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What's Up? Topic #14; Entries 11/14 - 03/15

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  1. ***Top 20 Greatest Players of All Time (Yet Another Take) - GOAT?

    I was just looking at pre-ATP rankings for players and was surprised to see that players like Jack Kramer had finished (alone or tied) #1 six times. I decided to create a quick ranking system based upon 2 things to determine true greatness:

    * Year-end #1 rankings: 3 points for solo; 2 points for shared
    * Majors won: 2 points for pre-Open Era Grand or Pro Slams; 3 points for Open Era Slams

    The Top 20 players of all time according to 1 system.

    1. Federer 66
    2. Laver 62
    3. Rosewall 61
    4. Sampras 60
    5. Gonzales 56
    6. Nadal 51
    7. Tilden 48
    8. Borg 42
    9. Connors 39
    10. Lendl 36
    11t. Budge 34
    11t. W Renshaw 34
    13. McEnroe 33
    14. Perry 31
    15t. Kramer 30
    15t. Djokovic 30
    17. Agassi 27
    18t. Vines 25
    18t. Cochet 25
    18t. Newcombe 25

    1) Whatever you think of the exact order, I think it has the Top 10 players rightly in the Top 10. Novak has a chance of sneaking in there and edging Lendl out in another year or 2, but right now it works.

    2) TBH, the accuracy of the next 10 gets decreasingly reliable as I didn’t research absolutely everyone. But I think the next 10 is mainly right, although maybe 1 or 2 players weren’t accounted for. It is really hard to research 19th century players. Also right off the edge of the list would be players like Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander, Bobby Riggs, Roy Emerson, etc.

    3) While many think Nadal has surpassed Sampras, this system likes Pete quite a bit more b/c of those year-end #1's.

    4) This system rightly honors perhaps the most underrated historical great player, Pancho Gonzales, who is underrated b/c his peak was in the Pro Slam era and he only won 2 Grand Slams while winning 15 Pro Slams. Pancho was the best player of the 50s and finished #1 a record 8 times.

    5) Yes, Federer's #1. Sorry Roger Haters, just about any system is going to place him as the GOAT or at least the greatest of the Open Era. Rafa may pass him, although according to this system Roger would have to remain stagnant (a distinct possibility) and Rafa would have to have 5 more Slam wins and/or year-end #1′s to tie him – a tall order, but possible. But for now I think Roger deserves his place.***

    Living during that era and watching Becker from the beginning, you would think that he would have won more, but he was probably doing other things when he should have been training! Like Agassi he sorta underachieved, but from what I hear from behind the scene, he learned to play psychological games w/ his opponents; esp. working on Edberg! Stefan was a class act, had a lot more talent, but succumbed to some of Boris' antics giving away some matches! Ion Tiriac probably spent too much time on mental sparring instead of training Boris in being a better tennis player! BB was the original "basher" and it only worked for so long; landing him only 3 Wimbledons! You would think he would have won more; esp. during his era when the grass was so chewed up!

  2. ***Let's take out the players who won less than 10 majors from the conversation as well, b/c frankly, anything less than that is not so impressive.***

    That would eliminate quite a few greats w/ a record that can't be overlooked; even if you wanted to do it! I've never been a fan of Connors', but he has the honor of holding the most titles (109, 8 majors); even if a lot of it was against inferior competition at times like Rosewall in his 2 major wins of '74 alone! I'm one of those historians that give more credit to consistent play over their "long" careers! Connors fell from grace, but he still didn't drop out of the top 10 until the end IIRC!

    Lendl w/ his very impressive record w/ 94 titles and 8 majors would also have to be relegated to the dust-bin! I couldn't w/ his USO record alone of 8 straight finals; winning 3 in a row ('85-'87)!

    IMO, no one's more deserving of his status than Borg who really didn't have that much; esp. playing w/ a wood racket, but handled so many types of aggressive players, counter-punching all the time! That's why he's always so highly regarded taking 5 straight Wimbledons and 6 FO's; 4 in a row at the end of his career ('78-'81)!

    Even w/ his gifts, I guess I don't mind McEnroe being left off! He terribly underachieved; same w/ Agassi! I like this exercise; food for thought!

    ***Murray has lost all 9 matches he played this year v Fedalovic. If he can't regain his 2008-13 form by next Wimbledon prob we can say Murray is in terminal decline. By then he'll be 28 yrs old and 2 yrs since he was last awesome.***

    Playing this way, counter-punching, I say he way "overachieved!" He had a nice run mid summer to the end of the following and won all his major titles in quick succession; counting OG! I'm sure I've said there are players like Murray and Nadal that will shorten their careers playing like that so I'm shocked he hasn't had problems sooners! Heaven knows Rafa's been a mess over the years coming and going often enough!

    ***Transcript of Federer & Murray's post-match interview: ...***

    I've never been interested in interviews; either side looks ridiculous! I'm offended by most journalist who are well educated, highly regarded intellectually by people, but they always ask the most inane and stupid questions! "I'm just asking what an 'average Joe' might want to know!" Yeah, I would really harp on how someone got skunked; "how do you feel mate? Tell us how it hurts!" Idiots! Then you have the players who don't want to be there; even though they may have won a huge match! They have to be restrained and give their opponent all kinds of disingenuous praise, when you know they hate each other's guts! These interviews can only hurt a player in my eyes; sorta like when the Williams' would say they beat themselves, not their opponent!

    ***I would bet never did one of top 4 lose w/ winning just one game.***

    It happens to everyone; out of the blue! I remember a final at Forest Hills after the USO had left! Nastase and Gerulaitus were playing and Vitas beat Ilie 0 & 1 on clay! Ilie's game winning shot was an impossible angle at the net practically going parallel to the net; the only way to win points then! Vitas was in the zone and Ilie was at the end of his career!

  3. ***Runner's up for year-end #1 added w/ one point each. W/O change to order of the Big 8, but it does re-arrange things for others.

    1. Federer 71
    2. Rosewall 64
    3. Laver 63
    4. Sampras 61
    5. Gonzales 58
    6. Nadal 55
    7. Tilden 51
    8. Borg 48
    9. Lendl 37
    10. Budge 36
    11t. Renshaw 35
    11t. Connors 35
    13. Perry 33
    14t. McEnroe 32
    14t. Djokovic 32
    16. Agassi 31

    Laver was a better player, but for a shorter period of time. This would be like ranking Connors ahead of Borg or Agassi ahead of Sampras. Laver and Rosewall were a lot closer than those other pairs, but there was a solid gap in ability. ...This system also pushes Lendl ahead of Connors, being "the Best of the Rest." Lendl played alongside more all-time greats at or close to their peaks. He bridged the gap btw Connors-Vilas, Borg-McEnroe, Wilander-Edberg-Becker, and Agassi-Sampras-Courier. - Laver is the best til today for me. He's over all others b/c of his 2 GS.***

    I initially gave Sampras every benefit of the doubt, even w/o a FO title; not even a finalist. I finally moved on w/ Federer and his era! No one has his results, even w/ his having an opponent that seems to have his #! There's an age discrepancy worth noting of 6 years so I'll have to give it to him even though many want Rafa acknowledged as the GOAT! His record is lacking in a lot of ways and even if he were to surpass Federer's overall major count, he'll never get that recognition from me! His absences from the tour, going up/down in the rankings, and inability to defend any title off clay just won't cut it! His glaring weakness in the fall where he's usually just attending events; not really competing doesn't help him! I can't see that changing w/ his advancing age; if anything it's getting worse where he's struggling to hold onto his dominance on clay!

    ***...while Hewitt clearly wasn't effective coping w/ the bigger more athletic players that came shortly after him, the fact he was able to do what he did commands tremendous. I think we would all agree that the players today are far more professional, athletic, powerful than players just a few decades back. Sports technology has come a long way.***

    On the ladies' side, I'd put Hingis in this category! She was playing during a bridge btw the era of Graf/Seles to The Williams, Sharapova, and the rest! Neither Hingis or Hewitt could over-power their opponents, were obviously very cerebral in their play, and got the most out of their limitations!

    ***Roger comes back to beat Stan in 3rd set TB - went 3 long sets w/ dubious line and umpiring calls.***

    Roger's "dead man walking" tomorrow! I just don't think it was worth it! This may cost them in DC! Roger couldn't toss Stan a bone? That was so ugly! Stan could come back and redeem himself for Davis Cup, but I think it'll go the other way! I think he's done; more undone! OMG! This is just a continuation of what I've been saying about the 2nd & 3rd tier players; gutless and can't finish! I predicted Stan would blow it after he didn't serve it out the 1st time! You see this happen again and again; very embarrassing for all concerned and an ugly finish!

    ***On the other hand, Roger padded the "Winning a match after saving match points" stat a bit more today, if that matters.***

    That shouldn't be a "positive" since in most cases it's what I would call "gutless" behavior on the part of loser! Stan just wanted that match over; why else serve/volley so poorly on 3 MPs? I would have given him all kinds of props if he had finished off Roger, but it was so predictable! Nole does it at times! I just don't understand it! These kinds of escapes were so rare in my day, but it's routine these days b/c people can't serve a match out; even w/ 2 breaks at times!

    ***I hear you Fiero. The thing is, w/ Roger, considering how he reacted in situations like this last year, this actually IS a positive, in a negative way...I guess.***

  4. ***How about a list of years winning 5 or more titles?***

    There have been so many additions over the years, it wouldn't necessarily be fair for early pioneers of the Open era! W/ exhos and a lot more money being available for them, players actually signed contracts they knew would take them out of the running for some tourneys; WCT, WTT, other events! Some say that's why Connors wasn't able to complete his own cal. year GS in '74!

    ***Did the Swiss just lose to the French in London?***

    I think so! I say it was ridiculous for Roger to go "all out" to win that match vs Stan w/ all those MPs! He worked for almost 3 hours and he's emotional crippled his team mate! W/o a doubt, this was the stupidest thing Federer could have done; all abt his ego and not wanting to succumb to Wawrinka! He's a fool! I mark this tourney as a time-lock that could change Federer's future; whether or not he wins anything of significants again and esp. DC next week!

    ***Change his future? Other than maybe not winning DC, it changes nothing. He'd have preferred the WTF title a million times over DC!***

    I'm speaking of a domino effect; esp. if Switzerland loses in a tight TIE next week! I'm not exaggerating the importance of this moment and others here are "poo-pooing" it! I said last night this was a mistake and Roger proved it by not even getting his old ass out there today to allow Nole his beat-down of THE GOAT!

    ***It would certainly have been interesting to see a fit Roger play against Novak. Nole was definitely the favourite, but remember he lost their last match? It's not a foregone conclusion he would have won at the WTF.***

    As a Fed fan I'll say you were dreamin'! He was not necessarily playing that well as much as his competition choked like dogs! He was playing better for the most part, but it wouldn't have been enough for the real elite; just scrubs who struggled to make the WTF for the most part!

    ***Even if he was fit, he was gonna find it hard to run after a long 3 setter yesterday. He mangled Murray w/ a 38% 1st serve %. Imagine if he'd served over 75%, Novak's still the clear fave these days on this surface and it was always gonna be hard schloggin'.

    These guys' jobs are quite simple on the face of it: try to win, deal w/ losses. Any other thing (and this would surely include tanking matches for strategical reasons) would fit better the description of someone driven by his ego.***

    Fine, but they're supposed to be friends! He has to know Stan's a mental midget who obviously has some trouble in tight matches! Fed took advantage of that, but he shouldn't be surprised if he loses 1 match and Stan collapses in both of his next week! I've seen this sort of thing happen before! A precedent was set ages ago! You can push yourself one day, but you and others pay for it the next!

    ***Well he obviously didn't know how he'd feel til today. He wanted to play the final today so that's why he tried to win the semi-final. Not like he'd roll over for Stan and deny himself the shot at playing the final. Roger didn't take advantage of Stan being a mental midget, it was his fault he played crap on 3 S&V attempts w/ MP's. DC would be a nice runner up prize, but Roger's main goal was to try and win the WTF obviously as that would've more than made up for his shortcomings in big finals this year.***

    When do you think Nole will pass Rafa being #1? I think he's at least 20 weeks behind right now! You can eliminate half of that since there's a dead period until they all get back on their horses next year!

    Well, I'll be hoping he doesn't. Rafa is my 2nd favourite player.***

    For what, a plane crash or loss of a limb? That will be the only way; esp. since Rafa's been only a part time player for years! Btw injury and cycling on and off PED's, when has he defended anything significantly but his FO's? Not sure he really cares about anything else if you ask me!

  5. ***...One conservative activist told Politico he’s worried that if the GOP uses the same arcane procedural move to undo O-Care that Dems used to pass it....***

    ...Reps who've done reconciliation in the past, but have the nerve to threaten Dems if it's even thought about when they're in power! Why do you think some of W's initiatives lasted just 10 years; passed through reconciliation so Reps can kiss my ass! You don't have to search long to find Bush's budget bill which was passed that way to cut taxes in '09! How soon we forget the animals of Congress impeached Bill Clinton in a 'lame dunk' session back in '98! Any complaint by "the right" can be squashed w/ their retched history of obstruction and treachery to the system! All of them can go to HELL as far as I'm concerned! I have an argument to knock any response so you're wasting your time! This is history, this is fact! All Reps are being led by SCUM! It's been going downhill for them for the last 30 years for obvious reasons; no real #s, no guts, and are just plain assholes!

    ***Why Should the Keystone XL project be Approved? - ...if it gets approved and built, the oil companies had better hope it doesn't break and spill into one of the largest fresh water reserves in North America.***

    It always breaks and they dump right into the water of the surrounding area! Happens all the time; why do it if we don't even get a break on production? We get a bunch of temporary jobs, but then the pollution created can't possibly justify such a project; really stupid IMO! - Bout time for Landrieu to find another vocation other than being a political vampire! You can only straddle the fence for so long trying to placate conservatives in Red States! That's why Mark Pryor is gone and Blanche Lincoln lost a few years ago! If you want to run as a Democrat, you have to stand for something or those losers will boot you out anyway! Pelosi and the rest just never seem to learn this lesson! When you're gutless and craven, Reps take advantage of that vacillation and win big; it's happened before in off elections ('94, & '10)! They cut their own throats!

    ***Fiero, yes it's much safer having the oil transported by rail rather than a pipeline. Better for the environment too.***

    How bout getting off oil and coal altogether? That would handle the problem totally! WHY are we so far behind the rest of the world in nuclear, solar, and other natural sources of power? I think I heard years ago that France created 75% of their electricity with nuclear power! We're still paranoid about "The China Syndrome!"

    ***Congressional Study Shows Obama’s Economy Sucks (surprise?)***

    How anyone can even signify after what has transpired over these last years! Even w/ all the obstruction, undermining of the gov't by the Reps, this economy still came back! You all forget how bad it really was at the end of the Bush term; and how he "left us in straights!" Unemployment soared to well 10%, the DOW was on life support around 6600 points, 2 wars were still being waged, and Congress was ready to default! Even after all that bullshit, the Dow is at record highs over 17,000 points, unemployment dropped under 6%, and bills are getting paid somehow! Things could be better, but when you have assholes running Congress, we can't expect anything good out of them these days! They've proved it's worth trashing the entire country to gain back power! Cool; if we're willing to turn it back over to those loser, I give up! Psychotic behavior in us has been evident from the beginning writing in a document stating "that all men are created equal" while owning some at the same time! I could go on, but I'm done! Just keep running the country down! One of these days when we're all living in shit, maybe you'll think back to this time when things were better; fuk'n idiots!

  6. + = = Real Housewives Of Atlanta - (s6) = = +

    ***Kenya was a total bitch to the woman who called in and accidentally called her Kendra. That was uncalled for on "WWHL."***

    Oh please, Kenya was called by another name and then insulted! Give me a freakin' break! You would have read that bitch too! lol! I deal w/ that kind of crap everyday! IDIOTS in this country can't seem to spell my name right! I've seen Jammie, Jaime, Jame, and others I can't remember! It's never correct even though every tv personality, real or fictitious spells it the exact same way! People can be true mohrons! I don't blame Kendra; errr Kenya at all!

    ***In the preview when Kandi tells Phaedra and Porsha what stupid hoes they are; they look greasy and dark. What's up w/ that? Is Phaedra like a mood ring or something?***

    It's the lighting and of course bad make-up! I'm shocked Kenya didn't "read" Nene for her 5 o'clock shadow in last week's WWHL trying to be "Marilyn!" What a moose!

    ***It's like the makeup job looked worse when they replayed it tonight. Guess I just wasn't paying as much attention last week. Whew! No ma'am.***

    Look back a week! I mentioned it; others did too! It was the worse makeup job ever! Nene should sue, but she still looked human! That was at least an improvement! She just looked like she comments all too often after being made up; "look like a drag queen!" Unfortunately for her she looked as if a couple days had passed and her beard had pieced the foundation!

    ***OMG you are choking me!! - - Yes, Apollo lied but, does anyone else think that Kenya started all of this by insinuating that Apollo inappropriately texted her? I mean it was clear that he was attracted to her, and she knew it. He did try to take his wife's side in the whole booty video thing, but when she blew him up over text messages, I think it sent him over the edge, and he has issues to begin w/. I mean later Kenya even said that the texts were innocent. It irritates me that she won't take just a little responsibility for what she initially did.***

    If you took every word of texts seriously, everyone would be separated! I use the term "babe" here and other places; esp. texts! It means nothing! I'm shocked Kandi gave Kenya the "side eye" when she read those texts! Now she's gotta go find Kenya and apologize! I can't wait!

    ***I believe that the text were probably innocent, but Apollo was probably going to go further w/ those text, that's why he was acting crazy and started lying. He wanted Kenya and while the texts were friendly, Apollo had an agenda to get further. - Do you think Phaedra KNEW Apollo lied about Kenya offerring fellatio?***

    The way they've argued in public, there's no way Apollo kept that to himself! He had to use it as a weapon to shock Phaedra in some way! Apollo's like a child; even when he's bad, he's got to tell his mommy eventually! She knew! Any shocked look of surprise will be Academy award winning I'm sure! Do they give Emmy's to reality stars? I stopped watching so many years ago!

  7. ***Disappointed Stan couldn't walk across the finish line, but I think Novak wins in 2 tomorrow.***

    Normally I'd say 3 if Nole were to have his usual brain-cramp, but after this battle TONIGHT, I think Roger may be lucky to get out of bed tomorrow! Nole in staights; maybe a 6-2 or 6-1 set in there somewhere!

    ***The only ones who played worth a damn were Nole and Roger at this event. Cilic and Berd were in clown form, Murray was God awful, Raonic was hurt, and Stan and Nishi were pretty mediocre. Both Nole and Roger played by far their worst match of the event in the semis.***

    They were bored! Nole was not even looking as if he could lose his semi! I could have stepped in and taken that semi from Fed w/ so many opportunities! Stan vapor-locked at the wrong times and he'll blame everyone, including Mirka for this loss for years to come! I've been there; fortunately it happened when I was in HS and had only been playing for 4 years! I only lost 3 or 4 matches over the years back then, always making City in singles and doubles, and I remember all the losses even though it happened back in the 70's!

    Stan might need professional help after this one! You can kiss away Davis Cup as far as I'm concerned! When you have bad chemistry, it shows eventually when it comes to team events! Becker was hated and that was the reason they suffered even w/ other great players on the team! I would think Spain would have won more Cups! I just can't swallow universal love w/ such an ego driven group! I normally don't watch a lot of DC; esp. our sorry ass team here in the States, but I won't miss a moment of this one! You know residual effects will show eventually! If and when Switzerland faces any adversity during that final, the events of this chp will be invoked by commentary; mark my words!

    ***I'm w/ you! I never watch Davis Cup, but I'm definitely intrigued this time. - They could just say, Stan played crap and Roger's back was compromised or simply the French played better and deserved to win. The more likely commentary I reckon seeing as not one thing J Mac said was confirmed by anyone. The roids have fried his mind and probably his ears too.***

    We'll see! Took a look at the doubles exhibition just now! OMG, was that the best they could scare up; sextagenarians from my time? McEnroe literally looks older than his father when he was in the stands 30 odd years ago! Cash is a shell of himself; once "thunder thighs" have given way to spindly legs w/ sagging skin! No comment on the Brits; both awful out there! Murray couldn't volley for shit! I'd demand my money back!

    ***...Ask Mac in the 80's if he would have preferred finishing every year as world #1 w/o ever winning Wimbledon and see what he'll tell you. The major is always more important.***

    Agreed! Being #1 at the end of the year in consecutive seasons wasn't made a big deal until Sampras! He was actually looking to surpass Connors! I have a recollection of Sampras asking Boris to drop out of Paris Masters so he could play it in that 6th seasons of him being #1! Believe it or not Becker dropped out, but Sampras lost early anyway! Still held onto #1 for record!

