play fair! So much for integrity in the kitchen! Ego trumps everything!

    Fabio's ego suffered just a little when he took great offense at Bordain's critique a few challenges ago! He about lost his mind there! I thought they would have to call security! His ego is just too large for the rather mundane fare he's been pushing! He was commenting about Jamie and her "Top Scallop" effort, but hasn't he done gnocchi's a few times? Hypocrisy should be punishable up to and including death; esp if you're a politician!

  43. Michael I. can't be shamed into acting like a nice guy and feel fortunate to be in his position! He made history in his 1st go-round by being on a winning team, but being brought back for elimination in the same challenge! He was a "hanger-on" of the V Bros and the panel called him out! It hasn't humbled him in the least! All he can talk about is how good a chef he is and who else should be going home! Jackass!

    Funny you mentioned Mikey being a coattail-riding opportunist! I've mentioned before that he should be forever known as the ultimate loser, opportunist, and "hanger on!" He latched onto the V Bros in season 6 winning a challenge with them only to be brought back in the same challenge to be in the bottom 3 as well! Will that ever happen again? What a loser!

    I put black pepper on just about everything! I keep a grinder on the table! At fine restaurants when waiter wanders about with a pepper mill, I say warm up! THis is going to be a while! I make him turn that crank twice if not 3 times as many times as he would normally! I love "blackened" proteins as well! There's something about using pepper; probably to balance the tons of salt that is in everything! I only sprinkle salt in my pasta & veggie water as well as all proteins! You have to do it or there's no flavor! I put just garlic powder and pepper on a couple of pork loin chops once! I baked them for 30 min, they were plump, juice was running out into rice I had made! Totally tasteless! I learned ya just can't eliminate salt entirely!

    ***Mike's already proved he's not a top chef and if he wins it would be on the level as when Ilan and Hosea won. First off he complains when Richard was helping others in the kitchen, a true top chef would... and Mike said he wouldn't being a competition; it shows weakness. Richard would say he'd rather be judged along side of chefs trying their best, Mike would rather see them fail. ...As I said in the past, I don't know why Mike was brought on this season as an all-star, I'm guessing someone backed out at the last minute or he's one of the producers favorites. He's proved to be a mediocre chef at best, even going as far as losing an Italian challenge, and now continues idiotically to put himself below Richard.***

    Most if not all are "below Richard!" Michael is below Carla, Tiffani and Antonia for that matter! These people have a real feel for what they're doing and are very creative at times! Mikey has relied on everyday recipes he makes and it's so beneath someone calling themselves a chef! It's all muscle memory with no real thought behind the dish produced! When has he really busted it out and people were like "WOW?" I'll tell you, NEVER! He's mediocre at best and at his worse, totally incompetent! I bet any amount of money he probably doesn't know anything about enzymatic changes to pork with pineapple mixed with it!

  44. ***Tiffani should have listened to Marcel - Paula Dean commented she would love to have sucked on those shrimp heads, but Tiffany didn't care what Marcel was suggesting.***

    My thinking exactly! Marcel maybe annoying, but I'd take him over Mikey anytime! True enough Tiffany couldn't be bothered listening to Marcel! Even if it was a "saving" issue, I have this feeling she would blow him off! I thought she was more mature than that, but something's happened to her this season! I've already said she's been coasting and barely hanging on being in the bottom 6 times; that's a lot! That's Spike & Lisa territory and I know she's better than them! I noticed the "shrimp head" comment too and laughed; shoulda listened to Marcel! lol! I'm no fan of the boy, but this bullying by everyone is so upsetting! These are supposed to be adults and they are pretty much picking on him since he's so socially awkward! These idiots aren't even trying, just maligning and pushing him away! If someone would sit down with the guy and tell him what's what instead of screaming at him like their child, maybe things would be different! I'm just saying!

    Dale is so full of shit, I can't stand it! The stuff that comes out of his mouth has never made any sense to me and I don't understand why others don't bring it up! All I've heard is he's a better guy now and he's really trying when he's the same evil a-hole he always was! He has a limited resume with a limited vocabulary resorting to profane tirades when things get a little tight! I gave him all due sympathy dealing with Lisa in his 1st go-round, but that blowup during Chef Masters then his tirade this season during RW's proves he has a long way to go for true soul searching redemption!

    ***Richard came across like a total dick during judge's table. No grace and no modesty at all. I don't care if he loses at this point.***

    "Total dick" is a little extreme! I'd put Michael I, Angelo, & Dale in that category! Richard really tries to help people out; to his own detriment at times! Richard's definitely confident, but it's not half as overbearing as some of the other characters this season! Most have been coasting, and didn't step it up until last night; esp. Tiffani and Carla! They were on the edge, but made it in the end! I wonder what Angelo could have done, but I don't miss him and his superior attitude! Dale was never that inventive and Michael is still relying on everyday fare! Can he survive the final cut preparing things off his menu back home? It's sad and pathetic no one is bringing that up! Antonia's been hanging in there and finally got rewarded! I'm sure she'll appr. it over jerks like her cousin Mike! Richard already has at least one car from the show!

    ***How is the competition with winning chef from their respective season supposed to work out? Can Antonia & Richard both do better than Stephanie or only one of them will be considered winner?***

    Richard has a great chance to beat out Stephanie and I never was impressed with Hosea so Carla can knock him off; we can only hope! lol! Lots of luck trying to conquer Michael V., Michael I you slob! lol! He'll have to sabotage the guy and he isn't above it! Who else we got; Kevin? Lots of luck Tiffany! He'll just get them drunk again like he did in the finale last season! lol! That must have been some cocktail since Padma's a notorious drinker! Even for breakfast challenges she loved the booze!

  45. ***This is so unfair and I feel sorry for these chefs. They have all earned a chance to wow us, but the Producers are more concerned with conjuring cheap drama than letting them produce great food.***

    They've had equipment failures before! They're expected to deal with it! It is terribly unfair just saying in real life "you have to think on the fly!" I don't think so! If there's a fire, you don't re-prep then serve again hours later! This stinks! Not Michael I....anybody, but that smirking weasel! GAWD save me if he takes it all! Richard may have to commit Harri kari! He does not like to lose!

    ***That comment personifies what always bugged me about Hosea. It was never a positive, 'I won' attitude, it was always a negative, 'Haha, you lost' perspective. When he took the title, it was all about him beating Stefan, even more than actually being Top Chef. Here it was about putting the haters in their place, not making a good showing for himself. It's like he wouldn't be happy with having success without there being someone else to watch fail next to him. I don't know, that just bugs me.***

    I totally agree! It's like a cloud is hanging over him b/c he wasn't favored by the masses and he hasn't been able to prove he was deserving until this challenge! Unfortunately for him Carla blew it more than Hosea won it! You could tell the judges wanted to give it to Carla but for the uncooked rice! I'd carry some instant in a bag if I were these people! lol!! Whoever it was that lumped Richard in with Dale and Marcel is out of their minds! Richard is a sweet-heart compared to those other boars! Just b/c you don't like his positive attitude towards his ability doesn't make him any less worthy of this title! You can't expect every winner to be like Stephanie; shocked, tearful, self deprecating, blah, blah, blah! Richard has been nothing but a gentleman and always ready to help out; even to his detriment it seems! We all saw Antonio do well with his help, then of course Mike just ripped off an idea taking $15,000 out of his pocket! "Yeah, Richard's such a bad guy! Get real bitches!"

    ***Hosea, Ilan, & Kevin are dubious winners of "Top Chef!"***

    The Kevin turnaround still baffles me! He was so average at the beginning, relying on everyday fare he produced on the outside! All of a sudden he's getting kudos up the ying-yang, and by the finale the judges were raving about his offerings! I still have this feeling Hosea and Ilan were "just picked" instead of truly earning their titles! Even at judges table in Hawaii Gale brought up the fact Ilan produced Spanish dish after Spanish dish overwhelming everyone concerned with saffron over and over again! Where was the so-called "taking of chances" and thinking "outside the box?" It wasn't happening and they rewarded him for it! My head will always shake back and forth with Stefan coming in 2nd to Hosea! That's the biggest upset as far as I'm concerned! They embarrassed themselves for all time with that one! I think that is where Hosea's getting this insecurity! Me and everyone else know how lucky he is to be holding his title!

