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  1. ***Trump Overtakes Bush As #1 in Polls, Causing Republican Rhinos to Panic***

    I can't wait for this to blow up in Trump's "orange" face! He's lost business, assoc. and partnerships, and the respect of sentient human beings! He's pandering to the lowest common denominator of the furthest wing of the "right!" That won't get it done! We all know they'll end up going w/ someone a lot safer and more electable in the general election; hence Bush, McCain, and Romney in the last 3 election cycles for President! We can eliminate Fiorina, Cruz, Paul, Pataki, Carson, and even Cruz (who is hated by his own)! Trump, Huckabee, Graham, Jindal, Perry, and Santorum are truly wasting their time! The only ones who have a chance are mohrons and Hillary will beat them all including Walker, Rubio, and Kasich who probably won't even make the debate if they stick to top 10 in polls! It's crazy over there on the "right!"

    ***...Trump also knows a Black guy.***

    Did you hear Seth Meyers at the 'WH Corr. Dinner' 3 yrs ago? "Donald Trump says he has a good relationship w/ the Blacks; but unless The Blacks are a family of White people, I think he's mistaken!"

    ***Even when Trump still mentions the birther issue, it ain't gonna bother the "rightwing base."***

    That will only keep a guy in the running for the nomination; nowhere near winning the office! You need more than cons to win elections nationally! That's why Reps cave and go w/ the same safe, moderate candidate every X; "W," McCain, & Romney! You can forget someone like Trump, Paul, Cruz, and any # of these clowns who aren't qualified to hold their seat now; as President, definitely forget it!

    ***So, you acknowledge that, whatever your evaluation of Clinton, there's no opponent who is better qualified to be President.***

    They prove how much they fear her everyday these rambling clowns attack her over absolute BS! They don't have anything concrete! ...What is she supposed to say that we don't already know? The woman's been in the public eye going back to Watergate when Congress was running hearings back in the 70's! She was the FLOTUS from '93 on, won a NY Senate seat, ran for President, and became the Sec. of State to the eventual '08 winner! Now that's she running again, what are they expecting differently? Hillary's already described her change in mind on issues; not sure what else they expect! We might as well start getting used to saying Madam President!

    ***Her relevant experience being that she was sleeping w/ the President.***

    If she's barely relevant, what does that say about the rest in the clown car; mostly 1st term idiots in the Senate and Govs of failing states! I'll take my chances w/ a hooker over them anytime; THANKS!

    ***Obama is taking steps to increase diversity in the appl. of HUD funds. Nothing to do w/ freeloaders or freebies.***

    At least he's trying to do his job! Those assholes in Congress barely work; step on their own legislation and are w/o a doubt the bane of all our troubles! I can't be as upset w/ them since it's knuckleheaded voters that keep sending the same losers back to DC every 2, 4, and 6 years! It's a vicious cycle that isn't getting any better, only more expensive to hold; hence most politicians are "bought and paid for!"

  2. Just happened to pull old tape of the SB after the '85 Bear season against the Patriots! ...I'm sure no other team was held to neg. 1/2 X yardage; passing and rushing! W/ 2 wks to muse about the match-ups, people were sure this was "even-steven!" Nothing could be further from the truth! It got so bad, Eason had to be replaced by old man Grogan in the 2nd 1/4's! He had to be shellshocked from being sacked multiple X's, having a forced fumble, and an interception; all in the 1st 2 series of the game! I'm still trying to figure out why Coach Berry had them passing on those 1st 3 plays after Payton's fumble? They had gotten to the big game by running the ball, upsetting Marino and the Dolphins in Miami!

    They had to settle for a FG in the shadow of the post! This game had it all; big plays, banter about McMahon's "headbands," and artistry of the whole thing going down to the score, (46-10)! The "46 Defense" was relentlessly talked about all year due to how the Bears were just as entertaining on both sides of the ball! It wasn't all about Payton, McMahon, Gault, and McKinnon! The "dog pound" had a lot to "yap" about; esp. shutting out 2 teams in the playoffs! That's probably another record they'll hold for all X; 21-0 over NY Giants and 24-0 over LA Rams! LA RAMS? lol! Yep, it was all about Eric Dickerson and a cloud of dust! He was forced to cough up the ball twice; including the last play when Marshall picked it up and ran it back for a TD as snow began to fall in Chgo! Memories! What's your fave memory? Mines was McMahon coming off the bench in that MNF game against Minnesota; threw it 4 X's, only getting 3 TD's after being down 17-6 late IIRC!

    At the height of Sampras' power, he was actually winning on clay; taking '94 Rome over Becker! Poor Sampras played about as well as he could in the mid '90's, but was tripped up at the FO X and X again! One year he actually beat 2 FO champs (Bruguera and Courier) before losing to '96 winner in semi's; Kafelnikov!

    ***So glad Serena beat Sharapova...I can't stand that shrieking, screaming bitch.***

    Are you deaf? Serena makes just about as much noise! She's been called for "obstruction" due to her own extended shrieks after playing a shot! I love watching old matches where you didn't hear a peep out of Navr. and Evert, but w/ Seles we were doomed to what's going on now!

    ***Andy's now going for 2 yrs w/o a Slam win. ...It became clear that while Andy's a wonderful player, he's simply not a truly great 1. He has his place in history for being the 1st British man to win Wimbledon since the Magna Carta... and he might edge out 2 more slams (3 tops), but he's not gonna be a dominating force on the tour at any point.***

    I think his fans s/b harsh concerning their guy! He has the ability to beat anyone and has proved it in the past! Unfortunately every step forward he takes, makes him take 2 steps back! I've seen him back 7+ yrs ago and he could serve and volley more and put pressure on anyone from the baseline! It's like he regressed getting tons of satisfaction by being a human backboard, then hitting some kind of screaming winner after 26 strokes! Absolutely asinine! I trained by being a counter-puncher, but in a tourney, you need to push, take your opponent out of his comfort zone; not just wait them out! It's almost as ugly a game as Nadal; both won't make it to 30's playing that well! Rafa's already shown how broken down he is already; losing 2 clay matches to Fabio! You can't play like that indefinitely, no matter how well you train! It's so frustrating to see these guys get into 4 and 5 set battles b/c no one wants to close out a point sooner by attacking the net! I think past stars would eat these guys alive even w/ their superior athletic ability of today! There's little thought and strategy going on w/ 99% of all pros; "just bash" and hope for the best! Idiots!

  3. ***Ten Greatest Australian Players of the Open Era
    1. Rod Laver
    2. Ken Rosewall
    3. John Newcombe
    4. Lleyton Hewitt
    5. Patrick Rafter
    6. Tony Roche
    7. Pat Cash
    8. Mark Philippoussis
    9. Mark Edmondson
    10. John Alexander

    Honorable Mentions: Malcolm Anderson, Dick Crealy, Phil Dent, Kim Warwick, Mark Woodforde, John Marks, Roy Emerson.

    The Future - Let’s take a look at the Aussie men in Top 100, through Wimbledon:

    25. Bernard Tomic (22)
    41. Nick Kyrgios (20)
    68. Sam Groth (27)
    69. Thanasi Kokkinakis (19)
    84. James Duckworth (23)
    97. John Millman (26)

    Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza won their 1st Slam title together, beating Makarova and Vesnina in the '15 Wimbledon women's doubles title. Mirza is the 1st ever female GS Champion from India! This is Hingis' 10th women's doubles title and 18th overall.***

    They don't telecast much of the dubs these days, but from what little I have seen Martina's still magnificent and if there's a loss, it is ON HER PARTNER! Paes wasn't the best at the AO, but they still won b/c she was unflappable! She follows in her namesake's footsteps; able to win tourneys w/ just about ANYONE!

    ***Paes is nobody in singles, but he is definitely one of the top doubles player. Also, Martina and Paes both play for the same team in WTT of BJK and so they have est. tremendous chemistry btw them playing for multiple years together. Most of the mixed doubles teams are formed on an ad hoc basis and so often they don't have good coordination on court. But, Martina and Paes do.

    BTW it's a thrilling match. Martina and Sania lost the 1st set. Then, they won the 2nd set in a TB. In the 3rd set, they were trailing by 2-5 and then won the last 5 games to claim the trophy. You can see the highlights on Wimbledon website.***

    Oh Mirza's a keeper! Hingis will apprec. that kind of fight out of her partner! Congrats!

    ***It was just a joke about Hingis' predilection for dropping partners. She's always done it. She's ruthless.***

    Well which is it; a joke or serious? I just watched a bit on ESPN and Mirza really pulled her weight and matched Martina, winner for winner! I think she found someone that she can work w/ on a long term basis and maybe win X titles for years to come!

    ***It wasn't a great match by any means. The 2nd set TB was entertaining as it was so long and not only saying this 'cos Roger won it. He looked likely to lose it easily again like the 1st one, but apart from a few good games here and there it wasn't a great match. Last year's match was far higher quality and all round more entertaining imo and no doubt most would agree. Novak was very solid though, very few errors.***

    SHB a straight set win, but I'll take it! Congrats to Nole taking #9 and moving past McEnroe, Connors, and Agassi! Maybe they will be able to elim. even mentioning McEnroe after anther win by Nole; #4 should take Becker and John off that graphic in a year or so! ;-)

  4. ***Actually Roger's serving wasn't that bad. That serving performance against Murray was some of the best I've seen from Roger and he was never gonna replicate that against Novak who's just an all round better player than Murray is.***

    I'm surprised Nole didn't illicit more double faults b/c of that pressure he puts on the server! Roger played as well as he could, but a point here and there made all the difference! He needed to take that 1st set; as always being a "senior," coming back is going to be harder for him like today!

    ***Novak served huge and bailed him out in X crunch moments. After the 2nd set, Novak had more ACES than Fed. Are you kidding me? Fed should have come to net as much as possible. Novak's passing shots were very sub-par. Either short lob or CC BH; it didn't hurt Fed at all. Tired, tentative, or wanting to show Novak that "I can beat you in your game?"***

    I was saying this about Roger going back to his prime when he would get into long, drawn out points and matches, hugging the baseline instead of attacking! It was like he was saying to himself, "I can hang w/ these kids and duke it out from the baseline!" It's catching up to him and I do believe it cost him more than a couple FO titles! He obviously can do it; esp. since it was him that stopped Nole's run in '11 in a spectacular FO semi! He's vapored-locked since, really only catching Nole on fast courts like Dubai's! Other than that, I think Nole has the edge and any close matches will be the result of Nole "playing down" to Roger's level other than today where he raised them! Looks as if Roger would have beaten ANYONE else today, but that's why people acknowledge that Nole's still the best returner of serve; BAR NONE!

    ***Fiero425, it reminded me of Sampras- Agassi rivalry. In many of their big matches, Sampras stayed patiently in the baseline and beat Agassi handily. I do believe Fed can still do it. But his net play in such high percentage today, thanks in part to Novak's sub-par passing, he should have net rush much more. - If someone told you in 2010 that Novak will end up w/ 3 Wimbledon titles, you'd say they're crazy.***

    True enough, but that was before we saw the decline of Roger and the breakdown of Rafa! You expected others to take their place, but as I've been saying, the rest of the tour has been "gutless" and unable to break the stranglehold of the "Top 3 or 4!" They've just about owned all major events for the past 10 yrs! It's obscene in so many ways b/c in my day, even players like Borg or McEnroe c/b vulnerable; and were! You never feel that way these days; barely giving acknowledgement of a possibility of a breakthrough w/ "new bloods" like Kei, Milos, and Kygrios!

    ***Djokovic was too good. Federer was off b/c Nole was too good. I was torn because I didn't want either of them to lose.***

    Well I've been saying it for a while now; w/b nice for Roger to get 1 more major like Wimbledon, but not at the expense of Nole! I have to say it again; "this is Nole's X!" Roger had his and he can hang around all he wants, but I believe Djokovic has his # and will take him in any major match! He'll allow Roger that isolated win on a fast court in Dubai, but will embarrass him when it really counts; taking that gift 2nd set saved him today!

    ***Man, you never fail to disappoint slagging poor Roger. lol. Novak doesn't allow him wins, he loses sometimes. For a guy who used to support Federer, you sure give him a hard X now. You think Roger felt embarrassed losing 6-4 in the 5th last year when it really counts?***

    It wasn't Roger's great play that got him to that 5th set I'm sorry to say! Nole choked like a dog w/ 2 breaks of his own serve to even allow that TB! Sorry but Roger's a little "past it!" He's still the GOAT, but barely hanging on b/c of the gutless performances by the rest of the tour!

  5. ***While I would've been delighted to see Roger win, I really didn't expect it. Roger himself choked away 2 USO semis badly to Novak if you want to go down that route.

    Years ago, they tried having the women play 5 set matches. I am pretty sure the advertisers and sponsors were the ones to put an end to that. It was horrendously boring.***

    That best of 5 for the women's V.S. year-ender in March initially, then moved to Nov. in '86 was in direct response to how Navratilova was "killin' it;" embarrassing her closest rivals in 40 min.! To keep her on the court for over an hour, it was est. in '84; that being the only reason this was initiated! It shb terminated a lot sooner BTW! That '90 match w/ Seles and Sabatini was painful to watch! It was a true grind IIRC; almost 4 hours and 5 sets!

    ***Novak is back above .500 w/ his Wimbledon win. And he finally evens the H2H w/ Roger. Now they are 20-20 (what a great #).***

    You never really had that many match-ups with past top stars! McEnroe and Borg only played 14 X's; splitting them! It just proves how good Rafa, Nole, and Roger have been to have so many encounters in the semi's and finals; proving my point how gutless the rest of the tour has been by not upsetting them more! I find this absolutely incomprehensible that this can occur so many X's; Nadal/ Federer, Federer/Nole, Nole/Rafa! It shouldn't have happened; esp. all those meetings at the FO! One or both shb upset; Roger too! How in the world could he make so many finals?

    ***...Djokovic never got to try against prime Federer at Wimbledon. Their only 2 meetings on grass were the last 2 years. It's not Novak's fault that his prime didn't coincide with those of Fed and Nadal, esp. in those specific tournaments, but it's not quite worth crowing about.***

    It's not gloating if Nole's been backing it up! That's absolutely ridiculous to even invoke that FO crap! I remember years ago the so called experts said 1 stupid thing after another about Nole and his rivalries with Roger and Rafa! He wasn't supposed to beat either in the majors in best of 5, he couldn't beat Nadal on any clay court, blah, blah, blah! Year after year he knocked down all those consensus thoughts on the subject! They've been going down the drain since 2011 so please don't single out Nole's beat down of Rafa on this last occasion j/b he's supposed down! Nole was down before getting his breathing fixed and going to a gluten-free diet! Did anyone give him the benefit of the doubt for competing under those circumstances way back when? I think not!

    ***Just wondering if anyone thinks that Serena, or any other woman, could beat any of the men ranked in the top 50, or maybe even the top 100. My guess is that she/they couldn't.***

    OMG, we had this discussion on the ESPN MB when it was still up! It's been done already; Serena and Venus got their lunch handed to them by someone ranked #203; Karsten Braasch in 1998! He came out to the court hungover, hadn't shaved, smoking a cigarette and smoked them both IIRC; giving them doubles lines (1 & 2 respectively)!

    ***...If Serena had always been asked to play v. the men, I think she'd be top 10. She'd certainly be "getting over" the likes of Dimitrov, Nishikori, Berdych, Ferrer, Raonic and Isner. If she had always competed w/ men, I really think she could have beaten a lot of those weak also-rans.***

    Seek serious help and we'll pray for you!

    ***Funny from you, who complains about the weakness of the also-rans.***

    Yep, but there's a big difference in trying to play btw the sexes! It just doesn't work! Men have too much control over their shots in comparison to women; sorry! It has little to do w/ the power they can generate to blast them off the court, but the length of points would come into play and eventually Serena would have a heart attack if she seriously tried to compete even against a good college player! I'd take her on in my prime!

  6. ***Actually, none of these men are spineless wimps if you are using absolute terms - it takes a hell of a lot of work, dedication and toughness to even make the pros. Fiero's using relative terms in respect to the Top 4. I couldn't realistically see Serena beating any bloke in the Top 300.***

    Thank you! I wish people would quote me properly as well; never said spineless wimps! I've used the term "gutless" a 1000 X's and you have to agree w/ all the lame results of "the also-rans" that can be points away from winning, serving for a match, and fail miserably again and again! It's finally caught up w/ Nadal and he's been going down in flames to different levels of players, but Nole, Andy, and Roger haven't been tested for the most part! Roger was very vulnerable until this past tourney, but no one "rose to the occasion" to take him out!

    ***It is really unbelievable that Novak has 1 USO and 3 Wimbys.***

    Why is that so unbelievable? Look at Nadal; both have good 1st 'half' seasons w/ plenty of AO's, FO's, and Masters wins btw them! It's pretty normal for Rafa to go on hiatus after winning his FO's but for 2 occasions; the last being 2013! He hasn't been the same player since! W/ all Nole's done this season w/ 2 majors and 4 Masters, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a tired summer! Anything after today is gravy IMO! He's been pret' near perfect; burnout can be right around the corner! I've just been so shocked how Nole gets himself motivated, ready, and winning in the fall taking the Asian tour events and another WTF w/o losing a match? Can he do it again for a 3rd straight "year-end?"

    ***While Rafa is traditionally known to fade away in the later 1/2, Novak doesn't have such a reputation. Based on his game, Novak is supposed to excel on HC's; much better that Wimby, but his results don't match that expectation and hence the surprise.***

    Which is 1 of a few reasons I'd never give "GOAT" honors to Nadal; his inability to have cons. full seasons of great results! It can get embarrassing if I were a Nadal fan to see how ineffectual his game can be in those late season indoor and HC tourneys! The WTF has j/b a nightmare; 1 yr ('09) losing all 3 of his RR matches and not qualifying for the semis! How does a GOAT nominee allow that to occur year in and year out; now w/ horrible Wimbledon results in the last 4 seasons?

    ***...Bear in mind also that the WTA use different balls which makes their serves faster. If she used the men's balls she'd be serving slower. I recall a ball from 1 of the WTA matches was hit onto 1 of the men's courts and they picked it up and just laughed 'cos if the guys hit it they'd all be serving a-bombs.***

    I didn't realize they manipulated the ball quality btw the 2 tours! I know when I played I considered what surface I was playing on; determined the balls selected! On clay I liked a heavier ball that bounced higher like those "pressureless" Tretorns ball! Conditions were heavy indoors and I usually went with Penns! I taught and played matches on a gym floor that was like playing on grass and something in-between like a Wilson would do! Anybody else care? W/ today's big-headed rackets, IDK what I'd do if I still played!

  7. ***A lot of things need to go right for Roger to win a slam at this point. He has to get through his 1st 4-5 matches in record X to conserve as much energy as possible. He has to have a 1st serve % of 70 or better. And he has to avoid having to play a 5 setter in the semis before facing someone like Djokovic. ..The AO & FO are physically too demanding for him to go all the way. Roger can still play at an astonishingly high level. Over a best of 3 sets format, he's still able to beat anyone, including Djokovic. But it's hard for him to keep it going for 2 wks in a best of 5 sets format. I think that we can still expect some deep runs at slams and he still has a shot at winning Masters 1000's - perhaps even a YEC.***

    I've been saying for years Roger needs to skip AO and FO; just not worth the effort to fly to or and play at Federer's age! Something's wrong in his head if he continues to waste the X and energy going "Down Under" or wasting effort running around on clay w/ all the kiddies! That's 1 reason I've had a problem w/ him hanging in there; not as realistic! He continues to try and trade groundstrokes, playing long points and matches until this past Wimbledon! He's only going to get more vulnerable as X goes on! He's doing a good job overall keeping his interest and results, but sooner or later he has to cut it back even more! He has the seniority to skip events, but he's not doing it! When he starts missing quarters, maybe he'll pay attention to this and figure it out! ;-)

    ***Nole's game is for any surface and his record at the FO and W are just the way it happened. And someone said it before, but it's so weird that Djokovic, who most consider the great HC player, has 3 Wimbledon's and only one USO. He could remedy that in the near future but it's odd. Nole also has the same # of Wimbledons as his esteemed coach, Boris Becker. Another thing that makes me go, what?***

    Like Nadal, I think Nole is just wiped by the summer; esp. since he wins the AO and the 1st few Masters 1000 events of the season so consistently! I also take into consideration after such a long summer, he's had some awful draws at the USO; going 5 sets w/ Roger in the semi the day before the final on a few occasions! That had to take its toll since he works so hard to win matches at X's! B/c of his limberness, he'll probably last a lot longer in his spot at #1 than Nadal!

    ***W/ that serve he has now, I think he can win 4 to 6 more Slams.***

    I like the sentiment, but yrs gone by you couldn't assume something like that! Mon Dieu, Emerson's record held up for over 30 years at 12; now he's not even a "footnote!" This is just so ridiculous that it's almost routine now for a top player to amass #'s unheard of; including rivalries that have 40-50 matches in semi's and finals! That shouldn't happen even once; now several of them exist! I've already ranted about how hard it was to even get 3 majors in a season; usually happening once a decade; '69, '74, & '88! Now we have 3 players in the same era that have at least 1 of those seasons, w/ Federer owning 3 of them back in the last decade and Nole on the verge of another! Agassi's record w/ Masters 1000 events was annihilated by all 3 of this eras stars! I just can't get over it; hence why I keep rehashing the same rant! We were ready to anoint Sampras the GOAT years ago; even w/o a FO final on his resume! Now, there's a possibility that he will be forgotten except for having 7 Wimbledons! In the next 5 yrs, we could have 3 players over 14 majors and countless Masters/WTF's!

    ***I am going w/ the 4-7 range; 4 if he develops health issues and 7 if he remains healthy. I know he will fight tooth and nail for that elusive FO title. I'm going to say this is how he will end his resume:

    Australian Open: 7
    French Open: 1
    Wimbledon: 5
    U.S. Open: 3***

  8. ***...Although Fed managed to win the 2nd set (esp. impressed w/ the 2 set pts that he saved off Novak's serve), if he had to struggle that hard just to stay in the match. Almost all of us expected that there will be a let down and he'll lose the 3rd set. Once he loses the 3rd set, we know he will lose the match; as the only way to win the match would be in 5.***

    Even though I think Nole's the man, I'm so glad he's not my fave! He's either the unluckiest guy out there where an opponent gets all the breaks and doesn't miss on a "big point," or he has these "walkabouts" losing a set when ahead and X chances to close it out! I know no one's going to believe I make predictions close to the end of a match! At the '11 USO and '12 AO I thought Nole would get a break in the 3rd and 4th sets respectively and have a chance to serve it out! We all know what happened both X's; lost his serve, then the TB and had to close it out in the next set! At AO he was lucky enough to come back from a break 'down' in the 5th; Nadal's luck finally ran out! This happens to Nole too much for me to have him as a fave; I'd "lose it" when he drops a set when "WAY AHEAD" again and again! Roger shb toast in str. sets but for Nole's meltdown and "walkabout" w/ 6 set pts in the 2nd!

    ***...How often does a player break back after getting broken. I guarantee you Novak is at the top of that list in the entire Open era. He's absolutely phenomenal at doing that. I've seen it X and X again.***

    I guess you're right! It's just so bizarre to see happen so often w/ all the "props" Nole's gotten on improving his serve! There are these strange happenings w/ 30 and 40 love points; a miss of some sort, then the next thing a player's fighting for his life to hold! It happened w/ Nole at 30-love; missed a volley Roger hit "right at him" and it took 10 min. to wrap up that hold! lol! STUPID!

    ***You have to be good enough to get to major finals to lose it, so I don't really consider a sub-.500 mark or barely above it such a bad thing. The fact that these guys have been in so many finals may put the others in a bad light, but I would like to think it's just a testimony to how good the Big Three really are. Top 10 Grand Slam Finalists:

    #1 Roger Federer 26 (17-9)
    #2 Rafael Nadal 20 (14-6)
    #3 Ivan Lendl 19 (8-11)
    #4 Pete Sampras 18 (14-4)
    #5 Rod Laver 17 (11-6)
    #5 Novak Djokovic 17 (9-8)
    #7 Ken Rosewall 16 (8-8)
    #7 Bjorn Borg 16 (11-5)
    #9 Bill Tilden 15 (10-5)
    #9 Roy Emerson 15 (12-3)
    #9 Jimmy Connors 15 (8-7)
    #9 Andre Agassi 15 (8-7)***

    Thx! Interesting!

    ***Novak's record in slam finals isn't "bad" per se. He still won 9 majors, but it's really not good. However, I realize who he had to play in many of these finals, so it's hardly disastrous. After all, you reach so many finals, you're going to lose many b/c ostensibly, the other guy who reached the final is pretty damn good as well. Until the recent Wawrinka final, Djokovic had only lost to Fed, Nadal and Murray in major finals. So yeah, you play in the era of the "Big 4," you'll lose to them in the finals occas.. ...That said, Novak has reached 17 finals. You'd expect a player of his caliber to be at least 11-6 or something like that. So yeah, I wouldn't say his record in finals is good. - FYI, Fed is #2.***

    Before defending his Wimbledon pts, it was only a technicality! Murray has clearly been the 2nd best player of this season w/ a Masters win and finals to Nole in other tourneys! I hate saying that since I can't stand his game; as ugly as Rafa's IMO! I've been saying neither will last long, but Andy's at least doing a lot better than Nadal at the moment!

  9. ***There is no question that Hillary will carry the Senate for the Dems. ...People are tired of obstruction. It all depends on the Dems fielding a viable slate of candidates. Arguments can be made for Rand Paul and Rubio, but not on qualifications. Cruz, Christie, Perry are not qualified and definitely fail your truth test. Clinton's the best qualified and, unless the Reps can do better, will win by a significant margin. - Rep. voters here have managed to make yourselves people I would rather never meet at a gathering.***

    I can tell you I have no respect or wish to aasoc. w/ ANY Rep. after the way they've behaved the last few years! Their absolute hatred of this President allowed them to rationalize tearing the country apart and almost bankrupting it, threatening the very credit rating of the US! My own college roommate came out as a Rep. and he's tried to salve all the crap done during "W's" admin.; things haven't been the same since and we've known each other for almost 40 years! I'm afraid the same dynamics will occur w/ Hillary where Reps are going to go batshit crazy since they've been trying to destroy this woman and her husband for over 20 years! I'd still rather have her in office over a knucklehead like Walker, Rubio, Paul, or even another BUSH! No thanks; will live w/ the vitriol guaranteed w/ another Clinton admin. to deal w/ a Rep. Congress!

    ***Congressional Reps have 60 days to meddle w/ or shut down the Iran deal... Big Oil owns them outright 'cash on the barrel-head'.***

    They have no way of controlling what the other countries involved do when it comes to lifting sanctions! What we're doing isn't hurting them as much; mostly just holding billions of their dollars in banks! What will happen is the P5 will go ahead and approve this deal and start dealing w/ Iran! There's nothing we can do about it so Congress needs to STFU and quite asking like they have any say in this treaty!

    ***Reps will probably sabotage any negotiations after today's agreement w/ Iran.***

    They've already started ratcheting up the rhetoric about how bad the deal is before they even read it! Idiots! Hopefully the Dems gain a little backbone and not wimp out allowing these creeps to abuse their own President in a purely political issue! We can't stop the other countries from withdrawing sanctions as they see fit! All we can do is hold onto the monies Iran was stupid enough to leave in our banks after embassy hostages taken in '79! Like Cuba, all we've been doing is posturing while the Ayatollah's been thumbing his nose at us; just like Castro for 60 yrs! When will we learn you can't just ignore even a terrorist state for all these years? We negotiated, supported, and even politically backed the criminal dictators of Iran (w/ Shah), Libya (Kadafi), & Iraq (Hussein)! Why are we being so stubborn w/ Iran and Cuba now after all these years?

    ***The USA I believe in whb inside Iran yrs and yrs ago, helping them develop state of the art nuclear facilities as opposed to Russia who's there today...- Duh! That's b/c Russia and Iran both hate us! That's why they're working together!***

    Plenty of countries hate our GUTS! It's totally justified the way we barge in taking over, occupying some places, and constantly trying to democratize everywhere when it's not our business! If we put the thumb on Iran, I have no sympathy after the embassy hostage crisis lasted over 1 1/2 yrs; surprised we haven't bombed them like some other ME countries! Their economy is in the toilet and they're still hesitant to give up their enrichment program of uranium! We can't and shouldn't try to run the place, but we certainly should have a say since they committed such an offense on us and continue to perpetrate w/ support of terrorism!

  10. ***That incident of Seles' stabbing made me turn a bit cold towards Graf, b/c I didn't feel that she made enough of an effort to show solidarity w/ Monica. Graf should have shown more humanity.***

    Graf's personally was rather cold and didn't show any personality until she was close to retiring! ...It doesn't take much for a player to get on my bad side for all X! Chang's underhanded serve against Lendl at FO in '89! Agassi relentless commercialism before winning ANYTHING; "image is everything!" Rafa's whole act on the court w/ the stalling, toweling off, and challenging of every call! It s/b about the tennis, but in that respect I reserve judgment! Sportsmanship is real important to me which is why players like Sampras, Edberg, Federer, Laver, & Borg are the tennis Gawds of all X in more ways than 1!

    ***The Andy Murray-Guillermo Vilas comparison is very good: The stats are very similar. Vilas has 2 cheap Slams that he won at the AO. He defeated career-high #44 and 0 titlist John Marks in '78 and career-high #14 and 2-titles John Sadri in '79. Vilas did win the Masters in '74. He has a whole lot more tour titles, including 9 of what w/b today's Masters 1000. Vilas had a .500 mark vs. Connors-McEnroe (10-10) but had trouble w/ Borg (5-17). Vilas met Borg in 2 FO finals and went down in str. sets both X's. It will be interesting to see how people rank Vilas and Murray when Andy's career is over.***

    If you look at the cold, hard #'s there seems to be similarities, but I can't agree in reality! Vilas was a legitimate GS winner who just happened to play against someone more superior in Borg! Vilas wasn't as vulnerable as Murray IMO, winning on clay routinely when Borg wasn't there! Murray can't say that; save this season w/ winning 2 events! Vilas had a 50+ match winning streak; never happen w/ Murray! Vilas sabotaged his own career by getting busted taking appearance money! I can only remember the 1 suspension for that offense, but it could have happened more often behind the scenes to protect the game! He had a ton of ability and desire, but having Ion Tiriac as his manager put him on a course of self-destruction acquiring money IMO! Becker didn't fair much better in his personal life listening to that guy's counsel!

    ***Murray and Wawrinka both have 2 Slams, but Murray has had a much better career. That said, I think Murray will win at least another Slam or 2. ..."Djokovic already has more slam titles than Connors and McEnroe!" Well, yes. But Connors skipped the FO during much of his his prime and only played the AO twice IIRC. Mac didn't play the AO in his prime either. The oldies weren't as obsessed by their slam total as players became since the mid-80's. Most would only take the journey to Australia if they would have won the other 3 1st to complete the calender year GS. - For the 1st X since '08 I don't have a feeling that Murray can grab a few weeks as #1.***

    Thank goodness! It would have only lasted a short X like a Becker or Muster; a 2nd rate #1! As long as he has these obvious weakness, he'll be relegated to the "B" team IMO!

    I've been saying for yrs that Roger needed to stop going to AO & FO for the last few yrs! He's wasting his X, but something in him thinks he still has a chance! He's being so thoughtful about his schedule overall, but he obviously has a blind spot against giving up his cons. record in attending these majors; totally idiotic IMO!

    ***Federer has very small chances at both AO & FO, but...he does have some. It's not like he's #100 and is hoping to get to the 3rd rd if he's lucky. Roger shouldn't go around chasing pts, but he knows that it's important to be ranked as high as possible to avoid facing Nole or other top guys in the QF's. If he skipped 2 majors a year, there's no way he could hope to stay #2, it'd be hard to even be in the top 5 the next 2 yrs if he did that.***

  11. ***The Future of the So Called 'Big 4' - The 'Big 4' stopped being 'it' in '13. That was the last X when 3 of the top 4 ended up clinching all the Slams (Djokovic AO, Nadal RG & USO & Murray Wimbledon). The following year we had 2 different winners - Wawrinka & Cilic. Only Nadal & Djokovic were able to win 1 Slam. This year so far it has been reduced to 1 top player only as Djokovic has won AO and Wimbledon. The other winner is Wawrinka. So clearly we see a gradual decline in top 4. So a brief look at these players' future. I'm just going to go by their ranking:

    1. Djokovic: reigns supreme. His confidence comes from the fact there's really no one out there to challenge him. Both Federer and Nadal are in decline and Murray was a threat, but that was 2 yrs ago. Who can stop him? More importantly, how many Slams for him? I can see 3 more, but who knows. Things change in tennis so quickly sometimes.

    2. Federer: almost 34 yo and a father of 4. I'm not sure if he's still playing b/c he wants to win 1 more Slam so that he can go out like Sampras or doesn't feel he's finished yet. I do think in this weak era, w/ Nadal declining considerably and Murray still looking into finding his '12/'13 form. He feels he can compete at top level and maybe sneak in something.

    3. Murray: not sure where he stands in all this. I feel he got comfortable after winning Wimbledon and unable to find the same drive. His new choice of coach is a big ??? for me. Of course we'll see in future what happens, but I don't see him winning a few Slams - maybe AO - unless he changes his mind. It's really all up to him.

    4. Nadal: well, he's really not ranked #4, but he is/was a part of 'Big 4.' This 1 is so hard to call. Is he really declining or is he just lacking motivation? He came back so strong the past 2 X's, it's hard to write him off so quickly, but then again he's won 14 Slams and has a lot of mileage on those legs. Where does he go from here? Is he going to make one more comeback or is he going to go away forever?

    I do think '16 will answer most of these questions as they simply can't go on forever. And there has to be a great player and a great rivalry in the making.

    I think that Novak will most likely win at least 1 (avg. of 2) Majors a year in the next few. Roger will have to hope for a good draw, his Final Opponent to be less than stellar, and hopes no one comes to his matches like Stan in the FO Finals. I agree w/ Andy -- I think winning Wimbledon snuffed out the fire in him and he's trying to find motivation. In a way, I think that not winning FO for these years have lit a fire under Novak's ass and fueled him to win; I also think that if he wins FO, you will see a decline in his play. Rafa needs 1) to get better. After every major injury T.O. he has for the past years, he's gone and played and won a lot and then he starts breaking down again. He needs to slow down and recuperate and not prematurely set himself up for more injury. 2) He needs someone else to guide him. I'm sure it'll be hard to fire Toni, but get a consultant for another POV.***

  12. ***Just a few records of Nole in '15:

    - Most match wins: Djokovic (48)
    - Most Titles: Djokovic (6)
    - Most Finals: Djokovic (8)
    - Most SF's: Djokovic (8)
    - Most Top 10 Wins: Djokovic (18)
    - Most Bagels Served: Djokovic (10)
    - Most Bread Sticks: Djokovic (17)
    - Most GS Finals: Djokovic (3)
    - Most GS Won: Djokovic (2)
    - Most Masters Won: Djokovic (4)

    Records by Novak in 1st 7 months of '15 season:

    - Became the 1st man to win 5 AO titles in Open Era
    - Became the 1st man to win the IW-Miami Double on 3 occasions
    - Became the 1st man to win the opening 3 Masters 1000 titles of ATP season
    - Became the 2nd man to beat Rafael Nadal @ Roland Garros
    - Became the 1st man to beat Rafael Nadal at all 4 Slams
    - Became the 1st man to defend his title at Wimbledon since Federer in '07
    - Became the 1st man to record 17+ top 10 wins in a sn up to end of Wimbledon
    - Became the 1st man to have earned 9500+ pts. in a sn up to end of Wimbledon***


    ***Yeah, no 'Big 4' any more. Novak is dominating the tour. It's impressive that he managed to win the AO, IW, Miami, MC, Rome, played the final at RG, and won Wimbledon again. Fed hasn't won a major since '12, Rafa is slamless, Murray is getting better, but is still not winning majors. Youngsters are nowhere to be found. - You think Murray will reach 60+ titles? He'd better get busy. Still 28 titles behind Vilas.

    If he gets over 50, and has 5 Slams I'll give him the nod.***

    You're dreamin'! I'd put down anything that Murray won't get anywhere near that; esp. w/ the trajectory he's on now! He's regressed even if playing better! He's still playing a "STUPID," counter-punching game that won't win him much against the true elites! Someone mentioned he was more aggressive in '07 & '08; which is why I've been down on him and his accomplishments! There s/b so much more but for his defensive way of playing the game!

    ***...You think Murray will reach 60+ titles? He'd better get busy. Still 28 titles behind Vilas. - If Andy gets over 60, they will discover that few titles of Vilas did not get recorded in the books due to clerical error.***

    It wouldn't be the 1st X! When Martina N. was approaching Evert's winning streak of 56, it came to light that 1 of the matches counted was a default of an injured player; s/b 55! 30 years later they discovered a computer error neglecting to give Goolagong credit for being #1 for 2 wks! There are other instances of corrections when they look a little closer to related events!

  13. I fly/drove/traveled around my share during my 20s and 30s, but I don't think I ever really liked it. I haven't been back to to the States in 8 yrs b/c I despise flying and staying in hotels anymore. It's aamzing how these players, even w/ their team helping them travel, keep going the way they do.***

    For years I thought nothing of jumping on a plane for business or pleasure, but after 9/11 it just got to be too much to deal w/! A lot of X's I was on my own and something like the airline experience can make all the difference in how one feels about a trip! When they started treating us like cattle, pretending to be secure by checking granny's knitting needles, I stopped "cold turkey!" Flew to NY to participate in my dad's memorial in '06 and that was my last flight! Undressing me at the airport isn't going to stop terrorists; not as I see it! It's a charade that I have no intentions of participating in; esp. paying for the privilege! They lost a very good customer; taking a trip within a trip on many occasions! Idiots!

    ***The essence of a viable treaty was "anytime, anywhere" inspections. I think Netanyahu just said the Iranians have wks before they have to submit to such inspections. If Netanyahu is right on that, then the 6 including Kerry have bombed, and perhaps lied.