    ***Hoad was really great for a few years in the late 50s and early 60s, but had a relatively short prime. If we're going on peak 3 years or so he'd probably rate in the top 20, but looking at total career I don't see it.***

    Limited resume only by choice, nat'l service, and a chronic back problem! He actually won 3 of the 4 majors in '56 (13 in totality w/PRO events at majors) and was in the final of the last; The USO! IIRC, he had a record of 7 or 8 victories over Laver w/ NO LOSSES at one time back then!

  8. Anyone w/ any memory of an exhibition tourney back in the mid to late 70's; the "WITC?" For some strange reason I was thinking of it recently where the top 4 players from both the men's & ladies' tour came to Hilton Head Island to mix it up for cash, fun, & bragging rights! The telecast was weekly showing only a match starting the following spring; singles, dubs, and MxDubs! So that was about 11 or 12 weeks of tennis; semi and final of the men, ladies, and MxD, w/ MD and WD! Anyone could win the event by winning matches and collecting a point; won once by BJK only taking the MxD's w/ Stan Smith!

    Players at the top of the rankings played incl. King, Court, Goolagong, and Evert for the ladies & Bjorn Borg, Laver, Ilie Nastase, Roscoe Tanner, and Ashe for the men! Could anyone see Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray getting together w/ Serena, Sharapova, Simona Halep, & Radwanska for such a thing? They were only offering $50,000 to the winner along w/ a year long lease of a Ford! Aces got a cash prize IIRC Tanner (truck lease) winning w/ 50 over the week! Maybe if a $MILL$ was involved?

    ***An all-time greatest player list has to balance peak and career. If we did 2 top 20 lists, 1 for peak and 1 for career, Hoad would almost certainly be on the former, but not the latter.***

    I don't see a need for a new list at this time! There's no question who's universally thought as the GOAT at this time; 'Fed!' Back in the 70's, Laver was lauded by most commentators as being THE Best Of All Time; esp. McEnroe and Sampras who had great reverence for him, bowing to his 2 GS! We moved on to Sampras for a while, even w/o a FO final on his resume! His dominance was fairly complete for the time and his 14 major count ruled! Now that Roger has supplanted that # and closed the circle w/ a FO title in '09, I think by acclamation, Roger will continue to top "most" lists concerning the Greats of TENNIS! You may have a faction that believe since Nadal's H2H vs Roger is a little unbalanced; there's still time in their opinion for him to catch up! Even if Nadal were to pass Roger, it would still be a stretch IMO w/ so many limitations and gaps in his resume! You'll never hear of a GOAT that never defended a title off the surface of clay! Too strange!

    ***Here's Rod Laver's top 10 players, past & present.

    1. Lew Hoad
    2. Jack Kramer
    3. Pancho Gonzales
    4. Don Budge
    5. Fred Perry
    6. Ken Rosewall
    7. Ellsworth Vines
    8. Bobby Riggs
    9. Jack Crawford
    10. John Newcombe

    Evidently no love for Bill Tilden, or maybe he was just too far before Laver's time. Laver would rank himself ahead of Hoad!

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Bjorn Borg
    3. Pete Sampras
    4. John McEnroe
    5. Rafael Nadal
    6. Novak Djokovic
    7. Andre Agassi
    8. Jimmy Connors
    9. Ivan Lendl
    10. Stefan Edberg

    I believe this list was compiled in '12, b/c it mentions Novak having won 10 titles the year before.***

    I can't see myself arguing w/ either list really, besides Tilden being overlooked for obvious reasons dealing w/ his predilections! He was still the best of his era and it's ridiculous to totally dismiss his contributions to the sport of tennis! I would think Rosewall would be higher on other people's list b/c of his impeccable record as an amateur and pro; excelling on both tours and being in the top 10 well into his 30's, taking titles in his 40's! I can imagine Rod having a little animus! Rosewall played "lights out" to keep Laver from winning the only title he failed to get; a WCT Title! They had 2 epic battles in final in both '71 & '72 w/ Laver never getting any closer; losing to Stan Smith (twice) and Borg alone along the way! It's amazing how many have massive reverence for Borg even w/ the glaring holes in his resume! He owned his era and s/b quite high overall! He won 6 FO's and 5 straight Wimbledons; hard to outdo that except Federer trumped him w/ 7 Wimbledons and 5 straight USO's!

  9. ***There've been many times I've sat within site of the Federer box, and I've never seen any gesturing or noise or anything. It's really odd! I can't imagine Mirka making a nusance of herself.***

    I only half-heartedly noticed Stan gesticulating toward his right! I didn't know what it was all about until later; a huge kerfuffle! Either way, I just thought it was unfortunate; esp. w/ a pending DC final to deal w/ on the fly so soon!

    ***Roger seems prophetic given his interview before YEC a couple weeks ago about how things could go really badly the last 2 weeks and ruin his chance to have a decent season.***

    Which begs the question, "why kill himself to win a meaningless semi-final over Wawrinka last week?" It just makes no sense! Roger's supposed to be the most cerebral player out there; vapor locked in this situation of the last couple weeks! What was more important; retrieving #1 ranking, winning the WTF, or preparing for this Davis Cup Final? Obviously Federer was "all at sea" in this instance and wanted it all!

    ***I really think that might have been the cause of all the fuss. Stan being angry at Roger for risking it. - Well Roger isn't THAT prophetic to know that it'd be a 3 hour brutal semi vs. Wawrinka. And the YEC s/b a big goal for him, means more to his resume than DC does even though he probably wants it more than another YEC j/b of how big it is for the country.***

    ...and if it all backfires on him, it will be the biggest blunder I can think of; no #1 ranking retrieval, no tournament win, then exacerbates his back so that now he's in danger of losing badly in a DC final!

    ***Well safe to say it has backfired. I think Stan is going to have to win doubles somehow (very unlikely) otherwise this final is in the books. If he is getting blown out by the clown then I don't see a magic recovery for Tsonga. - Now the ironic thing is that Roger is probably going to keep Stan from winning DC...role reversal.

    Yeah but I think that tennis historians will probably say that the DC and Olympics is tougher b/c the YEC is less pressure on the players, IMO***

    This is really looking ugly now! Federer probably feels obligated after wasting effort to get to YEC final, only to bail! I hope this episode doesn't taint his reputation, but I have to admit, "I REMEMBER stuff like this;" most others will as well! The Suisse team better hope for DEVINE intervention or this will haunt their history for years to come! This has been an absolute "soap opera" so far! - ... many want Rafa acknowledged as the GOAT!

    ***Such as? Show me even 1 example of someone claiming he's the GOAT.***

    I don't have to show it; people make comment of his winning record against Federer! That should be enough to satisfy you!

    ***That alone should warrant that Rafa should be higher on the list, IMO.***

    Not w/ his coming and going like that; I don't think so! Rafa has absolutely too many glaring holes in his record! He's won all the majors giving him great seasons and career, but IMO a bit limited w/ no defense of a title off of clay; that's embarrassing!

    ***Perhaps when h2h becomes the deciding factor in tennis. As far as I'm aware it's winning things!***

    Agreed! Rafa got most of those, esp. the big titles on CLAY! There's a huge imbalance and I take that into consideration along w/ the difference in age w/ Roger and his record vs Nadal!

    ***Schuettler is a former German player who just retired 2 years ago at 36y. He was ranked as high as 5th in the world; runner-up at the AO.***

    That was a dead period in my attention span when it came to tennis! Btw Sampras and Hingis retiring and Agassi, Serena, and Sharapova getting nauseating praise, I just wasn't paying any mind to the game; barely watching Justine win her Gold Olympic medal! Coincidently Federer's ascension to the top along w/ Hingis' return brought me back in '06!

  10. Anyone w/ any memory of an exho tourney back in the mid to late 70's; the "WITC?"

    ***I recall this, but the Pepsi Slam of Tennis in Boca Raton was my faves. The year's major winners were invited to play each other for big money and some of the matches were really good. It was on clay, so you can imagine who won most of them.***

    These kind of exho chps were so big back in the 70's! IIRC, The FO back then had the highest payout on tour; @ $42,500! If you could get the top 4 players somewhere like Boca or Vegas, it was GOLD! The Pepsi Slam was the 1st event that signaled Borg's dominance over Connors! After Bjorn defeated him in cons. years there, he only lost 1 more at the '78 USO and he had a thumb injury that wouldn't allow him to hold onto his own racket; slamming it to the ground a few times after a serve!

    ***Yes, Borg really turned the corner against Connors in the Pepsi Slam of '79. Until then, Connors held a slight edge dating back to '74. After that victory, he won the next 9 or 10 matches against his great rival. Connors must be kicking himself for losing the '81 semi at SW19 after being up 2 sets to love.

    ...Yeah, that's exactly why Roger struggled through most of '13 w/ a back injury (that is now relapsing) and why Nadal is having stem cell treatment for an injury he sustained in Jan.***

    If Roger doesn't win or if Stan falters in any way, mark my word, he'll regret pushing himself in that WTF semi last week! I just don't think it did him any favors winning either way; 1st concerning his own health and secondarily the mental fragility of his DC teammate! I just didn't think it worth it; esp. coming back from several MP's!

    TCC playing DC match of Federer and Hewitt from '03 Final! As usual, I didn't pay any attention to it back then; didn't even know the result! W/ Roger's lack of DC title, I figured he lost! I didn't know it was a bad one where he actually served for it! He took a rather long break after dropping the 3rd set; gamesmanship? People wondered; others thought he was just run down from previous 5 set victory! This loss and the one to Nalbandian in the final of '05 WTF have to haunt him still; even accepting he had an ankle injury! Being up 2 sets and losing a final usually stays in one's memory; hopefully holding off any subsequent occurrences!

    ***I saw the last 30 mins of the DC match and, honestly, Roger ought to have let someone else play. He was not able to hit through the BH or run down shots to the corner. I get the feeling his ego and pride got to him--he ought to have waited to see if he needed to come in for the 4th or 5th rubber. In hindsight, it looks like a poor decision; another day or 2 of rest might have helped. At any rate, unless he's leaps and bounds ahead of where he physically is now, I would bench him. See if they can win it on doubles (which Roger should NOT play) and then set Stan in the 4th slot to be the hero.

    The problem is that Roger, like the rest of us, knows that if he wasn't out there it'd be the same as forfeiting the match to France. They simply don't have another decent singles player to march out there.***

    Is this to be Federer's legacy; spoiler? I'll get over it, but he better look out the "trending generation" doesn't start feeling that way! He has to do more than upset a top player; got to win to make it worthwhile! The top of men's tennis is trying to change, but so far he's been able to ensconce himself somehow above the "also-rans!" When will they truly step up? I just don't want to see him end up like Connors or McEnroe! Even Navratilova began to bother me by '94; early exists & obviously on her last legs! At least she went out on top in singles; a finalist at Wimbledon! Her 2nd act more impressive than most who played the game!

  11. ***I think it's probably better for France to play Tsonga, unless he is really carrying a serious injury.***

    France s/b "rather deep," but ego-mania has to have something to do w/ this! They could have fielded a better doubles' pairing! They were weak and it was over very early on! They had opportunities, didn't cash in, then they were done after the 1st few games! It wasn't even a contest! I suppose it may have to do w/ the last minute change for the Suisse; I know I was shocked to see Federer come out there to play! He was supposed to be in traction; if you listened to the commentary from Friday's disaster!

    ***Last time I checked, Graff had won 22 Grand Slam titles. As tennis fans in general, I can't see the sense of trying to 'belittle' one of the Greatest Female Tennis Players ever to take the court.***

    ...with a huge * behind her name! It's unfortunate we'll never really know! The cold hard #s will supplant any reasoning behind "what ifs" down the line, but living during her era gives us a little more insight that historians in the distant future won't have for obvious reasons! All you have to do really is look at how "Big Bill" Tilden is underrated and dismissed for something totally unrelated to tennis! That proves the "thought-police" can shape history!

    ***Here's the thing w/ an asterix - you're not only putting 1 on Graf - you're putting 1 on every player for the next decade including your own favourite Martina Hingis. Let's not get greedy buddy - let's share the asterix around a bit. I'm sure Sanchez, Hingis, Davenport and every other player winning titles during the 90s would be overjoyed.

    ...Sure, we know the context... but when I read stuff like "Graf had no answer for Seles", "Seles dominated Graf" etc... It's clear, the people commenting either weren't around at all or didn't follow tennis very closely at the time. Neither statements are true b/c Graf led the H2H (always) and beat Seles more often than not even when Seles was #1. Graf's biggest dramas during her relative 2 year slump were against Sabatini (She went 4-8). Outside of that period she was 25-3 against her.***

    That was a great period to watch tennis; Sabatini actually testing Graf and frustrating her in quite a few matches around '91 & '92! It all remained a nonseceture since Graf was able to overcome her when it mattered in their lone Wimbledon final! I still enjoy watching those matches on clay and cement to this day!

    ***Actually, If you want to factor everything including doubles into the equation then I'd go with Nav as the greatest player. But for me, singles is the benchmark as it's a level playing field and currently Steffi Graf would be my choice as the greatest to date. No issues w/ anybody making a case for Nav, Court or Evert. These 4 players are in a group ahead of the rest IMO. Serena is moving into that group at the moment.

    Serena is already in that group. What the heck does this woman have to do to be given her right accolades. Had she been anyone else, she would have already been in that group and it would not be "moving," it would be "she's already in that group."***

    Serena hurts her legacy w/ the "part time" act; coming and going, embarrassing herself and the sport w/ a couple "soap opera" moments at the USO; maybe getting a quiet sanction and barred from playing the event! How many defending champions disappear like this woman? I'm offended by her lack of awareness of what she was doing as "The #1 player" off and on for a decade! No one underachieved more on the ladies' side of tennis history; maybe Venus!

  12. ***The Bones (2005) Formula:

    1 mins - random people being idiots in a place.
    1 mins - body found, idiot falls over. Probably onto the body.
    3 mins - Booth and Bones family drama that doesn't matter. ...fake drama, left hanging by phone call murder.
    3 mins - crime scene. Bones identifies sex of victim, Hodgins plays in poo or bugs, Booth gets some on his shoe, Bones says 'this all has to go back to the lab,' but makes some point related to the fake drama at which point Cam and Hodgins exchange a look at each other.
    3 mins - lab. Body is getting looked at by Cam, Bones and random squint who says something unprofessional to let you know what their personal drama that week is.
    1 mins - Angela's room. Angela pieces together victim's skull and gets a name.
    2 mins - Booth's office. Sweets/new Fake Sweets comes in. Booth mentions that the victim recently got into trouble w/ his wife or some family friend or something.
    2 mins - Booth and Bones driving to victim's wife/husband/boss. Bones points out that Booth is a pauper and wrong about everything.
    1 mins - wife shown not to be murderer, but notes that her husband was having a problem at work w/ the chef who is really good w/ knives and did time for aggravated assault a while back.
    2 mins - chef is in interrogation room. Booth goes hard on him w/ the questioning.
    1 mins - office corridor. 'He's not our guy, turns out his alibi checks out'
    2 mins - lab. Bones are cleaned. Squint notices a small V/X/Y/Z shaped chip in a bone that isn't part of the 'recent signs of remodelling' (tm). Bones runs w/ that and deduces that the victim was stabbed w/ an object.
    3 mins - Hodgins points out that that object only exists in a 5 ft area just outside of DC.
    1 mins - Booth meets Bones in a cafe. Somebody has a strop. Booth's phone rings. Cam says the object they are looking for was on land that was owned by the victim's wife's ex or something.
    2 mins - ex in the interrogation room. Look we know it was you. He/she/whoever lawyers up.
    2 mins - lab. a small nick on the left-side c-5 vertebrae or something is found. Must be cause of death.
    3 mins - Angela's room. Tap tap tap. The object is a soup spoon. Booth "but didn't the wife use to work in a soup kitchen?"
    2 mins - Interrogation. We know it was you. Soup spoon. I didn't mean to kill him. He was having an affair blah blah blah.
    2 mins - Booth and Bones at home. Bones concedes that some studies have shown that tv can aid infant concentration by 3%. Booth calls her a dirty rat in a gangster voice and pretends to shoot a gun at her.***

    Look at Cosby story! I'd heard this stuff for years, but people refused to see him as anything but Dr. Huxtable! Call me jaded, but I never jumped on that bandwagon! I remember moving into my 1st place in a Chicago suburb in '83; got cable, and saw what was called a "Hollywood Minute" on CNNhln! Cosby was mentioned almost daily; beside stand-up, he was hosting jazz festivals, sitting in for Johnny Carson, on book tours, making bad commercials and awful movies (Leonard Part 6)! All I could think of, "this man is never home! Camille is raising those kids alone!"

    ***I know what the statute of limitations is. I just didn't know how he meant it in this context of sexual harassment.***

    What happens when it's proved the victim was exaggerating or totally making up a harassment charge? ...I'm like the last person to accuse of ANYTHING like that; idiot!

    ***The person being accused could sue the "victim." And usually sexual harassment is in the workplace so the "statute of limitations" wouldn't even apply. Nor would it apply to false allegations of rape. Again, the recourse is to sue the accuser.***

    ...And get what; $$$? Harassment is sometimes "in the eye of the beholder" for the most part! Suing over a false allegation just isn't worth it at times!

  13. ***Nice to see Stan come through after all the smack talk, but I'm saying France takes this DC 3-2***

    Davis Cup hasn't been "important" in years IMO; esp. here in the States since we can barely field a team! It's not like the old days when we had an A, B, & C team depending on the level of competition, surface, and who actually committed to an appearance! It doesn't look good for the Suisse! Who are these players in dubs for Switzerland? I just don't pay attention since no top singles player indulges in the game much! I don't necessarily blame them! To this day, I give Martina all due praise for sacrificing some singles' majors due to her dedication to doubles! Graf betrayed her twice by dropping out after a couple matches on Navratilova in the middle of 1 Wimbledon and 1 USO! It's just hard to have respect for someone who did that to a legend at least twice!

    ***There are rumors floating around that Tsonga's withdrawal is not much due to injury and more due to his unwillingness to play in a pressure filled match in front of 27000 folks. - Yeah, seeing a lot about that alright on other forums. Pretty lame if it's true.
    --- If injury was the sole reason he refused to take the court again after Friday then fair enough. But amid reports that Clement wanted him to play doubles w/ Gasquet on Saturday only to have him back out at the 11th hour on the morning of, it's hard to ignore the theory that Tsonga just didn't want to deal w/ the pressure. A Davis Cup captain needs to have his pulse on the psyche of his players and know how to manage them.***

    That's why I use the term GUTLESS often when describing this generation of players! They make too much and they're coddled; it's a wonder all don't have awful attitudes! I'm getting more insight to the real players behind the racket and it ain't pretty! A country w/ as many good players, you know it's about other things; ego, mental weakness, unhappy w/ the coach! It's ridiculous w/ all their advantages, the result was only in question "BEFORE" the final!

    ***It's perfectly normal to make some sacrifices to play for the flag. The players who refuse to play DC are wrong. It's an honor for a sportsman to play for his country; all great ones played DC from Laver to Vilas and many others.

    This is what happens when you have too many options. You mess it up completely instead of using the depth as a boon. If Tsonga was injured before the tie, they should not even have included him in the team. They should have used Simon and Monfils for singles and Benneteau and Vasselin for doubles.***

    You would think, but I've seen all kinds of politics and ego-mania concerning participation in Davis Cup! We had a wealth of talent and could afford to be jerks about it, but now that we don't even have a player in the top 10, "we're beggin'!" The situation for the ladies' isn't much better with Fed Cup! It can only get uglier as time goes on!

    ***If that's really the case, then Tsonga is a fk'n coward and s/b banned from Davis Cup competition.

    There are 2160 tennis player w/ a ranking listed on the ATP page. Among them just 32 players managed to win titles at ATP tour level events this year. Congrats!

    7 titles ------------------ 1
    6 titles ------------------ 0
    5 titles ------------------ 1
    4 titles ------------------ 3
    3 titles ------------------ 3
    2 titles ------------------ 7
    1 title ------------------ 17***

  14. ***I don't see Nole as a legit threat to win all 4 majors in the same year. He isn't anywhere near as strong on fast surfaces. He played an amazing final to barely edge Roger on grass this year, but on most occasions he's the underdog in that situation. And he clearly is not the same on fast HC's as slow ones. I think he will win USO again, but on a year to year basis I wouldn't pick him given his record there.***

    Well Nole has a better chance at it than the other top players; that's for sure! Federer's best days are behind him and his last major chance was at Wimbledon! Rafa is the last one I'd think could do it! W/o Rafa playing on a surface that bounces the ball as high as he'd like, he will continue to struggle; least of all win all 4 majors! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone with even the thought! At his best he's been fortunate to take a FO title yearly, but then to go to an extreme notion of absolute perfection isn't realistic!