  46. ***Would they have lost the EC by default if they weren't able to get any conch? ...I couldn't help but wonder that. Richard actually scared me when he had trouble diving for the conch and I was afraid he wasn't going to catch any.***

    I guess you would be 'S.O.L.!' You had to use the conch; was required! Maybe Richard would have come to the rescue; let you use some of his conch broth! lol! Not likely without a blender!

    ***I thought the same thing, but I'm assuming the producers knew in advance that the final five--last week's four plus Carla--could swim well enough to snorkel before they set up that particular challenge months ago. I'm sure too there were plenty of life guards watching over them.***

    I'm sure there's tons of production planning before the 1st intros are made! When Project Runway sent a group over to Paris, I wondered "how in the world did they expedite passports for some of these hillbillies that have never been anywhere?" So you know that has been covered already! They had swim suits on so they were warned I'm sure! Poor Tiffany; I wonder what they had to do to smooth out that hair after diving in the ocean? My sister goes to braids during the summer when she knows she's hitting pools and the lake!

    ***The 'mystery envelope' - I thought it was just to show they didn't make it up on the fly - it was predetermined. It lent more fairness to the decision. In the past they've thrown in plenty of twists along the way, but not usually at judge's table.***

    Something like that should be thought about "on the fly!" I don't think it would have been fair for a person to get another chance to make the finale after having a horrible meal! Antonia fortunately did produce something nice, but Morimoto wasn't happy! She did get another chance, but she had it the toughest w/ the family memory being more detailed and extreme; texture and taste! I wouldn't be happy if some loser came from behind, then produced "a bite" that Tom loved and I'm kicked to the curb! I'd sue! lol!!

    ***"Oh Richard, No...You do NOT put ketchup on hotdogs."***

    Sure you can! Chgo is one of the "main homes" of hotdogs w/ int'l renown from some places here! Mustard, relish, & onions are the staple of any good hotdog, but ketchup has equal importance here babe! lol! I don't go all the way like some with those basics, then have a couple pieces of tomato, pickle, & peppers added! Now it's not even a "dog," it's a condiment holder on a bun! OBTW, ya gotta have the greasy fries in the bag to go along with it!

    ***Fiero, I'm FROM CHGO! You don't put ketchup on hotdogs here!***

    I'm no "conesour" really; just a guy who grew up on the south side, then western suburbs! We did ketchup! I understand the northsiders think it's a crime to put catsup on your dog! I should have expressed there are different factions in town! lol!

    ***It's not that there are "factions" or "northsiders" consider it a crime, I am also suburbanite and everyone knows no ketchup on hot dogs. There's a Chgo style hotdog and then there are little kids that like ketchup.***

    Every stand I've gone to, mostly on the lake shore, a big pump bottle of mustard and catsup is sitting right there! Go to Navy Pier and it's not as 'verboten' as you may think! lol!

  47. Tom made a big deal about the wait btw course 1 & 2! I can't get over how pleasant Tiffany has been! In the old days a dark cloud hovered over the room! Possibly a several rays of sunshine there in her personality all of a sudden! I still haven't seen the whole show! One of these days I'll catch all the nuances! Have no idea how they picked their sous! From WWHL it appears Jamie went above and beyond the call of duty! Color me shocked! Maybe she was getting some negative feedback and took a stimulant! She worked it I guess; per Michael anyway! I still haven't seen her do much!

    Michael is a bad guy! He wishes ill on his competitors! He's more concerned about what "you're" doing rather than worrying about what he's got to do! He was better in the finale, but I've already cemented an image of the guy of being a louse! It could change; it did for Tiffany! She's a new person and I've embraced her! Never thought it possible! "Good job Richard; Condragulations!"

    ***Then that's where you are wrong. It wasn't just the recipe it was the presentation of it. It was a play on oysters on a half shell. Mike's cooking is never whimsical; that's usually Blaise. So the whole thing revolved around not just the recipe, meaning ingredients and preparation, but also on the way it was presented.***

    Finally! lol! That's what I've been saying since it happened! The idea was the part that was ripped off with a self satisfied smile on his face when Mike was rewarded for doing it! What a sleazebag! Richard can forgive him, but I won't forget it! $5,000 is a lot to rip off! lol! Antonia winning that challenge would have saved all concerned! Too bad!

    I'm thrilled that Richard won, but I will never be a "connoisseur!" lol! I will never be that much of a food snob; sorry! I don't like nouveau cuisine; never have, never will! There's too much handling of the food! The portions are dubious depending on how much they want to "take you for!" I find it gross if these guys are touching and position every pea on my plate! It just "skeeves" me out! It's bad enough you have so many people prep'n with dubious hygiene habits, no hair nets, scratching their heads, sweating into the food, tasting the food (double dipping), then we finish it off w/ placing each item on the plate by hand! That's just too much! Something wrong with family style portions on one plate spooned out? Am I the only one who feels this way? I guess I'll just be the lone nutcase!

    ***Andy ambushed Elia in WWHL***

    Since I know Andy is a sleazebag, I rarely watch the show! What did she say in the article? I'm sure it was something having to do with "sour grapes" no doubt, but it's expected by some ego maniacs! I don't think he should have called her out regardless of whatever! Anybody? I was never a fan! I know she has skill, but most of the time when she wins a challenge, it's usually with something "not all that special!" I'm still horrified Tom pumped her up for her Thanksgiving offering of "mushroom soup!" She toasted nuts! That made all the difference I'm sure! In the mean time, Marcel had done most of the work; even if poorly executed (dry remoulade turkey)! You might as well have given the award to Carlos with his salad! That season 2 was kinda lame now that I think about it! Season 6 & 7 in comparison would just blow them away!

  48. I knew the reunion was playing, but never turned over to check it out! Will have to see it tomorrow afternoon! Tom C. at times is a huge hypocrite! Thinking of that Coke commercial, he lost a bit of stature in my eyes! He's supposed to be above that sort of endorsement! Only saw bits and pieces of Chef Masters! Should be some good food this season! I won't tape or preempt something else to see the show though!

    Finally saw the last few minutes of the reunion to see what all the "hub-bub" was about! It probably should have been edited out since they were playing "cutsie-wootsie" music and clips around the issue! The only thing I got out of this exchange was Tom C and the rest trying to intimidate Elia and make her back down! Why should she? She was just expressing how she felt and now Tom is giving this impression she's wrong and it's just sour grapes for being auf'd so soon! I too consider Tom a sell out who could have done great things, but he's obviously in need of more money! That Coke commercial wasn't impressive at all and it's stayed w/ me since! I don't care if he does drink the stuff, that product is one of the worst out there! IT has no nutritional value which is what cooking is all about besides enjoying it! I hope people aren't thinking I'm taking Elia's side because I'm a fan; nothing could be further from the truth! Even though she may be very honest, there's something about her that bothers me! It's something lost in translation I guess! I see her as a bit of a phony in some respects when it comes to the other chefs! It's an ego thing with so many of them! Even Richard had his moments even though he's a great guy who really enjoys helping others!

    ***I was very disappointed in Tom's treatment of Elia. When he couldn't get the last word in and convince her she was wrong, he pretty much just dismissed her as being bitter b/c she was eliminated 1st. ...My bigger concern is Tom's view of Diet Coke. He says in the rebuttal article to Elia's complaints that Diet Coke never made anyone obese. Hasn't he been keeping up with the research on diet sodas and their connection to obesity?***

    I just hope I'm wrong when I think he has that mentality of a conservative or Republican; "believe what I say, not what I do!" They make it seem ok, nothing is wrong when you catch them in something! It's always just your interpretation that is making it a controversy; nothing they've said or done! "Tom, Tom, Tom; you're beginning to be a real disappointment to me!" I hope there's no retribution, but we know how vindictive some are; will Elia be invited to do anything even though she's well liked?

