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Project Runway All Stars
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've watched PR since '06! I can't stand reality shows for the most part, but was big on fashion yrs ago! So here I am, reviewing & posting to the (Prev.TV mb) site! We've survived the backstabbing remarks by fellow designers & judges & the downright injustices of winning designs! The drama w/b on for Season 17 w/ Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, & Nina Garcia! Will your fave make it to Fashion Wk to showcase their talents or will they get Heidi's "auf wiedersehen?" Alyssa M. - "AS!"

The comments framed between the "***" belong to other posters!

PR All Star Reunion: Daniel V. over Korto, Sweet P, & Chris M. - (S, J, M, & Uli)

Project Runway All Stars: - LifeTime: Mondo over Austin & Michael C.*

Project Runway All Stars2 - Lifetime: Anthony Ryan over Emilio & Uli*

Project Runway All Stars3 - Lifetime: Seth Aaron over Irina & Korto

Project Runway All Stars4 - Lifetime: Dmitry over Sonjia,* Helen, & Michelle

Project Runway All Stars5 - Lifetime: Dom over Kini and Ken

Project Runway All Stars6 - Lifetime: Anthony over Fabio & Stanley 
Project Runway All Stars7 - Lifetime: (still in) Anthony Ryan, Dimitry, Sean
Season 1 Winner - - - Jay over Kara Sean* and Wendy

Season 2 Winner - - - Chloe over Daniel V.* and Santino

Season 3 Winner - - - Jeffrey over Uli, Laura* & Mychael

Season 4 Winner - - - Christian over Rami and Jillian*

Season 5 Winner - - - Leanne* over Korto and Kenley

Season 6 Winner - Bravo-TV to LTime: Irina over Carol Hannah & Althea*

Season 7 Winner - Bravo-TV to LTime: Seth Aaron over Emilio* & Mila

Season 8 Winner - Bravo-TV to LTime: Gretchen over Andy & Mondo*

Season 9 Winner - Bravo-TV to LTime: Anya over Josh & Viktor*

Season 10 Winner - Lifetime: Dimitry over Fabio, Melissa, & Christopher*

Season 11 Winner - Lifetime: Michelle over Patricia & Stanley - starts @ #101 on...

Season 12 Winner - Lifetime: Dom over Alexandria, Justin, & Bradon

Season 13 Winner - Lifetime: Sean over Amanda, Kini, & Char

Season 14 Winner - Lifetime: 
Ashley over Kelly, Edmund, & Candice

Season 15 Winner - Lifetime: Erin over Roberi, Laurence, & Rik

Season 16 Winner - Lifetime: Kentaro over Ayana, Brandon, & Margarita

Season 17 Winner - Bravo: Heidi & Tim gone! New host Karlie Kloss w/ Siriano


Iman & Isaac Mizrahi
***THE FASHION SHOW (S 1 & 2; posts below)***

The FS: (Hosted by Iman & Isaac Mizrahi)

Season 1: Anna over James-Paul & Daniella      

Season 2: Jeffery over Calvin & Dominique


  1. Season 4 Begins:

    ***Christian is weird.. Anyone else feeling this?***

    Oh Christian is definitely full of himself! Too weird; especially the hair! Gack! lol!! Steven and Rami are cool so far! They tried to kill the fat guy by running him to death! What if Chris had keeled over? The idiots!

    ***Ya thats funny. This is Project Runway not Celebrity Fit Club or The Biggest Loser. LOL! Poor big guy. He gets an A for effort.***

    No one is bringing up JACK! That face and bod was rockin' when he was getting ready for the next day! My heart rate is still up! Whoa BABY!! 8-)

    ***I could not agree more. I can't stand Macy's and I miss Marshall Fields so much. It was a Chicago institution. I went to the downtown store a couple of months ago and was aghast at what Macy's had done in such a short period of time. Marshall Fields' had class and Macy's is just crass - wait was that really rude?***

    Funny I liked Macy's when I lived in California, but it all changed around '99! I loved a lot of their suits, jackets, and slacks; Alfani, El Raphael, and Liz Claiborn! Went to shop after that, it was all "drek!" The store wasn't even kept up with clothes falling off the tables and shelves! Since moving back to Chicago, my mom says the same thing about Macy's; she wishes Fields' was there, not Macy's! I don't miss shopping downtown regardless! It gets old stepping thru construction, detours, and more (so many people)! Is the Windy City always ripping up their streets? Gack!!

    ***We didn't have a Macy's in my area, but I shopped there online and I was fine with that. Then they went and bought my beloved Famous Barr. ... Oh well, Dillard's sees me and my money way more now.***

    My son had a BF and another friend who worked at Dilliards! I only went into one in St. Louis for a visit with him! I was more a Macy's person along with outlet stores/malls in California where you could get name brand stuff at a discount; Geoffrey Beane, Van Heusen, etc! Now that I'm a big, fat pig (not too bad), I stick with a couple pairs of jeans and squeeze into my old tops! lol!! So much for that huge dress wardrobe of mines with El Raphael suits, Alfani jackets, and Liz Claiborn slacks!

    What an embarrassment! Still waiting to even care! lol! What a bunch of wierdos! "I feel terrible for saying that! I must be in a mood!" I just don't watch like I did before! Is it just me or is this DREKkkkkk?? I shouldn't say that half whacked out! I knew they wouldn't "keeeek" Christian off! I say "keeeek" since they just started an episode of Top Chef, Season 2! Weeeee kan now watch Eeelliiaa! "They just 'pppeeeekt' on Marcel so much!" It's Thanksgiving on TC2! Whhoooppeee!! Let's open those can goods and make something for the QF! Mia; you're killing me with those salads girl! lol! That was gross Elia mixing that fruit salad with your bare hands! FOAM, FOAM, Foam!!!! "Marcel!" How did Frank escape the real work for dinner with Anthony B,? He acted as if he won the QF all by himself; Mia too! Love it, love it, love it! And the adventure begins again with our Chefs cooking dinner for the judges at their disgusting apartment! Oh well, keep the Pepto handy!

    ***AHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHA!!! Well if this is you "in a mood" well then sparkle me happy!! This is the funniest post I've read of yours. You should come on here more often when you're "in a mood."


  2. ***... I totally see Victorya as the new Chloe. I didn't care for Chloe and I think Victorya is a poor imitation. I love Chris (not Christian!) and hope he does well. I've been reading the boards for a long time and just registered. ...

    ... Victorya is more urban. But both have a good eye for shape and fit, just like Kara Saun of Season 1. I think Victorya will show at Fashion Week and if her collection is the best, it should win, Chloe or no. I think Rami will probably show also. Chris.. I hope so. Christian, I want to like him despite the bravado, but I think his taste is too limited yet. ...***

    I said it before, and I'll say it again, "WHAT A BUNCH OF WEIRDOS!" Christian is an out and out freak with the hair, going 'gaga' over Sarah JP, then totally ignoring other people's critique of his work! Talk about delusional! The other designer's crying is also so off-putting! What is wrong with these people? They cry when they meet someone, they cry when a question is asked of them about another designer, and they cry when they find out how much work they have to do! Where's the network psychiatrist? I hope someone is off-camera to help these losers! lol! That was rude and I'm sorry; NOT!!

    Victorya is good, but she isn't going to make it in my opinion! She showed about as much emotion as her dress form! There was no reaction to anything; being called on to talk about her vision or when they said she won the last challenge! I'd have more expression if someone threw a gum-wrapper on the ground! Maybe she's on medication! She just seemed dead on that runway during the judging! It's a little hard to keep up with all the players since I don't watch this season over and over again like previous seasons! These people are so bizarre, it's hard to get into it like I have in the past! The same thing happened when TRE was kicked off TC3! I lost a lot of the passion I had for the show! I can watch S1 or S2 over and over again; no problem! IT's a bit hard to watch previous seasons of PR since that judging is far from consistent! How did Jeff, Santino, or Wendy even make fashion week! They threw up something on the catwalk more than twice and survived! HOW?? Enough of my rant!

    ***Hear, hear, Jay!! I got the exact same opinion. I could have copy-and-paste the whole thing and sign my name to it, but I thought better.

    I think the Christian team should've been out - that 80s dress was awful. The problem is, this was his vision - the dress turned out just as he intended it, and it was awful. ...Christian actually thought he had a good dress. BTW, SJP's great. I think they should have her back as a guest judge.***

    Oh the outfit wasn't that bad! The problem was who it was intended! Only boney women could get away with wearing that! The everyday woman would look like Margaret Dumont in that thing! I guess I need to look again to see what the deal was with the length of the dress! I've seen shorter; remember Vincent's Blk/Wht dress "over pumped" by a backup model!

    JSP will always be "Miss SquarePegs!" Boy am I showing my age! Never really been a big fan! I never really watch SITCity, but from what I heard from 'sister critique,' she was described as a "horse-faced, potty mouth! I guess she really cusses up a storm on the show! Love Mr Big though; goes back to old Law & Order days before he became MR BIG (and not in a good way)! Must be playing the same role at home, playing a cop eating donuts all day!

    ***I think Christian is kind of sassy, smug, high strung and, um, not a favorite. Also, the designer who is hippie-ish...***

    I see him in the lite cast by Santino! Christian is a bit delusional and really needs to start listening to the critique and learn from it! I like the last dress; it was so retro, but only boney women would be able to get away wearing! I said on another string that the everyday woman would look like Margaret Dumont! That takes me back a hundred years to Marx Bro's fame!

  3. ***Go Christian... Hey where can I get some of these clothes on a budget?? (size 10...)***

    Christian wouldn't even look at you babe! He'd tell you to get your FAT Ass away from him! Size 10? Pls!! lol!! He likes 'em skinny to wear his creations! None of his stuff is ready-to-wear!

    ***Should be NO surprise on who won!! duh!! The Judges ALWAYS go for the most outrageous collections.

    Season 1- JAY
    Season 2- The judges really wanted to give it to Santino, why else was he in the final? Thank God his collection was not good.
    season 3-Jeffrey, (the biggest upset)

    This was the first finale that I didn't like. I can't believe Christian won. Talk about dated. I thought I was back in the 80s. I will watch the next season because it is fun to watch challenges. Kind of like watching the crashes in a car race.***

    They warned him all season about that retro look of the 80's! What does he do, but jump into that time machine again! Like others, I believe they chose Christian as the winner just because Victoria Beckham loved the stuff! Only an anorexic thing like her can wear it! I am sickened! Why do we watch this show? GACK!!

    ***You missed that the viewers texting/voting online picked Christian also.***

    Well something is wrong with them too! That show was PURE COSTUME designing by Christian! I'm appalled, sick, and ticked off! All those outfits made by him added 20 pounds to each model! Unless you're an "anorexic mess," you can't wear the stuff!

    ***How tall is pixie anyway?***

    4' 8"! He's still taller than Ricky! Did you see how small he was compared to his model a couple times? I thought he was standing in a hole! lol!!

    ***Jay you kill me. I totally disagree with you about Christian and YES his models are skinny and maybe he will grow out of that, but couture models always are. We know THAT whole discussion and so were the rest really.

    I had no idea Bravo was doing yet another show. I kind of wish they'd stop constantly churning out new, usually sub-par reality shows, and concentrate on improving their older and more successful ones instead.***

    I feel the same way! They keep cranking these things out and the production values are so poor! Some are so nonsensically; Skanks of OC and now NY! They need to fix TC, PR, and my other favorites SG & TD before they come back!

    ***...that braiding Heidi was raving about ... pretty sure I've seen that done before; either this season or last!
    Oh, and by the way, who else has noticed that Jillian consistently dresses like a twelve year old? Kudos to Michael Kors for spicing up his uniform with a scarf!***

    That bothered me Heidi saying that too! It has definitely been done and on her own show! IDIOT broad! lol!! Michael did it with his evening gown to determine who went to BP in S3 and I think Daniel did a basket-weaving of the corset/bodice of his dress made with plants and flowers in S2! People need to stop using definitive statements! Something has always been seen and done! You just have to "THINK!"

    I noticed that about Jillian as well! She's maybe holding onto her childhood for some reason! lol!! That denim jumper thing shouldn't be worn around her own home, much less a show she knows will be broadcast over and over again around the world!

    I thought MK looked like he was at a figure skating competition and he was bundling up for the cold! lol!! SHADES, shades, shades! Was it that bright there?

  4. ***Season 5***

    ***Now Wesley... I may need to wrestle you for that little cutie.... (and not to mention his cute little "too-young-for-grown-up-long-pants" look!)***

    We must all be child molesters to be going all out for the youngest hottie! Blaine would have been an alternative, but I really prefer people from this world! "Blow your nose baby! Lay off the COKE?" I think he's trying to be another Christian! "Not fierce, but luscious!" GACK!! Keith would be a very nice runner up! Poor Jerry! The most ego gone already! They really were slackers tonight with all those table clothes and shower curtains! Haven't they learned from past seasons? Sheesshhh!!

    ***ITA, Blaine is desperately trying to be Christian. With his catch phrases "Girlishious"?! Please... And "Holla atcha boy" He is already tired... after one episode! Now back to my new boytoy Wesley... I can just picture him in a Boy Scout Uniform (with the neckerchief & the knee socks)... HA HA HA! But of course Keith is my true favorite... *sigh* beefy, bearded, tattoos, nipple rings *sigh*.... excuse me, I have a naughty monkey that needs a spanking... BRB***

    I love it! PR producers just proved all of our points; good tv trumps talent! The last 2 challenges have had people making designs that have nothing to do with the task at hand! Those monstrosities for the Olympic challenge should have cost more than one designer and Blaine this week has to be on something more than water! Who would wear that to work even on a casual friday or quick in/out on a saturday? Shorts? Pls!! I think Tim should go over the challenge more than once just to make sure these "goobers" heard him right!

    ***My guess is Terri and Blayne; auffed. Teaming Blayne and Stella.. please! Would Keith have helped Terri if she let him? Maybe.***

    That was KARMA baby! Terry wanted to go down in flames (no pun intended) alone and she has no one to blame but herself! I can't believe she tried to put this off on Keith! I don't particularly care for the dude, but HE DID TRY! She blew him off! She was bragging about it! My mouth just went agape listening to her excuses! Kenley was horrid as well! She is so defensive! There's no shame in fighting for your design, but she's about abusive! Her indignation that Heidi had the nerve to criticize her was palpable! She had better learn to handle negative feed-back! She is a 50's drag type of girl and that outfit was all too costumey! Suede was lucky he was spared because his design was too normal! I liked it a lot though! Funny this was one of those occasions Tim Gunn was way off! He didn't like the fabric choices of Jerrell, but he wound up winning! "How can we ever trust you from now on TIM?" lol!! - OBTW, can someone get a jpg of Wesley ironing his shirt! I loved that shot of him with that bare chest! Whew!!

    *** know who Kenley is?? She's what in my college we called a "Suzie AGO" which was short in our town for the sorority Alpha Gamma Omega. The "A list" girls. All American, pretty, "pseudo-wholesome" and destined to marry the lawyers/doctors/future leaders of America. And they were PISSED if you didn't honor that talent and entitlement.

    Have you noticed that whoever disagrees with Tim and doesn't listen to his advice at the walk through, gets eliminated?***

    I just mentioned something about that earlier! Normally that is the case; people who ignore his suggestions are usually out the door! This time though, Jerrell ignored TIM and he not only survived, he won! His fabric choice was hated! Oh TIM, what happened babe?? lol!!

  5. ***...Kenley has been doing her own thing for several weeks now, not adhering to the challenges at all (which all the judges agree on) and still they kick off other real designers over her. It's ridiculous! Last season, Laura may have had a snarky attitude, but her work was impeccable. I have not been able to say the same of Kenley and her hideous patterns since day one! Its a farce of a competition, as they are basically hand picking who they want to win. ...***

    I wish I could say the judging is getting more egregious, but I've seen worse! Think back to season 3 with Keith and Bonnie! The challenge was to create a look for a dog and come up with a storyline for the woman who owns him! Keith didn't even attempt to make something for the dog, but Bonnie was auf'd because a hem wasn't sown on the model's dress! Are you freakin' kidding me? I'm still appalled by that one! There are others, but my blood pressure would just blow over!

    ***Thanks (I think) for the walk down memory lane with the reminder of that season 3 disgrace. Maybe all we can hope for is that Kenley gets caught breaking some PR rule so Tim can have the pleasure of kicking her out himself since the judges, for some unfathomable reason, seem completely unable to do it

    That's true, but enough is enough. This has been the same story for every single week now with her. And how many hideous patterned dresses should I be forced to watch in one season? Terri had an attitude as well, but her designs were much better than Kenley's. Stella's "leatha" and Blayne's "WTF-licious" creations would have been equally welcomed over that non-matching puff, mouse ears, puffed dress she made a few weeks back.


    WHY WHY WHY is Kenley still here?!?!?!?!?! Her outfit (and attitude) SUCKED. It had NOTHING to do with Hip Hop, but Suede went home? At least his outfit, although safe, related to his category. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? Ugh!***

    I was thinking the same as other people on the board! If you rant and rave about how talentless a designer is and that their attitude stinks, they are saved over and over again! Heaven knows I couldn't stand Jeff (S3), Christian (S4), and Santino (S2), but they all survived until FW! They had several outfits that should have cost them including the "milk-maid" design created by Jeff that should have sealed his fate just before the finale! That was the 1st time they went with 4 designers and I truly believe they wanted to ax him, but the drama was so compelling with him, they saved his ass until he finally won! Totally disgusting! I would have saved Keith(S3) 1st! At least his 'cheated' designs were HOT! That junk Santino, Jeff, and Christian slopped together "lost me!"

    ***Well it's that Kenley. God forbid... someone please take her away! They voted off Stella - the Vivianne Westwood wannabe.. now all the have to do is take care of Kenley. "Note to Kenley... Bette Page called; she wants her look back!" This season really disappoints. They are great seamstresses, but only Korto, Lee Ann and Jerell are true creative designers!

    I think Kenley is now like the comic relief in a Shakespeare play. Didn't you notice how Jerrell and Korto kept telling her "Oh yeah! That really looks hip-hop, Kenley," They could barely keep straight faces while they said it. KENLEY IS SO STUPID!! BTW, she should be locked in Cinderella's Castle for creating that Mickey Mouse Monstrosity. She probably smoked some crack and watched Fantasia before she designed it.***

    I'm glad you added Leanne! Someone knocked her for some reason! I don't like that soft personality trait of hers, but her creations have been stunning! Loved that "car fusion" challenge along with 2 piece ensemble from abstract inspiration (planter molding)! Both looked "RICH!"

  6. ***While I agree that she may have a "Personality" disorder, there's still no excuse for the way she behaves. I have Asperger's, as do my children, and a lot of people who I know, we do not behave the way Kenley does. I believe in her talent, but she needs to clean up her act irregardless of the challenges she faces.***

    I'm no expert, but Asperger's or Tourettes couldn't explain Kenley's behavior! We are now talking about someone who is EVIL and totally oblivious to other people's feelings! You can't complain about being alone when you said 2 minutes ago I'm not talking to them because this is a competition and I need to be totally focused! Pot meet kettle ok? WHAT AN IDIOT!!

    ***Evil? Give me a break. She's nowhere near as bad as some of you make her out to be.***

    I would be a little more forgiving it was just simple immaturity that explained her behavior, but like Korto said last night, "defending yourself you feel it necessary to dog me out for some reason!" What is that but evil intent? Again and again Kenley has so much contempt for Korto and other designers, it's almost palpable! Heidi didn't ask for Kenley why a 4th designer shouldn't go to FW; she just had to add that last little dig! EVIL under the RUNWAY!! lol!

    ***The reason why she dogged Korto (not that I agree - but in 'her' mind) when Korto said the other two designers were better designers and then better PEOPLE. Kenley saw that as a direct attack on her. She knew Korto was implying that she was not a good person. While she may be very immature, she understands when she's being attacked (even though she doesn't understand WHY she deserved the attack - and even if she has a 'personality' disorder she did in my humble eyes).

    So when she had the chance, (as Korto was the last person to 'attack' her (even though Kenley deserved it)) she went with Jerell and Leanne. So I don't understand Korto's anger, considering that she .. and the other designers did the same thing to Kenley. If anything Korto should have expected this, and kept her mouth shut instead of playing the innocent victim (in order to gain more points with Leanne and Jerrell).***

    It was the same thing with Season 2; Santino, Daniel, and Kara thought they should go to FW leaving Chloe behind! Funny after all that betrayal she won the season! It was so strange they went on that attack with Chloe since Santino was on the "outs" with all of them! He had pushed Kara to love that crappy jumpsuit in the last challenge and the others compared notes and wondered why it was unfinished being one piece! Chloe had created 3 pieces for Nick! It just doesn't make sense to even ask that question! It's there to provoke and nothing else can explain it! Totally serial especially from Daniel who loved Chloe!

    ***The Chloe issue wasn't based on her personality. It was based on the fact that she already had a successful business and didn't seem to need the win as much as the others. She was also very laid back, and there were some doubts as to whether she really had the "hunger."

    Not like Kenley's case at all, where it's a matter of an alienating, thoroughly unpleasant personality at work. Geez! Kenley even makes Wendy Pepper look good in comparison.***

    I totally agree, but I was referring to asking that stupid question of the designers! Why don't they bring mothers out and have them choose between their children! That's about as lame! It's their job to choose wisely, assessing the work of the designers, but instead of making a reasonable choice, they put it back on the competitors, then fall flat with that cop-out of taking all 4; for a minute anyway! I HATE THESE PEOPLE! lol!! Poor Chris (S4) really thought he had a chance! It was all for show bringing him back for half a show last season!

  7. ***Korto wuz robbed. Leanne and her petals? Even Kenley had more interesting pieces although I felt her collection ran out of steam. ...Was pretty disappointed with this season and then to have Leanne and her petals win took some of the air out of my sails for Runway. Thank goodness it aired the same night as the final debate so that I got to sleep thinking of Obama's success instead of Project Runway's failure.***

    Like I've said a while back, I'm not a fan of this season or any of the finalist! For the most part they phoned it in; especially Korto's maid-of-honor dress! I like Leanne's collection; it had cohesion, it had a point of view, and I loved those petals! You just don't see things like that! It was original, feminine, and something women can and would wear! It would be better if you're pencil thin, but that pastel green top was stunning with the layers! Jerell dropped the ball in the end, Korto's collection wasn't polished enough, and Kenley is stuck in the past! All of them had pieces to like at FW, but Leanne won this season hands down!

    ***I agree with you completely. I think that Leanne was original and put together shapes that haven't been seen on the runway before. However, Korto's designs and shapes--although extremely lovely to look out--were all things the judges had seen in some form or fashion.

    I just re-watched the finale...and I must not have looked very hard at Leanne's evening gown the first time. It is exquisite. It is a beautiful color, perfectly crafted, and flowed like a dream on the runway. If there's a question whether or not Leanne can do anything but petals...the answer is "yes", just look at that dress!!***

    I'm still trying to figure out what was wrong with Laura's collection in Season 3! Like Koors said, "it looked rich!" It was glamorous and well crafted evening wear! Her clothes made Jeffrey's look like off a "seconds" or defect rack! I'd have put Uli in front of Sebilia as well even though all season she created the same summer dress every challenge! Michael's outfits looked a little cheap and I can understand why he went down in flames! Jeffrey; NOPE!

    ***Wow, I completely agree with you on this one!***

    If I have to play a doctor, I'd guess the poor thing needs to go to a sleep diagnostic clinic to be tested! Without a doubt Chris March of season 4 shows all the symptoms I started having; the weight gain, uncontrolled sleep periods, the snoring! You are amazingly tired and weak from "Sleep Apnea!" Mines bordered on Narcolepsy, so I needed to take naps even if it meant to pull off the rode for 15 min.! I just hope he hasn't hit the ground a couple times as I have! It's a wonder I haven't cracked my skull open! Waking up once, a small tv rested near my head! That was a close one! He needs a c-pap machine ASAP! "I'll make the appointment BABE!"

  8. *****THE FASHION SHOW*****

    ***The fact that they need to subtitle Merlin irks me. It's not that he has such a heavy accent it's that he is so heavily affected. I didn't like his line about "bitches rule the world."***

    Oh he's a character! Had my 1st experience with Merlin last year from "Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency" from Oxygen! He was a client looking for models and they had to practically agree to cart wheels to make him happy! What a weirdo! I liked that James-Paul won! I said I wasn't going to get involved with this "knockoff" and here I am! Oh well; the formula works!

    ***So Merlin knows how to play the reality show game? Well, he's a hoot and he knows it. I'm not going to hold it against him. James-Paul is cute and has talent to make something classy and edgy that upstaged every designer on the show. He's an early fave for sure.

    OMG, thank you, Jay!!! So, that's where I remember Merlin from!! I love JDMA, and now I can totally recall Merlin and his borderline officious walkway micromanagement. The guy was a complete loony. I thought the walks he wanted them to accomplish were ridiculous and even backbreakingly painful looking, like he expected them to walk while being circus contortionists at the same time. And he was so offensively self absorbed, it was really off putting. Ugh!!!

    ...The people on this show are people they plucked off the street and put them n a 24 hour sewing class to be on the show. It was truly terrible. What is the deal with this why no Project Runway? ...***

    No offense, but you obviously didn't watch the show! These guys are professionals! They've done shows before and have created their own lines! I mentioned earlier that Merlin appeared on "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" last year and he hired several models to contort down the runway! He was weird back even then! The show's not great, but it'll do for now as a replacement for PR which has gone to Lifetime! It's already been taped and will start telecast maybe in August!

    ***So far there has not been one single piece on this show that wouldn't be laughed off the stage on Project Runway....***

    I think there have been several outfits that could measure up especially with the limited time and resources of these contestants! I thought both outfits from last week were great with just $40 to complete the design! The pleated skirt for the luncheon and the rock concert outfit in black which won were very HOT! I think we tend to forget about some of the horrendous outfits that went down the catwalk on PR including Dracula capes, ripped pieces of fabric attached to a dress, and Kenley's mermaid costume for the flower/nature challenge! Some have been just as appalling as some of the FS creations!

  9. Poor Keith; I knew he was "toast" when he got the most normal of the models and thought this would be an easy challenge! Famous last words on all these reality shows! lol!! Reco and Daniella are obviously the best designers, but they go at it was different directions! Reco is full of confidence, finishes quickly, and knows he'll be in the final! Daniella is good, but has little confidence and even when she produces a great outfit and actually wins with it, she has nothing but doubts! Too sad for her!

    I wonder why Daniella didn't select Merlin for elimination! It was a perfect set up since his creation was a disaster! Angel's dress was a disaster and probably should have cost her! Poor Keith! Another hottie gone; that's 3 in a row! Lucky Reco "ain't" cute! lol!! "Watch it James-Paul!"

    ***Ha! So you also see James-Paul is cute.. Well, he is a bit of a fashion elitist isn't he? How dare real women interfere with his "art.". Ah well, he has time to learn.***

    I've said this before and you're making me say this again, many of these designers are professionals! They've had shows, hired models, and have businesses already! I mentioned Merlin was featured on "Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency!" How soon we forget the oddballs, freaks, and weirdos that have been on PR along the way! Remember "rock n roller" Stella, "Tanning Bed" Blayne, & 50's retro-con Kenley? Many were limited, stuck in a time warp, or couldn't construct their designs! Some didn't deserve to be there much less make the finals like Rami, Santino, Wendy, and even Christian who won! They beat these people over the head all season long with what they were creating, but then they walk away with fame, fortune, and even some winning a final! What a bunch of losers! It happens! It'll happen again!

    This happens every season! Wendy made it while Austin was dumped at the last minute in S1! Santino skated thru on S2 with some horrid designs! How did Rami and Christian make it to the final in S4? Finally in S5, what was up with Kenley making it while sending Jerell home? Shocking! Reco gone! I thought Anna would be in trouble since it wasn't a real collection! I have no idea what she's talking about "navy" running thru everything! Hmmm! "I saw prints babe!" I thought James Paul might get tossed for being too innovative! Oh well, we'll have to deal with 'Miss Smirk' for another week! Pls GAWD, get Daniella! lol!!

  10. ***But what about Project Runway's Michael Knight? He bombed in the last evening gown challenge with some purple shirred stripper number....***

    I remembered it and thought the same thing! The difference is having Michael didn't kick anyone off! This was one of those times all 4 designers got to show off their wares! Laura's stuff was something else! It looked "rich!" All 4 were seen on this show, but they ended up hosing us all by giving us this BS that only 3 of the 4 can actually be judged and voted on! IDIOTS!

    ***I agree. If they don't trust America's taste, they shouldn't have sold this show as "America votes".All Americans Bravo! All. But I still want James-Paul or Anna to win.***

    I'll ask you "did you watch the same show I did?" lol! Reco was in the top or given a lot of praise when in the bottom of the group! He was in trouble only once and that was with the "Halston" challenge! If he had been kicked off I wouldn't have been as upset! He saw the original and totally went in his own direction with a corset design! Reco should have been in the final even with all the trouble he had with the wedding gown! I really thought Anna would be in trouble because her stuff was "too off the rack!" This is a design show! She pretty much regurgitated her season on this one show! lol!! I just didn't see this "navy" she said ran thru the collection! Maybe if I watch the show for a 3rd or 4th time I'll see it!

    ***Reco was eliminated based on the judges' evaluation of his final collection not on his track record throughout the competition. A comparison of his past work with that of James Paul would not serve any useful purpose.***

    Either criteria doesn't work for me! Fine, ignore everything Reco did, he still should have made the final 3! I love Anna's work, but it really seemed regurgitated with her admitting she brought along bits and pieces of the entire season to her collection! It's not like any one is 'not entitled' to be there! I think James-Paul is probably the most talented, but maybe a little young and doesn't edit! He tries to put absolutely everything into each piece he creates! Daniella is ok, but that "skinny" thing is really bothering me! There are some designers out there that are probably successful dealing with only thin women, but for the contest, she shouldn't be able to get away with that! It was one reason Christian wasn't as deserving to me! His stuff is for 'rail thin' girls he can "slip spoon" into the "crap" he pinches together! Even Sarah Jessica Parker nailed him for his outfit being too "snug!" Now we have his illegitimate sister doing the same thing! Let's hope Reco is one of those people that becomes "bigger" not winning this show!

  11. ****Project Runway - Season 6 - Lifetime Network***

    Believe me Tim has been wrong many times before! Remember that Zodiac challenge in Season 5? Jerell had this costume long-plaid skirt outfit and Tim panned it, but eventually he was named the winner! I understand where he was coming from and I was shocked as well, but it happens; Tim can blow it too! I'm more shocked by his cattiness a few challenges ago when Johnny was caught making a lame excuse why he started over from scratch! When Tim slammed his offering he made up some story of "steam" stains or damage! As poor Johnny is leaving with his tail between his legs, Mr. Cool Hand Luke GUNN, exclaimed he couldn't believe Johnny was using that excuse! That's right babe, kick a kid while he's already down!

    ***Could we please get a gay male designer on this show who can represent a strong gay man? Jeez - Louise gets eliminated, but it's CHRISTOPHER up there in tears. C'mon, Queens - Grow a pair!!!***

    That was weak! They were just critiquing his work and "the river was flowing!" Did I hear cold-hearted Heidi call out "NO?" The judges really need to reign in their insults! It stopped being about the clothes when they go on these personal attacks like "what were you thinking? Oh the problem is he/she wasn't thinking!" lol!! Koors is fast gone from witty, past snarky, to just about disgusting! I love how he says something "low" then hunches his shoulders like "it had to be said!" No it doesn't MISS KITTY!

    ***I too am disappointed in Gordana's auf'n, but Heidi has no taste and wants the drama between Althea and Irina for ratings. ...***

    Gordana was doomed if you remember the script! If a designer has a life-altering experience in their latest creation, they are guaranteed to be auf'd! In S3, Jeffrey seemed to have that feeling with that "milk-maid" outfit, but they saved him for some reason! Along with them wanting the young guns to compete in the final, Gordana was just giving off such a negative vibe! She looked stressed, the shoulders were schlumped, and her aura just said "I'm an old lady!" I think she might have done very well, but you have to exude some confidence! You need to do more to defend your design than trying to tug at the "heart strings" of these judges; they don't have any hearts!

  12. Thank GAWD this is finale's week and the season will be over! Tim Gunn is getting on people's nerves; including mines! The man was almost frantic a moment ago since so many of the models weren't ready to go on! He's supposed to be the calm effect master! What's up with him these days? This is the 1st final with 3 women right? They are really behind schedule! Carol Hannah was sick with stress I'm guessing, but overall the others are being a bit cavalier! "Find some urgency ladies!"

    Fix, setup! lol! Why do they beat up and rip apart the eventual winner? They know darn well they are behind a person all the way, but try to make us feel they will be auf'd! I hate this show! Irina takes it! The villain wins again! They said from the time of creation, you need some color! She does a complete black line and she wins! They congratulate Carol Hannah for incorporating color so well into her line, but then she's out 1st! These people are too weird!

    I really liked the repeat of the reunion show! It was great seeing some of the old favorites! Luckily the ego-maniacs who were so over-rated were weeded out early; Santino & Jeff are the ones that come to mind 1st w/ Uli and Michael! The final 4 were great choices and brought a tear to my eyes to see the judges appreciation of Chris and Sweet P! It came down to the 2 designers who are the most confident, but have a point of view you want to see and root for; Daniel V & Korto! Korto could be a little more gracious when she doesn't win! "They gave you all due credit for your growth!"

  13. ****Project Runway - Season 7 - Lifetime Network***

    Jesus just wasn't ready and had to go! Tim warned him about that hideous seam due to his extending that brown, leather dress into a longer gown! His vision couldn't be denied; in his eyes only! He just wasn't going to get any better! He's just stubborn! He reminds me of Santino! He knows what's what, but for his own creations, he follows other rules! He should be brought back to help with construction detail for the final 3, but it probably won't get down to his period of elimination!

    ***Anthony is one of the most fun designers you've had.***

    Must be the "southern charm!" Anthony doesn't take things so seriously! Some of these designers remind me of some of the "drag queens" on "RuPaul's Drag Race!" The ones taking things too seriously are getting hammered by the judges while the fun-loving, easy going types are moving through without much of a problem! Judges have actual used the term "we don't need anymore 'serious' drag queens!" lol! The designers have to loosen up; Emilio, Jay. Amy and Mila! You see Jesus who was much too serious is long gone! I don't keep up enough with the names to come with the other serious characters! I need to go back and look at that chart on one of the earlier pages!

    ***I'm pretty sure this is the most pissed off I've been with the outcome of an EC! Not only did Emilio not make anything, he stood there and waxed thoughtful and innovative about why!***

    I'm sure the majority of us are shocked by that last EC, but I'm not sure why! It was obvious that they wanted to save Emilio! He was given a "mulligan" and Jesse was the sacrificial lamb you had to know was coming! He built up some "cache" w/ the judges b/c of the quality of his work! They are giving him a break from this loony challenge! I was shocked that they would pan Anthony as much as they did! They weren't going to get rid of him so they could have found better time spent criticizing someone else for their choices! Too weird to say you made a garment too realistic and soft! So bizarre! He soften the material and so it wasn't "hardware" anymore? IDIOTS!

  14. It's hard to like many of these designers! What is up with Emilio playing musical chairs with the models? He picks Holly as his model again and again, and while looking at her the entire time chooses someone else! He just crushed the poor girl! Mila seems to have a problem with everyone except Maya, and poor Amy who started out so hot, just spiraled into "bizarro world!" What happened to her? Love Jay's little shorts! We need to go back to those old trashier days for guys! Why only girls get to show off skin?

    ***About Emilio changing models, I think towards the end of the competition, some designers panic and look for any perceived advantage. ...Mila and Maya and even Jay are also serious competition. I don't know what has happened to Amy except that she has the need to be experimental/innovative so that she veers from elegance one challenge to arts'n crafts messes the next. ...the designers haven't inspired any strong opinions. How many times can I verbally ogle Seth? Why no short shorts for guys? Well besides the fact that my knees look much better covered, I remember when short shorts would just be asking to get beat up.***

    Sorry, tattoos, nail polish, and being straight are big turn-offs for me! lol! I don't mind being used, but let it be a real boy or man! lol! I hate desecrations of the body and skin! Anything more than a couple earrings is blasphemous in my book! Something subtle I can live with but PA's, bolts thru things, and facial/neck art of any kind is not acceptable! That's probably what put me off Season 3's winner Jeff above and beyond him being talentless and a jerk! Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he had a few things even I liked, but no way should he have even made the final after that "milk-maid" costume came floating down the catwalk to qualify! It was horrible and he should have been escorted out of the building then and there; along with his model if she really thought that thing was sexy, romantic, blah, blah, blah! I'm still infuriated by that BS!

    Ranting on, what was worse than Jerrel in Season 5 being auf'd after winning the challenge to make the final? My mouth still hangs open with that one especially letting Kenley show a line when she also should have been auf'd long before the final! There were some shady dealings going on behind the scenes! I just don't know how Heidi, Michael, and Nina can rationalize some of their decisions! No doubt Emilio has some great talent, "he's a legend in his own mind," but he should have been auf'd with the "string-bikini thing!" Hey he BS'd his way past the judges; they bought it and he's still there! That 'one-trick pony' Mila should be next! She reminds me of "Miss RocknRoll" Vanessa from a couple seasons ago! Everything was black, leather, and edgy! "Old lady, ya need a little more to come up with to create a full line!"

    As for the "shorts" situation, I did put up with some stares and "cat-calls" from cars, but that was my style! I was draggin' 80's shorts and spandex into the 90s! I didn't look my age, so I wasn't going to dress like an old man! I had the goods, and I showed them; often! lol! I'm shocked to go through old boxes to see shorts I wouldn't get past my knees now! Hard to believe I was a 28" waist a 100 years ago! The material couldn't produce a good 2 handkerchief! How shocking! lol!!

  15. Like RuPaul might joke on his show, "send all these bitches home!" I'm not thrilled with any of them! Emilio's ego is out of control, Anthony's taste level just isn't there, that was a freakin' costime Seth Aaron produced, and Mila's just a bitter, old crone! Every time she pans someone elses' efforts, hers comes into question while they get praise! Jay is good, but he's not as good as SA and Emilio! Overall my choices would have been SA, Emilio, & Jay! I guess they had to add Mila; season 4 repeat! Who will really make it btw J & M??

    ***JAY was robbed.***

    I agree! I thought the judges would come to their senses since it seemed they went ape-shit over his armoured leggin's; they were hot! Didn't they actually say Mila's collection was a bit edgy, but at the same time stuck in the 60's? I only watched it once; SORRY! I'm pretty sure they complimented Jay on his innovation and cutting edge presentation (futuristic), but they obviously don't trust him to have a complete, cohesive collection! They went what was safe like Wendy in S1 over Austin and Rami (rouch King) over Chris in S4! They just never warmed up to either until after it was too late and they were stuck with what they chose! It's the usual hypocritical thing you have to deal with in life! People say one thing, then change the rules & expectations well thru the process and revert back! You see it all the time! Total BS!

    I remember on RuPaul's Drag Race in the early episodes, she manipulated some of the elimination! Mystique got a "get out of jail free card" in the 1st episodes and continued to win in group challenges, but the rules were changed! In episode 3, every one was up for elimination and I think it was specifically keyed to "auf" Mystique even though the bitch was on the winning team for the commercial; "...Extra Greasy Shortening!" Hate the finalist, but what can you do? Being a "backstabbing Bitch" is sometimes rewarded! Go JuJuBee!

    The usual happens with designs that I think are kind of tacky and costume-like; they're the ones that are chosen as the winning collection (not line)! More BS to digest from Nina and Michael! Mila gave what Mila gives; it was ok, but no real surprise or show piece was there! The judges just raved and she wound up in 3rd as I thought she would! Then there's "Mr Ego," Emilio who developed a "line" that could go right into stores! I knew he was doomed! He was writing off the show! He had signature textiles already produced! He could move on without even talking to PR producers the day after he got the check! lol!

    Finally we have the winner, Seth Aaron! OMG, where do I begin? He so reminds me of the odd designers from past seasons like Jeffery, Christian, or Jay; stupid hair, weird clothes, tattoos, nail polish! They're their own person I guess and that helps in the judges saying "they are cutting edge and should win!" I've hated those decisions ever since! The only one I picked to win and she did was Leanne! The rest were a complete surprise! Hell the finalist chosen were even more so!

    Looking back Santino had clothes falling off his models and he still went to Fashion Week with that gold pallet monstrosity! Poor Kara; she really blew it! Same with Wendy over Austin! I knew her stuff was going to be doughty; what else could you get from some rural old lady? "No offense Wendy!"

  16. ***I think Chis March is the most beloved contestant of all the years I have watched. So it is nice to see good things happening for him! Those designs for Meryl Streep for Golden Globes and Oscars' were great:

    What amazed me the most about chris was that he stayed awake long enough to design a killer outfit! LOL I loved how on Runway he would be found sleeping while the others were running around like crazy! Kudo's, Chris!***

    We talked about that years ago! The poor thing has to be suffering from "sleep apnea" & narcolepsy like me! There's just not a lot you can do! Most don't want or have the money for the operation to clear up a deviated septum, and others can't stand wearing that mask attached to c-pap machine used to help push air down your throat while asleep! FOr those who don't know what I'm talking about, you stop breathing in your sleep! I sometimes do it awake; take one last deep breath, then holding it until I start gasping for air! It's not a lot of fun, but I still use it or I wouldn't be here typing now! Chris should have that looked at! You wind up having very high blood pressure, there's a chemical imbalance with the lack of sleep and you put on weight even if you aren't eating like a beast! I stabilized, but there's still a lot of emotional turmoil & lethargy! Sleep is very important, but I'm seeing more and more people who are having trouble! ALl my life I settled for 4-5 hours since it was so uncomfortable! It finally caught up with me in my 40's and I couldn't ignore it anymore! (No pun intended), but "wake up Chris and have that checked out!"

    ***Actually that was the first thing I thought of when they kept showing him sleeping! I really would hate to hear someday that he has passed because of this! Hopefully he will read this and your post.

    Chris suffers from both sleep apnea and diabetes. In fact, his diabetes medication is partially responsible for his frequent napping.***

  17. ***I think Kenley just like being disagreeable in S4. She was so inflexible. Gretchen and Kenley remind me of each other because they are both so annoying. Loved Chris March--the hair--not so much. He was definitely an "outside the box" designer. ...Isn't Aaron known as Big Daddy? I see his show every Sunday on FN. ..***

    How Kenley survived to the final is anyone's guess in season 4! That "fish-fin" dress for the flower challenge should have cooked her fate! Chris was definitely more innovative! I loved how he was vindicated in the all-star reunion show a couple years ago! The huge ego-maniacs (Santino, Jeffery, & Uli) were dismissed right away and I loved seeing the growth of Sweet P! I just wish Korto would stop playing the victim! She's good, but she "ain't" that good! lol!! Daniel a good choice!

    Aaron from FN wasn't a bad choice for that season, but it's hard to jump to true stardom just because you won that show! I've seen his show a couple times after he won, but sunday mornings are reserved for "political chat" and sports! I don't need to watch Big Daddy since I won't ever be making any of his fare!

    On other shows like Hell's Kitchen or Top Chef, winning guarantees nothing! Daniel from Season 2 Pr. Rwy may be successful, but I almost never hear or see him! The industry is so big, why would established designers welcome more saturation of talent? lol!! If not for RuPaul, Santino may have dropped into obscurity; why didn't that happen? GAWD save us!

    That challenge was one of the reasons I wasn't that unhappy when Emilio lost! He wasn't humbled at all by that "hardware challenge!" He knew he dodged a bullet, but it didn't make him think, "wow, I was so lucky!" He continued to talk shit! If I remember correctly he was saved while a past 2X winner, Anthony went home! Emilio was a much better designer, but he blew that one and he "had to be saved thru production!" He was also a snake when it came to the models! He rewarded that very professional model by selecting someone else the next challenge! A real "scummer" designer there! I think PR could rationalize that Anthony had been brought back after being eliminated, but even though Jessica Alba requested to wear his dress, they figured it was time for him to go!

    ***...Yea, Emilio wasn't cool with the models. Tim says in an interview that they'll be showing more of him; says it sometimes takes 4-6 hrs. for the Q&A of the designers? Can you imagine?? No wonder they get so stressed out!***

    Yeah, deliberation goes on for hours and I knew they were editing the life out of the creative process of these challenges! The same thing goes on with Top Chef! Supposedly the judges can dissect the hell out of these dishes and I find it a little disturbed! lol! Either it's good or it isn't! If you want to go all the way down to saying, "I hate black pepper and I'm going to punish him for using it," that a little disturbed! One of the judges on "Chopped" is like that; just loses it over something like black pepper! I put it on everything savory; that and garlic powder! It's a habit! I think I just want that feeling of sprinkling something since I don't use salt unless absolutely nec. to cook with! Salt on meat is nec.; tasteless if cooked w/o! I've tried!

  18. I knew it! You could see this train wreck a mile away! The so called geniuses and winners of challenges are going to crash and burn! They've bitten off more than they can chew and Gretchen is going to be the catalyst of the explosion after the runway! You are going to find these guys throw each other under the bus; it's a sure thing! Gretchen took over this team and her hand is on every design! I can't wait for this!

    I haven't laughed so hard in ages! It was so obvious Karma was going to rain down on Gretchen's team! They were so full of themselves, putting down the efforts of the other team, and they are now trying to figure out how to survive this hit to their egos; JUDGEMENT IS AROUND THE CORNER!

    Justice was served! Gretchen & Ivy showed their true colors! You had to know all blame would be shifted around to Michael C.! That was such a phony pact they made to go down as a team! The bus was just getting warmed up before Gretchen in the end thought that individual work should count when deciding who should go or not! It was priceless! I was almost ready to fall on the floor laughing; I couldn't breathe! You knew it was coming! The topper was Tim just blasting the whole team for letting Gretchen bully them into this position! It was PRICELESS!

    The whole team aspect was a joke from the beginning with "Team Lux!" You saw how fast they reverted and pushed each other under the bus when it came down to elimination! My GAWD, Gretchen & Ivy showed their true colors! I wonder how they can look each other in the eye after that scene on the runway during judgement! I LMMFAO! It was hilarious! Gretchen's plea truly should have won her at least a "Razzy" if not an "Oscar!"

    ***At the end the models were hemming the clothes. What kind of designers ask a model, their model to do something that they should do? If they had no qualms with telling the judges that time was spent on "helping the weak link Michael C," then they should have no problem telling the judges the models hemmed their clothing.***

    How soon we forget S2, "The Garden" challenge! The eventual winner Chloe was gluing individual leaves to her dress and I'm pretty sure the model helped out in the end! In S4, the "Hershey Choc." challenge, Jillian had a lot of help from her model getting her outfit finished including using needle and thread! A lot of that probably goes on, but was edited out before! With the "Super-size" episodes, they can leave in those little tidbits!

  19. ***Group challenge collections; yay or nay? - I think it was designed to elicit the drama it got. teams of 6 with no leader - you're asking for "the bully" to come to the fore.***

    Well as soon as you got the gist of the challenge, you knew who would bull-doze the project! There was no doubt even if they mentioned something about "no team leader," she was going to take over and her imprint would be all over the place! I mentioned it last night! The team with so called 'talent' with multiple winners of challenges would "go down in flames!" History shows over-confidence will "bite you" in the ass before they even knew it! That collaboration in deciding the direction of the project didn't fool me! Gretchen had not so silently taken the lead and admitted her hand was in each design! That was a recipe for disaster and I've never laughed so hard seeing these people throw each other under the bus at the end; team resolution or no! It was hilarious! The back-peddling and excuses were flying! Gretchen: "May I have my Emmy now? Ya gotta admit I was the lead!"

    ***They have a sweater called the GRANDPA SWEATER!***

    You knew they were doomed when you heard the design ideas! As soon as I heard "Grandpa sweater," it was a done deal! These people were going to go down in flames! Every people was hideous, ill-fitting, and boring! There was nothing you could take and say, "I can work with that!" Tim was so right to "lay into" Team LUX!

    ***The "team challenge" is an Intense episode ...but so VILE! ***

    It was unfortunate, but A.J. had to go spending all that time on "one, hideous" shirt/dress! The poor thing must have no clue how to really sew! - I promise you, Gretchen has learned nothing! She'll still have that ego and doesn't think she did anything wrong during that team challenge; including judgement, back-peddling, and totally throwing her team under the bus! It was a horrible performance all around! They should all be ashamed! Michael C. could have just reason to turn his back on all of them!

    - - - -

    ***Yeah, it was kind of obvious, from her last vicious comment about AJ to the camera, that Gretchen's still very much on her own planet. But Tim's little speech was directed at the other designers, at least some of whom will realize he's right. It was just an added bonus that Gretchen was right there to hear that Tim was totally onto her. It will be really interesting to see what happens to the dynamic in the workroom over the next few episodes.***

    - - - - (Project Runway)

  20. ***...And the ever-widening gap between Tim's opinion and the judges?***

    Tell me about it! Remember season 5 with the "Zodiac" challenge? Jerell's creation was being panned by Tim and he won it all! The other designers liked it and the judges agreed or they wouldn't have gone along with the choice! Tim was right about last night though! He knew "Team LUX" was up a creek! lol!! He warned them before the runway!

    - - Extended Judgement of Team Lux: - -

    ***Gretchen really takes the cake - No one will ever come close to the sheer evilness that was Wendy Pepper.***

    But Wendy was no designer! We can hate Gretchen, but she has won 2 challenges! She's full of herself and needed a little deflating, but if you check her out, back to normal already! Relief washed over her! I think she knew that one piece of A.J. would cost him no matter how much Heidi may have wanted to sacrifice her! Listening to all the drama about S5's Kenley, I wondered why they put up with it? It wasn't like her stuff was revolutionary! That hideous octopus flower # should have cost her a spot! Now we hear how disruptive she was with laughing inappropriately and talking over other people's critiques! What is the criteria for keeping some of these losers?

    ***Agreed. The real funny thing is that she thinks her game is on point; that she's so slick. The judges and Tim are on that ass.

    ***I wasn't aware that octogenarian 1980's chic was back in style. Gosh, the Team Luxe collection was awful. Gretchen isn't very nice at all. I know you have to play the game sometimes to end up winning the game, but I think it might bite her butt in the end.***

    It's amazing she has the nerve to be shocked she was called out for trashing the team like that! All of them should be ashamed; esp. for the attack on Michael C.! My Gawd, they even signed that unholy pact to go down as a team! That lasted for about 2 min.! lol!! I've never laughed so hard at someone like Gretchen, just backpedaling and scapegoating Michael with the blessing of the rest of the team! Michael selected these guys if you remember! They not only threw him under the bus, they back up and ran over him again! Looking at the previews, he's out for revenge! Looks ugly!