    ***It's the same old, same old...7 majors later, 20 Masters 1000s later, 4 WTFs, 3 out of last 4 clear #1 at the end of the year..Nole's 27 years old, he's not the fave any where. So who gets to most major finals and semi-finals in the last 4 years? Maybe somebody who won 1 major and made another final in more than 4 years is an overwhelming fave? This is before his WTF win, so you can add another title to the stats from the article:

    - -

    I could understand that in 2011 you couldn't see that Nole is here to stay as the most dominant player, but now, at the end of 2014? Give me a person who won more in this period of time, please! And somebody who can even compete for the whole year! It's hard to do, almost impossible to win 4 majors in 1 year, but if there is anybody who could do it, it's Nole.***

    ...What else is new? Nole never seems to get his due! When Roger was swirling the drain last year, you couldn't get away from him; the endorsements, the accolades, magazine covers, and non-stop fawning by the media! Djokovic had a truly memorable '11, even surpassing the near perfect years of Federer and Nadal, but it just hasn't been enough to change thoughts; it's all about them! Nole just sweeps up the crumbs no matter what he does and for how long!

    ***Yeah, every year it's the same narrative. But as long as Nole is healthy and motivated enough, I'm sure that Nole will win more and come close to the other 2 goats. I really hope he can put a perfect season together where he's at his best when it counts the most; at majors.

    IMO, I don't see Dallas fading. I think only hope is that we can beat Detroit twice, and Seattle/San Fran lose 2 in the meantime. Seeing that they play each other twice, if they split… they'll only have to lose one more.***

    Dallas fading is a yearly event! It's one of the most embarrassing organizations (misnomer) out there w/ entirely too much talent to wallow in mediocrity year after year w/ repeated 8-8 records! Jerry Jones needs to fire himself, but like the not so dearly departed Al Davis, it isn't going to happen; only his demise being enough to change it's mindset!

    ***Yeah, but something about this Dallas team seems different to me. IDK… they're very strong up front and their defense is playing very well. If they stay healthy, I think they win 11 games. Detroit has a much better chance of fading, IMO... which is also a yearly event.***

  15. ***The question is, if Nole pulled off a GS, would he automatically be the modern day GOAT?***

    Nope! I can only give him so much credit for his ascension to the top of the ranks! I would start talking about how weak and gutless the players were; already do b/c they allow him to make just about every semi and final of the majors! He's good, but not "that good" unless his opposition is not as competitive as they once were when I was growing up! The new tech has made a difference, but it should work for others as well; not just Roger, Rafa, and Nole! This is embarrassing to see the same names at the top year after year, again and again!

    ***...McEnroe's bitterness, or frustration, can be summed up in the title of an Orwell book: '1984.' The guy blew it big time in Paris, there's no 2 ways about it. Of all the greats we've seen, that was the biggest choke, crack, meltdown, fiasco, whatever word you want to use. For Lendl, it was a shot in the arm, but for Mac, he never really recovered. And he was strolling to victory playing S&V - on clay!

    He'd have altered the landscape of everything that came afterwards and he may even have won a calendar year Slam and joined Laver at the pinnacle of the sport. He went on to have a career year in 1984, one of the most beautiful years of tennis ever seen. There's never been so unorthodox and naturally gifted a player. But that day against Lendl, it haunts him. Kinda like the USO final of 1980 might still haunt Borg at some deep-rooted level, but this one blares loudly in McEnroe's face, like one of his own tempestuous tirades against stuffy grey-haired officialdom.***

    '76 more palpable for Borg! He was playing Connors on clay and allowed him to escape! That 3rd set TB was the pivotal decider for that match! His injury in '77 was not a lot that could be done! Borg actually defaulted to Stockton after 2 sets; all square! Federer has 4 of these; 3 Wimbledon finals and of course AO in 2010 to Nadal! Some might say his '09 Wimbledon victory against Roddick used up all his luck! That was a true gift; "thanks Andy!"

    *** Borg might have won 3 or 4 USO's. Why did they get rid of the clay BTW? They only used it for 2 Chps.!***

    Actually it was 3, '75-77! Simple, the MEN couldn't hang! Europe and South America owned clay back then! We had a few clay courters like Solomon and Dibbs, but BORG owned them like a clothing line! Gottfried, Stockton, Gerulaitis, and others were on par w/ them, but didn't have the fire power to stay out there and blast away for hours! Btw Borg, Vilas, Manuel Orantes, Raul Ramirez, and the other greats of clay, Connors saved them w/ his lone title on clay in '76! Evert loved it, winning all 3 years; 6 overall! When they went to that pane of glass they called a HC in '78, Vilas was upset right away in the 1st round IIRC! US tennis came back w/ McEnroe who took 3 str.; 2 over BORG and 4 overall!

    ***...when names like Orantes and Vilas show up that could have Connors and the other great Americans, I suspect you're right on why it changed. Pity for Bjorn, and Rafa would have more too. Bear in mind, this isn't pipedream stuff since the USTA held the Slam on clay. For Bjorn it was tougher though. They couldn't have chosen a more hostile and alien environment for him than the hards at Flushing Meadows.***

    Everyone forgets about Manuel Orantes! He was a great players; coming back in 5 sets against Vilas w/ a huge lead and then "straight-setted" Connors the very next night to win '75 USO! I still call it the most "gutless" maneuver ever; changing the court twice in 3 years! The USTA even started eliminating their other clay court titles; USTA CCC became the USTA HC! Ridiculous! I've been saying for years, I think that's why US tennis is DOWN! We've gotten away from the basics, esp. training our kids on clay! It's hurt w/ only Serena saving USA "face!"

  16. Ferguson Grand Jury comes down w/ a 'No True Bill' on Wilson who shot and killed Brown in Aug.! You have a senile police captain incoherently trying to deal w/ the actual shooting and allowing the kids body to roast in the street for hours! ...Finish it up w/ this GJ decision taking months, but unlike OJ verdict, these brain surgeons decide "let's wait until the middle of the night to insult and slap the sensibilities of the country!" RIOT! "

    ***...I wonder if they're waiting to announce until GJ verdict Thursday in Ferguson when the rioters will be feasting?***

    Well I guess these grand jurors didn't want to waste anymore time and money and just decided to No Bill it! A little red mark on his face and that justifies 12 shots; 1 to the top of his head!

    ***Just b/c I may politically stand w/ Al Sharpton on issues does NOT mean I, nor the vast majority of Black folks in this country agree w/ or support him, Jesse Jackson, or the NBPP (all 2 of them)!***

    Amen! They're no fave of mines, but truth is truth, even if from someone's shady like they have been in the past! Even liars can tell it like it is when you have something as obvious as this travesty! Yeah, we really have a lot of nerve passing judgment on other countries and their lack of civil rights and this happens; again and again! It can be a cop or regular citizen; "we'll take care of you!" Stand your ground and defend yourself even if the person is unarmed; shoot to kill!

    ***Perhaps the Rev Al understands what 'incitement to riot' means. The Brown family lawyer apparently does as he has been busy trying to minimize the statements made by the father and mother last night.***

    Well those emotional outbursts or statements will hurt their civil case! Not sure they have a leg to stand on since the kid was some kind of thug bully, but these cops have to resort to other measures! Killing him, then letting the body lay on the street for over 4 or 5 hours only inflamed the situation and the people "were done!" That grand jury verdict only cemented the town's shame and fate!

    ***What kind of wimpy cop was Wilson to feel so powerless like a child facing Hulk Hogan or a demon?***

    Tell me about it! I keep saying the same thing when these wimpy cops start whining; "you need a new vocation!"

    ***I'm curious if Officer Wilson were Black, would any of you social justice warriors be agitating for him to be prosecuted w/o evidence?***

    Manslaughter is manslaughter; esp. if you're a person that's supposed to command respect and are responsible to others! There are plenty of bad Black cops; esp. here in Chgo! We've had them accused, prosecuted, and convicted of robbery, coercion, involuntary manslaughter, torture, and selling drugs out of their squad cars; "The Marquette 10!" Spare me that old argument using the RACE card! No one more liberal here, but I'll accuse, point a finger, and beat up on anyone that's a "bad guy!" That cop is a bad guy! That prosecutor is a bad guy! The Mayor and Governor are weak while the Police Commissioner of that town incompetent! This couldn't have gone worse if they tried; thing is this is the way they wanted it to go, just didn't work out for them! Their reputations won't recover; on par w/ Watts due to social media if not as egregious!

    ***Fiero, have you LOOKED at the MO statute concerning self defense? If you have some evidence of guilt that the grand jury didn't see, please enlighten us.***

    I have eyes, common sense, and history going back to the 60's! Fifty years later we have a Black President, but he's respected about as much as I do for the Comm., Prosecutor, and the entire PD of that despicable town!'s permissible to murder Black children in the streets by not only cops, but so called law-abiding, gun toting, responsible citizens! There are so many of these tragedies out there! I'm disappointed that you see it your way; totally dismissing all we've seen and heard!

  17. ***Benghazi Investigation Reveals No Faults***

    Well this proves "they got nothing!" If Issa dumps all this information just before a holiday, you know he's embarrassed and he doesn't want the world to see what a jackass he was making out some huge conspiracy! He's a gutless turd and his day of reckoning will come! It'll all blow up in his stupid face and being from California, he'll pay a huge price!

    ***Having your embassy attacked for 8 hours doesn't require permission of host countries to defend. Apparently Libya wasn't in putting down the attack either.***

    You are obviously ill-informed since there was NOTHING anyone could do! It was spontaneous, in a country where the locals were supposed to protect the installation! It wasn't even the embassy, but that folklore goes on because detractors love to inflame all issues; no matter how trivial to support there aversion to EVERYTHING OBAMA! It was a CIA HQ and the ambassador went over to investigate tactics used to interrogate supposed terrorist or their collaborators! This wasn't a planned inspection and all concerned were caught flat-footed! Instead of bemoaning the loss alone, Republicans try to make political hay out of it! If ever those animals cheat their way back into The White House, after what they've put this man through w/ the level of disrespect of a chimpanzee, I better not ever hear anything about ill-treatment of their "figurehead!" After questioning Obama's mother, children's SS detail, his wife, father, patriotism, and his citizenship, you losers won't have a leg to stand on for all TIME!

    ***Find something new to whine and cry about Republicans... notify Fox News; they need a new act.***

    They can't let it go! I saw Lyndsey Graham on CNN this morning still whining about Rice's talking points from over 2 years ago and that the report is bogus and can't be relied upon! I used to have so much respect for moderate Republicans, but they're losing their influence so they have to "in step" walk over the same cliff as the other lemmings! What an idiot! I'm so disappointed in these people! There is no moderate voice on either side now; all extreme!

    ***Graham is still a moderate, but he's not stupid enough to just take the word of a politically motivated "committee" of TWO. That's why he's not a Democrat. lol!***

    ...I'd be a little suspect of the neighborhood as well, but I feel that way about the SOUTH in general! ...Don't give me that new SOUTH BS; I watch politics and they're still treating constituents like idiots; limiting access to the polls and instituting oppressive ID laws! Screw the SOUTH!

    ***Youre F O S. You don't ever do anything except come here and hate, rant, and insult. Youre "dialogue" is about par for the course. Dont BS us.***

    ...and yet you're so superior to us all that you take the bait every time to verify and give substance to my animus! Congrats!

  18. ***Ferguson, Mr. Brown, and the grand jury deciding whether to indict the COP that killed him. Perhaps you're being a bit harsh on the police. Is the shooter racist? Perhaps. But I'm willing to give him benefit of doubt. BTW I heard an interesting discussion on NPR about this. The points made:

    a) The grand jury members KNOW if there isn't an indictment, there may be repercussions, including potential rioting. This may provide perverse incentive, pressure on the grand jurors to call for an indictment, even if they believe it would not be appropriate. So the indict, to avoid a riot.

    b) Then it goes on trial, the trial jurors believe the COP is innocent, but they fear there will be rioting if they don't convict, so for civil peace they convict; hoping the judge will give a mild sentence.

    c) The judge has to obey the law, and an innocent COP ends up doing 25 to life.

    That's not a prediction. But I suspect it's a scenario that is not impossible.***

    Well I guess these grand jurors didn't want to waste anymore time and money and just decided to No Bill this weak ass cop! A little red mark on his face and that justifies 12 shots; one on the top of his head! I will never be surprised again by such a thing! Hopeful Holder will be able to do more; but it's doubtful! He promises to do so, but rarely does anything change! Black kids lives just aren't worth it I guess! No justice; no peace! And we keep wondering why?

    ***F4. Did you hear Sharpton's speech today? I've never been much of a Sharpton fan. Tawana Brawley was from Wappingers Falls, NY. So was I. I owned a town house there; so no huge Sharpton fans here. I thought Sharpton made some sensible point in his speech today. We'll see if Ferguson settles down tonight.***

    No Fan of Sharpton for the same reason, but even a total moron can make sense at times! He's moved on since that Brawley disaster, but he was trying to shake up the police department for other reasons! I still remember some guy from a couple years ago got shot to death in his car by NY's finest; total mistake where he was attending bachelor event before getting married the next day! Still not sure what happened!

    As for the cop, be afraid all you like! If he's wants to continue, then he's in the wrong vocation! He made that ridiculous statement about feeling like a rag doll being assaulted by Hulk Hogan! This cop was 6'4" with bulk to him! If he's that terrified by an 18 y.o. behemoth, have him sit at a desk job! The city will be sued for sure and this fool will probably still have his job! The Rodney King cops were successfully prosecuted by the Feds at least! Maybe this guy hasn't totally gotten away with this travesty of justice!

    ***The objection at Ferguson is, the gov't Blacks are helping to pay for, is biased against them. This is demonstrable statistically, not merely anecdotally. DWI, driving while intoxicated is a crime here. Such driver is subject to arrest, etc. But in parts of the U.S. there's an unofficial additional driving infraction: DWB, driving while Black. Blacks know they're disproportionately harassed by police, etc. Blacks don't like it. I'm sympathetic. I wouldn't like it either. Regarding a policeman acting on self-defense reflex, F4 is right. Police s/b trained to overcome that; and apply lethal force only when necessary, and not merely when they're scaird. Yes F4, I remember the bridegroom incident also.***

  19. It's all about the matchup at times; no matter how talented! I didn't consider myself that good when I played, but serving well and relentlessly attacking the net beat better players than me! My best chance to upset someone was always on a faster court where I could press the issue at will!

    ***Does anyone think we'll see any more new GS champs next year like we did for Stan and Cilic this year?***

    It would be nice, but today's top echelon are stronger than the troika of my era; Borg, Connors, McEnroe! Replace Borg w/ Lendl after his retirement and they're still not as good as Roger, Rafa, & Nole! Vitas Gerulaitus was the Andy Murray of his day; just didn't complete the sale w/ a win in the major finals of USO & FO; did take AO IIRC! There just isn't much hope I'd have for someone to sneak one like Stan and Cilic, but you never know!

    ***I think the big 4 still got it on their racquets. If Murray plays well at the AO and soon enough they are 1-2-3-4 again, w/ at least 3 of them entering the Slams healthy and playing reasonably well. They might end up w/ all 4 majors btw them. But, as time goes by, this becomes harder and harder. - Ever since Stan won his GS title at the AO, he's become too big for his tennis shoes. Thank goodness he has been cut down to size since.***

    IDK why I've never been a fan of Stan's; maybe the surly attitude and inconsistent results over the years! He has all the shots and s/b winning a lot more! I can't see him defending AO; or even making QF for that matter! He'll be upset early; "you heard it here first!"

    ***Novak will win 4 slams and 9 Masters 1000 events. But will pull out of the WTF final citing injury, before winning the Davis Cup a week later. It will officially cement the Novak era.***

    I think his 2011 season has already cemented Nole's era! In a lot of ways, he's underachieved; losing matches or titles within his grasp! It may seem a bit harsh, but it's happened enough times to take note; even his title wins being made more complicated by not serving out a match on several occasions! I feel anything from here on is gravy; sorta like when Borg won a few Wimbledons and all those FO's! No one's going to feel sorry for him b/c he never achieved a USO title! He was still elevated to God-Like status and continues to hold the respect of the tennis community after 30+ years of retirement! There are only a handful who are lauded as much w/ admiration and awe!

    I think Nole has secured his legacy even if he never takes another title! We all know he will add to his #'s and prove he's better than other players who have more majors! He's closing the gap in his head to head record w/ Rafa, unlike Roger who's woefully behind to his closest rival! I just never thought we'd see anything like Sampras again; even giving him a pass w/o a FO, but we've all been fortunate to see history being made that may not be surpassed in another 30 years! We've seen 3 players in quick succession win 3 majors in a season; Federer 3 times! Add on the career Grand Slams of Nadal and Federer since Agassi, it's quite possible it'll occur again with Nole within the next year or 2!

    ***...While I can see Roger playing even after getting out of top 10, I don't see him playing after becoming an unseeded player in Grand Slams.***

    It would never happen! W/ 32 seeds in a draw, he could take 2 years off and still be entitled to an honorary seed of #32! Back in '82, Goolagong had taken off for the birth of Morgan and Wimbledon gave her #16 seeding! Of course she went out in the 2nd round to a little known jr. champion; Zina Garrison! I think Roger will always get some kind of elevation due to his record in the majors!

  20. ***Obama attended a Ferguson response meeting, but should POTUS be doing this? After Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, rioting resulted in destruction of property & other disruption. But is this the kind of thing he should be devoting his time to?***

    Now Obama has to comment on the Eric Garner "choking" incident in New York! No indictment of this guy either! I wonder what happens w/ Ohio and the cop who shot that 12 y.o. sporting a toy playing by himself? I feel like I'm in a freakin' time warp! This has always happened in my lifetime, but even w/ videotape showing the injustice, it continues! I'm terribly disillusioned!

    New York Cop Gets Away w/ Murder! Stanton Island came down w/ a "No Bill" to indict and prosecute a NY police officer who choked a man to death while others stood around; hearing him say "I can't breathe" at least 10 times! After Ferguson, we shouldn't be surprised anymore! Black lives obviously mean nothing to the everyday citizen who are unwilling to "come down" on police officers since "they serve and protect!" Prosecutors for some reason "forget how to do their jobs" and show themselves to be incompetent in these instances!

    ***Yes F4, It rather does look like it's open season on Black men. There's video of this "arrest." The suspect was large, but to my knowledge, compliant. ...I'd have thought ordering him to his knees and putting cuffs on him might have made more sense. ...Can it be as simple as that the DA and the police are in bed together from the start? If that's it, perhaps in cases where a policeman is the suspect / defendant, somebody other than an attorney from the DA's office should handle it. It's not unknown for such bureaucrats to recuse themselves.***

    Well that will never happen! These local municipalities always think they have the right to investigate and seek a prosecution if warranted! They've proved they can't be trusted; as well as the citizens! All you have to do is look back 20 years to Rodney King! Even on trial for excessive force w/ a supervisor standing there, videotape showing the entire incident, Simi Valley couldn't convict them; Feds had to step in a put those bastards in prison for a few years! It'll have to occur again and again like that b/c cities and states can't deal w/ this issue! Civil right charges will have to filed by Holder again!

    ***Al Sharpton is going there. That should calm things down. Maybe his fellow race hustlers Obama and Holder should get in on the action.***

    They'll have to b/c the local riff raff can't be trusted to deal w/ this issue! How many times does it have to happen? What will they do in Ohio w/ the cop that shot a 12 y.o. w/ a toy? He lied saying he gave him a chance, but video shows him getting out hos squad car shooting; 2 sec. tops! Civil rights charges will probably have to be filed again since cities can't prosecute police officers effectively no matter the evidence!

    ***Do you even know what is a violation of federal civil rights laws? It doesn't just mean, "I think the local gov't got it wrong so the Feds have to mete out punishment."***

    Well in this instance, that's exactly what will happen! It happened w/ Rodney King and it'll happen here! It as on tape for Gawd-sake! Simi Valley couldn't act right and now we know for sure NY's no better! I've seen and heard worse that has fallen by the wayside! The cop is done, the city's done, and that grand jury's a disgrace!

    ***F4, I think the Rodney King beating demonstrated more malice. It was clear to me King was trying to surrender; but they would not stop hitting him. It was clearly sadistic, punitive; not intended to subdue, but to punish / torment.