    ***Someone here mentioned that Rocco DiSpirito had appeared on The Soup with Joel McHale....Is Joel McHale really that much taller than Rocco? And is there a painting of Rocco somewhere that is aging horribly? Rocco is 45, but isn't aging, and seems to have some kind of creepy Dorian Gray thing going on.***

    I saw him! He's quite short I guess for McHale to be towering over him like that! Funny you should mention Dorian Gray! Just saw a remake on ShwTme a couple days ago! I think it was discussed a couple years ago after Rocco lost his restaurant! He went all out being nice, lost some weight, and had some cosmetic surgery! He really is something; remade himself totally! Anthony Bordain embarrassed himself more than once trying to get a rise out of Rocco, but he never took the bait! DiSpirito really seems to be a good chef! I watched a couple of his shows helping out inept cooks; one of which hated fish, but he got her to not only like it, but cook it!

  49. - - - Season 9 - AllStars2 - - -

    ***First episode of The Next Iron Chef on FN - Thankfully, the judge's chose Chef Samuelsson's scallop dish over Spike's. Spike was the 1st chef to be sent home. Had Spike chosen a different partner for himself, maybe he would still be there. For anyone who hates Spike (like me), this episode played out beautifully. He's a real douche-bag.***

    From what I saw on Masters Season 2 I'd say that Marcus is a douche-bag as well. - I have little sympathy for Spike! He's just as bad as Marcus, if not worse! He's always conspiring, trying to get an edge instead of just going in there and cooking! He's so sad! How did he make the cut? He's nobody; I don't care how many times they try and feature him! There's nothing special about his "fare" as far as I can tell from what little we've seen of him! His ego's out of control! Reminds me a lot of Michael I. of last season's all-stars! He has a very high opinion of his talents!

    ***AND...just in case anyone did not notice...LEE ANNE...from S1 Top Chef competed on IRON CHEF AMERICA....and WON!!! She beat Iron Chef one point!!***

    When was this; this past weekend? I missed it! He's vulnerable for the time being, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised! She's the 1st one from Top Chef to win! Wow! The others never came close! Spike was an embarrassment! Richard's good, but he's no Iron Chef beater yet; maybe Forgi! I was watching Richard from last season and I'm getting a little perturbed with him! In his mind he should win everything! Other people's fare that wins he says "I don't get it!" That bothered me more now than when I was actually backing him and hoping he took it all!

    ***Richard always thought he was better than he actually is. The Volt brothers proved that. He got on my nerves all over again watching last weekend.***

  50. ***I enjoyed watching Spike bite the dust with his amateur soup and scallop! ...***

    No one said he wasn't ambitious! He gets good feed back here in Chicago, but I've never been there! He talks a good game, but I'm really starting to believe he's full OS! WHo am I kidding, I've been saying that since day one! Who talked about himself more and delivered less! He was always trying to work an angle instead of just cooking his best! Even during his 1st stint on TC, he had this great reputation for dealing with steak! Needless to say he didn't even come close to winning the challenge! Every time someone says they have experience and this should be a snap is usually walking the plank themselves later that episode! He's little more than a local restaurateur! There's nothing wrong with that, but he has never created something that would transport you somewhere like a "Wolfgang Puck!" He likes to think differently, but delusions reign with many chefs out there! My namesake Jamie comes to mind! What a loser!

    ***I thought V Bros.' season of TC was boring, but their new show "Voltaggio's Take On" is so boring!***

    They're good chefs, not entertainers! lol! I don't know why anyone thought it would be any different than them on TC! They're good looking, honest, quiet, and far from obnoxious like their bud Michael I, but more than likely MI could carry a show!

    ***I hate to admit it Fiero, but you're right - Mike I. would probably be more entertaining. They are certainly quite talented and not bad on the eyes (Brian easier than Michael), but their brooding natures don't make for interesting tv.***

  51. ***Sarah may have helped Keith out the door with her comments on his use of flour tortillas instead of corn!***

    This is bogus! I'm still wondering why Keith was the one sent home! Maybe getting a kick in the ass by Sarah b/c for the flour tortilla thing "got him" on one hand, but several chefs didn't make theirs from scratch either! The judges didn't say they didn't like his offering! It seemed a little something else was going on! Maybe he's getting whacked for buying the cooked shrimp! Others were right there and saw him do it and said nothing! It's still hard to watch so early in the season! I'll probably wait until they whittle down some of these sous'!

    ***Hi JayC. I went 'round in my head over the same thing. I agree Sarah should have suggested Keith use a corn tortilla. I would have being part of a team challenge. She did bring up the pre-cooked shrimp fiasco at JT.

    Was it to purposely throw him under the bus, or was it in defense of the dishes they had to make instead b/c they didn't have the proper ingredient? ....I thought I heard the judges comment his enchilada was soggy, bland and unappealing aesthetically. Ultimately, I think they made the right call. No defense of a pre-cooked, frozen shrimp from a chef specializing in seafood. Keith was one of my early favs and I hope we see him again.

    I agree with you somewhat, but TC has a history of elim. people for what they consider to be "basic" mistakes. The person who actually makes the mistake is the culprit over the others who didn't step up IMO, even though they are accomplices. ...In the taste dept. it seemed like it should have been Ty-Lor from the reaction of the judges.***

  52. ***All-Time Top Chef Standings - This doesn't include the current season, or the first 2 of TC Masters. In case of a tie, the chef that advanced farther in their season was ranked higher.

    1 - Richard Blais, 57.83 points (Seasons 4 and 8)
    2 - Kevin Gillespie, 32.25 points (Season 6)
    3 - Stephanie Izard, 28 points (Season 4)
    4 - Michael Voltaggio, 27 points (Season 6)
    5 - Angelo Sosa, 26.33 points (Seasons 7 and 8)
    6 - Bryan Voltaggio, 25.5 points (Season 6)
    7 - Stefan Richter, 25.33 points (Season 5)
    8 - Dale Talde, 25.25 points (Seasons 4 and 8)
    9 - Ed Cotton, 22 points (Season 7)
    10 - Hung Huynh, 21 points (Season 3)

    11 - Morgan Wilson, 19.33 points (Season D1)
    12 - Antonia Lofaso, 17.75 points (Seasons 4 and 8)
    13 - Harold Dieterle, 17 points (Season 1)
    14 - Michael Isabella, 16.25 points (Seasons 6 and 8)
    15 - Ilan Hall, 16 points (Season 2)
    16 - Carla Hall, 15.33 points (Seasons 5 and 8)
    17 - Carlos Enriquez, 14.42 points (Season D2)
    18 - Hosea Rosenberg, 14 points (Season 5)
    19 - Naomi Pomeroy, 14 points (Season M3)
    20 - Sally Camacho, 14 points (Season D2)

    21 - Sam Talbot, 13 points (Season 2)
    22 - Mary Sue Milliken, 13 points (Season M3)
    23 - Andrew D'Ambrosi, 12 points (Season 4)
    24 - Floyd Cardiz, 11 points (Season M3)
    25 - Chris Hamner, 9.67 points (Season D2)
    26 - Tiffani Faison, 9 points (Seasons 1 and 8)
    27 - Matthew Petersen, 8.5 points (Season D2)
    28 - Marcel Vigneron, 8.33 points (Seasons 2 and 8)
    29 - Betty Fraser, 8 points (Season 2)
    30 - Stephen Asprinio, 6.45 points (Seasons 1 and 8)***

    I always thought Spike was one of the worst chefs in TC history! Thanks for the confirmation! lol! - He went into negative territory at #147 - Spike Mendelsohn, -15.5 points (Seasons 4 and 8) - WE shouldn't be surprised Hosea (#18) was so low as one of the winners! What a choice!

  53. ***It might be true that Richie deserved to go home for his 2 lackluster QF performances, his contributions/dishes in the ECs have been well received, esp. if we consider the cornbread was entirely his project.***

    Richie has a salt pallet problem! It was bound to catch up with him sooner or later; might as well be now! As always Karma and justice catch up with cut-throat behavior! Snapping up all those supplies before every one had a chance was "bush-league!" Same with Chuy thinking he had the QF nailed since he's such an expert in peppers! You knew he would be in the bottom! In these reality shows, do they force people to work from a script? It's the same result each time; the braggart gets crushed and selfish ass-holes land in the bottom! I still remember a chef from a couple years ago wouldn't share her salt! Needless to say the judges nailed her for using too much on her steaks! It's just uncanny!