    Just watched the end a couple more times! It doesn't get any less hilarious! Kors just lambasted them for throwing Michael C. under the bus! "Wretchen" will have to delude herself into another reality to live down this performance! If I were her friends, what would I say? OMG; the humiliation! Knowing her, she's already dosed them with her version and will explain it all away with "editing!" Where have I heard that before?

  21. ***I haven't liked this woman since she first opened her mouth. She's manipulative, and forces her opinions to such an extent that some of the weak-minded contestants rally around her like Nazis with Hitler. I actually believe that when she started the discussion about whether or not they should name someone, she actually wanted them all to agree to say "Michael," but then saw the way the wind was blowing. ...***

    "Wretchen" was already working people's nerves by the "party store" challenge!
    She'll probably make it thru like Kenley even though she's a pest! At least Gretch does have some kind of aesthetic the judges like! To this day, I'm wondering how Kenley from S5 made it all the way to the final! She was an absolutely horrible person from all accounts! Tim said the editing was "kind" to her! lol! What a disturbed "puppy!"

    ***I don't like her at all either. She's made snide remarks about Michael on more than one episode. She must have some lame axe to grind.***

    They all did! lol! My GAWD, Michael selected them and they pretty much stabbed him multiple times like the bad guy on "Murder On The Orient Express!" They all took their turn; TWICE! IVY had the nerve to add "lazy or ignorant!" How do people forget that? Michael's eyes almost popped out of his head! He didn't even defend himself! That's what made it even more pathetic of Wretchen and Ivy; they pummelled the boy! No apology forthcoming! Even A.J. only commented that someone's feelings may have been hurt! Feelings? That was a "blood bath!"

    ***Revenge or hype in those previews for next week? Will Michael C. try to get even with those designers?***

    Guys; it'll be their own paranoia that is in evidence next week! There has to be a lot of guilt with what they did as a so called "team!" They not only threw Michael "under the bus," he was being scapegoated from the beginning! It had already begun during fabrication of the designs! "Wretchen's" antennae were raised and concocted that fake "Pact" only to drop it when she saw how it was failing!

    This reminds me of a "Roseanne" episode where she played a hideous practical joke on a neighbor that didn't even like her! The neighbor ignored the whole thing and moved on, but for the rest of the episode Roseanne was paranoid that she was going to be "pranked" back! It wasn't happening and her mind was working overtime trying to figure out what was coming next! I think the designers are creating this "vengeance" in their heads; even though justified! I'm most shocked by Christopher & Andy! A.j. saw what was happening and pulled back a little at the end, but overall this was the worst behavior I've seen out of a team in all the years I've watched! They were holding hands and hugging moments before and during the judging of the runway for Gawd-sake! Just goes to prove, designing "ain't" easy and you just never know until you see it on display!

  22. This was the most excruciating "team" runway to date; even when Andrae from season 2 went on forever with his "life story!" What did he do; over 10 mins of talking, crying, and going back and forth? "Wretchen" took it to an all new level "back-peddling" like no other in history! Ivy's little chirping voice invoking "a baby" and how much she thought the collection was beautiful was too much as well! OMG, the nausea can't be described!

    ***Should have let Michael C. do his own thing instead of forcing everyone to make "Grandpa sweaters?" Why was everyone agreeing to Gretchen's ideas? Not to mention, they totally ignored what Michael C. had to say, even though it was probably better than Gretchen's ugliness.***

    These people were scatter-brained from the start! During judging, you had them talking about re-enforcing strengths and hiding weaknesses, but how often were Wretchen, Ivy, & Christopher complaining about Michael C.'s ineptitude? If he was having trouble with the cowl for instance, why not have someone else do it rather than having him experiment? It was horrible btw! They were all guilty!


    This happens every time; here and on Top Chef! Over-confidence is a real killer and Karma just settles in in situations like these! Wretchen was so sure they would clean up and it was the "hardest" fall I've seen of a team since Season 1 on Top Chef! Steven was so sure his team was "fly!" He was in total denial to the last! Even when being kicked out the door in the next challenge for the wedding, he was grumbling and thought everyone was "hosing" him! Super egos are a dangerous thing in some people!

    ***Tim was talking to the team...what would have happened if he had told Gretchen directly, in private that she was being manipulative? NOTHING! Why? B/c of exactly what she said at the end - "I don't think I'm manipulative." You can't help people like that - they can't see it, and therefore they can't change.***

    I don't know how to tell you, but "Wretchen" is one of those truly delusional people you can't tell anything to! They have things set in their feeble little minds and nothing you can say will change them! It will take an act of GAWD believe me for this girl to see the error of her ways! She still doesn't think she did anything wrong! To the last she's making excuses even though in her mind she's the best designer! "If that's the case, why do you need to shoot people down as much as you do?" It's just so low-rent! I don't even talk to people who comment on every person that walks by! That would be a "Wretchen!" That's going to be a moniker for people like her from now on; "a wretchen!"

    ***Rather than 'wretch-en', I think I prefer 'retch-en'. Wretch, while being despicable and vile shows her attitude, retch is more the reaction she generates in the vast majority of this board!***

  23. I wish I knew how all of them from Team LUXE couldn't see they were going down in flames? The worse was really how they all turned on Michael; actually making up excuses that they took too long out of their busy schedules to teach him how to sew! If he's so bad, how did he win a challenge; had immunity (HELLO)? How can they work together ever again? I wonder will Michael C. really go after them; Andy, Wretchen, Ivy, & Christopher? Poor Christopher & Andy; been tarred with the same brush as the true instigators of evil, Wretch & Iv! The one person that comes to mind that delusional was Santino (S3)! He could have a garment falling apart and he thinks it's genius and anyone to criticize it is out of their minds! You saw how he attacked Nina back then! I wish I knew how in world he made it to the final! His stuff was so crappy!

    ***So what was up with the whole Michael C. + Ivy thing?***

    If it isn't paranoia, I think she's just making excuses for not being on top! She wasn't getting many buttons if any and she just needed a way to explain that away! She had to have seen all those buttons Michael C had gotten and she was seething; no doubt along with Wretchen! lol!!

    ***I hate Michael C - I am by no means a designer and I don't have the eye for details like the designers do, but the way they keep harping about his lack of skills in sewing and construction makes me wonder.***

    Hate is just plain ridiculous! It isn't rational! He has done nothing! You have bitchy attitudes by Andy, Wretchen, Ivy, now Mondo from next week's preview! What is wrong with these people? Jealousy is an awful thing! MC's win and immunity is just plain Karma for me! I pull for the underdog; as most people do!

    ***What a bunch of classless people. I don't get why they've all become bitches. What exactly did Michael C. do to deserve their hatred? Can't they at least be gracious losers? He's not even an annoying winner, which I could see pissing them off. He's being so professional about it all. It makes me like him more.***

    Add Mondo to the classless side of the ledger! THe previews show he's quite upset with Michael C winning! Wow! Are all these people going to wind up bitter, angry people? My GAWD! These people need help! - MC's dress after they panned it, just made his win all that more sweet when he see this show! I love it! Justice! Karma!

  24. Well for me this episode couldn't have unfolded any better! Michael C. went about his business and didn't go out of his way to get even with any of his "rotten" team mates from last week! It's obvious there's tons of animus, but it appears to be more guilt than anything! People like Ivy, Wretchen, Andy, & Christopher have to think about what they had done to MC! They can't look him in the eyes esp. after they made that fake pact to not turn on one another! I can still hear Wretchen saying "that's not my style!" What style would that be? lol! Class shouldn't come into the equation either! These people are really working themselves up into a frenzy actually trying to turn other designers against MC! Even April is starting to nod in agreement! Since Ivy didn't get very many buttons, I truly believe she made up that rumour to explain away her lack of admirers! Like MC could tell others not to give her their vote; what is she insane?

    After getting crushed last week, Wretchen didn't pull back! She can't keep her criticism to herself and just couldn't believe Michael C was getting all that praise! She and IVY were so sure MC was in the bottom! It just "broke there faces" that he actually won! Karma! Justice! Let's see what happens next week! From the preview it looks as if Mondo has jumped on the bandwagon just "hating" on MC! I suppose they just can't help themselves! So very sad for them all! They are really looking bad! I can't wait for the reunion show so they can all be called out!

    Last week's judging had me gasping for air I was laughing so hard! As they're throwing Michael C "under the bus," Heidi kept trying to focus them back on "these five here!" They tried to pummel the guy and Heidi really stepped it up on them! It's usually quite cruel, but these guys deserved it! The real killer is, none of them have been humbled in the least! If anything, it looks as if it will get worse! The previews show Mondo snapped at MC and on the runway during judging, it appears he was sacrificed again! lol! I can't wait to see it! The reunion show should also be a "must see" because this will be "FEATURED!" Have you ever seen such bitter, evil intended people! I watched the video blogs from the designers and it got no better! Of course HIvy spent the majority of her 2 mins cracking the design and lack of talent of Michael C! Peach spent most of her promoting Mondo's design saying he should have won! Andy beat up MC a little more and pretty much blames the judges! He just doesn't understand! "Well idiot, that's why you're there; to learn! Moron! Hard to believe I really liked this guy! I thought he was cool, but he's just as bitter as the rest of these "people!"

    You had some others that were truly lame! Peach had to go! She's not a designer! She's more a seamstress than someone who creates! Sorry! April's was hideous! Michael D was in a no win situation really! His model and that dress were huge! What are you gonna do, make her some shorts and t and be done with it! I'm at a loss what he could have done! He's lucky that Peach's was even worse and they felt he had something else to express! Peach just wasn't going to create something that original!

  25. ***Gretchen's attitude in the last challenge... - Ivy's immature and I doubt she will be one of the top 3 in the final challenge. This past ep, she was upset b/c Michael won again. Oh well, it's a competition and she already won 2 challenges in a row herself.***

    Wretchen was thought to be the best; sorta like Irina in S5! She was a bitch and was always looking over her shoulder, criticizing others, even suggesting she was being copied, but Wretchen has taken it to a new level! Since she's been falling on her arse of late, she's been a little touchy; esp w/ MC winning those 2 challenges! I'm just shocked Michael D. has jumped on the "let's hate MC bandwagon!" Why would he call MC an idiot when he's trying to clear up this rumour thing with HIvy?

    I can watch that runway from last week over and over! It may have been just how they edited it with the quick glances, but I loved the reaction shots! MC eyes almost bugged out of his head when his so called team began "throwing him under the bus!" HIVy's "I don't know if it's laziness or ignorance" was hilarious! No one has ever attacked another designer like that on the runway! What could she have possibly been thinking! And instead of being ashamed of herself, she persists in airing every bit of discomfort she has with MC existence! When he won this last challenge, you could hear her say "of course you did!" It was like she was saying, what else can happen to us? "Well you could have been eliminated, but the old lady bit the bullet for ya!"

    I watched it again, taped it so I could watch it again! I never stop laughing! It was all there; Tim warned them ahead of time that they were in trouble compared to the other team, you had total chaos with all 6 models doing their work! They still weren't done btw! Supposedly A.J. still hadn't finished the collar of his shirt-dress so that was why "the ascot!" After the runway, Heidi starts calling out names and HIvy knew they were in trouble; "OMG!" She knew!

    From there they have to go back and figure out where to go with impeding doom; hence that fake pact! I believe you have that kind of dialogue with the judges and the losing team all the time, but theirs was so hilarious with the back peddling, they had to super-size the show! Just watching these people go down in flames just tickles me to death! It was all too perfect! The only thing that could make it even more entertaining was to see Michael C win after they "threw him under the bus!"

    No wonder the ratings are up! I just want to know how Wretchen and HIvy can go back to their lives and rationalize their behavior! I'm sure the usual "editing made me look like a bitch" excuse will be prevalent! I can't wait to see the next vblogs to see these people dig a deeper and bigger hole for themselves each week! They are truly struggling with this dynamic of some guy they hate and a lack of appreciation for their work they think they deserve!

  26. ***Did Gretchen not watch this show before she auditioned? Seriously.. - This collection really doesn't look like any of our work and I think that's a Project Runway first!" Why would you be proud and think it's a good thing that 6 designers didn't stay true to who they are?***

    Thinking of that moment, you could see a strange look that came over her face when she said it! She knows it sounded bizarre as it left her lips! I understand where Team Luxe was going, but it's hard to believe that up to the last they thought they were ok! The delusion went further with them attacking the aesthetic of the other team when it was obviously HOT! Those pants that Casanova produced made the line! He didn't really change that blouse after Tim had panned it! Notice in Mondo's vblog, he wasn't happy about Casanova as the winner because of his "Diva moment!" He must have really stressed his team until he turned out those slacks! A.J. had to go; one horrible shirt/dress produced! That's the only thing that saved Wretchen since she was truly in charge and directed them down this awful path of 70's design; "a grandpa sweater?" lol!!

    ***April should have been in the top 3 instead of Christopher***

    Am I missing something? April's dress was nice; SAFE! There was no wow factor! I appreciated she kept an element of the old dress in the new design! I don't think she should transform or deconstruct so much it isn't even recognizable! Loved Casanova's look, but my GAWD, where was the old dress? Andy's was dyed into a new reality! One of the best makeover's I've seen was with Season 2's winner Chloe! She took someone's blue jacket and turned it into the hippest little dress; totally taking it apart and used pretty much only those materials with some new piping and trim! It was gorgeous and you could see where it came from!

    Going back and looking at the vBlogs on Lifetime, the other designers were complaining about the construction of Michael's C's garment! It had a 'wow factor' and it probably helped that it was black! With the runway lighting Nina and the rest may have missed something! I doubt it; they're usually right on you for the least little thing! If a thread is hanging off a hem they let you know! How bad could it have been for them to vote him the winner? Some might think this was planned and made into a big thing due to drama with MC and the rest of the designers! Who knows; who cares?

    I lost a little sympathy for poor A.J. after seeing the designer dish on myLifetime! OMG he was so easily led by Gretchen! He was so delusional following her lead; no matter how "crazy-town" the direction! It's great theatre! Can't wait for next week!

  27. Over the years, few designers are that cutting edge in their own style! The real Top DESIGNERS in the world look like freaks or weirdos; ie. Donatella V.! Have you seen some of those characters on Rachel Zoe? They are at their peak and so many are wearing costumes and wigs looking like they're from another planet! In the past the best costume designer for the movie industry was Edith Head! She looked like a city librarian to the day she died! I'm offended when I see these people at a fashion event looking as if they're homeless! That stupid skull cap on Emilio S., lopsided off his head w/ dirty boots and army jacket at FW last season really bothered me! The whole world is watching, you're supposed to be an authority in fashion, but you look like you don't know how to dress yourself! Too bizarre; ya know what I mean?

    ***I remember getting into a heated debate with someone about this very thing. ...while the crazy and dowdy dressers were the most creative and impressive. The designers that are making the money don't HAVE to care how they look. Their creative energy goes into their designs and businesses. They can get fat, get old, be orange, or wear a garbage bag and still remain at the top of the food chain.

    Has Ivy surpassed Gretchen as this season's villain?***

    Phony HIvy went right to Michael D to hug him after she survived elimination! I would have told her to take a flying.....! She really "raked" him over the coals for no reason! It was her design! If she's unhappy with the end product, she should have been a classier person and go the route Mondo took! I'm so impressed by him in so many ways now! He realized he had been a jerk and unfair and fessed up to it! Who else has done something that magnanimous? Not in this lifetime!

    How far down the food chain did they go to hide who won the season? I'm hearing Ivy, Gretchen, Andy, Mondo, Christopher, and others! In the past I think going to #4 would do the trick starting with the fake collection of Austin Scarlet in season 1! What are they dropping down to the 7th eliminated designer? lol! It's over so for them to keep it under-wraps with all the blabber-mouths around is impressive!

    ***I just feel like Michael C. is nowhere near the worst on the show NOW or this whole season. They talk so much shit about him not being able to sew... but others there had stuff that was AWFUL and nobody ever called them out or acted so upset when they were safe and still "IN." ...***

    I can watch the "DISH" video clips on myLifetime over and over again! These fake people are just too hilarious! When Michael C went on and on about how much the judges liked his recreation of that bridesmaid dress, they just couldn't contain their envy! As soon as the door closed behind him as he goes off to the runway, I think it must have been Andy who exploded, "whooooo....!" They all lost it! It was so funny! MC says "I won," ...and HIvy had to come back with "of course you did!" lol! She was beside herself in more ways than one with her sister in hate Wretchen! If frowns could freeze, those would have been priceless!

  28. ***Gretchen + Ivy - I don't know - how much can editing make up? Last week, when Michael won, & those 2 bitches sat there w/pusses on their faces, it was SO immature.

    Michael: "I won!"
    Ivy: "Of course you did."
    Gretchen: FROWN

    I mean come on, say congrats to the guy, even if you're a self centered ass that thinks your design was better. Can anyone say SORE LOSERS?***

    The real killer is that when "Wretchen" won that 1st challenge, Michael C was the 1st to hug and congratulate her! It's like the most popular kid can't deal with others taking on their own glory with these broads! This was the most "painful" runway and judging I've ever seen! The Team Challenge will haunt all of them for a while! That phony pact stating they would go down as a group fell thru real quick! I love how Team Luxe tried to get MC to give up his immunity; or am I crazy? I know they must! They turned on Michael like a pack of wild dogs! I've just never seen anything like this! The assault of Marcel on Top Chef is the only thing comparable! I'm still horrified by the back-peddling, then the total viciousness of these guys when they all contributed to that disaster they called a collection! At least A.J. didn't stomp him with both feet at the end! He knew he was lost making only one bad piece! Just a horrid result!

    I can watch this episode w/ Team Luxe every day; well the runway and judging anyway! Wretchen's team was so sure they had this one "in the bag!" I knew Karma would have a surprise for them! When Heidi started calling out the names of "Team Military Lace,: HIvy knew it and said "OMG!" Love the fake pact they proposed while waiting for the execution! That without a doubt was the most painful runway judging with members back-peddling from their designs and one being thrown "under the bus!" I just can't wait for the reunion show! How will they all justify their behavior towards Michael C? It was just disgusting! I just wish I could hear them try to answer to family and friends; "hon, why were you such a bitch?"

    Well I hope they do better for the finale; Val, Chris, MD? That would be scraping the barrel as far as I'm concerned! Not too impressed with anyone, but Val, Chris, MD? Hmmm! I have no vote for anyone; even the Diva's; Wretchen, HIvy, & Andy! Karma would have MC, Mondo, & April! MC for being bullied, Mondo for being redeemed, and April since she's so bored with the whole thing! "Hell yeah; GOOD JOB!" lol! She reminds me of Darlene on Rozanne! All she needs to do is dye the hair black! PR had another designer several seasons ago that was good, would win a challenge, then about fall asleep with appreciation over her win! lol! I think she was on season 4, Asian girl, thin, and totally dead inside; maybe Gloria or Valerie! Made a horrible trench coat for a challenge! Maybe out of seat covers; who knows! That's too far back for me to remember! She's was a lot like HIvy in that she thought she was the best and others would copy her work! Not sure really!

  29. Andy was lucky Michael D's construction skills were poor! Either could have gone home! He certainly did deserve to be laughed at if he thought Jackie O would be seen in those "cargo's;" Please! I'd love them for myself, but come on...!

    ***How can Andy still be in the competition? How can ANYONE make pants that go so deep in your butt? ...Andy should be out. I think he was saved by the fact he got made fun of ...They keep saying how bad MC is, yet they don't turn out anything worth praising. - I liked Michael D as eye candy and his humor. Oh well, at least I can still look at Christopher.

    You're not alone at all wanting MC; I think he's absolutely adorable and he just seems like such a nice guy. Of course, some of the attraction may be me wanting to take care of him after he got so horribly attacked by his evil teammates weeks ago.***

    I'll take the other woman for my collection; Michael Drummond! I like a little meat, but excessive hair is gross; sorry! Who likes flossing with hair? The beard is a problem though, but those eyes and lips...; ugghhh! I wonder is he going bald at 31? He's always wearing something on his head; cap or doo-rag! OBTW, Mondo was just an adorable little pixie last night! lol! Must be the "child molester" in me! He looked like he was about 12 in those shorts, cumberbun, knee-socks, and suspenders!! - Chris is much too boring! He went right along with the in-crowd berating MD on the runway when they promised not to turn into a pack of wild dogs! So much for that pact in that team challenge; "no that's not my style!" Yeah, right!

    ***Recap Ep.8: Top: Mondo (declared the clear winner), Ivy, and Christopher

    - - - - - - - - - - - - Bottom: Valerie, Andy, and Michael D (went home)

    'Every time Tim says there's a twist... I wanna smack him in the head!'***

    I don't know why these idiots are surprised each time! The shows only been on for years! Top Chef does the same thing; always a "so called" twist! It always means more work; that's all! Get over it!

    ***... and of course the finale won't be any different: The moment Tim says: "You will have to create a 13th look for the runway," jaws will drop and the final 3 will utter: "I did NOT see that coming. AT ALL!"***

  30. ***These designers don't have much of a backbone towards Gretchen...***

    I know it might sound odd, but I know it can be the case for successful men; Gretchen's height! Tall people command a lot of awe and respect without even opening their mouths! If you look at the team challenge, #6, Michael C. and the rest of them are so short compared to her! MC was actually looking up at her with tears when she was pleading their case during judging! All of them must be easily intimidated by this tall, big-mouthed woman! After all that's happened, they still listen! She walks around the room critiquing the other designers like she worked for the show! She really is worried about other people's designs entirely too much! That may be why she's been losing of late! "Deal with your own work lady!"

    ***Lifetime vs Bravo-TV - I think Lifetime needs to be more clever and creative with the challenges, and plan things out better.***

    It seems as if they think all they have to do is put a time limit on each challenge to make it worthwhile! Grinding these people down to create something in less than 24 hours just makes no sense to me since they're there for so long! Why not give them more time to do a project and cut out some of the leisure time since it's unproductive anyway? From what I'm hearing they're just drinking to excess and hanging out with no tv, newspapers, and magazines! I guess they should feel fortunate they can speak to loved ones! Some shows like one of those "fat shows" uses a phone call "as a carrot" for some performances! Seems as if production is squashing creativity, not promoting it!

    That "bridesmaid redesign challenge" choice could have gone either way! I think Mondo's design was more versatile, but Michael C's design was "rich!" It looked really sharp and hot to me! What made it more satisfying a win for MC was just watching the envy of the other designers that said he can't design, sew, or even work hard! Why are they being so judgemental when they are the ones falling on their faces?

    I looked at the team challenge again and the delusions were rampant! There you have A.J. talking about the egos of the other team and that his team was so cooperative, blah, blah, blah! My mouth just hung open; then I laughed of course! These people were so sure they would take that challenge, but even HIvy saw the writing on the wall when Heidi started calling out the names of Team Lace/Military! That runway and judging can be replayed over and over! It's so painful to watch Wretchen peddle back on her efforts; "...grandma had arrive... saving a crappy collection!" OMG, even A.J.'s mouth went agape after that one! lol! Those 2 challenges and the drama behind the scenes were priceless! The rest has been a huge snooze! Maybe when we get to "stolen fabric...," things will pick up!

  31. I like both Chris and Michael D.a little, but Chris proved to be a silly follower in that team challenge! I'll take MD, but need to see that hair line! My Gawd, did he wear that cap and bandanna while he slept? The show didn't get real interesting until the team challenge where the drama began! That episode and the follow-up with the maid of honor redesign challenge (#7), I can watch those 2 every day! It was hilarious with the back-peddling from Team Luxe's line to throwing Michael C under the bus! I pick up something new each time I see it! I had no idea A.J. was still proud of his team and castigated Team Lace/Military as being "ego-driven while they stayed a team!" Talk about delusional! lol! Even Wretchen lost it saying "none of this looks like any of us! That's a PR 1st!" Huh?

    Funny you mentioning Laura! Her collection proved true creativity can turn $8,000 into a $100,000 line! I don't need a "hag," but I just thought she was fabulous! Always dressed to the "nines!" She was well put together, confident, obviously intelligent! Most designers pale in comparison, but there have been some nice shows other than season 3! Love LuAnne's petals in season 5, but most winners are producing costumes making it original and new! Irina was ok, but her attitude stunk in season 6! Emilio probably should have won last season! THE usual BS was used to justify giving it to Seth Aaron! OMG, those clowns clothes can go right to the circus as far as I was concerned! I guess I'm stuck in the past! The thing is I would have worn the stuff back in my 20's! Unfortunately that was back in the late 70's & 80's! Reminds me of shopping in Fiorucci here in Chicago at Water Tower Place! Again we're talk about the late 70's! I guess I should go back and look again! I just wasn't happy with the decision! I couldn't stand Emilio, but I liked his collection! They called it a LINE! What a crock!

    ***Now Michael's getting it from the judges too... - He was clearly only in the bottom b/c there needed to be 3 people. He got more compliments than complaints. Guest judge: "You worked well with the fabric. I like the cocktail dress." Kors: "The clothes are constructed well, sewn well, and tailored well." He went overboard with the train. So what? He should have been safe.***

    I like that Michael is hanging in there; keeping up with the popular kids! His feedback was about as good as you get being in the bottom! Thinking of comment made by Wretchen and A.J., "I think this is a PR 1st!" Who else got such glowing praise in the bottom like that? They really liked his effort! That'll keep the other guys in check; well maybe!

    ***Ivy in the bottom again***

    Well she had made it further than she should! The judges kept commenting on her vast talent, blah, blah, blah, but I just wasn't seeing it! She used muted tones with creations with little, real design! She went over the top tonite making a costume for a kid's school play! The waves crashing,.....! Michael has been a lot more versatile and I'm sure she'll look back and wonder how that happened!

  32. ***Fewer good designers this season***

    I think they've been struggling for talent from the beginning! They had better seasons than others, but from Season 1 with Wendy; what can be said? Season 3 & 4 were loaded! I liked Season 5, but Leanne still a weak winner! Her stuff was gorgeous, but can she do more than petals? Season 6 & 7 had some good designers, but it amazes me to find some that have no clue even about sewing! How did they get on the show? Creativity is truly lacking and so many creations are just reworked from the past; nothing more! How many different ways can you work the "little black dress?"

    ***ANDY is THE designer to beat this season... even Wret-chen knew that from the beginning! Besides, every designer this season has been in the bottom at least once. Even MONDO, whom I greatly respect, has made one or two clunkers.***

    But their creations weren't necessarily made poorly! Andy made obvious mistakes in taste as well as craftsmanship! Mondo's resort wear was still complete and wearable! Andy has been struggling all season! His lone win should have gotten an honorable mention to his fellow designers who helped him up to the last moment to glue those ribbons to the dress! I think I lean away from the guy due to his own insecurities! Jumping on the bandwagon with Wretchen and Hivy in attacking Michael C didn't sit well with me! Mondo redeemed himself a couple challenges later and they are best friends! The cool crowd is still shutting him out! That ain't cool! They're all under the same roof! You can't act so fake in one instance only to scream and talk later about how something is driving you insane!

    ***...OK, I don't mean for this to sound insensitive at all, BUT...I really thought April deserved to win over Mondo. I feel like the judges almost felt obligated to give Mondo the win b/c he opened up about being HIV positive.***

    Typical, if you say something isn't meant to be insensitive, you KNOW it's gonna be insensitive; you sprayed it anyway! I wondered how long it would take for someone to blame "pity" on Mondo getting that last challenge win! It doesn't matter that he won the previous 2 before you even found out his health status! What else can be said? Take a look in the mirror babe and make your statement again!

    As for April winning, she got her charity win with that negligee w/ the granny panties for the red carpet! Come on! lol! I wear more to bed! "Get off THE BLACK TOO!" The girl is morose; pret' ne'r catatonic at times! She barely smiled when she did win that challenge! I think people talking in their sleep are more animated! Pretty girl, but she would drag me down; the dead pan voice alone!

  33. ***Ivy or Kenley? - Who do you think is the worst villain? I for awhile thought Kenley couldn't be beat, but Ivy has these delusions of grandeur, as well as the queen bee bully mentality. On the one hand, Kenley threw a cat at her man....***

    Agreed! Kenley was just delusional and a little psychotic! Hivy is a liar, a conniving drama queen, & had little remorse for what she was doing upon being busted! "That's your opinion" she would say! Like Wretchen, they just can't take criticism! Listening would be admission that the criticism was justified and correct! Talk about delusional! Mondo took that "critical" energy and continued on to create some lovely designs!

    The problem really centered around those 2; HIvy and Wretchen! Without them it might have been a nicer season! The others like Chris, Michael D., and Valerie were just followers! When they said something unkind, it was mostly parroting the evil twins! April's in a category all her own! She would depress me to no end! She's no saint, but she isn't a villain either!

    ***As someone who lives in Western Canada (AB if you care), the first thing when I saw Andy's design was LULULEMON! That company is huge here, and among yoga fetishists across North America I think. They're known for their fabulous sports athletic and yoga wear. Who knows if he copied it... but they sure look really similar. Both the logo, and the style of clothing the logo adorned.***

    I just wish since Andy's getting every benefit of the doubt, why can't the same benefit bestowed onto Michael? HIvy went around poisoning the air with the other designers! Mondo thought she was out of it, A.J. came around slowly enjoying his time with MC, then Wretchen came over giving some kind of condolence! I'm sure it fell on deaf ears! lol! Why would anyone believe anything that woman says? She's about as pathetic as HIvy!

    ***...These people make Santino look like Mother Teresa, yet they don't even have a 3rd of his talent! Week end and week out he came up with the goods and knocked it out of the park!***

    You must be joking about Santino! "Knocking it out of the park?" When was this; the Paris Hilton challenge that was in his head all the time (him and Nick)? He was in the bottom so much, I was shocked Heidi allowed him to make the final! Even towards the end, his garments were falling apart, loud, & very costumey! He was horrible! IT was a big "come down" for him, Jeffery, & Uli when they were auf'd off that "PR All Star Reunion!" Michael probably wasn't surprised he missed out on more praise for his work! I loved that Chris March made it along with Daniel V., Korto, & Sweet P! They need to do that again sometime!

  34. ***What are you talking about? Michael has gotten more special attention and leeway than anyone else this season!!***

    You call being called a cheater, berated by shrewish, hateful women, & in general disrespected "special attention" and leeway? SEEK HELP; get back on the meds! Come on! Leeway indeed!

    ***How do you even know MIchael isn't a cheater? And if he did indeed use sticky tape, it is cheating. Someone needs to learn the difference between right and wrong. You are CLEARLY bias, and stuck up Michael's bum.***

    Forgive me for saying this, but "you are an idiot!" You just admitted you don't know; so you'd rather err on the side of assuming he's guilty of cheating! Life in this country isn't like that babe! Ya want to go to Russia where you have to prove your innocence, be my guest? I'll admit I don't know, but I'm not going to listen to the irrational rantings of these bitter women! They're just throwing out supposition with nothing to back it up! Michael asked HIvy what he did and all she could say was he cheated! She couldn't come up with anything directly like he sabotaged her design! It's all "pie in the sky" BS and you jumped on the bandwagon with the other idiots; Michael D, Chris, Andy, A.J., & April! These people like to think they are so strong and independent! Ha; I don't think so! They went right along with the "hatin'" on Michael C with no justification that I can see or you can relate right now! This begun with HIvy and Wretchen and it won't end until they're gone! You see how bitter HIvy still is and who can believe anything Wretchen said to MC in consolation? Well? Hit me with your best shot!

    ***If you wrap enough double sided tape around a model then you could get by without fitting a model at all. I'm not sure that it was fair for Michael C to blame his model's bust inserts, though I suppose a model might collude with a designer to save an ill fitting garment so that she would go further in her own competition. Has the quote about someone leaving the show been placed yet?***

    A drama attached to the "cheat card" was played by HIvy! To this day she still thinks Michael C cheated! She never came up with anything factually it seems until this thing about packaging of tape found in the ladies' bath! HELLO; was Michael C going tranny or something? That should have told her if anything, only a model or other female designer could have used it! Does she think the model followed some nefarious plan by MC or that he knew she had done it on her own? It pretty much was dropped after it came to the attention of Tim! He brought them all over to discuss it and pretty much shut HIvy down saying the cameras didn't pick up anything and in general it was too late; SO DROP IT! She really looked like a fool bringing this stuff up showing how bitter and envious she truly has been all this time when it comes to Michael C! - As for "leaving the show," it was one of the models! Mondo's model had been eliminated, but since someone else dropped out, she returned as someone else's model now! Maybe he'll get her back before the season ends!

  35. ***Mondo was acting like a little bitch. Heidi was just giving her opinion on the designs which she has a right to do since it is her line. But several of the contestants were being rude to Heidi not just Mondo.***

    It's a rare occasion for Heidi to come to the work room! No one has ever liked it though! They can barely tolerate Tim nosing around! For her to make those criticisms, which were valid, will always fall on deaf ears at 1st! You would have to recognize in 5 sec. that you just wasted hours on a design that won't make it! The thing with Mondo's neckline was valid right off! This particular time he should have seen it was fair! Heidi couldn't get the thing over her head without mussing her hair and makeup! Women tend to fix those things 1st before getting dressed! You have to be able to get it over the head more easily!

    ***Michael's dress was amazing...but nothing new. I also didn't see the Statue of Liberty in it. that being said, I thought that it was well made and better than both Gretchen's and April's. - ...but as the dress that gets you to the show, I'm surprised at all the praise it got.***

    In comparison to Wretchen and April, he deserved the praise! He's getting beat up on his choices every challenge and he's going to make it! Karma baby! The judges were raving about Michael! I guess HIvy's head didn't completely explode listening to all that praise! She's still alive and kicking somewhere! lol! I remember when MC won the "maid of honor/redo," she just looked sideways at Michael just not believing how much the judges loved his dress! The envy and animus was absolutely dripping from her pores! Same with Wretchen! It gets to be the last episode she's now "Mother Teresa" until that stupid comment about everyone getting a 2nd chance! "Babe, you were the only charity case! Andy, Mondo, and most of all Michael earned it and beat you down to the bottom!"

    ***A flowing black dress like that does not show well on tv. I'm sure it would of looked better in person. Yes, the slit was too high, but that is easily fixed. The back was VERY well down. And MC really did make use of whatever the fabric was b/c it flowed perfectly. I saw the Statue of Liberty in it ...The thing with Michael is the he has known to change his mind at the late minute.. or even make more than one dress and STILL have it be decent or even a winning one.***

    I think that's what may be "bothering" the other designers! MC is so unsure, makes backup designs, then comes thru in the end! That normally doesn't work! Every time someone over thinks these challenges or is unsure, they go down in flames! Even when MC has been in the bottom, it was still better than most and he was in little danger of being auf'd! That must drive some of them insane! lol! HIvy may be under a doctor's care by now seeing him win that last challenge! The judges were just raving! I'm so surprised Wretchen was able to contain herself; even with that loser outfit she produced!

  36. ***I like April more than Gretchen, and think she has more potential. I wish April hadn't jumped on the "hate wagon" like the others, b/c that really turned me off of her. I agree that she should have realized she was making the same look over and over, but it's too bad the judges never said anything to her until now. Tim tried to warn her at Mood, but she apparently didn't listen.***

    I thought they both should have been eliminated for obvious reason! Wretchen did have the worst attitude for someone that hit the bottom so many times! April really had been warned; she just wasn't listening! I don't know what else could have been done except maybe Heidi or Nina should have said something after her last black outfit won a challenge! "We do expect to see more!" After her bratty behavior to Michael, I wasn't that disappointed! With Wretchen, fine, show that Bohemian junk; it won't win for you! It's between Mondo and Andy now!

    Thoughts on Designers Voting on One Another for FW - It's usually no big deal, but the results wound up being so different in the end! All the other designers voted for Mondo (of course), but the rest was fascinating! For one thing, even though Michael won the last challenge, he only got one vote; Mondo's! April may have gotten the next highest approval for going to FW and she wound up being "auf'd!" Andy was a shoe-in while Wretchen truly is in last place; she got a pity vote from April! The judges obviously didn't care so why do they put the question to them? Probably to start up some drama; who knows? Any thoughts on it?

    The designers haven't been that memorable! If they are, it's normally b/c they're ego-maniacal jerks; Santino, Jeffrey, Christian, Irina, Wretchen, HIvy!

    ***Haha, that's so true! Normal people are hard to remember.

    Personally I like Michael C's see-through garments better than Gretchen's panty/booty short garments.***

    Regardless of what we think, the judges loved it! I just wish HIvy had been there to see it! They would have been ripping him a new one; just as Wretchen I suppose (idiot or idiot savant)! April even joked a couple weeks ago how many times they've "panned" Michael's work only to see him win! When will people learn; take things as they come! Don't assume anything and definitely don't say something is "a snap;" you're normally done then! This season so far has really worked out for the most part! Each of the finalist had multiple wins! It wasn't like they threw a bone to one designer to justify them being there! I even think April should have been the one to go! Wretchen has a wide range and took chances; April never did! They were relatively all the same and she should be embarrassed; she was warned by TIM! "Give them some color!" She really cut her own throat! She possible could have made it if she had used that blue for the entire dress rather than just an accent in the front! Poor April! "You had your chance!"

  37. ***...if anything that blog made me dislike April even more. She got booted b/c she sent the same damn thing down the runway week after week, not b/c they wanted to play the drama card with Michael C. ***

    She's not a credible source regardless! I thought she was going to give me some insight into why she hated Michael and give a lame reason why he just made them look bad! lol! I scanned the whole thing; it was all self serving and just a chronicle of how she saw the challenges went! I was bored; oh well!

    ***When will people learn you just make yourself look bad when you decide to talk smack about people on a public forum? It's possible Michael was that way, but that post did nothing to shed light on his supposed behavior. All April accomplished was making herself look like a douche-bag.***

    She was about as informative as HIvy when she was brought back to help the remaining designers! Michael asked her what he did to her and she really didn't specify how he did that! It was like "you sabotaged me and that's all I'm going to say about it!" Yeah right; we all saw her go on and on and on! Tim had to come forth and slay the dragon! The empty tape spools were lame and totally 'BS!'

    ***The judges hated just about every thing! Well who did they seem to hate the most?***

    Everything was so "hate-able!" This was one of the worst final challenge runways in a while; maybe of all time! They were all holding back it seems; left in the work room! I was very disappointed; it's like they all need another month to prepare! Maybe it's just me! From Tim's visit to Andy, it was obvious everything was rushed at the last moment! The major problem with most was the styling! Anybody? - Michael eliminated? This is BS and I may not even watch the runway show next week! This was another horrible finish! I hate this show! lol!

    I watch the show, but not to the extent I'm accustomed! The 2 or 3 challenges in the middle of the season are the only ones I watch over and over; the "team" challenge where Michael was tossed under the bus, then redemption in the redesign of "maid of honor" challenge! Like last year, I won't be waiting with baited breath the finale; it's anticlimactic! The other 2 designers just don't measure up to Mondo! If someone else wins, I think that would be a stretch even for Heidi, Michael, & Nina; even with Jessica Simpson! Last season is still throwing me for a loop though; same with season 3! A lot of the stuff was so costumey; made for skinny girls only! They say a show is supposed to take you to another level, then you edit down for the average woman! Those circus clothes from Seth Aaron just didn't impress me! Neither did Jeffery Sebelia's! We haven't heard from Jay at all from season 1; even on the red carpet! I've heard and seen many of the people who weren't even in the running! Chris March is huge; in more ways than one! He designed 2 dresses for Meryl Streep! What do the winners of this "joke show" really do after the selection besides disappear?

  38. ***I remember one of the past winners, Jay maybe, was supposed to design a dress for Heidi to wear to a red carpet event. As I recall he designed it, but she didn't like it after it was done and she wore something from another designer. It would be interesting to find out if anyone kept track of the careers of the previous PR top 3 to track which ones do the best post winning.***

    That adventure with Heidi was chronicled in Jay's 4 part special after the season! He went to all the trouble of getting the dress done and Heidi changed her mind! That part happened, but most people don't realize, she did that without even seeing what Jay had created! It was a good choice, but she didn't know that at the time!

    ***WTF; Gretchen took it over Mondo and Andy? I am so dropping this show.***

    Well I'm done as well! At least Iman and Michael will keep me entertained back on Bravo with "The Fashion Show" next month! I could have lived with Andy, but Wretchen was the last one I thought could win with those "off the rack" creations! I've never been so bored! Both Andy and Wretch were so monotoned and dead to me! Not like I was into Mondo's aesthetic with the patterns and hard edges, but he's a lot more creative than anyone else this season! I'm just appalled and I'm glad they've run me off! Just one more lousy show I can "X" off my list! Thanks!

    It seemed like Nina and Michael were fighting to make sure it was Wretchen! I thought they were about to break out the boxing gloves! This was a violent choice out of all that I've seen! I go all the way back to season 1 and this one has shocked me the most; only because she shouldn't have even been in the final! What a gyp! Oh well, on to The Fashion Show! This season stunk except for the drama with Michael! The reunion really didn't hit it as much as I hoped! That stunk too! Oh well!

    ***It's called Project RUNWAY, not "OFF THE RACK!"

    Someone already mentioned the "Hell's Kitchen" formula; boy, girl, boy, girl! Mondo was too reminiscent of Seth Aaron maybe! Wretchen's stuff is "off the rack" for the most part, but Nina and Michael were fighting for her like no other in the past! Heidi was truly over-ruled this year! Jessica wasn't enough of a help to secure victory for Mondo! Not like she could have wedged her large hips into that plaid #; "forget about it tubby!"

  39. How many PR winners really do anything though? The runner-ups and even the earlier eliminated seem to do better overall! You may never hear from Wretchen again! Who knows!

    ***I agree. She may surprise us by insisting all of her outfits are produced ethically and manufactured in the U.S. Somehow, I am skeptical as that is usually a death sentence to the career of an aspiring fashion designer.***

    Mondo will probably end up being more successful NOT winning PR! I wouldn't sweat it if I were him! He's had the exposure and I've heard of his exploits outside of the show; so who cares? I'm over it! I was ready to drop this joke of a show for a while now! I just thought I'd give them one more chance after what happened last season with Sosa! He's still shocked! lol!

    No justice, no Karma, no nothing! Some seasons you can re-watch; this finale, not a chance! The only thing that kept me coming back was to see HIvy and Wretchen get what's coming to them! They not only got off "scott-free," Wretchen wins and HIvy is given a complete pass! People actually came to Wretchen's defense; why? She's still a bitch whether she agrees or not; and FAKE as April said! That was shocking; April's bitter pill! Where'd that come from? All the girls heaped on her before the guys, even Michael came to her aid! What a rotten ending! At least I can cut this show loose and pick up the pieces with "The Fashion Show" next month!

    ***April and Ivy were fine with Gretchen when they were all working together on the show, but once April and Ivy got home and were able to watch the tape and see what Gretchen would say behind everyone's backs, they quickly changed their opinions.

    Did Nina make a jab at Seth Aaron?***

    I took it as a "slight!" When they use cutting remarks like that, believe me most of the time it'll have negative connotations! Some will say she was for Seth Aaron because it was "a collection" instead of "a line" that Sosa produced, but I'll still take that comparison as a "shot!" I'm conspiratorial that way!


    Wretchen was a female filler; sorry! That's just the way it is or was this past season! The best designers were the guys! April repeated herself, HIvy was too busy creating drama, and our winner was just "gifted" a season! People really think and I concur, Mondo was too reminiscent of Seth Aaron; Nina and Michael really pulled for Wretchen at the end there! I really thought the boxing gloves were coming out next!

    They could have saved the show for me if they had played out a proper reunion show! It stunk; no real drama or conflict! It was just a love-fest for the most part! Even when the girls tried to get it going saying how "fake" our winner is, the guys came to her defense for the most part! IDIOTS! I was so looking forward to blood-shed! What happened? Hard to believe this keeps happening; poor or bad behavior getting rewarded again! Well at least I won't have to watch this crap anymore! "The Fashion Show" is on the way next month; thank GAWD! It has to be an improvement over this mess! Go Michael and Iman! - What an embarrassment! I checked for judges blogs and videos on MyLifetime, but only Jessica Simpson had the "balls" to talk about it! We all know where Heidi was going, but Michael and Nina "got a lot of "splaining" to do later! MORONS!

    ***Who was the fan favorite?***

    That's why I say this was one of the worst reunion shows ever; so incomplete! They didn't nail HIvy for her behavior, they skirted Wretchen's with most of the guys coming to her defense, and I didn't hear a fan fave! I would think it went to Mondo; the sympathy vote! I know it didn't go to any of the women! They were the only ones that tried to get some drama going saying how "fake" Wretchen had been! They were all friends, but after they saw her "backstabbing" comments, they were out for blood! I'm surprised Tim and Heidi were able to keep them in check and moved on seamlessly! Mondo and Michael stroking the situation made me ill! "We're good friends now!" Pls spare me! Did she pay them or something? I wouldn't have been that kind after all she put them thru! It was so unnecessary! She was confident in her own ability, but I can still see her maneuvering around the room as if she owned the place giving criticism and advice at the beginning of the season! "Screw you hag! You got your gift win! Move on and out of the limelight! You'll be as obscure as the rest of the winners of PR!"

    ***Have they ever just said who was out like that during their judging?***

    If you look back, they've done that many times; just totally throwing out a designer saying "they aren't in the running, can we agree?" Regular season and finales they've said that before! I agreed at the time, but that didn't stop them from making what I considered a bad choice in the end! If they were just a little more consistent I wouldn't be so upset! They backtrack, play both sides of an issue, and when warning someone of a design or color pallet, they only punish on a whim rather than being true to their word!

  41. ++The Fashion Show - Season 2++

    ***Hey...was the Fashion Show good?? I never watched it last year.....Iman is asceeeeering me!!! Issac is hard to watch on his talk show or HSN! But I wanna see how it is.***

    It was hard to watch a couple years ago! They were within their "growing pains!" Things were a little forced, you had a lot of dead and painful silence; esp. after a judgement! I guess we can compare it to the 1st season of Project Runway! PR never changed anything, but it wasn't as forced; IMO anyway! The Fashion Show was a lot like that; people were all but bumping into one another! It will definitely be a step up with Iman! - Here we go! Iman; Isaac; Fashion! In love with Rolando! Just my type; young, long hair, and just so hot & sexy! They got rid of the right person at least!


    The switch made sense to me! Both Cesar and Calvin are dominant personalities, but Team Emerald didn't have anyone over there who could at least challenge him! Team Nami will have some trouble with Calvin, but they aren't kittens either and won't let him run all over them as he did Team Emerald! Team Nami has a lot of confidence and I think they can handle the 'drama queen!' He's going to do what he wants regardless; let him cut his own throat and he'll be out soon enough!

    ***ITA! Plus, anyone on House Nami need only point out to his nastiness that Nami has won BOTH challenges, which is empirical proof that they can work together as a team and put out a cohesive collection.

    Am I the only one who thinks Isaac M. sold out when his designs started appearing at Target? I just can't respect the man anymore since I started seeing dog toys and cheap handbags with his name slapped on them.***

    It's just too much money to turn down! Only the top, top, top designers can tell large nat'l corp chains to "get lost" when offering an endorsement worth millions! I think I saw Isaac M. before along w/ designer that appeared on A-List: NY warning Austin to diversify and don't say "no" to an opportunity! It can all end w/ a snap of a finger! Easy for us and others to use that term "sell out!" Who can't you say that about? Even Queen Latifa has gone corp.; very polished actress and singer! She's a 'Cover Girl' now! The days of her wearing baggy clothes, 'hoodies,' and a doo-rag are long over!

  42. Was watching the last show before they went home to create their lines! I can't tell you how sick it made me to see Wretchen make it with that crappy effort! Poor April; if only she had come up with something different! Dumb repeat with the "witchy" dress! When they came back and you had Michael D, Mondo, and others defending her at the reunion, it was shocking! She was a complete bitch the entire season, but they give you this BS that they've gotten to know her and she isn't malicious! When you call someone the names she used, only evil intent could be reasoned!

    The girls jumped on her calling her "fake," but it didn't matter! She was rehabilitated I guess, but not with me! She could have at least come up with a great collection instead of that crap they allowed her to take the season! I really believe they were just looking for someone more commercial so they can sell on that idiot line promoted by PR! Just a horrid season! I only enjoyed watching the animus and jealousy of Hivy & Wretchen when Michael won his challenges! They were beside themselves with envy and hate! How do people dismiss that as just being their opinion and nothing else? Bullshit!

    ***What is the purpose of this show? - At the end of the day this show has always been a 'reality' tv show rather than a design competition. ...***

    You got it all covered! Just not one of my fave season! There are only a couple episodes I can watch over and over; the Team Challenge and the Bridesmaid remake over and over! Wretchen "lost it," was overbearing, then at the end didn't want to take responsibility for how badly their team worked together with dreadful creations! The entire group just jumped on Michael! I don't know how he can forgive that? He's a bigger man than me! Hivy and Wretchen's sourpuss faces and being green with envy after he won a challenge was priceless! "I won," says MC! "Of course you did," says Hivy! It was just too funny!

    It's unbelievable how people will try and justify their actions during that team challenge; throwing Michael C "under the bus!" How do you excuse the stuff coming out of their mouths; not editing? HIvy said, "I don't know if it's a lack of skill or just plain ignorance" referring to MC! Wretchen started the avalanche of "passing the buck" by attacking MC and totally dumping the failure of the team on him! I expected HIvy's bratty behavior, but how could Andy & Christopher get caught up in it? A.J. just stayed sorta neutral even though he knew he was in trouble only producing one bad "shirt dress!" This "team" challenge along with Michael's redemption in the bridesmaid redesign are the best and I just keep rewinding the tape! It has to be so embarrassing for all of them to see this replayed on Lifetime over and over!

  43. Wretchen & HIvy took disengenuousness to another level in that "team challenge!" As Wretchen's patting herself on the back for all she did to make her collection come together, she was ripping the other team's saying it wasn't cohesive and didn't tell a story! I wish I knew what story her boring collection was telling? "They had a sweater called a 'grandpa sweater;' WTF?" Team Luxe was so confident they had the winning line! When Heidi started rattling off names of "Team Lace," HIvy saw the handwriting on the wall! She exclaimed, "OMG!" I see something new and different every time I watch this episode!