    In NY the COP at least has the fig-leaf of being able to pretend he was trying to affect an arrest. I know! King survived, and Garner died. But the Rodney King beating was a conspicuous atrocity.***

  21. ***That's a very interesting point F4. I think one of the differences between a grand jury and a petit jury is, I believe grand jurors can themselves ask questions; whereas petit jurors can't. Regarding AG Holder: perhaps one of the most damning things about the Obama admin. is that of all the crooked $Millionaire $bankers that contributed to the Bush recession, a grand total that have been prosecuted for their role in it by either the Bush admin. or the Obama admin. is ZERO. Are they simply too scared of big money to prosecute them? And the part that's such a headache; it's gunna happen AGAIN! We KNOW it will happen again!***

    We're insane; and it's going to happen again! The lack of prosecutions was no surprise! The admin. didn't want to make more waves than nec.! He was already being blind-sided by the Reps! The economy was teetering on the brink and the "Tea-Baggers" want to set an example and try to bring this President to his knees! Hard to believe they actually took it up to the edge fooling around w/ the US credit rating! The Dow was under 6600, unemployment skyrocketing, and 2 wars are still being waged! I will never vote for another Rep for the rest of my life! It was more important to score political points that blew up in all of our faces! Even w/ all their obstruction, things have turned around! W/ the foot-draggin', it was painful and continues to be, but we're responsible by allowing "The Right" to wage war on families, our economy, and common sense! I'm too disgusted for words! The level of disrespect to Obama and his family is unprecedented and I won't even break it down how offensive I've taken it over the years! Again, we've done it to ourselves allowing "bad people" to get rewarded w/ power that's abused all too often!

    ***...Brown's low life parents s/b charged w/ inciting a riot ...and be made to pay restitution to the business owners who were burned out.***

    Take it off the top of the settlement this silly town will have to cough up for "wrongful death!" That's inescapable; SORRY!" NY will have to come up w/ a pretty penny to buy off the Garner family! They'll never have to work again; it was all caught on video! Even the pro-police politicians were horrified and surprised those cops were indicted and prosecuted! The one in Cleveland will go the same way; 12 y.o. shot by cops in less than 2 seconds holding a toy gun in the park by himself! Justify that one; esp. since OHIO is an "open carry" state! I wonder what happens now w/ that stupid law on the books? "You can carry, but cops have license to shoot your ass if you take it out!"

    ***Uh, 12 year olds aren't allowed to carry hand guns, idiot. That cop had already been found to be emotionally unstable and dismal in his weapons handling. Yes, he made a tragic mistake. That isn't a crime. Yes, Cleveland will pay a heavy price. - Obama and Holder; race hustlers?***

    Some of you guys are such narrow-minded sheep! Just keep repeating the same "talking points;" no one cares! It's all on Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and those 2 New Black Panthers members! I hear the same bullshit everyday on FOX NEWS! You're all such jokes to just drink the kool-Aid! I'm so embarrassed for you! Thinking on your own must be a real detriment to truth and facts! So very sad and pathetic!

  22. ***Republicans vs Democrats: which of the 2 is more conservative? - The liberal Dem Party is the party of side show freaks. $18 trillion in debt***

    I'll take those "side show freaks" over a more disturbing "conservative righty" anytime! Reps are bent, vote against their own interest due to a true lack of intellect, and repeat the same mistakes again and again, assured the result will be different; true insanity at work! They swear they're only trying to strengthen the USA, but the opposite happens when they're in charge; weakening us fiscally, economically, as well as internationally due to most countries "hating our guts!" "W" just about wiped out any respect we had abroad; feared only b/c of his irrational behavior going into countries and turning things upside down! Need I say more?

    Most of that $18 Trillion is on "W;" I don't care what any of you say! Before he took over in 2001, the Nat'l debt was under $6T and going down! Delude yourselves anyway you like, we're still paying for his mistakes to this day w/ legislation that didn't pay for itself! Like I said; idiots in charge!

    ***F4, I've long believed it wasn't so much that Senator Obama won the election for the Dems in '08; as that Bush (younger) lost the election for the Reps. I believe the U.S. electorate was punishing the Republican brand. I assume the Reps will win in 2016, not on basis of either candidate's merit or demerit; or political ideology. Instead, simply the way the political pendulum swings. It's the Republican's turn.***

    It'll be another colossal mistake to entrust the country back w/ the Reps! They screw the pooch every time and I wouldn't vote for any of those clowns for dog catcher! Years ago that wouldn't have been the case, but they went over to the "dark side" several years ago and as a group, they just aren't rational human beings anymore! You're right about "W" blowing it, but you underestimate how much he FK'd up; he got Obama, a total neophyte elected as a fairly new and unchallenged Senator! How embarrassing is that; HIS LEGACY if you will?

    *** If Congress does not act before Friday, large parts of the federal gov't will shut down - The conservative opposition means Boehner will almost certainly need Democratic votes to pass the bill and send it on to the Senate.***

    What have I been saying about this country for so long? We're insane! We keep falling for the same BS, hoping the result will be different! Reps are truly bent and need serious psychological help! They take advantage of how stupid the populous is and we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over! How can they forget how these shutdowns only cost us money? Nothing's resolved and we keep sending the same idiots back to Congress to nearly bankrupt the country every few years; JEB in the running? Bush III and I might have to jump off my balcony!

    ***...If we want what's most cost-efficient, we should keep the gov't in operation, and have Boehner / McConnell start slashing the budget; not with a scalpel, but w/ a bulldozer.***

    Dems don't hold the country hostage like a petulant child, threatening to destroy it all! That's always on the Reps; never winning any battles by doing so, but they're placed back in responsible positions again and again! Who's really to blame; esp. seeing as the SOUTH has gone totally RED after Sen. Landrieu lost this past weekend! Who else can be blamed for awful circumstances if they own the Senate and Obama's a lame duck? McConnell and Boehner are going to have a real time dealing w/ the total responsibility of budgets and "continuing resolutions!" Idiots!

  23. ***If Congress does not act before Friday, large parts of the federal government will shut down***

    Yeah, I remember gov't being shut down twice b/c Gingrich's plan was on such a great track! Clinton was the master of that economical great run, all destroyed by "W" in '01; didn't take long for the market to crash! So much for peace, prosperity, and a chicken in every pot!

    ***Fiero, if the Dems refuse to enact a spending bill if the GOP won't do what they want, are they "holding the nation hostage?"***

    These clowns haven't made much else besides CR'S and Sequestor! It'll continue to be a stalemate btw the 2 parties; 1 right {no pun intended), the other wrong! Reps talk about fiscal responsibility, but the last decade proves how incompetent they really are; pathetic liars putting us in the dire straits of fiscal collapse! That doesn't happen when the Dems are in charge; at least they pay for their legis.! So called Cons are gutless in cutting their own pet projects and won't bring in revenue to pay for it! They took a Nat'l debt that was under $6 Trillion and inflated it to almost $18 (don't blame O for "W's" incompetence)! Obamacare is working, no matter how much it's maligned by "the right!" If you really look at the #'s fairly, inflation on services has ceased and more people are covered! That will save us in the future, regardless of the "negative nellies" out there! The DOW has almost tripled, but of course that's inconsequential w/ a Dem in the WH! If it were "W" or his stupid brother Jeb, they would be waving and taking on applause like little children at a kindergarten stage play! I personally will never vote for another Rep after the way they treated Obama; and I don't even like the man! Their level of disrespect when we were on the verge of collapse will not be forgotten by people who care about such things! Nothing was sacred, including shots at his parents, wife, and children; and not by some hillbilly from Lookout Mountain Tenn.! The real lowlifes are in leadership and s/b disgusted w/ themselves! Luckily for Reps, the majority of US citizens are idiots and will only acknowledge change if it affects them directly! Real idiots!

    ***Fiero, so if Obama vetos the spending bills, is that "The GOP shutting down gov't?"***

    No, it won't be Obama's fault if they do something that can't be accepted; that's his job to keep them in check! They can't keep sabotaging things to suit them like their all out assault on the Postal system! That was the stupidest thing done to them, making it mandatory to come up with $75 B in retirement funds, trying to punish the union on all likelihood! They were self-sufficient and that last Rep. Congress about destroyed them! They're in a hole that may never be filled through the maliciousness of that party!

    ***Weird how the GOP is responsible for the debt accumulated under Obama. Any leftists here who are complaining about the debt willing to just go back to '08 levels of spending?***

    We're still paying for "W" mistakes! He didn't pay for his legiis. like the prescription drug bill & "No Kid left behind" programs! There are the wars he started! Why should Obama be held responsible for previous admin. incompetence? You're smarter than that! You may be partisan, but not unreasonable!

    ***Obama isn't responsible for anything?***

    If things are going badly in the least, it's an unwillingness of both sides to compromise! We all know "that" word is a "dirty" to the right and the party punishes any relaxation of their grip on power! What is extreme is the party that has kicked out every moderate Rep and have too many "Tea-Baggers" making waves and trying to make a name for themselves! Disgusting creatures like Cruz who read nursery rhymes while the country teeters on the brink proves my point! The rest are not much better when they back his lunacy!

  24. Gov't Shutdown? It looks like a distinct possibility after hearing Rachel Maddow! In the budget, she revealed Reps are as crazy as ever stripping "Dodd/Frank" law which is supposed to protect us from BIG banks! Now that they're in control, they've allowed Citibank and others to rewrite law where the country would now underwrite and insure risky business practices! I think everybody's nuts to allow Reps power when they seem to be "bought & paid" for by large corps! What a bunch of idiots we are to allow this again! They knew this had to be done by this week and needs the help of the Dems to get this done in time to take effect! The worst SPEAKER of the House in my memory! Other provisions in there would only get Obama to veto it anyway!

    ***Fiero, I thought shutting down (17%) of the gov't was a calamity like nothing we've ever seen.***

    So you think it's a good idea to allow banks to risk solvency? I feel for you; so sad! Some really HATE their country to allow such a thing again!

    ***PBS reported the Reps have a plan-B. A brief additional spending bill that will keep Uncle Sam solvent until early next year. - Will the Dems shut down the gov't?***

    It's inevitable w/ those stupid provisions to strip bank regulations, increase by 10 fold the amount allowed to contribute to a political campaign, and of course cutting benefits for the elderly! If the Senate were even to pass it, they know Obama has no choice but to veto it! We can't go back to '08 situation allowing these derivative practices by crooked banks! If they want to gamble their solvency, we shouldn't be made to pay for it like the last time!

    ***Speaker Boehner (R-OH) has had half a year or more to work on this. But Speaker Boehner dragged his feet, waiting until there's so little time left the Senate doesn't have enough time to do its own job of examining the House bill. And if what the House hoarked up isn't worth signing, and there is bipartisan support for rejecting it; the temporary spending bill, tiding us over until 2015 may be the way to go. I wouldn't blame this all on Obama. If bills originated in the Senate, we could blame the Dems and Majority Leader Reid, but it doesn't work like that.***

    Don't get me started on how low I feel these states are; esp. going totally RED in the last election! That means they are all narrow-minded twits who can't be trusted to think in terms of the entire country! They are conservative to say the least; bigots and worse more like it w/ the way they talk about and treat Obama and his family w/ so much contempt and disrespect! I don't particularly care for the man, but these politicians are disgusting pigs and I wouldn't even visit the area! FLORIDA not only elected a criminal, they re-elected him! I can't deal w/ that much stupidity!

    ***Yes I don't like the politics of the south at all and there are places that are filled w/ white trash redneck bigots. I enjoyed Atlanta the times I've visited; it is a nice city. I've always enjoyed visiting certain places in Fla. Florida's the nicest of the southern states I think, although it was stupid electing Rick Scott as GOV. Southern rural areas are home to the worst people in America period.

    McCain tells Senate Bush Admin. Lied***

    Add Col. Clark of the Bush admin. that says they are liars as well! He was overseeing speech of Colin Powell to the United Nations trying to take out inflammatory and incorrect 'so called proof' of who was responsible for 911 when Tennant and other were trying to get it back in! He would know that the whole place was full of treacherous liars who should be labeled war criminals for obvious reasons; Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, Libby, and a host of others! Fox News will probably use him as a poster boy for being unpatriotic! Idiots! They love using footage from MSNBC even though they keep saying they're irrelevant, but they can't stop invoking their name!

  25. ***Congressional Reps demand the unthinkable, then cry like babies in a temper tantrum if they can't have their way.***

    You have to blame the populous; increasing Rep hold on Congressional power! I've just about given up on us; we can't see the forest for the tree! I have to say how INSANE we all must be to allow this to happen again and again; w/ impunity "by the right!" The south rewarded them by going totally RED! So much for me even flying over that sick ass area of the country! Re-electing crooks like Walker, Christie, and Scott in Wisc., NJ, & FLA respectively show we are beyond help in certain parts of the US! Their credit ratings have fallen, their budgets are in shambles, and unemployment rampant! WHY would anyone support such a thing?

    ***John Brennan took offense obviously to the one-sided, Dem staffer report that blasts the CIA, defending the CIA, and all but calling Feinstein a liar. Feinstein said the interrogations gained nothing.***

    If this fool actually thought she was lying, he wouldn't have been skirting around what truly was gained through EIT's! He's the real liar and s/b prosecuted for his participation in this; along w/ breaking into the computers of Feinstein's office! There is a separation of powers if these idiots forgot about that! I hope one of these days, all the animals involved in this stained period of the country's history are prosecuted, incl. Brennan, Cheney, Bush, Armitage, Libby, and of course the actual interrogators who destroyed tapes showing what they did back then! Monstrous!

    ***Well, the House passed a budget bill just mins. ago. The Senate has it now, so it will be the Dems that shut down the Gov't; if it happens. The lefties on this board want to see the Repubs shut it down, I'm waiting to see how they defend it.***

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way! It will still be Republican's problem b/c of the ridiculous additions thrown in the bill which they know Dems wouldn't accept! They are relaxing regulations on derivatives, cutting union benefit payouts, and elevating contribution limits to $324,000 which about wipes out Dodd/Frank legislation of '08! If the banks piss away their assets w/ loose investments, guess who has to pay for it in the end? Hopefully I'll be long gone when it all collapses again in a few years! We truly are the definition of insane; repeating the same disastrous things hoping for another outcome! Really insane!

    ***Fiero, he serves at the pleasure of the President. Feinstein said we got no intelligence from the interrogation program. He says we did. Feinstein didn't interview anyone at CIA, so I'm sure she knows better.***

    Some have already admitted they got little after they started physical torture! Initially they were very accommodating until the sick individuals showed up showing how piggish and uncivilized they could be! I don't ever want to hear again how we're so much better than everyone else after this scenario of "war crimes!" Even Reagan signed legislation making it illegal to act out like this; YOUR BOY back in '88! You just spit on his legacy; THANKS!

    ***How often do you change the batteries in that chip Cheney had implanted in your brain? Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld legacy is 09/11/01, war crimes against the UN Charter in the Iraq Invasion, and crimes against humanity in acts of torture; all GOP voters need to be held accountable for enabling them.***

    What brain; or heart for that matter? As for their legacies, besides allowing 911, they'll also be remembered for f'kn up so badly it elected a BLACK man to the office of President; "a no name" Senator which hadn't happened before in the history of this country! Thanks "W!"

  26. ***Sharpton? Not bad for a race huckster, inarticulate hack news commentator, riot starter, fraud, and tax cheat.***

    I wish I knew why certain people in this country worry so much about who's the titular leader of the BLACK population? It's like some kind of taint that all of them s/b embarrassed by acclamation! When other groups have speakers who are a little undesirable, are we to paint them w/ the same brush? Some have followed religious leaders who have turned out to be colossal sinners in their own right! Some have been elected to public office like a Ted Cruz who reads nursery rhymes in Congress when the economy is on the brink! I can go on, but people should understand where I'm coming from! I don't particularly care for Sharpton, but it's not my business to chide people who follow his lead when he isn't hurting anyone but BIGOT's sensibilities and feelings! I can freely say that since small minds harp on the same thing over and over again concerning him, 2 so called "Black Panther" members, and of course the President! Animals like this actually put Obama on par w/ these people unlike Reagan who's been deified after his death! There are many things I could say to disparage his legacy, but what good would it do? People should take the hint and drop the "hating" on Sharpton!

    *** students locked up are now claiming the typical Obama voter is either a rapist or someone who tries to cause others suffering for personal attention. Clinton...?***

    Ya just can't let it go! Regardless, his polls are still huge and his overall statesman persona will overshadow anyone else at this time! Clinton's been demonized with more venom for obvious reasons of jealousy and hypocrisy from "the right!" They only make themselves look small when few are attacking Reagan and his legacy of corruption, secret gov't action going on from the basement, trading arms for hostages, then diverted the money to the Contra's of Central America; ALL CRIMES! What Federal or national crime can be linked to the man? Nothing; I didn't think so! I could go on about Reagan, but I'll let the dead lie!

    ***Fiero, yes.... I chose not to "let rapes go."***

    Compared to "war crimes," starting 2 wars under false pretenses, giving away a budget surplus, and running the economy into the ground, Clinton's sexual peccadillos don't come close to the infamy of BUSH in his tenure as President! You really need to get over it! History will bare this out and you know it!

    ***...and you think I give Reagan a pass b/c he's dead? He should have died in prison or been exectuted for aiding the terrorists in Iran.***

    Well that shows how behind the times you are; you had to go back decades to disparage Sharpton! I'll admit it, he's a bad guy, but you wouldn't pay attention to Black people who call the leaders you follow racists; so you need to get over it and move one! It's not your business to tell people who to be led by! Unfortunately most people still see Reagan as their GAWD regardless of his crimes!

    ***It's not "going back decades" to disparage Sharpton. It's showing that his behavior hasn't changed for decades. Big difference. - He incited people to burn down Ferguson weeks ago.***

    You and I know that if that were true, he would have been fired from MSNBC and probably prosecuted! Spare me the hyperbole; it's embarrassing under the circumstances of innocent boys and men being gunned down by rogue cops!

  27. ***Aren't there any Blacks here that are embarrassed or pissed that millions are marching, looting, rioting and protesting based on a proven lie? Add to this, in NYC the cop did not choke the fat black man to death, another big azzed lie.***

    WTF are you talking about; millions are looting, rioting, and protesting? Are you NUTS! People are protesting the inequities of the situation, but most of the people across the country trying to put a spotlight on this problem are WHITE! Everyone's PO'd about this rash of innocent Black boys and men being shot, arrested, or/and killed unarmed! You can never justify the Eric G. assault, takedown, and death! The man had just broken up a fight and that was his reward; tackled and choked out by those animals on the NYPD!

    ***What's hilarious is that the Dems aren't even going to give this felon the boot. He's gong to commute to the legislature from jail on a work release program.***

    As usually the hypocrisy is nauseatingly typical! When a Rep. is busted for sexual impropriety, it's buried w/ FNN actually labelling them "D's!" Nothing happened w/ Rep. Foley of Florida for his missteps soliciting male Congressional pages! Senator Vitter was not only caught up in that DC madam case from a few years ago, his name was invoked concerning prostitutes back home in LA! He's still running around challenging other people's morals like Clinton!

    Dems Thank Cruz! Harry Reid had taken a vote to adjourn the Senate until Monday, but our good buddy Ted Cruz decided to challenge the President's authority w/ pending Executive action concerning immigration! Since they were forced to stay, Reid was able to take votes on other legislation and confirmed open Secretary seats for Obama! Dems got an early Xmas present which has really ticked off his Senate colleagues! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

    ***Cruz really shit the bed didn't he? He has most of the GOP pissed at him for allowing Reid to get some votes in on nominees that were held up. Yeah, Cruz has about as much of a chance at getting the GOP nod in '16 as Michelle Bachmann did in '12. - - Sadly I read something going through in the $1.1 trillion Bill that cuts food for the poor programs by $93,000,000, but opens the gates of the US Treasury wide open to Wall St. for trillions again.***

    Don't forget the (dis)honorable mention of Utah Senator Mike Lee who helped out! Maybe that'll be the ticket; Cruz/Lee in '16! "Way to go guys!" I'm starting to give up, saying to myself it's not the politicians that's causing this repeated breakdown of common sense budgets and legislation, it's us the people who send these corrupt jokers back time and time again! Hard to believe as much as McConnell is under disrepute, people knowingly backed the man and increased his majority above expectations in the next Congress! I have to say, if we give him the authority to screw us over, we need to shut up and take it! I'm starting to get accustomed to it! We're a special kind of stupid; proved again w/ this past election cycle, increasing Rep. hold in individual states now!

    ***I learned the voting majority in Kentucky despise President Obama and vote for McConnell w/ a vengeance; dumb hillbilly knuckle-draggers...***

    Even when he threatens their own local healthcare insurance program of "Kentucky Connect," they went w/ him! Truly suspect intellect going on there! I'm really embarrassed for them!

    ***Apparently Jeb Bush is going to run.....It will be 1992 all over again!***

    What have I been saying about insanity? We are the definition of the psychosis to repeat behavior hoping for another result; truly '92 all over again! Maybe we'll benefit from Rep. insanity again! "Thanks 'W' for helping w/ the cause by being so incompetent!"