    ***Clearly those chefs knew that steak was going to be the highlight, and thus the most closely scrutinized parts of the meal down there in TX.***

    Steak like eggs seem simple, but besides taking skill to cook, they need to be served quickly! That's why a lot of these challenges are going to fail! It's going to either be cooked perfectly and left to sit while the judges decide when to eat it or it's average tasting and by the time it hits the judges its cold garbage! I don't like these challenges on the rode or in the field! Sanitation and time where food is just left sitting makes it more unappetizing to me! I wouldn't touch half of it! The double dipping and lack of hand washing has always been an issue with me! If you don't have a sink to do so, you don't bother at all! I would think and hope one of the judges gets sick and they stop that crap!

    They're just bad! This has been one of the worst cast of characters I've seen in a while! They are simply inept and I don't know how they get any kind of rave review unless the judges are exaggerating! My guess is that's the case! This stuff looks like crap! Last season with the "so called" All-stars weren't much better, but I wouldn't want much of any of this fare thrown together to make up this season! I'm sorta disgusted I guess! Just watched Food Network's, "The Next Iron Chef!" It's at such a higher level, but they are "Masters!" You have Alex G., Eliz. Faulkner, and Michael Chier.!

    ***Are you serious, Fiero? Quite a few chefs from this season are more qualified than the celebrity chefs on TNIC. I can't believe you listed Alex Guarnaschelli of all people; hasn't won any sort of awards at all.***

    Are you saying Alex is no good? She talks a good game! She won a challenge and has only had to deal with an elim. matchup once! She made sausage out of a rack of meat she had to prepare in 20 min.! She was spared the humiliation of another EC! That honor went with the person I think is all mouth; Anne B.! She talks too much! She's good, but "you don't need to keep telling us girly!"

  54. ***After watching the last episode, I wonder if other people are also getting the impression that the chefs this season are oddly weaker than previous seasons.***

    Maybe Tom's just "done" with the show! lol! It has been on for a while! He's been opening other restaurants while doing the show! I would probably get sick of it; esp. eating the disgusting fare of this group of hack chefs! The last couple years have been lacking! S1 overall was the best, S2 was ok until the final, and of course some of the most skilled and knowledgeable chefs were in S6 with the V Bros, Kevin, Michael I., and others! The All-Stars were burned out and lame as well!

    ***On NIC, the chefs with the worst restaurant reviews are still in the competition***

    I don't know about it being fishy as much as "jumping the shark!" On TC, the challenges don't weed out the "riff raff" enough! Some skate thru throwing a little something on a "half-shell" and the judges "orgasm!" Give me a break! I've gone out with people and no one orders "scallops," but it's some sort of "fall back" crutch that is allowed again and again on TC! On NIC, "the scallop is cooked perfectly!" You rarely hear otherwise; obviously due to it being so simple!

    On Hell's Kitchen you had some chefs that could ruin 20 or more scallops! Not sure what that means after watching these last couple "bad seasons!" I really thought Beverly and Heather would be going home since duck was so much simpler to deal with than the elk and venison! What's funny is as they're coming back into the room the other chefs says it was great! After telling each other more fat could have been rendered off and the skin crisped up, why did they do that?

    All this talk about oysters, oysters sauces, and the like? Not a clue here! Never had them; maybe opened a can of it for my mom back in the 60's! That's the closest I've come to them! Never been a fish person; easily grossed out by the smells! My diet permits a lobster twice a year, shrimp maybe once a month, as much salmon as I want, and a local rest. boneless catfish every once in a while! I must not be very bright neglecting to take in more "brain food" over the course of my life! lol! I do what is as plain as you get; "fast food" fish (COD) sandwich if I must and in a fine rest. something like a bland "fish steak!" I just don't know fish to ask for anything like blue, sword, or rainbow! To be honest, I've just never been one to fight "bones" you inevitably find! You shouldn't have to fear swallowing food like that!

  55. ***Why are they harder to deal with then duck? Cooking-wise, how different is elk or venison different from, say, lean beef?***

    I'm no cook, but prep to break down game meat I would think takes more time than seasoning a duck to go into the oven! You don't have to cook game meat as long, but I can imagine it being difficult regardless! How hard is it to render down some of that fat on a duck? Crisping up the skin is the trick I guess! I watch these shows like TC and Food Network's "Chopped" & "Iron Chef," have little clue on how thinks run in a kitchen! I just order and trust them to prepare dishes I like!

    That's why I hate watching a big meals like Thanksgiving being prepared! You go thru all that trouble, hours of prep, and by the time you sit down, you're sick of it! My mom sometimes takes 2 or 3 bites then says "I'm full!" Why bother? Just open a can, a box, and a few jars; done! lol! It all flushes the same!

    ***I love your comments Fiero!! I'm not being facetious; you nail it every time. ...Yet I love to cook for family and friends - ...I just can't get past Heather's behavior, though. It's like she thinks there's one set of rules for her and others for the rest.***

    You are too kind! I really haven't paid that much attention; surf by for a few minutes here and there! The only reason I know about Heather is because every time I do turn to the show she's berating someone, usually Bev and looking for ascension from the other chefs to speak for all! That gives one cover for being mean if you can throw out a general "knock" like rehashing the shrimp thing from the last challenge! I'm sure she got a little bit of a nod from some of the other chefs which empowers Heather to go after Bev even more!

    I'm really surprised producers let that type of thing go; esp after the Marcel incident! It's easy to say "we need the drama," but now it's becoming abusive and Bev isn't able to fight back! I feel like that sometime; not that I can't get loud, but that's not my style! Yelling and making a spectacle of myself in an argument with some mindless "twit" just isn't worth it! As a child I must have been very impressed with a new show called Star Trek; '66! According to Spock, so many things emotional were not logical! I've always felt that way and I don't explode like that; esp. beating up on some defenseless thing like Bev.!

  56. ***Anyone else want Patti's LaBelle's recipe for 8 cheese mac n cheese with lobster and shrimp?***

    Sounds more deadly than a pasta alfredo! On one of those Bobby Flay road show match-ups, he went up against some southern chef; maybe from Louisiana who said she used 7 cheeses! It can't be solid with all that fat! My mom is southern and would make it with an egg batter and only one; cheddar! It held together and it was just as good as any with all that extra fat of 8 cheeses! I just don't believe in being that self-indulgent making stuff that would kill if eaten a couple times a month! The lobster and shrimp would just make it obscene!

    ***I imagine that you can tell who's struggling if you're in the same kitchen. Ty-Lor probably noticed Heather struggling with her beef, Chris messing up his salmon (as he was trying to scrape off some of the albumen after cooking it), and Grayson's gigantic plate of food.***

    I really thought Grayson was history! How creative was she; a steak? It was too much and tough? How do seasoned chefs mess up a steak? Ya sear it and finish it off in the oven; simple! I figured Heather would get one more chance to be a b!tc# since she at least went that extra mile trying to make beef stroganoff!

    ***I like Nyesha, personally, and I think this was the first time I have seen a correction that needed to be made. In this instance; thank goodness for LCK.***

    A "correction" could have been the topic of the day when it came to Keith leaving as well! He won a couple LCK challenges, but everyone has a bad day! Nyesha isn't out of the woods yet! Keith was tripped up by cooking a steak; against Chuy of all people! Like Spike, C's ego was a lot bigger than his talent! I just wasn't impressed! He gave that "I got this" and knew he was history from the beginning of his last challenge! Why do they do that?

    ***Beverly's big chunk of pork belly -- gutsy move. I would not have thought of it myself b/c in my mind, pork belly in chunk form and bacon in strip form are two different ingredients.***

    People are so casual about the intake of fat and salt when it comes to throwing bacon into a dish! Since I'm struggling with sleep apnea and hypertension, I don't even look at the stuff! I've never been a fan of a salt/fat licks anyway! I took a nutrition course in college and found too many American fave items are just pure fat; equivalent to a pat of butter in grams! On the list was avocado, olives, and of course bacon!