    Chris and Andy are deluding themselves the entire time watching their creations on the runway; justifiably concerned too! A.J. was a no show making one rotten shirt-dress! Wretchen and HIvy can't be believed regardless of how much the guys stuck up for them at the reunion! You can't explain away all that bitchiness with the excuse of "editing!" That's BS! The words came right out of their mouths; "Michael C this and that...., he doesn't know how to sew, he doesn't know how to drape, ...!" HIvy went all the way; "I don't know if it laziness or just plain ignorance!" Just horrid comments coming out when they promised not to throw each other "under the bus!" How do any of them justify, explain, or excuse dumping on Michael C in the team challenge? He didn't create HIvy's hideous "Maude" outfit! Who produced those "grandpa sweaters?" MC had nothing to do with the styling! I just crack up ROFLOL every time I see this episode and wish I could be around when these people have to explain their boorish behavior! The only thing funnier was MC winning the next challenge redesigning those bridesmaid dresses; "IN THEIR FACES!"

    ***This has probably already been asked but..."does anyone LIKE Gretchen?"***

    I just can't think of any one giving positive feedback about Wretchen as her true face came into view! She won those 1st couple of challenges and it went to her head! It gave her license to critique everyone else's work, show Heidi what she was missing in her collection (..and to fill it), along with a very bratty attitude when someone else won a challenge! How many times did she say MC didn't deserve to win? So now she's a contestant, projected weekly winner, head judge, & personal consultant to Heidi! She was just too much and any goodwill I had for her was trashed in the blink of a velvet, batted eye! You wanted to dislike her even with her sob story!

  44. ++The Fashion Show - Season 2++

    ***I think that I'm in the minority when I say that Cindy should have gone home, for refusing to stand up to Calvin. Calvin is no saint, but Cindy is certainly capable of speaking her mind.***

    I'm no fan of Calvin, but I don't understand people thinking he should go home compared to who has been given the boot! I'm sorry, but what she did was horrible! It was ill-fitting, strange looking, and she should have known she was in trouble! The sleeves were puckering all over the place! Calvin may be a real jerk, but he put something out there that was finished! You have to get past your dislike for the man! He's obviously very talented and can create couture designs overnight; he made 2 or 3 for Teresa from RHWNJ a couple weeks ago! You can say Isaac and Iman are saving him for the drama of the show, but what has he done that should have auf'd him over another designer? His stuff is complete, polished, and wearable!

    If you notice, the other designers are still pinning hems a moment before the runway! I guess I understand Calvin a little more! I was quite the loner and couldn't stand working with a team! You can't depend on them! It gets old picking up the pieces from some that just don't care and you find it everywhere! I suppose he could be more personable, but it would be fake! I'd rather he just stay quiet and calm, but still be as creative! I'll have to use that line of his, "Me, Jay, working with people! Oh hell here come!" lol!! Must be why I chose to work with cold, calculating computers!

    I'll have to admit Calvin was totally unreasonable when it came to the color! Why push BLACK like that; wasn't a funeral, but a wedding? He has to be in a really bad place! I know after a week I would be ready to kill! As a consultant, I had to travel quite a bit back in the late 90's and early new decade! I made comments like "I need to get home to hug my walls!" After only 10 days, I went home early from a European trip! I should have been there at least 3 or 4 weeks, based out of Amsterdam, making day trips to neighboring countries! I just wanted to get back home in time to see the World Figure Skating Championships! I could have flown to Vancouver on my way back to California, but I hate paying those ridiculous prices for tickets! There's no instant replay, the wait is interminable for scores after a performance, and again, I just wanted to get home! I guess I'm just as disturbed as Calvin; BROTHER!

    My Gawd, what are they hiding during deliberation? Hard to believe they'd give designers another chance to improve a bad garment! How anti-climatic! I'll have to see the show again later! I think there was a lot more drama in S1! Hard to believe as "naked" as that show's production was, it's still better than this season even if you prefer Iman as a co-host! I miss the comical decision making; esp. the insults! We got "nothing!" Iman has insulted them to their faces enough, but the real dirt flies behind the scenes comparing and or destroying a designer's "taste level!" Funny I don't mind Calvin hanging in there! He almost "walked" trying to save another designer; "tearfully" early on! This was a good choice! Cesar hadn't grown, wouldn't edit, and his own ego got the better of him! He was so sure on certain decisions like those horrible swimsuits he cut and put together with "lost and found" items! The judges "mauled" him! He really never got better if you know what I mean!

  45. ***Halfway through he was in the lower half most of the time, yes, but he was never the worst.***

    You're kidding right? lol! Not the worst? If he wasn't, I want to know who was! His stuff was practically falling apart including that tacky jumpsuit glued together at the last moment for Kara Jinx! OMG, he should have been history then, save for how bad Nick was with his pant-suit for poor Daniel V! He should stick to commentary on "RuPaul's Drag Race" and skip his own designing! Notice he was booted in the 1st rung of "all-stars" the last time along with winners; Jeffrey among them! Poor Uli had to be shocked Chris March and Sweet P went on to the final rung of judging! Chris almost cried! So did I!

    ***Season 3 was the worst***

    Just goes to show everyone has to watch and get whatever content! I was no fan of Angela's either, but she gave as good as she got! She seemed to wander about a little in her own reality who actually started a lot of the conflict or issues you're bringing up! For someone that wasn't much exposed to the big city, she jumped right back at each assault with her own venom! She was looking for Jeffrey to abuse her mother, so that's the way it appeared! I hated Jeffrey, but what was he supposed to do with that cow? He wasn't as good a designer even though he won the season! He was helpless and frustrated, so after all his work to see her unhappy didn't help the situation! I know you're supposed to make the client happy, but the client shouldn't be able to just make your life miserable too just because she's miserable! I'm sure Anthony and Kayne's moms weren't happy, but did you feel bad for all concerned? They got thru it; it was a challenge, not life!

    Season 8 was a joke after all is said and done! It seemed surreal at times to me! I'm still wondering how Wretchen made it to the final after that "off the rack" number qualified her! As usual they go that extra mile to hose another designer; one who won a spot! Someone is always knocked out in some ridiculous extra judging of seeing just 3 of a designer's line! Let all 4 go like they did in Season 3! Jerell was screwed allowing Kenley to advance after her mermaid, flower dress! Chris March was overlooked for "Mr Rouche," Rami after ignoring the judges all season! There's no rhyme or reason for some of these decisions! There's no consistency at the end! It's obvious production is taking other things into consideration besides the talent of the designer!

  46. *******Season 9*******

    ***Are you guys familiar with The Tubey Awards? They just came out again and Gretchen is a nominee for best villain.***

    I'd never heard of it, but I guess there had to be something comparable to "the Razzie" for tv! Kind of a joke nominating her for best villain, at the reunion she got a complete pass! She had defenders including Michael C, who she excoriated many times behind his back! Hivy said "fake" and that was the extent of the attacks besides emails from us! So unsatisfying! She deserved to cry over her rotten behavior! lol!

    ***The only thing with the awards though, well, IDK if you can really call them awards, whatever, the thing is, they have so many nominee's in each category that it's really overwhelming. Esp. when there's a lot of people/shows that you love.

    Bert needs to go.***

    I just saw the (3rd) episode for the 1st time this morning! Bert may not be the most likable, a little lazy, and probably full of himself, but this was all on Viktor! From the button choices thru the idea of the garment, Viktor was mostly at fault! Know what you're talking about; "...a little more Victorian with the breast out to here...!" BS, this dude is clueless! "Hello, Victorian is the definition of prudish" and no way would anyone's breast be hanging out like that! What a moron! Bert was right when he said Viktor was very immature; "from the get!" - - Update: ..and Viktor's a liar! He definitely told Bert "this is your design," then said to Tim he "didn't say that!" What a punk!

    ***Not saying this to excuse Bert's behavior, I think both were pretty much equal-opportunity asses, but I think he was still pissy about Viktor's bitchy reaction to the two of them being paired up. Instead of taking the high road and making the best of a situation neither of them wanted, Bert held the grudge and then both let it escalate to the point where it affected their work.***

    Exactly! You covered it! Unfortunately I'm the same way! I couldn't overlook that snipe from some punk! I didn't put up with that when I was young, I definitely won't put up with it now! lol! From last season, Michael C. showed what a saint he was by forgiving Mondo who was acting out from others comments!

    ***But in that situation Mondo realized Michael C wasn't as bad as he was made out to be. All Bert did was reaffirm what Viktor and the others thought of him, even making him worse than first suspected. ...***

  47. ***About people freaking out that Gretchen won, sometimes I think they really didn't look at the clothes with an objective eye and just wanted Mondo to win; b/c Gretchen was a bitch. .., but so many people had such a strong negative reaction to her that I really think some let their opinion of her as a person cloud their judgement of her as a designer.***

    Someone's either delusional or it's Wretchen coming out here to defend herself! lol! You get some of that with Jill of RHWNY and Teresa of RHWNJ! It's so blatantly them and the board swarms over them like a pack of wolves! lol! She started out well, her head swelled to obscene proportions and it was all downhill after that! She shouldn't have even qualified with that "off the rack" number produced at the end! I thought I read out here, she's concentrating on her accessories instead of clothes! So it was a bit premature to deem her best over Mondo or even Michael C.! She beat him to death along with HIvy and I just can't understand how they got away with it! Even at the reunion they didn't pay a cost once you saw all those hateful confessionals on camera!

    ***Is Josh M. the new Gretchen? - The only difference is Gretchen did the same clothes over and over and over with the same drab, ugly colors. Both are bullies, both have underlying issues with difficult pasts. Josh is not dealing with loss in his life very well; Gretchen's family life and basic abject poverty drove her to be a class one BITCH! I am not at all impressed with Josh's design skills either. He may have been right to a certain degree about Becky, but he has serious issues and not a ton of talent to back it up (maybe it is taste level). Then again, there is the loose cannon Bert too!***

    You covered it as well as I could! Passive-aggressive is right for Miss Wretchen! I'm still ticked she wasn't taken to task at the reunion! She went relatively unscathed as poorly as she behaved that season; esp. towards Michael C.! It was irrational, classless, and showed how insecure she was by belittling his efforts at every turn! Why should she care what he's doing so much? Hivy and April weren't much better! They seemed to be more concerned about other designers work than their own! Just loved the Bridal re-do's that redeemed Michael! Too bad it was the old lady that got the ax and not one of the evil step-sisters!

    All the people around Josh "enable" him to act this way! He's a total "drama queen" that wants and needs people to fall in line with his way of thinking; and that's that! He's no compromiser on his best days, but on these bad ones, he's a true terror! I can tell his father even treats him with "kid" gloves! He's the type of person I keep at arm's length and would only associate with thru someone else! He wouldn't be on my speed dial; even a backup one!

  48. Poor Heidi Klum at the Emmys - Christian Sirano decided to make a statement at the Emmys! The only thing pretty about it was it was pretty awful! lol! The Fashion Police w/ Joan Rivers put her on the worst dressed list! Poor Seal was with her! She looked like a pinata with a yeast infection! Christian's so over the top! He should stick to his Payless Shoe collection! 617?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-topstories&utm_source=eonline& ;utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_topstories

    ***That scrofulous bottom half looked like something from The Elephant Man. It was truly hideous.***

    He obviously has a following; I hear his name mentioned with other actresses, but they have to be teenagers or very, very thin! He likes making clothes for DOLLS; there's no mystery! It's impractical and I hope he soon recognizes to be even more successful, you have to be able to dress "real women!" They have curves and breasts! Left up to Christian, he'd have all breasts removed before a fitting! What an idiot!

    ***Dear Barbie, I mean Laura: - I understand why you're surprised that a somewhat-overweight short bald man could marry an attractive woman. ...***

    Funny I was thinking this topic related to Laura from Season 3! lol! She's a rather stunning woman with young children and her husband is older and seeming "out of her league!" The Barbie comment didn't register until later when I heard that woman use the term!" Why? lol! "I want to be Barbie!"

    ***That shade of pink...- I find it funny when not-sure-of-himself Bryce asked about his dress; so many of the designers made fun of the color or questioned the color ...Some said it looked like Pepto-Bismal.***

    Not like I cared one way or the other, poor Bryce was over his head! He wasn't going anywhere anyway! Might as well let him go now and he can get from under this needless stress! I liked the dress and the color! He just needed time to piece it together better; sans the pockets!

    ***Eva on "Hair Battle Spectacular" ... - I don't know if she's fake, but she does try to do too much. She uses too much expression, almost extreme gestures. I do like her better than the other host (Brooke Burns) though. I would like to see Derek J do some fantasy hair. I remember him from "RHOA," but he only styled a wig or two for Kim.***

    You must remember her mentor is Tara Banks! If you go back to ANTM, they've had instruction in doing things "over the top" with their eyes and body! She's just following her training! Being "Fake" goes along with the facade of trying to appear interesting! I've seen her "off script" at a poker event and she's probably still as "street" and catty as she was winning that season of "...Top Model!" She was truly cut-throat if I remember correctly! Her type probably couldn't get along with other women, but loves being the center of attention as a "fag hag" in some club! Things could have changed, but I doubt it!

  49. ***What is up with Bert? The past few epis he's been sooooo happy all the time, which is in stark contrast to the way he was at the beginning of the season. He's always smiling and laughing now. ...***

    Josh probably oppressed him more than we knew! That last meltdown with him was so "out of control!" I might have left if not punched him out! lol! "I will not have this Bert!" Who the hell does he think he is? He's a punk while that is a mature individual he should try to respect a little!

    ***Olivier is gone; finally. His bitchin' about fat people was too much even for me to overcome since I did like him. No more of his whining and bratty behavior! Now he can go try to seek out his mannequin sized clients.***

    I tried to give Olivier every benefit of the doubt, but he finally broke me down! Bravo; justice is finally done! "Congrats Bert, you pulled it out!"

    ***OMG!!! After The Runway***

    I barely watched, but didn't Josh take immediate offense to what Laura had to say and blamed her for him being defensive? I heard him attack how old she was; "you're older than me, blah, blah!" I always think I've seen the worst character around until they walk right by again! This is another person in total denial; Josh and anyone that would defend him! lol! "Good luck! He'll break you heart!" lol! Josh's the classic fair weather friend! If he gets his way and you agree with everything he says, 'you're buddies!' Don't cross him; "I will not have it Bert!" OMG, "respect your elders punk!"

    ***She gets to Josh - the hostile pinhead - and asks if he is "embarrassed" by his actions. WTF? That is not a question meant to illicit a response; it is a question meant to illicit a defensive reaction.***

    I believe she was just asking questions she got online! Everyone here and on MyLifetime have had the same feelings about Josh! What is she supposed to do, go totally off topic and ask how he feels about his mother not being able to see him compete? People have a visceral dislike for Josh and she was compelled to illicit that "bratty behavior" of his since he doesn't see it! It was the same with Wretchen last season! No one wanted to talk about her crummy designs! The real conversation took place describing her "bad behavior" and bitchiness! Same for Hivy!

    ***When discussions on the boards wind up like this it restores my faith in civility. Thanks for not taking the low road with name calling...***

    No problem! I only lose my civility when something "very stupid" is said! I judge stupid to be some kind of "hate speech" or a total misrepresentation of an event or persona on the show! We can agree on who's the biggest jerk and act accordingly! When someone comes along trying to defend "bad behavior," we sometimes go off; I know I do!

    ***Anybody but Viktor***

    I can relate to Viktor, but at the same time understand why others have a natural dislike for him! He keeps stuff to himself for the most part, but because of the show he's making these comments during the confessional that make him look worse! I was a loner and had a lot of opinion about stuff! If someone had been following me around with a tape recorder, maybe I would have sounded the same!

  50. ***I liked Laura's finally 3 pieces better than Josh's. That being said, Laura's weren't GREAT either.***

    Laura wasn't going anywhere! She had the exact same persona as April from last season! You tell her about her taste level and she continues on! Tim even warned her in no uncertain terms and she still didn't adjust! Josh's designs may have been crap, but he has more aptitude to produce a collection than Laura! She complicates her life too much! Those circles were ridiculous! It looked heavy!

    ***Laura's gown had all kinds of fit problems that they didn't bring up. It was odd; they're not usually that forgiving on a normal week so why the sudden lenience?***

    Like April last season, Laura has taste issues! Tim tried to tell her, but like April using black and making witchy costumes, she doesn't listen either! She got called out on being 2-faced as well! "I'm just keepin' it real!" Yeah right, real dumb! We see the tape moron!

    ***I think Anya will win. The Judges pick the winner based on who will sell the most in their opinion. Anya has got to be more popular than Victor and will probably sell more. And they have had a test run to see how Anya's winning outfit sold from a past challenge.***

    Well that's not true all the time! They commented that Sosa's designs were very commercial and could be put out "as is" in Season 7! Seth Aaron has been missing in action as far as I'm concerned and I thought those weird costumes couldn't possibly win, but he did! I was wrong; a "collection" compared to Sosa's "LINE" as Michael and Nina told him! IDIOTS! They don't know what they want!

    ***Viktor was giving Nick Varos the stink-eye at the taping of "After The Runway!"***

    I can't stand either of them! Viktor has a rotten attitude and Nick is just all over the place! He has no taste and his designs looked trashy! Why is he so popular to bring back for these things over and over again? Kimberly is the antithesis of these losers, never bad-mouthing them or their designs and it really shocked her to see the betrayal of the so called "girl power!" She was hot "After The Runway!"

    I would have told Josh to "KMA" and take your fake apology and shove it if I were Becky! He's been bullied I'm sure, so he knows exactly what he was doing! For him to say it hurts him to be accused of such a thing; it's just all about him! If you tell someone to "go take a nap if you're tired, I'll do it myself;" what can be said? I'm just not that forgiving!

  51. ***Josh keeps making up rules***

    Thinking back, most designers are very honest about who they think should go to FW! A lot of the time there's a consensus that is un-mistaken and you can't sit up there looking like a goof trying to get your buddy a spot! Mondo wanted April last season; had to be a joke! She was totally in the bottom and had no real hope! Kenley going in season 4 made no sense since no one suggested her going besides a judge; if I remember correctly! She had rubbed people the wrong way including Heidi! The other times we've totally agreed for the most part; esp. for the top 2! There have been weak seasons like #4 & 5, but someone's got to win it!

    ***Really Josh?***

    Agreed! What a DICK! He can't be happy for someone else! He just can't help himself! I blame his father! Should have smacked some of that drama queen out of him! lol! "Woman please!"

    ***Tim totally owned Josh during his critique***

    His talent was always over-rated! Like Nick or Santino from Season 2, they're good for one or 2 designs; that's it! Forget about a collection! He doesn't have it in him; sorry!

    ***He is surprisingly restrained on his bitchiness this episode. He even seems somewhat humble in that he wasn't combative with Tim. I am kind of wondering if Anya won't get the boot b/c her pieces looked like everything else she's shown so far and Josh will go to fashion week as a result.***

    I'd have more sympathy if she hadn't gone on her usual hatchet job on the other designers! Why can't they worry about their own work? I hate trash talking even if it doesn't come out! For them, it all will come out! Can't wait for "After The Runway!" lol! Viktor "got off" on Anya's annihilation on runway! lol!

    Same 'ol BS! I hate this show...Total BS; All 4 are going! It looked as if it was a replay of last season; 1st selected is the 1st to go! Anya's collection was woefully lacking, but they wanted her; hence 4 are going to FW! - I guess we should have known they'd pull a fast one; if necessary! Anya fell flat, but they really wanted ex-Miss Trinidad so here we have 4 designers again! I thought the winner of last challenge would go home again like S4 with Jerell & Michael C. from last season! She was awful! This is definitely one of the weakest seasons ever! There's nothing luxurious about any of these designs! Looks more like off the rack at the more trendy stores!

  52. ***Was that Laura B. not liked on her season?***

    Laura's a New Yorker; obviously quite accomplished who has little patience with persons she deems "idiots!" I don't blame her for her altercations with Jeffery! I don't suffer fools very well either! He all but wished her to lose her baby; he was being so mature! It doesn't matter he just mumbled it under his breath like Bert, the world heard him! He was an arse and there's no defense to the way he talked to the ladies! He's a pig so I guess we shouldn't expect better, but he was abusive to not only Laura, but universally hated "Miss Sunshine," Angela, moving onto her mother Debbie! He never should have made it to the finale with that "milk-maid" number he had Merlinda sporting! She would have been embarrassed to go pick up the mail in that ridiculous costume! Like Anya, they wanted him so that was the 1st time they went to 4 designers just to save him! Austin Scarlet should have been the 1st "4th designer" to go to FW if anyone! He's been all over the place since season 2! Have we heard of Jeffery besides those hideous dresses he makes for Margaret Cho?

    ***She had conflict with the winner of the season, Jeffery when she accused him of cheating in the finale, b/c she doubted he was able to complete all his work so expertly before FW; ....***

    You noticed those gutless turds let Laura do their dirty work! They felt the exact same way actually going over to Jeffery's rack; "pulling craftsmanship out of his ass!" lol! Uli couldn't contain herself and re-iterated the fallout by announcing "Laura made Jeffery cry!" Bitch! I really hated Uli! Her designs were all the same and they allowed her to skate thru the season! Anyone else they would have nailed them for their "comfort zone!"

    You covered it all in the Michael C. situation on "Project Runway!" It wasn't as much he was socially awkward though! The animus was so irrational! A lot of it had to be some misunderstandings that may have taken place in the 1st weeks and those feelings couldn't be "let go!" If he got any kind of praise from the judges, the others would shake their heads and look around in disbelief; "what kind of competition am I on?" Most of it coming from "Wretchen and HIvy!"

    This season (All-Stars) he's "killing it" w/ 2 wins and one he should have won! I'm no fan; just the facts! Diane VF actually said to him, "Michael, you have to give me a call after the show!" She said it so blase and had physically moved on to the next designer shuffling thru her cards! It was priceless! I wonder what Gretchen and Ivy had to say about that? lol! It just cracks me up everytime I see it! Vindication and validation, all in a couple weeks!

  53. ***Biggest Bitch of All Seasons!? Poll!***

    As soon as I saw the thread, "HIvy's" name came to me right away! You might think it's only because she's so recent being from season 8, but no one was as vile and unrepentant as this woman! She really needs to be under the care of someone else! She just made no sense to me! "Irrational" was the word of the day with both HIvy and Wretchen! Even after they saw what they had done and said on tape, they just took no responsibility for their behavior to the end!

    ***Josh can definitely be a bully, but at least it's in the heat of the moment. Ivy singled out one person to pick on and then went after him relentlessly for the entire season. Even after she was kicked off, she magically came back from the dead just to be a bitch to Michael. I guess the difference is that while Josh may grow up and out of his bitchiness, Ivy's in it for the long haul. She is a truly nasty, mean spirited person. Some would say she may have gotten caught up in a mob mentality.***

    You're probably right! She's the consumate follower and cheer-leader! Wretchen may have started it, but HIvy definitely had it in her mind she would "finish it" and no one was going to outdo her! She took it to the next level on Michel C. that she probably still doesn't see! Another show, "Top Chef," had this chef from S1 called Tiffani! Everyone hated her guts, she always had something nasty to say and was unrepentant until a few years later! She acknowledged her bad behavior, made a complete recovery, and now has the support of fans! I'm not sure Hivy could admit to herself she did anything wrong! She'll probably be rememebered for all time and a villain and side-kick to Wretchen!

    ***HIVY was entirely different than Wretchen. That chick had more than a few screws loose, and was definitely NOT the kind of person you want to have scissors in their hand.***

    What does that say about the rest of the group? Either they totally agreed with Hivy's bullying of Michael C. or they were humoring her so she wouldn't direct her venom at them! April agreed with everything except her own "bad taste!" I still remember that horrible team challenge where Michael had immunity! All of them went off the script after promising not to "turn on one another!" I was appalled! Even after all his team mates "threw him under the bus," HIvy had to add on that she "didn't know if it was Michael's laziness or just plain ignorance!" She really should have been called on the carpet for that one; by the judges at least! At the reunion nothing happened! Wretchen totally got away with it also! There was no retribution or justice after a horrible season of tasteless & classless designers!

  54. ***Gretchen apologised and Michael C accepted the apology on the reunion. Story over. If he can get over it, you can too!!***

    Whatever! That reunion wasn't worth watching more than once! Wretchen and Hivy never really paid a cost! MC was a fool to let it slide! Why should anyone believe they're sincere after all their talk and insults? I don't get over stuff that easily! You're only expressing your true personality when under pressure and need to vent against someone you don't even know; "LIKE NOW!" I'm not that forgiving! Just being honest unlike those "bent women!"

    ***I just watched the latest "After the Runway" interview and he just kept patting and rubbing Anthony Ryan. Anthony looked like he was going to crawl out of skin each time Josh touched him. Ick.***

    Well he must have been in limbo since he was the only one defending Josh against Laura B.! I don't understand why these people just can't answer a question instead of analyzing it and taking it as an attack! These guys are in the wrong business if they can't take criticism! Buyers won't be as charming as Michael; they'll just leave and you won't even know what's wrong! "Listen, learn idiots!" Gawd help us all with these whiny bitches!

    I'm at a loss why the judges hammer an effort just because the accessories are lacking! So what! That shouldn't take away from a design! I've seen them "kill" a designer for improper hair, makeup, shoes, & bags! Why not say this could have been a winning design, but for the styling! They don't do that a lot of the time! It always goes too far for the entertainment value I suppose! Michael just loves humiliating these guys! Heidi and Nina not much better! They're merciless at times!

    ***When did sob stories become a requirement?***

    You're getting it everywhere these days! I was watching "CHOPPED" on The Food Network the other day and one of the finalists mentioned she had just found out her mother was hit by a car the previous day! I almost vomited! "SO? What do you want lady?" Call me a cold fish; "everyone's got a story!"

  55. ***I'd be happy with either Kimberly or Viktor winning!***

    Unfortunately they were the first to go! Congrats Anya and Josh! Total BS, but congrats for making the final 4! - Bert temporarily took that smile off Anya's face "After The Runway!" He preferred Josh's collection on the runway! After all he was put thru from that child, he heaped on the praise!

    I wouldn't have given it to Josh b/c he just replicated his "orange bird" dress to blue for FW; down to the chain under the arm! I was surprised no one brought that up! You would have thought it was something new and innovative listening to Michael K.! There was just too much fawning "on and on!" It was as if there were 4 complete collections with just little comments of disapproval! "A lost opportunity" isn't as harsh as calling Viktor's transparency designs "hoochie mommas!" lol!

    Runway judging was too calm and relaxed as far as I was concerned! I want to hear some real insults; "make 'em cry!" lol! Tim may have helped out too much! They seemed to change their entire collections in those 2 days! I wonder what would have happened if Tim had allowed them to go out there before his appraisals?

    ***Great question! And I completely agree with your assessment! Bert must be drinking again:) Honestly that orange thing I never cared for anyway b/c,aside from the color and the prom corsage, it looked like a toga with a pocket watch chain in the arm pit. And that is exactly what one of the black dresses in the finale looked like. Please; he used that plastic stuff on the black several times.

    I too thought the judges were too nice and there was way way too much fawning. I am with you...more insults:) - I really don't know whose finale collection I liked best. ...Did you see Bert's decoy collection? Personally I thought it was gorgeous. Plain in a way, and very simple, but super classy and wearable.***

    I glanced at it a week ago, but can only remember I liked it enough! With time and money I would think Bert would probably come up with a classier show, keeping it simple! I was wondering about the brows on Viktor's models and saw where the "artist" suggested a more masculine look; (yuck) They really looked like "extras in a horror movie" on 1st glance! I thought he would have had a better collection given the extra time and material additions w/o a need to come up with a "13th look!" I was surprised a twist didn't appear at the end! I have this feeling Tim went to the judges and told them "do not do that to them! They aren't ready as it is!" lol! They totally transformed those collections! You can call it editing, I call it a complete re-do!

  56. ***Josh's Critiques were WAY TOO NICE!! - they seemed to have negative critiques for everybody except Josh. They didn't say one bad thing about him (even those God awful green shorts) - From where I was watching, he had the most random collection of them all and I hated most of his pieces! Sure some of it was "risky" and "editorial", but as a whole I didn't get it.***

    Well maybe they were giving Josh more credit for having a "complete collection" rather than "a line" as they painfully used against Sosa in season 7! Total BS of course! They allowed Anya to be "Johnnie one note" with all those dresses! Uli was punished for the same thing! There's just no consistency; no rhyme or reason anymore! I wouldn't have even allowed Anya to go to FW w/ what she offered as a preview! She should have been embarrassed! The judges will come up with a reason; Heaven knows they stretched it with Wretchen last season!

    ***... I really thought Viktor would have pulled out all the stops. And the "black see-through" stuff just looked out of place for him. It was really weird. - The lack of a twist surprised me too! It always seems to bring on very entertaining breakdowns! - Anya deserved it. People will try to find any excuse to put her down. In the end she's charming, talented and has a future.***

    She won overall, but I think the field was rather weak! Their design and fabrication time was radically reduced! Anya pretty much threw stuff together at the last moment! It paid off though! I've seen a lot more elegant and glamorous creations! I think what bothered me the most is how much they were allowed to change, not just "tweak" their collections! There was a complete re-do after assessment by Tim and the judges of the "best 3 looks!" It was a crime that they totally transformed all the lines! I keep wondering what would have happened if they were tested with a 13th look? Some of the decoys may have been better; esp. Bert's!

    ***...I don't think her win was all that solid- after all she admits to not knowing much about sewing, didn't produce much back home during the 5 week run-up to FW, and seemed to have a major crisis in self-confidence when they got back to N.Y. - I don't have a problem with her win and I congratulate her, but it was far from a slam-dunk.

    But the same can be said of any designer who had won. No collection was perfect or up to par like in past seasons. It was a bad season, admittedly. ...I honestly thought Viktor would have won, but he seriously missed the mark with those 5 sheer pieces.***

  57. - - - - - PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS - - - - -

    I can get behind your list to a point! Your top 3 are my bottom 3; that's it:

    Irina (6) - Probably one of the most talented designers; just ask her
    Seth Aaron (7) - Too costumey, but Sosa was such a pompous jerk I didn't care
    Leanne (5) - The most delicate and feminine collection ever with those petals
    Chloe (2) - The safest designer they ever picked, but she was good enough
    Gretchen (8) - A travesty; more ego than talent
    Anya (9) - I'm feeling she just replicated "ULI" from season 3
    Christian - (4)- Should've been auf'd very early on; totally unwearable designs
    Jay (1) - He just had a really lucky time with bad competitors who didn't listen
    Jeffrey (3) - Another designer that should have been auf'd real early

    ***Thought I would start watching again only to find no sign of Heidi, Tim, or any of the other judges! Why did they completely change it?! Is it just for this season b/c its All Stars or what's the deal? - According to Tim Gunn, they were still recording last season when All Stars started. As for Tim, he didn't feel he could devote time to both groups of designers.***

    I was quite shocked to see Isaac since he's associated with Bravo's, "The Fashion Show!" Does that mean no more of that since he's now on Lifetime doing PR? lol! It was a replacement show to begin with! They were supposed to be in opposition! Someone sell out? I didn't watch that runway show afterwards! What was that all about? They want to stick to a formula so much that they run the exact same show with different contestants; at the same time? MORONS!

    I wonder will Angela truly call Michael to see about wearing his black, feathered dress from last night? It was gorgeous! That's gotta really upset people like Hivy and Wretchen who had nothing good to say about this guy! He's killin' it! Other designers are favorably mentioning his work during fabrication! He's on the right track regardless of how he comes off!

    What was Rami doing playing with Anthony's hair and head; sorta like a pet? lol! Austin was practically sitting on Kara's lap talking "Couture!" - Michael's killin' it! I thought he might win the challenge, but Austin snatched it at the end! Lucky! I thought the gold lame was as gaudy as anything he's done in the past! It figures Mila thought it was plain! She's always wrong about other people's designs! They really skipped a lot of designers during the fabrication! If not for the runway we wouldn't know anything about Mondo's offering along with many others! "April, April, April; what are we going to do with you?" Will she always fall back on old tricks? She'll be next to go, if not Kara!

  58. ***The Broadway Challenge was a bit of a disappointment.***

    Michael probably could have taken the challenge with another piece; shawl or shrug! It was so bare compared to others who made jackets and other elaborate tops! They also didn't like his styling with the "too matchy" strap on the shoe! I think Mondo's design was hurt with the length and almost bare feet wearing sandals! I don't need to see the pedicure; cover those toes!

    ***Did anyone actually like Austin Scarlet's design?***

    I find his designs very "costumy" and impractical for street wear this season! Perfect for the stage, but an absolute joke anywhere else! This week, I hated it even though very polished and good for Broadway! I still think back to dress he made for Miss Piggy; "the bows!" What was he thinking? More laughable than anything!

    ***Only Mondo and Rami seemed to challenge themselves and only a very little. They are talented, but have a limited range. Where are the all-stars?***

    These are all far from "All-Star!" True all-stars don't have the time for this BS! Even winners of seasons are a little to be desired; Jeffery, Irina, & Jay! The time constraints would do in Leanne! They're rushing thru with designs having to be done in 24 hours, but it's still taking a while to shoot and you're stuck there even after being eliminated!

    It's been predictable each elimination even when the judges try to throw you off with their comments! I haven't felt an upset of any kind even when Mondo thought he had a challenge nailed and wound up in the bottom! He deserves to be there, but even though his stuff is immaculate, there's something about it; maybe unwearable by a normal woman! The miss-match patterns and polka dots can't be worn by some "beasts" that's for sure!

    You can say the same about Michael's designs, but he surprises every one concerned each week! The other designers think he's going to be in the bottom, but is in the top most of the time; or high end of the bottom sans that outfit re-do from "a muse off the street!" So far it's gone according to script with little difficulty deciding on who should go! Heaven knows it seems they were saving Kara and Kenley to keep it simple among the remaining guys near the end; Mondo, Austin, & Michael!

  59. ***The final 3 s/b Mondo, Austin and Rami. Now that Rami is gone, I'm afraid that somehow Michael will make it in! And if he manages to make it in, these clueless designers might just pick him. Ugh!***

    Wow, the "hater-aid" is flowing on this board! lol! Sounds a bit irrational! If you want to club him over the head for repeating a past design, that would make sense! His "Statue Of Liberty" dress was replicated in this pageant gown with the big blue bow! It had the exact same silhouette for the most part; sans be-jeweled collar! That's rational! Anything else ya got? Rami has been styling for old ladies for the most part! That roushe green top was so heavy and hideous! Loved the jacket, but he had to go! Jerell's on borrowed time! Kenley soon to follow! Who else is there but Michael, Mondo, and Austin!

    ***They should change the name to Project Runway Losers!***

    All of these shows do the same thing; an all star season with their better competitors! They've done it here w/ Daniel V.(2) winning over Korto(5), Sweet P(5), & Chris March(4)! Santino(2) & Jeffery(3) were elim. early along w/ Uli(3) & Michael (3)! This all-star season, even though it has been easy to eliminate them so far, were the creme of the crop! They obviously have time on their hands even though they're rushing thru the season! You have some all-stars that are better than others! Kara, Jerell, Mila, & Kenley are on one level while Rami, Austin, Mondo, & Michael won quite a few challenges in their own seasons and this one!

    ***I think Michael is going next...his outfit was interesting, but seemed forced to me. It's like he's losing steam. A finale with Austin, Kenley and Mondo would be fabulous, b/c they're all so unique. They're definitely the most artistic. While I want Kenley to win, I'd be equally happy with Austin or Mondo. ***

    You have a bit of the "one-trick" pony dilemma; Austin (couture), Kenley (polka dots), & Mondo (textile mix/match)! Michael specializes in draped gowns, but he's come up with all kinds of designs and can be just as innovative as anyone!

    ***I agree, and I've always loved Michael. I just have a feeling that he's losing steam.... Personally, I'd like a 4 designer final!! I would also have loved to have seen his "Opera Dress" on the Oscar Red Carpet!***

  60. ***Last season the winning collection was made in what, 2 or 3 days and on a budget of $500? Surely they never have to give the designers thousands of dollars and several weeks to complete their collections again. I mean, after all, Anya didn't even know how to sew and she pulled off the win.***

    WTF are you talking about? They were gone for at least 5-6 weeks and even after all that time, 2 of 3 Anya creations looked like crap! All the designers took their critiques with some extra money and made changes plus finished the rest of the 10 piece collection! Producers didn't demand they come up with a collection in 4 days; the crap they had done while on hiatus was so bad, they had to be scrapped! That was their fault; no one else's! Anya should have been auf'd right then with that bathing suit and half-draped gold dress; just horrible! FIX is what people said after giving her chances to fix it again and again! Remember when she lost her money? Shazam, a reprieve to make a 2nd look saves her yet again! It just looked real bad with what they were doing for her! She got every break! Normally they would crucify a designer for bad sewing skills! Anya was not completing any of these designs; no zippers, buttons, or other openings, needing to sew model into the dress every time! No wonder some feel the way they do; the hypocrisy of it all!

    ***I'm hoping it's a 12-piece collection rather than a mini collection.***

    I thought they were still showing at FW; taped at the same time as S9! It has to be a mini collection due to them only having 4 days from what I heard of the preview! What ticks me off are all the harsh criticisms when they are demanded to create something in 1 day! "You get what you pay for idiots!" Isaac probably wouldn't take that kind of demand from a star, why crunch the time on them to produce? I know it's a competition, but it's still ridiculous to ask for beautiful things to be "run up" figuratively and literally overnight!

    ***They used Kenley's personality as an excuse to dump her. Her 'stubbornness' and 'unwillingness to take criticism.' A cowardly way out, IMO.***

    Demeanor has been taken in consideration before and it'll happen again! Heidi and the rest always say something like "you've been listening to us!" Kenley just dismissed her mentor; can't do that! I don't blame them for auf'n her! It should have happened a lot sooner as far as I'm concerned! If Michael's a one note, Kenley's worse stuck in the 50's and 60's! The only reason that dress didn't look totally dowdy and very old was because the model was so pretty! Every woman couldn't wear that dress without every wrinkle and bump showing! It's supposed to be a casual dress, but most women would have to wear "spanx" with it!

  61. ***...Let's stick to the design! Mondo didn't pull in the waist of his dress either when it was suggested and he won the challenge. Let's be fair.***

    Any and all the designers creations would have needed modifications! The main reason Kenley "went down" is she misrepresented what she was doing! She totally changed the design; missing "keyhole" was what made it marketable! "See, even you didn't listen!" lol! Michael's work isn't what I would have liked, but the judges swooned! He obviously is giving them what they want and Kenley's doing her own thing! Mila's work was like that; part of "her" collection rather than observing the challenge requirements! Stripes on Miss Piggy? PLEASE!

    What A Great Runway - They all did a great job for the amount of time allowed! Even with the negative comments, I'm feeling Michael as the winner! Mondo takes it though! As usual Austin just doesn't get it! That wedding gown just didn't fit!

    ***How did Gretchen end up winning with her granny panties? Her final collection wasn't exactly "young & fresh."***

    That's what I've been talking about for years, they're hypocrites and go against their own ideas of young and fresh all the time! When they selected Rami over Chris March in season 4, they were being narrow minded and hypocritical! The "hair" incorporated into his creations bothered them, now it's a staple in designs around the world! PR is a mess and getting worse all the time! Rushing to get designs done in 6 hours or a couple days just makes me sick when the judges come back complaining about it not being finished or creative! How creative are they under the same circumstances? Jerks!

    ***I was sooo disappointed with the choice of "All Stars". Where's Daniel V and Nick Verreos? Uli? Kara Saun? Michael Knight? Emmett? Santino? Chris March? I guess they're busy with real jobs. They have a collection of the most needy, annoying and unpleasant designers ever.***

    You all are just catching up! These are all far from "All-Star!" True all-stars don't have the time for this BS! Even winners of seasons are a little to be desired; Jeffery, Irina, Jay! The time constraints would do in Leanne! They're rushing thru with designs having to be done in 24 hours, but it's still taking a while to shoot and you're stuck there even after being eliminated!

    It's been predictable each elimination even when the judges try to throw you off with their comments! I haven't felt an upset of any kind even when Mondo thought he had a challenge nailed and wound up in the bottom! He deserves to be there, but even though his stuff is immaculate, there's something about it; maybe unwearable by a normal woman! The mis-match patterns and polka dots can't be worn by some "beasts" that's for sure!

    You can say the same about Michael's designs, but he surprises every one concerned each week! The other designers think he's going to be in the bottom, but is in the top most of the time; or high end of the bottom sans that outfit re-do from "a muse off the street!"

    So far it's gone according to script with little difficulty deciding on who should go! Heaven knows it seems they were saving Kara and Kenley to keep it simple among the remaining guys near the end; Mondo, Austin, & Michael!

  62. *****Season 10*****

    ***Ugh. Christopher makes me sick. I am afraid that the editing is too obvious at this point (in his favor). I would prefer Ven over him at this point.***

    Christopher may make you sick, but he was very complimentary to Gunnar giving him credit for his 2 "killer" dresses! Too bad Gun ruined it by letting us know how much he can't stand Christopher! This disturbed person actually said he can't stand Chris' voice! Obviously another deaf person who doesn't listen to his own whiny voice! lol! What a moron! I thought he had turned his rotten attitude around; WRONG again!

    ***I love how Elena had the nerve to criticize someone else for not being able to take criticism, esp. after her blow-up with Melissa.***

    Like Gunnar, she brings the drama! She wasn't going anywhere! She's a horrible human being, but they'll find a way to keep her longer! That was a fix; Gunnar on Chris' team; likewise with Elena on Dmitri's! Tim should be ashamed of himself! lol! He changed the way the teams got together in a blatant set up to make Elena and Dmitri clash along with Chris and Gunnar! Didn't work out totally! C & G were in the top with Sonjia! Shocking with Gunnar's comments just before they even started the project! He's looking a bit like a phony; more so than normal!

    ***What are your top 3 designs of the season so far? - Christopher's 1st runway dress with the pleating. Elena's Lord & Taylor black dress with harness design. Dimitri's print with peekaboo jacket.***

    Sounds good to me! I'll just agree! I think the group has been rather weak overall! Only 4 had a real chance from day one; Chris, Ven, Dmitri, & Sonjia! I'm finding Ven limited and he'll probably get auf'd before the finale! The others like Ven have a POV that the judges aren't going to let them get away with; hense bullying of Dmitri not to make a dress! What difference does it make if it's hot, original, wearable, & sellable? Loved the jacket!

    Ven much too sensitive! Like Rami from S4 and "All-stars," he's established, has a POV, and is over-confident! He was crushed by Tim's critique and was practically bawling later! What a weiner! Normally I'd have sympathy, but his attitude from day one has been so "above" everyone else! He needed a reality check; and he got it big time! lol! A homage to the menstrual cycle? OMG! He was just devasted! lol! "Good job TIM!"

    ***Tim was just being honest, not trying to tear Ven down. I don't get the whole crying thing. If he felt that strongly he could have just finished his dress as it was and disregarded Tim's comments.***

  63. ***I'm not a fan of Sonjia. She does construction well, but it's my opinion that there are stronger designers in the competition. She makes nice jackets though.***

    ITA! I did have a problem with her manic act a couple weeks ago! It was the most bizarre thing I'd seen in 10 seasons! She was actually having a nervous breakdown trying to dress her model! Her partner had to do it for her! It just made no sense!

    ***I'm definitely Team Dimitri. His jacket was amazing and I liked the fact that he listened to the judges and did separates instead of a dress.***

    I asked it before and I'll ask again, what is thg deal? If Dimitri wants to do only dresses, all he has to do is make them well! We've had other designers who have a POV and relentless do their thing without incident! What's their problem? Did they nail Anya, Uli, and Rami for continuing to rouch everything he did? Such hypocrisy and double standards! His dresses have been amazing, "shut up Heidi!"

    I've asked this once, but I'll have to ask again! What was the deal with Tim coming out during the judging process? I turned around for a minute, then turned back to see him gabbing with Heidi about what he said to Ven! I guess they wanted to make sure it was memorable! lol! It was! It shocked the entire room! Christopher is still blushing! lol! "I can't believe he said that!"

    ***Heidi asked someone to go get Tim because the judges were so baffled that Ven would have the balls to show them yet another flower design. She had asked Ven on the runway if no one - not fellow designers, not Tim - had ever said to him that that he needs to stop with the 'fan/flower' technique and Ven said 'no'. She couldn't believe that, so during the discussion with the other judges she asked for Tim to come out.

    Heidi being especially rude on this episode? - I found her to be cold and harsh this last episode. Like, more than usual. Anyone agree? Maybe it's the divorce while filming? - It just seemed like all of the judges went on and on in the previous two episodes, dogging the outfits over and over and kicking the designers a few times after they were down. Nina too!***

    Believe me, I've heard this same thing before! Over 10 seasons, they've all been rather catty and rude offending all concerned! They're harsh, cold, and insensitive at times, but they explain to the designers "this is a tough business!" They have to expect even worse treatment; believe it! No one loves to be critiqued, but even mild concern can offend a person who has it in their minds they're doing a great job!

  64. """Christopher's dress didn't move either, and I doubt you could see the skyscrapers from a distance. Dimitry should have won several times when he didn't, including this one.***

    Ditto! They were both nice! Christopher has the edge though by his "fawning!" He's young and the judges must love "the wide eye!" Poor Dmitry has to be discouraged! They went on and on about his design only to give it to Christopher! The long knives will come out soon; mark my word! lol!

    ***The ladies dresses are hideous - Elena's was absolutely awful. It looked like a tacky ice skating costume.***

    Why are people surprised? I don't know if it's a rip off from somewhere else, but I remember an infamous line in "Boys In The Band" from Emery; " takes a fairy to make something pretty!" (paraphrasing a limerick or song) That's happened so many times where the girls are pulling their hair out while the guys are in a groove, finish early, and help the girls out! Kinda sad at times! Why does Elena keep fighting to stay? She's having such a rotten time of it! Her act has grown so old! Sonjia didn't help my opinion of her either! They're so easily thrown off, lacking an emotional connection to their work, then are shocked when they are allowed to stay! ENOUGH!

    ***I'm sad Elena left. I wish it was Melissa. I just... don't... get... Melissa. ?***

    Melissa should be next to go! She may have talent, but her designing process is entirely too slow! She won't be able to come up with a mini collection in 3 or 4 days! She might as well "get to packin'!" She streses almost as much as Elena! That was weird surfin' by and seeing everyone else gone while Mel's is still sewing! She really should have been auf'd right then and there! People had to have told her "it's time" and to get her butt out there on the runway! That really ticked me off; totally ignoring people and the situation! At least Elena was done so she was truly saved; for what I don't know!

    ***We cracked up when Sonjia said that mother looked like Mary J. Blige!***

    I turned away for a few minutes when Mary J. was sorta "going off!" What did she think she was doing? Chris has one day to make 2 complete outfits and she was like "no, never!" I couldn't believe it! Did she expect elves to wander into the work room and magically make her happy with something else while others slept? I was so glad she came in and apologized! Chris luckily kept on working even though she seemed to hate it! I thought they were flawless! Both mother and daughter could have walked out of the studio and no one would stare wondering "WTF!" Mary J.'s dress fit like a glove even though she wasn't the most svelte of the ladies! I can understand her balking at the print, but it worked!

  65. ***Once again, Christopher is overrated.***

    And so it begins! lol! I figured the other designers would have out "the long knives" due to Chris' wins! I guess I should have figured viewers would chime in the same way; over-rated being used mostly! Must be a weak season; as usual! You can't expect glamour overnight! A day to do something this major isn't going to be as polished! I think these designers have done a great job for the most part!

    The top guys had to be Christopher and Dimitry! I am shocked that Melissa went 3rd! So between Sonjia and Fabio they went with......Fabio! Now that was shocking; Sonjia gone? OMG!

    ***It was tough for me, because Sonjia and Fabio are my two favorites. However, based on this challenge alone, Sonjia was the weakest. I find it ridiculous that Melissa is the last female standing. She's weak.***

    Sonjia was losing her "mojo!" She's terribly talented, but she was having problems near the end; sorta like Gretchen(8)! Unfortunately the others had more noteworthy efforts tonight and someone had to go!

    *** I'm happy Dimitry's still in, but I'm also nervous he'll be out next week. Both Jerell and Michael C won the top 5 challenge. You'd think that the winner of the final challenge would get to go to FW, but both got elim. from the top 4 when they got back to NYC.***

    Tell me about it! I raised "Holy Hell" about it back then! You beat me to it this season! If you go by past history, the injustice would be to eliminate Dimitry and move Fabio in there! His work was ok, but it wasn't as effortless and D's seasonal designs! The judges are really at odds; openly! We sometimes hear about it later like with Wretchen winning season 8! Last night I thought it was going to change into MMA; Heidi loved something while Nina and Michael hated it and visa versa! Something strange is going to happen; mark my word!

  66. ***...I'd like to watch some seasons, and I'm wondering which ones are considered the best, or which ones you all think I'd most enjoy...***

    The season winners on the cover so SPOILER alert! Also have addition of "The Fashion Show" which succeeded PR on Bravo; Iman & I. Mizrahi! I started storing comments from the show; mines and others around season 3 of PR! Let me think on it and I'll update this post! Off the top of my head, check out season 3(good)! The novelty challenge has to do with recyclable materials; plastic, foil, paper! Season 5 has them using materials they could rip out of a car; seat covers, belts, and buckles! Season 4 has a Hershey's candy challenge too! I didn't see it, but I heard Season 1's novelty challenge materials from a grocery store! Season 2 used plants and flowers!

    ***Season 3, 4, 5 and 7 really go all out with the novelty challenges. However S 1 & 2 are full of great challenges too. I'd avoid S 6, 8 & 9. They aren't very good at all.

    They only got 5 weeks to make their collections? Didn't they used to get 3 months?***

    That "used to be" the case! For the last couple seasons, they've cut collection design time! May have started with Season 9 & All-Stars; quick turn-around and a couple days to tweek them! No 11th look either!

    ***For the first time EVER....I would honestly be happy with any of them winning. I know not everyone here feels that way, but I think they are definitely the best 4 designers of this season and I'm totally okay with this finale. I am pulling for Dmitry and Fabio, though, but I still wouldn't be pissed if Chris or Melissa win, even though I don't think Melissa has any chance of winning. I've never felt that way about a PR finale before.***

    They are all good and well deserving of the title! Chris has been my fave, but I wouldn't be upset whomever wins!

    ***And you know what-I like Fabio and Dimitry so it doesn't bother me which one wins. At least there are no "granola" styles, LOL ***

    They already decided that much! lol! Maybe Chris can make the All-Stars in time! Better luck next time Mels!

  67. ***DIMITRY SO DESERVED IT! I fk'n loved his collection. I could not be happier.***

    Wel deserved and it was his time! It was running out for him! He needed this!