  28. ***Please fence jumper Teddy, run for President and win the nomination! You will see a drubbing worse than Reagan gave Mondale! Even crazy Kucinich could beat Tea Party loon Teddy Cruz.***

    That only works locally unfortunately! When they run for President, they'll be exposed as "nuts" and they'll settle for the moderate candidate; always do! McCain was carrying his own bags ready to drop out when things turned around late in 2008! Supposedly Romney was tainted by his healthcare legislation as Governor and they dropped all the loons and went w/ the establishment as usual in '12! Reps are always full of commitment and being true to themselves as long as it's convenient! It'll probably end up being btw Jeb and Mitt again! Both are fools b/c it's much too fresh in the people's consciousness how lousy Reps are as President! The last 2 have been a complete disaster; I can't see making the mistake a 3rd time w/ another BUSH! The whole world would laugh at us w/ how we rail about a lack a democracy elsewhere, we can't find another family to elect out of 320 million people?

    ***Kim Jong Jeb keeping up w/ Communist North Korea and the Castro Brothers in Cuba keeping all the power in 1 family for decades like a typical dictatorship does?***

    The self-entitlement is nauseating! Who do these people think they are; royalty personified? It would be 1 thing if they did a great job, but the country was trashed before by them! At least BILL Clinton brought the country back to prosperity and peace! We can only hope Hillary can do the same w/ his help!

    ***It really is amazing how long Bush Derangement Syndrome lasts. Leftists can't go a day w/o carping about a guy who hasn't been President in 6 years.***

    And of course there's nothing wrong w/ conservatives who INVOKE BILL CLINTON at every opportunity when it suits them!

    ***I usually tune in Meet The Press on Sunday morning traditionally and found that today w/ Chuck Todd who I presume is conservative, is more like a wing of Fox News. I had to change the channel after the first 25 mins of programming discussing the cop killings in New York, Sony being hacked, and threatened by North Korea. It puzzles me why this is more important than Republicans committing acts of torture in America's name and normalization of US relationship with Cuba. American media priorities are hijacked... who decides what news we will discuss on any given day which corporate media editor dictates?***

    Todd is not supposed to be conservative, but he's trying to bring "Meet The Press" back after constant berating of David Gregory who supposedly allowed the show to decline! The reason the show is declining is b/c of both sides being partisan! Democrats are never given credit for anything and Republicans think they can do no wrong and deserve to be in power! It's unwatchable IMO regardless of who's hosting b/c of this stalemate of hate on both sides of the aisle! I fault Dems for being too accommodating and Reps are disgusting in my book b/c they'd sooner the country fail than succeed as is under Obama! They can't bitch and moan about unemployment which is under 6%, gasoline which has dropped below $3, and the stock market that's gone through the roof! I'm disgusted w/ both since Dems are afraid to take credit for anything and Reps can only see what's wrong! Both are disgusting in so many ways!

  29. ***How many FO's did Federer win in his era of 2004-2007? If we call something an era, isn't it supposed to mean that that particular player won pretty much everything on any surface?***

    It wouldn't be the 1st time we overlooked a major shortcoming! At least Federer played a few finals in Paris during that period; poor Pete never got close! He did as well as he could, actually beating a past champion or 3, but in his best attempts, he went out in a quarter or semi to an eventual winner like Yevgeny Kafelnikov in '96! I'm still willing to give a pass to Roger, even if he hadn't taken his lone FO title in '09 w/ the help of Soderling (-d- Nadal semi)! You can't make that big a deal about the lack of "1" major title the player was unable to add to a resume! It happens; even Rod Laver w/o a WCT Final Chp! He'll get over it like everyone else who still think of him as being the best ever! Andre Agassi has a career SLAM; does anyone really care in the grand scheme of things?

    ***Just as we tend to group Connors-Borg-McEnroe in the mid 70's to mid-80's, so I think the last decade could be called FEDALNOLE--the early part Roger, the middle Roger-Rafa-Nole and the last Nole-Rafa. Roger and Rafa really glide over all of this from '05 onward. Nole has made himself part of the epoch by his consistent high level of play since 2011 in which he has won 6 majors (tied w/ Nadal). - On average, over a 10 year span, this has been the era of Fedalovic. But there are sub-eras w/in that era, starting w/ the Federer era all the way to whatever era it is now.

    Do Nadal fans have inferiority complex considering that Federer has won 17 Slams?***

    On the contrary, Nadal fans would have you anoint him THE GOAT even w/ his shortcomings b/c he "owns" Roger Federer h2h; mostly on clay, but still OWNS him! There's such an age disparity I would never succumb to such a blind #! If you look at Nadal's record closer, it's inferior in a lot of ways; esp. not being able to defend a title off the surface of clay! NOLE's only handicap is himself; taking Nadal to the limit, having more consecutive runs of wins against him than anyone else, and will soon overtake them both in h2h matches!

    ***...In Slam matches Novak has the obvious edge in fitness being younger and w/ the best of 5 format, but Roger made a monkey out of him in Shanghai; so if he keeps winning a few best of 3 for the next while it won't be as soon as you think.***

    Just keep deluding yourself! Roger can't keep this up much longer! This isn't the 70's, 80's, or even 90's where "senior citizens" could actually compete! It will get ugly for Federer soon enough if he persists in thinking he can do anything substantial in today's ranks! His best and maybe last best chance was at Wimbledon; I think he's done! I wouldn't mind him winning another major, but it would only prove what I've been saying about the current crop of "gutless" pros who can't "finish" w/ all this technology and training!

    ***Mary J Blige is not a rapper btw. And she is STILL making hit after hit, has had multiple multi-platinum albums, and currently has a huge Grammy-nominated hit out w/ Sam Smith.***

    Sorry; most music is lost on me! After I turned 45 or so, I became more of a sport's junky listening to AM radio even when I sleep; or try to anyway! I pretty much stopped buying CDs 20 years ago; and that was mostly 'dance music' from the likes of Robin S, Rozalla, Ce Ce Peniston and Black Box! I fell in love with "No More Drama" and performed it weekly for karaoke! My voice is reminiscent of Sylvester and I can still rip "You Make Me Feel; Mighty Real!" Boy I'm old!

    ***I guess I'm also old. I have kids. I want to listen to their music, but so much of it is bad. Don't get me wrong, some is good. A LOT IS UTTERLY AWFUL! Then again, I guess every generation can say that.***

  30. ***Mass shooting in Chicago .... Where's the MSM?***

    Don't worry, FOX anchors will definitely make HAY of the entire mess; just can't help themselves! It's unfortunate it makes them look like opportunists; just like they make out hucksters like Sharpton to be! If they are the only ones beating the drum about something like Benghazi, Healthcare deficiencies, the IRS, and other "made up" conspiracies, how credible is the reporting? Bill O, Sean, Kelly along w/ the radio loudmouths like Rush, Michael Savage, and Laura Ingraham will stroke the violins of the MSM deficiencies in reporting every gory detail!

    ***I've come to the conclusion that lefties like being ignorant and blind.***

    You would know "all about being ignorant!" To me, nothing is more ignorant than looking at a crime, then dismissing it b/c "a cop" made a mistake! If they would just admit ONE TIME that "I panicked, I fk'd up, and I'm sorry for killing this innocent person!" When that happens, maybe rioting won't occur! So screw you and all who think cops are above the law! What gets these fools in trouble is allowing these stupid police union leaders to go out pointing fingers, trying to blame this on everyone but themselves! The MAYOR, Sharpton, Holder, and Obama had nothing to do w/ this tragedy! The killing of Garner is the fault of a handful of cops that won't take responsibility; tell them that!

    ***Face it, if NYC cops were not killing and abusing Blacks for decades, they would not be getting shot at. You can't blame anyone else. No one can deny the NYC police are totally out of control.***

    Cops are out of control everywhere! It doesn't take much to find them doing all kind of things they shouldn't be doing! We're supposed to take up for them at every turn, but what happens when they're busted doing something wrong; we're expected to overlook it? NOT! Garner was choked out and his head knelt on and they weren't even indicted! You reap what you sow!

    ***I'm pretty critical of cops, but this inciting of mobs and cheering for murder which has been going on for weeks now has had easily predictable results.***

    People who say that are F.O.S.! NO one is out there saying "shoot cops!" STOP IT! Don't be an asshole like the rest of them! All the fools trying to hold Obama, De Blasio, and Sharoton responsible for this tragedy; they'll all be in trouble if a shot is taken at them! This is the escalation these idiots will have wrought! I'll be pointing fingers at these morons heading the cop unions, Fox, and all those loudmouths on radio like Rush, Savage, Ingraham, and Coultier!

    ***Obama Approval Among Servicemen Falls To 15% - I conclude the headline assertion is inaccurate.***

    Some losers have no life and have to make up shit just to have something to say! Who the HELL cares about any knucklehead that spends all their time trying to undermine a successful President; even with all the obstruction? They need to get a freakin' life! I may not have one either, but I don't need to create controversies w/ "the right!" They cut their own throats enough so all I have to do is report it in due time!

    ***...If the oath was to Obama, every soldier would be out on election day. How did this many supporters get this stupid when they are older than common core? What Obama voters need is some common sense.***

  31. ***Fiero, so what crime should that NY cop be charged with killing Garner? - Voluntary manslaughter!***

    At least! In Milwaukee the cop wasn't indicted, but he did lose his job! These NY thugs are still collecting paychecks and retirement benefits; even though their actions were caught on tape for all to see! Truly shameful; how do you go on like that? A responsible person might at least resign w/o being forced after "getting away w/ homicide!" The coroner is the one who labeled it that way, not me!

    ***... what a bunch of losers to whine and cry nonstop since President Obama was elected in a just and fair, due process. Shame on you folks for not taking more pride in your country and to honor the first Black President in the history of America. That was an achievement, not a mistake. I feel sorry for right-wingers here always so gloomy, nasty, and unhappy. Quit throwing the term "Liberal" around like it was a 4 letter cuss word.***

    Brilliant post; thanks! Maybe after people like that expire, this country will act right and enjoy the advantages they have w/o hating on others so much! As for "liberal" moniker, they got that from their GOD, Ronald Reagan! He started it 30 years ago! These fools don't want to believe it was liberals and progressives that freed the slaves, gave the vote to women, civil rights for all, and a way of going into the future w/ an open mind instead of closed! They'll die idiots; just let it go! Like Moses wandering the desert for 40 years, we have to just let these small-minded people DIE off; hopefully sooner than later!

    ***Does the left support beating people w/ clubs?***

    Only slimy Republican politicians and right-wing media personalities! - Rep. Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty, Doesn’t Plan to Resign

    Staten Island Rep. Faces Up to 3 Years in Prison - Reps were all ready for Clinton to resign w/ accusations of impropriety, but this low life from Stanton Island was reelected by 13 points, pleaded guilty to 1 count of TAX EVASION to avoid the other 19! He refuses to step down so now Boehner has to make a decision when he comes back to DC to preside over the HOUSE! Leadership can't force him out, but he'll have to make it as unpleasant to stay; but this guy obviously has "no shame!"

    ***How many Dems can we name that owe back taxes or evade them? Sharpton and Rangle come to mind.***

    Fool, you need to get over Sharpton! It sounds so racist to keep invoking his name when he isn't anybody; esp. not a Congressman! Bill O'Reilly and others keep bringing up his name as if he's actually the President; which in turn gives you something to bitch about, and I do mean BITCH! Before, it was Jesse Jackson, but since he's nowhere to be seen, you bigots have to keep bringing up a Sharpton character I don't know anyone that follows! Get over yourself!

  32. ***Who's the Bears starting QB these days?***

    We were never "America's Team" anyway; all the while The Boy's have been a colossal embarrassment in the NFL for 20 yrs! It all went downhill after firing the best coach you ever had, Jimmy J.!

    ***Every team you root for pretty much sucks.***

    Our Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup twice recently, the Bulls make the playoffs every year, The White Sox won the World Series in '05 beating Houston, and our "bad news" Bears at least made a SB in '07!

    ***I watched the 2014 FO final last night. If Rafa's career ended today, he would be a legend beyond a legend. When Borg retired at 25 w/ 6 FO's, his mystique was 'other worldly' and along comes Rafa to shatter that record. He then proceeds to win the FO and Wimbledon in the same year; twice...and Borg was the last 1 to do that.***

    It's just not the same b/c of the different eras! Borg had to deal w/ grass that was fast, chopped up, w/ specialists nipping at his heals! Lendl could win fairly easily if playing today w/ how nice the bounce can be; even in the final! Winning FO and Wimbledon will always be the toughest; even today b/c it's still 2 majors back to back! They've extended the break btw them so Borg's 3 bk2bk wins of the "old World duo" wasn't attainable by most since the clay was even slower! That's why Borg is still elevated to GOD status to this day!

    *** passionate a Mac and Edberg supporter as I've ever been for Roger. I don't see their careers as having been diminished b/c others have surpassed them. Rafa surpassing Roger's not going to stop me from thinking Roger has been the superlative player I've always thought.***

    Rafa could acquire 20 majors and I'd still say he was the most limited champion I've ever seen! He's won a lot, but he's only been impressive on clay! He hasn't 1 defense off of it! I'll take the beauty of Fed's game over the "ugly stroking" of Nadal anytime; now or later! His gamesmanship also takes away from his legend!

    ***...But I do agree. it doesn't look good that he hasn't been able to defend off clay. For me one of the most underrated things about Roger's career is the 5 consecutive in 2 Slams. Even if he only had 10 majors... 5 cons... twice? We may never see that again. People go on about Laver and the calendar Slam, but call me biased. I think 5 consecutive in 2 majors is the most impressive thing ever to happen in pro men's tennis. And it's been done in an era of greater depth than we've ever seen before.

    It appears that there's no serious competition to Novak in attaining #1 ranking for the foreseeable future. We are just left w/ an aging Fed, injured Rafa, gutless current generation, and immature next generation as competition for Novak. It would not surprise me if Nole racks up 3 more years of YE #1 and another 100 weeks to his total.***

    You checking out and synopsizing my posts? You truly covered it IMO; esp. about the guttless current generation! They have all this talent, ability, and opportunity, but few seem to take advantage of it! Tsonga had 4 match points in Paris a couple years ago against Nole and couldn't close! Deliciano Lopez was up in a 3rd set TB on Federer 5-2 and a sitter overhead at the net, flubbed it and went on to lose the match; on clay! The world saw Andy Roddick nearly taking out Roger at Wimbledon in '09, up a set w/ several set points in a TB, missed the easiest BH volley set up and went on to lose in the longest final, 16-14 in the 5th! He only lost serve in that last game; what a shame! Only Murray has taken advantage of a handful of opportunities, but he might be DONE! The way he plays is debilitating; just like with Rafa! It's too physical a game to play like that for too long! I don't have a lot of faith in Kei who seems rather fragile even w/ all his ability while others like Cilic and Wawrinka waited too late to excel; the rest are head cases!

  33. ***It's the Rep's turn. The killer is; if we nominate the right guy, the Exec. Branch of US Fed gov't can be ours for a generation.***

    It made sense to vote against GWB and not for McCain and Romney! He took a prosperous and peaceful country and turned it upside down! ...Mich., Fla, & Wisc. had Gov'rs that were borderline criminals in the way they've run their states, but the people didn't seem to care! Now w/ Obama having a lot of success turning the country back around, it doesn't seem fair that the POPULOUS might actually say "it's the Republican's turn" at 1600 Pennsyl Ave.! I guess we truly are insane to do exactly what was done in 2000; punish the party in charge even though the economy was doing well! The US can't live w/ prosperity, always going nuts listening to "bad actors" periodically and "shooting" themselves in the freakin' head! I'm not sure we can continue doing this again w/ the "Nat'l Debt" approaching $20 Trillion! Reps will continue w/ the rhetoric of cutting taxes, thinking we can grow to prosperity! It just doesn't work like that and I see doom in our future repeating this cycle of insanity!

    ***Nevertheless, the Dem death watch sounds fine w/ me, and while we’re at it we can celebrate one of the other victories of the past year, a triumph that is not-coincidentally contemporaneous w/ the imploding prospects of the Dems: ...gun control became more of a liability for the Left than an asset.

    ...What had happened was the expectation of a Reagan win in '80, an end to Carter policies and what the beginning of a Reagan era and his policies would mean to the country; it's called "optimism." ...These factors have employers and investors heartened by the thought of a weakened Obama and a pro business Congress. There is not one thing Obama has done to improve the economy of the past 6 months. The economy has improved in spite of him and b/c employers and businesses see him weakened and the Rep. take over as a sign of help is on its way.***

    What are expectations abroad if HILLARY wins the Presidency? I can't imagine any of these loser Reps winning like Cruz, Paul, Walker, Christie, Jindal, Scott, or even JEB (too many bad memories), but you never no w/ the psyche of this country! We can't live w/ prosperity!

    ***Christie;...When you are trying to run a State and run for President, doing it 3 games in a row certainly opens you up for criticism.***

    I wish I could feel sorry for those fools back in NJ; allowing a criminal for a GOV, meandering around the country w/ NGA duties, running for President, and trying to stay one step ahead of state a Federal prosecution! You really throw up your hands since he was just re-elected! They made their own beds; "now lie in it w/ that GOOBER!"

    ***White House's Mindless Energy Rules Could Trip Up Economy - Yep and when businesses and industrious people find work a rounds to keep the economy moving forward, Obama will try and steal credit for it just as he now does for cheap energy.***

    The only thing mindless are the people who prognosticate gloom and doom w/ every move Obama makes! I've been listening to this BS since the beginning! Firstly that Obamacare would send the economy spiraling out of control and raising the minimum wage would hurt unemployment; among other things! The economy is bouncing back and unemployment under 6% brain surgeons out there! Just a bunch of obstructionist idiots who'd rather have the country fail under Obama so they can say "I told you so!" Republicans and conservatives are such a-holes, morons, and traitors!

    ***Fiero, yes, it's WONDERFUL that so many people stopped looking for work!***

    I told myself to ignore you, but since you fell into it; you don't think Reagan "baked" his numbers for his "Morning In America" speech? Get over yourself and stop being such a hypocrite! What's good for the goose, s/b good for the gander!

  34. ***Nadal and Federer broke through young; Nole was young as well and most great players before them. Maybe ordinary players peak later and wait for everybody else to decompose in their seats before making a move.***

    OCO, you know better! It was a lot easier for Roger and Rafa to excel so early on b/c there was a "changing of the guard!" Sampras had just left in '02, Agassi was having a resurgence in his twilight years, while the rest of the top echelon were beating each other like Hewitt and Safin! It was sorta like that period when Graf, Sabatini, and Navratilova were fading or had left, while the new stars were still green like Davenporte and The Williams sisters! Hingis took advantage of that period and won her 5 majors in singles and 7 in doubles w/ varying partners! The only difference is that Federer and Nadal were able to grow and actually excel past all expectations! If not for Djokovic, their legend would be even greater!

    ***Rafa excelled when Roger WAS the guard. I'm beginning to suspect this later-peak theory maybe flawed. Physically these guys are stacked. Mentally? - If this "beginning of the end" is anything like Roger's, we will wait at least 6-7 years for Rafa.***

    Sorry, but Rafa's whole act offends me to no end! His periodic vacations are just unbecoming of a top flight player! I'm sure he doesn't want to be in the company of Azarenka and Sharapova that have been breaking down from the beginning due to abuse so early in their pro careers! In '90 they were supposed to protect players from themselves, but we still have walking wounded pros all over the place! They are doing it to themselves; balls, rackets, and surfaces change and the pros just strengthen and create more muscle to power the ball around the court! There's just nothing entertaining about that kind of tennis so I won't miss Rafa in the least!

    ***How are injuries "unbecoming?" - Or "vacations?"***

    When has Rafa played 2 consecutive years; often taking time off the tour for 5-7 months? That's unheard of from players in the day; Laver Borg, Connors, Lendl, Edberg, and so many other greats! I think he's working the system like slots! I'm just glad I don't have to depend on him making every major like most top flight pros! He may use an injury as an excuse, but I'm not buying it; SORRY! Never cared for the guy or the way he plays the game; or games the play! I just remember The ATP allowed a legend to walk when he tried to take a little bit of time off; literally ran Bjorn Borg off! Now they're allowing PT play by Rafa so routinely! I know they've changed the rules, but look at the abuse!

    ***Anyway, you're a Fedfan, you should be happy Rafa has missed so much tennis. Your bloke has done quite well out it...***

    He's just been a rotten representative of #1 IMO! His whole act is repugnant; his play, the stalling, coaching, running game w/ constant challenges that are wrong, and more! Nole and Roger have been a class act from the beginning while Rafa has his routine and even for a coin toss will make a little girl in a wheelchair cool her heels while he towels off and arranges his water bottles just so! He's a jerk in so many ways!