    I wouldn't do "deep fried butter" either even though I hear it's big in Wisc. at the "state fair!" Paula Dean is trying to kill us all off with her promotion of anything that's with it! In my best Kim Wayans impression playing Oprah, "butter is my lover, butter is my friend!" Never had rumaki! If it wasn't prepared by mom, it's likely I'll leave it alone for life! I have no adventures when it comes to food! I stay with what I know!

  57. ***Is anyone else about totally at their limit of tolerance for the # of commercials Bravo throws into this show; esp. during the last 2 breaks? We love the show, but have decided enough is enough and will be recording it from now on so we can fast forward the commercials....***

    Agreed! I miss so much surfing during those breaks, I've missed the QC winner just about every time! Lucky for me Ty-Lor mentioned he had immunity! The breaks are intolerable and I often have to piece it together later after 3 or 4 telecasts what happened! I feel my senses are being assaulted before, during, and after the program! I just don't like the season enough to care and my blog is getting few additions as a result of it! They are trying so hard with "super size" episodes, LCK, offering extra cash for challenge wins; NOTHING! I don't feel like I've missed much! Sorry! Project Runway is going thru the same "growing old pains" on Lifetime! I think it was Raymond Burr of "Perry Mason" and "Ironside" fame that thought 9 years was about right for the life of a show! It's stale after that! TC's already there!

    ***I am compassionate about Sarah's experience in this episode. However, I do wonder about commercial kitchens; the heat, the hours, and so on. Is she able (physically) to be a chef?***

    Then she should take her large ass somewhere else if she can't handle the heat! I'm sorry, but we're talking about a competition and a lot of money! She had a lot of nerve to leave, come back in time to serve her chicken, then wimp out again! She may have actually felt terrible, but to get in people's faces later talking about what she doesn't like about their attitude; I would have cussed her ass out! lol!

    ***Paul has won $35,000 so far... Seems like a winner to me.***

    Even though he's a nice guy, keeps his head down, and is helpful to his fellow chefs, how soon and "who" will be the one to go on a jealous rant over his success? Heather's gone so her tyrannical behavior won't be in evidence! Sarah maybe? She's on the edge; getting nowhere fast! lol!

  58. Finally got a chance to see a little more of the show! The girls started so chaotic during prep! Sarah never shut up constantly talking about "team" which really means "I need help and I expect you to drop everything to do so!" What a hateful woman! Karma had Bev win this challenge even though "she was only responsible for one dish;" per Lyndsay! Another high school-er! She took no responsibility for her dish! She couldn't vent with Grayson who put it right back on her! Poor thing! lol!

    ***People confuse being bitchy and demanding with being authoritative and/or mature. The girls being like this it's becoming a situation where I care more about who loses than who wins.***

    I think subconsciously we all fall into that category; "care more about who loses!" We either have a fave or we don't know and pass judgement on who's more deserving of being "auf'd!" - Love Grayson; she's her own woman! It's so easy to get caught up in that HS stuff, but she held firm and did her job! I love a good defense of an underdog!

    ***This season's chefs kinda suck.***

    We've been spoiled by S6, then the All Stars! We expect more, but they aren't capable! They can't be trusted to do the simplest tasks! They fall back on variations of fare they do every day back home! Where's the creativity? If you go simple, at least be good! From what we're hearing, simple seasoning is still the main problem; tough or mealy meat the next!

    ***I agree, and that's possibly what feels so "off" about this season.
    When Ty got elim., I was thinking "well he kinda sucked the whole season," but they do seem to cook food that's not as exciting and innovative as previous seasons.***

    You would think, but they have specified "opening a restaurant," and that entails good service! They were very impressed with Fabio one RW he hosted! I think he won the challenge just for how he ran things out front!

    ***I remember that. They could have served me peanut shells, and I would have probably left the place happy; that charming bastard... But yes, food and hospitality go hand in hand. It's a given that it should always always always be about the food, but I don't.***

  59. ***Seriously, this is supposed to be about cooking, not your ability to carry food on a bicycle and convince random restaurants to let you use their kitchens. Lame and gimmicky.***

    Maybe it's just me, but I HATE these "obstacle course" challenges! So often it is so inherently unfair esp. if physical labor is involved! On "Hell's Kitchen" they almost killed some "big boy" making him ride a bike in severe heat for a challenge! We find out later he has a heart condition and had to leave the competition! A couple years ago on TC, they had people diving for their shell fish in a lagoon during an early finale challenge! I'm sure Tiffany did not appreciate getting her hair wet for that BS! It really ticks me off even though I was an athlete way back when and wouldn't mind those challenges! When will it end, when someone keels over? So stupid!

    I'm no "foodie," but from what little I hear of the guy, Tom is one of the fussiest chefs and judge around; behind Toby of course! I seem to remember several years ago a chef warned another one to "cut the skin off his green pepper!" Tom might go insane otherwise! lol! He's also a hypocrite! "If it's not eatable, don't put it on the plate," then in the same challenge with someone else, "you really needed to get something else on this plate!

    ***I'd say b/c Paul's extra, extra good, but it probably didn't hurt that potentially strong contenders like Chuy and Nyesha got PYKAGed early.***

    This season was very weak; IMO! You had the exceptions like Paul, but CHUY? Why him? He seemed weak to me, eliminated early, and was re-eliminated after one win on LCK! I don't think so! lol! Some were just talkers and I was disappointed to see they were just full of themselves; Ed, Ty-Lor, Heather, Keith! You had some that were good, but this format can push the best out of there; Lyndsey, Sarah, Grayson, Nyesha, & Beverly! Since I couldn't watch any of these shows thru and thru, I can't give you other names! There were plenty of train-wrecks though including Tyler!

    ***Chuy was the driving force behind the bd party win for the pink team, and was part of the winning chili team.***

    I had already forgotten about Tyler! I saw him in the crowd of sous for the finale and I was asking myself WhoTF are these people? lol! That was a 3 ring circus those first few days of the season! I didn't even try to watch them all the way through! How some even got that far was amazing; (Tyler)! He balked and questioned blending something last night! Was it the polenta Sarah had to smooth out later? I still haven't seen the show from beginning to end; just bits and pieces along with the "service and judgement!" I did catch Sarah's Bo warning her about "bones!" Why do people take that gamble of making fish! It's so hard to make sure you have all those pin bones! I won't even order fish for the most part for that reason! Give me something safe like shrimp, lobster, and smoked salmon!


    My Repost from TC Message Board:

    This thing is finally over! I watch and rewatch every episode for some reason! I guess it must be the chemistry or lack thereof of the participants! No matter how each chef performed, I always thought other factors would be taken into consideration! They obviously kept Tiffani for the usual "drama" aspect of the show! She's been caught so many times being disingenuous; even as far as lying knowing all is being recorded! How stupid is that?? Even to the end she was trying to take credit for Dave's dessert saying she talked to him extensively; LIE! Just pathetic! It all caught up with her when no one really wanted to work with her! How humiliating is that?? Hail Harold; a nice guy, but talented! They made a good choice! It was unanimous with his peers as well as the judges!

    I'm also a bit new to TC, but I think I can intelligently agree with most of you about our cast of characters! Overall I like and watch the show to see egos deflated!! That may be a little sadistic, but it really 'frosts my cake' to hear these people pumping themselves up while trying to humiliate and bash fellow competitors! I can't say I've heard or seen worse, but the complaining and whining of all of them gets on my nerves! They keep talking about how professional they are, but in every episode, you hear nothing but groans and whining with every challenge! I know it's sorta human, but these people are being judged! Each task submitted to them was do-able, or it wouldn't have been asked of them! I say, just act like the professional you say you are!

    Stephen is a condescending jerk without question! Even when told several times that adults don't want or need you to educate them on the wine, he thinks it's justifiable boring his customers to death to the detriment of his teammates!

    Dave really needs to get control of his emotions! This guy cries at the drop of a hat! How can you be successful absolutely falling apart over any and every thing?? He did deserve the win though; going to Cannes is a great reward for his hosting skills even if he mispronounces the name of the city! Say "CAN" Dave!! lol!!