    ***I've never heard they have to make their own shoes and jewelry?! That would be insane.***

    The 1st time I heard of a shoe issue was at Season 1's finale! Kara Sawn had a friend make her some shoes and wasn't billed! Wendy had a hissie fit and made Tim Gunn harrass her for a bit, making her get a bill, and taking money from her limited budget! She could use the shoes regardless, but if she couldn't come up with a bill and loss of money, the judges weren't allowed to take them into consideration! How they could do that made no sense; like they're just going to pretend they went down the runway barefoot? Idiots!

  68. ***Tim Gunn was quoted as saying to Heidi that he thinks the designers need more time, the show won't be as good if people aren't producing good quality stuff and they can't do that if they're exhausted and rushed.***

    "Time" has little to do with how tacky and cheap some of the designs appear! Something can be rich looking and very expensive, but done overnight if the right materials are bought and the taste level of the designer is good! I think the designers have been using that as an excuse for the last fews years on why their designs look a little listless, tired, and cheap! Someone like Laura Bennett can make something look "rich" within hours it seems! Her collection by far in Season 3 looked the most expensive; $8,000 made to look like $30,000+ per MK! I can tell you, if you give people more time, they'll just waste a lot of it over-thinking the process and get just as little done! People like Santino(2), Michael(3), & eventual winner Jeffrey(3) offerings looked quite cheap and they had months to get their work done! Sosa(7) the most impressive runner-up who was very commercial and they zapped him for it; IMO!

    ***I hate it when past winners come back as judges, whoever they are. They all sit there holding their cards and acting as if they were big names in the industry. It's embarrassing, really.***

    They need the exposure! lol! How many winners have never gone on to do "anything?" So many have faded from sight and the show has to bring them on periodically so people know they're still alive! lol! Usually runner-ups do better proving PR knows little and embarrasses themselves all the time with their lame picks like Jeffery(S3), Wretchen(S8), & Anya(S9)!

    ***What is a decoy runway show?***

    Starting with Season 1, production had an eliminated designer create a collection to throw people off concerning the winner since the show is taped so many months before it's telecast! Austin Scarlet's was the 1st decoy/dummy collection created! Since then they have been known to go back to the 7th or 8th designer which is why so many collections are shown in mags and blogs before the eventual winner is revealed! Only the top 3 or 4 are judged for the competition and are shown on Bravo!

  69. ***Why did the contestants have to be ready and out of bed at 2 a.m.? What time did they have the actual show? And why was it necessary to have the show so early in the day?***

    When it comes to production, the real work that goes on to create FS starts early! I'm not surprised because time flies when you're busy! Every since season 1 the designers have walked over to BP in the middle of the night to start working! My guess is that PR needs to get in and get out before noon for the rest of FW to finish up with established designers!

    ***Will there be a reunion show?***

    It doesn't look like it's going to happen! PR is jumping right into All-Stars thurs.! Maybe something is online! I haven't looked at the site all season on!

    ***... but usually we don't unless there is some drama to be milked from it.***

    Maybe that's why "no reunion" this season; little DRAMA! Oh well, that's what happens when the guys respect and like one another! Elena's rants weren't enough for exposure to conflict in a reunion show! Remember she apologized for her behavior before being auf'd!

    ***All men and only one woman; again?***

    I don't know why this should be surprising? What is that old saying, "Mary, it takes a fairy to make something pretty?" lol! It's the same thing for the cooking shows; mostly men, few women winners! On PR we have had only a couple seasons that had mostly or all women and they turned out to be weak season winners! I loved Chloe, but PR winner? NOT! Season 5 and 6 epitomized what I'm talking about! Irina won S6, but not without complicating it by assuming people were copying her designs! Season 8 & 9; nuff said! Both Wretchen and Anya were weak at the end and barely squeaked out their wins! JMHO! Anybody? The big winners have been men with Christian (4), Seth Aaron (7), Mondo (All-Star), & now Dimitry (10)! Most, if not all of the female designers have faded into obscurity!

  70. +++The next several Posts from Seasons 3 that didn't transfer over+++

    Keith is sexy in his own way, but a typical bad boy always bending the rules! He was more than a borderline criminal! People call it charming when they are really being manipulative! It was an attitude with him that really turned me off! "Don't be upset Keith, but I think you're using and I don't mean candy cigarettes!You just have that "dark" look that a cold shower and coffee can't snap you out of!" I'll take "Clark Kent" anytime; Robert is hot and beefy!

    With S3 off and running, it's a bit early for predictions, but I can hope for Uli, Robert, and the redheaded Madam, Laura! She is so classy and so reminds me of my Mom; always put together and stays up with the times! Uli makes Heidi harken back to Germany and Robert is just so damn cute! He's got that Clark Kent thing nailed! Woof!! Unfortunately his cloths suck! He's been on the chopping block twice and barely survived! Kayne is going to be the death of us all with his ego and sly demeanor hiding a dark side! It ate him up to see Angela win last week and then Michael this one! It wasn't enough for Kayne to supply the gown for Miss USA to compete at Miss Universe pageant last month!

    Who is dressing Heidi this season?? It's not that I don't like the stuff, but most of it seems dated; maybe retro! People shook their heads at the brown hot pants number last week and this week, oh my GAWD; drag out the go-go boots! Her hair has been rather strange of late too! Bradly was dumped today a week after Keith's ignominious end after getting caught with pattern making books, consulting the internet, and running out on the show for a few hours while he saw his 'boyfriend!' This guy is always looking for an advantage! It was so justified kicking him off the show!

    On Bravo TV PROJECT RUNWAY Message board, someone commented they didn't know much about Pam Grier of late!! I wondered how they could miss her:

    "I don't know how you can miss "Miss Grier!" Since Jackie Brown, she has been all over the place! From bad movies like John Carpenter's Ghost, to a reoccurring role on Law & Order: SVU as a FBI chief, thru some role I heard she played on The L Word, she has been a very busy woman! She's put on a few pounds, but she's not a young woman! It's hard to maintain that rail thin look with sexy T & A! lol!"

  71. Anything using subjectivity and judging will produce quite a few injustices! Nothing pains me more than hearing someone say it all balances out in the end! That is such a crock! Last season Santino made the final with designs created week after week that I wouldn't use to have people wipe their shoes on! Most of them were vulgar pieces absolutely falling apart, but he got thru because he caused so much drama! No one else was more full of themselves! We don't always hear about the lives of the one's unjustly kicked off the show after one Boo Boo; poor Andre! You have Angela wowing everyone now when by all accounts from the 1st weeks, she should be home crying her eyes out! Malan truly deserved to be there! The following week's decision was just as weak! To me Keith is this year's Santino! Not that he isn't talented, but there was something a little bit shady about this guy! Up to the last he thought it was ok to be a little deceptive and manipulative because "in the end I think I right!" What an ass! He would have gone far but for his self destructive behavior actually leaving the premises! Sheeshhh! I hope it cost him, but I can guess you can be successful even if kicked off early! I see quite a few of the old designers working backstage on tv shows and fashion runways!

    But I think you're off. Santino is this year's Wendy, so he'll make the final three no matter how bad his next design is. And they can really stink. His abrasive personality makes him good TV. The fact that the other three don't like him almost guarantees he'll be in.

    Both Daniel and Chloe have won. So they'll be in as well. Kara has been showing increased, steady improvement. But she hasn't won once. And I think she'll be out this week simply so Daniel, Chloe and Santino can be in. But...since she's in the final four, she'll still get to show. Her collection just won't make it to TV.

    Last year it should have been Jay, Kara Saun and Austin. But in order for Wendy to make the final three (undeserved as it was) one had to go. It was Austin. But notice it's Austin that's invited back, along with Kara Saun and Jay. Thankfully we won't be subjected to any more Wendy. Let her go play poker as a "celebrity". Hawk spit.

  72. Funny you thought Santino would be this season's Wendy! ...Checking out her site, she just might make it past Santino even though he may be more creative! I say that only because he says how talented he is every waking moment!

    Austin seems to be really getting around! He made celebrity comments in 2 entertainment programs on cable; 'Gays In The Cinema' and the other '20 Reasons It's Great To Be Gay!' He was a scream on both; especially giving Joan Crawford a break saying "Christina had no idea how hard her mother worked to get her those pretty dresses!" lol!! I can't wait to see Kara Saun, Jay, and Austin next week! I couldn't stand Wendy! She was just a bitter old woman!

    Like most of the people here, I just can't fathom at times the decision making process! They comment on designs being poorly executed or unfinished, but they let Santino and Kara skip to this position even though I thought Andre was a hell of a lot more talented! His garden dress was ok while Nick's looked like it would come undone if the model sneezed to hard! Santino's was no better! No accounting for taste MK!

    HOW SOON WE FORGET! lol! From the beginning of time, the best and most leading designers looked like they were dragged thru an alley! I felt so badly for Edith Head; she dressed them all, but she looked like a school marm poor thing! Miss Versace looks a little tired all the time! These days someone like Vera Wang is on the show, and like so many designers who work behind the scenes, what was so special about what she wore? Little if any makeup! Check out JAY (season 1 winner) today! All wild hair and dressed down!! As for Heidi, she's been slipping a bit! Who's been making her stuff of late; still Michael K?? lol!! Updated flower children type stuff really! I'm rambling! Anyway, I think Laura is always well put together, Alison is cute, Michael has his good days, and Uli is ok! Vincent and a couple others are destined to look a little wild; errrr eccentric!

    It's so hard to say at this time to pick 3 finalist! The judging is so inconsistent! Last season, 2 of them skated thru with garments literally falling apart while much more talented designers were axed for minor errors! Even on my own blog concerning the show I haven't touched it, but if a gun were put to my head, I'd select Laura (classy and keeps it fresh), Jeff (to be the resident badboy), then Uli (she works with patterns and fabrics most shy from! Even though they are family, Kayne and Michael grate on me! As pics label them time and time again, they bring the gay to the office! Love Robert, but he's been so close to elimination, Alison is too nice (ya gotta be cutthroat in this business), while Angela and Vincent just can't make it thru in my opinion! I can only hope justice will be served! At least Keith didn't piggyback his way to the final! He was just too full of himself! Most of them can be like that, but his attitude was just "I'm so entitled to be here!" Well that went wrong real fast! My selection for dismissal will be Angela!

    Even when the designers are blown away with criticism, they insist on using the usual buzzwords of classic, fresh, timeless, modern and it is so NOT the case! ...So far, the only elimination I question was Malan! Angela should not have skated thru with that Bimbo outfit for one! Robert's been just as lucky! I expected a little more out of Vincent with his experience! Alison is holding up very well so far!

  73. I know how you feel! I mentioned the same thing on another message string; too many designers are axed after one "Boo Boo," while other wacky contestants who promote drama march on! Last year it was Santino and Mr "fishtail dress," Nick! Most of their garments literally were falling apart on the runway! That Jumpsuit for Kara was glued together while Nicks party dress made out of leaves was one of the most vulgar pieces I've ever seen! This year it'll be Vincent and Angela! I expected more from Vincent with his experience and Angela has been real lucky! After the 1st couple weeks, she's on borrowed time!

    What fascinates me about Jeffery is his criticisms which are so seldom backed up in the end! I still have a very vivid memory of Jeff killing Kayne on his buying of that organza (sp) material for his pageant dress! Well we all know where that went in the "critical" column; and it wasn't acclaim! He really should worry about himself! Michael may save him though; done before with Santino last year! I still remember the Iman challenge when he mocked Santino saying something like,"I know there's tons of shit on this dress, but I'm going to show you anyway!" MK can be a scream; in more ways than one! Santino should have really "bitten it" that night with that GOLD monstrosity!

    ***"Robert, I love ya, but I don't even remember your dress. Come on you hot hunk of gayness, wake up!

    Oh, btw, I will shove some Harry Winstons up my nose if I can keep them afterwords. After a de-boogering nobody will know they were up my nose."***

    Robert is a doll isn't he?? He has the Clark Kent thing down pat! That jaw and chest just makes me melt; keep on the glasses! lol!!

    I have such a problem with the judging! Keith should've been gone for not even attempting to design for his dog, Vincent's garbage dress wasn't functional in any sense, and Angela should have bit the dust for that hooker outfit for her so called 'Director of Kids' ensemble! I love Robert, but he has ripped other designers for what they were doing and he's been in the bottom 3 twice! Katherine should have been spared except for the whining of "not going home!" Bradley was visiting another planet and shouldn't have even been picked even though it was genius what he threw together at the last minute for one challenge! .....

    .... Laura's clothes are timeless, but rather safe! Kayne will self destruct going over the top eventually! Alison had to go (Heidi jealous of her youth and looks while Uli was more like her mother)! Uli, Michael, and Jeffery will probably be the finalist with Jeff keeping the drama going! Nina's been fair for the most part! Bonnie's outfit was so '70's! My mom wore that I'm sure! Michael K.'s is just a jerk! He just can't help himself; sorta like Kayne! He will save Kayne once more I'm sure!

  74. ***They all had passports. Even Angela from OHIO. YOU DON'T GET THEM IN A DAY, so how much did they know beforehand with the so called security today seems impossible.***

    I said the same thing on the Designer Thread! I don't believe all those hillbillies had passports! It takes time unless you live in San Fran.! I wonder how they managed that! Anyway, Jeff deserved the win even though he's a snot, but Michael was a very close 2nd! They couldn't give Michael 3 wins this early on! lol! Laura's dress was nice, but the color just washed her out along with that fiery red hair! Poor Vincent looked like a homeless guy, but as always they saw his POV; yack! Uli hung on by a thread with that Moo Moo! She didn't make that thing for this episode; she took it out of her bags! I'd like to see her jet into Chgo in January wearing that get-up! The "hawk" would blow that thing over her head before you left the airport! Angela and Kayne should both have been put in front of a firing squad! How can they possibly think those outfits were suitable for travel?? I traveled a bit before I got on in years, and it didn't matter if I was a little uncomfortable! I wanted to look good and get some kind of respect from airline staff you don't get if you're wearing flip/flops! lol!

    The judges were hilarious, sparing no one's feeling! ROFLOL! Michael K. told Angela she looked a mess just standing there! The french judge told Kayne he looked ridiculous! How could he not know poor thing! If he comes up with one more outfit that is truly tasteless, he's gone next week! I thought he would go far until the last few challenges! He's all about glamour, and that can be deadly when you are trying to create something simple, unassuming, and crisp! We all can't wear neon lites on our backs Kayne!

    I didn't realize it until now but Angela was kicked with "nare" a hug except for Tim pushing her out the door! The woman is obviously screaming "I Am from another planet" if she really thought that outfit was travel appropriate!" Good riddance! If I have to hear her 'screeeechhhh' just one more time, I might go postal! The other designers were lucky they weren't rounded up for questioning at the airport causing such a disturbance with her big mouth!

    As I posted earlier, I'd rather look good and be uncomfortable than to be totally relaxed and emulating a homeless guy on the skids; Hey Vincent; NICE PAJAMAS! Kayne obviously went insane dealing with Angela for so long! Could he truly think that outfit was little more than a "neon sign" blinking on a dark rode; usually flashing vacancy===> (probably in his head)! Uli babe; you lucked out!! That Moo Moo was a big disappointment! I'd love to see you hit Chicago in January wearing that thing; BBRRrrr! Keep up the good work Michael, Laura, and Jeffery (tsk,tsk on that joy of Angie being auf'd)!

    I think most people have a problem grasping the concept of Couture! The item is handmade, detailed, and one of a kind! In my mind it's also something the common everyday woman wouldn't be wearing! Can you imagine Mom wearing Jeffery's dress getting on a train? No! This would be something Paris Hilton would wear meeting her girlfriends for lunch! The plaid really stood out! I thought he'd win just in front of Uli since most would think her dress more appropriate! The others just weren't finished or plain tacky! Remember Dynasty with Joan Collins and Linda Evans?? Now that was quite COUTURE! HOT!!

  75. ***"Jeffery literally can't open his mouth without shrieking to the world what a low-life he is. I've said it before, Bravo should have thrown him off the air just on principle when he said about Laura "I wish that bitch would have a stroke." They threw Keith off for breaking the rules, don't they have any rules against being a complete scumbag? I wonder if Angela will still think he's so awesome after she sees all the footage of him being a back-biting, misogynist pig. If he's makes it to the final 3, it will permanently damage the show."***

    I'm no fan of either Jeffery or Angela, but you don't think she brought some of this stuff on herself?? She was all over Kayne during the Tara challenge, she screwed up the sewing machines a few times without fixing them, she just about encouraged her mother to bad-mouth the dress being made for her! I personally couldn't take the shrieking every time something exciting happened! Control yourself girl; you're supposed to be an adult! I still hear her now when she won the Macy's challenge! My hands are shaking! lol!

    Sabotage?? lol!! I wonder how these people can even snipe at one another with cameras on them 24/7! On Top Chef Tiffani was thought to be sabotaging people; several times you could hear people complaining about "who changed the heat settings on my oven??" With her bulk she could hide what she did if it happened! lol!! She was a true villain like Angela! Jeffery just has little restraint! He's not conniving; just a jerk! I believe Angela was truly trying to get Jeff kicked! Some like Laura would have loved him gone like Keith, but she seems to be genuinely pleased when someone like Michael wins a challenge! Kayne and Jeff really twist and turn with forced grins if they don't take the day! Fairly sad really! Uli better show something new in the coming challenges or she'll be as gone as Robert! He had a couple good designs, but he was hammered for being boring! I'M yawning Uli!

    I'm not trying to start a fight or anything really, but I'm so tired of people being an apologist for people who live in their own little world and dump on everyone else! Too many times Santino was deluding himself with how great he was actually throwing some abominations down the catwalk falling apart, dripping with glue, and not even functional! MK termed it right when he uses the term "vulgar!" Santino's clothes and attitude were vulgar! At Fashion Week he couldn't restrain himself throwing out profanity describing his mom; "She's the Shits!" What a PIG!! Jeffery is almost as bad! He can't help pumping himself up as well, deluding himself up to the end when he barely survived another challenge! What a jerk!

    Don't cry for Keith! He should have known well ahead of time what would happen and how he would be perceived! Like most people, even going thru humiliation to the extreme, it's all worth it for the exposure! He will land on his feet I'm sure since he does have real talent! No one will actually believe anything he says, but how many times have people put themselves in this position just to get on tv?? Just look at shows like Jerry Springer, Cheaters, Taxicab Confessions, and other reality shows! The most personal aspects of their lives are thrown out there for all to see and they all sign those releases giving production staffers the go-ahead! No matter how angry and humiliated Keith may have seen, in his mind it was well worth it!

  76. ***Not so much in the case of Keith who seems intelligent if possessed of a HUGE blind spot, but don't you think that some reality show and bottom feeder talk show guests don't have the ability to act in their own best interests? And some of them drag their children along for a little psychological abuse as well. I think that a law should be passed requiring the producers of these shows to prove that their guests are competent to sign a waiver. The guests should have to pass a basic intelligence test!***

    Oh come on! Every challenge had Jeffery bad mouthing someone's effort! He was awful to Laura, ripped Kayne, Vincent, and Keith! He had nothing good to say about Angela, but that was definitely understandable! I loved it when he and Robert would question other people's work then find themselves at the bottom of those challenges! Talk about Karma! Let's not have short memories! The shows are rerun too much to get away with that!

    ***Read what I wrote. Jeffrey only talks bad in his close-up interviews (he talks behind their back) he hardly ever discusses someone in front of the other contestants, unlike Laura who only addresses the whole group or the person she is criticizing.***

    I read it and knew it! So what! It was rude and unnecessary so many times; especially when he was wrong! He hated Kayne's gown for Tara Conner! He didn't eat his words then or ever! He had to know his cattiness would get back to the other designers whether it was to their faces or behind the scenes in the close-up interviews! He's a jerk regardless! Pls stop trying to defend him! I can point out every instance where it was undeserved!

    I'm sure Jeffery's collection will be shown! Laura had the same concerns as Uli and Michael! She was just ballsy enough to express them unlike Uli who just sat back and forced all this conflict! Kayne did the same thing with the Keith controversy! He had to talk with everyone else 1st before actually confronting Keith! It's not easy to accuse someone of something like this with no proof, but she must have a reason! Are you telling me no one ever cheats? I can still hear Keith saying "it's ok to cheat a little because he thought he was right!" You can rationalize anything in your own mind! If Jeffery did do this, he can tell himself he did nothing wrong even though Laura may have a legitimate concern! This is a big deal! People are people!

    Tim really should stay out of this concerning the designs! How many times has he been wrong even when it's obvious he prodded the judges in a certain direction?? People who talk about the integrity of something like he does, has to be feeling guilty of something! How many time are people "auf'd" unjustly while others move on in the competition who you just have to open your mouth gaping, "HUH?" I still think Alison should have gone a lot further! Heidi may have felt a little threatened! ...These 4 will do I guess! I'm pulling for Michael who seems to be on the best even keel! Jeffery may pull it out though! Uli is just a one-noter if people think Laura is also! Heidi already said she would wear every outfit Laura put out, but ragged on her so! Looking forward to next week! I wonder what Jeffery was balling about?? Playing the victim is him especially after he wished a stroke on Laura! The SOD!

  77. Everything Laura created was commercial and could be sold tomorrow in Lloyd & Taylor, Norstoms, or other high fashion outlet! Jeffery is creative, but I can't see his stuff making the mainstream overnight! It's a little over the top most of the time even though I loved 2 or 3 of his creations like the Coutour gown (different but unfinished) and his own high-flying effort!

    Again I have to agree! Jeffrey should have pretended to be a little busy while others are frantically trying to finish their collections! It looks pretty bad to me knowing how many people work for him and with that huge working space! I hate a lot of tattoos, and corn-rolls, or other braiding of the hair! Like you I think it's gross; you just don't look clean! I couldn't hug him for money!! I'm surprised most do on the show except they feel it's necessary for the cameras! If you look greasy, I put my hands up!

    ***I totally agree that Jeffrey should not have won. I think perhaps the judges were trying to help him out since he's a 'former drug addict'. Maybe send a message? But still it's unfair to the others who were all better than he was. I won't be watching anymore. What's the point if anyone can win whether their designs are good or not.

    It seems as if the judges or someone wanted Jeffrey to win. He went over budget. He failed the challenge on that alone. As for him being a former drug addict...SO WHAT. I've known others who have been there, pulled themselves up, started their own businesses, and not treated people so rudely. He uses that as an excuse to do so.***

    I have to agree with the masses! This really sucks for the 3rd year in a row! I'm no fan favorite of Uli's, but her collection was the most beautiful; HANDS DOWN! Jeffery broke rules, benefited from it, then won this competition even though I believe his work was disjointed and tacky! A couple of pieces were passable, but under no conceivable way can anyone possibly think he was deserving! I love Laura, and her clothes were the most elegant and classy (as she is), but they can only be worn once! You get more out of something more plain or black! How do you clean something with feathers and beads without ruining it? It will be hard to come back for the next season, but I'm hooked even though the judging is so "whacked!" Good luck having your kid Laura!! Get bent Mr. Rock & Roll!" You and your clothes SUCK!

  78. ***I agree, Jeffrey's clothes DO make even the models look large. He puts the waist too high up, so then the dresses flare out and leave no shape - or something. I like what he does, in theory, but I would never wear least not his dresses.***

    I noticed that too! He's such a hypocrite as well! I can still hear him say, "Fuck; another high waisted dress" when commenting on one of Laura's design! What a jerk! He was lucky to even make Fashion Week with that milk maid outfit he created! Look in the mirror sometimes when you disparage other's creativity ya TOAD!

    ***YES! Jeffrey deserved to win!

    This is not a popularity contest - - or a pretty contest - - or an elegant contest. This is a best innovative with a future design contest. And that is Jeffrey. It means nothing that you hate him.

    EXACTLY! I can't believe how many people are so narrow-minded and thinking about this on a tv show level. This is serious business! Fashion design is not about who we like but where fashion is going and what's going to take it there!***

    I don't know how you can say this! They had to scrounge up someone to say they liked Jeffery's collection! Most loved Uli and Laura with an honorable mention of Michael! No way should that clown have taken this competition! Yuck!

    ***I agree Jay, but they only show us clips they want to show us. So we don't really know what was said about Jeff's collection. I think Betsy Johnson says what Jeff is trying to say much better. Jeff lost IMO because he didn't follow the rules, he went over budget.***

  79. ***... and another thing... Jeffrey's crap looked like a Candy land board game threw up on the runway. All those red & white polka dot and green & white stripe unflattering Rock Star, Madonna from the 80's, styles. I though Heidi had better taste then to judge Jeffrey's line the winner. But, I bet she wouldn't be caught dead wearing any of his clothing line... ...Your demographics of all viewers and consumers are not Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. Grow up and I'll start watching again when you do.***

    So true!! Uli and Laura's collections looked RICH! The judges made a comment that L's designs looked like a $30,000 line; I thought more like the full $100,000! I liked some of Michael's clothes, but something about them looked cheap! Uli's stuff was great and she should have won! In no conceivable level of consciousness could anyone not on drugs find Jeff's crap innovative and by far the best of these very talented designers! The fix had to be "IN!" Just pathetic! How dumb do these people think we are??

    When I hear Tim Gunn constantly invoking the "integrity card," I think back to that Twit; W!! He promised so much about being compassionate, a uniter not a divider, and that Iraq would be a cakewalk! LIAR, LIAR, pants on fire! He can't honestly believe in any religion or he'd know HELL is waiting for him! He turned this country upside down; and for what?? Good thing he should be a LAME DUCK along with his enablers of the Republican party! VOTE 11/7 for a new start!

    ***LOL! - now that Jeff's got $100 grand, I hope he'll BURN those damned bike shorts! He didn't look hip or artistic - just a ridiculous 36-year-old man trying to look like a grad student. He looked like an Oompa Loompa reject.***

    Speaking of what a designer looks like, what is the deal with most of them?? So often these people look like they're homeless! Maybe they think their clothes will look hotter if they look like BUMS! Richard Tyler should have been ashamed of the way he appeared a few weeks ago; greasy, unshaven, wrinkled! Yuck!! All the designers except Laura dressed like they were going to a picnic in the park instead of a fashion show! Have they never heard of a suit?? It really ticks me off when I see that! How credible are they in the world of designs when they can't even get themselves together??

    ***Doesn't this look similar to Kara's kimono dress?

  80. Watched quite a bit of Season 1! Like Top Design in it's 1st year, it started out kinda slow, production values weren't up to par, and you had the usual villain! As usual they keep saving someone who should have been auf'd weeks before! I still don't and can't believe Wendy made it to the final! She was sad and pathetic to the last; style was so OLD!! What is wrong with these judges?? A consistent designer who slips up once is "castrated," but they let someone very mediocre go on and on and on until they "have to" Nix them!! Kara Saun was robbed even though she slipped up a bit at the show!! The shoe thing could have been avoided and the dresses didn't need to be tripping up her models! I felt so badly for Austin Scarlet!! He blew it when he just didn't listen to the final challenge! He loves couture and just can't help but make everything a bit too glam and costumey! It was the Grammy's, not Oscar's babe!

    Is Jay actually working?? Even Nick gets more exposure! I see his name referenced, but not from really doing a show! Season 2 was much better, but how did the villain, Santino make it with all his BS crapola?? Daniel V. should have won, but I wasn't unhappy for Chloe! Season 3 was very frustrating with idiotic challenges! How could they choose Jeffery over anyone?? Keith should not have have gone anywhere with his rotten attitude about rules! I could have been satisfied with Uli, but I thought all of Laura's creations were a cut above and quite stylish! No accounting for taste huh?? lol!!

    ***During it's run, I did not like Wendy, not one bit, but after watching the reruns about a thousand times, I actually began to feel sorry for her. Everyone made her out to be this huge, evil person when all she did was criticize Austin (which he kinda deserved) and Kevin (which he deserved) and in the end I thought it was hilarious when 'Miss Perfect' ended up being the "cheater" and Wendy ended up doing exactly as she was supposed to do.

    And the judges did ask her opinion of them, so it wasn't like she just blurted it out of nowhere. I'd much rather hear the truth then to find out some bozo has been talking shit behind my back. The gang/mob mentality takes over on all of these shows. There always has to be someone who everyone hates. I think it happened to be Wendy because of her age... I dunno!

    My point exactly. It wasn't as if she cornered Nina and Heidi in the break room and said, "Psst, yeah, Austin, yeah, he's a really horrible leader, oh and Kevin too, yeah, I'm sooooooo gonna try and get them knocked off in my evil attempts to further myself in an already catty fashion world."

    I mean the way Kara Saun treated Wendy towards the end was just mind blowing because at the end, Wendy had seen herself on tv and tried to actually change for the better, while Kara just got a hell of a lot worse.

    Wendy, Tiffani, Stephen, Keith, or Sam ...mobs out for blood!***

  81. ***SANTINO was and still is the best designer and personality I've seen on PR, EVER. Santino's collection was beautiful. I also loved Jeffrey of Season 3; his designs were fantastic; I'm glad he won. The guy that got kicked off in Season 3 for having a book was an amazingly talented designer. I was sorry he got kicked off.***

    Huh?? We are talking about the same designers right? lol!! Santino was spared more than a few times! What can you say about the monstrosities he created: his plant dress, his Arabian number with gold palates for Iman, and the jumpsuit from Hell for Kara that was falling apart before she even stepped onto the catwalk?? Tim Gunn would have no idea how ill-fitting his tops were for Fashion Week so that point is moot well! Keith was ok, but delusional at the same time! How he survived without producing an outfit for his dog is still beyond me! He may have been creative, but had little idea how to sew letting Jeffery and Alison do all his work for the Banana Republic challenge! Jeffery was another designer who barely survived a few times! If it weren't for Robert throwing out so many bad outfits, he would have been canned for that tent he made for Angela's mom! I am offended he even was allowed to participate in FW since it appears he had a ton of help with his collection; just look at his workroom with plenty of stations for other designers to lend more than a little hand! I could go on, but enough of this rant! lol!! Here's hoping Season 4 is even better!

    They're playing Season 1 today for some reason! Hard to watch since it was a new show! They cleaned it up quite a bit, but you had the same scandals going on! You had the usual suspicion of sabotage, a psycho model, a crazy, but talented designer who makes a mistake and is gone, then of course the obligatory dismissal of a designer who's very pretty and blond; Heidi can't have that! You can say Jay is innovative and talented, but no way should he have won! Austin was just too couture, Kara Sean just didn't stay within the rules, and Wendy was the least talented designer there! She shouldn't have made it past the 1st 3 weeks! Oh well, we're being entertained so they must be doing something right by sucking us in every season! See ya'll tomorrow for the next and continuing episode of Top Chef!

    Season 2 played today into the final! I'm surprised no one had anything to say! As usual I was put off by Santino! How did he make it with those tacky, unwearable, and just plain bad designs?? No doubt he thinks outside the box, but if it's falling off your body in tatters, what are you supposed to say? lol!! Poor Kara will probably never believe she was auf'd before Santino! Believe it babe; that black rag was just awful!! Poor Daniel; for the final he really didn't have a hit besides his 13th piece which Nick helped with if I remember correctly! I missed that part surfin' channels and the net! I would have loved seeing and hearing Chloe's exasperation with "Miss Diana; she's killin' me!" lol!! She did a good job on that 13th piece though; the BABY DOLL! Santino didn't have a chance with his designs so ill-fitting in the tops!

  82. S3 running today! I really loved this group! Many were very talented, but the bad ones were very bad! How did cookie cutter designers like Vincent, Angela, Stacey, Bradley, and Bonnie make it to the show? Others were average, but a few didn't even know how to sew! Kayne was over the top, but he was amazing at times! His Marilyn Monroe gown was classic! I loved Robert, but had nothing that was original and memorable! I think I just wanted into his pants! lol! I thought he was so cute! Laura was great and I have no idea why Jeff had such a problem with her! He would look at her efforts and just exhale, "another high-waisted skirt!" 'Why do you care idiot? You should be worrying about those tacky outfits you were making! You were lucky to make the final, then win! Talk about an injustice!'

    Michael was very consistent all season, but dropped the ball at Fashion Week! His efforts were just a little weak! Uli was good, but also a one-note designer! All her stuff looked like you should be walking along the beach! She still should have won over Jeff! Too bad Keith got caught cheating! He looked like a druggie most of the time looking so tired, but he was quite sexy! He should have been auf'd when he didn't create an outfit for his dog! I still can't believe they kicked Katherine instead just because of a bad hem! That was tragic losing Milan especially since he has gone on to bigger and better things than this show! "Well done babe!" Loved his accent! I think I hit on everybody! How did you guys like seeing Season 3 all over again?

    ***Laura is a low life creep. Really, the worst kind of person. Someone does better work, or works harder on their collection and her warped reasoning is that that the person must have cheated. Instead of making this accusation to the person, Jeffery, she goes behind his back to inform the producers. A case study in how to behave with integrity and character. Abhorrent and disgusting.***

    And what good would that have done? He would have denied everything! What choice did she have? All the designers felt the same way; Laura was the only one with enough guts to call him on it! I would have been suspicious with that workroom and access to so many personal at his business! Are you telling me you wouldn't have thought the same thing? WAKE UP and smell the cleaning solution!

    ***I love these reunion shows. It always makes me laugh when someone gets upset at how they are portrayed. I think Keith, Jeffrey, and a few others, while not portrayed exactly as they are, it was a little too close for comfort!***

    Keith didn't have a leg to stand on; using books and then leaving for production for a few hours! Jeff and Vincent should have been brought to task more! Jeff was lucky to make it to the final much less win the season, but Vincent truly was delusional as Laura noted! He just has such a high opinion of his abilities and ragging on the amateurs he had to compete against was so funny! I hated Casey winning fan favorite on TC3, especially after they showed her to be the black widow of the show! Time and time again when she would get close to another chef, they were auf'd in short order! lol!

  83. ***Uli dressed Kayne's mom, not Michael's, although the two ladies had similar builds. Kayne dressed Michael's mom and was—I thought—unfairly criticized for being too "matchy-matchy," although Michael's mom clearly loved the outfit, it fit her beautifully, and she rocked it down the runway.***

    You can't take the judge's criticism too seriously! I think a little personal baggage is being toted during that process! Too often I feel they are saving someone or unfairly critiquing a designer when you hear them and you say "what the Hell are you talking about!" MK 'MOTB' comment is so overdone, and you know Nina is going to be merciless towards some designers before the judging is to take place! Like other shows like TC, TD, etc, I think judging should be blind; the judges shouldn't know who created what at 1st! That would eliminate some of the banter, but how usefull is it when they ask "what were you thinking when you did this?" What difference does that make, either you like it or you don't!

    ***Enough with the model drama/trauma. Why not before the season starts allow designers and models to meet and each have a part in choosing who they want to work with, ...? -- would save a lot of time and unnecessary tension.

    I for one dislike the disingenuousness of forcing designers after group projects to choose who they would eliminate on their team. Everyone is on edge already and IMO, it causes pointless damage to psyches, and as a result, only further exhausts and depletes the designers' creative energies. Yes, we all have to make tough decisions in the real world. But the way the question is set up and handled all-around is cruel. Point: In Season 2, Daniel Franco is praised for refusing to out either of his colleagues, while Santino is castigated and dumped on for attempting to answer the cruel question honestly. ...***

    These might be great suggestions, but they "aren't" hearing it! They love the drama created by designers back-stabbing one another! That's just an added bonus if it really gets "UGLY!" Ugly is ratting each other out with effort or lackthereof with a teammate (Wendy), screwing each other out of the best model (ULI vs Michael,S3 & Zulema vs Nick,S2), & egomania out of control (Santino & Keith)! I hope they get the hint or they'll run people off like they do on TC!

  84. ***I think last season was the epitome of too much drama. I mean it kind of sucked the fun out of it to see the designers treat each other so horribly or watch them sit by and watch others treat each other that way. ...It just seemed that all the challenges last year were overshadowed by the personal junk going on! ...***

    ***Yes, I agree that S3 was pretty bad as far as drama went- and talent, too for that matter. Uli made the same dress every week. Laura made the same high waisted/plunging V neck whatever every week. Angela with those butt-ugly flurshons? Vincent and his horrendous pieces of crap? Bradley? BRADLEY?? How this guy made it past the quarter finals is beyond me.

    As for the drama, I guess tension on the set makes for good ratings. Bravo can keep the drama if that's their selling point as long as they have the talented designers to back it up.

    I loved S3; especially Michael, who rightfully won the fan favorite award. I also loved Malan, Katherine, Bonnie and Alison. It was a shame that they got booted so soon, especially in favor of keeping Vincent, Angela, & Bradley. Costa la vie.

    What I didn't like about S3 was its predictable sequence of winners & losers. Every even week a female would win and a male would have to pack his belongings. Reverse that for the odd weeks. I knew Keith was safe in the doggie challenge because it was a female's week to lose. Same with week #2; Malan was in trouble and Angela was safe. C'mon, Bravo! Be fair this season!***

    ITA with everything you mentioned! Something else is going on behind the scenes we may never find out about! Vincent and Angela were saved over and over again while poor little ALISON was auf'd after showing she had real talent! I mentioned earlier as a joke that HEIDI probably told production to "get rid of her!" She can't be shown up like that on camera by some little chippy so pretty! Same thing happened to Alexandra in S2! Both are stunning women with huge talent and potential!

  85. ***If I'm remembering correctly, the main way that Jeffrey(S3) stayed within budget at the end was by not using those wigs that he brought with him to FW, in addition to the shorts.***

    Sounds right! My problem with S3 is "HOW DID HE EVEN MAKE IT TO THE FINAL?" Like Santino, they rag him all season about being a one-note or being tasteless, but he makes it thru with that Milk Maid outfit, after skating on the hooker outfit he made in the Black & White challenge! These judges have lost all credibility when people like Santino, the most classic of one-noters in ULI, Jeffery, and most of all Jay who didn't win anything until the final make it thru! Some designers were consistently good and they get all the praise during the season, but in the end they are trashed for not 'thinking outside the box!' (i.e. Daniel V, Laura, Austin, and Michael)

    ***I really liked Jay's funky aesthetic throughout S1, and I felt vindicated when he won the season despite never having won an episode's challenge. Santino? I was a fan early on, but his attitude soured me--that doesn't mean I don't think his designs were worthy, though. It's kind of the same with Jeffrey ... I didn't care for his attitude AT ALL, but I thought his aesthetic was fantastic--edgy, playful, and with just the right balances between real and imagined, rock and reality, juvenile and mature. It's just all so relative, y'know?

    Robert was the stud muffin of S1, always running around in his black underwear or on one memorable occasion, nothing.***

    Don't forget the half naked workouts on the floor with that roller-wheel device! Keith in S3 had a sexiness, but looked a bit thin and drugged out! My favorite babe was Robert in S3! His designs stunk, but he was my sexy "Clark Kent!" He was so cute to me! I did like Daniel V. in S2, but was shocked by his behavior towards the end! He cut Chloe on that last challenge when Heidi asked who should go to Fashion Week! All 'club' Santino over the head for his lack of taste and how unfinished his work was, but everyone thought he should go! WHY?? You had a couple handsome BOYS this season, but when you see and hear them up close, it's a big turn-off! Rami and Jack were the babes of S4!! Jack was great, but Rami's berating Sweet-P because she wasn't working to his standards was so over the top DIVA! "Get a grip babe, you just barely made it with all that draping!"

  86. ***I don't understand how Jack could trace the pattern for the pants. Meanwhile that guy from the prior season got kicked off for just having books of patterns as inspiration and not directly using them. It does not seem fair at all to me.***

    Vincent got away with doing the exact same thing for the "jet setter" challenge! He took his pants off right in the workroom and traced the pattern! He should have been axed for those pajamas he made for the Paris trip! If Angela hadn't been even worse with her "Moonbeam" outfit, he would have been auf'd and justifiably so! Kayne wasn't much better with the glitter shirt! As I said, men's wear is tough; especially if a woman is trying to make it (that would include Kayne (no offense)), lol

    Close, but ticked at TC just as much! They do the same thing; set the designers up to fail! Everyone knows men's wear design is 10 times harder than women's! Women will wear just about anything if it's called fashion forward! Men have not evolved much more than to wear business casual at work on friday! Since I was a kid, Europe has been pushing the men's skirt! It ain't happenin' in this country! You have some gay men wearing a kilt here and there to IML, but overall we're still pulling on styles from years gone by! You can dress it up all you want with giving some guys the new title of Metro sexual, you're still wearing shirts and slacks; very basic, with little color or texture differences! I'm surprised more than one person wasn't axed! Those outfits were horrendously bad! Poor designers!

    ***I loved this episode. They need to include a good men's wear challenge in each season.***

    I said it earlier that men's wear is tough! It has to be simple, but it's hard to design something that's original and stylish at the same time for men! Just throw some shoulder pads in a piece of cloth and call it fashion forward and women will wear it! Men are very picky and don't like innovation! The most we've expanded our ideas about fashion is wearing business casual to work! Europe for 20+ years has been pushing a men's skirt or kilt, but I've only seen them sparingly at Gay events like IML here in Chgo!

    It's just been a marathon for PR! Watched a little of Season 2 and I still can't believe these tasteless hacks kept letting Santino skate thru! To the last idiots like Nina professed that he was meant for fashion! Time and time again he sent gaudy, tacky, and unfinished work down the runway! In the meantime, real talented designers like Daniel and Chloe had to scrap for any kind of approval in comparison! They actually won more than one challenge and few items were what I would consider bad; Daniel's outfit for Chloe wasn't the best, but it was finished unlike Santino's jumpsuit for Kara! That thing was glued and falling apart and there he was bullying her to say how much she liked it! What a goof! She was just as bad by letting him get away with it during the judging! They all thought he should have been auf'd, even talking about him behind his back, but there she stood silent, letting him make it her fault the sleeve was falling off! IDIOT BITCH!

  87. ***...The disasters began to happen at the lingerie challenge. The judges saw something in Santino that kept him there. They believed in him. It's good enough for me. As much as I adore the guy, I still think Daniel V. should have won.

    The reason Project Runway used to be my favorite show was because it was a fair and true competition. By sending Chris home instead of Ricky the show has totally sold out to petty reality tv drama. Just because Ricky cries every show and fought with Victoria doesn't mean we, as the audience, want to see him. He has consistently had the worst designs and really deserved to go. I'm so disappointed in the new season.***

    I had no doubt between the 2 of them, Ricky wasn't goin' anywhere! lol!! He makes for good tv! We've seen it before; someone truly lacking and made horrible mistakes, but squeaks thru for quite a while! Santino was the worst offender by throwing costumes down the runway, but kept on surviving!

    ***You are both so right! Ricky is awful and should have been gone two challenges ago. He does make for good TV, but rather makes me sick every time I see the "comments (or should I say tears)" with him, I just get nauseous. He is not good TV nor a good designer. Go home already...

    HEY, I don't know if this has been posted before, but has anyone noticed that the models, who have always appeared in black slips and barefoot, are wearing high heels this season?***

    Maybe it's my imagination, but these models appear to be the worst! Maybe they were being tested for a model show; they have a long way to go! lol!! They're just a bit gawky and uncoordinated!

  88. ***I had no idea that Jack did nudes. I can't imagine they would throw him off the show for that. ...Know what? I have a feeling they might bring back Chris since Jack's leaving next week and Chris is the last eliminated. ...Haha.. Jay- I have this thought from the get go. The are way like hunched over & walk in a totally weird manner. This is the first season in which I've even noticed the models, and not in a good way. The models should be there simply to show off the clothes, not to show off the fact that they've shunned the whole scoliosis brace in high school.***

    Maybe it's BS! I'm hoping this is all speculation and Jack will continue on! ...I hadn't heard that, but I can imagine him doing nudes! He perfectly fits a collection of posters I own by Victor Screbneski and Ansel Adams! Perfect specimens like Jack hitting the waves, in other landscapes; and of course the shadowy blk/wht Chgo Int'l Film Festival posters by VS!

    I watched this episode three times now! Did I hear Ricky making a comment of 'true colors' when his model was ripped off? Am I right in thinking he did the same thing 2 challenges ago? He must be a Republican too! They just can't help themselves either!

    ***I don't think the drama for next week is Jack getting kicked off -- particularly not due to AIDS. On the Bravo site, they show new gossip that Jack and Dale from Top Chef are dating. If Jack wasn't healthy or had left in disgrace, I don't think they would be highlighting it like they are. I bet he has news or saw something regarding another designer or model.

    ITA - on Jack and Ricky bitching about his model being taken away!***

    I said it yesterday like everyone else here, "Ricky ain't goin' anywhere!" They do this every season; holding onto some "scrub" for as long as possible to make it easy to auf them later down the line! He's doomed unless he really pulls it together! He knows what he' doing, he's just not executing properly! Victorya fooled me big time! I thought she was about as animated as her dress form; she took over last nite to Ricky's amazement and consternation! She turned into Vera Wang in one fell swoop! lol! Poor Donna Karan; she looked awful! I haven't seen her in years; she has money, get some work done babe! You ain't Barbra Streisand; she can get away with that bulbous clown nose!

  89. ***Victorya being a Wendy... hmm.....***

    Victorya and Wendy? A comparison? Nyah! Victorya might be a lot of things, but she's not a talentless HACK! Wendy's an old bag, stuck in the 50's and had no business making the final! Saw her once on Bravo's celebrity poker last year, and that was it; hopefully the last time we have to see her! Victorya has an eye, makes a decision, and has some real talent! No comparison can be made between those 2!

    ***I agree.. that no comparison can be made of them as designers! I think that either Victorya's or Chris's dress should have won the first challenge, though I think her "Bitten" dress looked maternity.

    I was referring to the behaviour that seems like passive aggressiveness. She was setting up Ricky the way Wendy Pepper set up Austin in the team challenge in Season One. It could be youth and insecurity, but it could also be that blaming others for her own folly is her modus operandi.

    I just thought the walk-off with Zulema was a bit over the top. But what I really hated was that Tim said Rachael was like an elongated marshmallow. Sometimes he can be very harsh, for all the great manners and cool words (like verklempt) that he uses.

    I agree that it sounded harsh. I think that he was talking as an artist about a form, and not as a human about a human.***

    That's why I've never been a big fan of Tim's! He can be brutal with criticism and to me a rather cold fish! Merciless should be his middle name! lol! I really don't watch his other show, but from what I can tell with a quick look, he brings these women to tears at times; not always happy ones! When he trashes their wardrobe, then goes for the jugular about their underwear, I guess I can sympathize! It's a lot to take in so quickly from some stranger in your home! He's lucky to make it out alive with Veronica who should commiserate with these poor style-less women! lol!

  90. ***I'm also puzzled by the decision to bring Chris back. This is not something they did last season when Keith was expelled from the show for hoarding a pattern book. And why Chris? Why not the other previously auf'd contestants? I understand that since Chris was the most recently eliminated, he must have been still around and thus most available? Still, the decision seems random and arbitrary to me. I don't think they should bring anyone back at all...

    Jack didn't have a staph infection, that was a cover thought up by the producers, he was asked to leave the show after they found out about allegations that he'd infected a young boy with hiv after sexually abusing him.***

    I had guessed they'd bring back Chris; he was still in town and they had an extra look that needed producing! It didn't bother me they brought Chris back, but I thought they'd find a way to auf him so others wouldn't feel he had really gotten a second chance to fail! He pulled it out though since Stephen's outfit was so bad; poor thing!! Stephen, Stephen, Stephen; you had people helping you out and you still blew it babe! Good luck in the future!

    As for that outrageous story about Jack, abuse, and infecting some kid, in most circles I know, twinks would love to have Jack as a DADDY; so to speak! The people in the 'know', know what I mean!

    ***I've thought alot about the Steven/polyester problem, and when we look at the it as the principal fabric, yeah; it's a problem. But there was a lot of material to work with. That white poly could've made a perfectly fine lace-trimmed camisole...***

    Come on guys, face it! Stephen just shouldn't have been there! He always was "in the weeds" as they say on TC, and even with others trying to help him at the end, his nerves just didn't hold up! If he didn't go for that last fiasco, he would have been axed sometime real soon! "Sorry babe!" lol!! The truth is harsh!

    ***Well hell Jay, ya been so quiet, I wasn't sure. Come on already, breathe some life into these boards. Lets have a pretend fight and end it with us becoming BFF. Come on Jay, lets bring sexy back..... err,I mean the humor back.

    BTW, stopped by your site. I'm so digging the blonde hair.***

  91. Funny I just d/l'd Justin(e) Timberlake's "Sexy Back!" lol! - I scan some of the posts here, but little catches my eye! I have posted a few things, but rarely get a reply! Still wondering about the "bra" issue with women! Tim and Veronica brought more than a few of them to tears! It's about time they auf'd Ricky; MS TEARS; pls! Ugghh! Rami is very talented, but I wonder will he skate thru like Uli producing pretty much the same style in every challenge! I'm surprised he didn't try to drape a Hershey's Kiss wrapper! Love seeing Christian standing there shocked when he doesn't win every week! "He's so fierce!" Gack! "Get a haircut babe; maybe do a little blond highlites like me!" lol! I'm so glad Chris finally won something! Maybe it'll be his time to go next week! Isn't that how they do it a lot of the time; let them win before getting kicked off the show? lol!!

    ***I realize that S4 is almost over so i have an idea for S5. The outfits for celebrities are great, but how about making an awards show worthy outfit for Queen Latifah or some other plus sized celeb. Not everyone in the world is the size of the average fashion model. It would be nice to see fashionable clothes for us "non-skinny" folks. Something nice that doesn't look like it would be appropriate for the mother of the bride.***

    That would be interesting! The judges always talk about an outfit that needs to be versatile and able to fit the everyday woman, but that is crap most of the time! All these designs are for skinny models! The best contestants have bombed trying to do just that! Look at Jeff last year with Angela's mom! He almost got auf'd! I think he should have been axed a couple episodes before, but he survived to win the season! SO get off it Nina, Heidi, and Michael! You guys are all fooling yourselves with that moniker of all woman should be able to wear the designs of the winners of a challenge! Christian time and time again makes these skin tight jackets and dresses that a 12 year old might have trouble getting into! It almost broke his face when Sarah JP told him his design was a little snug and too short! He can't win doing that; or shouldn't anyway!

    ***However, Chris's weeping in front of SJP was kind of funny, I'd probably lose it if I came suddenly face to face with some celebrity I love, too. The one time I did, I froze up. Whatta fool.***

    I go all the way back to "Square Pegs" with SJP! I'm not gonna "bawl" because she entered the room! I guess I fell out during "Sex In The City!" I must be the only person that never watched or enjoyed the show even if it was written by QUEENS! As Belma Buttons and Tovah McQueen said on MadTV's "Reality Check,"... "I can do without that horse-face, toilet mouthed.....!" lol!