    ***There are aspects to Rafa's game, tactics, etc. that do bother me.***

  35. Boehner Survives Conservative Challenge, Re-elected U.S. House Speaker - "John Boehner narrowly won a 3rd term as House of Representatives Speaker on Tuesday, surviving a stiff challenge from 25 conservative Republicans that may signal a growing split in the party as it takes full control of Congress. Boehner received 216 of 408 votes, w/ a growing faction of dissident House Reps opposing him b/c they said he had done too little to cut spending and fight President Barack Obama's immigration and healthcare policies. The last time that more than 25 House members voted against a Speaker candidate from their own party was in 1859, according to congressional historians."

    ***Amen! And Boehner started removing all of the 25 from any position of power or influence in the GOP leadership. Good riddance. The GOP is finally entering the current century. - Boehner's politically minimizing the "Tea Party", & the Norquist band? Is there going to be some political blowback from that?***

    Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Gets 2 yrs for Corruption: McDonnell, who held his head in his hands and sobbed when he was convicted in Sept. on 11 counts of corruption, was stoic as U.S. District Judge James Spencer delivered the sentence in a courtroom packed w/ the former governor's supporters. - I'm trying to hold off adding to the pain w/ Boehner having a revolt in the HOUSE! What a total joke for a party that owns Congress! The clown car is truly packed these days; even w/ the loss of Cantor, Bachmann, and other chuckle heads!

    ***It's good to see you finally enjoying yourself; Nov. being such a disappointment and all.***

    Oh, it's been all thumbs up for the Dems and Obama ever since! His willingness to be unshackled and going about the business of governing, opening relationship w/ Cuba, and the self-destruction of his opposition! Add on the factors of confidence in the economy, up 5% in the last quarter BTW, unemployment down, the stock market up, and stimulus on the way since Republicans won't obstruct as much anymore! It just can't get any better!

    ***So let me get this straight..? Dems lost control of one branch of Fed. govt. and GOP won sweeping elections across the country in state and local races, and you are doing a victory lap?***

    No victory lap; just acknowledging the facts! Republicans won't be able to blame the Dems for their ineptitude; maybe Cruz will filibuster anyway! The man just isn't quite right in the head! He's our hero; always ready to "step in it" and give comfort to Obama! "Thanks Ted! We can always count on you!"

    ***The stock market is down. It lost over 300 points yesterday and over a 100 today. That and the crumbling Russian economy does not bode well for ours.***

    We have a chance for a quick rebound if Congress gets their act together and creates more stimulus and gets to work on "infrastructure!" We have a lot more up-side in our country over Russia! Sanctions are killing them due to invasion of their neighbor! PUTIN IS CUTTING his own throat; along w/ his country!

  36. ***Unlike Detroit, GB knows to keep the pedal down. IF GB gets up early this one's over. I think Rodgers carves up the Dallas secondary.***

    We can only hope after The Lions got hosed in their game against "Big D';" what a joke! The Boys tried to give that game away, but needed the refs help to secure their first playoffs in 5 years! "Aaron, please carve them up! They don't deserve any consideration!"

    ***How do you know Dallas is having a good year;..counting the haters?***

    By Dallas winning w/ an abysmal HOME record to boot, it just shows how far the NFC East has fallen! It used to be the toughest, but in the last 10+ years, it's been intermittently BAD! If not for The GIANTS' miraculous runs, The East would be a colossal joke!

    ***Dallas has a shitty record in GB.***

    At least they had a chance in GB! Favre stunk up the joint in Dallas year after year; even when The Boys had fallen on hard times! I can still remember a MNF game w/ 7 FG's to beat GB who had a big fat "goose egg!" It was pathetic!

    ***The Bears are a colossal joke, but you already know that.***

    Right now, I'll take the Rex Grossman years over our current state of affairs! At least they made the playoffs and got to a SB! Cutler's hopeless; not Trestman's fault in the least! They replayed the '85 Bears' wins over Minn. w/ McMahon coming off the bench in the 3rd quarter and the Bears annihilation of The Cowboys 44-0 in Big D! What a season; brings back so many fond memories!

    ***Baltimore(+6.5) @ NE
    Carolina(+10.5) @ Seattle
    Dallas(+5.5) @ GB
    Indy(+6.5) @ Denver***

    At first glance; is this the best 4 game playoff weekend ever? NE's the fave, but Flacco has been successful up there in the past! You would think NE should win this going away, but Flacco has turned back into playoff Joe and of the last 6 years, is the most successful QB over the likes of Brady, Manning, Rodgers, and others! Everyone wants to see Luck and Manning for obvious reasons! Dallas used to OWN GB, but Rodgers has definitely made the difference the last few years! Just not sure if he will be as effective on a "Suh stomped" calf! Seattle's a defending champion going up against an upstart called Cam Newton! Enjoy folks!

    ***...Disagree... Contact was made by receiver as well... HOW you can say that was definitely a PI call I question?***

    B/c of the mutual contact, they usually give the benefit of the doubt to the receiver w/ the defensive player playing so tight! I've seen a finger touching a receiver and the call is made if the defender never attempted to look around! I understand where they're coming from saying the worst contact occurred after the ball was dropped, but If the roles were reversed, we know 88 would get the call! I just want a little consistency!

    ***That's the exact reason why I hope someday the spot foul is eliminated... B/c IDT we'll ever get consistency ... At least that way it's not so brutal if a cheesy call is made.***

    The players and coaches would start "gaming" the system and just saying, "oh well, I'm beat deep; foul the guy and we'll only be penalized 15 yards instead of 50!" Football is a sleazy business; esp. w/ NE not winning a SB since "Spy-gate!"

  37. ***Skip Bayless criticizes LeBron every chance he gets.***

    Oh, before LeBron won in Miami, Baseless was merciless w/ his criticism of "Prince James!" He went on many a rant for 20 min. worthy of an inpatient! At times he's one of those types that will hound a player until they blow their brains out! The man is much too old to play such a fool! In the old days of "Cold Pizza," I never missed it! I can only bare it when I know he's going to catch it for the Boys finding a way to lose this game! Romo is blameless so Skip will hang his hat on that at least while Smith beats him about the head and shoulders over his beloved Cowboys going out yet again w/ such promise of making a SB! Such a pipedream; if ever it will be happenstance more than ideal decision making going on w/ that joke of an organization!

    ***Skip is like many of these posters that believe QB's win and lose games and don't realize teams win or lose games. The 4 letter network is a joke and it's actually sad that some of you posters believe what any of those fools tell you.

    ...Plus I hate to say it, but Peyton has problems in the 1st game of playoffs.***

    Hence the losing playoff record; so sad! So Dan Marino, but he was lucky enough to take advantage of that LAME Cover-2 defense of my Bears back in '07! We had a lead and the momentum and just allowed Manning to pick apart the defense w/ short passes in front of DBs playing 8 yards off the receivers! Idiots!

    ***Plus you had Rex Grossman as QB. - - What if Romo doesn't fumble the snap at the end of the half and makes a couple of completions for a TD or at least a field goal? What if Romo doesn't take a couple sacks in a row toward the end of the game and the Cowboys aren't forced to punt in GB?***

    Bears are still feeling Jim McMahon it's been so lean over the years having decent quarterbacking! It's been a nightmare when here and for the 10 years I loved in Cal! The giving up of 2 #1 DC's for Rick Mirer, the wasted 2 years w/ Kordell Stewart, and going all out to trade for Detroit's, Erik Kramer; it's just been too pathetic to think about! Rodgers was barely 80% and he still had enough to take down The Boys! It's the one thing I agree w/ Stephen A. Smith on, "that dude Rodgers is a baaaaddddd man!" Being from Chgo, we can only dream of actually having a franchise QB! Even when the team is good, it has little to do w/ the qb! It's been 1 disaster after another! When some teams have 3 QB's over 20 years, the Bears probably have had 30 over the same period! Even their SB year in '85 had them using all 3 QB's for substantial periods of time! Can you say Rick Mirer? Who's idea was it to waste 2 years on Kordell Stewart? At least I lived in Cal when that circus was going on! If Grossman could take the Bears to a SB in '07, you know we've lived a charmed life!

    I think of this as Nole's time, but no matter how much he wins, even his 111 wasn't enough to overtake the "talk" about Rafa and Roger! Fed had legitimately dropped to #3, but you would have thought he was still #1 w/ the interviews, magazine covers, tv advertisement, and more! He's #2 now, but I can't say it's a legit #2; Nadal fell off, then took injury time away! The rest of the top echelon is still trying to find themselves! I don't think Roger's going to be able to hold on much longer, but he keeps getting new life w/ the sad state of affairs on tour; injuries and head cases abound! Kei is representing well, but he's so fragile; always working too hard and having to retire by tourney's end! I think Cilic waited too long and he'll fall off eventually! There's no place else to go but down since Stan also waited until the twilight years of his career to make his mark w/ an AO and Davis Cup win! We can only hope the new crop matures eventually and overtakes the "geezers" on tour!

  38. ***Well everyone in the world knows that money is this country's #1 priority. Look at what school teachers get paid, then look how much an NBA basketball player gets paid or how much Seinfeld is worth. We live in a very sick society and every corner of the planet reflects that truth.***

    Don't get me started on the planetary insanity going on! We know and hear all the time about what's going on, but if it doesn't affect us directly, no one seems to care! You know we live in a very sick world when you need Federal legislation to protect our air and water b/c there are some who just don't give a fuck! Visiting Texas back in 2000 to work a project, I was disgusted by how "W" as Governor pretty much gave carte blanche to business to pollute both to their heart's content! All of the SOUTH is like that, not seeming to care that they're turning their environment into a dump! I finally gave up when you see the neverending cycle of prosperity and depression here in our country and we can't seem to settle on the former, always sabotaging it due to rhetoric from outside interest that trade on how stupid we are as a people! We've just about recovered from The Bush years and people are ready to turn the country back over to the Republicans; who couldn't care less about our future! They're only concerned w/ staying in power and running things into the ground! I'm done, totally withdrawn from it all, but I still vote; even if it's a waste of time b/c stupidity will prevail! Like Fla, IL. went ahead and elected a known corrupt corp. type to the Governorship! The South was bad enough w/ their Tea Party, less progressive ideas on women, gays, illegals, and gov't regulation; we truly are doomed to repeat history! It's true insanity personified!

    ***Dude, I live in FLA where we turned down BILLIONS Of *beep* dollars for healthcare for people who need it the most. Oh, but our Gov is worth over $100 million. That's how stupid people are. My friend's niece broke her arm, now the whole family is in debt $20,000 b/c they didn't make enough to qualify for Obamacare ($11,000), but Florida has no assistance for very poor people who need ins. since the money offered by Obama was turned down. It all starts at home and in the schools, looking anywhere else is just addressing symptoms not the true cause.***

    Obama didn't want to rock the boat more than it already was so he didn't prosecute anyone that needed it the most! Looks like they got away w/ it all! Most of them can't leave the country though; "war criminals!"

    ***SCOTUS Rejects Latest Challenge To ObamaCare Law...- The Conservative Five didn't want to go there.***

    They embarrassed themselves enough over the last 10 years! Roberts was trying to save his legacy when he went over to the "dark side" and voted that Obamacare was legal! There are so many who are still apoplectic over the ruling after all this time! They persist in attacking the law when it's been decided! Smarter people would just try and tweak it, but no, they'd rather "gut" the whole thing! Idiots! "Give up Cruz, Graham, and all the rest! You've lost!"

  39. Australia hasn't been a power in decades; poor things! I appreciate their legacy, but that's all it is unfortunately; A Legacy! Hewitt got the most out of his game to take 2 majors and make his mark as #1 for well over a year, but there just wasn't much else to make note of; anybody? OTTOMH, that's all I got for him; 1 Wimbledon, 1 USO! They really haven't been the same since Hopman died I guess! Cash got the one Wimbledon, but had so much more promise! I hope this new kid keeps it going and moves up even more; Aussies deserve it!

    ***...w/o the great quality of the Big 4 like Rafa, Roger, Muzz, and Novak. They are still far to be so good; maybe they can beat them in one match but later.....difficult to do it again as we can see.***

    Right on the money! It's quite common for an odd player going into a tournament to be 'in the zone,' who's able to take out a top player! Happens, but they can rarely follow it up; Wawrinka the exception at AO last season taking out Nole in quarters and overcoming the act of a hobbled Nadal in the final! In my day a huge upset was Vincent Van Patton taking out John McEnroe in the Seiko tourney from '78 or' '79! He was in the zone and went through a # of top players including John, but Borg brought him back to Earth in a straight set final IIRC! It was little more than a glorified exh. tourney not part of the ATP played in Japan!

    ***Well, we'll see if the AO and the USO 2015 will give us more surprises like last year but if the top players play well then I don't think so.***

    The law of averages finally came into play last season! Don't get me wrong, I feel fortunate to live in this era of greats who have already surpassed the accomplishments of players we thought "the best" just 10-15 years ago! I've ranted already about how gutless I think the current crop of pros have been; esp. against Rafa on clay! Even Federer could be at multiple MP's and still give it all back to Nadal on clay! I'm quite proud of Stan and Cilic for breaking the lock on the major titles by the "top 4!" He took the AO and a Masters title over his countryman Roger and united w/ him to take their 1st Davis Cup! Let's keep it going w/ more diversity in winning on the tour!

    ***Diversity is good and to watch Stan and Cilic winning their 1st GS was a big surprise for most of the tennis fans. Both played pretty well and deserved the win but later, what else? Ok, Stan beat Fed in Monte Carlo, but still...and Cilic, injured. It seems to be the curse to beat the best.***

    Add on Murray and Del Po who are also suffering w/ their meager success against the elite and are floundering a little w/ injuries!

    ***Yep, poor Delpo; 1st one wrist and later the other one. I'm not sure how well he's going to do from now; in Sept. he'll be 27 yo. He's still young, but if his wrist continues bothering him, I don't see him winning another GS. What a shame, he is a really good player.***

  40. ***Don't throw dirt on the old man yet, let's see how Wimbledon and USO play out. I have no expectation that Roger w/b as consistent as he was last year, but that doesn't mean he won't have a better year as all it takes to make that happen is taking care of business at a Slam.***

    Unfortunately players and their fans like to put Federer and Nadal on an unforgivably high pedestal and when and if they lose, it's catastrophic and something has to be wrong! Nole doesn't get that treatment, seems more down to Earth, but is still the undisputed #1 player in the WORLD! Nadal still gets every benefit of the doubt if he loses; even those horrible matches in the last few Wimbledons! I still chuckle from a 2 years ago when Roger fell on hard times, was changing his racket, and droppped to #3! The Tennis Powers, advertising, and his own stature remained as if he was the #1 player in the World! Even after 2011, Nole's still scratchin' for recognition overall I guess! - I'll have to lighten up in calling the rest of the ATP "gutless" after Seppi took out Federer in the 3rd Rd of AO!

    ***I'm not even mad Fed lost. Normally I'm super pissed, but today I woke up and checked; oh, he lost, cool, whatever, not like I expected him to win. I'm keeping my expectations low from him this year. - As for "gutless comment, "yes, please do stop, b/c it was never accurate to begin w/.***

    Oh really? Like I couldn't come up w/ match after match where a top player was so close to losing and then a gutless "also-ran" gave it all back! Nothing worse OTTOMH was Tsonga 2 years ago against NOLE in PARIS w/ 4 match points; couldn't close it out! In the old day, Borg, Connors, Lendl, or McEnroe could go out if they weren't careful! It rarely happens these days w/ the BIG 3 or 4 getting to the semi's routinely! The women have been more competitive over the last decade! That never happened before w/ their BIG 4 always taking the majors! Not so cut and dry w/ them so much now!

    ***How about the Mats Wilander Trophy for the AO? He beat McEnroe/Lendl to win the '83 title and that really started the resurgence of the tournament and the top players committing to it. He also won it twice on grass and once on hard court. Wilander already has the greatest name ever for a tennis show.***

    Oh please; Wilander wouldn't make my top 20, much less a career worthy of a major trophy named after him! The man played as a human backboard, had moderate success, became #1 for about a minute, only to become more a footnote in the grand scheme of things when it comes to his tennis era! His main claim to fame s/b his record at the FO; esp. his 1st win in '82 over Vilas as a 17 y.o.! He did win a couple AO on grass, but Edberg as a kid was the only one who ventured down there w/ him! I'll even give him credit for embarrassing the other top players to finally put the tourney on their calendar! So man never went due to it being windy, with bug attacks, and so far away, it just wasn't worth the trip; esp. in amateur era when US players were compelled to stay 2-3 months or so to make the trip worth it to the USTA ho was footing the bill! He was probably the only player who could frustrate Lendl, beating him at the '88 USO, '88 Masters, and the '85 FO when it really counted!

    ***I know, I know. I said it in half jest b/c there are other players who deserve it more, but I thought Mats should at least get some recognition for what he did. Only 3 others have passed him in the # of AO titles, so Mats should get his due. Always loved watching the way he would frustrate the heck out of Lendl back in the day. McEnroe has said that Mats was the smartest player he played.***

  41. ***Green Bay continues to win the NFC North crown, but what good does that do us if we can't convert that into winning in the playoffs? I saw the stat during the game, Rodgers is 6-4 in the playoffs. After Sunday now he's 6-5. Take out that 1 SB year and Rodgers all time is 2 wins and 5 losses. That's not a very good record. Packers are always in contention year after year, but they have a weird way of getting beat often in the playoffs. Why is that?***

    Even though I'm not a Packer fan, I can like your QB, but I'm done w/ the lot of you now! I've watched the team self-destruct too many times to be any kind of kindred spirit fan! Being outscored by Arizona a couple years ago or "giving away" this past game against the Seahawks; I just can't! Whenever the NFL Replay comes on I have to surf on by! I have to put this on McCarthy who was being gutless shutting it down with a lead instead of continuing to play until the last gun! It's the same thing I saw happening with Andy Reed; great minds who think they can win with a script and taking idiotic chances! Losing challenge after challenge until that Dallas playoff game is endemic of what I'm talking about! What's on his mind at times? He probably expected to win all those other challenges, but the one that really counted a couple weeks ago!

    ***I put that loss more on Slocum and MM than Capers and his boys. We couldn't even muster one 1st down in the 4th 1/4. Burnett gets a pick and MM comes out w/ 3 straight runs, loses yards and punts in under a minute. Sherman had a bum arm and Earl Thomas had an injured shoulder. Why not try and take advantage of that w/ the best qb in the game?***

    The team stopped playing for some reason! They didn't even try to make a 1st down late in the game! They still could have won w/o defending the fake FG, could even give up a TD, but that 2 point conversion will forever be an embarrassment! A HS team could have finished that game!

    When I lived in the Bay area, usually too busy or tired to go outside of limited area! Was in SF for 7 months and rarely left downtown; lived and worked! The really good places weren't in walking distance! The only time I took the car out of the garage was to go grocery shopping on Sunday after work! In Oakland for 6 months and it was the same thing; didn't leave the Broadway area much at all! I just rarely went to the other side of town even when looking for another place to live! Hit Pacifica and Mntnvw before heading back to Sac!

    ***So many people I know say SF is a 'must see' and for seafood lovers The Wharf is not to be passed up plus I'm dying to have REAL sourdough bread.***

    I'm terrible about not taking advantage of the cities I live these days! SF does have the best seafood and I lived w/i walking distance of the Piers! My apt. was off the Embarcadero on Main/Harrison, right behind the Bay Bridge! That was convenient to jump on if I went back & forth to Sac! I just was never into seafood; esp. sushi where people were always being poisoned! I hated being in the city b/c of the tourist!

    ***I love going into D.C. and when family comes into town we hit up China Town, Capitol Hill or Adams Morgan.***

    Back in 2000, I got a call about doing some consultant work nearby in VA, but I was warned about the traffic! I hate traffic; which is what really ran me out of the Bay area! Someone told me it could be 2 am and still wind up in some kind of jam! I took it very seriously!

    ***I can attest to traffic here. I used to leave at 5:20 a.m. to be at work by 8. Started taking the train b/c the Metro trains are so old and break down often.***

  42. ***Why Is College Tuition Out Of Control? - Community college is already incredibly inexpensive. The only thing that will jack up the price is making it "free." How about a big Federal program to provide every American w/ free toilet paper? Coincidentally, that's about all most college degrees are good for these days. ...***

    I'm disgusted by the education system in this country! If you have money, you can get the best teachers and schools at your beck and call! The system is almost making it cost prohibitive where you either have to be rich or so poor you're able to take advantage of scholarships! The more programs out there to educate people, the more it'll cost to go for everyone since the whole thing is so corrupt! Funny, I thought it was bad in my day; it's so much worse now!