    Tiffani without a doubt is one of the worst; bashing her competitors incessantly, and finally getting caught in a lie was priceless! How could she say to Miguel she didn't say he should go when 5 minutes before she did just that?? She was so smug when she thought she had trapped Stephen by asking him to prepare the dessert in front of Chef Tom since he had immunity! Talk about 'wide-eyed!' That was also another great moment!

    I'm so glad Andrea is gone! It's one thing to have passion for what you do; creating healthy meals are great, but this is a gourmet chef competition! No one wants to hear you talk about evacuation (BM) in every conversation you have with her! "GROSS!"

    Harrold needs to grow a backbone; poor thing! He's more than a competent chef, but he defers to others entirely too much! I was surprised and happy that he acknowledged Dave's contribution to the win last week, but my GAWD, you have to toot your own horn sometimes in this group or they will run all over you! lol!! Loved seeing Tiffani deflated after she was passed over for the Cannes trip! What a 'Bitch!'

    It looks like the wedding episode next week was a complete disaster and I can't wait to see the results; someones going home and they are not going to be happy! Box cake?? Tiffani; you are supposed to be better than that! lol!

  61. Well we're off and running! They showed the finale this afternoon! Bravo is an addiction for me too! I know each show backwards and forwards watching them over and over! I'm not even a reality tv person, but I suppose the subject matter of food and clothing appeals to me! I never tire of watching each episode! What amazes me the most is when someone like Tiffani is caught in a 'whopper!' She knows the show is being taped, but insists on lying about things! When she was called on the dessert thing, I couldn't have been happier! What Chef tries to take credit for someone's recipe much less their efforts helping you prepare it?? I'm sure everyone jumped up and down in approval of Harold winning, but it was so evident he would take it! A villainess like Tiffani couldn't possibly get away with all those horrid tactics of sabotage, backstabbing, rudeness, and lack of respect for others! Watching and taping some clips of this season's PR at the moment! Here's to a new season of TC! I hope I don't like the new cast! I hear they're going in a new direction this season! We'll see how it flows! I can save some time if they tick me off! Such an obsession here!

    ***Oh, and I have to sound off on whoever said that they wondered why they picked San Francisco as a location and commented that it's not a food place. I'd say San Francisco could give NY a run for it's money in the culinary department. I'm guessing he/she has never been to San Francisco.

    Even if San Fran can't give NYC a run for its money, nearby Napa Valley (and Sonoma and St. Helena, etc.) certainly can! I wouldn't be surprised if it's the proximity of Napa that made SF the choice for the show's locale. But it's definitely a FAB city in its own right!***

    San Fran is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there; again! lol! I took a job there in '97 after turning down a contract in Napa! I figured if I'm in the Bay, I might as well be "in the Bay!" It was a brutal spring and summer with over the top temps in the 90's! I had bought quite a few cashmere sweaters and jackets to go along with suits and I suffered in the afternoon! I still would like someone to explain to me why it's so dirty! After leaving the streets, I felt a need to hose down!! My glasses were filthy after just a few hours! I suppose living and working in the Financial District of Market, that is considered downtown and it couldn't be helped! I found it insane that if you went to the other side of town, it seemed like another town with separate weather patterns! I looked at apartments closer to the ocean and was taken aback by the constant overcast skies, but returning home, it was nice and sunny! On a rant I know, but only lived there for 6 months under unusual circumstances! I couldn't wait to get back to Sacramento where I thrived for over 10 years! It was hot, but livable, growing all the time! Returned to Chicago in 2002 where it has been really mild; summer and winters!

  62. ***Betty is a train wreck. My guess is California Comfort Food = Crack + Whiskey + Cigarette + Crystal Meth. She needs to crawl back in the gutter.***

    What are you talking about?? You seem to be about as high as Michael! lol!! I'm not a fan of perky and nice, but I'm not offended at all by Betty's actions or her food! What's bugging you so much about her?? Marcel is an over inflated ego-maniac, Marissa can't handle losing challenges she thinks she should win because she's a pastry chef, and Michael is just a drunk! Someone should ask the producers for an intervention! lol!! This guys is always getting soused, spending part of his budget money on booze, and can't seem to control his demeanor when this is a serious competition! That is so sad to see especially when he knows his behavior is being taped for all to see over and over again!


    This idea about Michael and a suspected problem with drinking was playing (unwanted) in the back of my mind. I am glad to see that I am not the only one to have the same unfortunate suspicion. I hope we are both totally off-base (but I don't think we are )

    Exactly! Why are we watching this guy's alcoholism unfold on the show? They need to boot him so he can get cleaned up. When you're using the money they gave you for food to buy booze, and when you go over, decide to put the ingredients you need back in order to keep said booze, you've got a problem.

    I just don't think Bourdain would of loved the guy so much had he not seen something in him Focus Focus....Or maybe I just like a man who can drink a beer and not take himself so seriously...LOL
    Plus I have a thing for panties too! Only Kidding there folks!***

    Speaking of last week's guest judge; is it my imagination, but does he host the new Tic/Tac/Toe game with Whoopi Goldberg the center square? lol! I looked and I looked, but just not sure!

    ***LOL...the Hollywood Squares host is Tom Bergeron, but you're right he does bear a passing resemblance to Anthony Bourdain. It's the salt and pepper hair.***

    One of the reasons I thought it possible was because years ago, a husky, blond Australian hosted a talk show; sorta like Rikki Lake! After the show was cancelled, I saw him on a program dealing with food; had to be H & G or Food Channel! Gordon was in the name, but I don't think it was Gordon Ramsey who just signed a new contract with FC thru 2011!

    *** Betty is the most annoying person on TV. She should of been eliminated when she got caught cheating with the cookies. Every time I see her smiling that fake smile and kissing up to the judges I want to puke. Marcel does not deserve the hatred she has been spewing. Do the world a favor Betty, grow up and shut up!***

  63. I guess I have to come around and agree with everyone! I was a fan of Betty the 1st few episodes, but she has let Marcel drag her down to depths I'm sure she will be embarrassed to see when all is said and done! You can't defend Marcel's actions either! He really does go out of his way to annoy, infuriate, and belittle his competitors! Every other comment is about his cutting edge techniques! He's seems to be cut from the cloth that "it's not enough I succeed, my enemies must also fail!" He actually said something on that line when Betty's cookies were failing stating "that means she's failing!" It's more than a little sad and pathetic!

    You could see Carlos was going down when you saw him just sitting around doing nothing after his salad was done! Michael redeemed himself somewhat, but I can't see him going to much further! His attitude is so blase and he's probably still half in the bag drinking off-camera! Still looking for Cliff, Ilan, and maybe Sam as the sneaky one flying under the radar to be the finalist! He really needs more of a backbone when accusing others of cheating or being asked who should be auf'd! Carlos had to confront Betty direct during the low-cal challenge! Frank isn't as good as he likes to think, and Mia knows her stuff, but she'll blow it too in the end! The only one that hasn't made a wrong step is Ilan; being the peace keeper, focusing on the task at hand, and can still be happy for others when he doesn't win a challenge! He's so nerdy cute too! I suppose some would say you need a woman to be in there somewhere, but Elia is so wishy-washy! Her choices of mushroom soup as something cutting edge for Thxgv'n should have sent her packing no matter how good it was! We'll have to wait and see I guess! So far I've stayed away from all spoiler info!

    ***That was so wrong last night on so many levels! It made me ticked off enough to want to write Chef Tom, So Chef(and anybody else who cares) Here goes:

    1) Who DID the judges decide before Mia's outburst?

    2) Top Chef needs to bring Mia back under any pretext you want, But the bottom line is she got screwed much like Josie and its getting old.