    ***Love MAD TV and SJP muchly. Good to see you Jay and TC soon. Woohoo

    Okay, loved the Reunion Show, though was disappointed that Jillian did not win fan favorite. Frankly, the only reason I ever watch the show is to see Jillian. I have such a crush. I wanted her to win fan favorite.***

    I want a recount! I see shenanigans with this VOTE! lol! Christian was too annoying to be a fan favorite! I thought it would be Chris for sure! - I broke up a bit when Michael K. related his fashion sense from his youth! I could relate to everything he mentioned including a men's wool shawl from Int'l Male, leg-warmers, boots, and shoulder-length hair! We must be about the same age! That was late 70's style; early 80's!

  92. ***Anyone else think Joshua looks like A flamboyant Ryan Reynolds? My sister and I have said that from day 1!***

    Definitely related I guess! I mentioned before if he gave up the hair products, he wouldn't look so "rat-like!"

    ***I'm pleased to see he got fat, but I wish he would take a bath. He looks like an oil slick. ...***

    He always has been a little greasy with too much hair product up there! TV adds on some pounds, but he's no kid anymore! I feel like I'm looking in the mirror in a lot of ways! We were both athletic as kids; track for him, tennis for me! When you stop, you do put on a few pounds! I prefer saying "we filled out!" lol! Poor baby, is still a kid in a lot of ways! I wonder is it getting out of control?

    ***Was anyone else hoping to see Viktor return? I knew he wouldn't...after all...he was robbed.***

    My guess is Viktor doesn't need it! Like Mondo, he has a niche and I'm sure someone snatched him up!

    ***I was watching the previews and I think it was Laura who said she was being a bitch. ...She's such a phoney and non talent.***

    With the seasonal previews, both Kayne and Joshua seem to nail Hivy for being inconsiderate! The editting could be faking me out, but it's inevitable; she's too much of a bitch!

    ***Are you sure that Mizrahi is the reason Tim isn't there? I know Tim despises him b/c he mentioned it in his book, but I read that the first PR All-Stars filmed concurrently with regular PR. I don't see how Tim could be in 2 places at once.***

    Well he could have, I just read they thought it would have been "too much" since they were taping concurrently! Probably just used that excuse to explain why they can't work together! lol! I wonder why they would have that kind of animus that they can't even see one another? lol! Tim isn't a designer, so what could the problem be? I'm betting Isaac's the main culprit! I just can't imagine Tim going out of his way to even care what Isaac thought!

    ***Tim thinks Isaac is a rude, entitled diva b/c of behavior he witnessed from him at a panel they were on. Tim lambasted him in his book. Isaac IS horrible.***

  93. ***Anthony Ryan's winning dress ep 4 - Did anyone else notice how many pins were holding together the straps in the back? Was that because the dress lacked an entry?***

    I'm not sure, but for this season, "safety-pins" have been an integral part of some designs! Uli even got in on the trend with some elaborate trims made with safety-pins!

    ***These were straight pins used to hold the dress together when it should have been sewn.

    With the pants LK designed, that already size 0 model looked like she was a size 0.5. C'mon, Georgina!***

    It was still the same design over and over with the pallotso pants; jumper! Mon dieu! Enough! It was her time to go! Ivy will be out the door next week! It's all going according to plan; errr schedule!

    ***'40 to death demographic' - Um, what the heck was that comment all about? I forget who said it (Anthony Ryan, maybe?)***

    Initially I remembered it was Joshua beating up on Becky during his 1st go round on the show! It was a team challenge involved! He asked her sarcastically about her demo; (paraphrasing) "Becky, you do realize you do dowdy dresses? I know why I'm here and I feel that you don't!" I finally heard it again! Anthony Ryan said it about Ivy's offering in the Xmas material challenge when she was gluing stiff tassels to the hem of her gawdy, gold dress!

  94. ***I think Josh actually deserved it more than Emilio. That's the most commercial design he's done all season. I also think Ivy should have gone over Laura Kathleen despite my dislike of her.***

    It's quite predictable! A couple seasons ago, Kimberly beat out Viktor in the bird challenge! That was a bit of a upset since she had to re-start her dress 3 hours before end of day! Her "white" bird dress design was great; model walked like a goddess, was timeless, blah, blah, blah, while Viktor went too heavy on real feathers on one side of the dress! Still got the finale we knew; Anya over Viktor, Kimberly, and Joshua! You believe she was a novice sewing? Yeah, right!

    ***Poor Ivy! I have personally moved on do believe she's a genuinely better person now, but I'm not surprised when others are suspicious.***

    I have been pleasantly surprised how calm and ladylike Ivy has been! I'm sure she was horrified to see how she came off in season 8! Some of the stuff that came out of her mouth was cring-worthy all too often! The attacks on Michael C were so "mean girl" and juvenile! I would say "high school," but out of nowhere she says about him, "I don't know if it's laziness or just ignorance!" Unprovoked on the runway because their team failed miserably! They all promised not to do exactly what they did talking to the judges! I watch it over and over and my mouth just hangs open watching these people disintegrate! They are the first ones to mention how editting made them look so bad! Yeah, right! What did Gretchen say later, "I'm not a bitch, I just play one on television?"

    ***Anthony Ryan is pretty much the only designer that I can't really remember any specific look from, without having a visual of it.***

    He was never that impressive going back to previous stint on the show! Last season you had Elena ripping Dimitry for making the same dress! At least he had a style you could recognize! I always feel Anthony Ryan is borrowing ideas from other designers! Nothing seems to be his own signature piece; or I could just be missing it!

  95. ***" least he's kind-of cute. Hopefully he's not a awful dresser like Isaac Mizrahi in All-Stars."***

    Who's cute? IM? OMG, really? I always think he's busting out of his jackets! They're either ill-fitting or he has a hump on his back! lol!

    ***Couldn't agree with the judges more. Josh's dress might've been in a sumptuous, expensive fabric, but from the back it looked like something from a stripper store with that hideous zipper.***

    I've been saying that for a while, but the judges have loved the zippers in the past! They like Dimitry's version, Viktor and Mondo were big on zippers as well! They never said it cheapened their dresses; never! Total BS; hypocrisy!

    ***I tend to agree with the judges. But I think it's b/c a hot pink dress with lace and a poorly installed zipper did make the dress look a little strippery. I wasn’t gaga over most of Mondo’s design, but I thought Dmitry had a very good sense of taste. - Ready-to-Wear sold to the 'masses' for $500-$700 a piece?***

    I guess I've been out of fashion for too long! I keep hearing the prices of stuff and I have to shake my head! Please tell me this is just inflated for tv and designer names! None of this crap is worth $600; maybe from Laura Bennett! I remember a couple years ago, Heidi was just starting her line and they wanted something designed with cotton; sweats for the most part! $175 or more? They're out of their freakin' minds! It was absolute "cashe" made to sweat in! I wouldn't pay $100, much less more for pieces! Is it that insane out there? When I re-did my wardrobe back in '97, Macy's had plenty of reasonable stuff; Liz Claiborne slacks $125, Alfani cashmere jacket $400, El Raphael suit $350! I wonder what it would be today?

    ***They did toss in "high end retail" when they were out on the runway, I guess that's supposed to clear up who would spend that much.***

  96. ***Josh's taste is questionable. He just seems to want to pile on every trick and embellishment he can think of. If he can't learn how to control that impulse, then perhaps he would be better going into costume design.***

    He should look up Chris March for a job! He's the queen of the "over-do!" What kills me, he'll criticize someone else for doing something simple, he gets ripped for trying to do too much, and you never hear from him again; until the next time!

    ***Half the time, I can barely concentrate on the outfits because the model's poor walk is so distracting.***

    Oh I think they've fallen off for quite a while now going back years! I noticed it before; too young, graceless, with boney-awkward walks! Christopher's model from last year still haunts me the way she walked in his Rockette design! She was like a life-size cupie doll with a very mechanical walk! The arms were stiff and the knees are just bobbing with all these girls of late!

    ***I was just going to say the same thing, Christopher's model was awful!! She looked like she was going to fall off the stage, so awkwardddd!

    Project Runway - Team season? - They had teams on that "Fashion Show" on Bravo, Isaac used to be on...but the fact it tanked after 2 seasons should suggest that's not a good idea.***

    It was just poorly produced! Even PR had growing pains! I didn't start watching until halfway thru the season, but I gave it a chance and enjoyed blogging it using posts from the message board of Bravo-Tv!

    Kelly? Isaac? Iman? It wasn't going anywhere esp. since PR moved over to Lifetime! There was too much "dead air" with a lot less drama and more into the designs! You actually learned something from Isaac about draping!

  97. ***I am a big fan of all the Project Runway shows, but I can't stand this Carolyn. She's extremely annoying, and obviously she is her biggest fan. I never heard of her before and hope I never do again. She almost ruins the show for me b/c of her snobby attitude and pretend intelligence.***

    We probably felt the same about Heidi the 1st couple seasons! They did have some growing pains back then! The eventual winner Jay of Season 1 hadn't even won a challenge all season! How did he even make the finale?

    ***But there is probably a nicer way of saying "40 to death" haha, but still I didn't have a problem with the 40 or the junior comments b/c they made complete sense.***

    Well that's how bitchy young queens are, trying to be funny! Figures it would come out of the mouths of 2 of the biggest "screamers" around; AR and Joshua! - This season has to be between Uli and Emilio! Not sure AR can come up with a collection! I think he's been over-achieving and over-rated by the judges so far! "No offense Anthony Ryan!"lol!

    ***He's been winning challenges consistently enough that I'd say it's a toss-up btw him and Emilio. Uli has surprised me quite a bit this season with the stuff she's been making lately. She's in the lead to win as far as I'm concerned. - Joshua completely screwed everything up this week by winning. I haven't found him to be nearly as annoying on all-stars as he was on his previous season.***

    He had his moment with Ivy because she wasn't showing enough passion! The boy is truly disturbed! Who didn't think he was going to be bawling after this woman told her story! "Nice dress Joshua!" Urrgghh! What a disappointment! He should be gone! Figures that all 4 designers will go to Fashion Week! There were no glaring errors in their final challenge designs so it'll be huge! "Good luck guys!"

  98. ***They totally should have auf'd Anthony Ryan. His garment was definitely the dog in the room. The very last thing you should do when dressing a woman with a large bust is draw it in right below the bust. That is exactly the way to make the bust look even larger and more unwieldy. The whole neckline was wrong too. Using the ombre fabric with the darker part on top was a good idea though. - ...She was feeling self-conscious about putting on weight and when someone is new to being heavier, they tend to want to wear drapey things to hide the weight, but it only makes you look bigger. I wished that Anthony Ryan could have shown her how to dress her new, curvier body in a fitted and flattering way.***

    OMG, AR's vet-model should just go under the knife and reduce those old fellas! It's only gonna start breakin' her back the older she gets! Losing weight isn't going to be enough! I'm no expert, but those things were huge!

    ***Project Runway - Team season? - Next season it could result in some great designers getting eliminated by being part of a weak team. I really wish they'd just stick with every man for themselves.***

    There is a method to their madness! How many times do we hear from the guest judges who are designers themselves or magazine editors? Team work, being able to work with others, and being nice to other people is stressed! This is just an extension of what they'd have to go thru in real life! JMO!

    ***It was pretty clear that no one was going home on this episode, usually whenever there's a 'sentimental' challenge, whether on here or top chef, there isn't going to be an elimination.***

    This goes back to the beginnings of the show! In Season 1 you have a situation where the villainous who wasn't that good all season wins that last challenge! You end up losing one of your better designers in Austin Scarlet! In season 3 they wanted Jeffery for some reason, but his design was so bad (milk-maid ensemb), they took 4 designer to FW! It's been like that ever sense! The producer are making decisions behind the scenes and I can see their minds working! lol! Chris March was an unexpected surprise in S4, but Soriano was more a story for them! I don't think he should have made the final much less win the season! March was sent packing after making the final 4; same w/ S5! You actually have someone winning the challenge, but getting knocked out of FW by a mini challenge later; ie Michale C & Jerell S5! It been a joke for quite a while in my eyes! I have conspiracies up and down the production of this show! lol!

    ***What the hell has happened to Emilio since the beginning, he can't even sew straps on a dress correctly?***

    Emilio was being too ambitious; as usual! He had too much to do in just one day and a morning! Crazy! He messed it up and couldn't fix it even if he saw there was a problem! The extra panel work in the bodice made the color different in the skirt! At least he made it to FW; all did!

  99. ***Josh is sexy?? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. The personality kills it.***

    Agreed! As soon as he opens his mouth, "that kills it for me!" He didn't learn much from his first go round attacking Ivy for not "caring or being passionate enough about winning!" He remembers and mentions it, but then he turns around and makes the same immature mistakes! How he got this far is beyond me! His ego is much larger than his body or talent! It had to be a pretty pathetic season for him to be a runner-up; esp. given a 2nd chance a year later as a finalist! Michael C. was just as fortunate, but he won a number challenges! Josh skated thru a bit battered and bruised though! (crying all the way) - Loved how Laura Bennett beat him up a bit in "After The Runway!" She tells it like it is!

    ***Yes, his personality kills any "hotness" he may have. But, his soldier brother on the other that's more my type of guy.***

    Speaking of hotness, I keep asking who was in Josh's entourage last go round? He had this longish, fem hair; a real doll from the quick shot I got of him!

    ***Uli's Deja Vu - Must be a bit strange to create a design given the same exact parameters as a challenge from her original season.***

    She should be in the grove! Joshua and AR are self destructing! Joshua for actually having an idea and AR for not having a clue! AR hasn't had the inspiration he normally has; taking a little bit from other people's work! He's been BS'n his way; being terribly over-rated! It's finally caught up with him! I'm shcoked they sent the models over as well! Remember they used locals in S3 when they hit Paris the last time!

    ***I remember Emilio doing well during his season. I'm surprised by how disappointing his designs have been his season. I didn't like his final collection during his season, but I remember throughout the season he had good, strong work.***

    Emilio during his season mirrored Dimirty; very polished, confident, and knew what direction he wanted to go! Emilio only blew the inconventional challenge using hardware products! That stringy-washer bikini should have gotten him "auf'd!"

    ***PR's running on fumes now. I think that when it moved over to Lifetime that was the nail in its coffin. But I think it really ran out of steam somewhat after Season 3. That was the most bitchy season. I loved the drama between Angela and Jeffrey.***

    Yep, PR fell precipitously after season 3! Many of the people making the finale had no business there while more deserving designers were auf'd and are doing better elsewhere! Chris March is a star and his stuff is just catching on! He made some designs out of human hair! Now it's a staple on the red carpet! I seem to remember the judges were creeped out! Proof positive they don't know what they're doing or talking about!

  100. ***In season 4 Chris and Rami were declared a tie in the last challenge and allowed to make finale collections, but Chris was eliminated a week before Fashion Week.***

    Chris March endured while Rami's still anonymous with 2 full seasons to work what little magic he had in those fingers! The judges freaked out on Chris' "human hair" ensembles in his mini-collection! They're now a staple in every wardrobe! Don't they feel dumb now?

    ***why don't they just pick one of the eliminated fan favorites from a season and do a show about where they are now, what they are doing? They could show them struggling to make it as a designer: working for others, trying to get investors, trying to get their designs in stores, courting celebrities to wear their designs. And instead of some prize at the end, they would be compensated for appearing on the show and would then have money to invest in their careers.

    It would be far more interesting (and real) to watch than a fake competition with the winner chosen from the beginning!***

    They've done it with winners and losers! You didn't see Jay Carrol's 4 episodes showing his move to NY and having surgery? Both Austin and Santino are "On The Rode" to this day! Christian S., season 4's winner had a special too showing his business, selling, and being a celebrity designer!

    ***I like Mondo and Anthony Ryan but....Mondo is HIV positive. Anthony Ryan is a cancer survivor. I am beginning to think that All-Stars is about who they think deserves it based on the hardships in their lives not their designs, Was Mondo the fan favorite too?? = Sorry just not buying it. Uli's collection was magic, Emilio's was beautiful. Anthony Ryan's was just not (IMO) Good thing I like them all; not unhappy with any of them.

    Mondo was robbed during his original season- and his PRAS final collection warranted the win. AR was eliminated early on and his PRAS final collection was.......yeah.

    I thought Emilio's final collection looked cheap and junior. It reminded me of something I could find at a mall store, such as Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Some of the styling was cute, as were a couple of the fabrics, but I hated the one that looked like graffiti or something.***

    Well at least he left with grace and wasn't grumbling about being robbed! Emilio and Ivy redeemed themselves somewhat from their original seasons! Cassanova could have been more helpful as Uli's assistant! "I need rest to be creative!" They only had so long and Cassanova's playing the diva! Moron! lol!

    ***I know it's a matter of opinion, but I felt that Uli's collection was the most inspired. It was just stunning. While I wasn't head over heels in love with Emilio's collection (minus the red jump suit which I loved) he at least thought outside of the box a bit and made different pieces with interesting patterns and told a story. Anthony Ryan on the other hand just delivered a lack luster collection of the same dress like 7 times over in different colors. WTF? It was majorly boring and uninspired. Could we at least get a pair of pants in there? Shorts? I just don't get the judges love affair with this overrated designer.

    Totally agree. Uli's collection was brilliant both in concept and execution. I think she'll still outsell AR and Emilio over the long run because women would want to wear her dazzling creations which come from a truly organic place and not ego.***

  101. - - - +++(Season 11)+++ - - -

    ***Project Runway All Stars - Masters! - I know that this would never happen b/c most top designers no longer construct their own garments and it would hurt a lot of pride. But Top Chef Masters exists where really well-known chefs come out and compete in the name of charity, it would be awesome if well known designers come out & compete for charity as well.***

    For some reason I think they did do something like that! It had something to do with the original "A-List" Awards on LOGO! 7 Designers were selected, the best of the best I can't rememeber, and they were supposed to create a design and get it done before the show was up! Anybody? The only other special I can rememeber otherwise was that "PR All Star Reunion: Daniel V. over Korto, Sweet P, & Chris M. - (S, J, M, & Uli)" 8 designers were selected for this special and 4 were eliminated after the 1st challenge; Santino, Jeffery (S3W), Michael(S3), and of course Uli! I remember Chris March crying b/c he didn't think himself worthy with "these great designer!" Heidi re-assured him he was great designer and did deserve to make the finals!

    ***...why no reunion? That is always the best part!***

    It's been like that of late! The reunion happened before FW of S8 and was included during fabrication of those last minute designs! I still remember Gretchen saying something to the affect about her being a bitch, "I just play one on television!" Ivy wasn't taken to task for her behavior either; esp. towards Michael C., but she seemed to redeem herself in the All Stars, not even allowing a jerk like Joshua to insight her into any drama!

    ***Another 90 Minute Season - The team concept has been tried and failed with other design shows. I can't imagine why PR is going this way. I will probably check it out tonight.***

    You sure it isn't just the 1st episode that is "super sized? You have a lot to get thru; intro, picking of the seasonal teams, and the challenge itself! That's a lot to squeeze into an hour with all the commercials they run! I saw an extra hour long intro with the designers tonight at 8 pm EST, 7 pm Central! Set your VCR; (boy am I old)!

    ***Zac Posen new judge and teams? - Does anyone know why Michael Kors will not be n this season...It's barely started and I already hate it.***

    He's too busy ripping off other designers! Now Heidi's wearing the expose bra, transparancy look! Gawd! What a thief! I remember her coming out in a metalic, confetti type dress with the blue nail polish! I had seen this on RHWONJ, Danielle! Kors' such a franchise whore! That store of his looks like a brothel!

  102. ***I liked Patricia's dress very much, and Richard's a-symmetrical dress I didn't care for.***

    I could and would have worn it as a night shirt to sleep in! I'm not into this new glam look, harking back to the 40's! I remember after "hot pants" in the mid 70's they went to a length just below the knee too! If worn with boots I don't mind it, but otherwise it's aging as far as I'm concerned! It's also a lazy manuever; ya don't have to shave above the knee I guess! lol!

    ***Let's switch Anthony Bourdain for Padma. He would be an incredible, witty, and intelligent host.***

    But AB can't come in wearing a slinky gown and Jimmy Choo shoes! He'd look a little odd on Tom's arm! lol! Where does he get the time? Traveling the world, judging other people's restaurants and creations, not to mention hosting the old "Hollywood Squares" with Whoopi Goldberg!

    ***I know there is a PR soundtrack, but it doesn't sound like any of the songs on it. Help anyone?!?***

    Love the music too! I picked up one of my faves from YouTube; Harold Barefoot Sanders III, "Junes Break!" Actually made it a part of my homepage below!

    ***It was kind of sad but Emily needed to go. If you can't finish a garment on the very first challenge, you probably are going to go home. I would have been angry if they sent Cindy home. Her dress wasn't the best, but at least she finished it. ...***

    That was a complete LIE Nina told about that being the most incompete garment ever on PR! I'm still ticked off that Sosa wasn't auf'd in season 7 when he sent a model down the runway in pink string and washers in alternate material challenge pretending it was a bikini! It was absolutely obscene that he traded her in for someone else after she saved his arse! The man had no shame and I didn't mind that he lost; twice!

    ***I never thought I'd say this, since I love PR dearly, but since Season 9 I have begun to really lose interest. The only time I watch it now is for All Stars. I completely missed Season 10 and haven't watched this season's premiere yet. I was just wondering if I was the only one. I'll probably bring myself to watch it, even though my heart isn't in it anymore.***

    It's more a habit than anything when it comes to this show and "Top Chef!" If it weren't for my blogs, I'd of probably dropped both shows completely from my "must see" list!

    ***Sad to say, me too. I agree with you. I used to love Project Runway and now it's more "well I should watch it". For me the first 6-7 seasons were good and then they lost their magic for me. Maybe it was the move to Lifetime.***

  103. ***Hottest Contestants on Project Runway?***

    Off the top of my head, one straight boy from season 6, Logan Neitzel! OMG, such beauty! Personally I wouldn't mind S3 Robert Best, S2 Emmett McCarthy, S5 Wesley Nault, S8 Jay Nicolas, or S9 Michael Drummond! I'm sure there are others I would take, but this is all for now! I'm such a whore!

    ***Zac Posen is absolutely gorgeous. lol. I remember seeing him on the show before. I knew who he was obviously, but didn't realize how cute he was. Now seeing him on the show I literally just stare at him and smile like a creeper. :-) ***

    He's hot! Good we have someone to look at! Heaven knows I'm not feeling any of these designers! lol! We talked about this on another thread! Listed all the hotties from season 1 on! LOGAN was #1 from season 6!

    ***I remember Logan being very delicious. lol. - Design uniforms for a ping pong 'social club'? - What's next? Redesigning hospital gowns at Bellevue?***

    The male models were pretty hot! I usually don't pay attention to "kilts," but that one was worth a second look! Uniforms for sagging Denny's Restaurant sales will be next week's challenge! lol!

    ***Agreed lol. Such a shame there are not hot male designers this season. Zac and male models have to make up for it. LMAO! Good one about Denny's....I don't know why they couldn't come up with a better challenge.***

    This is a gambit just to pick up Susan! Star power seems to be the most important thing this season! Katie Holmes was huge for them probably!

    ***If Heidi must wear a see-through knit, she really should push the girls up and out. Doesn't she have a lifetime supply of Victoria's Secret bras?***

    Heidi is usually big on the boobs being in the right position! The prevailing complaint on "The Fashion Police" these days is about designs that encourage separation; esp. when small and no bra needed!

    ***Surprise, James went home***

    James tried to repeat the great idea of Raul from last season; "let me do my own thing and I'll be safe!" What a tool! He won't be missed! Guess who's out the door next; Grandma maybe? OMG, how did Cindy make the final cut? I can only guess by having someone this bad, it'll be easy to eliminate her next week! This is a repeat of another mom brought in to fill a spot; Peach! Call me an ageist, but a 5 being the first # in your BD isn't condusive to "becoming" a designer!

    Laura Bennett was the closest I thought who I believe can do anything! No one more put together with all those rugrats running around! Anyone else would have run off or become a family annihilator! She really seems to have a great life! She was my fave from season 3! Her collection to this day seemed the most rich looking; MK said $30,000+ made with only $8000! And she did it w/o extra wigs and shoes which caused other designers heartburn at FW! She's great!

  104. ***The Aussie guy with the blond hair is super-annoying. It was ridiculous when he told the judges that his design skills have been compromised because he has been too busy "managing" the other members of the team. Who asked him to manage anybody? (I don't think there is even a team leader.)***

    Been there! When you're accustomed to leading a team, then you have this collection of losers, he has no choice but to tear out "said" blond hair! Gretchen got away with it back in season 8! "I was so busy with helping others, ... what makes me strong!" Poor things!

    ***I call shenanigans. Even if he couldn't lead them (and we never actually saw him lead anyone--just smother poor Cindy--fine, but that doesn't account for the horrible pieces he made. He wants to lead everyone to do things the way he wants them done. And if they don't, then he'll just make pieces the way he wants to make them, regardless of whether it fits in with anyone else's pieces. He's just like James.

    That tee he made was cool but it looked absolutely dreadful with the kilt. It was all the same color.

    It made the ball boy look so drab. And it WOULD have looked horrible with Cindy's jacket. And those shorts! Awful. Cindy didn't want to make the shorts because she didn't think she'd make sexy ones.

    Pretty sure she could have done better than the boxy, boring shorts that Benjamin made. He should have been in the bottom 2 instead of Cindy. I think he was one of the biggest contributors to the team's problems.

    ...and even I know what a skort is! Maybe because I have sisters, but ... Someone should introduce her to Culottes next! lol - What is she doing on a fashion show?***

    Culottes was the name used in my day back in the 70's! I guess I'm more around Susan's age! Hot Pants, Culottes, & denim were the most prevalent items of clothing back then! Tennis clothes as fashion was just taking off as well!

    ***I noticed how good-looking and gorgeous Zac Posen was when I first laid eyes on him. Also the last episode had so many gorgeous men on one episode of PR I've ever seen.***

    Well get what you can out of this season; Posen's HISTORY! Did you see Heidi react to him saying "I love your design, but I think it would be better for a YOUNGER actess?" OMG, she almost jumped out of her chair!

    ***I saw that too. I thought we won't be seeing ZP any more after this season. - He is both cute and nice. Honestly it is refreshing to see someone who isn't just bitchy on this show. He seems like he really wants to give constructive criticism and not just throw out some zingers. I like him much better than Michael Kors.***

  105. ***...And remember that angry black chick from a few seasons ago that constantly made African tribal gear? She got to the final three b/c the judges were afraid to kick her off.***

    Afraid? I think not! It was a weak season with a weak winner and competition; Korto was her name! Leanne beat her out along with Kenley! Jerell had been sent hom out of the blue when he won the last challenge!

    ***Was Bing talking about Korto? I wasn't sure who, but Korto made a lot of fabulous clothes, at least better than Jerrell, Suede, Stella, and whoever else was in the top of that season. They obviously weren't "afraid" to kick her off b/c she was a great designer! But I don't remember anything too tribal about any of her designs.***

    Well it couldn't be Kimberly from a couple years ago! Her stuff was urban and edgey! Korto did a few things that may be classified as tribal; esp. in the final mini challenge where Jerell was sent home unexpectedly!

    ***I hope they don'T do another all star season. After Isaac's obvious hard on for Anthony Ryan and the judges being too nice I wouldn't watch. I miss MK, but Zac is okay. The contestants this season are average. I hate Ben, the blonde guy with an accent like STFU; 1/16th good compared to what he thinks. He should have left when the old lady did; "one day you're in, one day you're out." Yes, she was in the bottom every time, but every time someone had a worse outfit.***

    You can say that about a number of the designers! Daniel has gotten a "fat head" over the last couple weeks! It's a good thing he was "read" for his bad design or he wouldn't have been able to get his head thru the door next week! lol! Michelle needs to get some taste! She thinks she so far ahead of everyone, but we find she's like me, stuck in the 80's!

    ***She and Ben have been the most annoying contestants this season. They both make a big deal how great they are, but (almost) always in the bottom. Just maybe they are others in this contest that are better designers.

    Totally Wrong Neckline for Miranda last night - I didn't like what she was wearing last night, for the judging, at all. Her chest looked bizarre. Blows my mind how people didn't tell her how awful she looked (I thought she did, anyway).***

    She reminds me of comment in "Breakfast Club!" Judd mentioned something about Molly being on the verge of "blowing up!" Miranda was busting out of whatever that was! lol! Someone needs to tell her, "that ain't cute!"

  106. ***Miranda Lambert is NOT curvy, rather chubby - It seems that nowadays people use the word "curves" to denote anything that isn't straight skinny. - ETA: Just for the record, Lambert didn't seem chubby to me at all. She looked average-sized. But anyone will look big in comparison to the models who just walked down the runway.***

    She was bursting out of that leather outfit last week! Wow! What was on Daniel's mind texturizing that material which only added size to the model? So much for his taste level! He skated on 2 standard designs that worked! He thought he was invincible! What a wake up call! That head was just a deflated tonight!

    ***Michelle is a chronic complainer - I agree. I am getting sick of her constant whining and complaining, esp. about Patricia. If she'd put as much effort into her designs as she does complaining, she might actually have some half-decent work to show.***

    I love it! She was harping about working with Patricia before she was selected to join her team! SETUP! This can't be by accident! lol! I'm glad she got dragged down since she was of little help to the woman! She hasn't been in the bottom before and created some very innovative ensembs so I don't understand the hate for Pat!

    ***Amanda and Michelle are such bitches.***

    Well they're so superior! We got rid of one perfectionist in Benjamin, but we'll still have another week of Muchelle and Amanda! OMG!

    ***'Patricia' - Was probably the only name in that button bag. Just the producers trying to create drama....- That's what I was thinking. And the fact that Heidi pointed out that they would have won without Patricia was all manufactured drama.***

    Why is Patricia getting slammed so much? Her 1st couple efforts were highly praised by the judges! Am I missing something? The only legitimate complaint should be her babbling! She'll go on and on and on and on and on! Her 2nd attempt this week was better than nothing!

  107. ***Most awful contestant? - MICHELLE!! She ranks right up there with Gretchen, aka. Wretchen and Josh McKinley as the 3 top BITCHES of all time.***

    OMG, speaking of Greatchen & Josh; just watched season 8's team challenge! These people were at their worst with Wretchen and Hivy in the lead! They promised to not throw each other "under the bus" when they lost to the misfit team of Peach, Michael D., Mondo, April, and others! The losers acted "just so" coming down on Michael C. like a ton of bricks! He had immunity and had nothing to do with the "dated designs" they created; "grandpa sweater?" Hivy had to add a little extra with a followup; "I don't know if it's laziness or just ignorance," as she looks sideways in MC's direction with a snear! I was never so digusted! You would have thought he talked about their family heritage! He did nothing but stand there and they all at once were passing the buck on him since he had immunity! It's funny and gross at the same time I guuess, but my mouth hangs open agape every time I see it! They never really broached it much in the reunion with Gretchen disarming the situation by saying something about "I just play a bitch on tv!" Ivy redeemed herself during the All-stars not letting herself get pulled into any drama; esp. with that a-hole Josh! He tried to fan the flames more than once, but she never bit! "Good job girl!"

    ***Michelle has been on 0 winning teams thus far.***

    No more deserving of moniker, 'loser' than Michelle! She's been a chronic complainer, never refecting on herself at all making it Patrcia's fault this last time she was overlooked for a win! Couldn't happen to a more nice person! lol! - OMG, The Thunder Down Under guesting next week! Some real hotties! More video for my collection! "Thanks Lifetime; Bout time! Logo's been kickin' yo butt!"

    ***Of all the designers this season you think Richard and Daniel have the biggest egos? Seriously? I don't get that impression at all. Okay so maybe from Richard, but Daniel seems incredibly humble and always willing to help the other designers. I would like to nominate Stanley, Layana, & Michelle for biggest ego PR season 11.***

    Not necessarily a "bad" ego; more a quiet confidence that can get on your nerves! Ripping off all the gold tape takes a super ego no matter how helpful they've been in the past! That was a "bushe" move that I would punish one of my own kids for pulling! The resentment of not being selected is another one of those quiet ego trips! It all adds up to tick me off and having them have a collosol fail with that gold dress made my night! lol! I didn't even mind Michelle pulling out the win; esp. since all the other designers were thinking she would go down in flames! More ego on people! They just don't know! I thought the surprise win might go to Patricia being so close, so many times with her textiles! It's like they just don't want to give it to her! lol!

    ***Amanda and Michelle are mean and snotty people, but Layana is both mean, snotty and whiny. You can tell she is totally spoiled. Her whiny tone just grates on my nerves.***

  108. ***We were required to wear long dresses at my prom - Nina has been in the US since the age of 15. She went to an American high school. She is familiar with the prom and the tradition, the thing is her opinions are dated. It's not a foreign concept to her she just didn't go.***

    Nina was busted finally for knowing nothing on the subject! She was BS'n her way thru this challenge! She didn't have a clue really! Zac got her good! I should check the blog, but don't care that much to go on their new site;!

    ***Patricia should have won. ...because of the high school votes. If she was in the top she would have score at least above 70%+20%=90% - Their score counted for 20%. They simply voted for their favorite dress so their score propably counted as the highest possible. Their score gets added to the other four scores and devided by five. Instead of having four scores added up and devided by four.***

    I thought I heard it counted for 40%! Heidi's gonna do what she wants to do regardless!

    ***Agreed! I think Patricia should have won too, but we all know who run things there! - Kate & Tu's dress was dated, and Daniel & Richard's looked more suited for a Quinceneara than a prom.***

    That was absolute justice with those clowns ripping off all the gold tape! Losers! You knew it was going to happen; total shock after they thought to have the winning look! I call it a "face breaker!" Jerks!

    ***I do love the addition of Zac and what he brings to the table. He has his own voice and not afraid to undermine Nina...- Zac has proved to give the BEST criticisms out of ANY judge on the history of this show. Zac knows what he's talking about and he isn't afraid to make it known to the other judges. I like how he stands up for his opinions without degrading others. He's totally right to point out to Nina that she's got NO IDEA what she's talking about. I really like Zac, he's knowledgable about his craft while still maintaining a down to earth attitude!***

    I would hope the man has better things to do than advance his brand! I truly believe that was the motives of MK; dressing Heidi in those ghastly outfits, challenges centered around that gawdy flagship store of his, etc.! Zac doesn't need that ego stroking and is a much better person for it! Michael "gets off" berating and belittling these young designers! He's at times merciless! Zac is never that bad, no matter the design! I know it's a brutal business, but you can inspire with criticism as well as tear down! MK says he's trying to encourage and cultivate creativity, but at times the camera might get in the way!

  109. ***The challenge was to make tear-away costumes for "The Thunder Down Under!"***

    The Clothes were just comical on the guys! I was embarrassed for them having to stand their in such trash!

    ***I agree. I didn't like any of them. - I don't know, just don't know. And what's funny is watching Layana and Amanda throw Richard under the bus.***

    Well he is a man! I could see with my bad eyes and inch thick lenses that those collars needed a "stand!" What a moron! Men's shirts aren't necessarily easy, but you can't make them like you would a women's shirt! That was dumb on his part! I'd vote for Richard getting the ax! He was of so little help, but at the same time let the women bulldoze him! He could have asserted himself a little there! What a wimp! All that crying was too much!

    ***Who was your favorite Thunderer from Down Underer? LOL***

    I like long hair, so the BOSS! He was the hottest to me! Caught my eye anyway!

    ***Yep, the long haired boss man. Wowsa wowsa wowsa. He nearly brought tears to my homoed eyes. - Zac Posen looked like a Thunderbird puppet!***

    When you go to those skinny suits, any movement or "extreme cross of the leg" lifts it away from your body! Just a guess by what I remember about the Thunderbirds! Yeah Zach was floating in that chair; hanging off strings! He grinned so hard, I saw back teeth! OMG; it wasn't that funny!

    ***When no one can do a good job on a challenge, there's something wrong with the challenge. I'm tired of these "make 50 garments in 20 minutes" challenges, and then the judges are shocked when the clothes look like shit. The designers clearly needed more time in order to tailor The Thunder From Down Under clothes properly.***

    This is one of those cases where no matter how much money you threw at the challenge, time was more valuable! You can't make men's wear that fast! Creating a piece of cloth into a dress is infinitely easier than making a man's suit! Stuff for men is so much more particular! You can't go outside convention the way you can with women's wear! Heidi's asymetrical necklines won't work for men so an error by Kors looked chic; well he thinks so! Heidi's looked "busted" of late as far as I'm concerned! This stuff looks cheap and ill-fitting; "sorry MK!"

    ***They needed at least 2 or 3 days b/c that stuff they brought out there was very crappy. I think in the past they would have 2 day challenges. They need to go back to that.***

    A few seasons before that, Tiki Barber was the client! His ex-wife came in to give them ideas and the stuff that went down the catwalk was about as bad! If they came up with anything; shirt and a pair of pants, that was good enough to win! Everything else was half-arse done or incomplete!

  110. Indirectly, it's the team aspect that's killing enthusiasm! If they were on their own and there wasn't so much back-biting, there's a possibility we could root for someone! I have no feeling on it either way! Its more a habit and keeping up with my blog for the show! I haven't really been invested since they moved to Lifetime! Bravo letting them move hurt more than they'll ever know; in my thinking! PR and Top Chef were the 2 things that got me watching around the clock! After losing that show and a couple other faves, I don't watch the network half as much! These new shows look "simple" and I refuse to even check them out; Brad, Rachel, VanderPLUMP? I think not!

    ***Prom Dress episode...judges are stupid. - Agreed. I don't know why so many of them, minus Zac, were acting as though long dresses were unusual, at prom of all places! In the end, I really think Kate and Tu should have gone with a different color, but their dress was really beautiful and classic- a style that I've seen girls go for at prom.***

    This is one of those occasions when Nina really made a fool of herself arguing with Zac! It made no sense! He's half her age, working with kids all the time and she's being stubborn thinking she must be right! I understand where she's coming from about long dresses being impractical esp. after proms running around, but that's part of "graduation lore" working around it! She's obviously foreign born and an idiot! I forgive Heidi because she likes what she likes, but Nina should have known to defer to Zac in this one instance! If I were a girl for the prom, I'd definitely go with a long ball gown style! It makes no sense, but it's a fairy tale night for girls; being little princesses! Zac good, Nina bad!

    ***I was a little embarrassed for Nina while watching the judging...I usually agree with her comments, but she really looked like a stubborn idiot on this challenge. Since neither she nor Heidi grew up in America the whole concept of a prom was clearly confusing to them. I didn't graduate THAT long ago and almost everyone wore a long gown. Katie was totally right - for lots of girls it is the first opportunity to wear a fancy long dress and dress up.

    And I know that, at least in my city, most girls still wear long dresses for prom. Every year I invariably see teens eating dinner in nice restaurants or taking pictures in some of the swankier areas of the city, and almost all of them still wear long dresses. Zac Posen totally won that round. :)***

  111. ***I haven't been impressed with Richard's designs, but Samantha's ice skater outfit was hideous.***

    She needed more than a day to fabricate the garment unfortunately! Samantha admitted she made a sewing error which really ruined the layering effect! It could have been great, but that "cut out" in the back was definitely unnecessary! That was her downfall in the end; made it too junior!

    ***Layana is so conceited and I don't understand why. - Layana has come off to me as a total and complete bitch in the past 3 or so episodes. I'm so sick of her complaining and whining when she hasn't had ANY good designs in these episodes to back that up. Now she's complaining about working with Daniel and feels like she has to carry the team?***

    I just couldn't believe her level of delusion! I told myself, "I hope she's under a doctor's care!" OMG; she wanted to claim both garments! That was bizarre! I'm done with her! Thank Gawd we lost Richard! I lived in Sacramento for 10 years! I'm glad I never ran into him! Another impossible person you can't tell anything! He's in his own little world really unable to work with anyone!

    ***Maybe she thought since she only gave Daniel that little amount of fabric, she was instrumental in designing the skirt.***

    It was the jacket that saved them both! lol! She needs to get over herself! Michelle was like that, but she's been backing it up the last couple weeks! Layana is losin' it fast!

    ***Ugh, Layana, what a delusional bitch. First she felt she was gonna have to carry the team. Shortly after, she put herself in some deep dark funk and blamed Daniel for not helping her get out of it. Then at the end she felt "betrayed" by him for not telling the judges that the look was 50/50 when she wasn't even gonna give him enough fabric to construct his garment. Ugh, get over yourself, Layana, the rest of us certainly are.***

    Every once in while I caome across someone like this; you can't figure them out! You can be sitting there innocently, nothing on your mind, then drama expells out of them and you have no idea "where'd that come from?"

    ***And is it just me or does Daniel's mustache look like it's only attached by glue directly under his nose? I guess it's real but seriously, it looks for all the world like a fake one that is lifting on both sides and is about to fall off.***

    Daniel = Charlie Chaplin --- Richard = little person with a large head!

    ***They definitely did not go for any eye candy for the gays this season!***

    Bring back Logan from Season 6! He was a hottie and didn't really know it! He had the girls and boys drooling all the time! A real waste of straight meat!

  112. He's doing nothing to make himself useful to Patricia! Poor girl is stressing out dealing with such a "noodge!" He's like a petulant child that's still upset he was elim.; like it was her fault!

    ***He's so getting on my nerves. Is it me but the last couple of seasons, they have been bringing on people with little to no idea how to sew. I just hope Patricia doesn't go home b/c of him.

    IDK, I think he actually has a good point. I mean, he was definitely out of his depth and should have been gone wks ago, but Patricia can't be easy to work with either. Nobody's been able to work very well with her. Her final designs look nothing like the original sketches, nobody can understand what she's talking about when she tries to describe them, and she changes them multiple times before they go down the runway. How can you possibly create a decent companion piece to that when you don't know what it's going to look like until an hour before the runway show? I like that she has an original POV and that she makes her own textiles, but if she were on my team and I'd have to deal with that, I'd want to slap her.***

    You can talk about how she doesn't work well with people and comments going back and forth with animus, but the judges seem to like her POV! she rarely is panned like Richard, Daniel, and others! Jealousy is all this is about! They don't like the old lady and they think she should go for that reason alone! They're all idiots! I'm no huge fan of any of the designers, but since they're so catty it's hard to root for any of them! They all have so much to say about each other's garment, then we find they're totally wrong; esp. about their own designs!

    ***I don't think it has anything at all to do with jealousy. They're supposed to be working together, and when you can't work with somebody b/c they can't articulate their vision, that's a big problem. You can't create anything cohesive as a team when you're paired up with somebody like that. She would be fantastic in a regular season, but in this one? She's a serious liability to have as a teammate. I don't blame them for being worried when they're paired with her.***

    So you're one of those people who totally overlook the incompetence of Richard? He didn't know what he was doing! He can complain that she didn't articulate her vision well enough, but he sounded like a true dolt! He was as confused as any novice! Remember those shirts he produced a couple challenges ago? He thought they were great, but later found to be sewn terribly with no collar block! Don't blame Patricia for his lack of skill! She may not be the best sticking to a plan, but Richard influenced a lot of doubt about getting things done b/c he was so bad as an assistant! Stanley cleaned up with his "sous chef" (lol) who worked hard and didn't complain about the abuse! Guess who won the challenge? Please stop making excuses for Richard!

    ***Where did I say I liked Richard? I said in my OP that he was in over his head and he should have been gone weeks ago. ...I don't like him or his designs, but I didn't blame him at all for not knowing what to do for his piece when Patricia kept changing hers whenever she felt like it. They were supposed to be working together, and neither of them did.***

    Where did I say you "liked" Richard? I said you're overlooking how incompetent he truly was the last few weeks! He was just plain bad; all around, creatively and socially! He deserved to go home; and a lot earlier as we have said! ...It's this stupid show demanding haute couture practically overnight, then ask why something looks cheap and unfinished! They're all idiots! Michelle has done her own thing, not being a great teammate, but she's flourished! There are no absolutes! Please get over yourself! I'm just trying to be fair to all concerned while others are trying to annihilate designers for personal reasons!

  113. ***Who really wants to see a collection from Patricia? She is one of the designers that is lost and has no idea what the hell she is doing.***

    I'm no designer, but Patricia thinks outside the box! I think it's terribly unfair for you and others to fault her for that since it's encouraged! Her problem is time management; nothing new here! I think it's outrageous they are expected to be that creative in just a day and a half, then get slammed for bad execution or it looking cheap! I can't say it enough; "you get what you pay for!" In this case they should lower the budget amount and give them more time to realize the design! It's only happenstance some have gotten away with making something very wearable! So often if they had been given even a couple hours, it might have made all the difference! What's the freakin' rush? In the old days that was how it went; less of a budget, but more time! Stupid ass show!

    OMG, WTF is wrong with Michelle? - Besides being a complete bitch, she's so opinionated and always has something to say! She complains about everything and if things go her way, she's still not happy really! Nina said she didn't want to see pants for this challenge! What does Michelle decided to design, a summery pantsuit! She's disturbed!

    ***IKR! If I listened to what Nina said, I know Michelle heard since she was right there! Michelle is just being, as my grandmother would say,'hard-headed.' - And she had the NERVE to dis Stanley saying he'd do something "1950s" while her babyshit green pants are like the tacky 70s. Ummm, Michelle, Stanley is the ONLY designer that has never been on the bottom and close to being sent home you smug, condescending bitch.

    Oh Patricia - Every time she compromises her artistic vision, her outfit suffers for it. I get why she had to scale back this time because she had an assistant who didn't know how to help her sew. I'm sure that if she had someone whose skills she could trust and she executed her original design, she could have done something really amazing.***

    I'm glad someone sees that! On another thread we have people making excuses for the incompetence of Richard! He was totally responsible for her having to scale back like that and took no responsibility for being of "no help" to Patricia! You knew she was going to get him as soon as we heard that confessional! Michelle got a reprieve with all her bitching! She's just such a hateful little girl! She looks around and pans everyone elses design, but who should have gone home; HER! It'll happen sooner or later! She's the true rotten teammate!

  114. ***I like Patricia. That being said, she's creative and and polite to a fault. She did not throw Richard under the bus last night, but was truthful about teaching him to sew. You mentioned looking cheap; I was amazed at how Leyana was praised for her garment throughout the show when all I saw was a 'cheap', Target/Walmart looking top paired with a flowy skirt. I didn't get that at all.***

    The designers are borrowing from Target, Kmart, and Sears all the time! lol! Throw a little leather on it and the judges all say, "it looks expensive;" NOT!

    ***Michelle hating on Patricia all the time - Michelle has the "Fashion" Industry's not so veiled "dislike" of what they consider to be physically "inappropriate;" aka FAT. Patricia can't physically wear the sort of clothing that's in STYLE, VOGUE and MARIE CLAIRE are pushing, and wannabes like Michelle can't stand it. Patricia obviously has imagination, and a well developed aesthetic, and Michelle is scared shitless that she might be knocked off. Patricia is MY favourite as well.***

    Don't forget Patricia is older! That's also a problem with the younger crowd! They can't be bothered with moms, dads, and grands! Been there! Still doesn't excuse how rude she has been and I hope it's brought up if and when they have a reunion! I'm still wondering how Leyana is going to explain her look of disgust, turning away when Daniel's yellow short suit went down the runway? I just couldn't believe it! What could possibly have been on her mind to do something like that?

    ***Sadly...I also had a gifted mother who wouldn't let me NEAR her PFAFF. If she had, who knows? I might be canoodling with Tim, Heidi and Nina right now.***

    I haven't been anywhere near a sewing machine since the 70's! Like any piece of machinery, I could only see the worst outcome possible; normally a needle thru a finger! lol! I would guess with the new machine, guards are set up to eliminate the possibility of a mishap!

    ***My mom and all four of my older sisters sewed, so I rebelled and took metal shop in school instead. Now I wish I had learned to sew, b/c I love drawing outfits, but don't know how to make them come to life.

    Two episodes back it was hilarious listening to Layana whine about having to carry her teammate, Daniel, when SHE ended up needing him to prop her her up, keep her focused and to remind her that they needed to SHARE the damn fabric since she insisted on using all but 1 yard of it. Not surprisingly, that little toxic harpy managed to pull the, "It was 50/50" line when the judges liked Daniel's jacket. She can't sew a jacket the way he can, but it was supposedly, "50/50." Who'd like to bet that if the judges panned Daniel's outfit she would have distanced herself from it? What a complete loser!***

  115. I've seen teammates throw each other under the bus, but usually there's some element of truth! Leyana went into 'bizarro' world seeing things that weren't there and demanding credit for something she had nothing to do with! It was sad and I can't wait to see her reaction to it at the reunion! It'll have to come up; lil' drama!

    Throughout that episode she created this entire scenario in her head that somehow she "HAD" to do everything. It was her reality, but nobody else's! The girl is so self centered that she literally lives in her own little delusional place!

    ***...That's no excuse, it's not season 1 anymore, everyone knows how the confessionals work and there are allways a few contestants that don't sink to that level. They simply take their moment to shine or they keep their dignity throughout, it's their own choice, not the producers. - I disagree. Most of the winners did "sink to that level."***

    True enough, even soft spoken season 2 winner Chloe had things to say behind other designers' backs! lol! It was never malicious like some, but the producer probably wrangled some of it out!

    ***Stanley is worse than Michelle - I felt awful for Tu. He was working his butt off for Stanley and all he was doing was berating him at every turn.***

    Unfortunately Stanley is on par with season 7 & All-Star designer, Emilio Sosa! He knows what he wants, would rather do it himself, and if he gives you a task, you have to perform it the way he would; no shortcuts! Very demanding individual! I wouldn't let anyone talk to me even if being paid well! Call me whatever! He was rude, crude, and owes Tu so much for helping him to that challenge win this week! Emilio redeemed himself a bit by being very gracious and seemed genuinely happy for Anthony Ryan after AS's!

    ***I was shocked to see Richard didn't know what a french seam was! How did he even survive as a designer then? - I can't decide if Richard is just uneducated or if he was sabotaging Patricia. I'm leaning towards both and reguardless he has no business in fashion.***

    Richard is an over-rated hack! After a team challenge where he had to sew a couple men's shirts told you he was incompetent! I don't care if you've never made one before, he knew those sloppy collars weren't going to pass muster! He was happy with them actually said he didn't know they required a stand to give them the stiff upright look! What a mohron! I'd hate to think he purposely was trying to sabotage Patricia, but his heart definitely wasn't in it to help her like Tu did for Stanley!