    ***I'd heard the expression "flaming faggot" entered our parlance from the practice in the Middle Ages of setting homosexuals on fire.***

    People don't want to hear or read the real origins of some of the most horrid monikers used today with impunity! Germans don't want to acknowledge Nazism and the subsequent genocide in their name or our own reprehensible history of slavery, racism, segregation, Native American genocide, the Tuskegee Experiment, and homophobia! When a redneck or backwoods conservative speak of our exceptionalism, I have to smile and shake my head! These are the same people who probably are quite satisfied and brag about this kind of history and laud it!

    When I lived in the Bay area, usually too busy or tired to go outside of limited area! Was in SF for 7 months and rarely left downtown; lived and worked! The really good places weren't in walking distance! The only time I took the car out of the garage was to go grocery shopping on Sunday after work! In Oakland for 6 months and it was the same thing; didn't leave the Broadway area much at all! I just rarely went to the other side of town even when looking for another place to live! Hit Pacifica and Mountain View before heading back to Sac! Was in the Capital for 10+ years!

    ***So many people I know say SF is a 'must see' and for seafood lovers The Wharf is not to be passed up plus I'm dying to have REAL sourdough bread.***

    I'm terrible about not taking advantage of the cities I live these days! SF does have the best seafood and I lived w/i walking distance of the Piers! My apt. was off the Embarcadero on Main/Harrison, right behind the Bay Bridge! That was convenient to jump on if I went back and forth to Sac! I just was never into seafood; esp. sushi where people were always being poisoned! lol! I hated being in the city b/c it was a tourist town! So many people invaded the freakin' town, residence couldn't get on the streetcars a lot of the time! My big ride was the F Train up Market; Van Ness to Castro for lunch! All other routes just weren't worth trying to get on for the most part!

    ***I love going into D.C. and when family comes into town we hit up China Town, Capitol Hill or Adams Morgan.***

    Back in 2000, I got a call about doing some consultant work nearby in VA, but I was warned about the traffic! I hate traffic; which is what really ran me out of the Bay area! Someone told me it could be 2 am and still wind up in some kind of jam! I took it very seriously!

    ***I can attest to traffic here. I used to leave at 5:20 a.m. to be at work by 8. Started taking the train b/c the Metro trains are so old and break down often.***

  43. ***I'm going against my better judgment and saying Berdych wins a set off Rafa in the AO Qtr. Rafa in 4.***

    Lucky for Rafa, Tomas goes out on the court defeated; absolutely unwatchable since he doesn't even try to make changes! I'm sure he can volley, but he forgets how when he plays Nadal; same w/ overheads! Incompetently taking them out of the air instead of bouncing the ball; IDIOT!

    ***It's probably too soon, but maybe, Berdych's new coach will come up w/ something to give Berdych more of a chance. - Fedfans want to whine and mourn?***

    I don't understand what anyone has to whine about? Federer is still #2 in the world and wasn't going to win this tourney anyway! His half of the draw was loaded w/ 2 or 3 of his nemesises! It stands out that he's the only top seed not to make the 1/4's! It had to happen sooner or later! I expected the other men to get these upsets more often, but overall they're still gutless and don't know how to finish when they have huge leads! Rafa s/b gone as well, but he was saved by a weak-minded competitor!

    ***Some of us Fed fans could be in denial. Even though we knew that a time like this would come, it's still hard to accept now that the time has come. I have to admit, I could hardly recognize Fed when he played against Seppi.

    I see Rafa a little bit slow against Berdych in this QF. 'Time to wake up Rafa!'***

    Nothing new! That's how he gets into 4 and 5 set epics w/ "also-rans" and nobodies; and of course the off "bad loss!" Berdych will probably donate some points back; don't worry!

    ***Rafa is returning some serves from New Zealand.***

    Borg used to do that; even at Wimbledon! Sometimes you couldn't see him in the picture; back w/ the linesmen! "Get out the way grandma; gotta run down that next shot!"

    ***A GREAT 1st set by Berdych! Couldn't ask for better. Now just keep it up!***

    I've seen this taped match before! When it gets to the nitty-gritty at the end, let's see if the recording has changed or been altered! Tomas is always good for a set of brilliance; esp. when Rafa is "way off!"

    ***Exactly. Berdych can be up 2 sets and a break and I will still be nervous. lol - The problem now is Berdych can grow in confidence and start playing better.***

    I've been so hopeful in the past, but Tomas has a way of disappointing all concerned! I'll eat my words if he completes this, but he could have MP w/ a "sitter" overhead at the net and will butcher it somehow and give it all back!

    ***lol - Is Rafa for real right now? 2 double faults, incl. 1 on break point? This is honestly embarrassing. Legitimately his worst performance at a Slam in a long time. - I knew we were jinxed when Rafa wore pink and why did he wear those short-shorts w/ a reflector stripe?***

    These shorts are getting back to where they belong! It's still more material than the strip across the crotch and butt from past eras! lol! Check out that Fila wear for Borg, OMG; tight and short!

    ***Please; Borg and Rafa don't share the same short-shorts. Borg is my idol. He never needed to wear fluro pink tee shirts.***

    On 1st glance, that new NIKE 'neo crap' looks rather cheap! I loved the simplicity of Fila wear back 'in the day' w/ Borg, Gerulaitis, & Vilas! It was like either crème or white w/ just an accent of Italian color in the collar; red or green! Beautiful stuff; and expensive!

    ***It wasn't til '09 when Nike and Rafa decided to change his clothes. ...Rafa has said he does like fluro colours. Rafa wore pink to RG in '09. It's the only match he has lost, losing to Soderling; who deserved his win by the way.***

    Federer should set up a trust for Soderling's family after helping him out in '09! I'd definitely get him something nice like a car if I were Roger!

  44. ***Federer's getting old. Anyone who thinks his results over the last few years are bad must be new to tennis.***

    I'm 1 of those people who thought after Wimbledon in '12, everything since "has been gravy!" It only makes sense; gotten the most out of himself! Roger added to his total # of wks at #1, picked off a few more Masters, and has culminated his career w/ a Davis Cup victory! It's all good!

    ***Rankings are heating up right now. If Andy wins next match, Stan will be below him whatever happens. Kei/Andy/Milos or Tomas win AO, all will overtake Nadal in the 3rd spot. I wonder who will end up where?

    No matter who ends where after the AO, what is more exciting to me is that the race will be tighter than ever along the #3-8 ranking for the near future. There will be a lot of positioning before the upcoming Masters.***

    I'm looking forward to next wk's rankings; Nadal definitely falling well back of #3 it seems after losing in the QF of the AO! Looks as if Nole will surpass Nadal in #1 ranking by the spring! So much for being the GOAT IMO when he's so far behind other HOF'rs!

    ***There's no such thing as GOAT, but there are actual achievements out there such as the # of Slams you've won or Master's shields or whether you have the 'Career GS' or Olympic Singles Golds etc. As for wks ranked #1, no man's reputation has been linked more w/ injuries than Rafael Nadal, so it would be a paradox if he also had more wks ranked #1 than others.

    Nadal is currently 3rd, but will drop behind: - Murray or Berdych if 1 of them wins the tourney.

    Nishikori currently 4th but will drop behind: - Murray if he reaches the final or - Tomas or Stan if 1 of them wins the tourney.

    Murray currently 5th, but will drop behind: - Berdych if he reaches the final or - Stan if he wins the tourney and Murray doesn't reach the final.

    I stopped watching Fedal encounters a long time ago. Too boring.***

    I wouldn't say boring; more like expecting better! It isn't realistic, but Fed fans are a bit "special" so you have to take that into consideration! We really need to "let it go!" Our GOAT is getting to be a little "long in the tooth!" We can't expect him to keep this up forever; esp. not as long as Martina! A good draw and some upsets, I can see him squeezing out 1 more major, but he has to watch his schedule; pull back a little and drop some of that ridiculous entourage! That can't be helping him in the long run!

    ***You would have to put the winner of the Djokovic-Wawrinka match over the Berdych-Murray 1, but they are all playing so well.***

    So bizarre w/ no Roger or Rafa; not missed! I've been whining "forever" about getting some new blood in these semis! At least Stan is defending well and Murray's back! Men's tennis is looking good w/ a great #1 representative in Djokovic!

    ***I'm flummoxed as to why there's a media buzz about Kim Sears directing naughty words at Berdy. So what? She's cheering for Andy and she 'piped out' a few choice ones....***

    It's more a moral and gentlemen's code or courtesy to be a little more restrained in the "player's box!" The same emotions went on at the end of the year w/ Stan and how he thought he was being unfairly "cat called" at by Federer's camp! I personally didn't care since I thought it would backfire and sabotage their DC aspirations! Some might say Roger defaulted that match in the Master's final to placate Stan in some way for that semi played! Lucky they pulled it together b/c they easily could have blown it!

    ***Well, you see, a gentleman code shouldn't apply to a lady.***

    Obviously not quite as classy and gentile as Collette Evert or Oracene Williams who applaud and congratulate the victor; no matter if it's an opponent!

  45. ***If it is indeed gonna be a Djokovic v Murray final, we couldn't have asked for a more awful final imo. Matches btw those 2 suck a good 50% of the time if not more.***

    I agree! Murray's accustomed to opponents getting frustrated w/ his "gets" and interchanging aggressive/passive, defensive/offensive play! I understand his feeling; running down all shots and frustrating a player, but he ends up being the one "losing it" b/c Nadal and Djokovic are just "that much better!" Murray's taken a few matches that meant something in the record books over Nole, but overall, he should be able to take his 5th title and "own" that trophy like no other male in the OPEN Era!

    Seeing 5th set now and Stan just wore down; feet stopped moving to the ball! It was all Nole after the 4th set! ...I guess that says something that he can win even sub-par; not taking anything away from Stan, but this is still new to him defending a major!

    ***When you consider Stan had a break in the 1st set; if he had won it, he would have been in the final trying to defend his title. Frankly it was a most disappointing s/final, not a clean match from either player quite frankly.***

    You can say the same about Nole winning in straight sets w/ break opportunities abound from the very beginning of the match! Never seen him waste so many of them!

    *** Exactly, well put. It shb over after the 4th. Absolutely horrendous BP conversion esp. in the 4th.***

    Andy has been awful in those previous finals, but this 1 s/b quite competitive from the form I've seen so far from him!

    ***There was never a big 4 at the same time. It was always either a Big 2 or Big 1 and Murray was never a part of that group of 3.

    I think this is basically true except for 1 year: 2012. All 4 of the Big 4 won a Slam and they were relatively close together. So it goes something like this:

    Big One: 2004 (Federer)
    Big Two: 2005-06 (Fedal)
    Big Two + One: 2007 (Fedal + Djokovic)
    Big Two + Two: 2008-10 (Fedal + Djokurray)
    Big One + One + Two: 2011 (Djokovic + Nadal + Fedurray)
    Big Four: 2012
    Big Two: 2013 (Nadalkovic)
    Big One + Two: 2014 (Djokovic + Fedal)
    ???: 2015

    Ok, that was confusing and a bit silly. My point is that--to agree w/ you--the dominance has moved around, but that there was actually 1 year, '12, that could be considered the "Year of the Big Four." And of course if we want to be generous, we could call 2008-14+ the "Era of the Big Four" in that over those 7 years (and perhaps more), those 4 were by far the dominant players in the game. If you look back at 1973-81, you'd see a similar situation w/ Connors, Vilas, Borg, McEnroe, and Lendl.***

    I like it; probably right, but I'd put Nastase in there somewhere even though he only won 1 major during that period at '73 FO! He made Connors look bad a lot in the mid 70's, lost a Wimbledon final to Borg in '76, reached #1 in the World, and won the Masters 4 times! I find him to be the most talented in those years, but couldn't keep his emotions in check and didn't quite hit the ball hard enough to hurt Borg! He's the 'Marat Safin' of that era; IMO! The equivalent today would be the addition of Del Potro since commentators had anointed him the next great player; hasn't happened though due to injury!

    ***Interesting "real life" perspective on Nastase; thanks for that. ...From the record at least, Nastase peaked in '71-73 and slipped a bit in '74 although was still top 10 for a few more years. But I love the Safin comp - very interesting.***

  46. ***If Murray wins, Murray fans s/b too busy celebrating to care if some people are giving him credit or not. The trophy and prize money s/b enough credit.***

    I so agree! They're looking for "elite" treatment as if he's on par w/ Federer, Nadal, & Djokovic! Right now, he isn't even of the status of Hewitt who won 2 majors, but was ranked #1 for over a year! Andy WILL never attain 'that' w/ the way he plays; much too late for him to change back! He was a lot more aggressive and volleyed, then decided to play this counter-punch style to the limit and it has to be debilitating as it is for Nadal! This tourney, he's really turned it around and closed out matches w/ little fuss! He's saved some energy for this final and it's up for grabs w/ the way Nole played the semi! I've never seen him blow so many BP's opportunities! I'm hoping for better tonight!

    ***One thing is certain, if Murray does win he won't get any credit for playing well on these boards. It'll either be b/c Djokovic played rubbish or all thanks to Lendl. - But don't you feel it will be true though? I mean Djokovic is better than Murray in almost every aspect of the game as well as winning their last 7 meetings on HC's dating back to '12. I feel this match will be in his hands. If he plays well, there's no way Andy can win. So it does come into how he plays than how Murray plays.***

    The same could be said for anyone who defeats Nadal! He gets every benefit of the doubt; "he must be hurt" or due to injury he didn't have enough match play! It's terribly insulting to all concerned I guess!

    ***It is a shame the WTA doesn't have the ATP rule where a player can skip a mandatory event depending on how long you have been on the tour and the overall matches you have won. I forgot that the WTA doesn't share the same policy.***

    So what you have and want more of are fake injuries and a lot of lying! That's what bothered me the most about the Williams'; playing when they felt like it! Outside interests have come back to haunt them IMO! They didn't think the rules pertained to them and were probably taken to task behind the scenes! I know it happened a lot at the beginning of their careers; insolent, snobby, and totally full of themselves! Never been a fan of their act; the screeching, intermittent play, and for the most part not taking the sport seriously! No other top players have been this petulant, ignoring all decorum and history! Now that both are in their 30's, they're trying to re-write the script and their spotty history; fat chance as long as I'm around!

    ***Maybe the casual tennis fan couldn't care less, but as a die-hard fan of all things tennis, I always take into account what Navratilova/Evert did on the tour during the 70s and 80s. Their longevity, their lack of big injuries, the commitment to the tour, Navratilova's commitment to doubles, etc. They are from a different era, but they did something that Serena has not done. And Serena has done some things they have not done. When looking at numbers alone, you can't ignore those insane #'s Navratilova left behind, but when I think of GOAT, they are all up there. They all have their accomplishments and they are up there at the top together. None better than the other. That's the way I look at it.

    I think I get what you're saying and I kind of agree w/ one caveat. To me the only person who I really care about overall titles for is Navratilova. The sheer magnitude, length, and reach of her career is why I look at those #'s and could care less if she has the most Slams. That's not even to mention the insane doubles career she had. ...For me that automatically places Navratilova and Graf at least in the top 2 running for GOAT esp. when (until now) Steffi had the next 2 beat by 4.***

  47. ***I don't think anybody had to work harder for his majors (looking at the competition that he faced) than Nole. I might be biased, but man this is impressive.***

    ITA! These "Big 4" are no doubt the best since Borg, Connors, & Lendl, McEnroe! Sampras had competition, but it was intermittent and w/ different people! Agassi was no real rival w/ Pete able to rise like the Phoenix in '02 to win his last USO over his fave "pigeon" in the final! People don't remember how much he had sunk; hadn't won any title of any kind for over 2 years, limped into the USO ranked #22, but seeded #17 IIRC! Like Navratilova in '91, no one gave him a chance, but steadily got better as the matches wore on! Martina didn't finish by taking out Seles in the final, but she was very impressive along the way, upsetting Sanchez in QF and Graf in the semi! Look at this Golden era now w/ Federer, Nadal, & Djokovic who will more than likely surpass most and be in double digits in majors! Who would have thought such a thing? Not me that's for sure! I think of myself as a historian, watching tennis on tv since '73, w/ a lifetime subscription to Tennis and WT mags, & checked out the newspapers to pick up any tennis news from around the world before the internet! If you thought the ball moved slowly in the previous era, you'd fall asleep at matches 50-80 years ago! Love Nole taking his 5th in style and Hingis adding to her trophy case again after all these years! Bravo!

    ***I enjoy reading your posts Fiero, I usually always learn something from tennis history from you.***

    You're too kind! Thx! It didn't look good starting w/ Nole being 'all at sea' a couple nights ago! He fell on his hand, seemed to slide and twist something in an ankle, had disruptions all night long in the stands, and Andy's new found aggressive play! W/ Nole's penchant for making matches more difficult for himself, he didn't disappoint the seers! He was pretty much on a roll and ready to close that match out in straights; didn't happen again!

    ***I agree. If Murray had faced the same opposition Roger faced in his first 8 Slam finals, he'd be better off than he is now, by far. It hasn't been an easy bunch to take down for Andy, but by the same measure, this only emphasizes that he's not in the same league as the other "3". Rafa's 1st 8 Slam finals all involved Roger, except the 1st one (Puerta), out of which he was 6-2, and Novak faced Rafa, Roger or Andy in 7 of his 1st 8; out of which he was 5-3.***

    That was the reason I downgraded Sampras' GOAT resume; too many of those weak finals w/ "also rans" and "never weres!" As I posted before, Sampras never had a sustain rivalry, even though historians try to make Agassi his foil! Pete won MOST of their major matches; usually w/ little fuss or muss! I still remember back in '90 USO; I thought nothing of this kid! I figured Agassi would roll him so I went out to play myself and expected to catch the end! The one that was "rolled" was Andre who was smoked in about an hour and a half! I never saw the match until ESPN Classic put it out there years later! It was a dismantling and to this day I still wonder about Agassi, his following, and of course the underachieving; "coming and going" like Nadal it seems!

    OTTOMH, John McEnroe's the main 1 that PO's me w/ his constant fawning of Rafa for the last several years! It makes no sense w/ the limitations to go overboard speaking of his record! Nadal has never defended a title off of clay! He's not only losing earlier at Wimbledon, it's being done by a qualifier, junior, and a wild-card! These are things that wasn't and isn't happening to Roger and Nole! Even if Rafa picks up 5 more FO's, he still won't be "my GOAT!"

  48. ***The point being, that would give Nadal 13 more Slams and Novak and Andy 17 more before turning 32 - plenty of opportunities for Nadal at least to win 3-4 more, although I don't see Novak catching Rafa or Roger but Pete is a possibility. But of course every player is different. One of those 3 could pull an Andre Agassi on us, or one could lose motivation, or one in particular could simply fall apart. And of course the fact that the next generation who s/b in their prime--Nishikori, Raonic, Dimitrov, Tomic, etc--are simply not up to the task to de-throne the current elites. For that we probably have to look at the generation after that--Kyrgios, Coric, Zverev, etc.

    So let's look at the year-end ages for various players grouped by generation:

    Federer 34
    Nadal 29, Djokovic, Murray 28
    Nishikori 26, Raonic 25, Dimitrov 24
    Kyrgios 20, Coric 19, Zverev 18

    Federer 35
    Nadal 30, Djokovic/Murray 29
    Nishikori 27, Raonic 26, Dimitrov 25
    Kyrgios 21, Coric 20, Zverev 19

    Federer 36
    Nadal 31, Djokovic/Murray 30
    Nishikori 27, Raonic 26, Dimitrov 25
    Kyrgios 22, Coric 21, Zverev 20

    Federer 37
    Nadal 32, Djokovic/Murray 31
    Nishikori 28, Raonic 27, Dimitrov 26
    Kyrgios 23, Coric 22, Zverev 21

    If Nishikori's generation was going to take over, it would have happened by now, which helps Nadal, Djokovic and Murray potentially in padding their achievements. I have a feeling that it will be a combination of the current top players getting older and the younger generation coming into its own that will see the baton passed sometime in the 2017-19. The next couple years will likely see further dominance by the current elite, w/ the occasional upset or darkhorse taking a Slam or Masters, and then 2017 (or 2016-18) could be a wild and woolly transition year where every tournament is up for grabs, w/ 2018 or 2019 being the year that the young guys are firmly in charge. S/b an interesting next few years!

    Nole was 20 when he faced Roger in the USO Final. I agree w/ Kieran and others who think that Andy has faced much better competition in his major finals and that he would have done better if it weren't for the 'Big 3.' I really can't remember, but who did Federer face in the USO Finals?***

    Federer played in 6 str. finals and was tested each time w/ past or future #1's and winners of the USO; Hewitt, Agassi, Roddick, Djokovic, Murray, & Del Po in succession! Grueling, finally losing in '09 to Del Po!