    PROBLEM IS: "Diplomacy is better than war. We should give diplomacy a chance." Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Agreed.

    We tried. It appears to have failed (won't know until details are clarified). So what do we do after diplomacy?

    So who will do the fighting? - Israel? - Saudi Arabia? - U.S.?***

    Don't be ridiculous! No treaty is going to be agreed upon that anyone can drop in whenever they feel like it! We wouldn't sign it either! It makes sense to give them a reasonable amount of X due their own sovereignty to prepare for a visit! They're still being observed w/ satellites and intel from other countries! That little bit of X is not a "killer" to the deal IMO; made sense to me! Even North Korea's given X, though an agreement was made to keep tabs on their nuclear program in the past! This is nothing new; get over it and quit acting like a bonehead Rep. objecting out of hand! These people are a fuk'n embarrassment where if they had acted 10 years ago w/ an agreement, IRAN would only have 200+ centrifuses instead of 1000's now! Blame "W" I always say!

    Obama had to "scold" Major Garrett of FNC for asking a ridiculous question of "why are you content w/ this deal when 4 Americans are still being held?" Obama was controlled, but I would have called him all kinds of idiots and a-holes; knowing there are separate talks trying to get those poor slobs out of there! They couldn't jeopardize this huge, extended deal b/c a few fools couldn't stop themselves from jumping into a frying pan by going into IRAN on their own! Idiots!

    ***It was NOT a ridiculous question! Those people have been languishing in Iranian prisons for years! Longer than when these negiotiations even began! And the fact that Obama wouldn't even try to get a former marine out of a Mexican jail just proves that he has no intentions of trying to get our folks back ...even though he could have used the frozen assets as part of the negiotiations to get them back.***

  14. ***The biggest surprise for me was that Djokovic now has more GS wins than Nadal; 200. Passed him during Wimbledon I believe. (Nadal has 196 wins.)***

    No one's been more consistent than Nole over the years at the Majors! Nadal has missed months, w/ the FO his only secure major while Roger and Nole have been making the 1/4's and semi's at almost every event! I'm shocked, you're shocked!

    ***IDK why I didn't realize he was sneaking up on the leaders, but yeah, you're right. Even if you don't win the tourney, those finals & semis pile up the wins! - Djokovic has 200 wins for a 85.4% winning rate. Nadal has 196 wins, 87.5% winning rate.

    But we were talking about GS wins. How do you interpret that? Not winning %.***

    No one's owned the tour like Nole these last few yrs! He hasn't been upset early or missed any majors, so I'd say w/o even checking the #'s that he has surpassed them both in either category you want to look at Moxie! His record has been almost as stellar as Roger's back in the day! No other pro's come close; taking AO 4 of 5 years, making the semi and final of the FO every year, winning 3 Wimbledons, then finishing off w/ magnificent runs at the USO, taking out Roger 2 str. semi's coming back from 2 MP's! Who else has done that recently?

    ***Despite Djokovic's impressive run, Nadal still has the higher winning % Fiero.

    A year ago I voted for 12 majors going to Nole. I feel comfortable with that prediction, although might up it to 13-14. I posited then:

    2014-15 (age 27-28): 2-3
    2016-17 (age 28-29): 1-3
    2018-20 (age 30-32): 0-2

    Novak had just won his 7th. I predicted 2-3 more in 2014-15 which was 5 more Slams. So far he's won 2--the AO and Wimb this year. He has 6 Slams before his 30th BD in May of 2017. While turning 30 isn't some magical line that once a player crosses it, he'll start rapidly declining. ...I'm going to predict that he wins 1/2 of those 6, which would bring him to a total of 12 by his 30th BD. ...Regardless, 14 is my new prediction.***

    History says 30 is that less than "magical age" where things don't come so easily! It happens to the player and his fans w/o even noticing; thinking "he's just having a bad day or season," when the fact is "the decline has started!" It's already happened to Federer; marked by his last major win being 3 yrs ago! I've always thought Nadal's X was limited and he surprised me by hanging in there so long w/ the way he plays the game; just running his body ragged unnecessarily vs "also-ran, has-beens, and never-weres!" Wawrinka's been "Jeckle & Hyde" his entire career w/ all the talent in the world, but you don't know who's going to show up! One day he's winning the FO and the next he's going out in the 1st or 2nd rd to some kid! Even at Nole's worst, he's been able to stave off many upsets of any kind, normally making 1/4's and semi's routinely; even at Majors!

    I was going to give Andy props for threatening Roger's hold on #2, but after winning Madrid over Nadal and a 2 other smaller events, he went down in flames in the next 2 major semi's against Nole and Roger respectively! He still has a chance to make a serious mark, but has to win the USO not just make a good showing! That just won't do it and he will have had another wasted season w/ all that hard work and little to show for it! Nadal supposedly doesn't have many points to defend, but I don't think he'll make any kind of showing this summer; hasn't much in the past! Why should this year be any different; but we'll see and hope! As always, I'm still waiting for the new "young guns" to make their mark; sorta like last year, but 1 will have to actually win instead of losing to a "granddad" in another final like Kei at the USO!

  15. ***IDK why you act as if clay is some anomaly and not to be counted the same as other surfaces? Nadal beat Fed 11 X's of his 23 wins over him on surfaces other than clay. That is 1 more X that Roger ever beat him at all. You can keep trying to cling to the notion that Nadal is a clay man only, but the rest of the tennis world has surely moved on from that.***

    I grew up when CLAY was on the wane; whole tourneys being elim. or changed to HC! When Europeans and So. Am. were upsetting us; esp. @ USO in mid 70's, something had to be done! I couldn't be more embarrassed by them; esp. w/ our own Nat'l chp going through so many changes in less than 4 yrs! The changing of Forest Hills from grass to clay in '75, going to best of 3 in the early rds, and being the 1st to demand night play under lights; it was just a "shake your head" era! After that the USO was moved to Flushing Meadows in '78! The courts were new and played like PANES of glass! They lost star players in the 4th round, led by #3 G. Vilas, taken out by someone called Butch Walts!

    Our Nat'l clay chp. was also converted to HC w/ other warm up tourneys like the Canadian Open going the same route to attract the top stars! When it comes to the elite, the FO has a "who's who" of players that just couldn't be bothered! I always gave "the dig" that most were just trying to avoid losing to BORG again; he just owned RG back then! It's really only been the last decade or so where not too many people actually avoid Paris, but I still think of it as an endurance event; true skill is wasted when you can't put the ball away! That was 1 way of keeping Nadal at arm's length when discussion of "The GOAT" got ugly!

    ***...Was there a need to interject Rafa into it? I think Kirijax was presenting an interesting stat that shows Novak's consistency. Why is Novak's success an attack on Rafa's? Their both going to have significant records to their name. Rafa's is not going to be most consistent appearances at the majors, so it is logical that he wouldn't have the most match wins.

    Rafa is quite a bit ahead of Novak at the moment, but it's fair to say that Djokovic is catching up to him at a furious rate. I was just looking at their big stats and noticed that Novak now has 54 titles to Rafa's 66. I didn't realise it was that close! So he's 12 titles behind and 5 Slams behind. Both are certainly achievable, but that assumes Rafa stands still, I'm not ready to assume that just yet. My observation about the 2 w/b that Rafa has had the more successful career to date, but Novak has shown considerably more singular dominance in his career than Rafa has. That said, I would actually argue that those years in 06 and 07 when Fedal were crushing all before them c/b described as dual dominance, albeit w/ Roger 1st amongst almost equals. If you look at Rafa's achievements in that context then 1 could argue he's been much more dominant than a conventional assessment would indicate. - - ...and earn a lot of money; the sky's the limit for Rena. I dont want to see her coaching these spoilt brats or doing commentary work b/c she has to earn a living.***

    Back "in the day," the top 10 got to maybe $200,000 a season, the next 10 in the $100,000 mark, w/ a big drop off after that! You can make that in a month and not win anything these days! Nole's cleaning up now, but besides his winning, the amounts have almost doubled in the last several yrs! He will pass both Rafa and Roger even w/o as many major wins due to inflation! I had the same debate concerning Navratilova and her record amount of $20+ M, but Graf came along when prize money seriously jumped in the 90's! Now Serena's ruling it all and should hold onto records for years to come; except we all know players like Sharapova and Kornikova clean up OFF the court b/c of their physical beauty; something Serena won't ever have to worry about!

  16. ***...Sanctions will never be put on again IRAN after they're lifted. Pretending they will is just another lie. And that will be AFTER we've given them $100B.***

    It's their money and there's nothing we can do about that! If we start just confiscating people's or country's money, "THE WORLD will stop investing in our country! Some of it may very well go into supporting "terror," but we're hoping these radicals will invest in their country which has been "on the outs" on the world stage for over 30 yrs, but only X will tell! We can't just keep saying "we won't even talk" to certain countries! You see what good it's done so far; not to mention looking like FOOLS ignoring Cuba for 60+ yrs which was truly idiotic! Obama's just fulfilling his promise concerning these countries we have irrational animus towards! We're just punishing the people; not the officials! They live ok while the poor and struggling are starving for better conditions!

    ***Iran is not getting 100B dollars released all at once. They MUST meet every part of the proposal BEFORE money is released, so it will be in stages. If you want to pretend that you are correct and that Iran will have an ICBM next wk, be my guest.***

    They can't help themselves; always needing to "scare" the country into doing something! The polls concur w/ what Obama's been doing; negotiating and making peace w/ countries we've had long running animus, thinking we will wait them out! It hasn't happened before, but we're knuckleheads that way!

    ***Bush expressed HIS certitude in the intelligence that the CIA had things right. If I say I'm SURE they're right about something and I truly think I am, that's NOT a lie.***

    After all "W's" promises, forecasting of doom, and lies about how Iraqi people would greet us as their liberator; no one s/b talking about a DEM being mistaken about anything! The economy was trashed and 2 wars started by that pathological liar and genius "on the right;" spare me! It bears repeating since you losers seem to forget what put the country "on the brink;!" BTW, the CIA already admitted "W" and Cheney pulled bits and pieces of reports to justify that invasion and sending Americans to their deaths!

    ***I always knew Dinesh D'Souza was a loon.***

    Oh he's definitely disturbed! He went all the way to Kenya to interview relatives of Obama to see if he could get some dirt and try and embarrass the man! He's gotten himself put in jail for some of his tactics and he still hasn't learned his lesson!

    ***Fear not. Persecution of the righteous is a given. D'Souza is getting stronger through this ordeal and his voice won't be silenced.***

    Unfortunately NO ONE's listening! The guy made the rounds on all the shows yrs back; network and cable! He had books people bought and they listened to him! His outright "hatred" and need to "take Obama down" destroyed him and he lost all credibility! I haven't seen him on anything except as an example of someone who cut himself off from legitimate thinkers and men of ideas a long X ago; some news item! It's really cost him; his reputation, his family, and ability to come back! He reminds me of Doctor Carson; a so called brilliant surgeon and someone that people listened to; until he said something real stupid about "all prison inmates become gay!" Now he's trying to run for President and nothing c/b more ridiculous! Every thing he said will be rehashed again and again; sorta like Trump! Like he's going anywhere; even w/ being tops in the polls!

  17. ***Trump is not backing down from his comments. McCain is a hero b/c of his captivity. That's a fact.***

    When is the "statute of limitations" on the war hero? I couldn't care less about his service after all this X if he's being an a-hole, an obstructionist, and doddering old fool! Obama tried to salute the man and his service after beating him in the election of '08, but that didn't stop this old geezer from trying to insult and undermine the new President b/c he was having a HISSY fit! Obama had to smack him down then saying "John, the election is over and I won!" That shut him up, but doesn't stop the backbiting and inferences of Obama being a blight on the country! Reps are the true BLIGHT on this fk'n country! We're recovering even w/ all their footdragging and obstructionism!

    ***President Obama outsmarts them in every move. Maybe they'll be smarter in the next life; in this one they're toast.***

    It's more than a little pathetic when these A-holes try to make Obama out to be a liar when he misspoke or circumstances changed! Of course they don't have much of a mind to change, so they can't handle even a small discrepancy when it comes to anyone else! They are allowed to evolve and have a change of heart and we're expected to accept it right away! Screw 'em all! Not worth trying to reason w/ so many of them; on permanent ignore!

    ***...Trey Gowdy said in a statement, “I would not make this one public now, but after Secretary Clinton falsely claimed the committee did not subpoena her, I have no choice in order to correct the inaccuracy.”***

    It's going to take more than this "pencil neck" to bring Hillary down! He better watch that "false claims" BS w/ the reputation of his unethical committee that's wasting Billions of dollars to find out "no one knows!" Several other investigations run by Reps admitted to finding nothing! I still don't know what they expect to find really; not sure they know? Most of the crap thrown out there is personal stuff; something totally unnecessary to a serious lapse in some way! This is just POLITICAL BS to keep the news churning! They see what a pathetic and weak field they have running for President and they can't help but try and smear her! They need to clean up their own shit before starting to "sling it!" They can't agree on much themselves; do they or do they not like COMMON CORE? If they want to make strides in acquiring the backing of the Hispanic voters, why not pass that Bill sent over by the Senate on IMMIGRATION REFORM? These jerks can't keep bitchin' about what needs to be done, then do absolutely nothing year after year! I could on, but why bother?

    Everyone's too invested in their own beliefs and can't or won't see the other side! Unfortunately "the RIGHT'S" way of seeing things is Fk'd up! Who shut down the gov't twice, threatened our credit rating, and undermined every initiative to get our economy going like saving the auto industry? Don't get me started on "everything said about the ACA" has not come to past; except their regret it got passed in the 1st place! They'd rather we have no health care programs! Just IDIOTIC and they look so bad even The Chief Justice of the SC had to back down! He looks bad enough w/ the decision of "Citizen's United!" How corrupt a court have we allowed to pass judgment on us all? Get ready losers; Hillary's coming at ya!

  18. ***...Screw the UN? You sound like an arrogant American who thinks that the rest of the world answers to us. LOL The U.N. can pass it and the rest of the countries in the world can lift sanctions and do business w/ Iran REGARDLESS of what the U.S. does! It will also render our sanctions ineffectual.***

    This is why I just laughed at Congress when they passed that stupid BILL giving them 60 days to review the agreement! It's not up to us anymore and they should realize it! If they go ahead and try to object, the rest of the world will go about their business and tell us to "go fish!" Those sanctions are coming down and won't be re-imposed unless Iran's found guilty of cheating in their part of the bargain! It's out of our hands and all we can do is HOLD their billions in our banks!

    ***Fiero, so you admit this isn't in US Nat'l interests... giving an enemy of the US $100 B to promote terrorism and develop nuclear weapons.***

    I'm no fan of IRAN, but concessions have to be made! No one likes to capitulate, but we have to be the bigger people to forgive their treachery and holding of our citizens over 35 yrs ago! We've ignored Cuba for over 50 yrs; what did it get us? We just punished their citizens; undermining their economy and in turn making their kids suffer for what was done generations ago! We can't run it all; no matter how much we think we should! How is this any different than Russia oppressing Sovereign nations again and again like this?

    ***Fiero, they have been killing our citizens for all of those 35 yrs. Please tell me what US gets out of this pile of feces.***

    ...and we haven't killed any of them? Please! Reciprocation's a bitch ya know? We've hit innocent people trying to save others hit in an attack perpetrated by us; funerals, weddings, etc.! Come on; we're no saints here!

    ***You Dems kill me. Iran has supported, organized and financed over 160 terror groups. Many of who prey on and kill Americans.***

    ...go b!tch about our domestic terrorists why don't you? I'd be more concerned w/ a-holes among us! How soon we forget OK bombing, Aurora mass shooting, Wisc. Sik Temple, '96 ATL Olympics, and other spots in the US! All that w/o even going back to our retched history w/ the KKK! Give me a break ok?

    ***Obama belongs in a circus.... For he is a clown; nothing more.***

    If Obama's a clown after being a 2 TERM and successful President, what does that say or make of the losers he's fended off after so many yrs of relentless attacks; even before he took his freakin' OATH of office? Even that was put into ?? by the A-holes that tried to make a big deal out of The CHIEF Justice fuk'n up the words. YOU guys on the "right" will answer for all this shit 1 day and I hope it HURTS; real bad!

    ***Obama's election is a commentary on those who voted for him...the same folks who will be the ones having to come up w/ the answers some day. They can easily be identified as those who think the past 6 yrs have been a success.***

  19. ***...No matter what the situation, the officer will always be at fault to these liberals.***

    No, but when it's obvious this fool escalated this from a "warning" to feeling the need to arrest her; YEAH! She was locked up for 3 days; for what? LAWSUIT! Another TX town's gonna have to cough up $$! Fk'n idiots! Can't believe people are defending this cop's actions! Now they say she admitted to suicide attempt before so they're in even more trouble! They are responsible for her wellbeing until she leaves that HELL HOLE! The COP also is found to have left off what we see in the video; threatening to TASER her and demanding she put out her cigarette! They are as guilty as sin and they better not get away this BS!

    ***...we must realize that this country is totally absurd when it comes to brown people; so uptight, so neurotic.***

    Sorry, but the oversensitivity comes from decades of inequality, abuse, and overall unfairness in our society. You try living under that YOKE since birth and then come back complaining about overreaction to "said comment" from an ignorant waitress! It indeed was "too much!" I don't think she should lose job; even w/ those losers in the NFL busted for domestic violence! You punish not only them, but the entire family!

    ***Is there anyone posting here that can boast of being that much of a man to stay behind as a POW like McCain?*** avoid being court-martialed for disobeying orders? YEAH, I GUESS SO! Where was all the outrage when Kerry was being maligned in '04 about his service record HYPOCRITES? Not 1 person came to his defense on 'the right!' It was typical Reps going after "a strength" and turning it into a weakness and all those scumbags who "swift-boated" him should burn in HELL!

    ***...The far left base is really, really off in the purple haze of insanity.***

    I'll take the lefty crazies over "right-wing" nuts anytime! We don't burn down clinics, murder doctors or nurses who perform legal medical procedures, or MAKE UP shit trying to stir up resentment for some reason or another! I keep hearing FNC and idiot "talking heads" referencing the huge increase in "food stamps" issued like that's Obama's fault! It started before he took office, but they have to keep hammering that 1 thing b/c so much else has improved! You never hear them b!tchin' about gas prices, the DOW stock market over 18,000 points after dropping to 6600 before Obama took office! They've even stopped whining about repealing the ACA after it was confirmed as Constitutional by "their" conservative SC! "Thanks CJ Roberts!"

    ***Election Fraud Time Again***

    These people are so full of shit! They've calculated that w/ the billions of votes cast, they couldn't come up w/ 50 that would count as FRAUD; a lot of those had to do w/ moving out of the area! Big deal! Reps are desperate b/c few voters will cast their ballot for them since they've gone off the fuk'n deep end! The way they threatened the budget, Nat'l debt, and credit rating proves they've collectively LOST THEIR MINDS! When they're in charge, it's just housekeeping! If a DEM is in office at 1600 P., they have to make it as difficult as possible and try and asso. it to his incompetence rather than theirs! Sick bastards; truly will burn HELL if there's any justice!

  20. ***Yeah ITA. Prize money is relative. Although I will admit I find it really very encouraging what the top 10 are making these days. It's nice to see tennis on par w/ top sports earnings.***

    The money's obscene if you ask me; in all sports! Baseball being the biggest joke when you see empty stands with backup utility players making millions!

    ***I hope Nadal does hang on and get back to respectability. Tourneys are much more interesting w/ him around. I can't deny that.***

    ...The only thing close I can think of is maybe Sampras' last 2 yrs! He won 2000 Wimbledon and went on a "walkabout" never seen before in his career! He actually started dropping in the rankings, unable to win a title for over 2 yrs! By the X he reached '02 USO he had dropped to at least #22, but seeded @ #17! Obviously the rest is history w/ a 4 set win over Agassi to close out his legendary career; at that X anyway! Sampras may very well be only a footnote if Nole gains a few more majors! Pete's claim to fame and tennis history will wind up being tied at 7 Wimbledons w/ the GOAT, RF!

    ***The Greatest Non-Slam Champion of the Open Era - ...Is no one going to say Nalbandian? It's a tough 1. I'm not that invested. There's a case to be made for a lot of those guys. Ferrer, Nalbandian, Davydenko, Rios.***

    As much as I liked Nalbandian and his game, I can't get past that "temper tantrum" assaulting/injuring the linesman at Queens! The idiot was just a few games away from winning in str. sets! Cilic was not going to win that match even w/ the "frustrating" break of serve that initiated the drama! I've never seen anything like that; dealing w/ the likes of Graebner, Richey, Nastase, Connors, & McEnroe back "in the day!"

    ***Yes, that was a low moment for Nalbandian, and completely inexplicable. But some of the other guys on the list have had their eps as well; not least Rios and Ferrer.- I say TOM Okker. He actually was in top 10 for 7 cons. yrs from '68-'74 and won 31 singles titles and 78 doubles (a record for 23 yrs), but ATP only came into existence when he was 29 so has not been credited w/ some of his wins. He also had to miss Wimbledon in '72 when WCT players were banned and in '73 b/c of the Pilic ban when he was at his best. He missed some FO's b/c WTT players were banned. Was runner-up to Ashe in '68 and reached the SF of the 4 Slams. ...Okker is from a different era, playing from the mid-60s to early 80s and thus played during a X when a lot of players skipped the AO and FO. I think if he had played more of those tourneys, his overall # w/b = or > Ferrer's. My vote goes to Okker w/ Ferrer a close 2nd.***

    ...You already mentioned Davy never even made a major final so he's out! Mecir is my fave, upsetting Becker at '86 USO semi before going out in "straights" to Lendl! He could actually worry top players when on his game and actually beat Lendl in best of 5 in '87 at the Lipton Int'l! Checking stats, I forgot he won the GOLD medal at Seoul Olympics in '88 and defeated McEnroe to win the WCT Chp. in '87! OTTH, I don't think anyone else accomplished this much along w/ making 2 major finals!

  21. ***Someone committing suicide while in jail should not be used as a means to further an agenda. At worst here, we have jailers & LEO who didn't follow their own protocol. This is less nefarious & more incompetence or neglect at following procedure.***

    DA/Pros. of Waller Cty spoke and concurs that the Trooper violated policy and separate investigations are going on including a civil case! They conveyed info from the autopsy due to allegations from w/i & w/o; Bland's death ruled a suicide by hanging! They made a big deal out of the toxicology initially, leaking that info! He confirms pot in her system; like it makes a difference!

    ***Yeah, all this over breaking a law. You can diminish it all you want, but a law is a law and an officer is NOT the person to argue it w/. Sign the fucking warning and get on w/ your life. Or bow up and get slapped down. Both were in the wrong.***

    Michael Slager isn't making much news back in North Charleston! He's a SC ex-cop that shot a fleeing Black guy in the back 7 X's after his traffic stop! If not for video, they would have accepted his LIE about this dude grabbing for his gun! How many of these so called "justifiable shootings" have resulted in murderers getting away w/ their crime while holding a badge?

    ***I would call Rock a troll b/c of his lying, but that w/b insulting to trolls that are actually good at it.***

    Why lie? The truth about things are horrific enough! Now they're saying she had so much POT in her system she must have ingested it; maybe even in the jail! The a-holes are really beggin'! How unprofessional; showing autopsy pics outside of court? Smearing her as much as possible won't curb the outrage; esp. mines and I don't even know the women! Her family must be devastated! These animals in TX will burn in HELL 1 day!

    ***Link to the DA or M.E. saying that?***

    It was cut to go listen to that blowhard Trump down at the border! FNC reporter is the 1 that revealed what those animals did after the cameras went off them! Maybe they'll replay it so you can SHAKE YOUR HEAD like me! Disgusting; esp. when people justify this shit happening every other day! There have been so many; hard to keep up w/ them!

    ***If you do exactly what the poilice officer says, you don't get dead. Why is this so hard for people to understand? I guess I missed the instance of an officer killing the perfect citizen who has never been arrested and complied w/ his every demand just for the fun of it...- Unfortunately that's not entirely true is it? There are bad cops who do over-react and do stupid things.***

    How these people can ignore so many of these events happening is beyond me! A few months ago a teacher was just walking down the street and ended up being blown away by a cop! She was inebriated, but when's that become illegal? Cops just can't justify this crap; esp. w/ video showing what they're doing! BUSTED AGAIN; big deal! They still get away w/ it for the most part! People want to believe their police, but they've made it real difficult of late!

    ***It's been against the law to be intoxicated in public for quite some X now.***

    Fool, was it worth KILLING her for it? GAWD save us!

    ***No, it wasn't, but that's not how you worded your statement.***

    HELLO; what's the topic about? It's not a leap to understand where I was going genius!

    ***This woman killed herself. She was not killed by police. Totally irrelevant trying to tie those into this.***

    You're a fool! If she hadn't been arrested, there's a good chance she would still be alive! That "flatfoot" overstepped his authority, lied to his supervisor about what happened, and knowing she was suicidal allowed her to DIE! They are RESPONSIBLE in every way!

  22. A friend of Bland said he saw her in a sleeveless dress thurs. and didn't notice all those supposed cuts and scabs on her arms! Part of their procedures in booking a person asks for all that info about scars and tattoos and none of that seemed to have been noted! This may turn into a murder case after all! No one in her family thinks or believes she did this! These jerks are going to be in trouble and justifiable so! They made the judge complicit w/ that high bond making him believe she assaulted him and worth making her life miserable; eventually snuffing it out it seems! Who goes to jail for a minor traffic infraction but in TEXAS I guess?

    ***I've never in my life heard of trash bags in holding cells. If they so called knew she was suicidal, then why have loose items near her? They will be liable In her death.***

    They know they're liable; that's why this A-hole DA is smearing her name talking about cuts and POT in her system! That has nothing to do w/ the issue at hand! If anything it makes them more complicit in her death seeing as booking should have brought all this to the fore; not after she's dead!

    ***What does that even mean? Did she not commit a traffic violation? Did she not get confrontational w/ the cop? Did she not kill herself? Which part of that was someone else's fault? Did a magic fairy do all that that we "can't see on camera"?***

    If you arrest someone, THEY ARE TOTALLY responsible for her wellbeing while in their charge; esp. if she said she was suicidal! They will have to cough up some cash to this family eventually!

    ***Not 1 person I know has ever been killed by a cop, wanna know why? B/c we don't mess with cops, we do what we are told when confronted. Don't be a disrespectful POS and do what you're told and you are going to walk away. Do some cops get carried away? Of course, but you notice they don't get carried away w/ law abiding respectful people who obey their demands.***

    Unfortunately I know 1 and the same BS happened! He was drunk and just sitting on the side of the road minding his own business! This cop decides to stop and in an altercation shoots him through his eye; no older than 19! True enough he shouldn't have been inebriated, but why is this grown man unable to handle a child w/o shooting him?

    ***Reps are unfit to govern.***

    Too bad so many states have been tricked into putting them in power! Luckily they aren't much of a Nat'l party w/ the clowns they have running for President so we s/b saved from another horrendous era of "tax cuts," fear mongering against the ME and North Korea, and continuing the insane "sanctioning/ignoring" of Iran and Cuba! I mentioned this the other day; they can't b!tch about anything real like the economy, employment, oil prices, and the like! They have to keep revving people up over imaginary enemies, ignore all that's good happening, and undermining every DEM initiative no matter what! I say SCREW them all; permanently! They've proved they'd rather destroy our economy than live in what they perceive as darkness "on the outs" of The WH! I'm so done w/ the "rightwing-nuts" all over the place! If these animals said the sky was blue, I'd have to go take a personal look!

    Jeb is a fool who sits there during interviews saying Obama's a failure! If he's a failure, what is "W?" He really looks uncomfortable knowing he has to defend his family at the same X trying to get people to overlook the incompetence of his brother! How do you forget a collapsed economy, high unemployment, oil prices through the roof, and a STOCK Market DOW under 6600? Delusion, idiotic, insane, and FOS; he's all the above!

    ***I'm not quite sure where you got the idea that I was defending 43 or endorsing Jeb. Just noting the latter had put himself in a tougher position.***

  23. Men have embarrassed female players over and over; except in some exh. where it was more a joke like Farrah Fawcett beating Bill Cosby in "Battle Of The Network Star!" The following year Dick Van Patten trained hard and made sure to not even give her a chance! I've seen highlights of a LV exhib. where Connors played Martina in a made for TV event and he pretty much toyed w/ her! Not sure if people recall a special event where guys/gals played a lone TB! I think Evonne Goolagong beat Ilie Nastase, but he couldn't hit that hard! Borg's topspin shots were too much for Virgina Wade and she only amused w/ a few good points taking advantage of the double's lines allowed by the ladies! That was quite a long X ago!

    ***Actually I rate Roger as the 2nd best grass court player ever. Nole obviously isn't top 3 yet. And '08 wasn't Roger's prime when he lost to Rafa, he had clearly gone down a notch. I'd say it was similar to Nad's 2012, pretty good year but not close to what we had seen before. Interestingly enough both rebounded well (Roger in '09 & Rafa in '13)***

    I wouldn't put Roger even in the top 5 of true grass court players! This is hardly what we can say is historic, grass court play! You need to go back to a bygone era; top of the list w/b legends like Laver, Tilden, to a more current era w/ Edberg, Becker, and Sampras! This grass is nothing like what is considered true grass courts w/ their homogenized surface, few bad bounces, and players winning who would never win against these other legends! Rafa is right where he s/b; going out very early! Federer has his 7 Wimbledons, but he arrived moments before Sampras was exiting so it's hard to put him that high! I've seen a lot of tennis and these guys today would never survive the aggressive S & V of these legends; NEVER! I'm not sure they could get past the 2nd tier like Mayotte, Tanner, or Curren!

    ***Absolutely hilarious. Edberg's my fave player of all X, and IMO the best all round volleyer the game has ever seen. But I'm sorry... he ain't better than peak Federer on grass. Roger could do everything; baseline and front court. Of all the those guys, the only guy that stands a chance against Federer at his best was Sampras: and that's b/c of that serve; particularly the 2nd serve. But in my view, even that doesn't help him over 5 sets. He simply wouldn't be able to get to Roger's relative weaknesses. Federer was too fast, too versatile, just 'too much' in my view. And Roger ate pace at his peak. Sorry... PS, the best set on grass I've ever seen was the 3rd Edberg - Becker. 1st set Edberg's volleying was so perfect, Boris was helpless. But the sad truth is that the baseline passing of this generation would have done for Stefan, even if folks didn't just go to town on that forehand side.

    I'm going off if Sampras and Federer were playing each other on the "real" grass. On the current grass I think Roger would have a clear edge while on the faster grass Pete would have the slight edge due to having the better serve. There'd be a lot of TB's for sure. As far as "greatness" goes on the surface, I'd have them about tied right now. Pete's 7-0 is majestic while Roger obviously aged a lot better and is still very relevant on the surface in his 30's. I still think that this current gen. is fortunate the grass is how it's otherwise Roger w/b sitting on more than 7.

    Federer is the grass/Wimbledon #1... 40+ wins is up there. and 15 titles is an Open Era record. 7-0 isn't as majestic as 7-3..thats a Wimbledon record. 10 Wimbledon finals.***

  24. ***Rafa has said (smiling) during the press conference in Hamburg: "I'm playing here b/c I lost more matches in the last 6 months than in the last 10 years. My body asked for more matches" - Yep! Sometimes I wish Rafa wouldn't "talk" and just play tennis.***

    More reasons than you're stating! It pretty much shows how deficient he is intellectually! He was about 15, thrown on the circuit and couldn't have gotten much of an education! Most players speak many languages and he doesn't seem to put forth any effort w/ the universal ENGLISH all pros use! Talk about brainwashed and protected! They could have afforded a tutor I'm sure!

    ***I've often wondered the same thing about Rafa's inability to speak good English, and I'm not just referring to his accent. Others started on the tour at a similar age, yet speak many languages fluently (Roger speaks German, French and English among others, while Nole does Serbian, English, Italian, French, and I believe some Mandarin). Not sure whether Rafa simply doesn't care about bringing his English to fluency or perhaps doesn't have the capacity to learn it better (which isn't meant as an insult---he just may not have an aptitude for learning languages).

    I don't think his English is that bad, but he was surrounded by a fleet of Spanish players on the tour so that may have something to do w/ it. The others may have had to adapt a bit more than Nadal did in that department. Just a theory. Who knows?***

    Well at least it isn't just me! I figured "the slings and arrows" would rain down on me for being so provocative! It was just an observation! I already hit him a few years ago for his self-serving propositions while on the council for the ATP concerning the rankings and schedule! Thank Gawd Roger was President at the X and smacked every one of them down! Nadal actually stormed off eventually! lol!

    ***...Personally, I love listening to Europeans speak English. It sounds so cool. I grew up in FLA w/ a mom from Ala. and 'thaut suthern twang is purrty hard to git riid uf.' And other players sounding more intelligent than Nadal? Oh come on.***

    Reminds me of a Swedish player who went to college in GA; wound up speaking "low German" w/ a southern drawl! I think his name was Mikael Pernfors; goes back to the Wilander and Edberg era!

    ***Yes! I remember that guy! He had a Swedish-GA accent. Very cool.

    There can only be one GOAT. But, there can be many SHEEP (Slamless Heroic Everlasting Excellent Player) and so I am ok w/ this solution. Cool***

    OTTH, we've gone from Tilden > Laver > Sampras (san FO final) > Federer (before his FO win) w/ little if ANY deviation! Some try to get BORG in there w/ his 11 majors (5 Wimbledons & 6 FO's), Connors w/ his 109 titles and longevity, Rosewall for being Rosewall, Gonzales for being Gonzales, Agassi for the 1st career GS in decades, and Rafa for his 14 majors, 9 FO's, and ownership of Federer, "The TRUE GOAT!"

    ***There's been reports that Lendl has been on the court w/ Dimitrov just recently. So, make what you will of that. Now w/ a couple Masters coming up and the USO following here's a list of those youngin's you'll need to reference to see what's what and who's who. :)

    - Under 21 ranking:
    - Under 21 race:***

    It doesn't surprise me! Lendl's always invited some young pro to stay at his place to work out just before the USO! Way back when, he was reputed to have had the same surface contractors to apply the same formula at his home in Conn.! The year Sampras beat him and McEnroe in '90; he may have been the lucky kid to get a maximum workout and experience from this artisan!

  25. ***...the Dixie Bitches disrespected the President during a X of war and they did unsolicited and they did it in a foreign country. If this happened here in the USA there would not have been a back lash. Hollywood types attacked and still do attack Bush, but nobody is boycotting their movies.***

    Oh please! You EQUATE a country group w/ the LEADERSHIP of the Rep. Party's routine "disrespect of Obama?" I hope you've just been drinking or snorting something b/c that's hilarious! You have to be just fk'n w/ us! Good 1! I laughed and laughed; esp. w/ thoughts of the "Birthers," comments on his "wife, children, parents, heritage, intelligence, patriotism, and religion! You're fk'n killin' me! lol!

    ***Dunkin' Donuts' top exec. says a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers is "absolutely outrageous***

    What pisses me off about these so called brilliant businessmen is if they thought about it; when you pay more and give your employees more buying power, the economy picks up and more money is spent! In turn the businesses earn more money! The last idiot pizza king; I don't even want to give him any press hated the idea of raising prices by 10 cents a pizza to pay for his employees "heath care!" He was a huge opponent of OBAMAcare, and at the same X must have told his employees to "fend for yourselves losers! I gotta buy an island by the X I'm 50!"

    *** I'm an anti-semite b/c I don't want my tax dollars going to a country other than the US.***

    I haven't been thrilled w/ the rampant disrespect of these people for well over 30 years! We "give" them money for defense and access to the area; BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year and I feel our representatives have dealt w/ being spat upon each x they arrive for a chat! Going back to Reagan's SOS, sEC. Baker, I can still see in my mind headlines of them starting up "settlements" on the West Bank that would just infuriate the Palestinians! Fine, PO Arafat back then, but why spit in Baker's face each X? Now for me to defend any Rep., you know I have to be really PO'd b/c I hate what they've done to this country and continue to do w/ little regard for how we look in the eyes of the world! To be threatening that Iranian treaty just can't get more scummy in the grand scheme of things! The other countries in the P-5 will say "screw you USA, this is how it's going to go and if you like, catch up bitches!" Years ago I would have trusted someone as stalwart like McConnell would do the right thing eventually! He's really disappointed me to no end the entirety of the Obama Admin.! Now even Cruz feels emboldened to call him out and label him a "LIAR" in Congress for the whole freakin' world to see! Talk about disrespect! Supposedly there are decorum rules in that body! Cruz s/b in serious trouble, but the thing is "he's already so well hated by his brethren!" lol!

    ***It still hasn't dawned on Obama that he's not the savior of the world that the media made him out to be when he was running for President. He's proving once again that he thinks he knows what's best for everyone else.***

    Hmmm, no arrogance during the "W" years! According to him "we w/b greeted as liberators in Iraq, Saddam had WMD's we needed to confiscate, and "I can cut taxes and start 2 wars w/o repercussions!" I could go on, but the usual deflections, excuses, and other BS will come raining down on me! You guys are so ridiculous to keep passing the buck on Obama for your wasted efforts in trying to undermine him! Truly pathetic! You got BEAT; AGAIN! First it was Bill, then Barack, now it'll be Hillary! Get used to saying Madam President!

  26. ***This "workplace violence" whining from you cons sounds stupider every X you do it. Firstly, Obama never said that the attack on Fort Hood wasn't a terrorist attack. It was called workplace violence in a Defense Dept. report titled "Protecting the Force." Christ, if you cons weren't so damn stupid you'd know that the attack on FH was a lot of Fk'n things. It was a terrorist attack. It was workplace violence. It was a crime. It was murder.***

    These idiots just need something to bitch about; can't help themselves! The frustration is building w/ every success of this man in an office they didn't think he was entitled to! That's how empty-headed they are; jump on anything and say it's Obama's fault and call him out for some ridiculous reason! Pathetic and expected! You can't reason w/ them! They see w/ all that "so called" talent of Rep. gov's, senators, and other losers; the party's going down in flames embarrassingly! Hillary just has to sit back and let them destroy themselves! Trump is her personal "Manchurian Candidate" which they accuse Obama of being! Hilarious to watch! It only gets funnier and funnier as X goes by!