    ***Poor Patricia - the younger designers always unfairly pick on the older designers just to stroke their own egos. They seem to target her maybe b/c she’s older, heavier, not as hip or glamorous – which is totally unfair. I’ve liked Pat from the beginning and find most of her designs really interesting. She has a totally weird mind process, but she impresses the judges. I think even Michelle, who loathed Patricia, is coming around. Her comment last week was “Patricia’s always a mess but I know 5 minutes before the runway she’ll pull out something fabulous.”***

    Agreed! So many of these people are just "haters" who are just jealous Patricia has hung on for so long! Michelle was like death on her, but who's standing next to her about to be eliminated? MICHELLE! "Loser!" Too many of the designers are too concerned about other people's efforts! I know it's a team challenge, but they aren't any more helpful to each other than if they weren't!

  116. ***Who here hate Michelle and her idiotic tattoos? - I have no issues with her tattoos. They're better than a generic butterfly, barbed wire, Celtic or Chinese character tattoos. They're quite graphic and placed in a good spot so visually I actually like them and it goes with her "look." As for hating her, hate is a STRONG word and something I would not use to describe someone I do not know at all. People's TV personas and what is edited are not a way to judge someone, so I wouldn't do that. And realistically none of the contestants are likable, all of them are rather annoying and childish. From Layana's entitlement issues and constant whiney voice, to Stanley & Michelle's arrogance, to Richard/Daniel's hissyfits and Patricia's constant crying.***

    Agreed! I'm not leaning in anyone's direction as of now! I can take or leave the entire show! If not for my blog and homepage, I'd probably skip keeping up with it altogether! There's just nothing about it I like these days, including the time crunch! "You get what you pay for; 1 day? For real?" Mohron! As for the tattoos, I can definitely do without! It almost like permanent skin dirt as far as I'm concerned! Kelli Osborne has tons from neck to feet including that area on the arms! You just can't miss them! She will be regretting a lot later on I'm sure! She'll never admit it though!

    OMG, Richard's Still there ... Project Runway is terribly cruel, but if he had to be assigned to someone deserving of trouble, might as well be Stanley! So cruel to little TU last week! Unbelieveable Daniel almost had a breakdown; never been out of the country! Typical Texan, so limited! Bush supposedly never went abroad before becoming President! How sad and pathetic for someone with such a family and history! - According to the preview, smoke is coming out of her ears because others got to go to Europe, while she was stuck in NY! Some people just have to have a complaint; horrid girl!

    ***I seriously hope that she finally goes home. Maybe Layana too, that would be ideal. Also I think it's true that most people haven't traveled abroad. It's expensive, and why would you go abroad when the United States has a vast amount of interesting places to visit? Don't be a snob.***

    If you have the time and money, you really need to go abroad! Some just don't want to like a "W!" Since he was so limited and stupid, he ran the country into the ground! I think if he had been smarter, more worldly, he wouldn't have trashed the country so much! He was easily misled by his VP, Cheney, but learned to keep his distance later in the 2nd term! I digress; chances to go somewhere abroad? Do it!

    ***'Fashion is not art.' - WHAT? Is Nina crazy? I know she's coming at it from the business side, but I am stunned to hear a fashion director say that fashion is not art.***

    The woman is just hateful! I couldn't believe she was saying it's not Patricia's time! Heidi piped in, "what do you want her to do, wait until she's 80?" Nina just doesn't like her; period! Too old probably! I'll take Patricia over Layana anytime; esp. with all the extra time they'll have to come up with a collection! I wonder will they run game on these designers and eliminate another one next week? I can't tell you how many times someone has won that last challenge only to be cast aside after a mini collection peek the following week! Total BS! Michael C and Jerell had that happen to them and it was 'bush-league!' You're hosed if you pick the wrong 3 designs out of your designs to show Heidi and the crew!

  117. ***I wish Daniel would stop crying at the drop of a hat.***

    OMG, I thought he was going to collapse! Nothing in life coming my way would have me lose so much control! He's too old for this! I thought he might stroke out with happiness! I guess after living in Texas so long, it had to be like opening up a whole new world for him! Call me jaded; and more! I can take it!

    ***Oh, and anyone in Michelle's position with even an ounce of character would be thankful for the second chance and happy for the others, not jealous and entitled. Guess what, she's also going to be the winner of this seasons Project Runway. You can take that to the bank.***

    I hope NOT! No real fan of any of them, but it should be between Stanley and Patricia; only because she has more time to create her textiles! They saved her for that reason! Of course, we've seen one of the four auf'd after mini-challenges; selecting 3 designs for assessment by the judges before FW! It's not over yet; I'm guessing! Michael C and Jerell both won the final challenge, but were still auf'd for FW! Totally bush-league, but that's the show for you!

    ***If Valentino or one of the big fashion houses came out with a jacket like Patricia's, Nina would be all over it saying how amazing it was. More often than not I don't think she has a clue what she's talking about.***

    Nina's a 'hater' unfortunately! When she gets it in her head you should go, she can't be fair! She's embarrassed herself more than once; even this past challenge saying "this isn't art!" What is she smoking these days! What a d-bag; and I never call women that, but she's proving me right! The kids prom dress challenge was another instance she has no clue or is just plain "stupid!" Arguing with someone who actually dresses kids for prom made no sense!

    ***I don't know why Michelle be bitching? Her having to stay in NY was a blessing in disguise. She didn't have to travel which meant she wasn't jet lagged. She had access to Mood when some designers had to choose from a much smaller selection and she technically got more money b/c of currency conversion rates. PLUS - She's an American designing an outfit based on home turf (where there's no language barrier) while the others have to explore their various countries for inspiration. Tell me again why she's acting like she missed out?***

    She was behaving like a petulant child! It was unfortunate and I hope she sees this later! I would have felt "OMG, I dodged a bullet!" She couldn't see it that way at first! All she can hope is she turns her rotten attitude around and uses it to create something fantastic! Personally I wouldn't want to be bothered with someone like her who uses these confessionals to only "vent!" She so rarely has anything good to say! It's so sad!

    ***I will never understand people who constantly talk about how downhill a show is going, yet still watch it every week. I'm not necessarily talking about you, but I see it constantly on various IMDB forums.***

    I think I explained myself anyway! Others? Human nature! We're a country of whiners and complainers! We're never satisfied and perpetually play the victim even though our standard of living is better than most in the world! We just don't know what we're talking about half the time! Our IQ are dropping precipitously! I get a lot of satisfaction when people say my blog keeps them appraised of what's going on due to their unwillingness or inability to watch the show!

  118. ***It was so ridiculous; esp. since Nina's never attended a prom! To argue like that with Zac Posen made no sense! "Well I don't agree!"***

    That will stick with me for a while! Few people really challenge Nina besides Kors and he's an even bigger D-bag! He gets a real thrill shooting the designers down! I find it unusually cruel at times! It's one thing to critique someone's work, but to actually make fun of them at times; on tape? True A-hole!

    ***Zac Posen is my sister's gay-man crush. He's sassy and can hold his own, esp. against Nina. I say they did a good thing replacing MK and now it's time for Nina to go bye-bye. They should bring in Georgina Chapman - I like her as a judge on Alstars.

    2 12 hour plane rides...bag checks...customs officers...All for a one day trip? Jeez what a pain...AND THEY COULD ONLY GO TO ONE STORE?!***

    12 hours? Who said that? Unless they sat on the tarmac for a long while, anything over 5 or 6 hours is not possible! They're in NY! I got to Amsterdam in 7 hours from Chicago if I remember correctly! There's an extra hour it takes upon return because of the wind currents! Working with computers, I often had to take quick trips; even cross country for just 24 or 36 hours! It'll stay with them regardless of how short the time was spent abroad! I'm just shocked all of them have passports! A few years ago, they had some real "rubes" on the show! How they managed going to Paris was beyond me! Even living in SF it can take more than a day; months if not in the area! The ones I'm thinking of was from season 3, Kayne and Angela! They were far from being sophisticated to be world travelers! Sorry to be a snob, but that's the way it is! Most people don't go further than the towns they were born!

    ***I don't see how Michelle is any more unlikeable than many of the others. As with every season that's come before, most of these contestants are ridiculously over confident in their abilities and talent.

    Stanley - Rude. Humorless.

    Layana - Bossy. Manipulative. Cry baby.

    Daniel - Passive aggressive. Manipulative. Cry baby.

    Patricia - Hypocrite. Manipulative. Cry Baby.

    Michelle's biggest problem? She doesn't LISTEN.***

    I'm no fan of the old lady, but she's done nothing to be criticized for beside her inability to articulate her vision! She talks too much at times on the runway! She's never gone out of her way to be mean, passive aggressive, or hypocritical like the others! Even stressed to her limit with Richard, she kept her composure! I would have read him the riot act; "are you trying to sabotage me a-hole?" Check again! Michelle on the other hand 'kvetches' relentlessly in the confessionals! Her resentment of being left off the trips abroad was palpable! She's just not a nice person; sorry!

  119. ***Patricia is NOT commercial! At the beginning of this truly awful season, she had a couple of pieces that I thought were really unique and wearable/sellable but since then, she's become very one-note and that note is Native American. I get that she's proud of her heritage (we all are) but she needs to be more diverse than that because she's already limiting her clientele. And the fact that she'd rather do textile design than fashion design limits her even further. I'm actually dreading her Fashion Week collection. - I think in both cases the majority won. Zac wanted Patricia, too, Nina was the only one against it and prefered Layana.***

    How do you people know anything? They aren't given much time to come up with something original so why should she stoop to making something cheap and commercial? That doesn't make any sense! She was saved because she obviously does something that's unique and Heidi appreciates that! She said she'd wear that jacket of Patricia's! I found it quite editorial regardless of the "hating" by that bitch NINA! She lost all credibility ages ago fighting over prom dresses she had no clue what she was talking about! She's a fool and needs replacing by someone more up-to-date like Georgina Chapman!

    ***Michelle brought a lot of this animus on herself. - Her recentment of not going to Europe isn't rational. - ...She doesn't know about the poor selection, the language barrier, and the conversion rate because she isn't watching the show like we are - ...You don't need to watch Project Runway to know that in Europe most of the countries speak a foreign language!

    Nina told Michelle not to make a t-shirt and pants and this is precisely what Michelle delivered to the runway last week. Then, she gets a 2nd chance. If I had been Michelle, I would have been ecstatic I got a 2nd chance, but no, she walks around with a horrible puss and tells everyone "Don't touch me! I need my private space!"***

    Europeans are a hell of a lot smarter and accomodating than we are! When abroad, there's always someone who'll speak English to me! My Dutch, French, and German is more than a little crude and I appreciate their help! Heaven knows we aren't that knowledgeable and accomodating! Our first reaction would be to tell them to "get the hell out of my store you foreigner!" lol! We aren't very patient here in the States!

    ***Michelle Couldn't just be happy to be retained ... In the end, she vindicated herself. The judges were impressed with her turn around.***

    Everyone but Heidi! She had no need or use for a dirty "towel wrap!"

  120. ***Please get rid of Michelle - Seriously! She should have been gone like four episodes ago!***

    She made it to FW fine, but as she's leaving Atlas to go make her collection, she's railing on Stanley in the confessional about him being a magpie who's going to embellish his designs so much they'll turn into a Bob Mackey moment! Why doesn't she just STFU and worry about her own work? Bitch please; just go away!

    ***I think she can't help but talk shit about people b/c she's just an insecure person, just like the ridiculous girls in high school who act like they can't do anything wrong, but needs to bring down people around them.

    Layana and her tears...- She also whines and cries and thinks that just b/c she spent "so much time" and "put soooooooo much work" into something, the judges should shit and do flips over it.***

    Richard isn't much better! He's supposed to be so much more mature, but he's a weeping willow at the drop of a hat whether it's good news or bad! He's just so overwhelmed by things, it's obvious he's done nothing in his life; my GAWD! He's absolutely shocked when they hate his design!

    ***Daniel's John Oates look (Hall + Oates) - He looks so ridiculous!***

    I thought maybe he just woke up! lol! You see the preview? Michelle reads that Daniel isn't that happy to see her upon their return to NY! I wonder did he get a chance to see some of her lame confessional? I wouldn't be bothered with the heifer! She's a backstabber and has too much to say about people's efforts without a decent critique of herself!

    Maybe it's just me; Stanley's designs underwhelmed! - Big yawn for me; sorry! They'll probably love it!

    ***Yep, I found his collection very underwhelming and boring! OMG...I completely agree! We are in 2013. Can you WOW us with new fashion looks?***

    I think Patricia may have made it....Both Heidi and Zac were smiling from ear to ear! They liked it; I'm sure!

    ***I hope not! Now i am wondering if Michelle is going to go forward because the looks she chose to present to the judges were not her strongest in her collection.

    So did I. I really didn't give her much of a chance but her 3-piece collection was by far my favorite. That blue dress with the headpiece was stunning! And even though I'd really like for her to stop beating us over the head with the fact that she's Native American, I absolutely loved that she used horse hair; I don't think anyone else could have pulled that off.

    Would it have killed Daniel to include a tiny bit of color in one of his 3 garments? How utterly boring his looks were. I liked Michelle's designs but wouldn't wear any of them. Stanley's stuff underwhelmed me. Patricia and Michelle should definitely move on and my guess is that Stanley will get the 3rd spot.***

  121. ***I got the impression that Stanley was a bit offended by the comments of the judges. Yes, he should keep his "flavor" in his collection, but it has to appeal to people other than him. I did like that skirt and top with the hand crafted beads. I know he wouldn't sell it to me for $30. Darn exposure from the show! LOL!***

    Stanley does not like taking criticism! I told you his ego is huge! His BF hinted at "welcome to my world!" lol! - Nina is so hard on Patricia! She just hates her guts! Zac is fighting for her though!

    ***My mother-in-law was a young woman in the 50's and she says the clothes were so ugly and now, I totally get it! Those long, frumpy dresses and skirts...ick! All they needed were pill box hats and white gloves! He kept pointing out the fabrics. Just b/c you make out-dated shapes in luxurious fabrics does NOT make them new or interesting.***

    I had to stop looking at old pics from that era! No matter how young you were, even a 15 y.o. looked like they were worn out wives with several children! I think that's why they used to push getting married so soon! With those fashions, your looks went downhill precipitously! lol! Both my great and grandmother married at 14 in the South! My mom was the 1st one of that family to wait until 19 since moving North to Chicago area!

    ***Michelle's Coat with the hardware - I was waiting for the model to unhook some of the bags the same way Michelle showed Tim how it could be done. I think the judges would have had a better opinion of the coat if they'd seen that.***

    That coat was a mess with all that junk hanging off of it! Looks like someone might be running thru the airport with all their carry-ons!

    ***Patricia's in...that's fine and perfectly understandable. You gotta admit though that there was a lot of blur between Daniel and Stanley's collections. I think letting both through to the finale would have been a little redundant.***

    Yeah, 2 old men with dated ideas! Wow!

    ***Michael Costello of "Project Runway" chats with StarCam's, Jennifer Tapiero at the '13 RealityWanted Awards - UUbJqVB-LES38EHmT_EWJ2gQ ***

    OMG, he's come a long way! They blew it on PR again selecting a designer over him that you'll never hear from again; including accessory queen Wretchen of S8!

  122. ***Zac Posen saved this season - been a snoozefest - and I find myself most looking forward to the judges' critiques esp. how Zac Posen is never afraid to speak against Nina Garcia. Zac really tries to empathize with the designers and think from their POV and I think that's what makes him very likable. Michael Kors is a great entertainer with the snitty comments but I reckon Zac's words would really help the designers to grow. Go Zac!***

    Well Nina has been so unreasonable and harsh this season; esp. against Patricia! Heidi liked the veiled couture look she made, but to Nina it was a circus outfit! She was like "death" on Patricia and she could do no right in Nina's mind! She had made up her mind a long time ago and she was just horrid to that women; to her face and behind her back! I hope all this comes back to her; esp. fighting with Zac over prom dresses that he specializes in! She knows better even though she's never went to a prom! She needs to get over herself and soon!

    ***I can't root for Michelle - She is my favorite designer, but my least favorite personality. If she wins, I won't be upset about it b/c it shouldn't be a popularity contest, but I just hate seeing someone win who has such a negative attitude. I sort of hope Patricia wins. She has a unique approach to design. I don't really love her designs, and am surprised she made it this far, but I appreciate her concepts. Stanley has created some really great garments in the team challenges, but holy moly, his final collection is boring. I'm sure there's a market for those looks, but it doesn't seem to impress the judges.***

    Her bahavior must be catching! I'm watching other shows where there has to be someone like this to be a "kill joy!" They can't be happy just being there and appreciating the moment and exposure! I'm wound tighter than a drum over finale of "RuPaul's Drag Race" where 2 of the contestants are like "death" on another one; for no reason but to be mean! They figure they're more deserving to be there while the other shouldn't; even though it appears to be jealousy! There's no retribution from the victim, but it persists! It takes me back to grammar school and I'm still upset about it! Typical; bad behavior being rewarded in the end! Reality shows are closer to being real when you see such poor behavior from someone for no reason!

    ***Michelle + Amanda look older than they are - Michelle's 34?! She looks at least 10 years older. I forget how old Amanda is, but I'm older than both of them and cannot believe they were born after I was.***

    Maybe it's being married that's dragging them down! It's so easy to let things go; not necessarily out of shape, but in their styles! It's harder for women I suppose; heaven knows I'll be 56 in a couple days, and no one picks my age! "Black don't crack" is the old saying! Joan Rivers had a comeback for Halle Berry though; "Black don't crack, but bi-racial needs a facial!" lol!

  123. Oh Snap; Patricia just kneed Nina in the groin...OMG, Patricia has just about had it! Her model asked what the judges thought about the horse hair top! She told her Zach and Heidi like it, but Nina didn't! She waved her off and said, "Nina's a right-wing conservative!" Layana just can't help herself! Why prop yourself up? "I don't know what Patricia would do w/o me!" What a horrible person! I'm sure we'll hear, the producers put that in her ear!

    ***Yes, Lay just cannot help but think nothing works well without her! I couldn't believe she said that. Oh, wait, who am I kidding? This is Layana who is probably going to expect credit from Patricia for all her hard work...yet I found she complained most of the time. -- Michelle's collection - Ugh how depressing. If she wins I am out. It would be like Gretchen a over again.***

    Stanley and Patricia's collections were transformed! It seemed as if Michelle didn't do much in the way of elevating her designs! She kept all those buckles and bags on that coat! Some just don't want to listen! We'll see what the judges say and do!

    ***Eack collection had something special - overall I liked Patricia's best, then Stanley's. Michelle's the last.***

    True enough, but Michael Kors just brutalized Stanley's featured piece; "Betty White's Dancing With The Stars gown!" Heidi agreed!

    ***Stanley's last look was very "high society old lady at a NY Philharmonic gala." - People act like Michelle's this ridiculously huge bitch when in reality she doesn't even crack the 'Top 20 Biggest PR Bitches.' Give her a break, people. You'd be pissed too if you had good designs at the beginning of the season and your team was constantly in the bottom b/c of other people.***

    Her problem is she's so opinionated! She has to be so concerned with everyone elses' designs and work ethic! Patricia came out of nowhere without winning any challenges! I'm so rooting for her! - Too bad it wasn't enough! - OBTW, the Reunion looks HOT! The claws come out! It's all being put out there from what little I saw of the preview!

    ***I hope someone brings up Michelle hating Patricia, then loving her w/o explanation. I also hope Michelle takes off those hideous earrings she had on. ...***

  124. ***Stanley: The downward spiral - He was the top contender before the finale and then choked. What a shame he showed up at Fashion Week with fabric and no finished garments. I find this the biggest crash and burn of any contestant. - I think it was all that beadwork and embroidery he commissioned, he would have had to wait on that stuff FOREVER to get done.... and it really didn't work out for him.***

    I think Stanley took himself out of the running as soon as we saw and heard how much of the work is/was being farmed out! That was ridiculous; a team of seamstresses at the last moment like that! Tacky and unforgivable for the producers to even allow it! At least he gained no real advantage in the long run! He should have won, but was more stubborn than Michelle who did it her way and prevailed!

    ***He had no vision or passion of his own. He was fine when he had to work under the parameters of a challenge because he didn't have to come up with his own over-arching idea. But the minute he had to completely design his own concept from scratch, he completely floundered. - OMG, the Reunion looks HOT! I think they just end up being trashy reality BS with people fighting and bitching at one another, but people do love to watch that stuff***

    Better "them" than me! I don't need to be running up my blood pressure in some inane melodrama this juvenile and petty! You can explain a lot due to being estranged from your loved ones, the tight quarters with people you'd assume not associate with, then the prize of fame and money looming! The thing is most people would sell their souls to be there! Regret is one of those things people don't want to hear and will tell you, "that spot could have gone to someone else more deserving than you if you're not hungry enough!" You've seen more than a couple designers "walk!" I don't blame them, but they obviously didn't think things through; considering the stakes! I know I couldn't deal with those situations and wouldn't inflict my persona on my worst enemy! I try to be considerate of others!

    ***When Stanley and Tim talked about his collection while it was shown at the runway you could see Patricia's models standing around and people kind of finishing the looks. So was he second at the finale? - Regardless of what position Stanley went, he was working up til the very moment the model walked on the runway... That is completely unfair... But not that it made him much difference...***

    With editing, Heaven knows how thing's truly transpired! I ceased caring ages ago and seeing the finale that one time thursday was more than enough! I got the info for my blog and I've moved on! As TIM said, there has been nothing like it in PR history! Stanley was the least prepared designer around; OMG! It was embarrassing! He's got to cringe looking at the show later on; hiding his face in a pillow maybe!

    ***Tim looked HORRIFIED when he was speaking about Stanley's disarray and lack of preparation. He probably thought it was unprofessional. He seemed almost angry about it.***

  125. ***Didn't watch the finale, but I really liked Dimitry's work last season and would like to see what he is up to now. I wonder why they haven't done something like that before? I wonder if it's because some of the other winners (like Gretchen) don't go on to do very much once the show ends? - Patricia was all over the map. She lost her scarves just before the runway show, much to Tim's horror. He just could not believe how disorganized she was.***

    Well when it comes to being disorganized, you don't want to bring that up in mixed company! Stanley was the least prepared designer in the history of the show! I had no dog in this hunt! I stopped really caring a while back! Dmitry was a good choice, consistantly doing well all last season!

    ***People LIKED Patricia's show? - To my great surprise, I actually liked Patricia at the end. I actually thought, for one second, that she might win. I did like two of Patricia's creations on the runway: the pink dress with the long scarf that went down the runway first. I also liked her long gown. I thought it was hideous in the workroom, but really loved it once it was finished and on the model.***

    Well I'm proud Patricia had a complete and cohesive show! Most would have thought she's over her head and it's between Michelle and Stanley with Stanley getting most "nods!" The judges couldn't rail on her about being unimaginative, with designs that looked cheap like some I've seen! Back in Season 3, Michael was the one to beat, consistantly showing innovation, taste, and class while winning 2 or 3 straight challenges! His final collection couldn't have been the top line in Sears! It was tacky and very inexpensive looking; poor thing! Laura Bennet on the other hand ran 3rd, but had the most expensive looking designs; ever! The judges said her $8000 budget went a long way and looked "RICH!"

    ***Laura Bennett has been my favorite designer, bar none. If I still lived in Manhattan and hadn't become a frumpy Connecticut housewife (!), I would have contacted Laura and had her make me something.

    I bet Nina was waiting for MK to hate Patricia's collection - Yes, I was surprised, and pleased with Michael's open-mindedness toward Patricia. You might be right about his wanting to create an impression as a guest judge. Nevertheless, his positive attitude was such a nice surprise. I almost expected his, and Posen's, critiques to put Patricia over. Who would have thought Nina's opinion would have such weight. One against three, more or less, and yet she prevailed.***

    After siding with Michael to hand Season 8 over to Wretchen, anything that makes her look this foolish gets a big thumbs up from me! Nina lost her credibility and objectivity ages ago! Her venom was spewing concerning Patricia! She had to feel it saying "Nina's a right-wing conservative" to her model after another insult was leveled!

  126. +++Season 12+++

    ***When I saw the name of your thread "I forgot I hate Michelle" my first thought, LUCKY YOU! LOL!***

    I think they're trying to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to Michelle that occurred with Gretchen from S8! She was cast as the villain and never really recovered with no one missing her after all this time!

    ***Bring back Michael Kors! Posen is ok as a guest judge, but I miss the bitchy orange!***

    He's entirely too cruel! These designers can be at there lowest being critiqued only to have this odd looking weirdo making fun of them! Why is it people like him who judge clothing can't dress themselves? Give me a break with his Einstein monotony of wearing exactly the same thing every day! He's no genius; believe it! He picked Wretchen to win in S8! He can't be taken too serious as competent!

    ***And his own line is usually hideous and overworked.***

    Do you remember visit to his flagship store downtown last season? OMG, it looked like a place to pick up outfits for pimps and Ho's! It was so gaudy and hideous looking inside!

    ***STILL TOO LONG! - Go back to the 45 min. format. PLEASE!***

    Well at least they cut out that "modeling" show that was so boring! We may need the extra time to see the drama going on behind the scenes! Several of the designers lose their shit and are out of control in the previews for upcoming eps; even violent!

    ***Timothy's model - I feel for this poor girl. She's been stuck with a crackpot. I'm glad she didn't get 'dragged' down the runway by unseen forces or 'sniff her own armpit.' She did a tasteful walk and used one of his stupid arm movement suggestions at the end of the runway in a halfhearted attempt to include his idea. Timothy needs to understand that his clothes should be making the statement, not the stage presentation.***

    People have obviously forgotten what Emilio Sosa did to his models his 1st go-round S7! They had an unconventional challenge much later in the competition and he had his model wearing nothing but string and washers as a bikini; practically naked! He repayed her by choosing someone else for the next challenge! He did that several times! I have never forgotten or forgiven him for that slight of that poor girl and the others!

    ***WTH are you talking about what Emilio did in putting his model at the time in a crappily made designed outfit to Timothy forcing his loony ideas on his model? So what if Emilio chose another model the next rd, they are just there to make the clothes look good, like the accessories and make up. At least her vagina wasn't hanging out.***

    Don't get your painties in a bunch! You well know most designers stay with the same model as a muse and are usually upset if someone like Zulema in S2 took their model; Tara in particular! "I was ready to cut the bitch" by Nick V!

    ***Why all the gimmicks for S12?? - I think we've fully entered "jump the shark" territory ya'll!

    Can you say ANTM? The show has certinaly tested my dedication, hello S8 travesty, but I just couldn't get over all the changes. Too many all at once. What do you'all think?***

    I almost hoped it wouldn't return! It's more a habit and to keep up with my blogs; only reason to even see what's happening! After S8, I think my desire just shut down! That choice for Wretchen killed it for me!

    ***When did the new season start? - I didn't see any promotion for this season. Usually there is a lot. I wouldn't have even known a new season started if a co-worker didn't tell me.***

    No one watches as much tv and I saw little if any previews announcing the new season; maybe "the week of!" So glad team dynamic has been axed, but they're over doing it with change; interactive online, judges seeing designs up close and touching them, with Tim Gunn having one veto power over an elimination! What does that mean, we just have an extra week or will they overcompensate and eliminate 2 disigners on one occasion?

  127. Season 8 episodes on - It continues with "Bridesmaid" dress re-design! Poor Wretchen is still shaken by the "Team Challenge" where she was called out by Tim Gunn! Michael C. is "letting it go" and not trying to punish his teammates for throwing him under the bus, but that didn't stop them from continueing to talk shit about his dress and winning the challenge! They never learn it seems! Such evil assholes; not just Hivy and Wretchen! The rest of them were just as bitchy being really upset b/c of MC's dress construction! The woman loved it so they should STFU and get over it!

    ***Instead of showing part 2 of the finale, they'll begin S9 skipping it altogether. This is what happens every time they show Season 8! I can appreciate they're not proud of the winner of that Finale, but hey, it's Project Runway history.***

    Like you said, they really want to forget his season altogether; esp. the winner! I find the season hilarious and at the same time frustrating watching these designers lose their composure over things they have no control over like the judging! The way they bad-mouthed MC in that last challenge still haunts me and makes me laugh at the same time! I watched it twice last night! They almost couldn't contain themselves screaming out before MC and the rest of the judged designer could quite get out the door to find out who won! It was obscene in so many ways! They were a true embarrassment and owe Michael C so many apologies, it's sickening!

    I've watched this show since the beginning and in no other season have we come across so many outwardly treacherous people! You can't believe anything they say for the most part! Normally it's just one or 2 of them, but even Christopher jumped on the ugly bandwagon! He was so soft-spoken, I would have thought he'd be the voice of reason since his better half is so mature! He really screwed up and tainted his reputation as far as I'm concerned! Cassanova was the only one to say he respected MC as a designer and didn't have crap to say behind his back! Hivy was so overcome, she just made up shit! She's just so hateful along with her evil step-sister Wretchen! April was little better; just not as loud and obnoxious, but she joined in as well! MC's a lot more forgiving than I would have been, actually letting it go and making excuses for them!

    OMG, what in the world? - Heidi has to send Tim over to comfort some psycho broad because she wasn't happy with her effort? Helen was crying before her model hit the runway! How sick!

    ***I saw that in the previews and I figured it was some creative editing for a dramatic teaser that wouldn't ever actually be in the episode. I was stunned when it actually happened. Geesh. I didn't realize this was Project Kindergarten.***

    It worked! She wasn't even in the bottom 2! That's more criminal than the lack of her elimination! What gives?

    ***On an esthetic level, Helen offends me in every way. Her horrible hair, clothes, tattoos, her flapping her jaw every few minutes, her convulsions on the runway, her delusions of being a couture designer. Ugh, I wish she would leave.***

  128. ***Miranda - As unlikable and ridiculous Timothy is, I really wanted Miranda to go home. The way she acted in the workroom was totally uncalled for. After Tim Gunn gave his critique, she completely shutdown and didn't contribute anything to the creative process. It also bothered me that she never said "I'm sorry" for her behavior. She only kept saying that she felt rude or she felt bad about it. I don't think an apology s/b implied; actually say the words.***

    Well she did admit something! She wasn't a total bitch and Timothy threw her under the bus! I thought he would be a better person, but he obviously didn't want to go! She'll probably be gone next week! She isn't half as good as she thinks!

    ***The comment Sandro made about how it's better when women just listen to men and let them take the lead really pissed me off. What a pig-headed misogynist.***

    He's Russian; what do you want; or expect?

    ***Yea, he's gross. Hopefully he leaves or gets disqualified for his antics next week. He looks and dresses like a drunken pirate.

    After tonight's episode, I no longer find anything about Sandro funny or entertaining. He really showed his true Neanderthal colors. And from the looks of next week's preview, it seems like we haven't seen the worst of what he has to offer.***

    But it might be the last! I can imagine them kicking him to the curb for cause! He abused that camerman! I've never seen anything like that! He's out of control!

    ***I wish they would stop showing that clip: like it's cool to physically assault someone or his property.***

    They'll probably show it even after he's gone! They need something to "suck" people into watching! I haven't been happy with the direction of the show since they moved to Lifetime! They're jumping through hoops that have little or nothing to do with clothes design; same with TC Masters jumping out of planes! It makes no sense anymore! If not to keep my blog updated, I'd skip it altogether!

    Fiero, I just clicked on your link, scrolled down and it lists the 5 designers who are still around. Might want to put a spoiler warning. - Oh, my bad. I misunderstood and thought those were the designers who made it to Fashion Week. Sorry.***

    I'm not that curious anymore! I never go looking for the result ahead of time! I wish I cared, but haven't in years! It's more a habit to keep blog up to date that I even bother watching at all! I have not been happy with the way things have been going; esp. this season with field trips, too many team challenges, and alternative materials taking over! This has turned into a circus/carnival; other shows as well like TC Masters! It's been plain stupid and unfortunate!

  129. ***The most loathsome contestant in PR history? Kenley and Santino (the only thing I liked about him was his dead-on Tim Gunn impersonation). - Don't forget meana-Irina! Massive bitch.***

    Santino and Jeffery were the greasiest slime balls I can remember! Irina get's a dishonorable mention! With Ven, I give him a bit of a break thru cultural differences! He probably thinks he should be able to say anything to women and should accept it!

    ***I'll never be able to think of Ven without hearing Tim's critique of that one garment as being "an homage to a menstrual cycle"! Only Tim could get away with saying that.***

    I recall Tim saying it, but I can't remember what the dress looked like! Ven was so single-minded with his "rose" embellishments in the 1st few designs! I probably threw the tape out with that comment! I still have the 1st win by Christopher and then the finale, but the rest wasn't worth saving! Season 8 is the one I watch over and over; the team and bridal re-design challenges in particular! They are so funny watching Wretchen and Hivy embarrass themselves; and drag others down with them! They were so mean to Michael C.!

    ***I love that you call her "Wretchen"... so accurate. I still can't believe that Michael and Nina bullied Heidi into naming her as the winner that season, no matter who else was in the competition. But to bypass Mondo, who was clearly the best designer that season, was criminal. All I could see in Wretchen's garments (and I use that term loosely) was something to be worn by the Amish (no offense to them, by the way).

    The moment I heard Zac was replacing Michael Kors, I couldn't wait, and he has not disappointed yet. I love that he doesn't follow Nina or Heidi's opinion, and can stand his ground even if he's the minority, like last season when they did the prom challenge and Nina was critical even though she never went to prom herself.***

    I still shake my head over that prom challenge! Who does she think she is? It was if she was trying to change his mind or at least acquiesce to her way of thinking! MK and Nina are just obnoxius bullies!

    ***I don't like Helen - She spends most of her time talking shit about people, then having a sobbing breakdown during the runway show when her clothes are awful? Grow up dummy.***

    It's now infiltrated the design phaze with her! She was ok with her idea until Tim's critique; which wasn't even negative! It was just unfinished and she's doubting herself like no one else I've seen in a while! Please send her home soon!

    OMG, Sandro is out of control - I've never seen someone that was safe demanding a critique on the stage like that! Is he insane?

    ***They should have said, "Fine. You want a critique, you got it. You're now in the bottom." And then boot him. - Very immature. The loud child going wild.

    Sandro is a dirtbag, but I love how Helen made his frustration with the judges about HER. She should've gone home for that ugly evening wear dress that she cried her way out of.

    Sandro may be a jerk, but that's just his personality. Helen is as fake as they come.***

    Well at least she knows! She's been beating herself up! lol! She knew she was herstory if not for immunity and that Sandro had flipped out and left!

  130. ***Dom and Kate are two of my choices for the final. I would be very disappointed if either did not make it. - I feel like they're shoving Kate into our faces as the comeback kid, but really, Dom has a much fresher and interesting look - effortlessly joyful and young.***

    Big reprieve for Kate! She was busted talking more $#!t than most! Maybe this is like Hivy from season 8; a personality re-boot! lol! She had to see how she came off!

    ***Some interesting Project Runway statistics:

    Winners with MOST TOP 3 Finishes or Wins:
    1- Mondo (PR All Stars): 70% of challenges (7 Wins/Top3)
    2- Chloe (S 2): 64% of challenges (7 Wins/Top3)
    3- Jay (S 1): 56% of challenges (5 Wins/Top3)

    Winners with LEAST TOP 3 Finishes or Wins:
    1- Michelle (S 11): 23% of challenges (3 Wins/Top3)
    2- Jeffrey (S 3): 33% of challenges (4 Wins/Top3)
    3- Seth Aaron (S 7): 42% of challenges (5 Wins/Top3)

    Winners with MOST BOTTOM 3 Finishes or Wins:
    1- Jeffrey (S 3): 33% of challenges (4 Bottom3)
    2- Leanne (S 5): 31% of challenges (4 Bottom3)
    3- Gretchen (S 8): 23% (3 Bottom3)

    Winners with LEAST BOTTOM 3 Finishes or Wins:
    1- Irina (S 6): 0% of challenges (0 Bottom3)
    2- Anya (S 9): 8% of challenges (1 Bottom3)
    2- Dmitry (S 10): 8% of challenges (1 Bottom3)

    Seasons where winner wasn't the person with most wins:
    - Season 1: Jay (winner) had 0 wins, Kara (2nd place) had 4 wins
    - Season 2: Chloe (winner) had 2 wins, Daniel V. (2nd place) had 5 wins
    - Season 7: Seth Aaron (winner) had 2 wins, Emilio (2nd place) had 4 wins
    - Season 8: Gretchen (winner) had 2 wins, Mondo (2nd place) had 4 wins
    - Season 11: Michelle (winner) had 2 wins, Stanley (3rd place) had 3 wins

    Other Interesting Facts:
    - Jay (S 1) is the only winner that never won a challenge.
    - Irina (S 6) is the only winner that was never in the bottom 3.
    - Gretchen (S 8) is the only winner that won the first challenge (wk 1).
    - The average final position of the winner of week 1 challenge is 6th place.
    - Gretchen (S 8) is the only person to ever win weeks 1 and 2.
    - Only 2 people have won 3 challenges in a row: Mondo (S 8) and Emilio (S 7)***

  131. ***Milking the non-grandmother's death - It wasn't even Jeremy's grandmother who died, it was his partner's! He mentioned that, then continued to call her HIS grandmother when he mentioned it over and over to get some kind of sympathy.***

    Well it didn't help him win or stay in the competition, so it was overdone for nothing in the end! He really didn't do well and should concentrate on better designs than trying to yank our chains! He was lucky Miranda's design was so bad! I couldn't even see the ties in his creation; so old and doughty!

    ***LOL... Well, I agree that he was milking it on the runway ("please don't eviscerate me... my dear ol' gran died!"), but I don't understand the 'mad' about calling her "his" grandmother. I'm very close to my partner's grandmother and I call her 'my grandmother' in company. She calls me 'her boy', just like she does with her other kids/grandkids! maybe not everyone is as close with their 'in-laws,' but it doesn't seem that big a deal to me.***

    I'm still nauseated over that tearful, staged proposal! If you've been together for over 18 years, the tears are so over the top! Nothing's that emotionally driven after so many years! It's nice that it'll happen, but spare us all the weeping! lol!

    ***I was thinking the same thing about their 18 year relationship. I've been married 27 years, so I know that after a couple of decades, tears over how happy you are are just silly. Your mate is a wonderful fact of life like your limb or your lungs--things you wouldn't under any circumstances want to be w/o but not something that brings tears to your eyes from sentimentality.

    I didn't like Zac's comments to Sandro - He was not out of line. He is a contestant on a reality program and his works are being scrutinized by an ex-model, a veteran clothes designer, a magazine editor, and an actor. He was confused, and he did something contestants should have done years ago, he asked a freaking question.

    But Sandro didn't really want an honest critique of his work. He wanted justification as to why it didn't win. If he wanted comments to improve himself, he would not have disagreed with Posen's omments. Sandro's aesthetic is the complete opposite of Posen's. Why on earth he would focus on Zac is beyond me. Plus, Sandro was out of line so Posen gave him exactly what he was asking for. If they had been meek about it, all of the designers would start acting up.***

    Exactly! I've heard people complain about being safe and not receiving a critique, but Sandro demanded it! He got it; just didn't like what he heard! I have no sympathy for him! He should have felt lucky he wasn't put in the bottom instead of Miranda! That would have been justice with him demanding "answers!" What a d-bag! Love Zac who gave him what he deserved; an honeest opinion which the other judges agreed with! What is it they say about asking for something; "you just might get it?" It was brutal and I just laughed!

  132. ***I liked Sandro. He told it like it was, no matter how harsh it seemed. And that steampunk-goth-biker-rocker chick with the tatts needed a scolding! Glad sandro stepped up! "Sandro, I wish you could come back!"***

    That was Helen playing the "poor me card" b/c she was saved with immunity during elimination of other designers! That was lame and my eyes would have rolled too! I'm more passive aggressive and if she's stupid enough to ask how I feel on the situation, I would have told her, but Sandro was abusive! It just wasn't a good look for him to go off like that; same for Ken the following episode! He wound up being a hypocrite losin' it on Alexandria! It made no sense esp. when you know it's all being recorded to be played over and over again! I still SMH over season 8 with Wretchen and Hivy due to their behavior! They still don't think they did anything wrong by abusing Michael C! I think something's in the food and drink there!

    ***What season do you feel had the most talent? - The Christian Siriano season is often quoted as having the highest standard. I'm not a Christian-fan and I think the quality of the challenges are a huge factor as well. I liked season 7 with Seth Aaron, Mila and Emilio.***

    No comment; esp. on Season 4! Sirano shouldn't have even made FW; probably should have been auf'd very early on! He didn't listen, his aesthetic was for models only, and his creations were so overworked with feathers and anything sparkling! When he made pants out of a denim jacket sleeves, you knew he was bent! He may have gone on to be very successful, but at the time he just wasn't doing anything a normal person could wear; very constumey and artistical couture!

    ***why do the models walk like that? - I've never really understood why models draw attention to themselves with that walk in the 1st place since they're basically just human coat hangers and it's supposed to be all about the clothes. For that reason, it seems like the models should just keep their arms at their sides and walk in a straight line in order to keep the attention on the clothes and not on them. But at some point in fashion history, someone decided that the models needed to have "that" walk and it just stuck.***

    Well the fact is, most women don't know how to walk a catwalk! They are often trained by men; Miss Jay of ANTM and the guys from "Right Said Fred!" "I'm too sexy for...!" Quite a few seasons ago, it looked as if PR just pulled women off the street; very ordinary and walked like it was their first time on the runway! It was horrible!

    ***Not like the models are getting paid...***

    I have no idea about that, but it's great exposure and good practice for later! Remember the winning model gets at least $25,000 and a spread in Mare Claire! Sometimes a challenge has them getting a cover or article; it's happened more than once or twice in the middle of a season!

    ***This whole season has been drama 1st, design competition um- it's still a design competition?***

    Not very much; more drama, the hurling of jokes and insults to embarrass the designers, and of course mugging for the camera trying to show who the real experts are in clothing design and aesthetics! "Hello Michael & Nina!" lol!

  133. ***How do you want/think eliminations should go? - I think Dom's really great but I don't see how she'd win. She's barely gotten an edit.***

    I ceased caring a while back though! I think I watch these days more for the habit and to keep my blog up to date! Too many gimmicks in effect; uncoventional materials, team seasons, product endorsement overkill, and bad choices for winners! ...They're total hypocrites and have little taste themselves; esp. Nina! She has no credibility as far as I'm concerned after her skirmish with Zack on the prom dress challenge from last season! She obviously doesn't know what she's talking about and MK is just an ass trying to score points with his insults and commentary! After I saw that hideous flagship store of his that looked like a home for a pimp, I was over him! His designs for Heidi have been lame for years!

    ***I am now convinced We're SUPPOSED to like Helen - She's been painted as the cool, artistic designer who isn't afraid to speak up and can crack some jokes. Winning that challenge for her simple black dress just kind of cemented this theory for me.***

    Helen's another Wretchen from S8 (my obsession)! She won 2 challenges early and seemed to think she knew it all only to collapse again and again! She was made the winner so in the All-Star season later, they redeemed themselves by awarding it to Mondo! That was huge back then; now I don't even care! There's no rhyme or reason sometimes for the decisions made by the judges and Nina's totally lost touch with reality! MK can kick rocks! I didn't miss him at all last season! I've had a real problem with the show the last few years and it appears they've "jumped the shark!" Close inspections just give them more reason to be less objective; touching and seeing the craftmanship up close isn't helpful b/c that isn't done in a real fashion show! It's the runway that supposed to count more than anything!

    ***Don't get me started on Kate, who always ostentatiously tries to be the first to comfort whoever is auf'd to give herself a good-girl image after last seasons bitchy stunt.***

    Not that I watch every moment of the show anymore; or the repeats for that matter, but she was being honest I guess! She ripped Michelle and a few other girls who were total bitches in her confessionals! People thought it was low to go behind their backs with her comments when "they all do it!" People like Michelle would lie to people's faces saying she liked a color or design only to go behind the scenes and wretch! She was the worst actually! The reunion made a big deal out of Kate being a backstabber when she wasn't that far off with her comments! It's totally exaggerated in comparison to some of the other designers; believe me!

    ***Most of the AllStars behaved pretty much like they did in their seasons or just tuned the drama down slightly (OrangeJosh, Wendy). In the words of judges: I just don't know who Kate is ... as a person.***

    Hivy redeemed herself after being so hateful in season 8! I can't forget or forgive her behavior, but she definitely toned it down for the all-stars! She even made a friend of Casanova and was heartbroken when he went home!

    ***Oh dear, I forgot about her. Yeah, she kinda clung to Casanova in the AllStars, but it didn't seem like she was bonding with the others much. She also relapsed a bit into her old self in the 20's challenge head-to-head with Anthony Ryan. I wonder what would have happened if Ivy and Michael C were in the same All Stars season. Somehow all her unpleasentness in her regular season seemed to be strongly tied to her hate for MC. As for Kate ... guess I'll just wait and see if she keeps up the friendly side or if we get to see her bitchy side again. If the behavior is fake, it'll show sooner or later anyway ;-) ***

  134. ***Ken was absolutely doing it on purpose. He knew they were coming over (production would have told him and Justin) and set the ironing board to block the door. Come on, they don't have plugs anywhere else in the room? The ironing couldn't wait 10 minutes? Ken is emotionally stuck at the age of a 5 y.o. and his mother obviously enables this. Her GROWN son has to call her when he has a conflict and she counsels him and gets their spiritual advisor on the phone to discuss the situation. Instead of doing like any sane parent would do and tell their grown-ass son to get back to work and deal like an adult.***

    I'm glad you brought up how contrived this scene was! Why have the guys move that night? If they're paying for the other room anyway, why leave it open and unused like that? Move them over in the morning just like a normal checkout in a hotel! That was one of the stupidest things about the whole thing besides Ken acting like a child and Alexander puffing up his chest playing the tough guy! They're all a-holes in my book! If not for my blog, I'd probably drop this dumb show! It's not about clothing design now anyway; it's about the drama behind the scenes and it's evident! That should be the title now; "Behind The Scenes Of PR!" Total BS! This show hasn't been the same since moving over to Lifetime! Even the website is unwatchable, constanting loading like a gurgling, shotgun victim! It's all sick and I may give it up for good! It jumped the shark a long time ago!

    ***EXACTLY. The real-life, no-contrived-drama way would have been to tell them to have their bags packed b/4 they left for the workroom in the morning and production would move their stuff. Then all 4 would come home to the same room that evening (and iron Ken's shorts together).

    Justin, calming the situation or at least trying to help is definitely what I meant, not "jumping into the fray." One can speak up calmly and rationally. He didn't say or do anything. He could have got up and offered to help with the bags, or offer to help Ken move the ironing board so they could get in; anything. It's HIS room, too. By sitting quietly, I think that made him complicit. Of course he does the wimpy thing and makes an excuse in his talking head that he didn't like the conflict. Yeah, right. He plans to have a career in fashion, but he doesn't want to man up when faced with conflict or egos.

    I bet Project Runway must love bragging about Christian Siriano, and I love that w/ his success he doesn't act like he's above PR b/c he's a big shot.***

    I don't think PR has made a big deal about Christian! It would only feature how many losers have won the show in the past! They've had so many seasons, including 2 allstars and all they can do is crow about Siriano? I don't think so! If I was the producer, I'd keep mum; at least in public!

  135. ***Project Runway has become overly storyboarded reality TV trash - I didn't sign on to watch an orchestrated, manipulated soap opera.***

    It's become more than a little unwatchable due to rampant product placements! It's about obscene in so many ways! The show is nothing like it was or was intended for that matter! It really started going downhill after the network change maybe; from Bravo to Lifetime!

    ***So true. Fiero425, you and Tambourine_man36 both consistently post insightful and sensible comments on this board, so it's heartening to see that I'm not completely coming out of left field with this thread.

    What does it say for the final 3 when you can't tell the decoys from the real finalists? Consider the decoys have much less money to spend. What does it say for the show...period?***

    That's happened many times before! Michael of S3 was a fan fave and won 2 or 3 challenges in a row, but final collection looked real cheap! Hell, even his qualifying design was a huge disappointment! The concept and presentation was beyond his comprehension so it was very embarrassing for all concerned! I think they were going to drop Laura B., but his was so bad, they went with 4 finalist for the first time! LB didn't disappoint creating a collection that looked rich; well beyond $8000 she was given! MK thought it looked more like $30,000! She wound up being 3rd; wished proved these judges don't have a clue! It was confirmed with Wretchen winning S8; not even in clothing anymore, specializing in accessories!

    ***Justin has been extremely mediocre all season but for the final challenge I think he actually met the challenge better than Alexandria and Helen and rightfully should have been given that spot based on the final challenge alone. ...***

    It's happened again and again! When they really want someone to go to FW and they don't measure up, probably should have been eliminated, they all of a sudden think it's ok to have a mini comp. and give them another chance! For people who haven't watched the show from the beginning, all you have to do is remember Michelle, last season's winner! She came up with a dirty little ambre number that should have disqualified her, but they let her go to FW anyway! They said it looked dirty and more like a bath towel wrapped around the model! Going back to S3, Jeffery's final challenge had him making some "milk-maid" outfit that should have sent him home as well, but for the 1st time they went with 4 designers going to FW! The rules are changed on a whim it seems; nothing new! There are so many instances of unfair and hypocritical judging and qualifying for FW, I lost real passion for the show and only watch it to keep my blog up to date!

    ***Why do they coddle Justin? I have no idea how deaf Justin is, but I have posted here before that many times he does not even look at the sign language lady.***

    He's either wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant; seen something there! I don't understand it either! To me it just drags down the whole season! He hasn't done anything worthy of making the finale, but most people believe he'll be there, front and center! Every poll list shows him right there near the top!

  136. ***Who do people dislike more? It seems like Helen is quickly becoming more notorious than Gretchen.***

    No one was worse than Wretchen, with Hivy 'her lady in waiting!' It was so "mean girl" of them back in season 8! They top anyone you can think of; even Wendy Pepper from S1! Wretchen was only happy the 1st couple challenges that she won; with nothing spectacular btw! She was exposed as very ordinary in short order and her even making the finale should disqualify Michael and Nina from ever making a decision again! She didn't even stay in clothes design, jumping ship to specialize in accessories! Hivy tried her best to redeem herself, but S8 is replayed a lot and shows her evil intent and bullying of Michael C! Both just fabricated reasons to have all this animus toward the boy! It made no sense esp. with them both infecting the other designers making them just as bad!