    3)How much longer do we have to put up w/ Mike and Betty. They're CLEARLY not in the same league as the Top Chefs.***

    I sort of agree, but she did take herself out! She should have waited to see who was being axed and I bet she did! My guess is, they reshot the scene having Mia jump ship before Tom auf'd someone else! I wonder who it was! Do most think Elia was the intended victim? She won kudos for her dish, but I suppose they could hold her responsible for the poor service! I need to watch the episode again just so I can hear Mia go off again on Cliff! I hadn't laughed that hard to anything else over the past couple seasons! I know it's so childish giggling at profanity, but it's funny! Comedians have used it for years; Pryor, Murphy, etc! She was over the top! lol!! Cliff drop a peg or 2 with his authoritarian behavior; so Rumsfeld!

  64. Always possible, but she was solid in quite a few challenges! She sold the Asian team epis., had the best childhood favorite updated, and worked very hard during this last challenge with energy, charisma, and thoughtfulness! I was really impressed with the Orange Team putting out all that food! I'll take variety of good over minimalist choices offered by the Black Team! Elia really should have been axed! She was totally responsible for this fiasco! You can't cook everything at the last minute like that! I thought they were supposed to have so much cold appetizers! Why couldn't they have gotten those together earlier and refrig'd them?? Lucky for that team, Mia wanted out anyway! I have no idea why she should be upset with her showing up to now!! She had been voted most popular dish in the last challenge cooking on the beach! Looking at the catered epis., and I'm just shocked by those empty tables! Michael comes sauntering in with one little tray of canapes! They should be ashamed of themselves compared to the other team! Mia is cracking me up again going off on Cliff! lol!

    ***...if you would choose to include the rest of the Top Chef gang...all together now one two three!***

    Just watched the final from last season's TC! Still shocking to see Tiffany's behavior! She comments that she didn't get into competition to make friends, then resents the fact all go for Harrold who is a sweetheart! Her condescending tone with her staff of Dave and Stephen is just as extreme! She may say she appreciates all they've done, but listen to how she says it; (I have to say these things for the cameras!) lol! Taking credit for the dessert made no sense because we all remember she hated doing them! Look at how she hemmed in Stephen to do it for the challenge with Ted's dinner party! She only got thru the wedding reception challenge using cake mix! She's just a horrible person on camera! I'm sure someone will chime in saying she's great in person, but I'd have to tell 'em "I wasn't buying!" lol! Her attitude is the reason you don't see her in any of Bravo projects of blogging, doing what LeAnn does in preparing dishes online, etc! Marcel is making the same mistake alienating his co-stars! I can't wait to see what precipitated his conflict with Ilan! It had to be something really bad to get Ilan worked up; so even-tempered and conciliatory! Happy Holidays!

    I loved seeing Stephen get the boot after being his usual idiotic self FOH! Talk about a doofus! He's supposed to be so smart, so a part of the culinary world, and he just bores you to death! I'd have to get rude and say "buzz off Alton Brown!" lol!! Poor Lee Anne! Something else that was great was that Dave got plenty of koodos for his hard work; "you're safe" per Tom C.! Tiffani should be shot! She wants to be TC, but would make a box cake; COME ON! Stephen was justifiable horrified, but a consensus was taken and it was out of his hands! Who's left? Hmmm! Oh Harrold was a big disappointment! He was MIA; bad fish! Not all his fault!

  65. ***I think Tiffany makes Marcel look like friggin' Mr Rogers! - That girl and her smug face...She really musta' had some bad childhood trauma maybe...or a bitch role model mother. Nobody is that horrid for no reason...Usually!

    I taped the finale the last time it was broadcast! If you check listings, you'll find a marathon showing every once in a while! Just hold out and tape it like I did! It'll repeat esp. in the off-season of TC; probably right before the next season of Project Runway starts! ...

    ***I personally didn't mind Sam or Ilan's blow-up at Marcel. Sam, Ilan, and Betty (even Cliff)all dislike Marcel. If it was just Betty then it wouldn't be such a big deal, but all 4 chefs dislike him. It's like that saying from Lucky Number Seven, "The 1st time someone calls you a horse, you call them a jerk. The 2nd time someone calls you a horse, you punch them on the nose. The 3rd time someone calls you a horse... well then it's time to start shopping for a new saddle."

    Though I agree Ilan taunting Marcel about being a virgin was extremely immature, I just can't help but to like Ilan. Maybe it's because he's hot, and well, we all have had those moments when someone's comments have gotten the best of us.

    And Marcel seems like he has serious issues. Why wouldn't he be able to take discounts from the cashier? Didn't the producers give them a rule book?...***

    I so agree with you! I love Ilan, but was so disappointed in his behavior last nite! I've been on the wrong end of that kind of taunting as a child! It's no fun even when some think it is deserved! If the tauntee is unbalanced and takes a "header" off a building, what do you do then? Wish you hadn't been such an ASS? Have a quick outburst, but to go on and on and on victimizing someone isn't humane at all! Marcel was finally subdued and that is where all the sympathy for him is showing up! I'm sure he's encouraging some of this behavior behind the scenes, but these so called professionals have to start being more mature! I'd do Ilan anyway! What a hottie! Maybe Marcel should give it up to Ilan and they could be friends again! Maybe Ilan is just sexually frustrated and lashed out! I personally wouldn't touch Marcel with a 10 foot pole, but I suppose someone must find him cute; namely Elia! Did everyone catch her jealous rant; "did you feed chocolate to that woman?" If she's asking, she must have seen him!

  66. ***Good riddance to Betty. We've been so sick of her smugness, faux-smile, and lack of professionalism. After this episode, we feel sorry for Marcel, who endured endless taunting throughout, and yet maintained his civility and composure. Mike's dishes were very impressive. Finally, we lost respect for Sam--who was one of our favorites, until this evening. And by the way, Ilan, we took a poll here--guys and girls--and the consensus is that Marcel is sexier than you. The fact is that he may be somewhat arrogant because he is young, but he is honest and not a back stabber.***

    Betty won't be missed! She was no chef; a cook more like it! Just b/c you throw odd ingredients together, that doesn't make you a Top Chef! Some of her dishes were so sloppy and unappetizing! I don't care how good it tasted, that green pile reminded of her past creations which were equally as sloppy in it's presentation! Marcel has most of these people on edge I'm sure! My limit is 4 days and I'll snap even if a house guest is nice! I was so disappointed in Ilan just losing it! He's so cute and I thought he'd make it to the final, but this challenge almost cost him! It was cool that Michael won both challenges, but he's such a "Sloth" himself! I couldn't believe he even thought of taking a challenge off if he had gotten immunity! What a pig! Sam was so over the top, it was hard to believe he supervises 16 or more chefs at his restaurant! Elia really needs to do more than her usual fare of what she has made in the past! Nothing is cutting edge; CHICKEN?? Cliff may have shown himself to be a jerk last week, but he's still solid in the kitchen! Bye, Bye Betty! You can go home and make more "comfort food!" Maybe we'll get rid of "foam boy" next week! ...

    ***Finally forced myself to watch Biddy's interview. ...

    There is a parallel between Betty's obsession with Marcel and Laura Bennett's (on PR) obsession with Jeffrey. Is this something that happens in the workplace? An older insecure woman obsesses on a younger competitor? I find it bizarre.

    For the life of me I can't understand why Bipolar Betty thought Marcel should go home before she did. She is a sloppy comfort-food hack and I would bet if you went to her restaurant you would see them shoveling her slop into aluminum TV-dinner trays, and calling it "comfort-food presentation." In addition, she didn't know the basics about cooking (such as "acid + milk = curdle floating on sour fluid"), and didn't even bother to think things through (like putting soup in champagne flutes!).

    I think I'll skip watching her exit interview. Her obsession with Marcel, and her using him as a scapegoat for her own lacking skills, grew old about 10 episodes ago. Don't need to see anymore of it.***

  67. You can say the same about a number of these so called 'chefs!' Weren't we warned this crop of cooks are more down home and everyday types? There's nothing imaginative or cutting edge about this group! They cook what they know; not really thinking that hard on the fly! Ilan, Cliff, and Sam seem to have a large edge over these other hacks, but what have they really done but posture like Marcel talking about using "cutting edge techniques" in his preparation and presentation of his "slop?" Everyone loves Elia, but time and time again you hear her say this is how we did it here or there?? What's original in anything she has made; cream of mushroom soup on Thanksgiving.?" Last season they actually prepared high end cuisine, not just talk about it like these guys! Lookin' 4wd 2 RW!