    ***So where on the morality scale does harvesting organs from aborted babies fall?***

    These same conscientious objectors will be the 1st 1's looking for the latest innovation to save a loved 1 or their own worthless lives! They remind me of people who hate gov't so much, bitch about Socialism, and try to disparage Europe for how they run their countries, then scream loudly for DC not to touch their entitlements; Soc. Sec., Medicare, unemploy. ins., now The ACA, Medicaid, jobs programs, prescription drugs, & so much more! The hypocrisy is mind-numblng, but of course it only affects the 1's that have to listen to their BS; esp. around election X! They love talk about suspending the IRS, privatizing Soc. Sec., and totally eliminating the ACA; then when the elections roll around the voting makes no sense and it's a "WTF moment" every cycle! No 1 expected the Dems to hold onto the Senate through '14, but there were self-inflicted wound after self-inflicted wound on the "right!" As they say about themselves when honest; "we don't know how to get out of our own way sometimes! How BOUT all the X? Heaven knows the Dems have helped them out immensely by being gutless and "Republican-Light!"

    Obama's popularity, long after his 2nd election was never higher than when he "fought the Reps," took Exec. Action, and threatened them unless they relented on some issues! He was terribly weakened in his 1st term by trying to be conciliatory when those jackals were snapping at his heels from day 1, ignoring all imagery of behaving civilly and getting things done. They couldn't even spare his family; relentlessly attacking his wife, children, parents, heritage, religion, and of course patriotism! BIRTHERS still live! Let them continue their assault on Dems, Obama, and Hillary; they do us a service and it'll only guarantee another term of common sense and progression other than another "dark age" w/ conservatives! :-(

    ***Are you implying that there's corruption in the Obama Admin? If so, please offer some evidence.***

    That is hilarious! They been trying so much to pin shit on this man, they've been making up stuff! I hope never to live long enough to see a "righty" in that chair, but I pray the Dems pay him or her back like these animals have for so many years w/o letting up! They always bitch about respecting the office, but Obama got none of it! A-holes like Boehner and McConnell couldn't be bothered to take his call! Fk 'em all! You can't reason w/ unreasonable and irrational people! They slither on their bellies to try and undermine this man and so far they've fallen woefully short of their objectives!

  27. ***Nole's the man right now. He has what it takes and if he does pull it off the AO is next meaning Djokovic will have a good chance for 4 in a row.***

    Makes sense to me; the "NOLE Slam!" I think it has less pressure than the "Cal year" 1! Serena's done her modified "1" twice! Most are still "whistling DIXIE" w/ Graf's "Golden Slam" w/ OM and Martina's run of 6 majors over 2 yrs; '83 Wimbledon to '84 USO (all but 1 over her top rival Evert-Lloyd)!

    ***If I was a betting man I would bet on Nole. I'm hoping to see Fed sneak 1 more Slam title in before he retires. #2 in the world, you would think he has a real shot, but he has not been able to pull it off in quite a while.

    Is there any hope for a teenage Slam champion in the next 2-3 years? Who do you think has the best chance? Who is closest to being ready physically? I would say Zverev is the closest, but it's still a tiny chance. Him being 18 might help... Who do you got?***

    I think a few have the ability, but the problem will always be the final! Getting there is a lot easier than winning it; esp. when 1 of the BIG 4 has usually been there waiting! Most Major Finals are more mental; seeing as most 1st X'rs "melt" under the pressure long before they can get there! The reason we give this group at the top more credit than past eras is b/c they have consistently taken just about all major titles for nearly a decade w/ few exceptions! Back in the day you could just about always "count" on an upset or 2! It just hasn't happened that much until recently; esp. w/ Nadal at Wimbledon!

    ***Impossible ever to have a GOAT. For instance if Rod Laver was born only 25 years ago I am sure w/ nutrition today and as we are getting taller year by year, he w/b much taller and stronger than he was playing. He would have had s coach and trainer and gym sessions so impossible to compare him w/ Federer today. Even Borg was before fitness trainers, personal physios, & gym sessions, and nutrition expertise. So impossible to compare.

    ...Even if, say, Coric finds himself in the USO final, he will most likely be facing a top seed, if not Djokovic or Federer. Does anyone really give Coric a chance in that match? Not me. ... Again, these aren't givens, but they're the kinds of things which would most likely need to happen for a teenager to win a GS these days. He would practically need to have it handed to him.

    I don't see it happening in the next few years, but I also don't think it will be another 15 before we see another 1. A big part of the reason is that the tour figures to become a lot more wide open in the next few years when Djokovic and Murray will be declining and Fedal will either be gone or just about out the door.***

    How much longer do you anticipate Roger hangin' on? I don't think he'll approach any of the "lack of life" to extend his career like a Rosewall or Connors; I hope not anyway!

    ***Did I see somewhere that Novak is not favored to win the USO? - Nole is favored by me everywhere. He's a monster w/ Fed and Nadal fading. :\ ***

    I'm not trying to elevate Nole to Federer's status, but I can't even remember Roger being as favored in every event; even back 'in the day!' Novak has had 2 of the best 1st half seasons in history so that's why I'm inquiring! No one has ever won 2 majors and 4 of 5 Masters before the summer gets going!

    ***Nole's probably favored for all Slams now. I don't think Fed ever had that, but not sure about it. Nadal always said Fed was the fave at RG, at least until '08. No one was buying it.***

  28. ***...If Sharapova's career isn't enough to make her more than a footnote, I wouldn't recommend a career in tennis to anyone.***

    Even though I preferred the women's game for years until recently, they haven't gotten much respect; by tourney's or the public overall! From my day, it was Martina and Chris all day long, then the addition of some glamour in Sabatini, the GS winning of Graf, & the career shortening of Seles from being stabbed! Along came a novelty in the Williams sisters, the chessboard genius of Hingis, and the all-court athleticism of Henin! It's been up for grabs ever since! When you start having #1's in there w/o even winning a major, how much can you take them seriously? ...Serena's representing now, but she woefully underachieved w/ outside interests, injury, & drama in her life!

    ***First, Sharapova's Slams have come in 2 generations; 1 being in the gen. of Henin, Davenport & Williams. ...The 1st player to EVER be #1 w/o winning a Slam was actually on the men's tour, Rios, yet there was no questioning the seriousness of the mens tour as you did w/ the women. It's kind of like the issue with grunting; complain about the women when the men are doing the exact same thing. How does a player who has won 21 slams have "woefully underachieved?"***

    I think Lendl held the #1 ranking for a "minute" back in the early 80's w/ a lot of WCT wins and long before his '84 FO win! Sampras acquired the #1 ranking from Courier who was holding 2 majors in '93, but dropped to #3! Sampras hadn't won much since his USO in '90 and made the final, losing to Edberg 2 years later! It was a weird X; esp. when you think of players chastising Muster for becoming #1 winning all his matches on clay and avoiding HC's after his knee incident back in '89 @ Miami!

    As for Serena, she has tons of accomplishments, tourneys, medals, bells, and whistles! I just never cared for her type of play, her intermittent absences to do "fashion, acting, and to knock about!" You have to realize, back in the day, "the QUEENs" of tennis didn't have much in the way of outside interests! Serena wasted a lot of opportunities; very well should have closer to 30 Majors if you look at it that way! Losing 3 major matches to Henin didn't help in '07! And I'm not sure how anyone can forget her behavior at 2 USO's; actually being fined heavily and a long probation due to threatening a lineswoman! Her winning just isn't very convincing; allowing everyone to "test" her before eventually coming through! Aza needs to just retire after embarrassing losses to Williams holding multiple MP's! Sharapova is just as bad; unwatchable and definitely not worth listening to! Believe you me, all that grunting coming out of them s/b silenced!

    ***...Anyone can find fault in a era where a player dominated, and you seem to only find fault w/ Serena when it pertains to her.***

    It's ugly even if Serena wins easily! I'm spoiled by past champions who played a lot more effortlessly! The groaning, grunting, w/ legs and arms flailing about is just not what I'd called graceful or elegant! I've been very consistent in my stance and well know about deficiencies in Graf's record; which is why I don't have a lot of regard for her either! Martina's the GOAT w/ 59 majors; 18 singles, 32 dubs, & 10 MxD! Navratilova probably would have won more singles titles if not for consistently making finals in doubles as well in every major, year in and year out!

    'Pova, Aza, and others have actually won multiple majors while the 1's you mention managed 1! They're all over-hyped & over-blown in their resumes & accomplishments, just tickling me when I see them go down again and again to Serena; even at her worst! Their so called competitiveness just doesn't pass the laugh test IMO! Where's the consistency, the play in dubs, and racking up of smaller events when Serena isn't there?

  29. ***Rafa has a decent shot at winning Hamburg. If he does, he sneaks above Raonic in the rankings to #9. Then, having no points to defend in either Can. or Cincy, he has a very good shot at being at #8 by the time the USO draw is made.***

    Oh man; if I had said this was how it was going to be a few years ago, you'd all have called me nutz! Hmm, I think I did and all of you were predictably derisive and outraged! I warned you this guy wouldn't be able to play at a high level like someone who's technique was more effortless like Federer! It's come to being hopeful he'll jump 1 seed from #10 to #9! How the mighty have fallen! ;-)

    ***You and many others have been saying that Nadal would suffer from his style of play. Since about 2008-9 I'd say. This doesn't make you a genius. If you say it often enough, you'll eventually be right. Rafa himself has said that everyone thought he'd burn bright and fast and be gone, but he's 14 yrs on the tour, and only just now faced w/ the possibility of his 1st year in 10 w/o a Slam.***

    14 YEARS? I must have missed those early efforts! I never heard of him before '05! Let's pull back on him playing in the sandbox!

    ***...Rafa was beating the likes of Moya and Costa when he was 16; FO winners on clay. And I probably shouldn't have to remind you that he beat Roger in '04 on HCs in Miami. That was not the sandbox. And this is why we compare him to the up-and-coming teenagers. He was nearly fully-formed by '04. Don't feel bad that you weren't paying attention. Most weren't.***

    Honey, if I don't know it, it couldn't have been very important! I'm not trying to be an egomaniac, but if I wasn't paying attention, few were; esp. people outside of the game! I wasn't even aware he had a winning edge on Fed losing those 2 Wimbledon finals in '06 & '07! The FO's were unwatchable due to how ugly the tennis was at the X! It took a lot for it to finally sink in that he owned Roger! Fed never seemed to shrink from the challenge, but those wins after that were few and very far btw!

    ***...A fair # of people were paying attention to the rise of Nadal, even before '05. But even w/o that, a lot of people did know that Rafa had the edge on Roger in the H2H. ... Rafa was playing like he'd invented the game. If you can't see that as very fine tennis, then you have a prejudice against the clay.***

    "Tom Brady’s Four-Game Suspension Is Upheld by Roger Goodell - N.F.L. Comm. Roger Goodell upheld the 4-game suspension of NE Patriots QB Tom Brady, 1 of the league’s biggest stars, for his role in the deflation of footballs used in the A.F.C. Chp. game in Jan. ..." - The Golden child, 2 X MVP, 4 X SB winner, 3 X SB MVP, & 10 X Pro-Bowler is out for the 1st 5 wks of the season; #5 being a "bye!" He might have talked his way out of it w/ a little contrition, but he couldn't do it; actually exacerbating the situation by destroying cell phone! That was the last straw and the games lost couldn't even be lowered to 2 which I supported! He's on the outs and the NFLPA will totally embarrass themselves by going to court! They're all idiots!

    ***That new info in regards to Brady destroying his phone is quite damning. In light of that I doubt this goes to court as the NFLPA/Brady have been threatening. I thought they might be that it's revealed he went to those lengths to hide his text messages and emails...I'm pretty sure it was a bluff.

    W/ that cell phone thing coming to light, I'm surprised they didn't tack on 12 more games to the suspension. Am I nuts or is Brady getting off lightly here?***

    I think so! I have this feeling Goodell gave Brady a chance; "you come clean and drop all this, I'll make it 2 games! If you push it, you and your team will suffer w/ the original 4!" Unfortunately Brady's shown his arrogance that "I can get away w/ anything" and it bit him in that gorgeous ass of his!

  30. ***Serena has played in the "entire" era of Venus Williams, Henin, Davenport, Sharapova, Clijsters. and Azarenka. (You could add Martina Hingis since Serena beat her for her 1st Major in '99) who are all multiple slam winners.

    That is a good point. Serena lost slams to Martina Hingis and to her sister early in her career. Hingis is one of the most talented players to ever play the game, and same w/ Venus. Then she had to deal w/ physical beasts from eastern Europe and the Beigians later, and now she also has Azarenka, 'Pova. IDK exactly how good her rivals were but, I read that she had Chris Evert. B/c of that, they met in so many finals. That also raises questions as to how good their own rivals were if they met in almost every GS final they played in. I would love to get some info on the Navra/Evert era to see how good they really were.***

    I watched them from the beginning! OTTH, they met 80 X's; more than any other rivals on either tour! Their competition came and went while they battled for about 15 years; Navratilova hanging on for another 5 until retiring the 1st X in '94 after making her last Wimbledon final against Martinez! The record wound up being 43-37 in Martina's favor! Both had to deal w/ Goolagong, BJK, Wade, & Court at the end of their careers, then Mandlikova, Shriver, and Austin who were the new bloods! After that crop came Graf, Sabatini, and Seles! It didn't look at all competitive for a while there from '82-'87 and I don't blame people for questioning that era, but like Serena, Chris and Martina could only play who came to the party! Back then it was more like the "Big 2," then the Big 4 when Graf and Seles came along! Tournaments weren't worth watching w/o 1 of them there and they scheduled themselves to make sure someone was @ each event to have "some" star power!

    ***Navratilova, Evert, Graf and Seles never made a "Big 4." Evert was gone the year before Seles hit it big. I remember Mandilikova and Graf being touted as the ones who would challenege MN/CE b/c they were the 1's right under them in the rankings at the X ('86). Then Mandilikova faded and Sabatini came up a bit. Evert retired, Navratilova faded and it was the Big 3 (Graf, Sabatini, and Seles) for a while w/ very few rankings points btw them. Then Seles took off; the stabbing incident put Graf in control until Hingis came along.***

    The BIG 4 I was thinking of was Graf, Navratilova, Seles, and Sabatini! I remember the 1st X there were 2 events going on at the same X; Graf and Sabatini in the States while Navratilova played Seles in the final in Paris! This didn't happen at all early on w/ the women's game! They needed all to be at 1 event instead of spreading things a little thin with multiple tourneys, but it worked out finally; Sabatini over Graf and Navratilova over Seles indoors in Paris!

    ***...Sabatini lost 2 finals to Graf, the '88 USO & the 91 Wimbledon finals. She did best Steffi once at the 1990 USO. ...She made the SF's of each Major at least 3 X's for a whopping 15 SF's in addition to that 1 Major win, & 2 Finals. I always thought clay was her best surface, but she never made the FO final, making SF 5 X's. She did win 2 YE WTA CHPs. Quite frankly, overall her career was more complete and impressive than Tracy Austin.

    From '90 to '91, the big 3 was definitely Graf, Sabatini & Seles. Graf was starting to lose her dominace, and Sabatini and Seles were hot on her heels. Sabatini came so so close to winning the Wimbledon title in '91, but after that she started to fade. Then Seles took over until the stabbing and we were left w/ Sanchez and Graf. That '94 USO was a pleasant surprise, but somehow I never felt that Sanchez was a real rival or threat to Graf. Women's tennis really lost out when Seles was stabbed.***

  31. ***Hmmm: Is Speaker Boehner's tenure in jeopardy? - There's a rumor (which Boehner dismisses) that his speakership is on contest.***

    They've been after Boehner since 2010 when the TEA-Baggers sorta took over the Rep. party! They've even had a vote or 2 which has embarrassed his tenure as the weakest Speaker in memory! He won't be deposed, but he'll have to put up w/ rampant disrespect! Pelosi wouldn't have put up w/ such treatment! She'd smack those idiots so hard, they'd wish they were never elected in the 1st place!

    ***I was born in 1954. I have NEVER seen the GOP in such disarray!

    I'm alarmed by it.
    - The most recent Rep. President sent 1000's of our troops to their deaths for nothing.
    - There's over a dozen Rep. candidates for the Presidency. When was the most recent X that happened before?
    - The Rep. speaker's tenure is in contest.

    This Rep. free-for-all makes the Dems look well organized! YIKES!

    Never did I think I'd see the day when the Rep. party w/b playing 2nd fiddle to the Dems on criterion of organization.***

    I think their last big stand was in '04, going all out against GAY marriage! They've been 'lost at sea' ever since IMO! They've overplayed their hand again and again! I can still remember the "freak out" of most rightwing pundits, esp. Karl Rove on Fox on the night Obama retained the office! They have been so wrong about "EVERYTHING" and it shows in how incompetent they've been behaving! They finally got the Senate 2 yrs later and still nothing is getting done; for them or the country if you look at it! Now you have their own caucus attacking the leadership; Boehner w/ no confidence votes and Cruz openly calling McConnell a LIAR! OMG, I've never been so amused while we are "in the shit!"

    ***Bush won reelection in '04. Perhaps you're more perceptive than I am. I didn't notice the chaos w/i the party until '08. I associate that w/ the smoldering crater President Bush left behind.

    - When he took office, the nation was stable, and at peace.
    - In his 1st year in office, the worst terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland in history.
    - The longest War in U.S. history of Bush's own making, in Afghanistan.
    - An utterly pointless, self-defeating, needless War in Iraq.
    - The economy in the worst recession since the Great Depression, losing 800K jobs per month.

    I think it's Bush that so badly tarnished the Rep. brand. President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize soon after entering the office. The Nobel committee wasn't rewarding Obama. He didn't earn it and EVERYbody knows it. Obama got that award for not being President Bush.

    The Reps don't have to say:
    - Yes. Bush tore our party a brand new orifice.***

    Agreed! Bush really did screw over the party; actually alienating the "religious right!" We were hip deep in Iraq even though Bush had proclaimed "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" It all started unraveling for the Reps which led to them losing the HOUSE, Senate, & Govr'ships in '06! Pelosi and Reed took over Congress! It was totally unexpected and I think "W" openly criticized Rove for his overestimating the results! ...Reps promised to obstruct and to be as uncooperative as they could; hence budget stalemates, credit ratings in jeopardy, and shutting down of gov't! They're a fk'n mess and for anyone to support these people, they're just as disturbed! They cost us money, blood, and respect every X they're given a chance; fk'n it up! Look at NJ, LA, Wisc, and FLA! It's unbelievable they can take credit for things that aren't happening at all!

  32. ***That aspect of the political pendulum swinging is utterly routine. What surprises me is that the Dems. held onto the Senate for an extra 2 yrs. That really surprised me.***

    It whb normal for a pendulum swing, but that wasn't what it was all about! They shot themselves in the foot w/ bad candidates running against Dems in PURPLE states! Talking about rape; legitimate and otherwise sunk them twice! They'll never learn their lessons attacking women and rights to "choose!" Please do it again! Ben Carson talking about convicts "going gay" is right in line! He's in the middle of the polls and will be on the stage next week for the debate; bless him! I hope someone asks him about that stupid statement to see him try to explain a doctor saying such a thing!

    ***This is a tough decision, I wish I could vote for all of them to be dismissed from the Presidential race.***

    I wish they would nuke all of Congress and start from scratch! None of these DC hacks are worth it IMO! I'll settle on any Dem though since Reps are the SCUM of the EARTH! They bitch about being called racists, bigots, and intolerant and prove it everyday w/ their lack of consensus to get anything done! Boehner and McConnell are in charge and NOTHING much has passed; usually working against 1 another submitting competing BILLS! Total fk'n idiots I say!

    ***Why is Fox News deciding who's going to be in the debate? - IDK which party designated the poll popularity standard, but if FOX didn't like it, they could have told the GOP to hit the road.***

    The Reps have to do what FNC tells them! W/o Fox News, the Rep Party w/b a 4th rate operation; barely holding onto being 2nd rate! They're so unsure of themselves, they're waging a campaign of voter fraud trying to keep people from actually casting ballots! These people are disgusting and somehow they consolidated STATE power, but nationally they're a disaster; and getting worse w/ the influx of what they consider illegal aliens deciding elections! Maybe they should take a hint and not just work for ignorant rednecks and bigots; try opening up to others outside of their so called "faith!" Marching in lock step opposing abortion rights, gay rights, black civil rights, Cuba relations, and this Iranian treaty is not going to help their cause! So much for their "autopsy" of the last election; learned nothing and have made no changes! Total idiots!

    ***If the abortion videos of PP hadn't been completely debunked w/i a few hours of their release you'd have a point.***

    These secretly created videos never bear fruit for these idiots b/c they always try to pull a fast 1 w/ editing and lies during commentary! If these people acted w/ just a little more intellect instead of acting like raging maniacs, some would listen! They blew it before and they'll blow it again! I still bring up how disreputable Andrew Breitbart was over speech made by Shirley Sherrod several years ago! He posted a video on his site totally misrepresented what she said and was discredited w/i hours and days! These people won't ever learn! IDIOTS!

    ***If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it, as of Jan '17, I will enforce the federal laws; says Christie.***

    Christie's such a hypocrite! He's fallen off the wagon and is obviously "high" w/ severe munchies these days; him and his beastly kids! ;-)

    ***I just don't get what type of people would vote for him. Disliked by cons, disliked by liberals, disliked by moderates, even disliked by people in Jersey.***

    Did you hear him making the excuse that his polls were so bad in NJ b/c they wanted him to stay? That barely kept him and Megan Kelly from lol! Talk about delusion!

  33. ***I'll say that much though, all these people and channels talking about "evidence" clearly have no idea what the word means. There's zero evidence Brady was involved in "Deflate-gate." I mean, I fully believe he was b/c, well, I'm not stupid, but there's no evidence.***

    The evidence was of his "uncooperativeness" genius! It's called "consciousness of guilt!" Destroying the cell phone when he was to be deposed on text messages was all they really needed! You go to jail for stuff like that IRL! If he had nothing to hide, he might have done a little bit more than wait to get hit over the head w/ a lot of "so called" evidence! Brady is the "golden child" and obviously started to believe his own press thinking he could overrule his own COMMISSIONER! He was wrong and I hope this taints his accomplishments of the last 10 years! Notice after being busted for "Spy-gate," they only got sniffs at SB! Now another scandal w/ him right in the middle of it and he didn't want to take his medicine; a career hit as well as forever being tainted w/ being a cheat!

    ***Before you condescendingly refer to me as "genius;" you have any idea how the law works?***

    Ok, "law clerk" here many years ago! I know what I'm talking about!

    ***You should know that not being cooperative is far from strong legal evidence, and again, I'm someone who believes Brady is guilty.***

    That's why I mentioned it! This doesn't have anything to do w/ the law, but Brady didn't make himself look innocent by being a real douche and evasive, uncooperative, and arrogant! This is about public opinion which is more important when it comes to the image of the league! If he had just shrugged a little and gave a weak "awww shucks," Goodell very well may have reduced his penalty to 2 games instead of the 4 he'll have to sit out! I hope it costs them the division, but not sure Buffalo can sustain it w/ their new coach, Rex Ryan!

    ***Agreed, Brady has been found" Guilty " by the "court" of public opinion which is far greater than what the league had in store for him. He shb straight up w/ the NFL from the beginning , took his monetary fine and went back to just focusing on his next football opponent but the NFL.

    ...Something to remember is that more often than not, "Bones" suspects confess. Not very realistic how many crack so easily and how few demand their right to a lawyer, but if you want realism, you probably shouldn't be watching "Bones." LOL***

    If suspects were caught and interrogated by local cops, I agree, but we're talking the FBI! If they get a sniff of you, they'll turn your life upside down! They get what they want; even if they have to manufacture it! My mom worked in a law office and she had to be present at each meeting w/ these people b/c they aren't as "pure" and judicious as we'd like to think! They can't be trusted on a "one on one" basis even if there's an attorney involved! They really think they're above the law! You might crack a little easier! All you have to do is look at the ATL Olympics drama! They were so sure this guy was responsible; his reputation so tarnished when it was found they were wrong, a settlement had to be reached from the news media including an apology by Janet Reno who represented the FBI leaks! The guy's name was Richard Jewell and they involved his mom, his lifelong history, and may have contributed to his early death at 44! It was ugly!

    ***I know. All the more reason to invoke your right to council. But really, law enforcement in general, not just the FBI, has the mindset of "guilty until proven innocent." They couldn't POSSIBLY be in error. If they think you did it, you must have done it, until you prove otherwise.***

  34. ***Rafa wasn't a "nobody" after the '05 FO... Not cool to be dismmissive of his achievements before winning his 1st RG title.***

    Do you know how many guys and little girls have been hyped over the yrs only to be huge busts? For us old X'rs, Nastase had trouble w/ some kid called Scanlon; losing 2 or 3 X's! Ever heard of him since? Not me! Jaeger was mentioned already! Where's she? It's amazing how wrong the so called experts have been; just wrong, wrong, wrong! I stopped listening unless I like their game! Edberg was an elegant kid, winning jr slam in '83 and proclaimed the next great player! Bassett, Temesvari, Arias, and so many more just never panned out! Rafa's game was as ugly as it got and I wasn't going to waste X watching or listening to him play early on; esp. on clay! His whole act still offends me so forgive me if I never gave him any credit back when he was just a young punk on the tour!

    ***...If you love tennis so much, can't you at least appreciate why and how he has won 14 Majors? There are plenty of players I don't love, but I can appr. the effectiveness of their game w/o insulting it.***

    I grew up watching the best in the game who didn't have to grunt and towel off after every point! We had Goolagong, Evert & Navratilova for the ladies! For the men's, they were just as athletic and graceful w/ Laver, Edberg, & Roger now! Call me a snob and worse! When it comes to absolutely "ugly" and unwatchable tennis, Nadal, Murray, Serena, Venus, Sharapova, & Azarenka are at the top of the list! Arms and legs flailing away like "Raggedy Ann & Andy" dolls is just not what I want to see for any real length of X; unless of course going down in flames like Rafa these today!

    ***...No one thought Rafa was going to be a 14 slam winner in '05.***

    Who thought Roger would get to 17 for that matter? Who would think that we would see 3 players win 3 majors in a season w/ Roger doing it 3 X's? No one can predict anything like that! We can hope winning continues like Nole right now! I can't tell you how lucky we've been to have this "Golden Age" of tennis w/ so many records being surpassed and extended in such a way these "Johnny come latelies" have no chance to catch them! Who thinks Kei, Milos, or any of the other "up and comers" will even achieve 1/2 of what these great players have done in the last 10 years?

    ***I just want to say that this is almost literally the 1st X I ever agreed w/ you.***

    Players well hated, but wound up GREAT? Was just thinking there are many athletes that are so hated by the press or fans, but still accomplished a lot! At the top of my list is obviously Barry Bonds; loved by no 1 and never given the benefit of the doubt! I feel fortunate to have been able to watch him "own" the baseball diamond for a while being "must see TV!" He would have done more w/ records if so many managers like Tony LaRussa weren't so gutless, forcing their pitchers to walk him most of the X; once w/ the bases loaded! In his lone World Series in '01, LA actually walked him in the 1st inning of the 1st game w/ 2 outs! They not only had no faith in their own pitchers, they just wanted to screw Barry! Hopefully it'll all catch up w/ them and they'll be labeled cowards instead of geniuses!

    In basketball, there are too many to count who preferred not to talk to the press and were labeled in such a bad light it was difficult to like them as people; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Rick Barry come to mind! In tennis it was Ivan Lendl who never got a fair shake even though a nice guy and quite funny! According to the press he was "dark and doer," but brought them in by the X he played the senior tour after retirement! I'll leave it open for others, but there are many of these great athletes and winners in their respective sports who may not have gotten their due as "human beings!"

  35. ***Rating the Credentials of the Greats

    We often talk about who is the GOAT or who belongs in the Top Tier of the greats. When we talk about the greats we always look at the GS's 1st, but there are so many other things to look at when evaluating a player's career. Sure the Slams are the greatest accomplishments, but what about the rest of the tourneys and accolades? Which carries more weight? I.E. which s/b more highly regarded; a Masters 1000 title or an OG medal? Everyone places their value on different accomplishments, but what if you had to rate them? Here are the usual things we look at when discussing a player's career:

    US Open
    French Open
    Australian Open
    World Tour Finals/WTA Chps
    Year-End #1
    Weeks at #1
    Masters 1000/Premier Mandatory
    Olympic Gold Medal
    # of tour titles
    Davis Cup/Fed Cup
    Grand Slam finals
    Years in the Top Ten
    Record vs. Rival(s)
    Doubles titles

    How would you list these accomplishments? There are other things out there, like cons. wins, wins on clay, cons. GS 1/4's, etc., but that would make it almost impossible so keep it at the 15 accomplishments. Do you value a Masters 1000 title more than weeks at #1? Is there something you would take out and replace w/ something else? What makes a player greater than the other?

    Does everyone feel that the tours have pretty much worked out the kinks and oddities that it went through in the 70s and 80s and we finally have the best possible setup and value system possible? I guess there's always room for improvement, like 3 weeks between FO and Wimby and changing the DC format, but this c/b the basic standard the players follow for years now.

    Perhaps it's a matter of taste, but I remember things like Borg winning 5 in a row, Roger at Wimbledon and Flushing, Lendl's finals run at Flushing, Rafa at Monte Carlo, etc. Defending titles adds to a players legend imho. Also the great ones have lots of unbeaten streaks, it's one thing that separates them from the merely very good. Check out the runs, Roger, Novak, Rafa, Mac, Edberg, etc have had. Consistent excellence is part of true greatness...- Good point. Having a streak like that in 1 of the Slams is definitely a way to make people remember you.***

    That's one of the reasons I can't elevate Rafa to GOAT status; even w/ his H2H w/ Fed! His dismal defense record on other surfaces than clay is abysmal! I think he had his last great run in 2013 and won't get a sniff at #1 ever again! Right now he's just trying to hold onto being in the top 10! As everyone knows, I've been predicting this for years, but for reasons we don't know or care to investigate, he hung on quite a bit longer than I thought possible!

    ***Not sure why you are always leading such a crusade against Nadal, but you are definitely in the minority. Two Wimbledons, 2 USO's, 1 AO and 8 Masters titles on HC's is not abysmal.***

    I don't understand; if you think Rafa's so great and I'm in such the minority, "why are you so threatened by my comments?" I openly have been saying how much contempt I have for his way of playing and his whole act! There's nothing new, but I can always depend on you coming to his defense! I didn't think he needed it! How many here beat up on Nole from the way he plays to his haircut? I just let it go b/c I'm confident in his being a legitimate #1 and a great representative in tennis! He isn't as self-serving as some pro that will remain nameless so you can sleep at night! I'll come across a new way to spew my venom! Give me X! I try not to be a hypocrite anyway!

    ***LOL I'm not "threatened" by your comments. I'm annoyed when I have to read the same thing over and over again. And I'm not a Nadal fan, nor do I come running to his defense. But respect is due where it's due. ...Nothing is going to change the fact that Nadal is 1 of the greatest players of all-X. How about spewing something positive?***

  36. ***I guess it wasnt such a good idea to give everyone a minimum wage of $70,000/yr***

    No one said anything about $70,000 a yr, but a living wage w/b nice! Until recently, the biggest retailing scum have been Walmart! It was bad enough they barely paid minimum wage, they had the nerve to put some of those charity barrels out front saying all of it would go to employees! They were well aware they weren't paying enough, but now through public pressure, they're giving raises! These jerks make BILLIONS world-wide and have no excuse since only 5 or 6 owners! There s/b a covenant btw employer and employee that s/b in effect! Don't these people realize, if they pay more, people spend more? That's what makes our economy grow resulting in more profits for them! TOTAL FK'n IDIOTS IMO!

    ***I will say 1 thing about Obama's run against Clinton, I think he gets and got way too much credit. She is a terrible Nat'l candidate. She just isn't a very good politician and her appeal is too limited when compared to her perceived negatives. ...Bill is gonna be the real one in charge. - ...I think Bush, Kaisich, Rubio, Walker or Paul could beat her. Shit! I think Biden could beat her in the primaries, while sexually harassing poll workers.***

    Being a rotten candidate or politician doesn't mean things will go south! Things can't get much worse w/ the rampant disrespect Congress has for someone well liked in Obama has been! They tried to undermine and run things "by crisis," getting things done at the last min.; unable to do the simplest of tasks w/o filibusters! It's been disgusting, but that's why Rep. polls are way down in the single digits! If they pull the same shit on Hillary, they'll suffer huge losses in the midterms! Nothing like proving what misogynist pigs all of them are w/ their "war on women" and their right to choose! Please go ahead and threaten Planned Parenthood like I think!

    ***Good comment. Some people didn't give Obama a chance from day 1. I guess they just didn't/don't like him. IMO, I think Obama has done a good job compared to the past Presidents the past 30 years; excluding Bill.***

    People don't look at the cold, hard record! The economy has rumbled along, more jobs created, and overall better feeling, but if you listen to Reps the WORLD is going to HELL and all his accomplishments will blow up in our faces! The problem is they have no real solutions, remedies, or alternative plans themselves! They are busy trying to undermine Hillary before she gets a chance, not coming up w/ their own plan, just bitchin' about what COULD HAPPEN! How wrong have they been recently? Obamacare won't work, raising the minimum wage will cost jobs and close businesses, and of course the worst LIE of all that internationally, terrorist will take over! He bombed the HELL out of some places and they still aren't happy! I guess they're desperate to put foot-soldiers on the ground even though people have consistently polled "NYET!" They say they listen to the people, but that's a huge lie! Most people, maybe 90% want background checks to get guns and even after massacres of BABIES, there's been no movement in that direction! Let them continue this path of destruction, they'll go the way of the freakin' WHIG Party; dumb fk'n idiots!

    ***Yep, if you listen to "FOX" news, it's all gloom and doom.***

    I'm one of those people they say "don't watch FOX NEWS," but I have since '97! They've gone downhill ever since, not even trying to hide their prejudice way of helping Reps! When someone like a Cunningham, Livingston, or Foley are run out of office, they'll put a big fat "D" behind their names w/ no apology or correction! Even Bret Baier and Chris Wallace are having trouble keeping a straight face when on listening to these idiots try to make something out of nothing!

  37. ***You said Roger s/b embarrassed for not winning Halle every year. I pointed out he lost to 2 decent players and that Novak also lost 3 X's to the same guy Roger s/b supposedly embarrassed to lose to: Haas. I'd personally say winning Halle 8 X's isn't so embarrassing.***

    Fine, but I have to ask again, who was his competition most of the X; players like Kohlshreiber, Youzhny, Falla, and this year w/ Seppi in the final! Sorry, most of the world don't know these players! It's always great to win a tourney, but it s/b more satisfying if Nadal, Murray, and Nole were there as well! Call me a snob! When Nole plays and wins a 500 like Beijing, he's had to deal w/ Berdych, Nadal, Murray, Tsonga, Cilic, and Ferrer at least! There's a difference if you can't tell!

    ***Halle is a tune-up for Wimbledon. There is nothing wrong w/ playing it. For the top guys, it was either Halle or Queens. Why not Halle for Roger? German-speaking, close to home, appearance fee. And he knew he didn't have to always win it to be ready for Wimbledon. And back in the day, it was obvious that Nadal went to Queens and Roger went to Halle to avoid each other before Wimbledon.

    As to any embarrassment of Rafa playing Hamburg, or the weak playing field, he's a pro tennis player and has to make his choices as to what he needs to do to improve his game. Look down your nose, if you like. His ranking has fallen, and that's reason for emergency measures. Remember that Agassi played Challengers when he fell out of the top 100 and eventually won 3 more Majors. It's not embarrassing to do the work. Working hard to improve is a perfectly admirable thing to do.

    I didn't post anything about the weak field in Hamburg. And we all know not all 500's are equal. They're only of note when Djokovic wins them beating everyone in the top 10 to get the title. I thought everyone knew that. lol!***

    Now you're talking! lol!

    ***I can't believe folks are hanging on the result at a clay tournament with mostly a bunch of tomato cans playing. If Rafa wins, that's huge for his confidence, b/c he'll win a clay tournament beating his big nemesis Fognini who has beaten him twice this year but ranked far lower? And all this excitement right as the summer HC season starts in earnest? Some Nadal fans on here (who shall remain nameless) are IMHO behaving like helicopter parents in their approach to Nadal's every move. Stand back, let him regain his footing to the extent that he can and enjoy his play while it lasts.

    I'm trying to recall if you made these type of statements when Fed played the lesser tournaments a few years ago.***

    What do you mean by that? It wouldn't be the same "apples to apples;" oranges to oranges!" Nadal is playing Hamburg to get additional practice b/c he's on the decline! There's been no evidence of that w/ Roger; actually skipping Canada if I heard right a couple days ago! If he were really smart, Fed should start skipping the FO; only going to wear him down for no reason IMO! His ego won't let him break his string of appearances in Majors!

  38. ***In 2013, when Roger was having a really crap year, he played Hamburg and lost in the SF to Delbonis, and played Gstaad and lost in the 2nd R to Brands. That's pretty much apples to apples, except that Nadal has fared better, when slipping in a little extra tourn. or 2, when he needed the match play.***

    Roger never fell out of the top 10! IIRC he hit the #6-8 range for about a min!