    ***I agree that Helen sucks, but Grethcen/Wretchen was pure evil. When she paired up with Hivy, they were like those scheming Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp. In fact, that season had the most unlikable designers across the board. I kept hoping Michael C. would go all Carrie-at-the-prom on their asses. Unfortunately that never happened. Wretchen won and luckily was never heard from again.

    Helen's social media posts have confirmed that she's just insufferable. She's also awfully quick to pounce on others w/o owning up to her own role in shaping how people feel about her.***

    I expected hysterics! Oh well! She's still going to FW, but her stuff will be fittingly unseen by a national audience; thank GAWD! Tacky, simple, and unconventional; just plain bad! She was toast early! The judges were raving about the other designers! They tried to keep some suspense by complaining about Alex's lack of color, but if they had gone with Helen, I would have really given up! This would be Season 8 with Wretchen all over again! "Saved!"

    ***Wow, Justin made it to Fashion Week. I'm really impressed.***

    I had no problem with any of his clothes; what little I saw! Helen was doomed from the get go; both Justine and Alex were getting rave reviews! Helen's designs were lost on me!

    ***I think Helen thought she would automatically get a spot...- I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "She tried her 'best' and it simply wasn't good enough." Helen is a mediocre talent at her best and has been a mediocre talent all season. She needs to think about a new field or just be support for others who can make it in this field.***

    You got it! Like Wretchen in Season 8, Helen's ego was larger than her actual talent and she was exposed finally! She had plenty of time, but her best efforts were mediocre at best! "Yea, the witch is dead!"

    ***Anyone else surprised that Helen got eliminated? It really seemed like she had the "winner's edit" to me. I was pretty much expecting her to win after I realized how much air-time she got in comparison to the others, and I wasn't happy. Good riddance!***

    I wasn't surprised after I heard the judging! They were raving over Justin and Alexandria's designs; even with Nina's complaint about a lack of color! Helen knew it was coming too! She genuinely looked worried before they got to her! It would have been a Wretchen moment if they had picked her!

  137. ***Aside from the fact that Helen's clothes were awful, let us not forget that by the time Justin, Helen & Alexandria had to show the mini collections to the judges, several eps of the season had already aired(more than half) and Helen had received a poor reception from the audience and I suspect producers were trying their best to avoid another 'Gretchen' moment. There was no way Helen was going to win this season unless of course the other designers failed miserably as was the case last season.***

    There were so many parallels; amazing! Both Gretchen and Helen won early, but fell off with rather ordinary offerings! Her stuff was tacky by season's end and the only thing that saved us was that Alexandria and Justin had very unique and special pieces the judges couldn't overlook for a change; thank GAWD!

    ***Best Dom Quote of Season: 'Noooooooooo. I mean 'Congrats'.' - Who knows, but I do remember her saying something like she doesn't know if Helen should be so confident in what she made for final spot.***

    Isn't she from Europe; Sweden maybe? She was rather distant and that's where a lot of this started back with Ken; her being quiet for the most part! I haven't been impressed by her until now and that's why Dom was so shocked! I think she thought Helen's ego would push her through to the finale while Alexandria was so unassuming and indifferent! That's my take from what little I've seen of the show! I don't watch it over and over like I used to! I'd rather watch past seasons than this one! It stunk and I didn't particularly care for any of these designers! No one was impressive really in comparison to some of past designers! Production has gotten out of control with endorsement and product placement as well! How soon we forget hawking yogurt in one of the challenges! This season was obscene in so many ways!

    I'm debating if I watch All-Stars3; big time! Christopher's the only one I'd want to see! The others are carrying so much baggage from previous seasons; two are past winners of s6 & 7, Irina & Seth Aaron respectively! Why would they bring back seasonal winners to compete with the rejects? Stupid! I'm not sure, but I think I saw Korto in the preview! Just what we needed, her victim-like attitude again! Wasn't it enough she was a finalist in the special reunion that Daniel V. won?

    ***I will. It's bound to be more interesting and less manipulated in its editing than the most recent regular season. Its an intersting group - actually with more than 2 winners (Jeffery is in the mix as well) and if the challenges are ok, it should be watchable. I just hope Zanna does at least an ok job.

    Three, not just two past winners. Jeffrey Sebelia of s3 is also in the mix. I plan to watch for Viktor.***

    Aulty mentioned Jeffrey! I try not to even think about him! He was right up there with Wretchen of s8 who shouldn't have even made the finale, much less win the entire thing! He went out early in that special reunion that Dnaiel V. won over Korto a few years later!

    ***I absolutely despised Jeffrey so I'm not interested in several more weeks of him. And since Tim Gunn isn't on All-Stars, I'll definitely pass; he's my favorite part of Project Runway.

    I definitely will. I just hope Jeffrey is elim. early. I just wish they hadn't bought back previous winners. Does that mean eventually we will see Anya on All-Stars? Maybe it would be interesting to see if she finally learned how to sew anything other than flowy dresses and caftans.***

    Jeffrey was eliminated early in PR All-Star Reunion after s5 years ago! He went down with Santino, Michael(3), and Uli in the preliminary round before Daniel V. won over Korto, Chris March, & Sweet P! Anyone a long time viewer and saw it with me?

    ***Saw it and felt it was all a setup for Daniel V., since a lot of people—not me, though—felt he shouldn't have lost to Chloe in s2. Korto and Chris both did better work than Daniel.***

  138. ***Justin's going to win b/c he's playing the disability card - Bradon was sent packing first.***

    Bradon had to be full of himself winning so many challenges! After a while there's this sense of entitlement; dripping with it! "I was a dancer for 60 years and...!" Just another opportunity to preen in my view! All the tears were too much! lol! So very happy for Dom!

    ***Finally the right person won! - Yes, once Ken left, I didn't dislike anyone, but Dom was my favorite. I liked so many of her designs, even though I'm too small to wear some of the big bold prints. - Such a genuine and sweet and humble person with so much talent!***

    Bout time! My faith has somewhat been restored! It was tough, made even tougher with all the bawling; esp. Alexandria! OMG!

    ***Unless I'm greatly mistaken, wasn't Dom the 1st African-American to actually WIN? Others have made the final competition, but I think that Dom is the first to win the whole SHEBANG. Dare I say that it's a bloody 'bout time!***

    Dom outlasted and surpassed Kara Saun of s2 and Emilio from s7 who were both runner-ups! Kimberly of Season 10 was never a real threat to Anya or Viktor!

    ***Alexandria was a phony and quite frankly I did not understand why she was even up there. As for others: Mychael Knight came in 4th, Korto Momolu was a runner-up, & Stanley Hudson came in 3rd.***

    Those were huge fall offs with Michael and Stanley! They were so good during the season and crapped all over the runway! I've never seen a designer so behind at the show; sewing feverishly, designing items at the last moment like Stan! WTF was he doing for all that time? Michael's collection looked rather cheap in the end and Korto was just a huge whiner and victim! She got on my nerves the most of all the runner-ups! I try to forget her even though she got to also do the 1st Reunion special; was runner-up won by Daniel V. of s2!

    I just looked up the Wiki page for All Star 3 and it not only includes 3 past winners, Korto will have a 3rd shot making her 2nd all-star reunion, and of all people "Andy/Ari South" from Hawaii will be there! OMG, past winners, repeaters, and a transgendered person! I thought Andy was a bit of a shit-stirrer in s8, but it wasn't until the team challenge where they all "went off" on Michael C that I turned on him/her! Has anyone seen Ari since the change? I saw a quick clip a few months ago online! She's very happy as a woman now!

    ***Anybody here remember the NY Mag article years ago that kind of said winning was worse than runner up bc then you weren't 'owned' by PR? I think Dom deserved it, but I also wonder if Bradon didn't throw it. I mean, he didn't even place 2nd. Some of his stuff was fug.***

    Believe me, you can buy these people for a lot cheaper than $500,000! Not possible! It's not like the old days where you thought you were selling your soul for $100,000! Half a million in cash and prizes should satisfy any ego; even Bradon's!

  139. ***Dom is the REAL Winner - Why do people feel the need to argue when she already won?***

    It's hard to believe anyone cares that much after this show "jumped the shark" yrs ago! I haven't cared much since since s8 and that horrible crowning of Queen Wretchen! I only keep up with the show for my blog updates! BTW Dom was very deserving of the title regardless of race, status, and or personality!

    ***Though I liked Alexandria's FW clothes more than Dom's, I don't particularly care for her personality when she's around Hell-en. Dom did best throughout the competition and she deserved to win.***

    Well I'm not sure personality should come into play; would have helped with choice of Wretch in s8! I thought Braden performed a smidge better over the totality of the season, but fizzled in the finale! Dom was more consistant and came on strong late IIRC!

    It was a shame someone had to go in the 1st challenge of All-Stars! Nothing was really bad, but someone had to go! Too bad it was Ari! It was too perfect; bizarre to hear even if meant to be "punk!" If anything, I didn't care for Jeffrey's and it was in the top tier! They all did pretty well with Elena taking it after never winning a challenge before!

    ***I like Michael from s3, but it doesn't look like he's learned very much from the last time we saw his designs. Do you think past season winners should be on All Stars? Or is it more like 'I won but all my collections have pretty much failed so I'm desperately trying to get my name back out there?'***

    Seem so; no growth really besides his girth! It has been many yrs; was a kid way back when! It's crazy! This just proves how pathetic the show is in developing true talent! Jeffrey not even designing for adults, Wretchen left fashion and specializes in accessories, and so many others have just disappeared! Soriano the only 1 to truly make it, but he shouldn't have even been in the finale; doing his own thing until the last! Anyone else would have been sent home quite early on! Chris March came up with designs with human hair! Both Heidi and Nina "skeeved," but now it's a staple in fashion! So obviously they aren't as fashion forward as they like to think! Runner-ups and other finalist tend to do much better; esp. in this all-star format! Ari normally wouldn't have gone home, but all the designs were passable while her's was "too perfect" of all things!

    ***One thing I wish had been addressed: multiple designers (the losers who didn't make it to the finale) have said it was all about politics.***

    Another thread talked about past contestants tweeting about politics! I don't know about that, but bad decisions have occurred of course; more about bad taste than anything really with a little hypocrisy thrown in!

    ***You're absolutely right! Who needs politics when there's plenty of bad taste, hypocrisy and contradictions to go around. Maybe TG should have said that; lol. - I think they should only be allowed on a special All Stars Champion edition. Maybe since the All-Stars prize is bigger then the regular edition some of them were motivated by that. I see it is now at $750,000. Didn't they originally win around $100,000 total? Maybe that wasn't enough for some of them to get established.***

    It wasn't enough! The 1st winner Jay actually didn't sign the contract! He didn't want to be owned for $100,000; half which was probably taxed!

    ***They should do a season where... esp. when, most of the time, the 1st challenge is really weird. We never get to see what they can make with actual fabric; not parachutes, flowers or others bedclothes.***

    It wouldn't be "PR" w/o all the gratuitous product placement, unconventional materials, and the hypocrisy of judging from challenge to challenge!

  140. ***Anyone who honestly thinks Alexandria was meaner than other contestants on this show must not have been paying very much attention. Sure, she was catty during the 1st few eps, but never more so than anyone else. ...Nobody had anything nice to say about anything she made all season long, yet she's the bitch of the season? Are we watching the same show?***

    It's the chemistry or lack thereof we had with Alexandria! I was never impressed or disturbed by her! She was just doing what other designers did; critique on the "QT!" She wasn't openly malicious, but not sure her character ever recovered after that dust-up with Sandro!

    ***Debbie Harry - Yeah, I loved her too. She was not only there, but was one of the women a lot of punk rocker women wanted to copy. That was like telling Dolly Parton that she knows nothing about country music fashion. Lol! Debbie was out there DOING IT and LIVING IT.***

    There are just so many interpretations of punk; leather, holes, torn, burned, mismatched patterns! Ari's was a little too immaculate and clean so she deserved to go I guess! Personally Daniel was on my list; usual black, shoulder-padded suit with a wild pink bushed belt; huh!

    ***I laughed when I saw Daniel's offering. Lol - This show has never had a strong host like Heidi and mentor like Tim (although Joanna Coles was an endearing exception). ...And half of the contestants were so lacking talent their first go-round, why on Earth were they asked back? Daniel was constantly in the bottom during his season, and his taste level certainly has not improved the year he has been away.***

    I could be wrong with my failing memory, but I thought I had heard they tape the All-Star ep at the same time or overlaps somewhat with the original! That's supposedly the reason you don't have Heidi and Tim respectively hosting, producing, & mentoring! Daniel was pretty much a one trick pony with the suits; shoulder-padded designs, but I don't remember him in the bottom that much! He won at least one challenge as part of the team with his POV!

    ***I would feel insulted to be judged by Anya; one of the worst winners ever. Listening to her talk about someone else's work, what a joke. I would love to see her on a future 'PRAS' just to see how fast they eliminate her little bit of talent self.***

    I'm not sure she's one of the worst winners, but she was definitely helped along the way! Going down the list, s1 winner Jay hasn't lit the fashion scene on fire either! Neither has s3's Jeffrey's done anything along with s8's Wretchen who went to accessory design!

    ***Christopher's a catty tool; usually too busy talking smack about other designers instead of focusing on his design. Viktor's a fine enough designer, but not necessarily a fave of mines.***

    Viktor was comparable to Mondo in a lot of ways; fine craftmanship and very polished designs! I just had a real problem with his being an apologist for Josh back during their season! ...It was all about how Josh felt and his abuse was only "that makes me sad to hear!" That's what really makes Viktor a tool! All designers make comments about other people's work, but Josh took it to another level I couldn't ignore or forget!

  141. - - Project Runway All-Stars 3 - -

    ***I didn't recognize Seth Aaron AT ALL. If Alyssa hadn't said that was him I wouldn't have known it. He looks like he either gained a lot of weight since his season or had plastic surgery.***

    Hmmm, haven't watched s7 in a while, but I didn't see that much of a difference! His hair is off his face and shaved on the side instead of the "mop" look from way back when! The one that's consistently getting the rap of gaining weight and plastic surgery from my perspective has been Irina!

    ***The product hawking last night was ridiculous; everything had a brand name attached to it! "Let's go to the Revlon toilet now; it's time!" - While I can understand why some people might not like Viktors personality, I don't think that should justify ignoring his work as a designer esp. when his design was among the best.***

    Outside of the judges, who's ignoring Viktor's work? I'm sure he's shocked to be just safe or in the "low" so early on in the season! "Honey, this is 'All-Stars;' you gotta really bring it to stand out and win a challenge!"

    ***I predict that Irina's gonna go far in the competition. Her clothes are always interesting and well made. Would love if she won the whole competition again.***

    I guess in your eyes Irina has redeemed herself! She embarrassed herself thoroughly with her constant refrain of "she's copying my design!" Good luck; "I have no dog in this hunt!"

    ***I've always been a fan of Alexandria. I'm a little appalled that absolutely NO ONE came to her defense when "Mean Girls" Helen and Kate were ranting at her. Leave it to Sandro to be the voice of reason! Good grief!***

    She must have really alienated everyone to get no defense at all! That's real rare! We talked about her lack of warmth in another thread and I give her the benefit of the doubt by being from Sweden! I just wasn't impressed until the finale! Her designs were well made, rich, and very wearable! She lost because nothing stood out editorially; that I can remember anyway!

    ***People use French to try to sound classy and sophisticated, but use it wrong and end up looking like total hillbillies. The way Alyssa pronounces "Marchesa" and "Parfum d'Extase" is deplorable. Heidi would have known her stuff!***

    Alyssa's having enough trouble with English, much less trying out French or other language! The designers should have been called out more! Jeffrey was burned for using manikin excuse, but Melissa has given us the same dress in other materials so many times! How long will they let her get away with the same asymmetric, off the shoulder look? Korto should have been shot! She wouldn't or couldn't wear her own dress; "back fat!" They just about awarded Christopher the win during the runway! It really was very expensive looking and couture! Isaac is going to bust Elena for her "oh woe is me" attitude when her stuff has been very well made!

  142. ***They couldn't find a reason to send one of them home? Really? They had several good reasons to send any of them home! Really stupid.***

    I think they're just short a designer or 2 and needed the filler! How many can just take a couple months out to do whtis silly show; even for so much money and prizes? It's all a crapshoot! Ari traveled there to be eliminated the 1st day; that must have sucked! Here today, gone tomorrow!

    ***Yeah, I call B.S. The judges must have found the crackpipe from regular PR.

    I don't understand all of the animosity for Christopher on this board. My best guess is it's b/c he's hot and smart and funny and people are jealous.***

    No doubt! Being as talented, Christopher doesn't toot his own horn too loudly! Someone like Jeffrey has a massive ego and has been in the wilderness for years! He's not even in adult fashion anymore IIRC! As for Christopher, he's a bit of a hottie, but I hate facial hair; esp. on twinks!

    ***I don't mind his facial hair, but I do think he looks better with a little more weight on him b/c he has the best cheeks. On the other hand, I appreciate that I'm not really his target demographic for how he customizes his look.

    I wanna smack Victor with that fan. He looks like a complete idiot every time he uses it for a BOOM moment. Doesn't look cool. Looks like an old lady.***

    You guys have glossed over the fact that Viktor has gone over to the "dark side" and is irredeemably obnoxious! Like most ego-maniacs, he critiques other people's designs quite severely, but invariably winds up being in the bottom himself! He barely dodged a bullet! Maybe that will humble him a bit, but I doubt it! That win last week is tainted! Christopher's dress was "rich," while Viktor's design looked little more than a couture shirt dress; sorry! I thought they would penalize him for the lack of modesty; taste level question with the bottom flap and all! They usual punish designers for something like that! Hypocrites! They just wanted to spread it around and not give all the wins to 2 or 3 designers! What a gift for Jeffrey who was on his last bit of fumes; in the bottom almost every week!

    ***I kept thinking "abuela." His personality is different this time 'round. The flap at the bottom of the dress was a misstep for sure.

    Best designer that never won? Viktor on his original season. Austin Scarlett; eleminated before Wendy Pepper on s1, then stuck against Mondo and Michael on his Allstars. - Chris March. His efforts in the original one-off All-Stars were far better than Daniel V's, but the fix was in for Daniel.***

    Going back to 1, Kara Saun easily fits the bill! I don't like him as a person, but s7's, Emilio Sosa was consistantly good, getting rave reviews for his efforts! His construction skills were probably the best! Viktor's right up there in skill!

    It could have happened earlier, but the judges totally lost me around that time of Chris March in s4! Beside Siriano hanging on again and again with designs a normal woman couldn't wear, Chris March had a great qualifying collection for the finale, but the judges "skeeved" over his use of human hair in the designs! It's a staple now, but back then Heidi and Nina couldn't hide their disgust! So what did they do, sent Rami instead who they consistantly complained of "old lady" designs with the severe rouching he was habitually using! Going way back, how did Santino survive? What a waste of a finale pick in S2! His designs were unfinished, cheap looking, and had a total lack of taste that the idiot judges actually mentioned again and again!

    ***SO agree with all this! I totally forgot about Chris March. I was really interested in his whole collection, and was so disappointed when he didn't get to show.***

  143. ***And Santino's collection was truly terrible. All I remember about it now are some sort of gold sequence.***

    I have a faint recollection of "gold sequence" you may be remembering! It was his finale qualifying design which looked more like a belly-dancer outfit over a red carpet look! It had a few gold pyettes (sp) were strewn around the lower half of the dress! How he qualified is Kara Janx blew it; coming up with the most boring of designs leading up to the finale! Why she was asked to return for All-Stars is still unfathomable! Ari South is probably the best designer to be eliminated first, this time around for AS3 and she survived for weeks in AS1!

    ***...I kept going back to that every time I saw Christopher working with that print, same thing when Seth Aaron started working with a print.***

    Seth Aaron dodged a bullet! What was that 6 dresses in total; none of them right? OMG!

    ***That was bonkers and at the same time strangely impressive. Although I wasn't a fan of any of the designs, esp. as they pertained to the specific challenge. It was a mind boggling display of how quickly he can work. He must be off-the-charts technically proficient. Just think, if Jeffrey had the taste in fabrics (& shoes) as well as the technical abilities of Seth Aaron, his finished look would've been made for Marge Simpson.

    Not a fan of Korto's dress AT ALL. I thought it was sooooo cheap looking.***

    That has always been Korto's problem in my mind; cheap construction! Her stuff always has a "homemade" quality going back to Season 5 originally; and not in a good way being "handmade!"

    Irina's going to have problems if preview is any indication! A dress seems to be shredding on the runway! I heard her say something about 18 panels in the construction of the thing! She's going to be in trouble; just a guess! - Update: I was right and she threw her model under the bus: "she ripped it!"

    ***Korto Talks Too %$#$ Much! - Well at least she's not crying during every judging like when she was on before.***

    I don't remember crying as much as the constant "kvetchin'" if she didn't win a challenge or season! She acted as if someone took something from her personally when she was runner-up in s5 and the "PR Reunion" to Daniel V.! This is her 3rd "go-round" and it appeared she was trying to redeem herself by being sweet! It won't last; esp. when it gets towards the end!

    ***ITA. I don't necessarily hate her, but no one is screwing her over. She simply hasn't deserved to win. She's competent and represents her style well; the competition is better. IMO she didn't deserve to win tonight either. It seemed like she was working on another challenge altogether to me.***

  144. So far Korto hasn't played the "woe is me" card! It'll come if she's a runner-up for the 3rd time! "Why not me!" I think Elena is out of the running! They liked it, but not as much as Seth Aaron and Korto's collections! I barely watched it; not really caring anymore really, but we'll see shortly who wins!

    ***After seeing her final collection, I agree. Plus, they just said during the judging that Elena is out of the running, thank goodness.

    Finale: Interesting turn of events - Going into the finale, it seemed like either Elena or Korto would win and that Seth Aaron just got there by slipping through the cracks. He's performed the weakest out of the 3 and the other 2 seemed like judges' faves. I'm glad he won however and think he had the best final collection. Honestly I'm surprised Korto finished 2nd mainly b/c her collection, while beautiful, lacked the drama and wow of Elena and Seth Aaron. - 4 days was pretty limited, but Mondo managed to pull it off.***

    Well at least they didn't have to come up with 10-12 separate designs! Mondo managed in less than his alloted 4 days, not really motivated until the last 2! He would nap and not even sketch the work beforehand, but still won handily! That win was very strategic and a make-up for giving it to Wretchen! He was infinitely better than Michael C. and Austin! Austin was such a d-bag, very entitled, taking any model and runway music selection, leving the leftovers to Michael and Mondo! It was very boorish behavior, feeling as if the show owed him something! He played the "I really need the money card" due to his mom losing home; IIRC! He got a trip to Europe as runner-up and seemed satisfied!

    ***Seth Aaron was my fave winner from the previous seasons, but I'm not sure he deserved to win this All-stars round. He didn't really prove himself in the challenges leading up to the finale, and his final collection looked a bit cartoonish to me. I'm not upset that he won, but it wasn't a very strong finale. I actually liked Elena's the best.***

    I stopped really caring years ago! If not for my blog to keep updated, I wouldn't bother! A few out here didn't think they'd allow a previous winner to take a 2nd title; nonsense! It's not exactly justice, but WTH! It would have been nice to see Christopher instead of SA, but "what are ya going to do?"

    ***I like Christopher, he is very talented and I like his personality. I would've liked to have seen a collection from him. - Agreed. SA didn't do well most of the season, but he did when it counted the most; at the finale. His collection was leagues above the other 2. I kept thinking "where was THIS Seth Aaron all season?!"

    Reunion? Hmmm! Didn't know they had competitions for those eps. ...***

    After s5, and before moving to Lifetime, there was a "Project Runway Reunion Special!" Eight designers were invited to create mini-collection of 3 designs, the top 4 being in the running for top prize! The bottom 4 were Jeffrey S., Uli, Santino, & Mychael Knight! The top 4 moved on to be judged; Chris March, Korto, Daniel V., & Sweet Pea! Chris blubbered, shocked that he made the final! He didn't feel entitled to be amongst what he called "great designers!" I get weepy thinking about it since he was overlooked for Rami back in s4! The judges told Rami, that rouching technique looked old, but they still sent him to FW over Chris! Both Heidi and Nina "skeeved" over his use of human hair in his designs back then! Now it's a staple! Daniel V. won w/ very modern designs; a lot of silver in them! Korto felt dismissed and played her usual victim card as runner up; "why not me?"

  145. The Most Hated Designers - I pulled out a tape and looked at season 2 and had completely forgotten about Zulema's "MF'n" walkoff to rip off someone else's model! She wasn't even that good, losing in the next challenge, and frustrating Nick who lost his girl! She's right up there with Wretchen from season 8!

    ***IMO, these were designers who were disliked (whether by the audience or among each other):




    Victorya (only b/c she was so sour during the reunion) - other than that, perhaps the most likable season




    Michael C (disliked by peers for home-schooled)

    Anya (disliked by peers for home-schooled)


    Didn't really watch


    Well I can tell you the eventual winner (as usual) of season 11 was the real b!tch and wasn't particularly cared for by anyone! She had schitzo moments of "not wanting to be touched" or hugged! A lot of her sour attitude had to do with the team concept for the majority of the season! Her team lost again and again and you could see she was sinking more and more into despair until they finally freed her to work alone! She still had her ugly moments and said some of the cattiest things in the confessionals, totally opposite of what she said to other designers' faces! I guess you could call her 2-faced and she had to be shocked by the backlash! Not a favorite season for me; very reminiscent of season 8 where someone won, but probably should have been auf'd a lot earlier! Like Wretchen, she got a second chance at the end when she fell on her face with a poor designs!

    Watching s3 again and Keith definitely belongs on the list! He was rude and insolent; esp. during judging! He was one who thought he should win challenges when he probably should have been auf'd like in the "dog challenge!" He was manipulative and even Kayne called him ruthless! At least they finally caught up with him and he was dismissed for bringing pattern books to the competition; stupid! His clothes were impecable, but he was such a douchbag, it was hard to get past his rotten attitude!

  146. ***I did not have Sandhya picked for the top, but was pleasantly surprised when she was and even more surprised she won (Char was who I thought would be the winner). I really hoped it would be Mitchell sent home. He is getting on my nerves already.***

    I'm in shock! All the other designers though Sandhya was in trouble, but to actually win? I'm wondering do I really want to watch this season!

    ***Omg, SHUT UUPPPPP Carrie - When she said everything happens for a reason, and when she goes home, she hopes she'll know what it is. I was thinking "the reason was your bad attitude" lol.***

    Both should have been sent home since they bullied Sandhya to go along with their idiot thoughts on what was acceptable! Her idea was perfectly fine and I loved how it boomeranged on them!

    ***I don't think she should have won the 1st week. And her going crying to Tim about being "picked on" was b.s. No one was picking on her - her teammates were justifiably annoyed that she didn't seem to care about having a team vision and was being thick-headed.***

    Well that's your opinion! I found them to be bullies even w/ the limited clips shown! More than likely there were other instances where she was being disrespected and made to feel like she was doing something wrong! If she had kept her original design, they might have faired better! She allowed them to bully her into following their lead and they paid for it! This was one instance where the designer w/ immunity didn't sabotage the others, they did it to themselves and they need to look inward instead of trying to blame her; esp. Carrie! "You aren't going with that are you?" That was the 1st comment out of Carrie's ugly mouth when she entered the room! I would have told her to "go fish," but Sandhya accommodated them and they still wound up in the bottom!

    ***But, for the 2nd week in a row, Sandhya has the worst dress in the room and was saved by the judges. Had hers been good in the 1st place and actually been cohesive w/ the team, all would have been fine. But she knew that she had immunity so she decided to just go her own way and ignore the team. That would have dropped them to the bottom of the looks for the week anyway. Her being on the team and being a bad designer just doomed the team from the very 1st moment.***

    They cut their own throats; no tears please! I have little to no sympathy for bullies and both of those losers SHB sent home IMO! Carrie embarrassed herself from beginning to end and she can go "kick rocks!"

    ***Amanda = annoying - Her work on season premier was good, but man she is annoying. SO full of herself. Hopefully it is just the way the editors put it together and she will mellow out as season progresses.***

    How Ken was even in the running is beyond me! Isn't this her 3rd season now? OMG, aren't people sick of her yet? She won't mellow; I promise you! Her head is just huge regardless if she's lauded or not! No one more full of themselves!

  147. ---Season 13---

    ***Gay eye candy? - That's really not the point of any reality show, but most networks are smart enough to keep some eye candy around for their audience to admire. It is v after all. I think Lifetime wants to keep their gays non-threatening to what they believe is their target audience. Lifetime has really botched this show beyond repair.***

    They really screwed up by leaving Bravo as far as I"m concerned! It hasn't been the same since! I haven't really been entertained since season 8 and only keep up w/ it so my blog is current! I can truly do w/o watching at all! I absolutely hate the all-star seasons and that's what's coming up next according to Wiki; "All-Star 4!"

    ***I find Sean and Emmanuel to be really cute. Granted Sean isn't really my "type" and Emmanuel only had maybe 30 seconds of screen time before being eliminated. I do know what you mean though. There was a shortage of them last season as well.***

    Even though it's been years, I'm still pining for one straight boy; Logan Neitzel from season 6! He was so sexy!

    ***The guy from New Zealand is ok but that's it. There hasn't been a really good looking guy in many seasons, has there? I personally thought Christopher Palu was hot b/c I like pale and dark circles, but I'm probably among the few.***

    Oh I liked Chris enough; kinda spindly though! I like a little more meat on the bone; no pun intended! lol!

    *** Is it just me or is this season full of contestants who behave like immature children? YOU DO NOT SPEAK BACK TO THE PANEL OR QUESTION THEIR COMMENTS!***

    You say that, but there have been a few designers who have been terribly insolent, cut a judge or 2, even made the finale, and won the season; Wretchen, Santino, Kenley, Irina (S6 Winner), Josh (S9), and Michelle (S10 Winner)! Nina actually felt threatened by Santino!

    ***Plus it adds drama and isn't that really what Reality TV is all about? The quiet ones who just stand there and take it are the ones they would rather get rid of than someone who talks back to them.

    Okay, I understand that product placement helps pay the bills; fine. But what did Red Robin have to do w/ this challenge at all? It was clear that they forced that placement, it was so awkward. Hey, come eat fries while you sketch and we'll hire a bunch of models to wear ugly suits and serve you. Also, is it just me or has the quality of sponsors gone way down hill? From luxury brands to Red Robin and an Aldo's?***

    Bottomless fries? Was that the best that loser could do for a full on promo commercial during the show? He's as sleazy as any con man as far as I'm concerned! There weren't that many people; cough up a burger for them! I've never been to a "RR" before since none in Chicago, but now I won't feel like I'm missing anything! I'll settle for a new "Sonics" that just opened a couple months ago!

    ***I checked the Red Robin site a few months ago b/c there's one about 20 miles from me, but none of the burgers looked very appetizing and they were very expensive. I'm w/ you about Sonic... love that place!***

  148. ***Looks like Heidi had fun in Sean's dress...Heidi was featured on "Fashion Police" in her "car wash" dress. Needless to say, the commentary wasn't complimentary. I can't stand that hypocrite Kelly Osbourne. She spent years whining about being bullied for being fat and then goes on a show where she's paid to make fun of how people look. Joan I respect b/c she at least can take it.

    Does anyone think for a moment that if the situation were turned around, that Sandyha would have given her $100 to anyone else? - Yes, she would have. I have no doubt about it. She was driven by the cloth she had seen first and hadn't had enough money to buy. She was not driven by maliciousness. Hate Sandhya's designs. There is no reason to hate Sandhya's person.***

    Agreed! I'm no fan of Sandyha's designs, but it bothered me with the bullying of Hernon and Carrie while others seemed to have "the long knives" out for her! I'm not sure where that kind of animus comes from!

    ***Reason: B/c Sandhya is physically unattractive and has a blah personality. Hate is too strong a word: boring is more descriptive. Not that any of the other designers on season 13 is particularly interesting, neither physically nor talent-wise.

    Sean's dress wasn't anything special, but it wasn't bad either. Heidi did look like an idiot spinning endlessly for the photographers, though. You'd think she was 5. - Kelly doesn't make fun of the celebrities though. She'll say the outfit is bad, but doesn't say anything negative about the celebrity. She's usually very respectable even when she doesn't like the outfit. Joan does make fun of celebrities, but she's a comedian and it's her shtick.***

    You got it! Kelly tries to be an apologist most of the time! She grew up with a lot of these people; namedropping all the way! Joan's merciless though and has George as her personal "guffaw" machine! The funniest thing I've heard still came from a guest! Adam Pally was answering Joan's question of how many auditions for his role on what I don't know! It had something to do w/ him being a gay frat dude! "I had 3 auditions and then I had to let someone finish in my throat!" I fell off my chair laughing at that one; the whole panel did! George covered his face, Kelly applauded, Giuliana stomped her foot!

    ***Does anyone vote? I watch it on my DVR, so I never get a chance to play in any of those annoying polls that pop up at random places. Does anyone here participate?***

    Going online would imply I cared! I haven't in years! The show has gotten stranger and stranger every season; esp. the judging! The level of designers is still good to great on one side while the others shouldn't have made the cut! It should matter if they know what they're doing, not just be good tv! I remember a few had no clue on using the sewing machine! "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?" Why do they deserve a spot just to be eliminated in the 1st week or 2? That all-star season where ARI was cut the first week was tough! I loved the outfit, but it was too polished for punk! Blew it and should have gone a lot further!

  149. ***Save for Kini, Sandyha and to a lesser degree Amanda, the contestants don't seem to truly push themselves beyond their aesthetic. It's like they're so afraid to end up in the bottom 3 they refuse to experiment, or at least use colors beyond black and white.***

    They're being limited by the time constraints! A design has to be finished above all else! If they don't sew a hem, the judges lose their freakin' minds! As a result, most of the designers are keeping it simple! You can't get original construction w/ a gun to their heads! Give them an extra day for Gawd-sake! Creations will continue to be cheap and tacky looking for that reason!

    ***And the judges often act surprised when the crap they are producing isn't on the same level as their portfolios! I feel sorry for the designers b/c to the world they end up looking like untalented hacks. One only needs to go back to season 1 to see what they produced for the futuristic garment challenge compared to what we got a few weeks ago. It's night and day.***

    Jay never won a challenge in S1, but took the season! He was the only one that really produced in that futuristic challenge!

    ***So they really are only given one day for some of these challenges? I was always curious if that was just a reality tv lie to make the designers appear more superhuman than they really are. If they truly are only given one day, that is ridiculous. And I agree about Kini.

    I've also always wondered about the limited time to sketch, to actually create and envision what they want on that runway. One of the TEAM challenges only had 30 minutes to sketch. And the judges wonder why the designs had no cohesion. Hmmm....***

    The hypocrisy comes into play b/c the judges seem to penalize Kini for being too quick and good! He's done within hours while others haven't even cut their muslin yet! He reminds me so much of Michael C.; size, demeanor, humility!

    ***...this show has jumped the shark! People have literally said that w/ every new season. Every new season is the worst, until the next one. When you look back to the designers like Christian Siriano, Jay McCarroll, Chris March, Chloe Deo and Austin Scarlett, those were designers with vision!

    It is easy to remember all the previous seasons fondly if you cherry pick only the 2 best designers from every season.***

    Oh we can go deeper than that w/ Laura Bennett, Ari South, Michael C., ...plenty who were very creative, innovative, and didn't whine as much! I still say the main reason things have looked so bad is the artificial time constraint put on the designers! It's ridiculous to think a polished design can be created in a day by all of these people! There's little if any margin for error which is why Tim says "make it work!" Kimberly w/ her "bird dress" was one of a few that started a totally new design 3 hours before end of day and did very will w/ it; "beating the mighty Viktor!"

  150. ***Wasn't Fade's play button supposed to light up? Didn't it light up in the work room? It should've...***

    It was a dress reminiscent of my generation going "MOD!" It just wasn't made well and it cost him! I've had nightshirts with more structure and design! His elimination was well deserved unfortunately! I'm getting tired of Sandhya getting glowing reviews when it's so tacky and child-like designs! She's going very dramatic next week; again per the preview!

    ***I remember watching the 1st episode and thinking that Char was definitely someone I would root for based on both her funny interviews and designs. After that she was very snotty to and about Sandhya, even within earshot of her. Next she was mean to and about Amanda. I'm not really fans of either of those 2 women, but Char was mean and acted superior. In conjunction w/ this, she is pretty bereft of design and technical skills. Tim using his save on her was ridiculous.***

    This is one of the most vocal seasons for designers I can think of! They all have something to say and openly critique each other's work, at times bullying them if on their team! We've had isolated instances w/ boorish behavior in the past, but the egos are out of control this season; or I could be exaggerating! Who knows! It's hard to like any of these people; even the ones being bullied like Sandhya!

    ***In her 1st season Amanda was nasty about other designers in cahoots w/ some other woman. She broke down at crucial moments, cried a lot, and needed a lot of hand holding. Then she saw herself, and I'm sure received a lot of negative feedback. I think she's just trying to maintain her composure and civility.***

    The hypocrisy persists though! Amanda moans about her brother's fame, but she keeps referencing more than anyone! Her appearance is all about "rock and roll" listening to her muse time and time again! "Just riding the wave!" No one repaired their image more than Ivy from S8 during her all-star appearance! What a change!

    ***It didn't look avant garde to me, and it also didn't really have anything to do with a rain runway. I like Fade, but he didn't really follow the challenge. - It should be Kini vs. Sean at the end***

    Why Sean? He hadn't proved anything yet! Kinni completed one of his looks and the dress Heidi selected weighed a ton and wasn't practical! The last challenge was a gift; white dress/tie-dye! SO? Executed ok, but again, who would want to wear it? Kini's look a lot more editorial and avant-garde!

    ***This week's challenge was an Avant Garde challenge so wearability isn't really something that needs to be addressed. It's mostly just a show piece.***

    Understood, but a lot of it could be worn on a lark like candy-wrapper dress! A white dress that changes colors just didn't do it for me; how special was it really?! As I said, it was executed well, he took a chance, put it at the top, but something else should have won!

    Zac's his own man and doesn't "cow tow" to Heidi or Nina; love that!

    ***ITA. And just judging by the collections that Zac and Michael put out, I'm sure Zac is the sort of creative and successful designer that the contestants would aspire to become.***

  151. ***Just been watching the show and I've gotten up to the episode where they design dresses for 20 years in the future. This might be the last one I watch. I think the judges have completely lost their minds. Am I the only one who was completely amazed that Sandhya's dress won? I was convinced it was going to be on the bottom. Yes it was unique, but it was also completely costumey and gimmicky. I didn't get it at all. Take away those stupid gold things (I don't even know what to call them) and it was just a very simple and ugly pink dress. It looked like crap, not even like a dress at all.***

    It's been challenging to watch the last several seasons b/c of the weak challenges! Adding it the poor fabrication due to time crunch! They're shooting themselves in the foot again and again! The judging truly makes no sense these days!

    ***I agree. They need to go back to doing more 2-day challenges. It would produce far better results. And less gimmicky challenges too. American Girl dolls and designing for 8-12-year-olds? Seriously? Granted, Kini's dress and coat were ah-mazing. But I just don't get some of the challenges lately.***

    I'm so glad I retired years ago! I would spend quite a bit to be "up to date," if not ahead of trends! I'd lose it w/ the dreck sold these days for top dollar! For guys, there's no real design or color! It tends to be ill-fitting, casual, and unsophisticated! The last time I did a complete re-furbish of my wardrobe due to a new job, it only took a couple thousand; '97! That included a couple suits, several cashmere jackets, slacks, and shirts! Besides not really selling this type of stuff these days, if it were offered, I'd need to get a 2nd mortgage! The designs Heidi's pushing is all you need to know about how fashion has gone to the mundane, bland, gray and beige, loose-fitting, over-priced crap! Has it changed since I last looked? lol!

    ***I have paid that much and more for clothes for my children. Why? B/c the clothes get handed down from one to another and they will be around for years. So paying for good quality and design that will last through multiple children and washings is worth it to me.***

    That didn't fly in our household! My style was too extreme for my brother! We almost never traded any article besides a suit! In the 70's, it was comical the stuff we all wore! For his graduation and 8th grade dinner, he had a couple short-wasted suits made on the style of James West; character in "The Wild, Wild West!" I was partial to Oleg Cassini back then!

    ***It kind of pissed me off that Char was trying to blame her mishap on the model - if the zipper split, doesn't that imply that the shorts were too tight, which would be the fault of the designer? Regardless, I'm kind of over her. I haven't been impressed by anything she's done, and I think Tim really blew it by using his save on her - he should have used it on Fade, who IMO deserves to still be there much more than Char does. I would have been happy to see both her and Alexander leave on this one.***

    That's what bothered me the most; "you busted this zipper!" It's all the model's fault! lol! "Passing the buck CHAR?" I'm also over her! No more sympathy; esp. for the crocodile tears next week in the preview!

  152. ***I haven't watched the show in years and can't remember, but just caught the episode last night and got dragged in. Seemed like the contestants were quite catty and snippy at each other, but I can't remember if it's usually like that.***

    Nothing will outdo Season 8 w/ Wretchen, Hivy, and April! They were vicious, often times double teaming on Michael C.! Most of the entire cast that season were bullies; even Mondo who had to apologize to MC when they teamed up for a challenge! It was most uncomfortable and funny at the same time! MC was vilified all too often, but won challenge after challenge! It was hilarious to see them in absolute wonder and puzzlement when he came back to the workroom; "the winner!" They were so openly hostile for some reason!

    Even though Mondo came back a couple years later to win All Stars, I see Michael C. all over "red carpets" and tv reality shows!

    ***Amen. By far that was the meanest season. Even Tim had to call Gretchen out. This season is pretty even tempered in comparison.

    Kini's look was good, but it was very casual, and the dress is something you could find off the rack in 2nd rate stores now...***

    Which was why he didn't win; even though it worked out and was made very well! I also remember those 70's denim designs! They had to be dry-cleaned since there was additions of suede, leather trims, and decals! My favorite outfit was a simple denim jacket and pants rolled up and worn w/ knee-high boots! It was quick and easy to put on with a turtleneck; OUT THE DOOR! Long denim skirts were all the rage and even my mom had a couple! Denim wrap-skirts were also quite popular!

    ***Maybe Tim is not gay and fancies Char? Why else would he use his "save" to keep her on the show?***

    Nothing new; some gay men absolutely LOVE women, just not physically! I, on the other hand, am a misogynist pig who can't stand them for the most part! lol! They stab each other in the back, talk about independence and handling their business, but fall back into that mode of "a damsel in distress" when it suits them! lol! I really want to understand this so called "sisterhood" thing when mothers/daughters, sisters, and lifelong besties lie and cheat each other; infidelity w/ someone else's BF or husband and more! What's that all about?

    ***I'm a female myself and I completely agree w/ what you said! We're a vindictive bunch and hypocritical as Hell. I'm used to being on my own and have issues w/ asking for help, but I will if necessary; refusing to be that 'damsel in distress' that you refer to. I see other women doing it and it makes me cringe. On the other hand, men always seem to fall for it so I can't really blame them for playing that card.

    B/c men don't do any of those things. Oh wait they do; historically on a much larger scale.***

    But guys don't LAUD a special "brotherhood" like women do all the time! Every tv show exaggerates this sisterhood, but they also show the "ready" betrayal at the "drop of a hat!" Guys have plenty of issues, but the manipulation of their mates should take some responsibility for it! Don't make me go through the crazy stuff on nat'l news like "The Cheerleader Mom" and the Diane Zamora "cadet" story! So much for sisterhood in these cases and plenty of others!

  153. ***OMG, what a total bitch! Pitching a fit, throwing tantrums, blaming everyone else, SOOO glad Korina went home. I was laughing my butt off when the judges were critiquing her and she had this dumbfounded, pissed off look on her face. "Please Project Runway, don't ever bring her back on an Allstars season. I don't ever want to see her face or hear her bitchy comments again.***

    For some reason, she reminds me of April, season 8 of all people! She was a bit spoiled, expected to win, and didn't take critiques well! They laughed at her more than once making her "witchy" designs! She kept making them in black; maybe for Samantha in "Bewitched!" If she was getting compliments, it was all good! Any other instance, she's crying, making comments about other people's work! A very self-entitled little brat!

    ***But no one is putting a gun to Korina's head; she doesn't have to work w/ Char. Korina is already eliminated, she can just leave; it wouldn't be the 1st time someone left.***

    She should have done that before entering the room! You saw how she couldn't control herself before; sniping at the result! She obviously wasn't over it and the producers probably worked her up into a frenzy beforehand! lol! - Sean ALSO did the 2nd dress! Not Char! - Right, she also said "I'm taking notes". She was like a student and he was the teacher.***

    My only question is will Korina have the nerve to come back for the reunion; sorta like Keith of season 3!

    ***I guarantee she'll be on the reunion. If necessary, production will drag her there by force!! That's entirely too much eye-rolling drama to let slip through their fingers.***

    It would be totally idiotic to say Sean "made" the dress! Char definitely did the pattern and got it going! I heard he hemmed the cape for the most part! No one on this show said anything about Sean making that dress; or even the idea! It was Char for the most part; managed her time well and got it done! Korina blew it; period! She knew she was in trouble when she started lashing out w/ insults and being catty! It's not like she's the first designer to malign or even undermine another cast member, but she did herself no favors!

    ***How much of a role did the 'assistants' have tonight? - Guess it was more dramatic to have assistants, but made it hard to know what work was the ones being judged or the ones being helpers.***

    It didn't matter; just judging the finished product! Sean supposedly only hemmed the cape! Who knows! Not like I have any sympathy for him since he got credit for a challenge won when everyone saw it totally sewn by Kini; "cry me a river for Sean!

    ***No explanation for why Mitchell, who was eliminated early was included, and Alexander was eliminated only 2 challenges ago; was not.***

    What do you mean? This was a fix! I believe Korina had already made her feelings known and this was a total 'reality tv' setup; hence Alexander brought in to help Char after Korina left! Shameless!

  154. ***Emily was never my favorite designer there, but she really is a class act. - I agree. She was reaaaaaally a good sport, gracious, and knew how to swallow her own disappointment to be able to cheer for the others and not make them feel awkward to be excited (ie, if she had been sitting there moping). And her parting words were very positive.***

    Besides, she still going to show at "Fashion Week!" It just won't be telecast! Korina was a fool to act out knowing this! She just had a lot of animus towards Char; plain and simple!

    ***Yeah. I kept thinking about that fact w/ seeing how Korina reacted. We know that technically she and others do still get to show at FW.

    I seem to remember that the very 1st winner of 'PR' turned down the prizes b/c the producers (A.K.A. Heidi) wanted a huge % and rights of all their work for life, or something ridiculous like that. Do they still demand that from the "Winners" each season for them to accept their prizes? If so, maybe being in 2nd or 3rd place is better in the long term.***

    I think that's why they had to keep up'n the prize money and extras so that wouldn't happen again! I'm not going to sign my life away for crummy $100,000!

    ***I remember Diana Eng's model didn't want to wear a thong (or something) on the runway during the lingerie challenge. Diana said "Maybe you should find another job."***

    I remember that! She should have warned her ahead of time that she would be walking the runway practically naked! These are very young girls! I think the model went through with it!

    ***Why was Korina crying so much about FW when technically she still gets to showcase a collection? I don't get it: the opportunity is still there.***

    This is all about who stays after she's gone! She didn't like the save or Tim giving Char extra time to repair that zipper in the previous challenge! If it had been someone else, Korina might not have been so upset about being auf'd!

  155. I honestly thought Amanda would be the one the judges would eviscerate; Kini instead! I'm shocked! Her Bohemian chic is getting tiresome; so much like Wretchen from s8! She even sounds like her sometimes; so overconfident! The preview was shown for a Special Reunion show in a 2 weeks! Korina's there and she's still bent out of shape; "I can't wait for this to be over" and she walks off the set again! She needs some serious help! Someone spoiled her rotten; truly rotten!

    ***I felt so bad for Kini tonight. He's so talented and skilled. He really deserves to win. - Seriously. Get over Gretchen bud. How many years ago was this? If there's one thing that's tiresome, is that you are STILL whining about her like 5 years later. Plus, her look was more granola, not Bohemian. Amanda is nothing like her. Other than the middle dress that the judges also didn't care for, her looks were awesome. I'm not surprised they didn't like Kini's. I hated that jacket and the dark denim. It was all pretty drab.***

    Like a Disney villain reminiscent of Cruella or Ursula, Wretchen epitomized what I'm talking about! "Gretchen; is that you girl?" Only 2 people would defend such a woman; Cruella herself while the other would have to be her MOMMA!

    ***Poor Kini. I felt really sorry for him, but I did not like his collection. Too heavy and overdone.***

    Funny, I thought Amanda might get nailed for the exact same thing; those heavy materials! To me it was so 70's I guess! Reminds me of longish knit dresses w/ knee high boots! Drag out the lava lamps, jasmine incense, and trippy lighting!

    ***Designers always use models; even lower level ones. Closer to manufacturing will have photographs for potential buyers and the way a model is styled can greatly impact how good clothing looks.***

    It shouldn't matter, but it does! Quite a few times, the judges were only put off by the styling; the clothes didn't need anything!

    ***I miss those expensive (looking) evening gowns from the early seasons of "Project Runway;" NY fashion week finales! Sean's 2nd to last orange gown came closest, so I'm OK w/ his win.***

    Next year they'll be asked to come up w/ a 12 piece collection in 3 weeks! What's the freakin' rush? Ten in 4 weeks? In All-Stars, "...Oh don't forget a 13th piece; "but we're going to give you an assistant! Char, you have to take Korina!" Ridiculous!

    ***Congrats to Season 13, "Project Runway" winner SEAN Kelly of Taranaki, New Zealand; residing NYC.***

  156. *** You mentioned Leanne Marshall...that remains the one win that truly baffles and infuriates me. I thought her collection was awful, probably the worst of the 4, and I still have no idea why she won. I almost swore off the show completely after that.***

    What was wrong w/ Leanne's collection from s5? You might make a reasonable argument that she probably shouldn't have made the finale, but of the last 3, her designs were the most editorial and quite beautifully crafted and done! They were definitely a step above Korto and Kenley's dreck! I haven't seen them in years, but I felt Leanne's quite ethereal and still transports me; those petals and layers were gorgeous! I haven't watched that season in protest of them "running game" on the finalist! Jerell like Michael C. in s8, won the final challenge, but then got "bounced" after a mini-collection preview for the judges! Insane to just "take it away" like that; MC was hysterical and inconsolable! I think that was the last season on Bravo before hopping to Lifetime!