    ***I am not obsessed with Marcels hair one bit. I believe he and all the rest of the chefs should be wearing hair nets so their hair does not end up in the food. I don't think that qualifies as obsession. ...Looking at Elia cooking with her hair flopping around as does Betty's and all the others makes me wonder if I would really want to eat the food they prepared.***

    Besides the "hair thing," what bothers me is Elia's constant touching of her face, mouth, and neck! If I'm cooking, I don't touch any part of my body or hair! All these guys are guilty of it and maybe everyone does, but it's still gross when you're cooking for others! Gloves won't do it either! That just tells me you might be too lazy to wash those "mitts" at all! lol!

    ***That's another interesting observation. It seems that the show IS conscious of these issues. Wasn't it in the first episode of season #1 where a male contestant was kicked off the show for tasting his dish and putting the spoon back into the pot?***

    That was something in the 1st season! Some moron stuck his finger in the pot on the line at a fine restaurant in SF! That was the challenge; to work with others on a line for one of the guest judges who owned the place! He was a jerk anyway and caused even more of a ruckus at the reunion show at season's end! He was about as handsome as Sam, but even more obnoxious!

  68. ***Ken--the absolute poster child for wrath-was the finger licker from season one. Sam obnoxious- I think not. He has managed to combine raisins, anchovies and shrimp-something I have never heard of as a resident of the county of the Raisin Capitol of the world. They may very well elect him King.***

    I didn't say Sam couldn't cook! The reason I think of him as being obnoxious was posted earlier! He plays the nice guy, but throws others "under the bus" to save his ego all the time along with instigating events amongst the other contestants! You forgot his riling up Frank about the toothbrush incident, making that snide comment about Elia using a frozen waffle to win the raw challenge, and his rambling about a past show stating "he could handle any challenge using the vending machine" to save his ASS! He's playing all these people like a violin! He won't get away with it indefinitely!

    I haven't paid much attention to the "spoilers," but I hope an assault didn't take place for us to view next week! If these jerks did cut Marcel's hair while asleep, at worst they will be prosecuted for assault and battery, at best a lawsuit will ensue with both Cliff and Ilan and the show TC being co-defendants! They can be held responsible for all that happens while they were in production! They taped the incident for GAWD sake! Pls tell me this didn't happen!

    ***Hate to tell you JayC, but I think that is what happens. I know, it is insane how they have acted. NO, I am not a Marcel fan or hater... don't care for him, but that is JMO. I didn't care for many of the chefs; Josies' voice drove me nuts, Marissa thought she was "all that" and wasn't, Betty...OY!, Sam, too sneaky, Cliff, too angry, Mike, not a TC, but funny, in a weird way. Others may or may not agree.

    I watched the show again this morning, just to see the previews and it does show Cliff sneaking up on someone on the couch, and it is being filmed but doesn't say who is filming. Lawsuits? Maybe, don't know what will happen. People react very differently to things. Maybe BRAVO gives Marcel (if he is the victim, which is most likely) a big chunk of change to NOT sue..only time will tell. These are all JMO, yours may vary as will the rest of the board.

    Also very possible is a clause in the contract they signed that stated they couldn't sue for anything that happens on the show.***

    Just listened to a few pod casts of the chefs who have been auf'd! I was more than a little appalled by what they had to say about production! I wouldn't put up with that crap for 5 minutes, much less 12 hour work days! The least those people could do was make sure the contestants were half way comfortable while in production! Oppressive heat conditions, begging for bathroom breaks, retake after retake to get different angles and facial expressions! $100,000 wouldn't cut it! I'd tell Tom, Gail, and Padma to rotate on it! Damn, that seemed awful! Some will make it with the exposure, but I guess I have "no heart!" Been too spoiled to put up with anything like that! I've walked away from a well paying job because I didn't like the State and it's politics! I won't tell you where! I guess Project Runway was the same way! I heard they just filmed the departure in 1st class on there trip to Europe, they didn't really sit up there! Those apts in Paris were dumps no matter what people say! I've had baths larger than those bedrooms! I guess they really have to keep cost down to make any kind of profit from these Bravo shows! Cheap Bastards!

  69. I have little sympathy for Frank since he just left his junk "strewn" all over the place like a slob! Even in a hotel room, I straighten up the place and put my personal items away so housekeeping won't touch them! Living with all those other roommates, what did he expect?? As for breaking of his glasses, I can't see Marcel doing that even though "I can't stand the little creep" as Frank said earlier! I can see the others like Mikey, Cliff, and definitely Sam doing the deed! It may have been retaliation for the snoring! The guy needs to see a doctor like I did! Sleep apnea is on the rise; snoring, breathing labored, and unusual weight gain! I didn't deal with it until I was 49; didn't want to wear that stupid mask/breathing machine called c-pap! That's what he needs more than likely! Without it, I disturbed people on an airplane! lol!!

    ***Frank is gone. He left. He's no longer on the program. Why are you still talking about his grooming items? I don't get it. I don't understand why we're talking about next weeks show either. Bravo has often led us one way just to go in a totally different one. We will all find out next week ...***

    Hmmm..You remind me of someone who has to complain about the content of a movie or tv program and has to send a letter! Turning the channel isn't enough of an option I guess! If you aren't happy about the chat, 'get lost!!' lol!!

    ***LOL...Jaycium...I love you cause you are so funny when you dis peeps. I was just gonna reply to oh so easily agitated Bear.

    Guilty here...I knew it was coming!

    B/c we are redundant, excessive, bombastic, de trop, diffuse, extra, inessential, inordinate, iterating, long-winded, loquacious, oratorical, padded, palaverous, periphrastic, pleonastic, prolix, reiterating, repetitious, spare, supererogatory, superfluous, supernumerary, surplus, tautological, unnecessary, unwanted, verbose, CrAzEd fans with a ferocious appetite for details. PLUS...I didn't see any rules that we couldn't talk of old subjects if we felt like! Spank me very

    SO...Whatchya' wanna tawk about??? Crop circles??? - :O)***

  70. ***You could easily Say that Ilan has been better during the competition; his corn in the TGIF challenge, the soft shell crab dish, not to mention the Mystery Dish Challenge that I felt was a great yardstick for how good and creative a chef is. MC Foamy has been in the bottom more often and has two questionable quick fire wins to his credit (watermelon "steak" and Lamb Kabob as a "snack"?) For me its no contest. Ilan is hands down better.***

    I totally agree, but Ilan has been a real disappointment socially! This is supposed to be a food preparation contest, but it's really more about the drama produced! I'm sure everyone is frazzled by the slow pace of the taping, but nothing can explain the repeated negative acts and animus he has for Marcel! He's now going out of his way to humiliate and undermine him! I can understand some dislike for Marcel for his arrogance, lack of social skills, and inconveniencing his fellow roomies hogging the bathroom, but is conspiring to have the guy auf'd like that make sense? Eliciting help makes it even worse! How would he like to be treated like that?? No one does, so Ilan is way over the line, but I'll "DO" him anyway! His girlfriend? PLEASE! I suppose he "ain't" your type Bear!! I like 'em young and smooth! LOL!

    ***I think that Ilan is lacking in social graces, as well. His actions during the last few episodes have been so extreme that it can't help but be a bad reflection on his leadership skills which, IMO, are an important part of being at Top Chef.

    With his lack of leadership skills, I wonder if Ilan will ever make it past being a line cook. Indeed, after these shows are aired, I wonder if he'll even still have a job. Nobody likes a hateful, back-stabbing conspirator, and I can't imagine the owner of a restaurant would want someone like that in their kitchen.

    Cliff is guilty of assault! Sam and Ilan should be charged too!***

    I don't think anyone was charged, but in the real world, they would have been indicted as accessories! Cheering an assault on like that is like Jodie Foster's movie, The Accused! You don't have to actual touch someone to be held responsible for this act! They are all very lucky not to be handcuffed and escorted out! Is Elia psycho? She started this mess shaving her own head! What a moron! It helped to get rid of that greasy hair anyway; so Senade O'Co