    **Neither has Rafa. Focus, Fiero. Roger played Hamburg and Gstaad in '13 b/c he had been losing so much and needed match play and practice w/ his new racquet. Very similar to Nadal playing Hamburg this year, right?***

    Rationalize all you like; IIRC there was a lot going on around that X! He had arm problems, was getting over being ill, and trying out a new racket! You may see it as the same situation, but I guess I have to exert my will and say it's nothing like what's going on w/ Rafa! I've been saying Fed should have retired after winning Wimbledon in '12, but he's been winning Masters events as well as beating Nole in certain circumstances like you said! He's never fallen and dug himself as much of a hole as Rafa at this X! His last sanctuary was clay and he's lost to F3 twice on it! Rafa has had some really bad days, spraying the ball wildly; a few shots bouncing before the ball got to the net! Roger's never been that OFF!

    ***I like the differentiation btw "prime" and "peak." A player's "prime" is a somewhat arbitrary span of X during which a player was in their very best form. It differs for every player, but historically great players usually enter their prime in the 20-22 window and exit it sometime in the 25-27 range. I think it is interchangeable with "peak phase." For some greats, I'd say their primes were:

    Djokovic: 2011-present
    Nadal: 2008-13
    Federer: 2004-09
    Sampras: 1993-97
    Edberg: 1987-92
    Lendl: 1984-90
    McEnroe: 1980-84
    Borg: 1978-80 (maybe 76-81?)
    Connors: 1974-78

    Some players are really hard to determine - like Becker or Agassi or even Wilander.

    And yes, I do think that Roger's prime was through '09, and that Roland Garros in '10 saw its end. Now he wasn't quite the same player in 2008-09 as he was in 2004-07, but he wasn't the same player in '07 as he was in '06, so it all depends upon where we want to draw the line. I like '09, or even early '10, b/c he was still making almost every final and winning many of them. Before '10 RG he had won 3 of the last 4 Slams and 4 of the last 6. It is hard not to call that prime, although we can probably all agree that it wasn't his "absolute prime."

    Roger's defeat of Andy at Wimbledon is a classic example of "peak form Federer.

    So we have:

    Prime - span of X when a player is in their best form, usually a span of 3-6 years and from the early to mid or late 20s. Absolute Prime/Peak - a player's very best year or 2. Peak - can have two meanings:

    A) When referring to a span of X, what we could call "peak phase" or "peak years," it is synonymous w/ "prime."

    B) When referring to a specific instant or match, it means "peak form" - when a post-prime player is able to "peek into" a form close to their prime level.

    I find this interesting b/c for older players winning big tourneys becomes about timing. I imagine Roger realizes this. In a way, he "peaked" too early at Wimbledon - or he wasn't able to maintain that peak into the final against Djokovic. Roger's (peak) form in SF defeats Novak's (prime) form in the final.***

  39. ***Of course I have not watched, so I have no clue how Andy played, ....***

    Murray plays tough when he wants it seems! He waits until he's in trouble before decided to tighten it up! ...If this knucklehead would come out playing aggressively from the beginning, he wouldn't be worn out by a 5th; nor need it! Just 1 brain-damaged player who's destined to languish in the 2nd tier of players! He has all the tools and works hard, but like Rafa hangs back near the fences waiting for an error!

    ***Strange and annoying loss last nite @ Citicorp. Gabashvili played out of his skin so fair play to him, but Murray served for the match and that shb that. More important tourneys to come and a deep run this week may not have been helpful in the Masters events so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.***

    Even I was ready to anoint Murray as #2 in the world w/ the best results of the season behind Djokovic! This is a huge setback IMO and he s/b terribly embarrassed letting it get away from him w/ this "no name" player last night! I've been saying both Rafa and Andy allow close matches w/ players not in their class being so defensive, hanging back near the fences and it's cost him! He may not be able to pass Roger now, but of course things can change! His brain has to be in flux w/ Amelie away and Jonas in her place; you'd think he'd press and close out matches sooner! I can't believe his coaches aren't telling him the same thing; "don't wait to be in a deep hole before you start digging out!" ;-(

    ***This is no blow to Andy, he lost to Simon and Coric earlier in the season in ATP 500 before IW and Miami where he got a SF and an F and I didn't see the Gilles match, but the loss to Coric was worse than this loss to the Bashman.***

    I've stated in the past that "confidence" is a huge factor when it comes to competing! You can have all the skill in the world, but if you can't execute in the crunch, you're wasting your X! This also gives hope to future opponents that he is vulnerable and they might try harder! People normally felt back in Roger's prime that he started up a break or 2 figuratively before he arrived on the court; "winning begets winning!" I applaud players like Gaba who actually finished; dragging around that leg injury, but it's still shocking to see Murray go down when serving for it! HOW?

    ***We've seen Andy give away the serving-for-the-set situation a fair bit. ...Ah well, warm-up tournament for the USO, I'm pretty sure he won't let his guard drop there. In any case, if this were a major, I'm pretty sure he'd have found a way to win that TB.***

    If I were a fan of Murray's, I'd be incensed watching him go for big serves when in trouble! Why not start the match "going for it" instead of waiting to dig himself out of a hole? He looks absolutely ridiculous trying to blast 1st serves when in a crunch! If it works, he's thrilled, but when he puts in that powder-puff 2nd, he shouldn't be surprised when "also-rans" take the initiative and knocks them off for winners! Gaba did "a NOLE" and hit it right back at him giving him no X to even reflex it back! It's so typical; Murray terribly over-rated IMO! Lendl got him to a level he couldn't maintain b/c he's just not psychologically willing to "push" and be more aggressive from the start!

    ***Don't take this the wrong way Fiero, but when your posts don't include rants about those past champions that you love so much, they're an absolute joy to read. You were spot on w/ this. I have nothing against Andy and I actually like his somewhat crafty style, but when he gets tight against the Big 3 for no apparent reason, in the beginning of the match, it's a bit harsh on the eyes to say the least.***

  40. Well if Fiorina won the "Happy Hour" debate, Trump had to of lost the Prime time event! His past insults about women's looks is going to haunt him for a while! Joking it was on "Rosie O'Donnell" isn't going to play for long! Other candidates took him to task for his past progressive stances on "single payer" healthcare and a host of other sensitive issues like "CHOICE!" I hope he's done! We can only hope!

    Conservatives need to start worrying about themselves instead of trying to encourage disruption and encouraging Biden, Warren, and Sanders to oppose Hillary! For GAWD-sake, Trump is leading BIG TIME! Like he's really going to win the nomination! The clown car is so full w/ losers, idiots, LIARS, and truly disturbed candidates! They are such a joke!

    ***Isn't it funny how liberals deny they are socialists?***

    Stupid ass people in this country don't know what the word means! W/o our level of Socialism, there would be no Soc. Sec., Medicare, roads, trains, Post Offices, clean water, clean air, healthcare, and so much more! What a bunch of fuk'n idiots we breed! Such an embarrassment!

    ***Senate fails to garner the votes to de-fund Planned Parenthood.***

    W/ all the problems in the world; here we go again! These fools would sooner shut down the gov't than acquiesce and move on to more pressing issues! So idiotic! They just wanted to get the Dems on record; like it means anything! No fan of abortion, but it's a legal, medical procedure! Any DOCTORS in the Senate ready to say it s/b illegal? I doubt it!

    ***Proof Dems Don't Care If You Have a Job***

    Reps are the ones that don't care if people have jobs! How soon we forget when "W" was closing out his disastrous tenure in office, the country was losing 600,000-800,000 jobs a month! Instead of trying to stop the bleeding, Reps were allowing banks and companies like the auto industry to close up shop! Spare me this BS about how much "the right" cares about working people!

    ***Ummm...if PP is the evil ghoul and the answer is to get these "low income" people to go to other clinics for the same procedures, don't you end up creating a whole bunch of mini PP's? Right?***

    Absolutely not! Those are the clinics that would close b/c Reps are still trying to kill OBAMAcare; which is where the money comes from to pay for them! They want it both ways; KILL 'PP' and at the same X eliminate that same money which is designated by the ACA! Fk'n idiots! They'll always overplay their hand, but we'll never learn to watch and listen to what they say and do; OR NOT DO!

    ***The lying old battle axe was "dead broke" just a few years she and Slick have amassed $40+ million in just a few years.***

    What's your point? I thought Reps believed in "capitalism" and don't fault people for making money! Typical hypocrisy; that's why Nationally the Reps are a fk'n disaster and colossal joke! The Clintons "were" broke, exacerbated by frivolous lawsuits that garnered nothing in the end but a $40 million bill accessed to the country! It's not their money so why should these loser politicians care? These same bastards that went back 30-40 years to rehash "Whitewater" have the nerve to whine if something they said just a few years ago is used against them! How they've survived this long s/b studied by smarter people than you and me! ;-(

  41. ***Anyone watching this debate should remember: Many of the smears, ignorant remarks, or and flat-out lies told by candidates tonight were either very likely promoted heavily or manufactured by Fox itself, including the moderators.***

    Morning Joe" says it all; Trump is still on top! It just shows where the Reps Party is where they would rather rail about how bad things are, attack the status quo, and don't bother coming up w/ 1 solution! I love it! It seemed like Kasich did well; hard to do any worse having the home field! JEB is floundering trying to make excuses for "W" and Paul got beat down by both Trump and Christie! The overall consensus was these people thought the questions were unfair; maybe b/c Trump said they were unfair! Megan Kelly skewed several w/ questions, but even the vile responses and admitting Trump speaks poorly of women, it doesn't look as if it's hurt him! We are truly living in "BIZARRO WORLD!" I can't wait for the next polls! If these people are crazy enough to think that overblown windbag is their best chance at beating Hillary, "bring it on!"

    ***It was clear from the start that those moderators had it in for Trump. They got their marching orders from the powers that be who are SO threatened by Trump b/c he may actually reverse the agenda of taking away America's sovereignty which is a big part of the plan for a one world gov't. The others got thrown softballs compared to the way they treated him. Except for Rand Paul, the others just talked the usual expected stuff that doesn't rattle any cages. I'm ashamed of what the GOP has become.***

    Seems so! Megan Kelly might be in trouble for trying to skewer "The Donald!" The panel thought they came up w/ good questions, but it appears they were better for an interview, not a debate! It's all blowing up in "Fox's" face! Is this really possible? lol!

    ***Ray, I detected some bias too....Megan was being a tad catty w/ Donald on her "fat" woman question and Wallace was quick to change the subject when Trump started besting him. - Marco Rubio a "winner" after he says he'll repeal ObamaCare cutting off millions health insurance.... what a winner huh, isn't that a winning idea? Rubio is a size 4 foot parading around the country wearing size twelve shoes thinking nobody notices.***

    Rubio emphasized his immaturity by talking about his student loans, saying "he's the future, not the past!" lol!

    ***Hillary was taking a selfie w/ Kim K. instead of watching the Rep. debate. THIS is the woman that many think s/b our next President? I guess she's quite confident she will win if she doesn't have to even monitor the opposition. She knows she can win b/c she has a vagina.***

    Why should Hillary be nervous over these clowns? They rail about her trustworthiness, but from last night alone, they've given her material from so many lies & exaggerations perpetrated! They all said something that c/b refuted within mins! Christie bragging about creating 192,000 jobs, but the caveat is his state is still ranked 44th! Walker is taking credit for jobs created when he was contracting gov't there; so really Obama helped even w/ the sabotaging of the local admin.! Rubio outright lied about legislation saying "he never advocated" for exceptions to abortion! He still signed on regardless! Carson should head back to a hospital that will have him after his really absurd comment about the navy being as depleted as 1917! W/ nuclear subs and the like, he sounds like a fool! I could go on, but why should I; Republican'ts are notorious for being hypocritical liars, always pointing fingers when they s/b looking at themselves!

    ***Hillary Clinton has been around DC a long, long X; she already knows more about each candidate than greater America ever will.***

    Even Rubio made the mistake of complimenting Hillary by saying "her resume is greater than all of theirs!" He told 1 truth anyway! lol!

  42. ***Marco Rubio in last night's debate: “This election cannot be a resume competition! If it is, Clinton will win!” Well said Marco!

    Then why did she lose to someone who was a junior senator w/ no experience? - Now that's a good point! But, Marco Rubio is no Barrack Obama.***

    Hard to believe any CLOWN compares a Harvard LAW Review editor w/ a loser like Rubio! They're truly beggin'! Obama overcame so much, including the slings and arrows of so many hateful people on "the right;" but they're not bigots or racist! After the performances from last night, I'm even more relieved we'll be saved from these imbeciles! ;-)

    ***Fortunately, the local trolls are not the electorate. - In NH Clinton is behind Bush and Walker in H2H... Even Bernie Sanders is catching her.***

    Fortunately for all concerned, the election isn't until Nov. of next year! Many of these "so called" candidates will have moved on to their book deals, TV hosting jobs, and lobbying interests!

    ***Why was the Rep. Debate held in a NO GUNS ALLOWED building?***

    I've already railed on these a-holes' hypocrisy! They're too gutless to disappoint the NRA, but believe they won't allow guns around them personally! It's fine for citizens to go into McD's to pick up a BIG MAC while "packin'," but if they were to campaign there, all guns would have to go "bye-bye!" lol! These people are just horrible! Last night you heard nothing in the way of solutions; HELL they didn't even define any problems! No one mentioned tuition costs, climate change, pay equity, women's health outside of PP, and so many other issues! It was all about BS, bitchin' about how bad things are w/ no real solutions and attacking Hillary, Obama, and each other! Screw 'em all! ;-(

    ***The reaction from the cons just proves something I've said a few X's; "unbiased" means being totally 'in the tank' for the 'right-wing.' You were probably expecting fawning questions, but FNC actually acted like a news organization.***

    That's what it's all about; shocked that Megan and the rest didn't "lob" some softballs! Funny how it's "not fair" when a real ?? is asked! So bizarre, but CONS are so "out of touch," they can't handle actual, serious dialogue! They wanted fluff and to just beat up on the Dems! I was pleasantly surprised that besides the "self-serving" BS and bluster, most of them were found to be empty and hardly Presidential; esp. Trump, Christie, and Huckabee! I find it hilarious how they try to disqualify Hillary due to trustworthiness, but they're all liars; esp. about their own records! It's too embarrassing for words; no wonder Hillary felt she could just take 'selfies' w/ the Kardasians! She's hardly worried about these losers! Even JEB was lifeless and ineffectual! They're always talking about the "fire in the belly" and conveying why a person deserves the job, but he was a "sloth!" He may make it to the finish line w/ his money, but this country won't soon forget what "W" did to this country!

    RedState's Erickson Dumps Trump for 'Demeaning' Megyn Kelly Remarks - During the debate, Kelly asked Trump to respond to derogatory statements he had made in the past about women, calling them "fat pigs" for example. Trump tried to wave off the ?? and dismissed Kelly during a raucous debate performance.

    "And honestly Megyn, if you don't like it, I'm sorry," Trump said. "I've been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn't do that."

    Erickson said in a Facebook statement that in a CNN interview Trump said of Kelly: "You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever."

  43. I guess after all this X I shouldn't be surprised TRUMP will have his defenders no matter what he says! How can anyone think if you say something as inflammatory as the garbage spewed about women that "no 1" is going to "call you out" on it? W/o being a doctor, there's no doubt this man is NUTZ! Since he has money, it's accepted and he's given cover by calling him eccentric! How his own daughter can show up and intro him is still a "SMH" moment! This man is vile and by leading any polls approving of his "act" just undermines Reps contention that there isn't a "war on women;" exacerbating all issues by continuing to attack PP! Bravo; Hillary has all the ammunition she needs! "Thanks Donald; Hillary feels you've totally reimbursed her and Bill for attending your last wedding!"

    ***...Reps appear dumb... Dems seem smart, not much else I can say.... Liberals aren't noted for staying drunk on alcohol boasting of being rednecks. - Many Reps are very smart and some Dems are finally seeing the light of Obama's hard-headed stupidity w/ the deal ain't completely closed yet.

    In the meantime, Iran's leaders are doing as they choose w/o fear of reprisals from Obama as they consider him a weakling when it comes to Muslims. Reps are weaklings in mental capacities... that we learned all too well from you and Bush, weak minded-people do not make for sound leadership.***

    Delude yourself all you like; if Reps are so smart, why do they commit the same mistakes over and over? These fools running for President are musing about shutting down gov't again, taking a stance to stop funding PP; saying "there's no war on women!" Pls continue being DOLTS and we'll be safe from any of them sitting in that chair! ;-)

    ***Fox News one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors for better part of two decades - Gar, what question do you think was unfair to ask Trump? What he got from the politicians he claimed to buy? - This "very smart businessman" bought getting HILLARY CLINTON to come to his wedding? That's what a shrewd person pays for?***

    It's amazing how Reps can't seem to deal w/ their own words and actions; it's unfair for some reason to even ask! This is so pathetic! It's below the belt to ask why Trump can't be trusted with his record of several bankruptcies he seems to be so proud? Christie was hugging Obama during the last election! The lame "911" reference is no more effective than when Rudy G. was doing it 10 years ago! ;-(

    ***Trump only showed himself and his supporters incapable of handling any amount of adversity or questioning is what it shows. He's a total lightweight. "Get out of the GOP Trump. You're a disgusting perverted weenie."***

    Uh oh; you may be in trouble! You know how thin-skinned "The Donald" is and will be sending a horrible email, Tweet, or Facebook post your way! lol! ;-)

    ***Fiero425! Yes; sadly you're probably right. Trump is not a candidate for President. He is a Candidate for being the official GOP Teenage Drama Queen.

    PolitiFact and Planned Parenthood: Erroneous Fact Checks All the Way Down - I'm curious, what do you anti woman's rights loons think a woman who finds out she pregnant after using birth control should do? Do you think that's too bad, shouldn't be having sex; you have no choice but to go to term?***

    Well I have to say some women are a "special kind" of stupid to get pregnant when they don't want to! There are so many ways to avoid using "abortion" as their form of birth control! Passion's one thing, but w/ all the diseases running around, you'd think they w/b more careful! Waiting until late term, there better be a very good reason like "in their tubes" to eliminate a fetus! If from rape or incest, they should have carte blanche to decide whenever! ;-(

  44. ***"BONES" - Soooooooo...we have to watch both shows to get the solution to the murder? That stinks. I don't watch "Sleepy Hollow." I couldn't make it through the 1st season so the thought I have to watch it to get the answer to a murder kind of ticks me off...***

    Brennan couldn't even explain "The Finder!" lol!

    ***They're going to have to keep the episodes "normal". There's no way they can have spooky things happening in front of Brennan. I could maybe see Booth seeing something and Brennan having an explanation for it based in science, but I don't see anything overt happening on either show.***

    These syndicated shows at X's go a little far afield! I have a faint recollection of a "Castle" ep. where it appeared someone had come from the future! A coffee ring on a document was in his possession that occurred recently and he seemed to disappear in a flash after turning a corner! Not my show; just surfed by! It just made people wonder and look at each other! lol!

    ***Yes, they did have a X traveling ep. on 'Castle,' but they left it up to us to decide if the guy was really a X traveler or not. We still debate that ep. every so often. I love eps where something funky happens, but the writer of the ep. leaves it up to us to decide what we want to believe. On a show like 'Castle' or 'Bones,' which are both based in reality, you can't have writers definitively state that X travelers or immortals exist. ...When it comes to the X traveler ep. on 'Castle,' I'm in the "he wasn't a X traveler" camp. There are others on the board who think he was. I think that's what makes that ep. so worth watching.***

    "The Doll In The Derby" - I get so upset w/ this ep.; the nosiness of Booth's so called friends would PO me so much, we'd be done for quite a while! These people hear "hospital" and they fk'n flip out! I still don't understand why Booth likes to keep his charity work a secret, but it is "his business!" ;-(

    ***I agree Cam went overboard. But it's human nature if you hear someone is going to the hospital to enquire about their health. It isn't being nosy when they are good friend. If it was someone they just saw in passing, I would agree. But these people are like family.

    It is being nosy when Cam went behind Booth's back to talk to the doctor. If Booth wanted her to know what was going on, he would have told her. Cam stepped way over the line, but then Cam is really good at crossing lines. Just look at her relationship w/ Arastoo. The ultimate in disgusting.***

    For some reason FOX is cutting it's own throat yearly! I barely watch 2 shows on the entire network outside of football! They don't advertise when a show is coming back from hiatus or a new season; totally missing the beginning of "Bones" and "Hell's Kitchen!" IDK what's on Murdock's mind b/c this network is failing miserably IMO! There's just nothing I need to see anymore w/ so many alternatives out there!

    ***You aren't kidding, Fiero. FOX is notorious for sabotaging their own shows. "Firefly, The Finder, Backstrom," just to name 3. On each of these brand new shows, the network insisted on airing the eps out of the order they shb aired. You can't mess w/ continuity that way on a brand new show. By airing them out of order, they sabotaged these shows. Eps wouldn't make sense b/c the timeline of events was screwed up due to their being aired out of order.***

  45. ***Nole's not that far off the pace of 2011 so far. Still a ways to go (needs USO for comparable yr) but he's way beyond the level he was at from 2012-'14.***

    Not even Federer has had this good a start w/ AO, 4 Masters, Wimbledon, and appearance in FO final! He's been close, but not sure how anyone could come close to this level! Even when players are good enough to win 2-3 majors in a season, the Masters don't always come along for the ride; even w/ the GOAT!

    ***Novak's nowhere near his '11 level, but he hasn't had to be. He's had no rival this year to push him, only his own sense of direction, which is doing well enough for him. It's kinda like the seasons Roger had before Rafa arrived to challenge him.***

    I can agree w/ that! Nole's results are the same as '11, but he hasn't had to push himself that much! Rafa was in those finals and so far no one's really challenged him! It's so true!

    ***IDT that Novak's level this year is that much lower than 2011, but that his game is a bit different now so most of his wins seem rather routine than dominating. His serve is clearly better now and IMO he also improved his abilities to control the play immediately after serve & return and to end points earlier. His ground game and the return as a shot itself, esp. against 1st serves are not as consistently great as they were 4 years ago though.

    Rafa is the only real difference btw '11 competition and the '15 competition. It's a big difference, but people are acting like everyone was great in 2011 and everyone is terrible now. Murray is better now, Roger is probably just slightly worse, and then you have more threats from the 2nd tier such as Stan. It's not like this is 2010 competition.

    If a mod tells a Federer fan to quit doing something, it's b/c we're pro-Rafa. If a mod tells a Rafa fan the same thing, it's b/c we're a bunch of Fed fans. If a mod tells a Novak fan to stop, we're Novak haters. Blah, blah, blah.***

    I try to be fair; even if I truly dislike a player! If they are playing well and showing great results, "I give it to them;" even Rafa and Murray! I was ready to give Andy all due credit for being the legitimate #2 in the world, but he blew it last night! He shb ready; esp. after playing a doubles' match Monday! He didn't just arrive and wasn't accustomed to the court so he can't use that as an excuse! Did you see that lukewarm handshake; barely a clasp? Typical spoiled punk! He really drives me nuts b/c I know he s/b doing so much better! He'll take Nole to 5 sets on clay, beat Nadal in Madrid, but chokes like a dog against some player I've barely heard of before!

    ***...To be fair Gaba had a sore leg against Murray. But anyway, by his own admission, they call him "Tsunami" as he plays 1 very good match & a terrible 1 next pretty much all the X. That scoreline in his last loss isn't terrible though by any means.***

    That's not anything new! When Darcis took out Nadal a couple years ago at Wimbledon in the 1st round, it had the same dynamics! He ran enough to take out Nadal in straights, then promptly defaulted the next rd w/ his own leg injury! Typical; which makes it all the more embarrassing for Rafa!

    ***It wasn't his leg. He fell and bust his shoulder and sadly hasn't been the same since. Pretty unfortunate.***

    So many limped out of Wimbledon due to it being slick that year! I may have misspoke, but my comment is still pertinent and on point! After an upset of a top player, many "also-rans" lose in the next round; NOTHING NEW! Thanks!

    ***Yeah, it's the easiest bet in tennis really. After a top player goes out, the winner does lose the next match a huge % of the X. Shame really.***

  46. ***I think it's just this board is obsessed w/ Rafa. I mean, nobody is discussing Federer, are they?***

    What do you want said about Roger? He's not even playing this week! The poor thing needs his rest before that last push for a major! This might be it; ya never know!

    ***It's strange, but this might be true. Roger is 34 now, hard to see him pushing for Slams next season. Better start appreciating the old bass turd before he retires.***

    I have and I do! Nothing lasts forever though! I've seen them come and go since Laver, Borg, and Connors! So far he's been able to sustain a level I didn't think possible w/ all the new blood out there, but they've been found to be "gutless" so I shouldn't be too surprised! I figured when he dropped a little to #6, that was it, but the tour has allowed him to hold onto a very solid #2 ranking! Murray s/b a little ashamed of himself w/ all the people who've worked w/ him; so far barely holding on himself at #3! I was ready to flip Fed and Mur, but he's disappointed all his fans of late!

    ***It seems this silly "100" list include both male and female; then there's no way Fed can be above Navratilova who has 59 GRAND SLAM titles or Evert or Graf for that matter. Even if we ignore the females, the list is still silly putting the likes of Gonzales and Rosewall way below Emerson.***

    That's what I've been saying for years! It was a total joke to have her #4 IIRC w/ 59 majors and untold records still under her name! No one comes close! She'd have more singles chps if she hadn't spent so much X in the middle of the night playing dubs and MxD!

    ***While I agree that Martina is great, keep in mind Margaret Court has 62 combined singles, doubles, and mixed Slams to Martina's 59; 24 in singles to Martina's 18, and was only put at #8. So it's not like Martina was that hard done by. Meanwhile her great rival and virtual equal Evert got #9 to her #4.***

    Oh I know about Court's record, but I take into consideration few people went "down under" due to how long it took to get there and if the USTA paid for it, you were committed to staying for a 2 months! It was truly "home field" for MC who had a decidedly psychological advantage over her brethren like Evonne Goolagong! Eleven singles' AO, most of them in the pre-Open era is just hard for me to count! I'm thinking more of the OPEN era; otherwise we'd be talking about true greats like Tilden, Perry, Gonzales, and others who weren't allowed to play until '68 as pros! Martina's 59 is a lot more impressive; esp. able to play w/ different partners! She could win with anyone; Court couldn't say that, always playing w/ her regular partner like Virginia Wade til the end!

    ***Well Navratilova was mostly just w/ Shriver. She had a few other partners at the beginning and end, but the bulk of her dominance and success in womens doubles was Shriver. Court also was able to retire at 33, and Navratilova played into her 50s to get those stats, and still didnt catch Court. Also the AO factor you are absolutely right on. The Open Era factor is a non factor for women though; means nothing.***

  47. ***...You just stated the exact reason why GOAT list is pointless. It's very hard to compare eras.***

    Well there is that 1 thing you can compare; H2H! Roger's losing record to his #1 rival is unprecedented in the OPEN era! Laver had trouble w/ Rosewall & Hoad, but that was a long X ago! No other #1 in memory has been handled so well by their rival, but still excel in all the other records and #'s! Initially he even had Murray dominating for a while, but that at least has turned around! I use to rationalize that most of Rafa's victories over Roger was on clay, but that isn't it! His 1-handed BH has a lot difficulties dealing w/ those high bounces! It's his own fault being stubborn, thinking he can rally out there w/ the kiddies and not attack more; even w/ encouragement from his newest coach, Edberg! I know it's easy to say "attack, attack, attack," but he "ain't" winning it from the baseline either! Might as well put pressure on Nadal and not let him get into a groove! Others have come around and are now beating Nadal routinely; everybody but Roger! So far he hasn't been able to get there, but sooner or later it'll happen and it'll be "must see TV!" Looking forward to it!

    ***...But Graf just took advantage and took the '93 FO against MJ, another hapless, useless pigeon. ...For the recordbooks, Graf legally has 22 Slams. IMO, Steffi Graf has 10, 1 asterisk ('92 Wimb) and 11 set aside. All Graf's Slams & titles after '93, have, for me, lost morality, not b/c Gunter Parche stabbed Monica, or that w/b to empower him, but b/c Graf took full advantage of an immoral situation and benefited herself from Seles' career being ruined for her sake. When you lose morality, the legal title has no substance anymore.***

    The retro hate going back to '92 is beyond the pale! I was and continue to be offended w/ all the grunting by these women; the men for that matter! It's unnecessary and when told to stop b/c of "distracting" or obstructing the opponent "they all stop!" Serena and Venus thought it was cute and emulated Seles; admitted to it so you can drop that paragraph! Thanks! I do agree and already stated how I still can't believe Graf went about her business as if nothing had happened in her name! I wouldn't take away all those majors, but she wouldn't have won half of them! Seles was a major thorn in her side; had just happened in Australia a few months before! IIRC Graf was up a set and a break, but as usual didn't press her advantage and allowed Monica to come "all the way back" to take that title! I was actually screaming at the TV, "short ball; attack the net!" What was so frustrating is Steffi actually served and volleyed before "Fraulein FH" took over in '86; most people don't know that! Martina was the 1 to take her out of the USO 4 of 5 X's, including as a junior player in '85!

    ***Gulbis has now won 2 straight matches. Well done, Ernie. It's a start.***

    I wonder how jealous the other men are of Gulbis? I can imagine them giving him a hard X being rich, ypung, good-looking, and successful w/o working too hard! Today was the 1st X I saw Daddy in the stands! Did I hear they own an island a while back?

    ***Can you do the needful and not prepone this discussion about GOATness to before Fed and Djoker are retired?***

    Unfortunately for "us" historians, we have been premature b/c they obliterated the records so quickly and w/ so much ease! It used to take a whole career like Agassi, Connors, & McEnroe to achieve 1/2 of what Nole, Rafa, and Roger have done; and they're still going! Nole will end up w/ the Masters' record after all is said and done, Rafa will be in 2nd place for the foreseeable future, and of course Roger has claimed all the other #'s so treasured and extending them all the X being The GOAT!

  48. ***Clinton is announcing her plan for support of US higher education. Potential Rep. candidates have yet to even address the issue, let alone come up w/ a plan.***

    Issues? What Republican't? These losers aren't concerned w/ issues! Their idea of legislating is to destroy Obamacare, defund PP, privatize Soc. Sec. and the PO, & maybe rename some more buildings after Reagan! They sleep/think about abortion, Hillary and Bill, and what they considered the good ol' days under Reagan; so very limited!

    ***Unfortunately that is true. - ...Last X a 3rd party split the Rep. vote, it put a Clinton in the WH. Uh oh! "Déjà vu all over again."

    It's a myth that Perot cost Bush the election. ...Obama has the media on his side and that's a recipe for success w/ votes.***

    That is a very overblown notion of Perot costing Reps the elections of '92 & '96! It's been debunked many years ago that he took votes equally from Clinton and "H.W.!" People just didn't want Bush 41 after his so called 'responsible position' of going back on his word to "NO NEW TAXES!" It set us on a trajectory that helped during the 90's era and I salute him for it! A more cretinous President would have let the country go under; oh, like "W" 13 years ago!

    ***Ben Carson said that America "wasn't founded by politicians"***

    Founders = Slave owners who created an ICONIC document mentioning something about "all men being equal" and free! As usual, we find hypocrites and liars are running thing!

    ***I actually like Sanders a lot. He's just completely bonkers politically. ...As far as Bernie's lead in the polls, it's not a very strong. Internally people have a lot of determination to still vote HRC.***

    The same thing was going on last cycle w/ Ron Paul, Rand's dad! His message resonates, will attract large crowds, and illicit huge donations from the populous, but when it comes to voting for the candidate, it doesn't materialize! Sander's will recede into the background as soon as it really counts! Like Trump is going to hold this lead! OCO, as soon as the loser "also-rans" start dropping off like Carson, Santorum, Jindal, Paul, Huckabee, and Fiorina, they'll settle for a true frontrunner like JEB; always happens!

    ***The ONLY way Biden will run on a presidential ticket w/b as 2nd fiddle to Al Gore! People say the GOP s/b embarrassed by Trump! Every passing day there's more defection from the HRC Plantation.***

    It's Reps doing the deflecting; talking about emails, Benghazi, and PP! I haven't heard 1 policy discussion; all about attacking Hillary and each other! Get over yourself! You pathetic guys are the ones in trouble w/ so many candidates that are about as qualified as a fired C.O., demented neural surgeon, and a reality TV entity who only talks about himself! Spare me please! The rest are all talk and no substance! Funny, the same people who thought Obama was a neophite and unqualified have even less experience in running gov't! The hypocrisy continues relentlessly! Now Carson is trying to deflect his use and papers written on his use of fetal tissue! Idiots; all of you! ;-(

  49. ***You can look good against a guy like Youzhny, but even then Rafa was shaky. "The Bull" needs to completely change the way he hits the ball. Hitting high balls that fall in the middle of the court like a bitch and hoping for errors against the #4 ranked player in the world is insane to say the least. And the serve?***

    I've been saying for yrs Rafa's game's a joke & he allows avg players to extend him! Now he's not having any success against the elite in the last year, but Roger's been able to avoid him for a while! Supposedly they're on course to meet next wk in Cinn., but I think 1 or both might not make it to 1/4's; esp. Rafa!

    ***Nadal needs to find something resembling a serve b/c it seems like he's playing at a double handicap at the moment. The 1st being his opponent's serve, the 2nd being his own. Add to that a shaky baseline game and you have something that's becoming sad. ...I understand b/c he's not confident, he just wants to place it in, but this is clearly not cutting it against anyone worth a damn.***

    I use to tell my students, "the serve is all about confidence!" If you can perfect your serve, it's one less thing you have to worry about and the rest of your game can improve, elevate within a match, and be sustained in the crunch! W/o that, you'll be thinking about it and that isn't a place you want to be! Back in the day, you could make your career around being a good server; look at IVO! I wasn't tall, but I had long arms and jumped into court to get a lot of free points!

    Besides a lack of confidence in his serve and groundies, he's continuing to do what I've been screaming about for years; "too much spin on his shots so they're dropping short in the court!" Kei was on the baseline while Rafa was hanging by the "backstop!" He won't get it done like that; same w/ Murray! You can only counter-punch so much! When it gets close and tight, both move up and begin to attack the net! Why not start a match like that? It just makes no sense to me!

    ***I actually think if they redo the TTC list in 3 or 4 yrs X, Serena will be placed 1st (assuming they still mix men and women) and Federer might be dropped below Laver for the exact reason you said; H2H def. Then again I was considering Nadal possibly being ranked above Laver by then. The 1 thing I am sure of is Federer will be ranked over Nadal unless he makes a push and wins another few slams; regardless how they choose to rank both vs Laver.***

    W/ Nadal's deficiencies, health issues, and inability to defend any title off clay disqualifies him for all X of being even considered to "GOAT-dom!" He works too hard to win any and every match against nobodies and never-weres! He got what he wanted; dominance on clay for a X, won 9 FO's, and rounded out his record w/ at least 1 or 2 of the other majors! No other #1 was so imbalanced in their record over the years w/ many glaring absences along the way! Even Borg who is considered a "Tennis Gawd" won equally on grass and clay; and that was w/o current tech! I would barely put Nadal in my all X top 10; even if separated from the ladies! Laver won 2 cal. yr. GS's and that was w/ majors not available to him from '63 to late '68 due to pros exempted! I'm told Tilden, Rosewall, and Gonzalez were the best of their eras so I'd put them above Rafa as well! For years before Federer made his mark, we tried to anoint Sampras as the GOAT, but unfortunately he barely had a sniff of a FO in '96! He successfully beat 2 past milti-champs in Courier and Bruguera, but missed out in the semi's, going out to eventual champion Kafelnikov! I already vented about Navratilova deserving to be in the top 3 due to 59 majors in the Open era, winning the "Box SET" and continuing to compete close to 50; taking her last major at '06 USO w/ one of the Bryan bros! ;-)

  50. ***Forget Biden: Dems Reaching Back To … Al Gore?***

    Oh please; like cons really give a shit! They're just trying to stir it up b/c their choices are so Fk'd up! It's supposed to be the most qualified and extensive # in history! I wouldn't take any of them to me mayor of a city! The relentless lying about the facts disqualifies them totally! The attacks on selected groups when this job is supposed to be representative of "all the people" can't be overlooked! All you need to do is look at how things are right now w/ them in control of Congress; nothing's getting done! McConnell and Boehner promised so much if put in charge and they have shown themselves to be weak and ineffectual; even w/ their own congressional members! It's truly pathetic IMO! They're also stuck in the past trying overturn Roe v Wade; law that's been on the books for over 40 years! "Move on losers!"

    ***Jeb Bush Says "Taking Down Saddam Was A Good Deal"...***

    Hard to believe JEB is supposed to be the smart one! I guess you can get people to say anything; keep repeating it until it's believed! I know I never thought that! All of the BUSHs are self-entitled idiots who make mistakes and rarely fess up to them! "W" really thinks "history" will vindicate his decisions; talk about delusional! He took a thriving economy, a soaring DOW, peace, w/ a Nat'l debt that was actually going down to a near depressive era; "thanks GEORGE!" What's more pathetic, he still has defenders, not just JEB! Hillary can do just about anything but murder Bill on TV and should still be the next Commander-In-Chief; "sorry right-wing nuts!"

    ***I heard Hillary and Kerry both voted for this....But I could be wrong"***

    They did, but Dems are about as "gutless" as any Republican't; a true inability to stand up for their own principals at X's and vote "politically!" They were both afraid of being called weak when it comes to Nat'l security and the "right-wing" prey on that gutlessness! The last 10 yrs though, people have gotten tired of war and any mention of "boots on the ground" upsets the masses! It cost her the election of '08 allowing a total neophyte to make that 1 vote the center of his campaign; and it worked! Not upset he won; needed change, but gov't's been in limbo ever since! I doubt there will be much of a change w/ Hillary since these A-hole won't act right; even for their own country's wellbeing! And they have the nerve to ?? Obama's patriotism; where's theirs? I say "non-existent!"