    ***I just remembered hating it! I didn't 'get' it at all. Who would want to wear that? It just seemed strange and silly...they looked like hospital materials. The color scheme added to that effect! You know, like ice packs you'd put on your head with a fever, hospital gowns...etc. ..."Oh, how about I do waves/loops going in different directions!" But it made no sense and was not something I can see people wearing or wanting to wear. But again - if it transported you, fashion must really be subjective.***

    I can say the colors were light; very pastel and ice cream like! The petals and layer couldn't be worn by regular women; only models, ITA, but her designs were definitely better than Korto's which looked cheap in comparison and Kenley whose aesthetic is quite "dated!"

    ***It was the best editorial range they have ever had on the show. As Fiero said, you'd only see models on the catwalk wear that stuff, but its a Paris or Milan catwalk for sure... No other collection they've had on the show would stand up in Paris. And that being said, the people who'd buy it would be the ultra exclusive European market. - Season 7 is definitely worth watching.***

    ITA; s7 probably the last worthwhile season, but like a car accident, s8 with the retched Gretchen and Hivy can't be overlooked due to the drama and animus! It was ugly and most of the designers should be embarrassed by their collective misbehavior and bullying!

    ***LOL, that is true! S8 is good "reality" tv viewing; for sheer entertainment purposes. - This show hates women; Uli not winning S2 proves that.***

    Honey, season 2 was won by a woman; CHLOE! Uli was runner-up the following season where Jeffery took the top prize! S6 & S8 was won by 2 hateful women; Irina and Wretchen! Michelle was no prize package winning last season! Where's the hate? lol! You could have been talking about AS2 I guess! Still?

    ***So now the winner of 'AS' wins more money than the regular show. Interesting.***

    W/o even checking, I'm pretty sure that's always been the case! The 'All-Stars' from the beginning was huge; upwards of $350-500,000 in cash and prizes! The regular season started at $100,000 and hasn't been as big as 'AS' season yet!

    ***I didn't watch every episode, but I don't recall there being a men's challenge. Nothing says fun like the designers working w/ male models and complaining about it.***

    I don't think so; maybe in the "All-Stars!"

  157. ***Why has Kate gotten a 2nd "second" chance? It's not fair.***

    OIC, a 2nd "second" chance since this is Kate's 3rd casting; s11 & 12! I think she'll just end up being an early sacrificial lamb like Patricia! I wasn't shocked by her elimination, but I know she would have been more innovative and creative than any of the others to come to the end of the line! As for the money and prizes, most were wasted; Jeffery & Wretchen for sure! They actually left clothing design for women!

    ***Like I said earlier, Char is a good one. I'm pretty sure I could not have "let bygones be bygones" and all.***

    I guess I must be a very small person! I wouldn't give her the time of day after "reading me to filth" before leaving, came back and dissed Char again; walking off the set 3 or 4 times in total over the season and reunion! Who's been as bratty as this girl; can't call her a woman!

    ***I'm as small as you. Lol No way in Hell would I have anything more to say to that bitch, let alone using my energy to hug her. That's why I admire Char's maturity and grace. It's rare. Lol -

    Why accept a meaningless apology from someone as insincere as Korina? I did it all through my years trying to get through grammar and high school w/ A-holes being told to apologize for their bullying and I was expected to accept it w/ a handshake! Screw that then and now! Being the bigger person is so over-rated! You don't get brownie points for it and St. Peter at "the gate" isn't going to give you props if the time comes! lol!

    ***...but then they somewhat contradict it by saying everyone loves Sandhya. Was Sandhya perhaps too thinned-skin? Maybe, but Sandhya didn't "make up" that the most of the group was not supportive of her success.***

    I guess you could say maybe we didn't see and hear all that went down w/ Hernan and Carrie w/ that team challenge! They were abusive from what little I saw of the fabrication process! Sandyha has her design and she was immediately confronted by those 2! They wound up in the bottom not b/c of Sandyha; their own tacky taste sent them there!

    ***Alexandria's not arrogant...just Swedish.***

    Yeah, I remember that excuse, but she's been here in the States long enough to know "absolutely everyone" will read her as arrogant if she doesn't warm up and stop being such a bitch!

    ***I actually liked Dmitry's dress; minus the model's ass hanging out.***

    Do you agree w/ Chris that he was ripped off? I was shocked that Dmitry didn't see anything wrong and is still playing the naïve Belarus immigrant! I think he knows exactly what he's doing and doesn't want to come up short; ideal to be another 'Seth Aaron!'

    ***I feel that when materials are limited, there are bound to be designs that use the same material. Chris is not the only one that chose the rope material. Once Chris realized that Dmitry had the same material, he freaked out IMO. After making the intricate top he just gave up. There was zero design in the bottom of the dress; I thought it was atrocious. I can't imagine an instance when I would want to wear it. I think Chris let Dimitri get into his head. He should have stuck to his guns instead of revamping his design.

    Like I said, I liked Dimitri's dress better; although he should have covered up his model's ass. If the dress was made correctly, I could see myself or my sister wearing it proudly. The bottom of Chris' dress was a disaster TO ME. There's no way I would have worn that Judy Jetson contraption. Same w/ that ugly dress w/ the plastic fencing - HORRIBLE! The model could not sit down in it. Yeah, I want to go to a cocktail party and be FORCED to stand all night b/c some designer felt it was cool to put a plastic fence on the bottom of my dress! YMMV***

  158. ***That was funny when Mondo said something like people are going to hear him and then he slams the door! LOL - Austin then gave that goofy look. LOL***

    I was never a big fan of Austin; so attention seeking! I know of what I speak since I was the original back in the 70's! The big difference is Austin is a bully; not half as mild mannered as people think! He's selfish, opinionated, and he'll step over his best friend's body to achieve a goal! Was I harsh? If he's half as nasty in private as I've seen evidenced in his actions in public, I know I wouldn't be able to trust him! The real friendship in "AS's" was Mondo and Michael; who'd die for 1 another in comparison!

    ***I think it was hilarious that Korina thought Char should accept her apology. It's her business if she accepts or not. IMO, the apology was just so Korina could feel better about herself and not so much b/c she felt bad. She wanted to make up for all the shitty things she did. I don't like her at all! But, if someone really told her to kill herself, than that is really horrible.***

    Most apologies are self-serving if you really look at it! Most of the time it occurs b/c like Korina, they Fk'd up and are trying to rehabilitate their reputations! I'm sure there are some honest people who do, but my experience, it's usually a crock!

    +++All-Stars - Season 4+++

    ***I just think Helen should have been on the chopping block and not safe.***

    Helen shb there just for making those comments to Jay who was safe! Then the others were on the case of Sonji for her materials and she won! Proves these people don't have a clue and should STFU and worry about their own work!

    ***I just think Helen is talentless. Her stuff always looks awful to me. She doesn't sew well at all.***

    Michelle was so confident in tonight's challenge dealing w/ swimwear! Of course she wound up in the bottom! Happens every time!

    ***She was always confident on her season too and that's one of the things I like most about her! She stands by her designs and I admire her for that. Different strokes, I guess.***

    She's lucky she wasn't eliminated! That dress looked like a "beauty shop" smock or something! It was horrible!

    ***Honestly... That dress was seriously a hessian bag tucking in at the side.... It really really was... It was boxy and cut out sleeves... Michelle deserved to be in the bottom for that. But certainly safe overall for her swimsuit. I too hate her arrogance.***

  159. ***I like Michelle, and was rooting for her during her season, but she has been in the bottom 5 X's now w/ 0 wins. That's a record for PR AllStars and maybe a 1 for PR. Plenty of designers have survived 3 low scores and some 4, but I couldn't find anyone else that's scored as horribly as Michelle w/ no wins and made it to the end. I'm rooting for Helen and Sonjia for the win. Please let this be Michelle's last episode.***

    What makes my mouth hang agape is that Michelle is the most opinionated of all the designers saying who's going to be in trouble, not realizing she should look in the mirror! Her parting gift was that "puppy challenge" before the final runway!

    ***I was thinking the same thing tonight! Now IDK if it’s due to editing that makes her seem more opinionated, as I’m sure whoever is conducting the interviews during the confessionals probably ask them what they think, but she seems smug w/ what she’s saying.

    Agree, She has made almost no looks this season that I could picture the average woman wearing out or a celebrity wanting to wear. I liked her last dress and the dog outfit, but they were both boring. I liked her final collection a lot from her season, although I also really liked Patricia's collection. I just think it says a lot about both her and Dmitry that they won very recently and have so little going on that they can do this again. If you can't take a PR win and use it to launch your career, they don't deserve a 2nd win wasted on them.***

    You are so right! Someone like Christian Sirano or Michael Costello have no time for this nonsense; MC didn't even win! What a couple of losers!

    ***Michelle's look from the face off w/ Helen was also the worst look I've ever seen in a "dress off." It looked like her model had dressed in the dark. Michelle is very witty, I loved her calling it a "pantcho" but this season was not her best design work unfortunately.***

    Michelle's a legend in her own mind! The woman never sees that her design has the wrong materials, or looks cheap, and isn't memorable! Only Helen more delusional, but I'd rather have her! Michelle's a past winner; "get lost old lady and find your own way!" Did anyone catch that "read" when Helen was making her case to stay; "I'm a young designer...," IIRC!

    ***I like Helen and I'm glad she made it to the top 3.***

    Helen wasn't really "in the top!" She was fortunate to make it; beautiful dress or not, it was a "snooze!" Lucky Michelle was overconfident as usual! It was the same reasons she shouldn't have won her original season; she does not listen! Michelle was warned about that chain making the dress look skanky and she just had to put 1 back on! She did the same thing 2 years ago, but they didn't punish her for "blowing them off!" She was so overconfident, winning nothing and in the bottom again and again! She was still mouthing off about where everyone else was situated; "in trouble or not" when she shb thinking more about her own crappy designs! She's more delusional than Helen; who at least listens and is more creative! This is all Sonjia and Dmitry; even though he's remaking his past crap! Everything's an illusion w/ him!

    ***There were no clear villains this season like Ivy or Korina of seasons past.***

  160. ...Someone like Christian Sirano or Michael Costello have no time for this nonsense; MC didn't even win!

    ***I am actually shocked at how successful Michael has become. He could very well become this generation’s “it” designer. What’s shocking is everybody HATED him his season, and IIRC he did AllStars as well and didn’t do any better. Now he’s lost some weight and looks great and is kicking ass in the fashion world, but as a person he seems completely different. It’s like WTH happened?***

    I never got the impression Michael's unpopularity had "anything" to do w/ him personally! It was the 2 "mean girls" so jealous they couldn't see straight! The others just followed along like a mob and they all s/b ashamed of themselves! Only Mondo seemed to come around and apologized for his behavior! MC got over it and actually defended Wretchen at the reunion! Hivy got her act together and became a better person in "AS" and clung to Casanova as a security blanket of all people!

    ***OMG, that was the Gretchen season (I haven’t watched it since it aired)? He was ROBBED.***

    How Wretchen made it to the finale in s8 is still a mystery, much less actually winning it all! It was an obscenity; esp. since she dropped fashion and went into accessories as her business! She sabotaged herself just from her evil attitude which poisoned the rest of the designers!

    ***I would slightly disagree with that. While only about 2 are really becoming huge, many former contestants are still working in fashion and some are even dressing celebrities. Even many non winners are still creating collections. There's many levels to success. But you are somewhat correct, some have quit and when you google them it's hard to find anything but their Project Runway work. I think it depends on your definition of successful. Austin Scarlett has a successful wedding dress business. Chloe has a huge store in Houston. Dimitri had a line w/ 'Lord & Taylor' and had a couple big fashion shows.***

    Oh, I have no doubts many are still busy, working, and designing for celebrities, but Sirano and Costello are mentioned again and again during award season; which is now! Too bad I don't care and miss all of the shows! I've heard a past designer here and there on tv or see in a magazine; I think Chris March did 2 looks for Meryl Streep a couple years ago!

    ***Give them more time already!***

    Back in Season 3, what was more ridiculous than to fly them to Paris, shop, and create a couture gown in a day!

    ***I think on this season they have all 1-day challenges b/c they're up against a biological clock... they needed to wrap before Alyssa's baby popped out!***

    I think it was dumb to even have Alyssa HOSTing in that condition! She looks like she's about to explode; from day 1! Normally she's the size of a little girl, now she's "a creature from a lagoon!" Truly bad; her clothes are a mess!

    ***I agree. We get it. They are under pressure. I understand having several, even half of the challenges as 1 day. That said, they cannot expect "All Star" level work. An entire season of 1 day challenges is too much. Maybe they were trying to beat Alyssa to the maternity ward. That's the only explanation I can think of. Maybe Alyssa should have just passed on hosting this season.

    Totally agree about Alyssa. They are dressing her in the worst most unflattering way possible. She always seems like she's out of breath too, which I'm sure she is. Ugh. All for working while pregnant, but her pregnancy just looks awkward, uncomfortable and painful.***

  161. ***I like the final challenge but give them more time. How long did this season take to film? Just about every challenge was rushed; Alyssa went from very pregnant to super very pregnant.***

    I think I heard no more than a month; 30 days! For the seasonal shows, add 10 days leading into "Fashion Week!"

    ***Helen's tacky when talking about the other designers behind their backs.

    All the contestants do that, not just Helen. I'm sure they are prodded to say those things. Give them a break.***

    There's talking behind their backs, then there's Michelle and Helen saying one thing to the faces of "so called friends" which is totally opposite of how they really feel! Talk about disingenuousness! After I saw them on tape, I'd "give them 'the hand'!"

    ***HELEN: I was expecting a full blown epic fail implosion from Helen, but I actually really like what she did. She is definitely very talented. Given just 4 days, she did really well. I notice Helen does much better when she doesn't have much time. The 1st 2 looks were just stunning and meticulously well-made.

    SANJI: She really did impress me here. I disagree w/ judges when they said she did the same thing. Well, it's called signature and Sanjia successfully adapted them. Even Helen and Dmitry recycled some of their ideas. But that's fashion, its the designer's aesthetics. I think Sanji's collection is the most diverse of the 3 and it's more marketable. It's not too serious and it appeals to many people, but not overly simplistic. They're very creative in a down-to-earth kind of way.

    DMITRY: The season showed who the artists are, those who have good-to-great ideas. It also showed the craftsmen who can technically execute that idea. Dmitry is both. And for that much respect. I'm not so much of a fan of his designs overall. There's something snobbish about them. However, even though they're not always "high-fashion" per se, his designs never looked off-the-rack.

    MY RANKING: I'm so over the drama and just want to see their work. And from what I saw, I honestly do love all of the designs this finale.

    3. Helen's personality is passive/aggressive and it shows on her multi-facet and multi-textured designs.

    2. Dmitry's personality is a little snooty aloof, and it shows in the more elevated seriousness of his designs.

    1. Sanjia's personality is more laid back, girl-next-door type, and it shows on her accessible, marketable designs.

    Sanji is more like the anti-Dmitry fashion, Helen is in btw their aesthetic. I prefer Sanjia b/c I'm laid back and that's my style. Also, Dmitry already won and that should factor in the decision-making IMO.

    - "Bye Season 4 All-Stars. Reli-meeno out - Til next time."***

    I can't disagree w/ any of this! See ya next season!

  162. +++Season 14+++

    ***Marline was lucky - I would rather work on a team w/ a bunch of guys than 1 solely comprised of women.***

    IT WAS the same way back in S10 where most if not all challenges were w/ a team! The woman were catty and wouldn't listen to 1 another; losing challenge after challenge w/ Michelle lucky to survive and win it all!

    ***Personal experience still makes it sexist. You are probably the person neither team wants to work w/ if you are that judgmental anyway.***

    Honey, you can call me a misogynist pig if you like; women are bitches and I can give you example after example of them proving me right! Look at Gretchen and Ivy from S8; bullied Michael C. until the last! Ivy was so embarrassed she came back to 'All-Stars' a sweetie and bestie's w/ Casanova! Wretchen was run out of the business doing more w/ accessories after starting out so well and winning the season!

    ***Why do you need to "trust" anyone? They are in a competition for a few weeks. None of the guys picked Ashley for their team. Ashley will have to get over it so she can do her best work. Yes it hurts when people gang up on you, but if Ashley can get past it and focus on her work, she'll do much better in the long run. Why would she need anyone to apologize? Sometimes as an adult you work w/ jerks and you just have to act professional, keep your emotions in check, and not sink to their level and try to brush off any of their comments and actions.***

    Spoken like someone who hasn't had to deal w/ this type of wretched behavior! Trust is too strong a word, but I wouldn't even want to speak to these bitches after the way they behaved! There will be apologies flowing regardless if you care or hear about them! That's what fake people do! I have been called cold and unfeeling in the past b/c of how I was treated as a child; keeping everyone at "arm's length," usually ready to jump back over the smallest slight! I can definitely relate to Ashley in a lot of ways! With bullies, it doesn't all have to do w/ appearances, but just a way for some to feel superior and I wouldn't say that of any of them! They were Gawd-awful, talentless hacks last night and more than 1 shb auf'd!

    ***When you become an adult and have to work w/ people you don't like, you'll finally understand the concept.***

    Sorry, I never grew up and "never" could work well w/ others! Must have been why I went into doing "computer operations" so I wouldn't have to be bothered w/ people! I was in there on my own, avoided office politics, and was good enough to tell anyone and everyone "where to go" if I was so inclined! People called me, not the other way around so I was in the "catbird seat" from a very young age! I never got over bullying from childhood and wasn't impressed by how ADULTS supposedly behaved!

  163. === Season 14 ===

    ***Jack Mackenroth (S4) speaks out - “The show is a sham, the judging is totally fake and they basically decide who they want to eliminate and edit the footage to make the viewer agree.”

    - -***

    What makes it more hilarious is that both Christian and Michael were not highly regarded during their seasons. I didn't think Sirano should have even made it to the finale. MC was obviously gifted and won several X's during S8. I see and hear of both all the X; esp. during awards' season.

    ***One day outfits for reg. season? - I think the whole scheduling conflict of Heidi's a lame excuse; I put it down to Lifetime being unwilling to budget the kind of funds needed to make the show work.***

    The show's been a colossal joke since moving to Lifetime IMO! You can't expect couture overnight; that's idiotic! Don't kvetch about some hem on a long dress when they are expected to design, go p/up fabric at MOOD, and then fabricate a vision w/i 24 hrs! So asinine! Some can do it, but most CAN'T!

    ***Marline was lucky. - I would rather work on a team w/ a bunch of guys than 1 solely comprised of women.***

    IT WAS the same way back in S10 where most if not all challenges were w/ a team! The woman were catty and wouldn't listen to 1 another; losing challenge after challenge w/ Michelle lucky to survive and win it all!

    ***That still makes it sexist. You are probably the person neither team wants to work w/ if you are that judgmental anyway.***

    Honey, you can call me a misogynist pig if you like; women are bitches and I can give you example after example of them proving me right! Look at Gretchen and Ivy from S8; bullied Michael C. until the last! Gretchen was run out of the business doing more w/ accessories after starting out so well and winning the season!

    ***Sometimes we ladies don't bring out the best in each other.***

    Sometimes? lol!

    ***Surprised by Lingerie Results - I have not seen such bad underwear from a cast since S2.***

    I think Heidi just wanted something that c/b worn by all size women; "boy-shorts" work in that respect! The bra will have to be adjusted a lot for women w/ breast!

    ***I've never heard it mentioned what the budgets are for the decoy collections. ...the same showing at Fashion Week and more X to work on them...what's the crying about it? Maybe the next couple of designers don't know for sure they'll make it to FW (though, IIRC, lately PR usually has 10 designers). ...I stopped having any sympathy for their fake histrionics and tears when they get cut.***

    It's getting out of hand! Going back to S1, there was just 1 decoy collection; Austin Scarlet's! I normally don't pay attention, barely scanning them online, but when they started getting to 7-8 designers, I was asking the same; "what are you bitchin' about? You made it!" Michael C. from S8 was almost hysterical w/ grief whem auf'd for the finale! He was so sure he was still in the running for the prize I guess; seeing Wretchen's horrible offerings, I probably would have thought the same!

    ***I thought last season's Korina was the worst in the history of PR. Knowing she's going to FW, yet the next week when they bring her back to assist, she has a tantrum and refuses.***

  164. ***Since there were 2 people who left the show last week, will they bring any of the eliminated designers back? If they do, chances are they will bring back the last elim. designer, Princess Blakey. Personally, I would much rather see David (who got elim. in the Hallmark challenge) since he was prematurely elim. though he had a lot of potential.***

    Don't forget, they can also decide to keep everyone after the next challenge if nothing is egregious in design! In the last 2 years, that has happened; "no elimination!"

    ***That's what I think will happen Fiero. None of the elim. designers really showed much promise of being in the final 3, so there's no point in bringing them back. It's better to wait until there's about 7 or 6 designers left, when the judges know who truly has talent, to let them all stay w/o elim. for 1 challenge.

    Who remembers Patricia, the Native American designer from a few seasons back? This 'arts & crafts' season may very well have been right up her alley. She was always so creatively making her own marvellous textiles even AFTER jaunts over to Mood and frequently did well.***

    As much as we loved Patricia, Nina Garcia hated her guts! If not for Heidi, she whb gone, auf'd, and dismissed w/ barely a "by your leave!" That was 1 of the rare occasions I applauded Heidi for making a decision like that out of hand when the other judges didn't care for Patricia's work!

    ***That's one of the things I'm getting more and more sick of on this show. The judges repeatedly say they want to see a designer's POV & aesthetic, but when a designer does just that, those same judges 'bitch and moan' about it being boring and/or repetitive and accuse the designer of doing the same thing on every challenge. I sure wish they'd make up their minds... and I'm sure the designers do too.***

    You ain't lying; the hypocrisy is mind boggling! Some designers are quite repetitive w/ the work they put out, but the judges only kvetch about it sometimes, other X's it's their aesthetic and it's expected; sorta like Ven Budhu of S 10 who added some kind of "rose" to each design!

    ***I liked a lot of Ven's designs; he did that draping/pleating/shirring thing to most of his garments. But he'll forever be remembered for complaining about having to make a dress for a non-model woman who wasn't a size 0 and esp. for Tim Gunn's assessment that his white dress w/ the big fuchsia-colored blotches on it looked line "an homage to a menstrual cycle." That was classic! - He'll also be remembered for overusing the "origami rose" in almost all of his designs.

    I'm mostly bothered by Zac Posen having an opinion on a design and then completely backing down when Heidi, Nina, and the guest judge tell him he's wrong. It might actually change the course of a contestant's life if he'd stick to his opinion and stand his ground for once.***

    Even though the other judges agreed Edmund's offering was wearable, sellable, blah, blah, blah, Zac was still right about it; been seen and done. I think he won over the execution. I personally, OTTH thought the detailing of Ashley's crop top ensemble and jacket should have won. It was all the way cute; maybe better separate, but still well done.

    ***What was so innovative about a biker jacket and that 2 piece she's done before? People criticize Edmund, but then praise another been-there-done-that look.***

    The pleating and surprise on the back of the crop was different.

  165. --PR All-Stars 5--

    ***Ken, "I'm here b/c I want this; really bad." - It's embarrassing how some idiots are trying to protect talentless Sam by attacking other designers. Sam's treatment is still unfair. His last dress was a disgrace.

    ...There's been this huge and disproportional & hypocritical leaning of all concerned giving SAM all kinds of leeway to be an absolute DICK, but it's ok b/c he's cute! ...He was vicious to Mitchell in so many ways, but when he gets it thrown back in his face, excuses are made and we're all called bullies! ...Sam's not getting bullied; he's reaping what he's sown (no pun intended)!

    ***How was he vicious to Mitchell, except by being critical of his design skills in his blog? ...Honestly, you are taking a snarky comment here & there, which ALL of the designers do EVERY season, & making it sound like he's evil incarnate. ...Ken's rank attitude and Kini's pouting have made this season all but unwatchable.***

    Ken wasn't getting a break in anyway! He wasn't getting any consideration even though he was obviously a rage-aholic who needed counseling!

    ***Oh I agree that Ken has gotten a lot of heat & criticism b/c of his attitude. I also agree w/ his win - his creation was great and deserved the top spot. What I don't get is why people are making Sam out to be some evil, horrible person. He has not done anything to warrant such vitriol. ...***

    Fine, but what about the other designers who have the same animus towards Sam? You really think it was fair to 'ax' Emily and keep Sam this past challenge? It's easy to say they should worry about their own efforts, but it doesn't seem to matter; they're being taken down 1 by 1 so unfairly since producers would rather have this ne'er do well cutie that's riding on other things than talent!

    ***The designers are very petty and insecure. Sam's won a # of challenges. Are you actually saying that it's b/c he's cute. I don't think the Marchesa chick & Isaac Mizrahi are so puerile.***

    I wonder how people felt about Michael C. who was winning challenges legitimately, but was being bullied to death? That was a real case when he wasn't doing anything but doing his own thing! Wretchen and her henchwoman should burn in HELL! She may have just been influenced by Gretchen in S8, but that group were absolutely terrible to him for no good reason! I'm just so glad he wound up more successful than all of them put together, including the eventual winner w/ her "off the rack" collection of crap!

    ***I agree w/ you about Michael C., always felt he was so unfairly criticized. Ivy was awful in her season, she blatantly tried to sabotage him. ...At worst, Sam maybe a bit egotistical and using his looks to flirt a bit. Nothing to get so riled up about. If he sucked, that w/b one thing, but he has won challenges and received praise from all of the judges, not just Isaac.

    ...That you hated Gretchen doesn't make MC bullied either.

    Fiero takes any opp. to still demonize Gretchen who was on the show yrs ago. He can't seem to get over it. I guess it's ok to say someone should burn in Hell. Heaven forbid you criticize their designs though. That's the real bullying. - It's just that by your own def., you'd be considered a "bully."***

    My own definition? What, have you read my fk'n bio or something? Comparing what ALL those people did to Michael C in S8 to what's going on w/ Sam is ridiculous! He wasn't flirting, tossing his hair around, winking, & waving to the judges like a school girl! He was being totally introspective and quiet in comparison while Sam is this obnoxious pretty boy who feels entitled! There's going t/b tension & drama when the stakes are this high and are forced to live w/ one another!

  166. === Season 15 ===

    ***I like Tasha, but why didn't she go home for the swimsuit challenge? Her look wasn't even interesting enough to be awful. - I'm surprised it wasn't in the bottom 2. I thought Sarah's print was cute & Tasha's didn't have anything going for it.

    I like Tasha too, but I also agree she should've went home. What she designed for her model doesn't even qualify as a swimsuit. PLUS it didn't fit. It was all wonky. Her model had no curves, no breasts, & no butt. It shouldn't have been that hard to fit a bathing suit on her properly!***

    They take in consideration past challenges & efforts! The judges say it all the X; "she promised she would do something diff. & 'it's the same' or 'it's never original enough'!" Tasha had a great start & ITA w/ keeping her in this instance! She won't last more than likely, but worth saving last wk! Right now it's too many fillers taking up room t/b thinking of saving someone w/ "immunity or Tim Gunn save!" Watching the runway I keep hoping the last design has turned the corner, but they just kept on coming!

    ***LOL!! I feel you on that!!***

    Michael C. of S8 On The Red Carpet - His designs are all over the place! I heard his name mentioned several X's while watching entertainment shows displaying their wares! He's still killing it while the winners of PR are anonymous boobs! I'm so happy for him after that retched season w/ Wretchen winning! The dresses for Megan Trainor & Laverne Cox were featured on "Wendy Wms Style Squad" & the 1 gown for Laverne had a train that's machine washable! It looked beautiful!

    ***I'm so proud of Michael too. I bet those bitches, Ivy & Gretchen are jealous. They were so vicious to him & it's just nice to see him succeed b/c of all the hate he got. He was such a nice guy & was just hated on for no reason. - Of all the designers that have ever been on this show, I'm very surprised it's Costello who's had this level of success.

    When the judges are critiquing the final 6 models, do the designers hear their remarks?***

    If you're talking about the "safe" designers backstage, they hear absolutely nothing! I still remember during All-Stars when Ken & Sam had a match-up to decide who would go to FW; redesigning 2 completed designs by other contestants & make an outfit for judging! They didn't have a clue what was going on & wondered why they were sitting & waiting so long!

    ***Anonymous runway... - I think it's lip service too & who cares anyway? They know whose garment's whose before the final judging so it's a moot pt.

    They shoot the runway 3 X's & then edit it together. The 1st X's for the judges only & the designers are not identified. The 2nd X, the designers are present, & the 3rd X's to clean up any mishaps. Of course, as has been pointed out by Fiero, as the season progresses, the designers' individual styles become apparent, so the anonymity is < of a factor.***

  167. It happens all the X; the most talented designers w/ the biggest egos go down in flames while the scatter-brained "also-rans" come together like "Revenge Of the Nerds" & kill it! Team Unity finished early, worked well together, & even had X to critique the other team @ length! Then on the runway, there's this huge psychological torture Heidi puts the losing team thru by asking each "who should go home?!" What is w/ all the crying & almost collapsing into each others' arms?

    ***I think Erin is nice & very talented, but I get the feeling that she thinks she's above all of the rest. The things she says are sweetly egotistical. I guess that's too strong of a word, but...***

    W/ or w/o egomania, it's starting out like S 8 w/ Gretchen winning 2 challenges & a lot of kudos! It went all downhill after that even though Nina & Michael "gifted" the season to her! They're still catching HELL over that one! I like Erin, but she did need t/b brought back to Earth to push herself out of complacency! It can happen to anyone!

    ***She's good, but she's not versatile. She needs to change it up. I've seen aesthetics like hers before.***

    I only caught a glimpse of her effort, but the "embroidery" thing is "OVERDONE!" She doesn't want t/b thought of as a 1-trick pony!

    ***Laurence lacks true originality. She makes clothes well. Everything she's made, we've seen a million X's.***

    How original can "anything" be after so many seasons & every Jay, Jeffrey, & Gretchen thinks they can make beautiful, original clothes? Nothing's that original as long as it covers the body w/ fabric! Let's not get ridiculous about wanting more out of these people when they're only getting 1 day to get it done! You want spectacular, give them at least 2! What's the RUSH?

    ***Avant-Garde challenge in last "AS's" edition - I think ever since Chris/Christian did an avant garde dress w/ huge shoulder decorations, that idea gets repeated a lot. "Oh if I put something really sculptural on the shoulder like everyone else, it'll be like something you haven't seen before!"***

    Pulled out tape & laughed so hard! Ken 'went off' on Sam, lambasting him for his "pretty shit, & I don't mean your garments!" I would have lost it too when Mizrahi would consistently coo over Sam's efforts, even if trashed by the other judges! That was such BS it seemed to me! He didn't even pretend to be non-partisan! I thought he was married, but had t/b drooling over that boy which was close to obscene!

    ***The ranking in the "Team Challenge" should actually be like this:

    1. Blue - Head & shoulders above the other 2 in every aspect. ...Unlike the red team, they used blue, but it didn't feel overwhelmingly blue. Restraint always takes talent & good eye.

    2. Red - Designwise, there's a lot of things I like about this collection, but it's just wayyy too much. It's daring, but at the same X, b/c they used so much red, it's actually pretty safe & lacked ideas to break up the redness. I think Dexter is mostly responsible for making the collection almost avant garde, while Erin is responsible for the overwheliming redness, so they should have both left.

    3. Neutral - Ugh. So ugly. That horrid neutral collection is just absolutely terrible. It is so plain and boring and does not have any real design concept to it.***

    It was ridiculous for designers to go overboard w/ 1 color; even white or black! Today's fashion must have something to break it up! The BLUE TEAM did a great job adding that touch of black/white/gray material! The NEUTRAL TEAM bounced back well after that disastrous assessment by TIM during fabrication! I thought they were in trouble until I saw all that hideous RED used by the RED TEAM!

  168. ***...When Dexter got the ax, my dogs jumped up & down plus ran around the room in a circle.***

    Dexter for some reason is right up there as one of the most hated designers ever! I didn't care for his attitude & his ego-maniacal commentary made you root against him! He got the old heave-ho & didn't see it coming! It'll haunt him for the rest of his life thinking he was saved when Nathalia was auf'd, but he went too as a bonus!

    ***I do think they picked the right ones to go to FW; Roberi who won the last challenge, Erin, Lawrence, & finally Rik who barely eek'd it out over Cornelius.***

    Yeah, I think you're right! I thought Rik was in trouble though! That conventional dress looked blah & forgettable! He's lucky Corny's was a lit'l tacky w/ the plastic cups! His conventional offering chb his ticket if the hair had been off the shoulders! Why cover up those applets?

    ***I was worried about Ric, but I'm glad he made it. I can't wait to see his collection. - I'm most excited about Rik's. I hope they all do well, but I'm pulling for Rik. I was really glad that Roberi won b/c his garments were, hands down, the best on the runway. I loved that both dresses had the same silhouette, but were completely diff. as far as the materials & colors. He definitely deserved the win.***

    I'm a fan of Roberi & looking forward to his offerings; esp. w/ a lot more X to fabricate his designs! Lawrence will probably come up w/ an amazing collection as well!

    ***I thought Rik was in trouble as well. They all loved the unconventional look (@ least the top part using the vinyl record pieces, some of them didn't think too much about the skirt), but none of them really liked the conventional. I think if Cornelius took more risks w/ his unconventional (instead of the artsy-craftsy pattern using plastic cups), he whm the cut. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing Cornelius in a future All-Stars season though.

    What exactly was the reason they moved from Bravo to Lifetime? Did Bravo cancel the series & Lifetime picked it up. Or did LT offer more $$ than Bravo? I've always been curious about this.***

    Bravo rarely cancels a program! It has t/b a colossal fail for that to happen; sorta like RHWDC & Miami! "PR" was probably their most successful w/ "Top Chef" back then! I didn't keep up w/ the soap opera drama that went on behind the scenes; LT probably just offered more $$ & they skipped! It became 1 of the worst decisions IMO, but they've hung in there for yrs w/ minimal viewership! I blogged many of their shows that disappeared when they went in another direction; Top Design, Hair Genius, etc.! Bravo tried to compete under a new name & hosts; "The Fashion SHOW" w/ Isaac Mizrahi & IMAN! It didn't last but for a couple seasons!

  169. *---Season 16---*

    ***1st Chal. - Red Carpet look:

    Kenya - This white gown is pretty, sewn nicely, & looks great on the model, but it’s a red carpet cliché.

    Kudanai - Red & pink print day wear w/ matching leggings that's not remotely red carpet. Which = he must have realized when he paired it w/ that purse.

    Ayana - Metallic grey dress w/ florals. Very nice. Though that super long train could have used something or gotten chopped. It got boring as it went along.

    Shawn - The Hell? The top is nice, but the shorts … why? And what’s w/ the perfectly sewn elastic waist w/ the seemingly unfinished bottom hem? And those shoes (I know, JC Penney, but still). Why?

    Batani - She had a portfolio filled w/ great African prints. Maybe Mood doesn’t carry African prints, but still she couldn’t find any print that she liked? Not one? So she went w/ this sad grey cotton/poly blend looking thing w/ tablecloth appliqué placed badly? What? This was every bit as hideous as Cha Cha’s dress & she shb sent home in a double elim.

    Claire - Best dressed girl @ jr. prom.

    Brandon - I liked the cut of his clothes from his portfolio, but hated the muddy look. Apparently when he gets his hands on colorful prints, he knows what to do w/ them. This doesn’t look red carpet to me, but I liked it… a lot.

    ChaCha - Must have been denied art class in kindergarten &'s now taking it out on everyone thru his fashion.

    Amy - Nobody actually does a reveal on a red carpet, but I don’t care. I could see Rihanna trying that move @ the Grammys. The cape to long skirt transition was beautiful. I’m not into the bra top, but clearly she spent a lot of X on that phenomenal skirt. She whb my winner.

    Sentell - I take back anything nice I said about his work. Not = 80's Star Trek looked this bad. And that seam in the back was pulling everywhere…  don’t drink & sew. Should have replaced Shawn in the bottom 3.

    Kitaro - Beachy, Independent Spirit Awards red carpet. I didn’t like it that much, but I still thought it was good, well made, & met the challenge.

    Deyonté - Whichever twin said it was right. This is not Cannes. Cannes makes the Oscars look low key. It is nice though, & if you cut the hem just below the knee, then it’s a perfect “Michelle Obama @ a summit” dress.

    Michael - Love the pants, & if he paired this w/ Shawn’s top, this whb amazing! But the top he made screamed “Who killed black Grover?”.

    Aaron - This is ugly & poorly sewn… & yet it’s >er than I would have expected from him. There was an actual practical concept there.

    Samantha - This thing is hideous, looks like it weighs 50 pounds & adds bulge to her model right @ the stomach. I would have expected her to know that those kinds of pleats would do that on a larger woman. And what’s w/ the shimmery fabric buried underneath that funereal one? It’s like she was trying to smother all joy from her outfit. A narrow miss for my bottom 3.

    Margarita - She’s not afraid of clashing color. It’s more of a Bravo HW's @ a tropical vacation pool party # than a red carpet outfit.***

    Thx for the review!

  170. The final runways are pretty horrible for the most part! I wouldn't bother watching the finale except to see the designers get eaten alive by Nina and Zack!

    - - - -

    ***Oh, the finale... w/o ??'s always the worst part of any Project Runway season. W/ the exception of maybe Swapnil (who didn't actually get to show on TV), they all tank hard. Fashion's a collaborative process, which is why all the main designers have design houses & not just just a single person executing design in a vacuum. Take them away from their fellow competitors & give them lots of X & $$ to stew ender than all her final collection. PR s/b really embarrassed by this season. No matter who wins the final, collection w/b awful.***

    I could easily see Kentaro winning this from early on as well! Brandon truly was coddled & not pushed! His stuff was good, but from a distance it all looked the same!

    ***The judges & esp. Tim really failed Brandon. He received universal praise for his shape< androgynous smock w/ the same pastel colors throughout the season. He has never done women's wear before, so why wouldn't he keep doing the same thing after rabid praise? Tim saw that he had an entire collection w/ the same silhouette & the same print & he had absolutely no critique. He gave somewhat thoughtful critiques to the other designers, but pretty much told Brandon his shit was gold & not to change a thing.

    Kentaro had 1 of the strongest collections in recent memory & totally deserved the win. That 1st red dew-drop like dress was breathtaking.

    Margarita's collection was good for the runway b/c it was dramatic and colorful. She put on a good show. However, separate any one of her looks & you could easily see it hanging on a rack at a Claire's Boutique in any Florida mall. The judges were way too kind to her.

    Ayana could have won if she would have added more color to the collection. If you're going to do a "modest" collection, why compound the modesty w/ drab curtain-like fabric?

    Chris March was in S4 w/ Christian Siriano.***

    Chris March is an excellent costumer, but has had some noted actresses like Meryl Streep wearing his red carpet designs! He was ahead of his X w/ the "hairy designers" for the finale!" It's more common place now! It freaked out Nina & Heidi over 10 yrs ago!

    ***Have other designers been using hair?***

    Maybe not on the show, but I've seen some on TV anyway! I would never wear anything like that; just not my style! That's more for kids like distressed jeans! I hate seeing old ladies like RHW's wearing ratty jeans w/ designer shoes & overdone makeup & hair!

  171. = = = Project Runway: All Stars 6 = = =

    *** - -

    - Rookie All Stars:

    •Kelly, Candice, Edmond, Merline (s14)
    •Amanda, Char (s13)
    •Stanley (s11)
    •Kimberly (s9)

    - Veteran All Stars:

    •Anthony (s7)
    •Casanova, Ari (s8)
    •Joshua (s9)
    •Melissa, Fabio (s10)
    •Helen, Ken (s12)***

    Looking forward to seeing Ari to chk the final transformation!

    ***...Didn’t much like any of this team chal., although the burgandy dress of Char's was good.***

    Merline's yellow armor was quite lovely! Just needs to position her seams better! I think this season works for me! There are a few returnees I can do w/o the likes of Helen & Amanda, but I'm glad Ari got another shot! ...I'm still of another mind about her after the way she/Andy treated Michael C. back in S 8! So many were such catty bitches, led by Wretchen & Ivy! His obvious success was the best revenge w/ him dressing the likes of Beyonce!

    ***I smile every X I hear his name attached to something being worn by a big name celeb. He was treated terribly by some of his fellow contestants. It's one thing if someone deserves it, but it didn't seem t/b due to anything other than a "mean girl" situation. I'm not really sure why Georgina should get any criticism or embarrassment. She did absolutely nothing wrong, un< she was complicit in her sleazeball husband's dealings...***

    I say she was complicit & "enabled" her hubby to bully his clients into wearing her shit from Marchesa!

    ***WTF @ that elim? For them to say they critiqued Merline on the same exact dress before, but she ignored them and made it again, & then still kept her over Amanda? I m/b done w/ this AS season.***

    Like RPDR, maybe Amanda was punished for being in the bttm in cons. wks! That "ball" design shg her sent home last wk. IMO!

    ***...I hope production is stepping in and rigging the final decisions, b/c otherwise the judges s/b ashamed of themselves for keeping Merline over the likes of Ari & Amanda.***

    Nothing was more unfair than Ari being sent packing after the 1st challenge in PR: "AS3" b/c the design was beautiful! They had to of nitpicked just to justify that elim.! Amanda's a good designer, but she blew it 2 X's this go round; esp. that ball outfit! She needed to go w/ her ego about being all "rock 'n roll!"

    ***I loved Ari this X around, but strong disagree on Ari's outfit being beautiful in PR:AS3. That was the worst look of the day, ...she was the right one to go home.***

    Believe me, I'm no fan of South's as she was brutal to Michael C. along w/ the other bitches of S8, but the fabrication of that design was so above everyone else's = if you didn't like it! I can barely remember, but it was multi-patterned & very interesting innovation of a design! I seem to remember it had to do w/ getting it together in the basement of Moods!

  172. ***...I was also disappointed that Josh didn’t get orange from Isaac to create his design. I had my fingers crossed for that one.***

    Josh made a couple shapeless short dresses w/ a feather broach holding it up in his original season; 1 in orange & it would've ended up being a "redux!"

    ***Juxtaposition: Joshua crying b/c Isaac cared about him & @ the same X going after Isaac on Instagram. I don't recommend anyone giving him more views, but among other things, he calls Isaac a "creepy predator" & "an ugly human being." I really think he needs t/b on meds.***

    My mouth just went agape in shock! It's one thing to feel that way, but to go public like that will only hurt Josh! It'll come back to haunt him for yrs I'm sure! I may have not been thrilled w/ Isaac on occasion, but I never would have immortalized such a thin-skinned tirade online like that! It bothered me when Isaac seemed to save Sam in "PR: A5" again & again when some of his designs were so derivative & similar; esp. in material! Ken called him out in the green room saying he "relied on that pretty shit; & I don't mean your clothes!" I cracked up b/c it was so true!

    ***Didn't think Stanley deserved the win, but I like him overall, so fine. ...This is 7 wks in a row that a woman has gone home.***

    The mentor always looks like an idiot when they try to get a designer to do something diff., then it wins anyway w/o any changes! It's happened to them all going aback to Tim in S 5 when he thought Jerell's avant garde creation reflected the Zodiac sign of Leo! He won w/ past designers the night before @ the planetarium party, then the regular panel after the runway the next day! Poor TIM!

    ***I thought it was kinda cruel to have them all think they made it to the finale, & then 1/2-way thru say, “Oh, sorry, one of you won’t make it.” ...I wasn’t crazy about Fabio’s pieces this wk., but he's very talented & creative. I want to see his final collection. I don’t think Ken deserved to go either. They should have let all 4 of them show their collections.***

    I think Ken'll show, just not on TV IIRC! In the past, they might go all the way back to the last 6-8 designer elim.! S/b online @ least!

    ***Yeah, I thought about that, but they had just starting working on their full collection when they got sidetracked w/ the signature piece, so Ken didn’t have a collection to show @ that point.

    I actually think this season turned around starting from Helen's boot ep. much growth for every participant! Wish Ari & Amanda made it longer as they are great characters as well. This last ep. was one of the best PR eps ever IMO. There was a lot of love & respect from all the contestants & judges which felt genuine & really got to the core of each designer & dang it you made me like Ken! It looks like a Stanley win from edit, but I'm rooting for Fabio I remember him for being fashion forward wearing those oversized shirts that looked like dresses in his 1st season ('12) & now all the "cool dudes" are wearing them. lol...***

  173. ***Char received the Tim Gunn save. Two wks later she tears a zipper 2 mins before runway & received a 2nd Tim Gunn save in having more X to sew it in. Korina wins this same challenge, only to go home to Char the next one. Frankly, I'd be hard pressed to find anybody rock-steady enough to do what was asked of her (help Char redesign her work) 12 hrs after having her dreams crushed. When she walked out, we saw none of the softness & benefit-of-doubt Tim has afforded other contestants when they get emotional, which escalated Korina's reaction off set. ...Erin was lit'l more than a spacy Hipster & Korina got a raw deal & reacted like 99% of people would.***

    She was given more X b/c this wasn't just a simple challenge; the model was a real person off the street & that was taken into consideration! TG asked the other designers if it w/b ok to give Char extra X, but we all know "who wants t/b called the a-hole by saying 'NO?'" Korina really embarrassed herself those few eps; esp. by turning down more exposure by helping Char in a challenge after her elim.!

    ***I'm not saying it was the wrong call to let Char fix the zipper, nor was it the right call for Korina to decline more exposure. But t/b elim. over a designer who was essentially saved 3 X's & then asked to help them destroy their work 12 hrs later would royally suck, & I don't think Tim or the audience were fair in how they demonized her reaction. I doubt many people would handle that well on the best of days, let alone in a pressure cooker environment on lit'l sleep w/ producers purposefully stirring the pot.***

    Few come off as badly as Korina & that's saying a lot for a show that's been in production for well over 10 yrs, jumped networks, has sev. spin-offs, & became a worldwide phenomenon! If I wistfully think about the yrs of villains, Korina's the 1st to come to mind behind Wendy Pepper of course! Then you have a seasonal winner villain like Gretchen who took Season 8 w/ Ivy her "right hand!" After them I'd list Sosa (single-minded), Santino (ego-maniac), Irina (S6 winner), Michelle (S11 winner), & sev. other "mean girls," but no one more grace< than Korina no matter the circumstances! That was "some way" to go out on Nat'l TV w/ replays on You-Tube, Bing,, & DVD sales to live on in infamy!

    ***...Laura took up archery on the tournament circuit. I didn't know she was originally an architect also.***

    People kvetch about Laura being elitist not realizing she's w/o a doubt one of the most accomplished person to ever set foot on the PR set; Heidi included! She did things while Heidi was pretty much handed most of her digs! Having her name spread around over sev. diff. areas of entertainment, fashion, mentoring, etc. means lit'l to me w/ what's done to make "a brand!" ;-)

    Update: Jeffrey was another designer who got out of women's design! The last costume made for Margaret Cho before going exclusively into production of kid's clothing; maybe inspired by his son! Anyone! Season 8's Gretchen also left design and started business making accessories! The winners of this show have been real disappointments beside MC and CS! The rest have been rather obscure; even if they make it to HSN selling a line or winning All-Stars! Wha happin'd to dese peeps?

    ***Project Runway now is just not the same. Too many team challenges, too short a X for creating, too much crabby interaction, etc.***

    I think I heard Producers frazzle these people's nerves, waking them up early w/ cameras in their faces & coaching or instigating drama behind the scenes, etc.! ;-)

  174. Tim Gunn's last comments before leaving "PR!"

    "...In the early days of “Project Runway,” when he was highly skeptical of the reality contest until he learned that they w/b using actual designers, not people off the street. He wasn’t supposed to appear on camera. When they asked Gunn to ask ??'s of the designers in the studio while they, he expected that his part would end up on the editing floor. After all, this is what he did with Parsons students w/o calling attn. to himself. Of course, w/ Heidi Klum, he became the un??'d costar of the show & a role model for all teachers.

    The end of his X on “Project Runway” began in the spring. The new season was ready to go. Then he & Klum found out thru young relatives by way of social media that the show was headed back to Bravo, its original home, from LifeX. After a period of silence from the networks, their agents informed them on an offer of 60% < salary than they were making before. To the Bravo execs, these 2 idols were “old & stale.” So Gunn & Klum accepted an offer from Amazon to create a new fashion show. Details to come."

    - -

    ***Sean Kelly & Anthony Ryan are def. the ones to beat in All Stars 7. The rest are either too one-note or duds of winners (like Michelle).***

    Something happens to some of these designers when they come back for All-Stars! Anthony Ryan was not noteworthy during his regular season; more a transformation later when given another chance! Sev. of them excelled later during All-Stars to win like Anthony last season! Of course, most of the winners won their original season like Dimitry, Dom, & Seth Aaron! Mondo should've won his, but they made it up to him by giving him a bigger prize in the original All-Stars! I'm still SMH over Wretchen winning S 8! How she = qualified for the finale is still a mystery! Now I'm wondering how a winner like Anthony Ryan, an A-S. season Champ is getting another op.? Are they having trouble finding people to take a month or so out of their careers to do this silly show?

    ***I can't wait to see Dmitry win for the 3rd X!***

    He was one of the few innovators; making designs that are mysterious held together & suspended in mid air! I wouldn't be surprised if he did win again! - That was a shocking result last nite! The egos are running rampant & out of control! Dimitry & Seth Aaron really think they "have this!" In there minds "I've never lost!" Funny Dimitry wasn't = critique & was only safe for this 2nd challenge!

    ***Will this be the last ever season on LifeX? Seems like a diehard fan in production wants to give the show a loving sendoff. I'm into it.***

    It's a done deal; "PR" has already signed to go back to Bravo as far as I know! Klum & Gunn decided not to return; hence getting Karlie Kloss as host w/ Christian Siriano as mentor! It has been listed on Wiki for a while now!

    ***WTF was that shit by Sean Kelly. It was a simple white dress w/ purple tassels all over it. Tassels? For a graduation challenge? How painfully literal. The tassels didn't = have + relevant aesthetic to the dress. They were just tassels on a dress. Horridly uninspired & it was in the top 3?!***

    I guess you have to see the dress IRL; supposedly it looked rather expensive! Laura Bennett created a lot of stuff like that which you'd keep forever!

    ***I didn't care for Christina's offering, Django's, Anya's, or Sean's, & there was a purple one I didn't care. Irina's was just laughable. ...***

    Irina's offering was so reminiscent of something I'd get my niece to wear on Halloween when she was lit'l! I liked the design & cut enough, but the material choice just looked cheap!