    ***Why is the Right Wing so up in Arms over Planned Parenthood...What did they Do? - GOPlanned GOParenthood is the most recent witch hunt for busy body Reps... GOPathetic.***

    The GOP has to bitch about something; even if they have to make it up! This is on the level of "the Birther" movement; stuck in quicksand and unable to float! They figure if they keep it up repeating the same nonsense it'll take! When poor women start dropping like flies; esp. down in Texas, maybe they'll see the error of their ways, but I doubt it! Stupid is as stupid does they always say out there! They're pathetic and have no real idea what they're talking about and it's a shame since most of these losers are in position of authority! ;-(

  51. ***Hit Kygrios where it hurts. Instead of a fine for his "bad taste," maybe he should sit out the next Slam.***

    Oh please stop! What do you want; BLOOD? You guys and those "HS girl" commentators need to take a chill pill! They all sounded like squawking little girls on FB and Twitter! Grow up! He's been fined and reprimanded! Move on! Will you all be happy if he slashes a wrist or 2? As for being banned from a major, the ATP has little to no control IMO! They are separate entities running things; ATP for Masters and the ITF for the GS's! After a while it begins to look like bullying! I hate BULLIES!

    Kygrios' behavior doesn't rise to the level of acrimony people are displaying here! It's so disproportionate to the offense! He's a punk, a brat, and not very classy; so? J/b others aren't heard doing or saying things doesn't mean it isn't going on elsewhere! Serena screaming in the lineswoman's face, threatening to "shove this ball down your throat" was a lot more gratuitous! Now she's a fan fave and they're looking forward to her completing a cal. yr GS!

    ***I was rooting for Murray to win, but so disappointing to see that Nishikori came up lame again. It's got to be so frustrating to be his fan. He can play so good, but his body is never going to let him achieve what he could w/ a sturdy body.***

    I've seen other players who had problems w/ injuries; HELL Haas is a walking MASH unit, but I just can't remember anyone of this talent about as fragile as "fine china!" Del Po has had his trials and travails, but he did accomplish a lot before he shattered his wrist! He made a name for himself by winning '09 USO, wiping out Nadal in the semi and coming from all the way back in the final against Roger in 5! He snatched the Olympic Bronze from Nole in '12 on grass! The handful of X's he managed to attend a major, he wasn't there very long! Del Po fans must be pulling out what little hair they have left! It seems he'd get back to the tour, win a tourney and make another final before going out again w/ more surgery! I think the last X it didn't take and he became committed to more rehab after another surgery! I just couldn't deal w/ that; most faves of mines being quite durable w/ little X off the court! Goolagong put us through the ringer w/ birth of Morgan; leading to a fragile Achilles she oft injured! The only thing comparable was Borg at the USO; always something (a thumb, a shoulder, or abdominal strain)!

    ***What a win for Bencic--beats the top 2 players in the world, plus former #1's Ivanovic & Wozniacki, plus Lisicki not to mention Canada's, Genie Bouchard. THAT is a quality win by the 18 yo--a message has been sent.***

    Bencic s/b quite proud of herself; that was a brutal draw! What was it 4 of the top 10 going down to her including Serena, Halep, Woz, & Ivanovic? Very impressive; may never happen again w/ an unseeded player! Heaven knows it never happened before! Amazing though!

    ***Well, I love Pete, but he never said a wrong thing in his life. ...***

    So b/c you never heard Pete display or say something disparaging, he must be a saint? I think not! I was a huge fan, proclaimed him the GOAT before Roger came along; even w/o a FO final to his resume! W/o saying anything publically, I had a serious problem w/ some of his decisions concerning Davis Cup! One day he would say he "wasn't going to play," but call and show up at the last min. like that great TIE final we had w/ Russia back in '95! That knocked out someone who had already committed I'm sure, but why should he care? Sampras along w/ Agassi, Courier, & the rest of the gang made a big deal out of getting John McEnroe as the coach of the team, then didn't play for him! The result was McEnroe resigning after only a year! Heaven knows the soap opera that was going on around that X when Pete was contributing as the ring-master! I hope that doesn't blow away your undying admiration for him!

  52. ***Hillary tried to make light of her classified emails...via a rubbing cloth. Apparently the scandal is starting to "rub off" on her...***

    It'll take more than a few empty-headed Reps and news-people to thwart the aspirations of the Clintons! They are quite accustomed to the "haters" who have nothing else better to do than to try and frustrate them! After all they've been through, they've both had quite a successful run while the real losers are having "fits" wondering "why won't they just die?" Every victory they achieve just fuels them more and it's obvious the losers out there will never learn; these people are consummate pros and can withstand just about anything!

    ***I'm certain you'll take a Clinton... Just like Monica did.***

    An imperfect Clinton beats any scumbag Rep! Christie has his troubles in Jersey, Bush vacillating on women's health and "Common Core," Jindal's hypocrisy of the 14th Amendment that made him a citizen, Trump's, Huckabee, and a few other's insanity, Fiorina's flip/flop on Hillary, and on and on! All of them are "flawed" in some way! Hillary will beat them all even w/ the relentless attacks on her character! You can't keep crying "wolf" for well over 20 yrs b!tchin' about this woman! No one's listening anymore! ;-(

    ***“Trump trailed Clinton by 16 points in a July poll, and narrowed that gap by boosting his standing among Reps and Rep.-leaning independents (from 67% support in July to 79% now), men (from 46% in July to 53% now) and white voters (from 50% to 55%). When it comes to building a wall on the Mexican border, why JUST one Border? Do people think that is the only way illegals enter this county? News Break, quite a few come in by boat. And they are not all Latinos.***

    They don't mind being invaded by Swedes or Canadians! lol! Pat Buchanan once quipped on "Crossfire" years ago that "they assimilate into the country easier than Mexicans and PR's off the boat!" He's not quite as vile these days, but probably still feels the same! When it comes to Trump and his sustaining his position on top; all I can say is "ROSS PEROT!" I hope he can keep it up; it'll destroy the Rep. party once and for all hopefully!

    ***How is it when the Bush Family speak at events they are to appear scholarly wearing fine robes? I don't get it. Reps created the need for Donald Trump. they get what they deserve in the end.***

    Don't forget about JEB; Trump's footstool to abuse w/ his flip/flops! He's supposed to be the smart brother; I don't see it! He's floundering like nobody's business on "Common Core, immigration, women's health, the economy, Iran, Iraq, and terrorist!" It takes him 4 days to make himself clear and finally stay w/ "what he thinks he meant!" Hard to believe this loser thinks he has a chance against Hillary! You don't hear her hedging her bets on issues! She stands behind what she believe unlike the gutless turds who have no backbone, allowing Trump to move them further and further into conservative obscurity! "YEAH! Thanks Donald; the check's in the mail!"

  53. ***The Strange Death of the Center-Left - Funny how the center-right is not mentioned? Oh I forgot, they call them RINOS!

    Can you name a RINO? - McCain, McConnell, Boehner are all RINO's according to the far right Conservative Movement who dictate over everyone in the party.***

    They're also liars who are Reps! When they say they're against abortion, it's a flat out falsehood! Bush 41 & 43 were and are pro-choice, but when running for President, they have to pretend to be on the side of their base! You notice the Bush women don't get involved in the conversation at all! They don't want to actually be lying to us or themselves; including Big Momma! Be against it all you like, but don't try and make decisions for women and their doctors when they are quite aware of all options! They're not as dumb as Pro-lifers who think they know better for all of us! I'm no fan of abortion w/ all the ways to prevent it, but I'm not going to force some girl to have a baby; esp. if from rape and incest! That's insane and you can add Walker and Rubio to that list of nuts!

    ***What exactly was hope and change?***

    There was always "hope" that Reps would act right and treat this President w/ respect; if not him at least the office! They did neither; openly questioning his birthright, patriotism, and competence! Nothing was going to get done w/ animals behaving like that; shutting down gov't, costing the country billions, and overall refusing to even take care of normal business like budgets, highway/transportation bills, and supporting the President's foreign policy initiatives! They never stopped trying to stop, slow down, or repeal Obama's crowning achievement in the ACA and are still kvetchin' about it after the SC affirmed it's passage! It's no wonder they're at such a deficit in electoral votes before the 1st ballot is cast! Now they're after immigrants, using pejorative names like "anchor babies;" and they still don't get it! They want support, but are against everything that isn't old, white, and conservative! Idiots! Nuff said! ;-(

    ***Yet, despite 80 years of success as a vital source of income for retirees, workers w/ disabilities and their families, SS has never been in more political danger than it is right now ...That damn Roosevelt and his Dems***

    One of the great successes of the Dems like Medicare, Civil Rights legislation, and now the ACA! Reps can't stand it! Even the dearly departed "Prince of Darkness," Bob Novak said before he died that the last original idea Reps came up w/ was "freeing the slaves!" They are stuck in the past and hate any kind of progression or help to alleviate poverty in their own country! They seem to want people on soup lines, beggin' for change on the street, and kids homeless and hungry! They are a truly sorry lot of people who won't change anytime soon; so unfortunate for them and us! Thank GAWD for Dems who look toward the future and continuously try to help their fellow man!

    ***Penny says Soc. Sec. will be out of funds w/i 2 yrs.... Reps stink.***

    Soc. Sec. wouldn't be in trouble if people who didn't need it didn't file! I found out Reagan was not only taking his pension from SAG and being President, he was also getting SS; Nancy now more than likely! They are despicable in so many ways!

    ***Although majorities in both parties voted for the bill, there were notable exceptions. Though he opposed forced segregation, Rep. Sen. Barry Goldwater of AZ voted against the bill, remarking, "You can't legislate morality."***

    Dems were punished for allowing it to pass, but it was still a Dem. Congress that got the job done; regardless of the "Blue Dog," hillbilly Dems who didn't want it to pass! The SOUTH went red for good due to that act of courage and Reps made sure they paid for it later! ;-(

  54. ***Kyrgios claims to have apologized to everybody. But, everybody says that he never apologized to them. Whom should I believe?***

    How pathetic that people need an apology from a disengenuous child! They need to move the "F" along and get a life! This is so ridiculous and I won't change my mind on it! I have no love lost for him, but he's not important enough to keep kvetchin' about!

    ***If a person is over 20 and in charge of their own decisions, and old enough to be a pro in a sport and sign million dollar contracts w/ sponsors, he is not a child. He is a poorly raised, poorly taught, immature and egocentric moron who thinks everything evolves around him. ...If he can't control himself and be a good representative of a pro tennis player, the ATP will have to step in. If he is not willing to abide by those rules, he is free to quit and do something else.***

    That would be fine if the ATP wasn't so selective in exerting that authority! You have players smashing rackets w/ impunity; not even a warning from the umpire these days! There's Rafa who doesn't like being called out for time violations so Carlos is no longer allowed to work his matches! Andy has running dialogues, swearing and ranting to the top of his lungs! I could go on, but most are too concerned about some kid who muttered some comments under his breath!

    ***I think Goffin just pulled off the choke of the century. When he was up 3-0 realistically he would have to hold serve 2 more X's and that's it. Weak, very weak. I don't feel sorry for him though, I am disgusted. He is #13 for crying out loud!***

    I've just been calling these guys "gutless!" In the old days, Nole whb gone! I appreciate Goffin choking it away b/c I want Djoker to have the "box set" of all the Masters to set him apart from Nadal and Federer! He'll never catch up to them in MAJORS, but he's going to set a record for "1000's" that I can't see ever being surpassed!

    ***I hope we get to see the Fedal match. It will tell us more about where Federer is at. If he doesn't win, I'm fairly confident that neither will be a contender at the U.S. Open.***

    Agreed! Federer's been able to hold onto his #2 ranking until recently, but I didn't think he was necessarily playing that well! He was the Roger of old dismissing Murray at Wimbledon, but that was about it! I feel the same about Serena! She's been winning, but w/ a great deal of difficulty; often going 3 sets against players I have no idea who they are!

    ***Not too sure what this means, Rafa beat Roger in Cinci a couple of years ago...

    No wonder I didn't remember that match; I didn't watch much of the '13 summer! When tennis is real ugly, it's hard, and no one plays the game as ugly as Senor Nadal! He must have made his deal w/ the Devil and it's gone downhill ever since! I truly hope Rafa hangs in there and gets embarrassed even more than he has of late; esp. at Wimbledon! I've lost even more respect for Roger allowing Nadal to have those 2 titles in '08 & '10; 1 directly in a final and the other when he let himself be upset by another lame baseliner on grass; Berdych! What's going on now is what I expected; just a little delayed due to the gutlessness of today's pros! It took some kids like Rosol, Darcic, Kyrgios, & Brown to bring normalcy to it all IMO! Who will be the lucky 1 to take Rafa's scalp next? If his brethren from Spain start beating him like Lopez last night, you know the end is near!

  55. ***Who was your favorite player again?***

    I have no true fave these days, but I give all due credit to Nole for turning it all around after being the consummate #3 for so many years! I feel he's playing the best, is a great representative for the ATP, and always says the right thing! The last X I had a true favorite was probably Borg and Edberg, but gave it up to Sampras and Federer when they came along! On the ladies' side I had more to watch w/ Goolagong, Navratilova, then her namesake Hingis! I have some feeling for the athleticism of Henin who wore out Serena! Jankovic plays the closest to Hingis' game being a "chessboard" type, so she's one I follow! I don't watch the women much these days w/ all the grunting, kvetchin', and "mindless aggression!" I think I've been quite consistent! Most will tell you I haven't changed that much over the years of my opinion on the "state of the game!"

    ***This week it's Novak, but there's 3 others still in w/ a chance of being his fave on Monday... lol***

    Only Nadal defeaters get my notice these days; so Lopez, Verdasco, Brown, and Fognini get a candle lit for them w/ a subservient "bow!" lol!

    ***Apart from the return Murray played quite solid IMO. He definitely looked tired on some occasions, but from the baseline and on his own serve his level was good I think. It's just that he never even seemed to threaten to get to BP's, so Federer didn't look as if he was in danger of losing at any point.***

    He s/b tired; always getting into long rallies, then being forced to make great "get" after "get!" I understand the feeling of winning some fabulous point, taking it away from someone who thought they had it won, but it just isn't smart to play like that against the elites of the game! He already allows players outside of the top 10 to extend him unnecessarily! What did they say; Murray spent 6 more hours on court than Roger? What an idiot! He doesn't get serious by making 1st serves and attacking the net until he's points from being eliminated! That just isn't a bright person! We all know he can do more! He was lucky to get past Nole last week in Montreal and he wasn't even playing well; getting passed at the net and at X's not even moving for the shot!

    ***Andy has had too many 3 setters here in Cincy and that does not help either. And he is already 28 as well, so he should pace himself better in order to make the most of his events. Novak plays less events than any of the top 10 guys who are not out b/c of injuries and I think that helps him to stay injury free and manage his stamina.***

    W/ Andy, it's more than "just" 3 setters he's playing; they're long grueling games involved taking 5-10 min. as well! Like Nadal, he'll never last as long as Roger doing this idiotic "counter-punching" thing!

    ***...Does Nole go all Lendl and aim for Roger's head if he ocntinues attacking as he did in this final - and piss of the pro-Fed crowd? He could end up w/ another Andy Roddick booing sitch on his hands - and Nole hates when that NYC crowd gets on his case.***

    That's what people keep thinking would happen; "beanball tennis!" When I have the nerve to question Serena's ability to "tame" the relentless attack of Navratilova in her prime, they always seem to "go there;" "target on her head!" That's so ridiculous b/c she had to deal w/ Graf & Mandlikova who could hit the ball every bit as hard and quick in their day! If Serena is so great then and now, why is she going 3 sets in just about every match she plays; even though winning in the end? Again, I call it gutless of the other players who can't seem to finish her off no matter how much of a lead they have! It's hard to take these people seriously when they still try to make a rivalry of Williams to Sharapova; what a joke!

  56. ***...McEnroe would always charge the serve, chip it back and get right up to volley. I'm kind of surprised Federer has never done this before. And how he says he kind of came up w/ it by accident during a boring practice session is weird. It will be interesting to see if he tries it more in the USO.***

    You're kidding? I'm starting to think Roger isn't half as smart as I thought! He had the most aggressive coaches in the history of the game and he's just coming to realize this is what he needs to do? What an idiot! And I thought Rafa and Andy were mentally deficient; mon DIEU!

    ***If you genuinely thought Nadal and Murray, who probably have the highest tennis IQ's out of anyone on tour are mentally deficient (and that's not even touching on the absurd Federer comments you just made), then I'd say people w/ glass houses shouldn't throw stones.***

    How smart is it to get into 3+ hour battles w/ players not even ranked in the top 20 in early rds? You have to be mentally deficient if you think that's a smart way to go j/b they won! I think I heard Murray had been out on court 6 hours longer than Roger in Cinn.; WHY? It's from playing that stupid counter-punching crap that allows player to take him to the limit; sometimes needing to save MP's! Same w/ Rafa who scurries around like a squirrel making great "gets" and producing incredible passing shots, but still hanging back near the backstop allowing inferior players to run him to death! Again, is that a smart tactic as you get older and more broken down? Get a grip! I know what I'm talking about!

    ***I won't bother w/ the inane stuff about time spent on court, but I find it hilarious how you keep mentioning "that counter-punching crap" in every other post, yet swoon every X Bjorn Borg is mentioned. Have you actually seen him play?***

    I'm not being a hypocrite; believe me! When Borg would go 5 sets against another baseliner like Orantes and Vilas at the FO finals of '74 & '75 respectively, I left to go play myself! When he was going against an aggressive net rusher, it was a novelty at the X to have that dynamic since most S & V! The baseline phenomenon didn't really occur until Borg, Vilas, Connors, & Evert for the ladies! Most others had a more versatile game! It was interesting then, but not now! It's routine to have 20=30 stroke rallies w/ the ball traveling well over a 100 miles an hr! There's nothing interesting about that; esp. those interminable finals at the '11 USO & '12 AO! Sets were going well over an hr! I'm still recovering from watching '12 AO w/ all the toweling off, scratching their junk, bouncing the ball 20 X's, and questioning call after call for 6 hrs! Borg never got into those kinds of battles later in his career and none of the players stalled as much; only toweling off at breaks in the chair, not btw ever point! I only get frustrated w/ Nadal and Murray b/c they allow these wars of attrition when they c/b doing so much more to get off the court in less than 2 hrs! Nole only bothers me when he can be serving for a match and all of a sudden allow a player to break him; maybe for the 1st X! Hell, I think he had 2 chances last year at Wimbledon against Federer in the 4th, needing to win in 5!

    ***But there's a reason no one has tried it for the last 20 yrs... in fact there are 2: it is not obvious, and it's hard. How many players can actually accomplish this? You have to read the serve well, have very good reflexes, and a very good half-volley. You have to be a very good volleyer... and even like this it's a risky proposition. I really do not remember any threads w/ the title "Why don't Federer attacks the 2nd serve w/ half volleys?"***

    But Roger hasn't been successful doing it his way; hanging back on the baseline! I'm still amazed Rafa and Nole beat him on grass! He might as well of tried to do something differently! We'll have to agree to disagree for now!

  57. ***Serena is 67-7 vs the Top 10. She has as good of chance as any of her predecessors (Graf, Court, Connolly, Laver, Budge). Her age and experience will help propel her. It mhb very difficult for Connolly and Graf to hold their nerve given they were 18-19.***

    When Serena's still winning majors closing in on 50 yo, get back to me! The WTA allowing this woman to increase her count of majors is saying more about them than her! She's hasn't exactly been mowing down her opposition; normally having "walkabouts" when leading, allowing players IDK take her to 3 sets again and again! They just can't seem to finish her off; again, more about them than her! Sorry; Martina will always be at the top of my list on the ladies' side of things! She left the tour like her namesake Hingis and continued to win until her last major at the '06 USO MxD event w/ Bryan! She was a month short of her 50th BD! ;-)

    ***Martina won her 1st Slam by the X she was 22. Serena won her 1st by the X she was 17. Serena had 7 slams by the age of 25 in the strongest field in WTA history, while martina had 5 by the age of 25. Serena has supposedy been a part X player for most of her career and yet achieved more by the age of 25 than Martina being a full time player. I'm not the person who thinks you have to win the CYGS to be considered GOAT, but your analysis of Serena is nothing but flawed. ...Serena could end up playing doubles w/ Venus into her 50's if she wants to. ...What makes you think if Serena retired right now and turned into a full doubles player that she wouldn't win another 20+ titles.***

    You're forgetting all the top players she had to overcome early on and over the years; true greats like BJK, Goolagong, Wade, Court, Evert, Graf, Sabatini, Seles, Sanchez-Vicario, and on and on and on! Martina had to defect from her own country in '75 to get where she is now! She was on her own in a foreign land w/ no family, friends, and support like Williams! I guess I give her more credit for her achievements for that reason!

    ***So let me get this straight, if 1 person won CYGS in their career and another player won 50 GS's but never the CYGS, then the 1st player w/b a greater player? Funny.

    Probably the greatest female tennis player ever, and by a fair margin, "not capable of concentrated dominance." Comedy gold. I'm w/ Fiero on that 1 btw. Navratilova still very much ahead of Graf, Wms, & Evert IMB. And there is still quite a gulf seperating them actually.

    Titles / Finals %
    167/239 69.9% NAV
    154/230 66.9% EVE
    107/138 77.5% GRA
    69/ 86 80.2% WIL

    The top 2 Slam winners in the Open era also have the best winning %'s in finals played.***

    Williams has a very long road to slog to catch up even w/ Graf! She has to stop allowing "nobodies, also-rans, and never-weres" from extending her to 3 sets and most of all stop losing matches when in the lead!

    ***Name a X when the WTA were more than 2 players deep. Serena has played against more Slams winners than the other 3 top players.***

    Going way back, I already mentioned BJK, Goolagong, Wade, & Court early on! After that we had Navratilova, Evert, Austin, Jaeger, & Mandlikova! Then Graf came along w/ Sabatini, Seles, & Arantxa Sanchez-V.! Hingis rivaled the Wms', Davenporte, & Novotna! After them came Sharopova, Kuznetsova, Miskina, Henin, & Clijster! These are just OTTH w/o checking the recordbooks! Have you forgotten all these players & their major wins? I'm sure I've left some players off; a little early for a pop quiz! The big reason you have so many other GS winners is mainly due to absences of the Wms'! Players like Ivanovic probably shouldn't be in the convo as #1; sorta like the additions of Safina & Woz! Those were weird X's IMO!

  58. ***I'm really tired of seeing Graf being compared to the likes of Navratilova, Serena, etc. Graf in her prime was not even the best player of her era. Monica Seles won 7 of the last 8 Slams she had entered and had a 3-1 record vs Graf in finals. She won the last 3 AO, the last 3 FO, the last 2 UO and the last 3 YEC's. Then a Graf fan got sick of this and gave back the tour to Graf. If it was a normal injury it's 1 thing, but it was an attack to change tennis history; a HUGE difference. After her comeback Seles was fat, w/ a broken career and a different "I'm just happy to be playing" approach to the game. Most of Graf's wins over Seles were in '89 against a 15 yo who was not a force on the tour yet and after Seles' stabbing. Yes, Graf would have the edge on grass I admit it, but everywhere else Graf was the past. Seles made the final in only her 3rd attempt at Wimbedon, both Graf and Navratilova hadn't won Wimbledon in their 1st 3 attempts.

    After the '93 AO experts were saying that Seles was destined to be the GOAT not Graf. To me Graf is overrated. I'm not saying that she's not 1 of the greats, but her records, whether her slam tallies or her wks at #1 are inflated, and if it weren't for the stabbing she wouldn't be in the "GOAT" debate. Serena is ready to surpass her despite Graf literally accumulating slams where the real #1 dominant player was out or not the same anymore. In '93, Seles had 8 slams and Graf 11. Seles was 5 yrs younger and adding @ a much faster pace. Can you imagine that? Serena should've been going after Seles' records. Take Navratilova in her prime out of tennis, Evert would have had over 30 GS. Graf's 22 is a joke. Graf also didn't vote to freeze Seles' #1 ranking and at the '93 FO ceremony, she didn't even mention Seles, not even a "get well soon Monica." She just was happy to win the trophy that she hadn't won in 4 yrs.

    Surprisingly, only 5 US Players in a 48 player draw in US for the Winston-Salen Open.***

    Why? The US stinks on the men's side! It's been pathetic since Roddick was our standard bearer! He's no world beater and the men haven't been relevant since the days of Sampras, Agassi, Courier, Chang, Washington, and Martin OTTH! We had so many top players, 1 who had a Russian mom went to play for their team!

    ***That is the reason. Generally speaking good players will not be playing in the week before GS. Given that US players suck and that this is a tourney in US Soil, 1 would expect more of them to play in this. - I think we'd be idiots to count Stan out of anything going forward. It's true he didn't look good in the recent warmups, but then he didn't look great at the warmups to RG either.***

    Could Stan be the 1st player to have 2 Majors and still not get a sniff of being #!; probably not even end his season as #2? That w/b really saying something in the OPEN era if that were to happen!

    ***There are some players on whom we can never bet. For a year Roger seems to be in great form, but I've seen him losing matches on bigger stages. And about Stan he is always a surprise; a shocker! No one can be sure of when he'll mew and when he'll roar. I've no idea of the USO '15 champion! - Stan and Murray both have never been #1. I seriously doubt Wawrinka will ever get there or even get close.

    Maybe the worst USO draw possible for Murray; Kyrgios in the 1st? ...Wawrinka in the 1/4's, Fed in the semis, and then Djokovic.***

    People are assuming a lot in those later rds! I feel some upsets early on! It has to happen sooner or later! The ??? is who will it be; a worn down Nole, an overachieving Murray, and aging Roger, or broken down Rafa? The draw is loaded and pressure begins from day 1 for some of them!

  59. ***Dems: No Resolution To Back Obama's Iran Accord - How is it that anything with this P0S's name on it screws the rest of us?***

    Indeed! The Reps trying to embarrass Obama is only going to make the country look bad; not him personally! If these idiots successful quash this deal, the rest of the world will go on and we'll look like fk'n idiots! That's fine w/ me; we are idiots to put losers like these Reps in charge! They can't even keep their caucus in check! They are useless politicians who are only concerned about holding onto their positions and couldn't care less about the country! ;-)

    ***It only gets worse ... Organs harvested from babies that were still alive at PP***

    The biggest complainers out there will be utilizing this research and technology sooner or later when they're ill or become Alzheimer's victims; mark my words! These people need to just let this alone! They remind me of the loudest mouths against abortion like ex-Rep. Barr from GA who was busted taking his "bimbo" across state lines to get "her fixed!" The hypocrisy has always been palpable w/ the self-righteousness of "right-wingers!" If their daughter gets pregnant (outside the Palin household), you can be assured they'll avail themselves of these same doctor's care being vilified now; slime-bags!

    ***White House Throws Hillary Under the Bus=> Says Picking Biden Was Obama’s Best Decision Ever - The President made clear he would not stand in his way or counsel him against a run, a senior Democrat said. "As a general rule, we are not going to confirm the VP's private meetings or provide a readout of them," an aide to the Vice President told CNN on Monday.

    Consequently…. We are now about to witness a Democrat dog-fight.***

    What an exaggeration! Both Biden and Hillary gave Obama credibility and he should appreciate both of their efforts to get him through these 2 horrific terms! He was rather weak allowing Congress to run rough-shot over things and that's on him! W/o Biden and Clinton, he very well might have lost after 4 years! He should probably talk to Biden and say, "babe, you had your chances and blew it! It's Hillary's X, I took it at the last min. in '08 and I've already given her a thumbs up w/ a "60 Minutes" interview w/ her at my side! If you try to thwart her, you'll look like a fool and all the gaffe's you made will be replayed on a freakin' loop! Now that's all; see you later!" He's got to have a huge ego to think his old arse has even a snowball's chance in HELL of being nominated! What a tool! ;-(

    ***Bush stayed on vacation for days after Katrina hit as I recall. Reps like him are renowned slackers... here too. Brownie was incompetent leading FEMA!***

    I haven't looked it up, but those levies have a lot to do w/ Federal Core Engineers! There are only 4 in NO and from what I hear 2 or 3 of them weren't working at the X of Katrina! The FEDs are certainly responsible for that and more! JEB isn't very bright actually hiring "Brownie;" seen in the background of 1 of his events recently! "Why not just hire the whole 'W' team JEB" What a goof!

    ***Jeb Bush is real proud of his family name and thinks nothing went wrong during his brother's reign just like Conservative media reported.***

    FNC and Ed Henry in particular is desperate and takes great glee thinking he's exposed Hillary in some way over these emails! What an idiot! She's not even the one under investigation, but the network muses about an idictment and a derailing of her candidacy for President! ;-(

  60. ***Tough USO draw. Djokovic must be laughing. The 3 guys who could knock him out are on the other 1/2. If Murray, Federer & Wawrinka do what they've been doing, then Murray will have to just try and play lights out. He can't try to slug it out against Wawrinka and Federer. Even if he wins, he'll tire out against Djokovic - who I am now convinced will make the final already. Whilst Nole has been given a nice draw, he's pretty much had to go through Federer/Murray/Nadal/Wawrinka for his Slams.***

    Funny, I thought it was about X Nole got a better draw! When he was #3, he was getting the worst of it while Roger and Rafa were on easy street! Bout X; Karma!

    ***Yeah, a lot of people forget that throughout 2007-09, if Djokovic wasn't losing to Nadal or Federer, then he was battling a Slam champion; at least (Safin and Roddick) or a capable player.***

    ...a really tough year for Nadal where he was a perpetual runner-up in 1000's and 3 other majors through '12 AO to Djokovic! Roger should have such a recent record against his "so called" rival! Hard to call it that w/ such a losing record against Rafa!

    ***That was obviously before Nole was "running game" on Rafa w/ a MTO at the start of the 4th.***

    Nole learned from the best at it! I always saw it as retribution for all the matches Rafa stole from people; esp. Roger! As you can tell, I've never had a high opinion of him;; right up there w/ how I felt about Agassi!

    ***Fish wasn't entitled to a trainer, he had cramps. Still they could have ignored the rules this X.***

    They're lucky trainers are allowed to come out under those circumstances! In the old days, the player would just have to suffer, sometimes writhing on the court flat on their backs! I've seen it w/ the ladies and men; it's horrible, but they let it get that far! Either they're pushing themselves past what their body could take or they didn't hydrate enough the day before!

    ***Can't picture Fog beating Rafa or anyone good at a GS event, but if he actually decides to play for the whole match, he has the potential to make it extremely interesting.***

    If Nadal can make it! He's let this kid get back into this 1st set! OMG!

    ***Nadal is getting thoroughly outplayed by Diego Schwartzman. What will it take him to play aggressively? This set shb over a long X ago.

    Prime X match tomorrow nite for Novak vs Haider-Maurer - all the best to the champ (sadly 2:30am here!)***

    I feel your pain! I think that was about the X I started watching AO final in '12 vs Nole & Rafa! I'm still trying to recover after those 6 hrs of stalling, toweling off, & challenging calls! I don't fault Nole just giving it back to Rafa who's been running that "scam/game" on players for yrs to save himself from defeat; esp. against Roger in crucial X's in a match!

  61. ***...Of course Hillary's a LIAR! After all, Slick Willy is her husband. Unfortunately she's not as slick.***

    What does that say about your ilk, that you make the Clintons out to be the worst liars, but they still kick your ass? You got nothing! He served 2 successful TERMS and she's about to secede Obama w/ his 2 successful terms! After all the shit perpetrated on the country while Dems are in power and they still end up doing better than "W!" He had it all and fk'd up so badly, it elected a BLACK man to the Presidency; now a woman!

    You've done everything to undermine him and make his tenure in office as inconsequential as possible and it didn't work! He will have long lasting legislation passed and affirmed by the SC and there's just not a lot you can do about it! I know it's frustrating, but if you keep acting like jerks, you'll never see that chair through the eyes of a Rep. in the near future! Your tactics will elect 2 minorities in succession and it's not 1 of your trained gorillas like Cruz or Rubio; Gawd help us!

    ***Hillary Clearly Gave Classified Info To Unauthorized Personnel***

    After all this screaming, "ya still got nothing!" If you keep crying wolf, no ones' gonna listen anymore! FNC starts their telecast w/ this nonsense, citing corroboration from the NY Times, WSJ, and all kinds of other media w/ the same song playing! It's just not registering w/ people! No one cares but the hatahs! They aren't voting for Hillary even if she walked on water! Going after her will only alienate women who probably think "this is our X!" Even Rep. woman will support her! You can always hope Romney comes back to save your party! Right now it's a mess w/ Trump leading you around by the nose; poor things! It's so sad to see and quite embarrassing! I'll take Hillary over any of these losers on the "right!"

    ***Are you not paying attention, she set up a private server, originated, transmitted and stored classified material on it to unauthorized people. That's a crime. These things aren't even in dispute.***

    This will go the route of all the other made up BS; where's Benghazi? Oh, it was dropped after being the thing that would bring Hillary to her knees! Didn't happen sorta like Whitewater and Travel-gate! You guys are "beggin'!

    ***Fiero, what's "made up?"***

    The thing made up are the controversies and so called felonious intents; that's what's BS! I doubt if anyone could sustain a good name if some loser goes back to the X of the paper route trying to dig up dirt! I will love when this gets turned back on you!

    ***Anyone w/ proof this is wrong is eagerly invited to post it. All the info I have on confidential info in private U.S. industry, and the info I have on classified U.S. Federal gov't info is that it is to be both properly labeled, and properly handled. Secretary Clinton was just plain old outright WRONG to have handled her e-mail as she did. I hope it blocks her nomination. But to my knowledge, if it's not marked classified, then the error is w/ the 1 that didn't mark it, NOT w/ the 1 that relayed it.

    There is NOTHING you can say in defense of NAZI Murders of the Innocent. Not even WWII NAZIS SOLD BODY PARTS FOR PROFIT like PPP!***

    Why would they want to be born in these circumstances? We've accelerated the destruction of the planet by poisoning the water and air, producing too much carbon gasses warming the planet, and always wanting to go to war for no damn good reason! Reps fawn over Putin's strength & decisiveness and openly undermine their own President to the world! You can't get much lower on the animal scale; approaching reptiles! They aren't very bright either!

  62. ***A federal judge ordered a defiant county clerk to jail for contempt Thursday after she insisted that it would violate her conscience to follow court orders to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.***

    The bitch sent herself to jail! I have no sympathy for her or her family! People are always talking about a country of laws; serves her right! Next X don't run for an office you know will make you feel goes against your religion and sensibilities; stupid COW! Her hypocrisy knows no bounds since she quotes the bible, but has been married 4 X's w/ very twisted guardianships w/ her kids & the husbands! Too weird for words!

    ***We told you 'progressives' something like this w/b next once gay marriage was forced to be law of the land. - Ms. Davis is not free to practice her religion in manner that involves administering her gov't office in a manner that requires others to practice her religion. Such behavior is clearly prohibited under the establishment of religion clause of the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.***

    Let the bitch rot in jail! Who does she think she is to refuse a lawful license, telling everyone they can just drive over to another county! Fuck her and the horse she rode in on! Believe whatever you want, but it can't interfere w/ the job she's elected to! Dumb broad and a hypocrite since she's been married 4 X's! So much for those scriptures I guess!

    ***The marriage may not be official and recognized by law ... (now). But that's how gay marriage started too.***

    Reps can take credit for this quick flip/flop nationwide due to their "hate" campaign of '04! You won the battle, but lost the war w/ the laws of the land changing less than 10 yrs since! "Thanks Rove; you saved your idiot boss, but you converted the entire country over to what you consider 'the dark side!'"

    ***The Jebster is down to single digits...again. The more he attempts to justify an "Act of Love" by the lawless, the less amusing he becomes with the voters.***

    And he's supposed to be the smart 1! Doubt seeing it as he's running just 7 short years after a disastrous admin. of his brother "W!" How are we supposed to forget all that happened; the war deaths, the lawlessness, Katrina, and most of all the crash of the economy! Jeb's a fool to run so soon; made more sense down the line in 2020 or 2024! Maybe he'd have a chance, but not now! His name of BUSH is poisonous w/ Reps harping on Reagan after all these years w/ 2 of them who served 12 years after the old man! What does that say about George 41 & 43? The only thing more disgusting and nonsensical was Rubio challenging his mentor when he promised he wouldn't! It wasn't enough he's even more of a "greenhorn" than Obama, he's been busted lying or exaggerating so much already! He just reminds people of his unreliability!

    ***Hands Up, Dont Shoot...How many X's is this going to happen?***

    When they start smokin' white guys, you know this situation is out of control! Unbelievable! It's like they think we're fools talking about a knife that did or didn't exist! He wasn't lunging at them; barely walked in their direction! Typical Texas though! "We felt threatened;" sick!

  63. ***1 hour 17 minutes against Leo, and w/ very short points, that's worth a million just in itself. So Fed could really afford doing some throwaway attacks at 40-15 or something. Mayer DF'd 7 X's, and you'd have to assume that at least a couple of those are somewhat related to Fed's hyper-aggressive return tactic. ...Keep charging like that, and those points remain short, the pressure high. Like Fiero said - people might pass him at 15 all, but in the TB, the pressure is on them to do it. And there's really no simple solution to countering this shot. ...- not a comfortable thing to be doing regularly, and something that will take oomph out of the server's 2nd shot in any case.

    Mannarrino is playing really well against Murray; he's down a break in the 3rd.***

    I talk about this all the X; many pros have the ability, but their problem has always been able "to finish" off the "Big 4!" I can see him winning over Murray, but I can also see Mann squandering this lead and allowing him to come back in 5!

    ***Cilic turning into annual God-mode again? The only Slam winner in the history of Earth to never make a single Masters SEMIFINAL in his career. Now there's a bit of stat that will make you go "huh?"***

    I've been surprised it hadn't happened earlier! The Big 4 have owned most of the major events, but I expected someone like Tsonga or Kei to break through w/ huge serves and athletic play! The problem has been that other players weren't helpful by upsetting Murray, Federer, Nadal, & Nole before getting to the 2nd week of play! You can't make it through all of them! That's why it's been almost impossible to duplicate what Cilic did last year!

    ***Sad to see Goffin go out like that.***

    He's had a good enough season! Expectations were high b/c of those results and his meteoric rise, but it doesn't last for long or the BIG 4 would have changed already! Players have a nice run of a few months, then they come back to Earth; happens all the X! Look at Grigor; the next great player who looked like Fed! He's been in decline for a while only showing moments of real brilliance, but not enough to win more than a small tourney here and there! Lopez had such promise; winning on clay, cement, and grass! He comes and goes! This is why I don't even try to remember these new players; never around long enough to matter! The one's I liked just break my heart again and again; Simon, Gulbis, Dimitrov, & Deliciamo!

    ***No, I meant "sad" as in he suddenly looked under the weather towards the end of the 2nd when he was cruising to a 2-0 lead, like the heat got to him or something....IDK what happened!***

    There's been a lot of that too! Sock let it get too far and he was winning 2 sets to 1! Sometimes you just have to get off the court! I remember playing a park district tourney years ago here in Chgo! I had won 2 matches and a family member had grilled some brats and like an idiot I ate it! It was brutally hot outside; the next thing I know, it's coming back up! I had to get back out there and luckily this guy forgot how to play the game and I got through it 1 and 1! I was a mess; shaking and dehydrated, but still had to get back out there for a 4th match! I was done and let it go 2 and 2! I was 19 at the X!

  64. ***Vintage Rafa in the clam-diggers and sleeveless muscle shirts had plenty of amazing kits.***

    I'm from the era of short shorts! Those baggie #'s most players wear are so tacky! I liked going on court in something crisp, clean, and very revealing! In the 70's and 80's, we had about 2-3 inches of material covering our Balls & Arses! lol! No 1 did it better than Borg; the prototype star of the court who looked the part in his Fila-wear!

    ***The shot now has a name. It is called SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger). I did not watch Fed's opening match at NY. But, I heard that it failed more often than succeeded today.***

    It doesn't matter how often it works, but "when!" This takes me back to Boris Becker in the mid 80's going for broke on service returns against McEnroe! He missed hitting the mark again and again until he had match point and he dusted the line for his first win over John! I think it's worth doing just to keep the points short and sweet! Players are dropping like flies due to the heat and humidity! Federer can not afford to get into long 4 and 5 set battles at his age in those conditions!

    ***No shame in this loss, one of the highest-quality matches Rafa has ever played at the US Open. We all knew how great Fognini was at hitting cold winners. We've seen it all year (vs Rafa) and he cannot be stopped when in the zone.***

    If it was anybody else we would call this a CHOKE; sorry! He was up 2 sets to love and a break! Fognini was whipped and had to be cramping, but he got out of it unbelievably! No one could have picked this; esp. after seeing Rafa get up in the score! It was a good match, but the breaks in the 5th take it out of the great territory!

    ***Come on, Isner has made the most of his talents. Where has he wasted it? It's like the big diss that Ferrer always gets around here, people mocking him, when actually he's probably the best example you could show to kids learning the game of a fella who has limited skills, but a huge attitude and effort on court.***

    I believe a # of players have wasted their talent by being stubborn like Ferrer, Berdych, Tsonga, and so many others who could do more to win in a timely fashion! They grab smaller events, maybe make a major final, but overall they've wasted their X! How many X's are they at MP or 2 points from upsetting an elite player? Too often to count when they lose it! JW had 4 MP's against Nole at the FO a couple years ago; totally blew it and faded in the 5th! It's frustrating to see over and over again which is why I find other things to watch at X's! Rafa pulled a Berdych by being so close; 2 sets to love and a break to F3! He's like all the rest now and faded against someone he should own! At least it was entertaining to see last night! It's not like I want to see upsets, but they don't seem to happen enough to make it worthwhile! Rafa winning 9 FO's; that's gutlessness from his opponents, not his fighting spirit!

    ***Jo-W is a different kettle of fish to Ferrer. He's bigger and has huge weapons. Ferrer is more limited, but has run down fellers twice his size w/o fear. He's done as much as he can w/ his talent. Berdy is a different story altogether. Never wins anything, stays in top 10 and just goes a few rounds, then blows his stack. Straw Balls.***

  65. I cringe when Nadal is made to speak for himself in press conferences! "It's all on me; not my coaches, not my physical training, blah, blah, blah! Looking to get back to where I'm supposed to be!" Dream on Majorca boy! You're about done!

    ***Did he mention he needs more confidence?***

    Winning begets confidence! His record against the top 10 has been abysmal of late; not to mention the losses to Fabio (2 on clay, 1 on HC)! Federer can't say that even from his prime! What's that all about? I still don't understand it! Nole's almost caught up record-wise, while Roger will go down as "The GOAT" for the X being, but w/ a losing record against his top 2 rivals!

    ***Well most likely Roger will end his career w/ a losing h2h to Novak, but then you never know. He's currently ahead and is 6 yrs older, so it's to be expected that he should lose more often than not to the world #1 in his prime. - Not sure if I want to see a Dkoko- Cilic match. Nole leads that one 13-0. Cilic has won all of 5 sets.***

    Why do you think I ??? the guts of so many players? Berdych has all the tools, but has only beaten Nadal at the AO in 10 years and 16 matches! There's a lot of that w/ more than competent players w/ all the tools, but there's something in them that won't let them finish! Nadal's had a bit of trouble of late; actually leading in his matches w/ a couple points to go, maybe even serving for it, then losing in 3 or 5 sets! Is this a changing of the guard; or at least a small change?

    ***Contrary to my expectations, the boards are quiet after Rafa's loss. I was expecting a flurry of posts.***

    What more is there to say? It's been like this all season; a very average 1 for the ex-#1, Nadal! There's only so much harping you can do to what I expected to happen ages ago! You can't play like that for extended periods; too much exertions playing almost all his matches! Those battles sometimes started in the 1st Rd trying to survive upsets! It had to catch up to him sometime so I'm not surprised! I don't need to gloat! I've moved on!

    ***Choker at USO strikes again.***

    Djokovic has been in final after final at the USO, escaping Roger twice in a couple of thrilling matches for the ages recently; saving 2 MP's in the 5th set! His only losses have been to the other 'Big 4' and 1 zoned in Kei! It's not like he's losing in the 3rd Rd. after being up 2 sets to love and serving for it! When has that happened to him EVER at the USO? I don't even have to look it up! I'm quite confident Nole's upheld his ranking every tourney he plays; hence FINAL after FINAL this season going back to last fall! How much does he have to win for you to not even JOKE about such a thing in reference to this guy and future HOF'r?

    ***...Yeah I like Djoko's game, but when you lose so many finals at your "best/2nd best surface," what is it called then? Hell, Djoko won all Masters on clay (w/ so many RG finals) in Rafas X, but he lacks Cinci and is only 1:5 in USO finals? This evening Nole wouldn't stand a chance against) Feliciano/Tsonga (w/ their current form), not to mention Andy & Roger. Problem w/ "% grinders" (Nole, Rafa & Andy) is that when someone starts to hit deeper/stronger, they do not change anything in their game... in that situations it's all on opponents racket. ...Djoko will win this match on pure physical abilities, but w/ someone else who will be "in the zone" w/ oscillations like this... hardly!***

  66. ***B/c predicting that Novak will beat Nadal isn't nearly as stupid as predicting Nadal will win a CYGS. He ended up w/ 0 slams. Are you seriously equating these 2?***

    You're kidding right? There were people who saw Nadal having a CYGS? I suppose if they were true sycophants who believed in a pattern of good play; odd years being his best, maybe I can see them musing about a "good" year, but not great! Rafa's been precipitously falling health-wise, I just couldn't imagine him doing anymore than he is right now! He shot his LOAD in 2013 and that might be all she wrote! It looks as if Nole owns him now; even at the FO! I had all the confidence in the world he'd get past Rafa in the quarters! The only person that hasn't gotten a piece of him is Roger; and so far neither has been able to get to each other to find out! Maybe in the fall; we'll see w/ those Masters in Asia and Europe! W/ the way the old man has been rejuvenated, he really does have a chance of embarrassing Nadal; esp. w/ his new play of SABR!

    ***Foginin leads H2H against Rafa in '15, therefore Fognini > Nadal in 2015.***

    How soon they forget when Federer was anointed "The GOAT," his detractors brought up the H2H w/ Rafa to tear him down! Hyperbole and hypocrisy lives in tennis as always! lol!

    ***Yes, the irony is quite tasty. - I'm kind of curious to see who Rafa fans will pick as their new fave. Murray is an obvious candidate as he's most likely to protect some of Nadals records visa a vis Nole & Fed.

    Vilas was never the best player on tour. Now there's an argument that he shb #1 in '77, but even then he was really, at best, = to Connors and Borg, and only for that 1 year. Courier was actually #1 for a year, and in the top 3 for 3 yrs - but other than that his career wasn't great at all. And Kuerten? Great on clay, #1 for a year, but his peak was pretty short and his inability to go deep in non-clay Slams tarnishes his greatness. Both Courier and Kuerten also snuck in their year-end #1's btw the fall and rise of greater players. Similarly w/ Nastase.

    Murray has consistently been among the 4 best players in the game for 8 years now, going back to '08. In a way he's more similar to Vilas than he is to Kuerten or Courier in that his best years came alongside all-X greats. Poor Vilas was always behind Connors, Borg, and then McEnroe and Lendl. Poor Andy has had to deal w/ Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

    In fact, "near great" might be a more accurate term. "Lesser great" still means great, but none of these players - Nastase, Vilas, Courier, Kuerten, or Murray - were as dominant as the true greats. So for the Open Era I'd categorize the best players in the following groups:

    GOAT candidates: Borg, Sampras, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic
    Lesser Greats: Connors, McEnroe, Lendl, Wilander, Edberg, Becker, Agassi
    Near Greats: Nastase, Smith, Vilas, Courier, Kafelnikov, Kuerten, Safin, Hewitt, Murray

    Something like that. It really depends where you draw the line. If Stan wins another Slam he deserves to be in that 3rd category; he doesn't have the long-term consistency of Andy, so is in the next group down w/ the likes of Kriek, Bruguera, Rafter, Muster, Roddick, etc.***


  67. ***Ummm...Djokovic MAY get there, but that's assuming he remains injury free, wins #10 at the USO and can keep the young guns at bay for another 2-3 yrs when he'll be 30.

    Nadal was in the AO final in '14 and won the FO too. Who could have ever predicted he'd "lose it" so quickly after his wrist injury & append.? ...Nadal is 29 and can't even make it to the 1/4's of anything but the FO. The line btw greatness and mediocrity is very thin these days.

    ...Most of Rafa's wins over Federer were on clay and they were about even on other srufaces until '13. The fact that they didn't play more often on HC's and grass is on Rafa - not Roger. Roger was there for just about every semi or final. Rafa's the 1 who lost before the finals of non-clay tourneys. (I'm talking abt pre-Djoker)***

    For the most part the "Big 3" have delivered and gotten the most out of their ability and careers; on and off the court! Murray's definitely underachieved and has no excuse other than the others were just so much better! I personally think he should have won more; esp. against Federer who he started out the best record-wise! This is Nole's X and I hope he can continue and add to his record!

    ***Novak d. Rafa at Rome 2011. I remember this and Madrid as maybe Novak's 2 best performances of his career. His BH was incredible hitting into Rafa's FH.***

    IMO all 6 of those defeats of Rafa were incredible in 2011! He literally took ownership of Nadal for a X through 2012 AO final! He really put a dent in that lead Rafa had over both Fed and Nole and will probably pass them by in all records beside MAJORS; well maybe a chance at 14 if he takes this USO!

    ***Stunned. Just stunned. Serena has no business losing to Vinci on this stage @ the USO in the semis.***

    This took me back to Martina at the '84 AO when it was the last major of the season! Navratilova had won the last 6 majors going back to '83 Wimbledon! She was going for 7 in a row and her own CYGS when she was upset by Helena Sukova in the semi's after a 6-1 1st set; only to lose it in 3! Needless to say Helena lost the final to Evert routinely!

    The women needed this so much! If they had allowed "the old lady" to acquire a CYGS at her age, it wouldn't say much for them! The guys are still scratchin'; finally getting it done taking out Murray and Nadal this event! Nole and Roger are still in it, but at least they've proved to be overall best players this year!

    ***Did Serena self-destruct or did Vinci beat her? - In short, Serena's nerves finally overwhelmed her and Vinci played bravely given the circumstances.***

    Serena just commented in the "pressers" that Vinci "played out of her mind! She's 33 and just going for it!" She left very abruptly; was not happy! Vinci just played measured tennis; stayed within herself! She sliced and diced and got into the net! She really made Serena play and was able to hold her off after being down a break in the 3rd!

    ***Serena struggles at X's. It just happened at the wrong moment against the wrong opponent, closing it out at love. It was a stunning match really in every sense.***

    Vinci held her off! ANYONE else might have folded and given it back to Serena! It's been happening for years; esp. w/ AZA and 'Pova! You can give them 2 breaks and 40-15, 2 MP's and they'll find a way to lose that match! Ladies have been having serious trouble closing out Serena when on the ropes! Who would have thought a double's specialist w/b the 1 brave enough to actually "finish it?" She did Pam Shriver proud after her wins over Navratilova in '78 & '82 USO's!

    ***Yes, I agree w/ you. I was actually expecting it too to not being able to serve it out. What helped her I think is she is a seasoned veteran & she has been 5 X's GS doubles champion; so she could deal w/ the pressure.***

  68. ***...I completely thought Serena would pull it out. I did think she'd let the whole thing get to her. How could she not? She's been up and down in matches all year. Serena's still amazing. She's one of the greatest to ever play the game. (And no, if she had won this match and the USO, I wouldn't have automatically named her the GOAT. At this point, I'm so over comparing eras. And despite a lack of depth, what Martina and Chrissy did, the sheer amount of titles is unthinkable. It's amazing. They changed the game. They made Serena's career possible. It had to go through Steffi and Monica to make it possible too.

    ...I don't think I thought Serena couldn't come back until she was down 0-30 in the last game. When she failed to get the break back at the end of the 2nd, I was like, 'oh no.' Her tightness is only going to get worse. I still thought she'd win. But the signs were there even earlier. She broke to go up 2-0 and then let Vinci break back. She didn't get a break at 3-2. And when she failed to break down 4-3 w/ 2 BP's, I knew she was in trouble. ...At that point, Vinci's resolve was too great. Maybe I thought she could still find a way. But once it was 3 MP's, my shoulders slumped and I knew it was over. We have an all Italian final; Vinci & Pannetta (over Halep).***

    Rafter and Philippoussis; an all Aussie final comes to mind from 20+ yrs ago in Flushing! Did the Belgians, Henin and Clijster play a final or was that a semi? - Davenporte mused that this was the biggest upset in tennis history! Oh please; w/ my history, it's probably not in my top 5! Talk about hyperbole! Vinci is a champion; though it's more in doubles! She held her nerve and finished unlike pretenders like Sharapova, Halep, Wozniacki, and Azarenka!

    ***Panatta had a great year in 1976 beating Borg in the 1/4's of the FO and going on to win the final against Harold Solomon.***

    Panatta was that type of player who could upset the best clay courters in the history of the game! He had a big serve, nice FH, and great BH approaches to the net! Borg's 2 losses at the FO were to Adriano; the Soderling of his X I guess you could say! His other memorable match against Borg happened on that court 2 years later! The fans were actually throwing coins on the court to help Panatta! It didn't and Borg started his wins of the "Old World Triple" taking Rome, Paris, and Wimbledon in '78!

    ***Serena could have closed the door almost completely w/ a Slam, but now leaves it wide open for eternal debate.***

    Not IMO! Martina set the bar so high excelling in all events, winning 2 majors almost routinely! Like McEnroe, she could play and win w/ anyone! Neither Wms can say that since they normally only played together! Martina made plans to play w/ Graf twice; 1 USO & 1 Wimbledon! She was sabotaged each X by Steffi dropping out after the 3rd Rd. citing rest needed for the singles! 'Well duh;' was she that slow and dumb or was this on purpose? Navratilova's 59 majors in the OPEN era won't ever be surpassed IMO!

    ***I personally still rate Navratilova higher than Serena and Graf; but that's just me. - I was ready to give it to Serena. But she's at the top w/ Navratilova still now. Graf is not there b/c of the few freebies she got from the Seles incident. Navratilova's #'s and longevity are too incredible to ignore.***

  69. ***Fox News Anchor Roasted For Saying This about "Black Lives Matter" - One commentator of a liberal rag wrote “Isn’t there some way of making a news organization responsible for telling lies. These sort of statements are opinions but pure lies. There s/b some kind of legal consequences for them. They would like 'Black Lives Matter" be listed as a hate group. Why isn’t FOX News declared a HATE GROUP.”

    These same a-holes went apoplectic over Hillary referencing Rep. leadership and candidates in such a way; of course overblown by these whining bitches on the "right!" No one whines more than them; making up victimhood thinking it gains them approval! I have news for them, it just make them look pathetic! Politics is politics when they're perpetrating a fraud, but if it's done to them, they kvetch like no other woman in the history of the world! They're always looking for apologies, but aren't forthcoming w/ any when they're busted!

    ***Ummm....Hilliary Clinton is Not the topic of this thread....move on!***

    They can't help themselves! The relentlessness of their attacks only makes the masses yawn! The only ones who really care are the hateful "right" who wouldn't vote for a Clinton to save this planet from a meteor shower! They need that reaffirmation daily and will justify their narrow-mindedness w/ some BS rationale so it appears they aren't collectively insane! People have been after the Clintons w/ lies, innuendo, and exaggerations for well over 30 years! It's done little but embarrass them when they have to resort to such "high school" tactics!

    ***The Ex-Gov of TX is History. The country obviously doesn't want the Cowboy Jesus running things! Happy Trails to you, Rick Perry!!***

    Was there any doubt? Others to fall by the wayside in quick succession s/b Jindal, Pataki, Christi, Huckabee, Paul, and Rubio! They are truly wasting their X! Perry has trashed Texas and was looking to set the USA on fire I guess! Even we aren't that dumb; but not smart enough to keep someone like Trump from dominating a Presidential race this late in the game!

    ***You know he's the 1st indicted Presidential candidate...well was the 1st! LOL More hilarious news, Trump as a majority of support from Reps. They want the "dog and pony show!" You can't write comedy this funny!***

    It's funny how Reps are salivating over the possibilities of Hillary being indicted when there's a distinct chance that 2 or more of them w/b, if not already like Perry; including Walker & Christy!

    ***The Obama Admin. has gotten its veto-proof margin for the 5-nation 'nuke deal' w/ Iran - No war...but that's not a good thing for Reps as Bibi wants US to go to war (for them)***

    This was a colossal win for Obama and The Reps will have to create and cultivate a new way to try and embarrass the man and the country internationally! It has been mused by the MSM that he's had the most successfully 2nd term in decades! His major accomplishments have been ratified by the Supreme Court w/ the economy chugging along and unemployment heading under 5% before the year is out! This treaty is really the cherry on top since there were so many trying to undermine the deal!

  70. ***But I also saw where Serena said early in the fortnite that if she didn't win this, it wouldn't be the end of the world for her. She had completed her 2nd Serena-Slam and I guess that was a enough for her. I completely thought Serena would pull it out. And I didn't think it would even go 3. ...And despite a lack of depth, what Martina and Chrissy did, the sheer amount of titles, is unthinkable. It's amazing. And they changed the game. They made Serena's career possible. It had to go through Steffi and Monica to make it possible too. But the game doesn't become what it is today w/o Martina and Chrissy.

    Vinci kept fighting, even before she saw Serena get too tight. Then she recognized it and just kept going at it; reaped the rewards. ...At that point, Vinci's resolve was too great. Maybe I thought she could still find a way. But once it was 3 MP's, my shoulders slumped and I knew it was over. We have an all Italian final; Vinci & Pannetta (over Halep).***

    Rafter and Philippoussis; an all Aussie final comes to mind from 20+ yrs ago in Flushing! Did the Belgians, Henin and Clijster play a final or was that a semi? - Davenporte mused that this was the biggest upset in tennis history! Oh please; w/ my history, it's probably not in my top 5! Talk about hyperbole! Vinci is a champion; though it's more in doubles! She held her nerve and finished unlike pretenders like Sharapova, Halep, Wozniacki, and Azarenka!

    ***Panatta had a great year in 1976 beating Borg in the 1/4's of the FO and going on to win the final against Harold Solomon.***

    Panatta was that type of player who could upset the best clay courters in the history of the game! He had a big serve, nice FH, and great BH approaches to the net! Borg's 2 losses at the FO were to Adriano; the Soderling of his X I guess you could say! His other memorable match against Borg happened on that court 2 years later! The fans were actually throwing coins on the court to help Panatta! It didn't and Borg started his wins of the "Old World Triple" taking Rome, Paris, and Wimbledon in '78!

    ***Serena could have closed the door almost completely w/ a Slam, but now leaves it wide open for eternal debate.***

    Not IMO! Martina set the bar so high excelling in all events, winning 2 majors almost routinely! Like McEnroe, she could play and win w/ anyone! Neither Wms can say that since they normally only played together! Martina made plans to play w/ Graf twice; 1 USO & 1 Wimbledon! She was sabotaged each X by Steffi dropping out after the 3rd Rd. citing rest needed for the singles! 'Well duh;' was she that slow and dumb or was this on purpose? Navratilova's 59 majors in the OPEN era won't ever be surpassed IMO!

    ***I personally still rate Navratilova higher than Serena and Graf; but that's just me. - I was ready to give it to Serena. But she's at the top w/ Navratilova still now. Graf is not there b/c of the few freebies she got from the Seles incident. Navaratilova's #'s and longevity are too incredible to ignore.

    Can we compromise and say neither Fed or Nole needs another Slam?***

    Neither "needs" it, but Nole can use it more than Roger! Fed's had his X; this is Nole's! Unless he gets to 12, he'll only be a footnote after the historians finish raving about the rivalry of Federer and Nadal! I personally think he's done enough and will eclipse a few ATP records soon, but memories are fleeting and his record isn't 1/2 as gaudy as "The Big 2!" After all is said and done, I think Djokovic will be above .500 in his H2H record w/ rivals, setting a new record for Masters 1000 chp wins, and of course great seasons w/ multiple majors and few losses getting to final after final!

  71. ***Novak's Place Among the All-Time Greats:

    Congrats to Novak on his 10th Slam. Earlier this year I came up w/ a simple system to rank all-X greats. I looked at 2 factors: Year-end #1 and #2 rankings and Slam wins and runner's up. I gave points like so:

    Year-end #1 (lone): 3 pts
    Year-end #1 (shared): 2 pts
    Year-end #2: 1 pt

    Amateur win: 2 pts
    Pro win: 2 pts
    Open Era win: 3 pts
    runner-up (any): 1 pt

    It isn't a perfect system, but it is a nice, quick and dirty way to rank the all-X greats. Anyhow, before the year Novak had 38 points and was tied w/ Andre Agassi at #13. Now that he's won 3 Slams, w/ 1 Runner-up and has secured the year-end #1, he has accrued 13 more pts and has 51, which makes him jump past not only Agassi, but McEnroe, Budge, Borg, Connors, & Lendl to #8. Yup, that's right. In this ranking system, Novak is the 8th greatest player of all X and clearly he isn't done yet. Here are the top 15:

    1. Federer 81
    2. Rosewall 78
    3. Laver 75
    4t. Sampras 65
    4t. Gonzales 65
    6. Nadal 62
    7. Tilden 60
    8. Djokovic 51
    9. Lendl 49
    10t. Connors 47
    10t. Borg 47
    12. Budge 41
    13. McEnroe 39
    14. Agassi 38
    15. Perry 37

    So here's the thing. With another yr like this 1, he'll jump past Tilden and...Rafa Nadal. Now of course that assumes that Rafa has another "nothing" year in 2016, and it also assumes that Novak can equal this, his 2nd career year. But I think even if he comes back to Earth a bit next year (likely) and wins "only" 2 Slams and 1 runner-up, to go along w/ another year-end #1 ranking, he would finish with 61 points - just behind Rafa. Even if Rafa wins a Slam and gets 3-5 more points, Novak will be closing fast.

    Novak also has a very good chance of passing Gonzales and Sampras. Depending upon how he ages, he'll probably finish somewhere in the upper 60s to mid-70s. I don't think he can catch Roger, even if Roger never wins another Slam (which doesn't seem likely at this point), but he might gain several more points and finish in the mid-80s - a tall order for Novak to reach, given that he's 28. But he very well could finish his career among the 4 greatest least according to this system. So yeah, Novak is pretty good.***

    I just can't get over this "GOLDEN AGE" of tennis w/ these great players dominating the majors and Masters 1000 events! We had anointed Sampras as the GOAT even w/o a FO final on his resume, but had acquired 14 GS titles; leading the way for the men! That all changed less than 10 years ago w/ ascension of Federer, Nadal, & Djokovic! They have each reached double digits and are still playing! They've won 3 majors in a season; Roger 3 X's, Nole twice, and Nadal in '13! They all lead the way in Masters 1000 titles and own most if not ALL of the records involving them! After all is said and done, it looks as if Federer will hold on as the GOAT for the foreseeable future w/ 17 GS titles! After Nole reaching 10 w/ this USO title, #2 on the list is up for grabs needing to pass Nadal & Sampras at 14 each! It's doable! We'll see! What a X to be a fan!

  72. ***Huh...Didn't Cons say Raising Minimum Wage Kills Jobs? - GOP: "Obamacare madate unconstitiutional!"

    Obama: "Suck it!"
    GOP: "We will shut down the gov't."
    Obama: "Suck it!"
    GOP: "We will win in '12."
    Obama: "Suck it!"
    GOP: "We will repeal and replace."
    Obama: "Suck it!"
    GOP: "We will stop the Iran deal."
    Obama: "Suck it!"

    LOL.... Don't you guys EVER get tired of LOSING? But lets get back on min wage.

    I THINK .... IF you ask me... the GOP should hold frim on this one. No one really wants a min. wage hike.

    Please GOP remain a strong and brave people..... "HOLD FAST."***

    If the Reps had given even the smallest of breaks to Obama in his 1st term, things w/b running a whole lot better! The Cons were so disgusted that he had even won, they were in little to no mood to compromise on the color of the sky! They proved how petty they c/b; even to the detriment of the country w/ gov't shutdowns, absolutely refusing to pass a legitimate budget; subsisting on "CR's" for the last 6+ yrs! When Pelosi and Reed were in charge, crap like this didn't occur! Funny how both Boehner and McConnell promised how well Congress would work under their leadership and nothing's been accomplished! Boehner can't count votes so he's being upstaged by a handful of T-baggers nipping at his heels! McConnell might wrangle a deal, only to see it die in the House again and again! Net approval on both sides of Congress is in the toilet!

    ***Here's When Economists Expect to See the Next U.S. Recession! -...Liberal fiends? Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't a Conservative running things in the last GREAT RECESSION? LOL***

    Luckily, even w/ Gerrymandering of local districts, Nationally the country is safe from "conservative" stewardship of 1600 PA! They will continue to shoot each other in the fuk'n head and we shouldn't have too much to worry about! They can't and don't even run things as their platform was written X and X again! They talk about Hillary being untrustworthy; what have they done to relish being in the catbird seat? Since Congress has fallen into the hands of Boehner and McConnell, nothing's gotten done! Obama's triumphs are being ratified by the SC and so far he hasn't had to veto anything recently! So far so good in this 2nd term! The "right" can't stand it!

    ***Those that know the history of U.S. economics know that:

    - the boom / bust cycle has been w/ us from the start.

    - The depression of the 1920's we call "the great depression" is reported to be not the most severe in our nation's history.

    - Not only are these boom / bust cycles common over the centuries; they're fairly predictable. And the recovery X also fairly predictable, proportional to the severity of the transition.

    - Gov't has some limited control to modulate these undulations. How?

    Congress controls fiscal policy by proportioning taxes to spending.
    The Fed controls monetary policy by tinkering w/ interest rates.

    In addition there are 3 ways to shorten an economic recovery:
    - Economic stimulus (Keynesian economics)
    - Monetary stimulus (lowering interest rates)
    - Increasing trade***

  73. ***Are you 1 of those guys who think Fed should've retired after Wimbledon '12 to protect the H2H's?***

    Not to protect his H2H's, but his legacy of winning in general! It's been 3 yrs since a Major win! Roger's barely been holding on, subsisting on consistent results and sometimes showing moments of brilliance, but he's not gotten any closer w/ "SABR!" Five sets is 5 sets; will only get away w/ slashin' and dashin' for so long! I encourage it; esp. keeping points shorter, but Father X's creakin'! Sooner or later it's gonna go horribly wrong, and I'd hate to see that happen!

    ***You are right. Djokovic's level is bound to decline after this year, but he s/b fine til next yr. After that, he will have same problem as all the aged players have - being unable to maintain focus throughout the whole match or tourney. It's just something natural and it doesn't matter how great you are, it will hit you.***

    It's gonna take X and these new guys will have to become a lot more resilient! So far they're about as weak as balsa wood! How many seasons has any of the new bloods stayed on court more than a few months; if that? Kei, Raonic, and all the rest are nursing their own injuries! Nole has that added sweetener of being rather flexible! He avoids more serious problems and has been the most consistent getting out there and winning over the last 5 yrs!

    ***1. Nole didn't play well, but toughed out his 2nd USO title. Fed couldn't covert all those BP's. ...Nole accepted his gift and didn't do anything particular. I agreed the match was on Fed's racket, different from Wimbledon of last 2 years.

    2. Fed is still in great position to get #18. Yes, he played poorly, but only to Nole, who's dominating the rest of field. He can dispatch Murray/Stan much easier. If Murray/Stan land in Nole's 1/2, they will bring stiff competition, at the very least, wear him out. Nole had favor of draw, didn't play tough semi and came out fresh against Fed. W/o Nole at the final, Fed would have trophies of IW, ROME, WIMBLEDON, USO, plus Cinci now; any difference from 10 yrs ago?

    3. Congrats to Nole. This is truely BIG 3 era. Each of them has 10+ majors and 20+ Masters. Unbelievable to witness each of them crossing bar in the last 10 yrs. Nole's still not in Fedal league, but he can write his own history by:

    i) 30+ Masters. Very likely
    ii) Nole slam. Very probable. I have a strange feeling that Nole's dominance in Majors in descending order, w/ AO best and his USO worst.

    Murray w/b having a good season if his name was Grigor Dimitrov. But his name is Andy Murray. - To be fair in Andy's career, '12 and '13 were more anomalies than the norm. Not saying he s/b pumped w/ his result, but only 2 of 8 or so years in the top 10 did he win a Slam....The only thing that he should blame himself for is that he went walkabout in the AO final after he managed to stay even w/ Novak for such a long X. Not saying that he would have won, but it was a 50/50 match up until that point.

    AO final, 1st title on clay, Madrid, Montreal, a win over Nole, back up to #2~3 ranking, etc. It's hard not to be very happy w/ this season so far. And he still has a chance for DC and there are 2 Masters & the WTF to play. Murray may have missed out on a Slam this year, but he still has 3 or 4 yrs at least at the top so he has plenty of X. Being included in the "Big 4" has its price. People expect more from you. But 2 Slams, 11 Masters titles, an Olympic Gold Medal, 30+ tour titles and 10 GS finals is an awfully good career. If Murray had been born 15 years earlier. ...Sure he throws the F bombs around, but he's not sledging anybody. He doesn't abuse ball kids, demand umpires to be removed from his matches, and force us to watch him scratch his butt before every point.***

  74. ***Tommy Haas, I thought he would have won a Slam, until that initial injury to his shoulder when he was #2 in the world.***

    Over the years, there have been plenty of guys w/ the ability to win a major; ...someone better stopping them like this most consistent of "Big 4" in memory! One way to gain that major is to actually beat the best players; done by Stich in '91 outplaying both Edberg and Becker at Wimbledon! Another impressive 1 was Orantes in '75 USO; coming back to beat Vilas in 5 late night, then blitzed Connors in the final! There are the upsets along the way that help out where you only have to play a subpar player in the final like Krajicek in '96 at Wimbledon! He beat Sampras along the way, but the final was anti-climatic after Mal Washington overcame a huge deficit to Todd Martin in the semis! Delpo at USO and Murray at Wimbledon taking out the top players seeded at the X! So far no odd GS winners like Korda or Johansson at AO!

    ***Federer always plays so well in the semi-finals (against Murray & Wawrinka for ex.). He reaches the finals... Then collapses.

    RF did not collapse in Cincy a few wks back. If anyone collapsed in that final, it was Novak.***

    Nole hadn't played that well since Wimbledon! He was getting into very tight matches along the way before making those 2 Masters' finals! Best 3 of 5 is a whole nother animal over a Masters' best of 3! Roger needed to win that 1st set to have any chance against Nole! Going all out again and again to win the 2nd only shows the desperation which gives me confidence Nole will win in the end, even if it takes 5 sets; normally it's 4!

    ***Nobody serious would claim that Federer is GOAT. It's like saying that Rocky Marciano is GOAT due to his #'s (49:0). 10:23 also kills him; if it was 18:23, fine, but 10:23 is too much. You can't be GOAT if you have a boogie player that you can't find solution against. Great player, one of the best ever, but not a GOAT.***

    I've been saying Fed's the "real" GOAT even though he has 1 and soon to be 2 players who put him underwater in the H2H record! W/ Nole you can probably give Fed some slack due to the age discrepancy, but w/ Rafa, meh! I never gave too much weight to Nadal's dominance on clay; esp. w/ his many avenues of "gamesmanship," but those grass-court final losses over the last several years have to be on Roger & Roger alone! He's handled Murray for the most part, but successive losses to Nole & Rafa over the last several years begins and ends w/ him!

    Hard to believe a decade ago, most would say Sampras was the GOAT; even w/o a FO final! He was totally getting a pass until Federer came along and routinely won 3 majors a season, losing the FO final several X's to his nemesis Nadal! I was sorta disgusted when he played out of his mind to upset Nole in the semis in 2011 only to go down in flames w/ barely a whimper in the final! For the X being, Fed's the GOAT IMO w/ 17 majors! Not sure how Rafa can come back w/ any real consistency unless he goes back on "the juice!" Nole waited too long, but has gotten closer w/ 10 after winning this past USO! He can only win so many in the next several years w/ this crop of new bloods; though brittle physically! I give Nole 2 in '16, 2 in '17, & 1 in '18! Anything after that is gravy, but feel he'll come up short of Roger's 17 majors w/ all kinds of chances to equal Nadal and Sampras @ 14!

    ***...And Federer leads the slam count out of the men while Serena doesn't among the women.***

    I'm of a mind that it doesn't matter how many Serena finally winds up w/; Martina's still the GOAT w/ her 59 "OPEN" majors! She could play and win w/ anyone and probably sacrificed some singles success due to the late hours and draining double's matches! She routinely won 2 majors at each event it seemed for a while and finally won all 3 at '87 USO! She has the "Box Set" as well unlike others that will remain nameless!

  75. ***...Back to Novak, even after he drops a notch he really could continue winning a Slam or 2 into his 30s considering the field. I see him winning many more Slams post-28 than Roger did (only 2 so far). Roger's Slam titles dropped off so precipitously b/c 2 things happened: his slight decline from 2007-09 continued so that he reached a lower plateau in '10, and during that X Rafa began his peak phase and Novak and Andy est. themselves as elite players. Even if Novak drops a bit in '16 and going forward, if he can maintain a high level he can really rack up some Slams b/c there are no equivalent young elites coming up. Where Roger had Rafa, Novak and Andy, Novak has Kei, Milos, and Grigor. That's what I meant by Novak having it comparatively easy in his late 20s than Roger had it during the same period of X. I could see Novak winning 6-8 Slams over the next 3 yrs. But of course it is probably unlikely that we won't at least see some surprises.

    There are few other aspects of Novak to consider:

    YE #1: This was achieved only 5 X's by Roger and 3 X's by Rafa. Of course, Pete has 6.
    - This year is Novak's 4th year ending #1. He is a shoe-in for '16 and an almost shoe-in for '17.
    So, it looks like Novak can surpass Fed and equal Pete (though not in cons. yrs) in this regard.

    - Weeks at #1: This may be more difficult. He current has 164 wks at #1. Add 16 more wks to that as he is guaranteed to be #1 until next season starts and then it becomes 180. If he can remain #1 for 2 more years, which is difficult but not impossible, it becomes 290 and then he is very close to Roger.

    - # of WTF/YEC titles? Again here he is dangerously close to Roger and might reach and/or surpass him. Roger has 6 and Novak has 4 right now. If we give '15 & '16 WTF titles to Novak (which is not far fetched), he would already equal Roger.

    - GS? This is the 1 mostly talked about in the other thread. It looks like if Rafa remains static, Novak will surely reach him at the very least; even w/ a cons. est. of 2 slams in '16, 1 more in '17, and 1 more sometime before his career ends.

    As "awful" as Rafa has been, he's still #7 in the rankings and has a chance of finishing as high as #5. Clearly that isn't up to his own standards, but if he can make some adjustments then I don't see why he can't return to the #2-4 range. Unless, of course, the physical erosion is so great that he truly is in a downward spiral. To put it another way, while I don't think we'll ever see '13 Rafa, we might see something better than '15 Rafa.

    While he could go up to #2-4, he could also go even lower. X will tell in which direction he will go. I can see him replacing David Ferrer, being a collector of the smaller clay events (250 and 500) w/ the occasional Master finals and Slam SF. As we saw, that was enough for David to maintain a top 8 position up to 32 years. However David was a very good distance runner. That's where I'm curious how Rafa will be going forward in comparison to David. How well his running ability will held up. This year I saw not 1 instance that fatigue played a factor.***


    2011: 6 wins

    Berdych [6] QF 6–1, 7–6(7–5), 6–1
    Federer [2] SF 7–6(7–3), 7–5, 6–4
    Murray [5] F 6–4, 6–2, 6–3

    Nadal [1] F 6–4, 6–1, 1–6, 6–3

    Federer [3] SF 6–7(7–9), 4–6, 6–3, 6–2, 7–5
    Nadal [2] F 6–2, 6–4, 6–7(3–7), 6–1

    2012: 7 wins

    Ferrer [5] QF 6–4, 7–6(7–4), 6–1
    Murray [4] SF 6–3, 3–6, 6–7(4–7), 6–1, 7–5
    Nadal [2] F 5–7, 6–4, 6–2, 6–7(5–7), 7–5

    Tsonga [5] QF 6–1, 5–7, 5–7, 7–6(8–6) 6–1
    Federer [3] SF 6–4, 7–5, 6–3

    del Potro [8] QF 6–2, 7–6(7–3), 6–42–6,
    Ferrer [5] SF 6–1, 6–4, 6–2

    2013: 6 wins

    Berdych [6] QF 6–1, 4–6, 6–1, 6–4
    Ferrer [5] SF 6–2, 6–2, 6–1
    Murray [3] F 6–7(2–7), 7–6(7–3), 6–3, 6–2

    Berdych [6] QF 7–6(7–5), 6–4, 6–3
    del Potro [8] SF 7–5, 4–6, 7–6(7–2), 6–7(6–8), 6–3

    Wawrinka [10] SF 2–6, 7–6(7–4), 3–6, 6–3, 6–4

    2014: 3 wins

    Raonic [9] QF 7–5, 7–6(7–5), 6–4

    Federer [4] F 6–7(7–9), 6–4, 7–6(7–4), 5–7, 6–4

    Murray [9] QF 7–6(7–1), 6–7(1–7), 6–2, 6–4

    2015: 9 wins

    Raonic [8] QF 7–6(7–5), 6–4, 6–2
    Wawrinka [4] SF 7–6(7–1), 3–6, 6–4, 4–6, 6–0
    Murray [6]F 7–6(7–5), 6–7(4–7), 6–3, 6–0

    Nadal [7] QF 7–5, 6–3, 6–1
    Murray [3] SF 6–3, 6–3, 5–7, 5–7, 6–1

    Cilic [9] QF 6–4, 6–4, 6–4
    Federer [2] F 7–6(7–1), 6–7(10–12), 6–4, 6–3

    Cilic [9] SF 6–0, 6–1, 6–2
    Federer [2] F 6–4, 5–7, 6–4, 6–4

    I think it's now very clear that Djokovic's peak level is comparable to Federer's at his peak, w/ 2011 proving to be no fluke. Nole may end up beating as many top-10 players as Federer by the X it's all done. Both Federer and Djokovic have achieved years where they beat top-10 opposition 9 X's in the Slams. Djokovic has a chance this year to maybe achieve 30+ wins against top-ten players in 2015.

    Djokovic is very dominant this year, as Federer was in his best years. He c/b dominant next year too. Who would bet against him being a contender once again at all 4 majors? He's in his pomp. I maintain that 2015 Djokovic is the peak version of Djokovic I'd choose to enter some mythical GOAT chps.

    Djokovic H2H records:

    Nadal: 21-23
    Federer: 21-21
    Murray: 19-9
    Wawrinka: 18-4
    Berdych: 19-2
    Ferrer: 15-5
    CIlic: 14-0
    Tsonga: 13-6
    Del Potro: 11-3

    How do you dare call Djokovic a 1-year wonder?***

  77. ***After Novak's 2011 run, I thought he would for sure pocket 2 Slams a year, but you know how that went down. But this X around, I'm more convinced that he can do just that: at least 2 Slams a year for the next 2 years. I think it is more spectacular to have 2 seasons w/ 3 Slams than, let's say, 3 seasons w/ 2. 3+ is much more difficult to achieve. That's why Fed and Djoko are the only ones who've done it more than once.
    - -

    In the men’s game, though, whether you place greater weight on peaks or consistency makes a huge difference. Djokovic is playing at a level virtually unseen in the sport, topping even Federer’s best years a decade ago. But Federer is nearly as good now as he was then, and has been improving over the last 2 years, giving him unprecedented levels of career value.

    From 2004-'07, Federer won 11 GS titles. Djokovic’s best 4-yr stretch, from 2011-'14, brought him just 6. How's Djokovic’s peak higher than Federer’s? And what about all the guys other than Federer who have more majors than Djokovic? Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras have 14. Bjorn Borg has 11. Djokovic has just 10.

    In his prime, Federer had to beat some great players, including a young Djokovic and Nadal and an older Andre Agassi. But the challenge Djokovic has overcome is more formidable. Since his rise to #1 in the official rankings and in our Elo rankings in '11, he has competed w/ Nadal and Andy Murray in their primes, and a still-dangerous Federer.

    That competition has helped bring Djokovic today to the highest peak of anyone in our data set, edging just ahead of Borg and Federer. Djokovic peaked following his semifinal win at this year’s FO, reaching 1/10 of a point higher than Borg reached after his semifinal win at the 1980 U.S. Open. (They both lost the subsequent final.) Djokovic is still within striking distance of that high now. The chart also shows how closely matched he, Federer, Nadal and Murray were in 2010. They were truly a Big Four then, and there was no telling who w/b the biggest of them in the subsequent few years. It turned out to be Djokovic.

    But who is the GOAT? ...No matter which threshold we chose, and no matter whether we rated players by match, set or game, Federer reigned as the GAG GOAT. His current success is just running up the score. Then again, Djokovic and Nadal already rank high and are more than 5 years younger than Federer. If they can do what he’s doing at 34, his claim to best ever might have to fall back to the simple count of major titles. If you set replacement value at a typical top-2 player, and Djokovic maintains his high level, there’s a chance he’ll catch Federer in the next 2 yrs. Nadal, though, would have to reverse his recent decline to compete.

    Massive win for the Djoker. The USO was a kind of cursed Slam for him having lost in 4 finals there already. S/b good practice for turning around the curse of the FO. I'm liking his chances to complete the career Slam next year. - Career Ranking Points:

    Djokovic has now earned 11,140 ranking points in his career at the US Open, making it his 2nd most successful GS behind the AO by just 140 points. The USO is now the 3rd major where Djokovic has earned over 10,000 ranking points, making the Serb and Federer the only players to do so at more than 2 events.

    In the final, Djokovic surpassed Federer in avg. pts earned per GS.

    Avg. pts per GS
    1. Bjorn Borg 1148
    2. Rafael Nadal 949
    3. Novak Djokovic 904
    4. Roger Federer 890
    5. Rod Laver 851***

  78. ***In total points earned, Djokovic has parked himself w/i striking distance of a whole pack of players just barely ahead of him. In fact, Djokovic could potentially move all the way up to #2 by reaching the final at the AO.

    Career pts earned at GS
    1. Roger Federer 58,795
    2. Rafael Nadal 40,835
    3. Jimmy Connors 40,480
    4. Pete Sampras 40,385
    5. Ivan Lendl 39,890
    6. Novak Djokovic 39,790
    7. Andre Agassi 37,675

    Nadal's lead on Djokovic is 1045, so if Rafa reaches the 4th rd or better, NOLE will have to win the title to pass the Spaniard. If Nadal reaches the final, he will prolong his stay at #2, which he earned at RG this year.

    Record against rivals - NOLE had 2 wins over top 10 ranked opponents in his run to the title. He now is 21-4 against top 10 opponents in '15 & 148-79 in his career. Those 148 wins are the 2nd most in tennis history behind only Federer.

    Against the Big Four, Djokovic has tied Nadal for the most wins w/i the 4-way rivalry.

    Wins against Big 4 (overall record)
    1. Novak Djokovic 61(61-53)
    1. Rafael Nadal 61 (61-37)
    3. Roger Federer 45 (45-55)
    4. Andy Murray 20 (20-33)

    Grand Slams - 10 GS titles now belong to Djokovic - 5 AO's, 3 Wimbledons, and 2 US Opens. He joins, Federer, Nadal, Sampras, Lendl, & Stefan Edberg as the only players w/ multiple slams at 3 different majors.

    Grand Slam titles (Open Era)
    1. Roger Federer 17
    2. Pete Sampras 14
    2. Rafael Nadal 14
    4. Bjorn Borg 11
    5. Novak Djokovic 10

    Before taking the title in NY, Djokovic also won Wimbledon, making it the 3rd X that Djokovic had won cons. GS titles in his career. In the majors this year, Djokovic went 27-1, which equals the best record by a player in majors since Rod Laver won the GS in '69. Federer was the other player to go 27-1, doing so in '06.

    GOAT debate - Djokovic now holds many of his own records. The peak he has reached in 2015 is the highest peak ever reached by a player. He has won 4 of the 1st 7 1000 events played so far this year and reached the final of all 6 that he has played in, while winning 3 of the majors and all 4 major finals.

    Other than Fed though, nobody else is putting up #'s that are out of reach, except perhaps the incredible mark by Borg of 1148 ranking points earned per major. On the GOAT rankings, Federer may be out of reach for Djokovic right now, but everybody else is at risk of dropping behind Djokovic in the coming years. Ultimately, what we saw in the 2015 USO final were 2 of the sports all-X greats if not the 2 all-X greatest fighting for the most important trophy left in the 2015 season. Only X will tell how far Djokovic can climb the GOAT list.***

  79. ***Djokovic is widely considered to be 1 of the greatest returners in the history of the sport, an accolade given to him even by Agassi. Though staying clear of best ever conversations, tennis coach Nick Bollettieri has continually been praising Djokovic:

    “When you look at match players in the history of tennis, I don’t believe that anybody can equal everything on the court that Djokovic does. I don’t think you can find a weakness in his game. His movement, personality, his return of serve, his serve, excellent touch, not hesitant in coming to the net, great serve. Over all, almost every player has a downfall; to me he doesn’t have one. He’s perhaps the best put-together player that I’ve seen over 60 yrs.”

    Tennis pundits have classified many of Nole's matches as some of the greatest contests ever, w/ the '12 AO final being considered the greatest match ever seen, as a testament to his greatness as a tennis player. Some longtime analysts claim that the Djokovic-Nadal rivalry ranks as the best rivalry in tennis history primarily b/c of the quality of matches they produce.***

    I've seen them come and go for well over 40 yrs! Someone can have a CY and you never hear from them again; Soderling & Del PO at the top of the list! Then you have this current crop like Dimitrov, Simon, Dopo, and so many others that can contest for a Master for a few months, then totally forget how to play the game after that! This 'BIG 4' have staved off many challenges w/ little sweat; almost always making SF and F until recently! Now it's more about the 'BIG 2' w/ a semi-challenge going on w/ Murray & Federer! So far Murray's results may be better, but H2H Roger has embarrassed him w/o losing a set! How do you do that; esp. against a relatively OLD MAN? Right now it's all about Nole; w/ a lock on #1 in the foreseeable future!

    ***...Soderling and Delpo are top of the list 'cos the former had to quit playing due to mono and the latter is injured non-stop.

    Careful now when you talk about people racking up Slams while not beating great players in their prime. How many of Novak and Rafa's Slams have been against opponents well past their prime or opponents who weren't even great in the 1st place?***

    Who's had it tougher than Nole w/ Roger and Rafa getting "all the love" while he was the perennial #3 for a while until "breaking though" in '11? He only had 1 lower level player in Tsonga back in '08 final at AO! Since then he's had to deal w/ the other Big 4 in Murray, Federer, and Nadal! Fedal have had plenty of walkover competition in major finals; Ferrer, Roddick, Berdych, an aging Agassi, and others too numerous to name OTTH! Nole came of age, got his head on right, has a great team and work ethic, and he's finally reaping the benefits of that hard work! I give him all due credit and praise for what he's been able to accomplish w/ "most of the cheers" going to his rivals! I guess I love an underdog! I see so many parallels w/ Ivan Lendl when he had to compete against Borg, Connors, Agassi, Becker, Wilander, Edberg, & McEnroe; never got his due no matter how much he won!

    ***Fiero, I'm not disputing Novak is playing great. Roger has been past his prime for years and his post was about Roger racking up Slams against no great players in their primes. You can say that about this era or in fact any era 'cos it'll never be the case that all the great players are the same age.
    ---'s very true that Roger banged out over 12 Slams w/o beating a single great player in their prime. - Was Roger in his prime in '05, '06, '07, '08? Rafa beat him in all those years, and in '09 Roger won 2 Slams, and reached a further 2 finals; Rafa beat him in Oz. Nole beat Rafa in '11 & Oz in '12, then Rafa beat Nole in Paris in '12, and then beat the world #1 on HC's at the USO.***

  80. ***Roger's coaching team is planning on evolving Roger's game further. In particular, he mentioned Roger can certainly improve his net play. Actually, w/ innovations such as SABR and his overall game becoming more aggressive, he always has a chance.***

    I've been saying for yrs he had to do just "this!" He isn't going to take out Nole from the baseline! He has to attack as he does on faster surfaces like Dubai and Cincy!

    ***He is indeed coming to the net more often since Edberg came on board. However, his execution at the net is not as good as it c/b.

    He's had 3 legitimate chances now, and he's been outplayed in all of them (twice by Djokovic, once by Cilic) despite valiant physical and mental efforts. In some sense it's been the same problem for a very long X, really since '08 when he was no longer the best athlete or 1 of the best athletes in tennis.

    Tennis was always a young man's game for these reasons and even the greatest tennis talent the world has ever seen can't stop "Father X" or make up for rather large athletic deficits. I think the draw would have t/b very favorable to him for a chance to win another, but even then, I don't think he has the peak level to beat either an 'in form' Djokovic/Murray/Nadal or even an 'in form' player riding a hotstreak like Wawrinka or Berdych.

    Roger can definitely beat Murray and has already done so w/ quite a statement in Wimbledon this year. It'd be much more difficult at the AO and possibly even RG to beat Murray now that he's getting better on clay, but at the USO and Wimbledon my money w/b on Federer beating Murray > than 60% of the X. Nole's clearly the toughest ask for Roger these days, but a lot of it seems to be something of a mental block. Sure Novak's ROS is unreal, but there were plenty of X's in these 3 losses to Novak where it most definitely wasn't all down to ROS and just sloppy play from Roger that made the difference. ...We've said he needs to work on his FH. A few less sloppy netted HD's at inopportune moments may have been the difference btw Roger being 4/23 on break points in the USO final versus say 10-12 for BP's.

    ...Sure Roger doesn't move nearly as well as he used to, but I'd still say he is well above average overall. Certainly he moves better than the likes of Stan and Cilic who have won 3 of the past 8 Slams. Stamina is a big issue and was part of the reason the Wimbledon final turned real ugly this year. Against the elite players Roger has to get it done in 3 or 4 and b/c of that, he pretty much needs to win the 1st set or it's probably over.

    ...I think a big factor in the last 2 finals is that the moment clearly got to Roger. The way Roger played at USO final would've probably gotten by anyone but Novak, but the way he played the Wimbledon final he would've been beaten by Murray (who he destroyed in the semis) and a host of others. So even if Nole is knocked out, I still wonder if Roger can truly get past the nerves in a Slam final again?

    If Roger catches Murray in a final, I am betting on him, at least for the coming year.***

  81. ***Comparing Roger's '06 w/ Novak's current run:

    Roger's Jan '06 - Dec '06:
    Wins 3 of the 4 Slams, final of the other
    Wins WTF
    4 Masters wins, 2 finals, 1 2nd Rd, 2 absences.

    Novak since Nov '14:
    Wins 3 of the 4 Slams, final of the other
    Wins WTF
    5 Masters wins, 2 finals, 1 absence.

    So actually, regardless of what happens in Shanghai, is Novak's Nov '14 - Oct '15 the most consistently dominant 12 months ever?***

    In a word "yes!"

    ***We can break this down into individual factors that matter w/ Roger:

    1. Only Wimby or USO. The other 2, AO and RG are much longer shots. He hasn't made a final in 5 yrs.

    2. Not getting upset early to a lower ranked player: has happened at all Slams. Seppi, Gulbis, Stakhovsky, Robredo.

    3. Not losing to a big hitter such as Berdych, Tsonga and maybe a few other players that 'get hot.'

    4. Not losing to Nadal IF he has to play him. He may not play Nadal, but if he does, I think Rafa walks into the match as the fave irrespective of his form. It's been 8 yrs since Roger beat Rafa in a major.

    5. Not facing Nole in the Final. Given the past 3 major finals btw them, Novak will walk into the match w/ too much confidence in addition to his peak game.

    6. 1st serve %. This used to bail him out when he was in trouble. But now, it inevitably drops in major finals.

    7. Not getting nervous, throwing BP's and big pts away. It is not as if Roger hasn't played well enough to win a slam. Of course he has; thrice in the past 2 years.

    8. Not sticking to an attacking game in finals. Although Roger has been able to transition to a much more attacking game plan w/ more/better net approaches, he has a tendency to revert back to baseline rallies in major finals. Again, it c/b nervousness and confidence issues. But he cannot outplay the top players from the baseline.

    9. FH unforced errors neutralizing the rest of his game. This is again something that happens w/ disturbing frequency on big points and BP's in major finals.

    10. 5 setters and stamina. A strong opponent in the final walks in knowing Fed's poor 5th set record in finals and his possible stamina issues in the 5th.

    11. Roger's waning 'opportunistic instincts.' When we look at RG '09 & Wimbledon '09, it can be argued that he "should not" have won them. Twice he came close to losing in RG '09. Roddick "should" have won the Wimbledon '09 final. But Roger rose to the occasion multiple X's when he needed it most.

    12. His laid back approach. When he's playing well enough to make it to the final, Roger doesn't seem to take a step back before the final and consider all the possibilities long and hard. Even a clear knowledge of what went wrong in previous finals can prevent some mistakes. This also provides more confidence to the opponent b/c he knows the Roger will not systematically tailor his tactics to his weaknesses.

    Many if not most of the above factors must swing the right way for Roger to win a major. What are the chances?***

    ...I guess you can say thinking about it that Roger's "been done" since '08 when Nadal took ownership of the tour! Roger's played a few finals and goes years w/o a real sniff; '12 being his last great year w/ Wimbledon, taking #1 ranking back, and winning Silver in the Olympics! It's been only cosmetic IMO ever since! He's won some Masters, but when it comes to actually finishing in major finals, he's come up short again and again! We shouldn't be surprised w/ all of us hoping someone will donate a GS his way and I just can't see it happening! The competition has been ferocious even though I've been calling them gutless for years coming up short until recently! I think we'll know all by the AO how well a season all of the BIG 4 will be having, but Nole's KING for now!

  82. ***I don't agree that Roger's losses have to do w/ the mental aspect. For me, it's a level of play issue 1st and foremost. In all those finals and semis where he's had a chance but lost, he's been outplayed in all of them pretty much from the beginning to the end. I'd say on the contrary that he managed to stay in them, despite being outgunned and made the matches much closer than they would normally be. I'd contrast that w/ say, the AO2009 which was more of a gameplan/mental issue (there Roger was outgunning Nadal, but eventually lost b/c he got tight).

    When I say athleticism, I mean the combination of size/stamina/speed/explosion/strength. Cilic and Wawrinka are much stronger, more explosive players w/ more stamina/recovery than Roger and are thus better athletes at this stage of their careers, even if Roger still has a step on them in the movement department. Roger isn't winning baseline wars, precisely for this reason.

    Not to start a competition war, but I will bite, how is Nole's current competition much better than Roger's in 2006? Note that Roger had Rafa near his best on clay. Right now Nole has a fairly washed up Roger, a badly faltering (perhaps washed up Rafa) and then just Murray.***

    As much as I call the rest of the tour GUTLESS, they're a lot better than that; PLEASE! Berdych, Ferrer, Cilic, Wawrinka, Kei, Raonic, Dimitrov, Simon, and so many more are quite competitive and can take any of the Big 4 out these days! Nole's had to dig himself out of holes many a X of late; DOPO just last month in Cincy!

    ***In a word--No. Federer was more dominant, lost fewer matches and lost fewer sets.***

    Federer was more dominant and lost fewer sets in his "day!" His style of player hypnotized his opposition and he floated through many a tourney w/o much fuss! Nole is dominating in his own way; taking his 1st 4 Masters of the season and surviving tough wins at Wimbledon and the USO! I still SMH over seeing the dominance of these 3 players routinely taking 3 of 4 majors, but Nole's had that little extra w/ his dominance in the fall going into the WTF! His run the last several years is unprecedented w/o even checking the record! Most top players are so drained that they're lucky to win more than a couple YEC's, but to also take the Masters events leading up to it can't of been done as routinely as Djokovic these last several years!

    ***Tennis Generations, Part Two: Before the Open Era - In case anyone is wondering, here is what I have planned:

    1. Open Era Generations - Introduction
    2. Before the Open Era
    3. Gen 1: Dominance from Down Under (1934-38)
    4. Gen 2: Ashe and Who? (1939-43)
    5. Gen 3: A New Era (1944-48)
    6. Gen 4: Connors & Crew (1949-53)
    7. Gen 5: First and Greatest of the Swedes (1954-58)
    8. Gen 6: Johnny & Ivan (1959-63)
    9. Gen 7: Matty, Stefan, and Boris (1964-68)
    10. Gen 8: American Greatness (1969-73)
    11. Gen 9: Inbetweeners (1974-78)
    12. Gen 10: Generation Federer (1979-83)
    13. Gen 11: Rafa & Novak (1984-88)
    14. Gen 12: The Donald Young Guns, aka the Lost Generation (1989-93)
    15. Gen 13: A New Hope? (1994-98)

    Novak has reached the final of every big event in which he has competed (i.e. all except Madrid) since the Paris Masters last year. i.e.:

    Paris - won
    WTF - won
    AO - won
    IW - won
    Miami - won
    M-C - won
    Rome - won
    FO - final
    WD - won
    Canada - final
    Cinci - final
    USO - won

    So if Novak can reach the final of Shanghai, he will have reached at least the final of every Slam and Masters in which he has competed for a whole year! Has anyone ever done this before? Roger came close in '06, but he lost in the 2nd Rd of Cinci, as well as missing Hamburg & Paris Masters. In other words, if Novak were to make the final in Shanghai, would this be the most consistent 12 months at the top level that anyone
    has ever achieved? (I wonder how it compares to dominant 12 month periods by players further back in X?)***

  83. ***The next census will make it harder and harder to "crack and pack." Sooner or later the Gerrymandering will break. Too much demographic change.***

    Another 2 years of Reps running things this way, Gerrymandering won't help them! Obviously Dems won't vote for them, but their own core constituency has to be displeased since Obama has had one victory after another; w/ SC solidifying his programs in law! Reps kept talking about repealing or replacing; neither is getting done anytime soon! McConnell and Boehner promised so much if they got to take over Congress! It's happened; belatedly though! Their favorability is hovering around 9%! Reps might just stay home in protest '16 & '18!

    ***I think it's going to get really depressing when the GOP can only hold a few governorships.***

    The states that elected these Gov's, including IL. here, they have no one to blame but themselves when they all start having serious problems! You can't keep cutting taxes w/o credit ratings suffering like NJ and skyrocketing deficits like Wisc., FLA, and MI.! Brown had to come back and save Cal. after Arnold almost drove it into the sea! They'll never learn!

    ***If Fiorina wants to destroy Planned Parenthood....She should become it's CEO - Now I don't care who you are, that thar is funny!***

    That is hilarious and true! The woman keeps interviewing and takes no responsibility for what she did as CEO; "everyone ..., and this was more about the family not wanting to go another direction!" She's full of shit and a liar; funny how she has the nerve to talk about Clinton's veracity! She's also delusional saying PPP does this and that; profiting off the selling of body parts! "I saw that video where a fetus was on a table, heart beating, legs kicking, but had people saying we need to keep this baby alive to harvest it's brain!" The woman is certifiable!

    ***Hillary admits her only qualification: She owns a vagina - She knows that her vagina is what will give her the best chance of becoming President.***

    She can't possibly screw up the country worse than "W!" It's like everyone including JEB forgot about "911, Katrina, 2 wars, a stock market crash, auto industry in distress, and banks going under!" "He kept us safe!" Yep; I guess you can look at it that way if delusional!

    ***Can One of you Right Wing Loons remind Ben Carson that there is no Religious Test to be POTUS - Even Ted Cruz is knocking Ben. Ben should post here... his bigotry w/b allowed on PPIII***

    Some cons and Reps really showing their ignorance; a religious test and openly criticizing the POPE b/c he's being political? WOW! They really live in the past and would barely edge out of their caves if more liberal and open people weren't around for them to raise their torches in opposition!

    ***In my post, I said we should have an American President. We might be at war w/ Islam in the near future, and you really want a Muslim in the White House? Get a grip and stop trying to be so PC. Pretty soon nobody will be able to speak b/c everything we say will be racist. Is that what you want America to become? I don't, so I will continue to give my opinion, as that is my right as an American; today anyhow.***

  84. ***Real Household Incomes Fall 5.9% Under Obama! - Whenever I hear some talking head in the MSM say "economic recovery," I want to pull my hair out.***

    Get over yourselves! You can't blame this on OBAMA; not in the least! He's wanted to do things, maybe take care of infrastructure in the country, but has been thwarted by Reps and the "Sequestor" since he became President! The way I see it, we've been lucky after "W" trashed the whole economy! People are fortunate to be making anything the way I see it! Unemployment is still going down, even if it's not fair; blame that on greedy bastards running the businesses! Profits are up so if salaries aren't going up, that is hardly on Obama!

    ***Boehner resigns - I wish Boehner well in retirement. He's probably done the best that c/b expected w/ one of the most obnoxious clan of members of his own party dragging him down. Indeed, sometimes the Dems were easier to work w/ many X's. The Suicide/Freedom Caucus is having big wet dreams of a coalition; not happening. About as weird as the idea of Kaisch appointing Cruz! ...McCarthy has votes already stolen to get his 218.***

    Reps are a mess! They said if they got control, things would run swimmingly; "yeah, they're drowning!" The only thing they can do is run things into the ground! Truly pathetic! Criticize Pelosi all you want, things got done w/ a minimum of fuss! Boehner s/b truly embarrassed, having the most dysfunctional Congress in history! He lost his Majority Leader in an election and the bills he did pass were DOA dealing w/ defunding Obamacare or other programs! I suppose McCarthy can't screw it up any worse!

    ***You make a very sharp point F4. When the Dems controlled both Houses, the Reps were extremely obstructionist. And they did indeed say, give us both houses, and we'll get things done. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?***

    It's been one "Continuing Resolution" after another for years b/c nothing can be agreed upon! Dems want to play ball, but w/ Reps it's their way or "the highway!" Compromise is a dirty word in their lexicon and they openly admit it many X's! Dems don't have a "Hastert Rule," but that is why little to nothing gets done when Reps are in charge!

    ***The same is true of Dems after Nov '14. Reps. are guilty as charged. However, this didn't start until the beginning of 2015. At the most, 9 months ago. They haven't gotten much don; agreed, but it's not that they didn't try. There was always the spoiler in the mix...Obama's veto and the inability to get enough Dems to then override that veto. It really helps to put things into context. There is plenty of failure to act responsibly on both sides of the aisle.

    Well F4, IDK what the Obama / Boehner "Grand Bargain" was all about. But indeed, compromise was probably a significant element of it. As you suggest; that gets a veto from the "tea party," the Norquist crew, etc. Ironically, the Rep. Demigod, Ronald Reagan was a notorious compromiser.

    Reagan and Speaker Tip O'Neill shared ethnic background. They got stuff done together. So it seems today's Reps like Reagan emotionally; but oppose his methods of success tactically. And we face another gov't shutdown b/c of it. That would seem to me to violate their oaths of office; but what the heck? It's just a technicality. It's just their Constitutional duty. No big deal (to them).***

  85. ***The GOP Party is so dysfunctional each of us c/b Sigmund Freud and none of us could tell the others how to fix the mess. Its all a self-hating, self-defeating cesspool. How bad is it? A Rep. can't run as a Republican in the Rep. primary. That is how freaking crazy it is. You have to run as some great undefined "something else." And, it is just getting worse. Trump. In any other circumstance I would have to declare that wasn't a pun. But, it ain't. It's just that crazy.

    I think you've got it! The Rep. 'party' is in chaos. A new organization needs to emerge. One that can provide rational governance. - Just for shits and giggles, I am going to start asking some of the members if they are willing to admit to being a Rep? Really now, are you admitting to being an Establishment Rep.? LMFAO... Wait... Any Nixon Reps in da house?***

    I think they might be too embarrassed to admit it these days!

    ***Hell, don't look know but being labeled a Rep. in the new GOP is worse than being labelled a liberal.***

    What I figured a couple years ago when things were going to shit, I suggested a handful of Reps would side w/ sanity and the Dems and put Pelosi back in charge! I'm sure they thought about it or mused how sane it w/b b/c Boehner's been a disaster! Obama was too kind today about Boehner; esp. about being honest when dealing w/ him! That's total BS b/c we all know he made a couple of agreements w/ the President, but his caucus put the kibosh on all of it! Who are we kidding? This man had to be the weakest Speaker in the history of the position; actually weeping on too many occasions to count! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

    ***...She s/b glad and let the process play out if she expects to be exhonorated...but...after all, it is a problem that she created. She's the 1 who decided to put gov't business in w/ her personal business...against the rules of the admin.***

    Keep harping here and on FNC; what does that say about all your kvetchin' but Hillary still beats all of the top candidates? I find that pathetic and hilarious at the same X! You'll never learn that going up against the Clintons is futile! Every X you think you have them, we move on while you stand there PLAYIN' w/ yourself! The rating of Congress might go up if they take care of normal business and start acting like a true governing body!

    ***I'd guess Packer's skipped over the Pope's American visit altogether... much more important to watch FNC and stay against President Obama & Hillary Clinton like it was months ago. Living in the past is their thing.***

    That's exactly what was going on; while other stations were covering this monumental Papal visit, FNC is still talking about Hillary's email, her lack of trustworthiness, and how lawless Obama has been! They are almost suggesting a shutdown instead of just reporting the facts that Boehner's already made a deal to keep the gov't running through the end of the year! You can always depend on these numb-nutts to continue living in the past!

  86. ***The #1 reason in my mind Roger's not winning slams anymore is that he can't maintain it as long as a Nole can. How much court X did Roger see at this USO until the final?Even at his age, he had enough in the tank for the final, even a long 1. And contrary to popular belief, I have always thought he is one of the toughest out there mentally. You can't perform at the level that he has for over a decade w/ a big bullseye on your back w/o being tough. ...Does not matter against 99% of the field. Matters against Nole, who has the ability to get his consistency back even after losing it for 1/2 an hour or so. W/ Roger, once it is gone, so goes his game. He makes final pushes and such, but too little too late for a slam.***

    The thing is Nole wasn't at his best and he still won The USO over Roger! Federer had every opportunity to do well; in shape, no long drawn out matches in early Rds, and was on a winning streak taking Cincy just a 2 wks before beating Nole in the final! It couldn't have been a better opportunity for him at 1 of his fave majors; winning it 5 years in a row and even more semi-finals! As well as Roger's playing and a legitimate #2 getting to 2 major GS finals, I still can't see him winning 1 unless there are some significant upsets of the other top players!

    ***I actually agree that Nole was not at his best in the Open final. But even when he is not at his best, he is consistently sending balls back. Maybe not hitting the trademark DTL BH winners and stuff, but he gets it back in the court and deep. When ROGER is not at his best, he sprays shots all over the place and loses points. That has been the difference btw the 2 in the recent finals I believe. Roger needs to attack & it has to work. Nole does NOT need to attack to win matches, even though it helps. Nole will win the baseline rallies against Roger at this point in their respective careers, w/o attacking or redlining. Roger's Plan A has to work the whole match to beat Nole in a slam final. - Nole has had the # of geriatric Fed. Much different scenario than Rafa.***

    Unfortunately it took years, but I've come to realize Rafa owns Roger; lock, stock, & barrel! Nadal runs a "bit of game" on Roger (esp. on clay), but he's been doing it for years and it shb overlooked and conquered by now if there was a chance! Roger needed Soderling to take Nadal out of '09 FO or he still wouldn't have one; "thanks ROBIN! I hope Roger sent you something nice!" He probably didn't which is why Roger was taken out of the FO the following year! "No appreciation!"

    ***I was hoping we will get to see Fed having the # of washed-up Rafa. But, Rafa seems to be too washed up that Fog has his # and Fog would not let Rafa meet Fed.***

    From here on out, I don't think we can trust either to go far enough to meet in 1/4's, semi's, & finals! Playing those 2 major finals by Roger w/b the highlight of his twilight years while Rafa may have to start battling from the 1st Rd! That aura of invincibility has been ripped and many more think they have a chance to claim their scalps!

    ***I think that your comments about Roger's slam future are both pure conjecture and disrespectful of Roger's making 2 GS finals in '15.***

    Well there's been the combination of Roger playing well and then there's the gutless play of the rest of the tour allowing him this nice run at #2; Murray at the top of the list who s/b ashamed of himself! How does he let a senior citizen "school" him on grass as he did this year at Wimbledon? At one point, Roger was scratchin' the points contest around #6 w/ Murray doing more this spring! I was thinking the rankings were all wrong until Andy lost in straights to the old man! That's gutless play IMO! The thing is, even subpar play from Nole got the job done winning 3 of 4 majors and a finalist in the other! Winning his 1st 4 Masters makes the rest of the season a cakewalk for him!

  87. ***Not to start a comp. war, but how's Nole's current comp. much better than Roger's in '06? Note that Roger had Rafa near his best on clay. Right now Nole has a fairly washed up Roger, a badly faltering (perhaps washed up Rafa) and then just Murray.***

    They're a lot better than that! Berdych, Ferrer, Cilic, Wawrinka, Kei, Raonic, Dimitrov, Simon, and so many more are quite competitive and can take any of the Big 4 out! Nole's had to dig himself out of hole many a X of late; DOPO just last month in Cincy!

    ***I don't agree the tour's particularly weak at the moment as the old generation is going out and the young 1 is unable to rise to the occassion. Ferrer, Berdych & Wawrinka were both in their early 20s during the '06 run, an age where you are normally entering your prime. You still had great players like Roddick, Davydenko, Nalbandian, Hewitt, Blake, Haas and so forth. Nadal was much more of a threat than he is now, and you even had a young Murray who was quite good (he gave Fed his only non-clay loss of the season). 2006 wasn't a super strong year like '03, '04, '08 & '11, but it's competitive w/ several of the recent era mediocre years like '09 & '13. I'd compare this era to the 2001-02 seasons, where there was a bit of a generation change and a power vacuum.

    SABR is dead; Nole killed it. - That is just not true:

    1. In Cincy, Fed won a point at a key moment in TB against Novak using SABR.

    2. At USO, even though Fed lost the match, Fed won 50% or more of his SABR attempts against Novak.

    SABR is alive and well.***

    Maybe, but Nole wounded it a bit! Everyone believes he hasn't played well in months really, but he still was able to get to the final and dispatch Federer w/ only a modicum of effort! Roger has to continue employing the tactic periodically or he'll have no chance so it's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenerio!

    ***Comparisons with Federer are misguided, IMO, b/c of the difference in style, economy of play, and "other" factors. Fed is a pretty young 34, whereas Nadal is an old 29. There's also the confidence factor; I don't think Fed ever showed such a lack of self-confidence as Nadal is showing now. Even if he has only 1 Slam in a very long X, Fed is, at least, almost always competitive. Nadal can't even get deep into a Slam anymore, let alone win them-and that trend is likely to become MORE pronounced, not less.

    Although this is true, a young 34 is still going to turn out to be older than an old 29 more X's than not. It's possible - if unlikely - that Nadal could regain some of his old form and win a Slam in 2018. It's extremely unlikely that Federer will do so. (Federer w/b the oldest titlist on the ATP tour since 1989 if he won a title of any sort in 2018, let alone a Slam).

    Once you reach major finals, anything can happen. Nadal's knees are more likely 39. One only has to remember how 151-0 turned into 151-1, against the less than immortal Fog, in the 1st week of a Slam. Now factor a stronger opponent, later in a Slam, If ya can't win from ahead, or behind, that kind of limits your options.***

    Well if anyone can do it, Roger can, but as I've been saying for years, he needs an assist like Soderling at '09 FO! People forget he's only won 1 major since '09 and has only played a handful of finals w/ dismal results!

    ***Will Novak Djokovic be the GOAT? - No, he won't, but if he gets to 14, even w/o RG, then I imagine he w/b considered at least the 2nd greatest player of the Open era, which w/b a remarkable achievement when you consider where his career was at this X 5 years ago.

    Even after Djokovic's AO and Wimby wins this year, nobody was discussing GOAT and equaling or crossing 17 Slams. It is perhaps a nod to the fact that DJ is covering new ground (has any player previously won 3 slams in a year at age 28?) and that there's something relentless about this guy, just like his game.***

  88. ***Djokovic has the fewest retirements and W/O among Top 10 players (last 300 matches)

    Djokovic: 0

    Federer: 2
    -2014 WTF F vs Djokovic: W/O
    -2012 Doha SF vs Tsonga: W/O

    Murray: 3
    -2015 Rome R16 vs Goffin: W/O
    -2013 Rome R32 vs Granollers: 3-6 7-6(5) RET
    -2012 Canada R16 vs Raonic: W/O

    Nadal: 1
    -2012 Miami SF vs Murray: W/O

    Still, WTF is best-of-3, gives Roger more of a chance.***

    Those 4th sets are just entertainment for the fans really! Reminds me of WTA YEC going best of 5 sets to keep Navratilova on the court longer than 38 min. in her prime! Against Murray, Federer, & Wawrinka, Nole's made them look bad in some of those 4th sets; sometimes a bagel!

    ***Novak has the best 5-set record against the others in the Big 4 and overall as well, but followed very closely by Rafa. RF on the other hand has a pitiful 5-set record for an alleged GOAT. RF starts matches great, but gets weaker and weaker - mentally mostly - as the match goes on. Whereas Novak just gets better and better. Another reason RF has more success recently against Novak is that Novak prepares a lot more seriously for Slams than other events, compared to RF.

    Nadal won 3 slams in 2010 on 3 different surfaces where he started to find his peak form on other surfaces like HC and not just clay. Federer wasn't in sights to reach slam finals so he pretty much was ready to take over after 2010. Plus he was at a ripe age of 24. No one expected Novak to step in 2011 though and have the season as he did so things were setup for Nadal.​***

    People don't think about that; Nadal cruising into 2011 w/ not a care in the world winning last 3 majors of 2010; except that Nole "got his act" together! Nadal was in final after final from IW/Miam, then Madrid/Rome, but was bested each X by Djokovic; the clay events in straight sets! Nadal did his thing in Paris, but Roger had upset Nole in the semi so we'll never know how that "could have gone" and changed history! Nadal

    continued making major finals, losing each in 4 to his nemesis from Serbia! You can say if not for Nole, Rafa may have dominated for years to come! He's only been able to find form in 2013; other than that he's been scratchin' just to remain in the top 10!

    ***Nadal '10 - Tourneys played - 17
    Finals reached - 9
    Titles won - 7

    Nadal '11 - Tournaments played - 17
    Finals reached - 10
    Titles won - 3

    That damned Djokovic.

    Beijing 2014 - USO 2015: Novak has lost just 6 matches in 12 months (w/ no defeats vs Nadal), an avg. of 1 loss per 2 months

    Beijing 2012 - FO 2014: Novak lost 14 matches in 20 months (w/ 4 defeats vs Nadal). If you factored out the 4 Nadal losses, you w/b looking at 10 losses in 20 months, an average of 1 loss per 2 months.

    4/6 slams won from Wimb 14 - USO 15 w/ 1 loss to GOATing Wawrinka and 1 in a subpar display vs Nishikori

    4/6 slams won from AO 13 - FO 14 with 1 loss to GOATing Wawrinka and 1 in a subpar display vs Murray

    It seems to me like Novak's over-all level dropped considerably following his USO 2011 win, until about his USO 2012 loss (still winning AO in this span b/c of how much the surface favors him, but in 2 nailbiter SF/Fs as opposed to the dominant win in 2011).

    But from Beijing 2012-current, his level has been continuously high (outside of the post-marriage hangover in the 2014 fast HC season). The gap in achievements in 2015 vs Beijing 12 - FO14, has almost everything to do w/ Nadal producing an equally high level of GOAT play simultaneously (which we have not seen before in this sport). Now in '15, removing that anomaly of insanely strong competition, Djokovic's true dominance vs the field can shine through the way (and in many ways greater) than Feds did. Case in point is the 24 top 10 wins by Nadal in 2013, was matched by Djokovic in both 2012 and 2013, and is the ALL TIME RECORD.***

  89. ***I think Rafa needs to recover his form 1st. Then assess if he needs any changes.***

    Well Rafa and his camp are going to have to make a decision 1 way or the other! So far just playing it his way isn't getting him anywhere; actually losing to former "punching bags!" Losing twice to F3 on clay, then at the USO w/ a huge lead, you have to say "all Rafa-dites are a little concerned;" maybe a lot!

    ***The decline is not in sight. He seems confident in himself.***

    2012 was a little disappointing; esp. losing those finals against Rafa when it appeared he had taken ownership of their rivalry winning 7 in a row from '11 IW to '12AO! Roger can only dream about winning matches that consistently against Rafa! Winning '16 AO might "stem the tide" and my fears of a repeat slide!

    ***It was quite amazing he even got 7 in a row, on all 3 surfaces. For me, the period btw '13 AO & '14 Wimbledon was the problem. 3 finals, but all 3 losses. That is where he lost the chance to get to 18. The potential Djoker Slam does not interest me as much as '16 RG alone, b/c he can play the rest of his career w/o any concerns or regrets. Anyway, since you mentioned the "repeat slide," maybe he bounces back in '19.

    ...There's no argument for Novak's 2015. 2011 is the only 1 that can stand up next to Roger's 2006 IMO.

    1. Roger Federer – 5 str. Wimbledon, 5 str. USO (17 overall)
    2. Rafael Nadal – 5 str. RG (14 overall); also 4 str. RG
    3. Bjorn Borg – 5 str. Wimbledon; also 4 str. RG (11 overall)
    4. Pete Sampras – 4 str. Wimbledon (14 overall)
    5. Novak Djokovic – 3 str. AO (10 overall)
    6. Ivan Lendl – 3 str. USO (8 overall)***

    Nole still takes up room in the recordbooks concerning Masters 1000's; winning the 1st 3 of the season and the 1st 4 he played, & being a R-up in his 5th and 6th! Djokovic may never get anywhere near Roger and Rafa in GS wins, but he's likely to obliterate other records set by FEDAL!

    ***You didn’t like my rejiggering of the list?***

    I can’t argue w/ any of your listing, giving Borg bonus points for what he accomplished in just 7-8 yrs! I’ve written extensive on him w/ results that you have to think of as “staggering!” He won Paris and Wimbledon back to back 3 str. years (’78-’80); almost 4! He won the “Old World Triple;” Rome, Paris, Wimbledon in ’78! He had to survive many challenges in winning those 5 Wimbledons; actually coming back from the grave on a few occasions! ...In his last season, it seemed like it w/b a routine in ’81; won the FO over a newcomer in Ivan Lendl and made the final of Wimbledon! After losing it, I figured he could turn it around in NY! Another crushing loss and that was it! ...I do give him GAWD-Like status; so thanks for that!

    ***Holy Moley; most of the top women knocked out of Wuhan Open.***

    This is the X of the year where they're all breaking down! The season really is too long, but they pros can't give up the money and points! Nole's one of the rare players that somehow keeps it together during this Asian swing before the YEC!

    ***I think it's definitely too long, but I'd also argue the real problem is scheduling. There's 1 week btw the USO and the Asian swing beginning. Not to mention that the summer is JAM PACKED. I feel like there's so much incentive to pack in more tournaments throughout the year. This means shorter X's at home for the player to train and recharge.***

  90. ***All I need to understand is that anytime any liberal says we're a democracy, they get viciously attacked by the rightwingers who insist "we're a republic!"***

    It's the quality or lack thereof of the new brand of Rep. that admit to obstruction and couldn't care less if the country goes under if they can make a point about "less gov't, being pro-life, and tax cutting!" They joke about shutting down the gov't these days; even though it costs us more in the long run! I find them to be the most "unpatriotic" group that would rather burn it all down just to have a "talking point!"

    ***Iranian Prime Minister: Reps Are ‘Laughable’, ‘Couldn’t Find Iran On A Map’***

    Well Reps are idiots! Why are people surprised we're a laughing stock to the world; esp. after how they treated an incoming President in Obama back in '09? It was disgusting, disrespectful, insulting, and undermined the office! I better not ever hear any BS from these animals hearing anything disparaging about them if ever a Rep. sits in that chair again in my lifetime! "F" them!

    ***So your claiming she didn't say that she knew that what Obama saying that you could keep your insurance was untrue?***

    Still living in the past I see! OMG, will these people ever move on? I know it isn't possible, but we can still hope these JOHNNY "one notes" can actually grow and help situations instead of exacerbating them! Let Hillary's emails, Benghazi, Obamacare, and PPP alone; ya got nothing!

    ***Fiorina is as phony as the videos - You said it was a "phony" video. What is the context that it s/b viewed in that makes it phony. Did the things happen in the videos or not?***

    Reps don't even try to fake making sense! They just throw shit at a wall and then watch it slide down while they talk! These SLEAZEBAGS on the 'right' harassing this poor woman will pay in the end! They have no credibility and have a lot of nerve questioning her like this!

    ***Fiero.... so is Planned Parenthood selling body parts of human beings? There is video of them doing so. Is there something "deceptive" about the video?***

    You are so full of shit! How many X's does someone w/ common sense have to tell you it's a HUGE LIE? The woman who's baby was used in the damn video came out telling the world today says so! Her baby died in a premature birth and has nothing to do w/ PPP! You're a joke!

    ***The establishment is backing Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.

    The Tea Party will fight it - perhaps by promoting Cruz.
    That's consistent w/ their strategy of fighting battles that cannot be won.***

    I can't ever remember a Senator sticking his nose in the business of the HOUSE as much as CRUZ! I guess since his brethren hold him in such contempt, he might as well play w/ other children of the Tea Baggers over in their playground! Heaven knows all he can do is lob grenades w/ no real explosive in them; more like firecrackers!

    ***...There's no "question of whether Cruz can be in the line of succession." This is just another lie.***

    After Cruz's horrendous tenure in the Senate; wouldn't be surprised if the party actually runs someone against him!

  91. ***Planned Parenthood Chief Destroys Conservative Congress - Cecile Richards, embarrassed right wing loon Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), but not as much as he embarrassed himself. She fire bombed the rest of the right-wing idiots up there in this illegitimate spectacle guised as a congressional hearing. Chaffetz opens by saying that if (PP) had not been receiving money from the Gov't, his parents, who died from cancer, would be alive today, b/c that money whb spent on cancer research. Seriously? Wow!

    He then went on to tell Richards about a report that he claims he got directly from their business profile about how abortions have increased and cancer screening decreased. Seconds later it was revealed the chart he used had the sourcing from an anti-abortion group and not from PP. After Richards pointed that out to Chaffetz, he quickly retreated, had violent shakes, and turned off his mike.***

    That was hilarious; Chaffetz commenting that PP gives Dems political contributions! Why would she give any Reps any funds to use them to pound her org.? What an idiot!

    ***The Reps were extremely obstructionist when the Dems (Pelosi & Reid) controlled both houses. They said: elect us, put us in power, and we'll stop obstructing and actually accomplish something. When will this modest accomplishment going to begin? So their great big accomplishment for 2015 is to postpone the debt ceiling crisis until a few wks before Xmas?

    - Russia is interfering in Syria. What are they doing about that? They have the Constitutional authority to declare war. What are they doing w/ it?

    - We're $18 $Trillion in debt. Why don't they have a viable balanced budget proposal?

    - Our VA is still on shaky ground. What are they doing to insure our military combat veterans are getting what they have earned?

    The reason I'm not more disappointed in the Reps is b/c: I really don't expect much from Reps. And that's what they consistently deliver.***

    Reps are doing exactly what I expected; still fighting amongst themselves & accomplishing "nothing!" Things just don't change b/c they promise better! According to Boehner or McCarthy, they passed 300 bills! Throwing together a bunch of papers they know won't get past the Senate and a Presidential veto is not accomplishing much except maybe wasting X, money, and all those copies of future garbage!

    ***F4, I'm not sure the Dems. are much better. ...But I'm not letting the Reps off the hook. And the horror here is the Reps are playing into the Dem's hands! They promised they'd stop being obstructionist, and do something if they were returned to power. The electorate kept its end of the bargain, the Reps in Congress have not. Reps cook up a scandal w/ lies. Rep. voters will swear to it and march off the tall cliff edge on election day 1 by 1.***

    What's so pathetic and ironic is as much as they've tried to tarnish her reputation, she still polls better than all of their candidates and would beat them; HELL even w/ Sanders and Biden! The Rep. Party is a mess and everyone knows it, including smarter Republicans; though there are "few!"

    ***Well that is the thing, Boehners resignation has created a false idea the Crazies are taking over the party. Nothing c/b further from the truth. The Suicide Caucus might have 40 votes on a good day. 30 is more like it. The problem IS, Boehner and McConnell have been made the scapegoats for the Hard Right's own personal failures. On Obamacare, the trade deal , PP or any other agenda the far right carps on incessantly. That is to a large part the establishment's fault for not fighting back. But those days are over. Leadership roles are being pulled, compromises are becoming fewer and farther btw w/ the hard right. Like Paul said about Cruz yesterday. Calling your own party members liars and traitors has bad consequences. And the Chickens are coming home to roost now.***

  92. ***President Says He Won’t Sign Another Continuing Resolution...The President spoke at a WH news conference today. The gov't's open and operating under a continuing resolution through Dec. 11. Obama called the CR a “gimmick” that sets up another crisis just 2 wks before Xmas.

    “This is not the way the United States s/b operating,” he said. “Oftentimes, I hear from folks up on Capitol Hill [about] the need for American leadership, the need for America to be #1. Well, you know what? Around the globe, part of what makes us a leader is when we govern effectively and we keep our own house in order and we pass budgets and we can engage in long-term planning, and we can invest in the things that are important for the future. That’s U.S. leadership.”

    The gov't cannot simply continue kicking the can down the road, Obama said, and a firm budget is needed for Americans to do long-term planning. “That’s true for our military, true for our domestic programs,” he added. He warned Congress he will not sign another CR in Dec. “I will not sign another short-sighted spending bill like the 1 Congress sent me this week,” he said. “We purchased ourselves 10 additional wks; we need to use them effectively.” He also called on Congress to end sequestration spending cuts in any budget it sends to his desk. He said sequestration cuts have hurt the military and the economy.

    The President is right. And Congress, rearing on their high horse of moral superiority, are wrong to try to hold the entire nation hostage for their pet moral issues. The reports I've read of it indicate the United States of America is the only nation on Earth with a "debt ceiling". It's a hideous failed experiment! The original purpose of the debt ceiling was to prevent this:

    Our debt ceiling does NOT force Congress to cut spending, or raise revenues; to run surpluses and pay off the astronomical U.S. Fed debt. Instead it gives Reps the illusion of leverage to coerce advantage for their anti-choice moral / political agenda.

    - SCOTUS has ruled it's the law of the land.

    - The U.S. electorate has elected the officials necessary to preserve a woman's right of choice.

    - And even the Rep. leadership admits, these coercive congressional shenanigans are detrimental.

    But the People tossed control of both houses of congress to the Reps; but even now w/ Boehner & McConnell in charge, they STILL won't balance a budget! The most recent U.S. President to "balance" consecutive budgets was President William Jefferson Clinton (D-AR). Reps may be very nice people, but recent decades of their PERFORMANCE in office proves beyond doubt, REPUBLICANS ARE NOT FISCAL CONSERVATIVES.***

    It's about X to really put the Reps on the hot seat. This is a perfect X to put the screws to them. I love it! McCarthy, or whoever they choose over him will have a lot of negotiating to do w/ the Dems to get a long-lasting and significant BUDGET after years of this BS w/ CR's! That's been the gutless way to run things and Obama's putting a stop to it in his last year in office; BOUT X! He'll prove how gutless they are if they allow this to perpetuate into the holidays! As usual, it'll all be on the Reps; no way around it!

  93. ***...then all the sudden 2015 Rafa had his worst year since '04; going from #1 in 2014 to #10 in '15. I mean it's like Nole who is 1 year younger than Nadal will wind up winning nothing next year.***

    Well that shouldn't happen, but I have noted a "slide" in 2012, getting to final after final, but just not being able to finish! I hope by doing so well this year doesn't hurt Nole in '16! Heaven knows we've seen it happen w/ Rafa enough; never defended a title off clay which is amazing for a player being aspired to being "The GOAT!"

    ***...Nadal has had physical problems for a very long X, and if you can't see that Nadal has been the most affected by injuries and physical probles out of the Top 4 then I pity you. If Nadal had been blessed w/ the physical health of, say, Djokovic, he'd probably be sitting on 18/19 Slams right now.***

    Oh please, Nadal has all kinds of "blessings" having to do w/ body, heart, and skill! The jerk actually changed to playing left-handed to gain an advantage! The reason he has the body of a 40 year old is b/c of him exhausting, using, and extending that physicality getting into early rd wars w/ players IDK! That's on him due to his stubbornness of playing that stupid counter-punching style; same for Murray! They have the ability to do more and close out matches in straights, but they aren't motivated enough until it's almost too late and they have to have miraculous comeback after miraculous comeback! There's nothing admirable about doing that w/ some player not even ranked in the top 30 if all concerned know both could do better w/o a lot of exertions!

    ***Unlike Federer who can often blow away lower ranked players in a tsunamai of talent w/ relatively low physical wear and tear. Nadal OTOH is more workman and relies far more on defense ("grinding") to get the job done.

    Nadal tends to be risk averse, which has turned out to be a liability for him. When he accepts risk, he's the one who blows people off the court. His 2013 Summer HC campaign proves that.

    Over the last 5 yrs and 21 Slams, 19/21 have been won either by Novak or the player who beat him! The only exceptions are Rafa in FO '11 and Cilic in USO '14. Almost every X, to win a slam you've had to either be Novak, or beat him. Quite an impressive stat. I think it's a good argument for calling 2011-present the 'Djokovic era' - a debate that happened on this forum a while back. However, during the 'Federer era', Roger's stats in this regard are even more impressive. From WD '04 to AO '10, every single Slam was won either by Roger or the player who beat Roger! For almost 6 years - 23 Slams in row - you had to beat Roger to win it.Extraordinary dominance!

    H2H comes up a lot when comparing current rivalries like Federer-Nadal, Nadal-Djokovic or Djokovic-Fed. It seems to me though that that is only b/c they're all currently active, and the use of H2H is only to stake claims on fan's idol(s) and therefore bring down their idol's main rival(s). ...Lendl-McEnroe (21-15), McEnroe-Connors (20-14), Connors-Lendl (13-22) are all lopsided H2Hs, yet the trio of legends are all regarded as ='s, and that's mainly b/c their slam tally is more or less identical, give or take 1 or 2. ...I firmly believe that in 20 or 30 yrs from now, when the current Big 3 would have long retired and assuming they finish up on fairly similar slam count (give or take a couple), then they would pretty much be regarded as ='s, b/c in the year 2045, people w/b looking at career slam tally to measure tennis greatness, not H2Hs.***

  94. ***H2H is only important when the 2 players in question career achievements (majors + minors) are almost identical. H2H can be used as the 1st TB to determine GOAT ranking.***

    This isn't the 1st X this has happened; an aberration of "The Best" of an era w/ a losing record to their closest rival! IIRC Lew Hoad just about owned Rod Laver, beating him the 1st 7 or 8 matches they played! I initially gave Roger the benefit of the doubt since so many of Rafa's wins were on clay, but after a while; esp. after Rafa came back to beat Roger at '08 Wimbledon, I had to look at other reasons there was such a disparity in their H2H record! Obviously 1 player had the other's # and I had to accept it! Both Roger and Rafa had significant leads over Nole, but over the last 5 yrs, he's been able to turn it around and after all is said and done, they'll only own more majors w/ Nole taking and setting the records concerning Masters 1000's! And we thought we had seen and lived the Golden Age w/ Borg, Connors, McEnroe, & Lendl, then the coming of Sampras, Agassi, Courier, Becker, & Edberg! Who would have guessed the current "Big 3" would eclipse them all w/ effort to spare?

    ***The fact that Federer well into his 34th year is world #2 and has been the only real consistent challenge to Djokovic since after the last FO should say volumes about the current level of competition. Novak was unfortunate earlier in his career to have to contend w/ 2 of the greatest players in history in their prime and it rather limited his results and ascendency to the very top. He suddenly came into his own in 2011 w/ a superb year. ...Nadal was still the 1 to beat at RG, and a solid threat at the other majors, but was susceptible to absences from the tour. NOLE continued w/ a high standard from that point, staying in the top 1 or 2 through the present, but still not winning more than his fave major each year except for '14 where he won Wimbledon instead, even though Federer was hurt in '13, Murray had his back operation and took '14 to recover, & Nadal wasn't a factor after RG '14.

    Now he's finally poised to take advantage of a out-of-sorts, injured/recovering, or declined Nadal since mid-'14 who's a year older at RG. Murray was out-of-sorts through most of '14, and though finally returning to a pretty high level, hasn't come close to threatening Djokovic yet as he has folded in the crunch against him, and hasn't played Federer since the WTF debacle. ...The hope for some new strength lies in the rising younger gen. of Kyrgios, Coric, Kokkinakis, Thiem, etc. But they probably won't be ready to be year rd competitive for at least 3-4 years, though they could surprise here or there.

    ...Murray looks poised to return to full potency, but looks like he has a mental block w/ No1e at the moment. I don't think we can write off Nadal until he calls it quits, even though he's up and down still. And at some point the youngsters will rise. I hope nobody begrudges No1e for his period in the sun. As I mentioned earlier, he had a tough task when he was younger and paid his dues. He is playing well, and with confidence, it should carry him to some more great victories for a time if he can stay healthy and motivated. We will see.

    ...Djokovic has actually evolved at a X where it might be realistic for him to hold ground at the top of the game into his 30s, w/ a delayed "rubber band" effect of the tour catching up, which will only probably properly start w/ the generations that come after Nishikori/Dimitrov/Raonic. You could call that lucky for Djokovic or just call it impressive that Fedalovic collectively hit a pseudo-ceiling. ...Will the following gen. ever be good enough to get there and do they have the talent? Djokovic has room to spare due to the heights he has reached, so who is going to seriously dethrone this master of all surfaces, unless he suffers not just a slight decline, but a significant one?***

  95. ***...Why do Reps have to sort out Obama's Putin mess? Obama's the one who welcomed Putin into Syria w/ a big toast.***

    There's a cumulative effect when you have obstructionists working against a sitting President and the best interests of their country! Everyone in the world saw what a mess was going on several years ago; getting over the stock market crash, Wall Street malfeasance, 2 wars winding down, and a hard fought battle to pass and successfully retain Obamacare! Refusing to compromise on a budget for so many years w/ continuing resolutions is not good business practices and that consumed Obama's X and energy! You think other countries didn't take advantage of that; esp. PUTIN? If you deny it, you're as delusional as your Presidential hopes!

    ***Remember how well you libs got along w/ Bush? Me either.***

    OBTW, if anyone tries to associate, compare, or even try a simile to how Dems treated "W," they obviously need their Fk'n heads examined! Bush pretty much got all he wanted since the Dems never wound this country down to a crawl and STOPPED it so gratuitously costing us BILLIONS! He got his cabinet in a timely fashion, budgets continued to be negotiated and passed, and he got all the money he wanted for his petty wars! The "nuclear option" wasn't used on every bit of business w/ Congress; ever! Obama's still waiting for a full cabinet and other positions t/b filled; so you're kidding right? Spare me!

    ***Snow White and the 7 Reps (or 8):

    Snow White - Clinton

    Wicked Witch - Fiorina

    Prince Charming - Rubio

    Trump - Happy
    Sanders - Doc
    Bush - Grumpy
    Carson - Bashful
    Cruz - Dopey
    Paul - Sleepy
    Christie - Sneezy***

    Well done Crane; thanks!

    ***So no one was complying you say? Then why did these HOUSE and INDEPENDENT investigations reach the conclusions they did: no wrong doing by HRC?

    The problem is, as McCarthy said, you haven't been able to pin anything HRC, BHO, or anyone else your pals want to politically damage. You don't find it the least concerning that we did near as many investigations into 9/11/01 where there was much death and destruction and people stalling the committee as this one has had?***

    If they don't find dirt, it couldn't be a thorough investigation in the conservative mind! Of course, if they're being scrutinized, you're supposed to take their word "we're as upfront as anyone" in DC! Well that's one way to look at them! If anyone were as beleaguered w/ being 0checked out as much as the Clintons, all of THEM would be in jail; ALL OF THEM! If they had anything after 20+ years of this BS, we would know about it by now!

  96. ***Truth Teller Kevin McCarthy Drops out of Speaker Race - Wow!! Tell the truth and you have to end your ambitions! The rigth-wing doesn't want anybody to know the real reason for these 7 fake investigations on Benghazi fever! The right-wing is in turmoil!***

    Turmoil is stating it mildly! This is a full on revolt in the Rep. Party! They may even need Dems to help seat a compromise Speaker! Looks like Boehner is just going to have to stay in lieu of total chaos! It w/b funny if it weren't so serious! Debt limit and budget legislation needs passing before the end of the year! What will become of this country?

    ***I think they should make a reality show out of them. Its fun to watch! They will just hold the country hostage again like they did in 2013! Obama said he's not going to play w/ them again. He said he will not sign another 'stop gap' funding bill for a few months.

    Why Do 43% of Reps think Obama is Muslim? B/c 43% of Reps are ignorant. - The Dems have little to do w/ the ideological combat among the Rep caucus.***

    True enough, there's not a lot the Dems can do while this plays out! All they can really do is sit back and watch the "fire" burn! What can they really do? The Reps are obviously and collectively "insane!" They wanted Congress and got it; but like a dog running after a car, don't have a clue what to do w/ it once they've caught it! The hypocrisy and disingenuousness of their party is showing quite obviously! ...but Boehner keeps calling on the more reasonable of the other party to get the business done that can't wait for the mental health of his caucus to arrive! Looks like they're willing to walk off the side of the cliff again just in X for Xmas to try and defund PPP; even though their reasoning was manufactured! That's ok; just paves the way for Hillary next year! Reps will take a stand, the President will bluster and point out their insanity, then they'll CAVE like they always do! Politicians are truly gutless and don't deserve to be in the offices they serve!

    ***The Dems CAN sit by the sidelines and cheer for the Rep. circular firing squad, but Pelosi is ambitious. If they find an opportunity, I'm guessing she'll take it. - Pelosi is a shrewd politician - this will be interesting to watch. I suspect Tom Cole will emerge as leader, otherwise the floor vote could go to Pelosi.***

    Speaking of Pelosi, someone mused about a handful of Reps actually voting for her along w/ the Dems! They do not want this to be a protracted fight just to get another Speaker only to have them vilified, undermined, and deposed w/i a year! Why do you think Ryan has told his caucus to "go fish?" He doesn't want anything to do w/ that shark tank called the "freedom caucus!" Have you ever heard of someone turning down this position? You know it has to be a zoo for him to do this; truly unprecedented! At least I know where my entertainment will come from for the next few months while these idiots shoot at each other in a Presidential cycle; "thanks mohrons!"

    ***Pelosi plus Establishment Reps could govern very well. The Dems would need the Reps to stay in power and both sides could bring bills to the floor w/o the crazies. Might be closer to what the founders had in mind.***

    Sounds like a plan!

    *** Rep. Chaffetz says he's found no evidence of wrongdoing by the family planning provider - Why isn't this thread more popular? lol!***

    Cons don't want to hear that kind of news! They want scandal and shifty dealings to show up! It doesn't matter that there have been 7 or 8 Congressional hearings and even though Rep. run, "THEY HAVE FOUND NOTHING!" On Fox and all the hardcore cons. radio host don't bring it up either! They start their programs talking about "the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton's Email" dealings includ. the record dump for this month! (YAWN)

  97. ***...Given tennis history & Djokovic's age, we could very well see an '89 Wilander situation.***

    Did any #1 disappear off the face of the Earth faster than Wilander? WOW! It was a compressed "Borg career" in 1 season; '88 flying high & the following yr was being upset in the 2nd Rd of the USO by a kid named Pete Sampras! He had to be terribly burned out from his excellence of the previous year I hardly think Nole will fall off the planet like that; 2012 was close, but he still won a few tourneys!

    ***Seriously? 1 Slam, 2 finals, 3 Masters 1000s + 3 finals, the WTF and 75 match wins still sounds pretty good to me!***

    A lot better than Wilander's '89 and being shut out completely! I'll take Nole's 2012, but I'm hoping for better to back this season up as less than a fluke!

    ***Beijing was going to be advantageous for Rafa b/c China Open a slow HC. The score is a little misleading and Nadal has to see some positives.***

    I only woke in X to see the 2nd set, but what about that BS about the court being too slow and an inability to hit winners? Both had some; obviously Nole had a lot more! Those were grueling points and I agree, the score is quite misleading where both were playing well, but the World's #1 was not giving Rafa air to do much! He's truly dominant and you can't have his fans musing about anything being different in the foreseeable future since this has nothing to do w/ injury or lack of competitive play! I didn't see much of their exh., but Nadal and Djokovic even played 1 of those that went "lickety split!" Rafa's just not going to challenge Nole at this X; even on clay!

    ***Vinci really knocked Serena down; incredible that the loss at the USO caused the end of her season.***

    This so reminds me of Navratilova at the end of '84; had just won 6 majors in a row from '83 Wimbledon thru '84 USO and was going for her own CYGS! Not sure you can equate the pressure; not even sure Martina had any, but the exact same thing happened; lost AO semi (end of the season then) to a perennial doormat in Sukova! She did have the added stress of being on a 74 match winning streak IIRC so she must have had the weight of the world on her! I distinctly remember her winning the 1st set 6-1, but they were all tough games making it kind of misleading! ... but she didn't get it and Helena finished her off in 3!

    ***...I don't see why that real reason needs to be covered up concerning Serena taking off for the rest of the season?***

    B/c the rules of the ATP & WTA is for all qualifying players to show up at the YEC to at least schmooze w/ sponsors and fans! There will be penalties b/c the WTA knows damn well she's just devastated; not an injury keeping her away!

    ***You got a point. But, I don't think she's hiding it to avoid penalties. Remember, she also said in the last interview at USO that no she did not feel the pressure. That was again a false statement caused by pride. She was obviously under pressure and she knew it and we knew it and Orcene knew it too, as she disclosed to press.***

  98. ***I will always prefer Nole's '15 to 2011 mainly b/c the run took a lot out of Novak and by this X during that year he was washed up. This year he comes to this section of the tour looking very well and ready to take on anyone. This bodes well for a strong year end, unlike in '11 and an equally good kick off of the next year. This is more important at this stage of his career.***

    Nole overplayed in 2011; actually participating and winning an inaugural event owned by his family I guess in Serbia before the FO! When you make final after final as Nole has done in the past few yrs and esp. this season, you have to be more judicious in your appearances and he's done a very good job of that; managing his schedule!

    ***Before thinking of beating Novak, Rafa has to manage to beat the other top 10 players when he faces them. His record against top 10 is 2-8, beside Djokovic, also Murray, Wawrinka, Raonic, Berdych and Nishikori defeated him. OK, with Tomas he is 1-1 for the season.***

    Some of those matches lost, Rafa was leading; within a point or 2 of winning! In the case of Raonic, he actually had multiple MP's and gave it back in 3 sets! AMAZING! How do you recover from that?

    ***Novak is starting to pick and choose his tournaments just like Federer. I think the 3 losses (FO, Montreal, Cincy) helped him more than anything. Constantly winning can get to a person. We saw that w/ Serena this year. While it's a shame he missed out on a GS or a calendar sweep of the Masters, he seems to be centered, sure of himself, and perfectly happy where he is; w/o the pressure of perfection. Winning the WTF w/b too much pressure, so I think he should let Murray wrap this season up w/ a WTF/Davis Cup double-whammy.

    It seems to me that Nole is really in his prime now. His confidence is supremely high. He has had a better year at the majors and the Masters events (and on clay) than in 2011. It is like comparing Nadal in 2010 versus 2013--which was more dominant? Hard to say, but I think I'd put this year over 2011. He rather routinely disposed of Rafa today and he looked comfortable doing it. Stan and Roger might be the only 2 who can go toe to toe w/ him now and they will lose most of the X.***

    You guys have it, except I don't think he should relent and give up anything; esp. the YEC! He needs to continue piling up #'s on the ATP to get his true and aggregate level in comparison to the GOAT and GOAT-in-waiting! Even though he's owned the last couple seasons, the fans, ad campaigns, and commentators still fall back into talking about Federer and Nadal! It just isn't right, but what can we do?

    ***Maybe if enough of us do what you did and become nouveau-Novaks, then he might be talked about more often. - '09 was recoverable, but 2012 was a more difficult one to recover from b/c Nadal was a few years older and you could see by then he had already lost some of his explosiveness. This year is not about injuries at all; just an all around physical decline at age 29 that has seen him become a barely top 10 player.***

    Back in '09 & '12, I was just hopeful! I can do w/o watching, seeing articles, or hearing from Rafa again! I've never cared for his entire act on the court which is why I've been looking forward to these "times" like no other "hatah!" I'd just assume he hang around longer and get embarrassed like he had to be yesterday in China! More and more players are finding ways to extend him or complete a victory that most still are shocked to see and hear about! I've been saying for years that defensive counter-punching game was going to run him out of the sport before another player, but I'm not sure now! It looks as if he thinks everything can turn and he will be on top again! I guess you have to think that way; why else even compete? I just hope he can at least make it to the later Rds to meet his main rivals Nole and Roger! Maybe they can improve their #'s!

  99. ***Well, I was at work, but mhb some mighty good SABR from Rodge today. SABR - Sayonara, Adios, Bye, Roger. He said Ramos played well so good going. Not a great finish to the year ranking wise for Roger though.***

    Call me "OLD," but this is how it typically has been historically! The better players were "done" by this X of the season and were easily susceptible to upsets! Look at the record; winners like Tsonga, Davydenko, Enqvist, and Nalbandian OTTH! We've been spoiled w/ 3 great players who always seem "to be right there" at every major event! Bout X someone lost early beside Nadal and Murray!

    ***I don't get this trend towards slower courts. They s/b speeding them up. We have enough baseline rallies in the game. X to increase the speed!***

    They could do more than routinely hit to each other's weakness or strengths! There are angles that c/b taken, hitting behind a player, & periodically attacking the net on deep approaches! Little of that is done; esp. in the lower tier of players who have all kinds of ability, but forget how to play in the crunch! It's weird to see how they come and go after so much promise! The last wave of Dimitrov, Simon, Gulbis, Isner, and so many others seem to have reached a ceiling only to fall back into obscurity! This has allowed "senior citizens" to excel and show their stuff late in their careers like Cilic, Anderson, Robredo, and a few other geezers! We can only hope the latest crop of Raonic, Kei, and a few others don't totally break down physically before they have to give it up!

    ***...I am not predicting whether Rafa will win a Slam or not in '16, but I do predict that if he does not win 1 in '16, he's never, ever going to win another.***

    Down the line in '17 or '18, Rafa might surprise us all and take a FO! Roger snuck 1 more at Wimbledon in '12! That's Rafa's best bet; not sure he's a real threat in the other majors! He's had trouble even getting out of the early Rds @ Wimbledon; how can he win? At least he got to his appointed match against Nole before he was so rudely auf'd at the FO! It all remains to be seen how long Rafa's willing to stay on tour w/o winning a major! He can still make a fantastic living; appearance fees, exhbs., & endorsements! Will he hang around like Connors, not even getting a sniff of a title after '85, but having a great run late at a USO at 39 yo? Even getting to Roger's age is debatable IMO! Can Nadal continue to toil in the 2nd tier and luck into another major final against an unseeded underdog? Not likely!

    ***That is total BS. Kim Clijsters came back from retirement after giving birth to a child. She did not even have a ranking next to her name when she came back. She played 2 or 3 small tourneys and then won the USO immediately. That kind of thing will not happen in ATP. Roger is trying to constantly innovate to keep him relevant. Rafa is trying to "recover" his old form. That kind of "recovering" is not going to work when you're Slamless for 2 yrs in a row and w/ the style of play of Rafa. Finally, even the mighty Roger did not win a slam (at least not yet) after being Slamless for 2 yrs in a row. Even though he won 1 in '12, he had won AO in '10 and so it's just a year gap.***

    I was just musing and forgot about Kim and now that I think about it, Goolagong won her last Wimbledon in '80, many years after her last major and a couple of kids! The ol' memory is really slipping!

    ***Shanghai repeatedly getting the best ATP 1000 tourney as voted by players.***

    Poor, naïve child! They bought it w/ prize money of $4,195,895; 3rd amongst the Masters after IW & Miami! The reason I respect Rome and MC more b/c they've kept it simple w/ their ICONIC & historic relevance! They've also been able to keep the prize money down to a reasonable level for 1 tourney; avg. $2.5 million!


    Fed '06
    - 4 Masters titles, 2 Runner Ups, 1 2R, 2 skip
    - 1 500 title
    - 3 250 titles
    - 19 top 10 wins
    - 92 total wins
    - 5 losses

    - VS -

    Djok '15
    - 6 Masters titles, 2 Runner Ups, 1 skip
    - 1 500 title
    - 1 250 QF
    - 34 top 10 wins
    - 83 total wins
    - 5 losses

    So that leaves:
    - Fed: 3 250 titles + 1 Masters 2R + 24 more non-top 10 wins
    - Djok: 2 Masters title + 1 250 QF + 15 more top 10 wins

    Best level of play is a toss up btw Djokovic '11 and Federer in '05 IMO w/ Federer '06 close behind.

    Best year considering competition is Djokovic '11 by far.

    Best year in terms of just results (just out of the last 30 yrs) w/b Djok '15 if he wins another Masters and the WTF, otherwise Federer '06.

    Djokovic at his best is far scarier for prime Nadal than Federer at his best just due to the match up/psychology/etc..., so naturally in a field where Nadal is the other prominent factor, Djokovic will be more dominant over his main rivals. That is a given.

    01. Rod Laver 1969.
    02. Roger Federer 2006.
    *2. Novak Djokovic 2015. + Shanghai / Paris + WTF
    03. Novak Djokovic 2011.
    *3. Novak Djokovic 2015. + WTF
    04. Roger Federer 2004.
    *4. Novak Djokovic 2015. + Shanghai / Paris
    05. Novak Djokovic 2015.
    06. Roger Federer 2007.
    07. Jimmy Connors 1974.
    08. Rafael Nadal 2010.
    09. Mats Wilander 1988.
    10. John McEnroe 1984.

    I think Djokovic's competition in 2011 was better than Federer's in 2004. Peak Nadal and still very strong Federer > Hewitt and Roddick for instance. I think both years had some decent depth too. I also think Djokovic's 2011 was better than Federer's 2004. So I couldn't agree on that.

    I see your point about not losing to anyone in the top 10, but that w/b a separate category, like best performance against other top players. Overall it is kind of the Nadal vs Federer logic. Is it really better Nadal loses to Blake, Youzhny, or Davydenko instead of Federer when he loses, just like is it better that Federer is losing to a bunch of people outside the top 10, but no real top guys.

    So it's not so easy to say 5 > 4 Masters or that Djokovic winning WTF undefeated matches Federer exactly. There needs to be more to bridge the gap of the Bo3 abomination. I'm an understanding fello so I'd just add 50% of a Bo5 Masters Final win over Bo3, meaning 2 Bo5 Masters is equal to 3 Bo3 Masters. Now let's analyze:

    - 3 Slams, 1 Final
    - 4 Masters, 2 Finals (5 were Bo5)
    - Undefeated WTF (Bo5)

    - 3 Slams, 1 Final
    - 4 Masters, 2 Finals

    The Bo5 factor results in Federer's Masters resume equating to 5.5 Titles and 3 Finals. So Djokovic needs 2 more Masters and match the undefeated WTF to MATCH Federer's 2006. Will be tough indeed.***

    Thanks for the data guys!