    ***Thanks Fiero, I forgot about Murray as well. I think that both Roger and Nole are tougher competition in a major final than Roddick, Hewitt & older Agassi, so I stand by my initial statement that Andy had it much tougher to win these finals. I'm not saying that he would surely beat either 1 of them, but probably had better chances than facing Fed and Nole all the time.***

  49. ***Fiero, are you that informed?***

    I was a fan around the time of Robin Cousins in '80! ...It was the Tonya Harding drama that brought me back in earnest in '94! That was a GOLDEN AGE w/ profiteers promoting skating all over the place! Surya was "my girl" until she retired in '98, but was lucky enough to catch her winning 2000 Goodwill Games over Yuka Sato! I bought and read Christine Brennan's, "Inside Edge" even though she was on "the outs" in the FS community! I thought of Yagudin as the best w/ the most reliable quad at the time until Plushenko! Ended up favoring the kid when I thought he was being picked on by "his older comrade!" Amazing how he has endured over all these years since '96! That 4-3-3 combo at the beginning of his program and Beilman spins were show stoppers! He continues to amaze; 4 Olyc Medals (2G, 2S)! Can still compete and will probably come back again in time for '18!

    ***...I respect his great career and he was 1 of the most accomplished Olympians, unparalleled longevity, but some of his marks are given to him on reputation, not on what he actually does on the ice.*

    Has anybody given any thought as to why Andy went AWOL at 2-0 up in the 3rd in his AO final against Nole? I mean, the guy had looked cool and resolved all tourney; somebody flick an off-switch.***

    I say it has a lot to do w/ these matches being such a grind! It's almost routine having hour long sets w/ points that go on for 20-30 strokes! I would have had a heart attack! looks so tough out there running all those miles to win 1 match! As conditioned as Andy is, the moment takes more toll and that's when he falters!

    ***The '15 Aussie Open btw Djokovic and Murray had all the potential of a great match, but in the end, tennis fans saw the #1 player in the world take another step to joining the select group of greatest players of all-time. Djokovic won his Open-Era record 5th AO title and his 8th GS chp overall, while denying Murray yet again his chance to finally win a major 'Down Under.'

    Both players had their own demons to deal w/ before the final. Djokovic was last year’s #1 and the Wimbledon Chmp, but he has been tripped up too many times in the last stages of Grand Slam tourneys lately. TBH, his record of 7-7 in Grand Slam finals is not worthy of a player of his stature. He needed to win this 1. Meanwhile Murray has been battling to regain his 2012-13 form after back surgery. He had changed coaches to renew that fire that Lendl had lit and he looked ready. He needed to win this one to rightfully reclaim his spot in the “Big 4.”

    The 1st set saw Djokovic grab a quick lead, only to give it up and let Murray force a TB. But Djokovic did what he does best and took the set in a close 1. The 2nd set was back and forth, w/ Murray getting a quick break, then falling behind before finally catching up and taking the 2nd set TB w/ some of his best tennis of the day. Then all the drama started. Murray grabbed a quick 2-0 lead and w/ Djokovic looking like he could barely stand, Murray’s dream of finally winning the AO looked like a very possible reality. Murray was hitting well, hustling, lunging, getting everything back and had Djokovic on the ropes.

    After being ahead 2-0 in the 3rd, Nole went on to win 12 of the last 13 games to take the title over a stunned Murray, leaving his fiancee muttering God-knows-what in the players box. A very cool handshake from Murray was followed by a trophy ceremony w/ Nole telling Murray and his fiancee to make a lot of babies (!) while Murray glared at Novak from behind. At the press conference, Murray complained of Djokovic’s “faking illness” at the beginning of the 3rd set, but it was nothing Djokovic, or Murray for that matter hadn't done before.

    Djokovic is once again the King of Australia and w/ his 5th title (2nd to Emerson’s 6), he's now on the precipice of the upper echelon. His accolades cont. to grow; 8 GS, 4 WTF's titles, 48 career titles, 3 YE #1s, 20 Master 1000 titles & a DC.***

  50. ***Djokovic Era (2011-Present)
    Slams: Novak 7, Rafa 5, Murray 2, Wawrinka 1, Cilic 1
    Year-end #1: Novak 3, Rafa 1
    World Tour Finals: Novak 3, Roger 1
    Masters: Novak 15, Rafa 9, Roger 6, Andy 3
    Total Titles: Novak 31, Rafa 21, Roger 17, Andy 15

    Clearly Novak has the edge over Rafa. But a couple things to consider:

    1. An "era" is a subjective time span. If we extend this to 2010 then we're going to see that gap not only narrowed but in some ways Rafa gets the edge.

    2. While I have argued that staying healthy is a skill and that we shouldn't use injury as an excuse, it does bear mentioning that Rafa has struggled over the last few years. When he's been healthy he's at least been Novak's equal, except in the case of 2011. I see something akin to the status quo--w/ gradual decline from Roger and Rafa (if in different ways)--for 2 or 3 years, and more and more upsets.

    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if 2015 is something of a "return to full dominance" by the 'Big Four,' w/ them taking all the Slams and leading people to believe that last year was an aberration. But I think the gap will continue to narrow, and that by 2016 or 2017 we'll see a wider field. But the balance of power won't have fully shifted until '18.

    As a big Novak fan, I do not consider 2011-2014 a Djokovic era, b/c put it simply it was not an era. He had an exceptionally great year in '11, but a year does not make a era. 2012-2014 was OK, he was the best overall, but he was back and forth w/ Roger and Nadal at the pole position, so definitely not domination. However, he may just kick-off a new Nole era, if he manages an average 2 Slams each of the next 3 years and if the rest, 6 of them will be collected by at least 3 other guys winning not more than 2 each.***

    I like to use the term "time;" this is Nole's time! It began in 2011, but overall no one has been as dominant for that entire stretch; Nadal going in and out and Federer steadily going down for a while after reaching #1 again in 2012! There was a resurgence, but nothing to write home about! He still gets away w/ a little sloppy play b/c of other players' awe of him, but that reverence has slowly dissipated; "look out this year Roger!" It could be all over!

    ***We'll see what is going on these next years, but I hope to see these next tournaments better and more competitive matches and finals than I've seen these last months including London.

    Rafa has been far from dominant on non-clay since 2011, with the exception of a relatively short period in 2013. I know, he's gone deep in plenty of non-clay tourneys, but to me it is rather shocking to consider that in 3 of the last 4 years Rafa has won no big non-clay tournaments. None! In 2013 he won 4: IW, Toronto, Cinci, and the USO - a span of 6 months - but that's half a year of 4 years, or about 25% in which Rafa has played well enough on non-clay to win big tournaments. But in 75% of the last four years he hasn't played well enough on non-clay to win a significant tournament. Again, I'm a bit surprised by that. This is not to say that Rafa couldn't put together another 2013-esque run, but because he's so damn good on clay I think we forget that he's not quite as good elsewhere. Still very good, but not ungodly like he is on clay. I mean, another way of putting this is that in Rafa's 10 years of winning Slams he's only won a non-clay Slam in four of those years, or in 40% of those years. Of his 41 big titles (Slams, WTFs, Masters), 28 have been on clay, or 68%, and 13 (32%) on hard and grass surfaces. This isn't to diminish Rafa's accomplishments, but it's worth pointing out that it seems his non-clay prowess is a tad overstated and seems to be diminishing. To put that another way, he's almost certainly the greatest clay court player who ever lived, but outside of clay he's in the pack w/ a # of other players.***

  51. If unemployment is up a smidge, it just means more are looking for work "losers!" The #'s are quite good and people like Boehner are in total denial; unemp. at 5.7% and the # of jobs created have set records the last couple months! The Speaker is still "talking down" the economy even w/ all the great #'s! ...He needs to just jump on board of this recovery and stimulate it w/ investments in infrastructure; roads, bridges, and utility upgrades!

    ***The only fools I see are the Obama suck-ups who still think the economy is doing well. For the folks, that is. One percenters are doing OK b/c Obama's tomfoolery doesn't affect them.***

    It's doing a lot better than the final year or so under "W's" watch! The economy was in freefall, unemployment doubled w/ a loss of 775,000 jobs a month, and the stock market dropping to 6600! Why are you pathetic people trying to rewrite history? It's ridiculous to keep panning this economy regardless if it's lethargic or not! Reps have been foot-dragging Obama's entire tenure so blame those treasonous bastards instead of The President! So much could have been done to improve conditions, but the "right" thought Romney would win so then they could "release the Kracken!" All this will end up doing is allowing the real improvement to occur under Clinton's admin; what will these idiots say then? Fuckers!

    ***Republicans consistently do the unthinkable.***

    Actual 'thought' has little to do with what Republicans do and say or they wouldn't waste all the time, money, and energy passing yet another bill to kill the ACA! I'm so done w/ Reps, but obviously the country loves dingbats running the show in their states w/ 30 of them! Even Illinois took on a corp. crook as Gov. recently! There's just no excuse in FLA, MI, Wisc, NJ, and other states where the failed governance is proved yearly w/ "credit rating" downgrades, higher unemployment than other states, and infrastructure literal falling apart!

    Well in the end, maligning Hillary Clinton just makes Reps look bad! After they trash her and she beats them, what will they have to fall back on; the incompetence of the electorate again? That bit them in the ass when the country overwhelmingly supported Bill during the Lewinsky 'inquisitions!' For the ones old enough to remember, The Reps used a "special prosecutor" enveloping all the made up scandals of the day, wasted $40 million, and he's still the most popular President of this generation! They'll never learn; you can't get the best of a Clinton no matter how much money you spend and how sleazy the tactic! They've been after this family since Jennifer Flowers and most of his detractors have been run out of office for the most part including Gingrich, Livingston, Barr, Sanford (only to return), and so many more! Now they're after his wife and the same thing will happen; promise! Unless she cuts her own throat, that woman will be the next President of this country! It's HER turn!

    ***Making something mandatory for everybody b/c of the actions of a small few; that's what liberals do. In order to not come down hard on those who are the real perpetrators, they just clump everybody in the group..that way, they can get the perpetrators, w/o really pointing the finger at them.***

    Sorry, but we're a nation of morons; "common sense" has to be legislated b/c we can't be trusted to do the right thing for the most part! When it takes gov't intervention to stop polluting the air and water, you know we're beyond help and need "Big Brother!" It's unfortunate, but times have proved we just aren't that bright; look at who we allow to represent us; idiots, morons, crooks, and thieves!

    ***The Reps. really need someone like Rand Paul. He's not as Libertarian as his father, but he's also more of a conservative than those like Romney or Bush.***

  52. ***1. Why compare conditions today w/ the past? There are times in the past that make today's economy look sad...why don't you use them as a comparison?

    2. What history is being rewritten?

    3. Treasonous bastards? Whom did you have in mind?***

    ...And you had a significant # of pols and "people" who were foot-dragging, being absolutely negative when things weren't that bad! Boehner sounds like a fool w/ his constant refrain of "where are the jobs" when the #'s are the best they've been since 1998; treasonous bastards! ...still doesn't change what actually happened and what it cost us! OBTW, I'm no fan of Obama!

    I watch Carson on FNN and I don't care what he's done and how educated you think he is, he's said some very ignorant things about the President; invoking Nazism in reference to Obama policies and his ACA! The discussion ends w/ that word as far as I'm concerned! He's a fool and his supporters need to take stock in some of the absurd things he purports!

    ***Granted he has seriously misspoke on some issues (not the ACA) and I am pretty sure that will cost Carson from ever being a real Rep. top runner for Prez in 2016.

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling on his colleagues to pass a bill that would make same sex marriage a state issue. Cruz, along w/ 11 other Rep. senators, re-introduced the State Marriage Defense Act on Tuesday, which aims to allow states to adopt their own definitions of marriage and would block the federal gov't from applying its own definition of marriage onto states.***

    So much for the rule of law around this country! We keep touting ourselves as a nation of laws and the SCOTUS handed down a decision that is binding around the country! People need to "get over it" just like when civil rights legislation was passed! The country can't live in the 19th century even though some of us are mentally stuck back there! ...The rest of these RUBES in red states need to just "let it go!" I hope we don't see a repeat of a "George Wallace" standing in the doorway of a school to prevent Blacks from entering!

    ***Politicians were saying the exact same thing 50 years ago over miscegenation. Ted Cruz and his like will be a sad footnote in history. And, this is him just violently lashing out after having already lost the war. It's over. TKO.

    ...Can you explain why VP Biden doesn't "do it" for the lib's anymore Fiero?***

    Joe misspeaks more than anyone; plus he's more a granddad ready to retire! I only give Hillary a pass on being a Washington insider b/c if a woman is going to win the Presidency, it's her right now against a ton of Rep. losers! They all say something that disqualify themselves including being wrong on every issue concerning Obama's tenure in office, their war on women, minorities, gays, and of course "illegals!" Someone like Cruz or Paul may have used the term "deportables!" B/c of Obama's policies and the ACA, the sky would absolutely fall! They predicted higher unemployment, healthcare cost to go through the roof, and that the stock market would stall! None of that happened and they haven't apologized for the malicious accusations of being unpatriotic, a socialist, not being a citizen, slandering his parents, and worse; and this by the hierarchy of the Rep. Party, not some yahoo in the mountains! Please try to spin a Congressman screaming out at a President at a SOTU speech, "you lie!" There's just no excusing some of the disrespect the 1st Black President has had to endure including Boehner and McConnell not taking his calls! Obscene!

  53. ***The genre has always been there. Every generation has a book aimed at women that is racy and "controversial." I've only read a few excerpts from the book. What I found most disturbing about it was that it was having commercial success despite being so poorly written. Commercial success or not, people will probably not still be talking about it in a decade for that reason.***

    QUALITY & expertise means little in this country! We care more about what's cool and trending over "common sense!" Nothing new as we become more artificial in our character content! They are swamping the airwaves about this book and movie, but I've proved, it can be ignored! I have no idea what it's all about, but obviously showing a woman degrade herself is the overall view IMO!

    ***...A good example of the mass media's influence on getting once unaccepted things accepted is gay marriage. Ten years ago, we never would have thought how widely accepted it would be come now. In much less than the last 10 years, there have been movies dealing w/ the subject of gay marriage, either in a serious or comical way, but nonetheless making the public conditioned to think of it as normal.***

    Gay marriage is one of those subjects that often gets me to smile even though the subject was a horror 10+ year ago w/ the sleazy Rep. campaign against it! You can say their over-playing of their hand to get "W" re-elected was indirectly responsible for the acceleration of it's acceptance! The media's influence only embarrassed the hateful people making up reasons why it shouldn't be allowed! The hypocrisy reigns w/ these a-holes since they bitch and moan about how gay men are so sleazy w/ multiple partners, but at the same time frown on actual commitment! Typical conservatives when they hate something, they can't possibly be thinking it through b/c it makes them look desperate, unintelligible, & intolerant!

    ***GW Bush is Liberal Icon's messiah? News to me.***

    Bush can be no hero to conservatives, that's for sure! There was rampant spending, tripling of pork in the budgets totally $18 billion passed by his supporters in Congress, and giving tax breaks at the same time he starts and wages 2 wars! The Nat'l debt more than tripled during his tenure and the country is still paying for it! I guess you could call that Reaganomics; you talk about fiscal responsibility while doubling gov't when cuts were promised! Yep, that's the conservative way; lie yourself into office and do whatever you want which happens to hurt their own country; "thanks "W," you war criminal!"

    ***The Republicans are fully funding Homeland Security; just are not funding Obama's illegal amnesty. It's the Dem party that is holding this country hostage in order to pander to a voting block of illegals. By the way, not funding HS by the Dems will not shut down the gov't, it will only shut down HS, but I don't expect you to understand that after all you are a leftist loon.***

    Well it's going to work just as well as the last time idiot! Trying to make the President sign something he knows undermines his authority isn't happening! Look out for another "shut down" morons! We'll BLAME THE REPS as usual; because it's true! Boehner's the worst; cutting his own party's throat! "Thanks 'orange boy'!"

    ***I sure hope it doesn't kill the GOP like it did in the 2014 elections!***

    Well voters have proven they "have no common sense!" These same idiots re-elected Scott in FLA, Christie in NJ, Walker in Wisc., and Snyder in MI where unemployment's higher, the state credit ratings have taken several hits, and their particular governor probably under investigation for different reasons! The higher Reps go, the harder they'll fall in 2016; so I'm not upset in the least! It's all going to crash around your conservative heads and I can't wait!

  54. ***I don't have the exact #'s. But I believe GWB released more Gitmo detainees than Obama has. Obama may be horrible, just as you suggest, but it seems the Rep. was even worse. So bad in fact, the single worst terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland in all history; in the first year of his admin. Obama's been President for 6 years. So far; nothing like that here!***

    Don't you love the revisionist history from "the right" and FNN: "thanks to Bush, we haven't had another homeland attack since 911!" They're hilarious and idiotic; never taking responsibility for the incompetence of their boy / side! If "W's" so great, why is he a war criminal that can't leave his own country for fear of arrest; along with admin. like Cheney, Gonzales, Wooferwitz? They think history will be kind to them all! They're more delusional than their constituents!

    ***...No...the former President CAN leave the country and has in fact done so several times. And he has NEVER been declared a "war criminal" by any single legitimate governing body other than a few of you left wing nuts sitting in their circle jerk hate groups out of their garage. That]s just silly and shows us exactly that you are getting your stupid talking points from; left wing partisan hack web sites.

    It undermines our credibility. How can we claim impeccability if we conspicuously lack it? How can our Presidential campaign commitments for the future* be trusted if our historical accounts of the past are so conspicuously wrong.
    1 of 2 explanations:
    - Such falsehoods reflect ignorance and thus untrustworthiness. Or,
    - deliberate falsehood and thus untrustworthiness.
    How foolish to shoot ourselves in BOTH FEET before we've even crossed the starting line! Jeb hasn't even announced yet!

    This is as unnecessary a catastrophe as the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Iraq! And potentially as harmful!

    * Like Governor Reagan's commitment to balance the budget and pay down the debt; when in actual fact he not only ran up more debt than the Democrat President before him, but ran up more U.S. Federal debt than all the other U.S. Presidents before him COMBINED! LIARS !!***

    Nothing new b/c so many suckers out there in the electorate are ready to believe their BS!

    ***If Hillary is elected ...It will be b/c the majority of voters found her better than her opponent.***

    That won't be hard w/ the collection of losers on "the right!" Half of them have trashed their states w/ credit ratings falling, cuts to education, and an all out war against unions which has suppressed salaries! I think if Hillary wins, we'll be in the same situation w/ "all out opposition" to anything she wants, but of course we'll end up being in better shape than under any Rep. President! When Dems are in charge, economies flourish and good paying jobs are available! W/ Republicans it's totally opposite; trashed economy, higher unemployment, and stagnant wages! We're still recovering from "W" after all this time w/ his bills still pushing the Nat'l debt higher and higher! "Thanks obstructionist losers! You're all traitors!"

  55. ***If Murray had not had everything fall in place perfectly for him TWICE, we would be talking about him not having the mental fortitude to win the big 1 and be included in the Tsonga-Berdych-Ferrer group for lacking 1 thing or another to ever win a major. He's been in 8 Slam finals. Chances are 1 or 2 were finally going to go his way. Berdych, Tsonga and Ferrer have only been in 1 slam final each.

    I think to describe Murray as lucky to win 2 Slams when you look at the quality of opposition he's faced throughout his career is inaccurate. Things went his way on 2 occasions - as well as him playing very well - but look at all the many more times things didn't go his way! Playing in the same era as arguably the 2 greatest players of all-time, and another top 10 of all time - undoubtedly the toughest era - at least at the very top - of any era ever - can never be described as 'lucky.'

    Agassi got to play players like Rainer Schuttler and Arnaud Clement in GS finals. Rafter got to win by playing Rusedski and Philippoussis in the USO finals. Even Djokovic got to play Tsonga and Federer beat Baghdatis. All of Murray's GS finals have been against all-time greats, and many of his semis too. ...When Murray finally broke through to beat Djokovic in the USO F in 2012, Novak was unbeaten at HC majors for 2 years! To win the Olympics, Andy had to take on the world #2 in the SF and the #1 in the final; both all-time greats. And in the WD final he beat the #1 and an all-time great. I mean, you can't say he hasn't earned it.***

    True enough on all counts! I anticipated more breakthroughs which has been my major disappointment of the tour the last decade! Today's players are so much better in skill, athleticism, and confidence, but something's lacking which holds them back so they're lucky to make a major final, much less win 1 or 2 like Murray, Cilic, and Wawrinka! The Big 4 are getting up there, breaking down a little, but it's still the same players winning week in and week out in Majors, Masters, & YEC!

    ***Thanks Fiero! I think 1 of the reasons there haven't been more players breaking through is that the top 1's are genuinely AMAZING. Also, there's 3-4 of them, so even if 1 or 2 happen to be off their game, 1 of them will still likely win a tourney. ...But even though they are still the faves, none of them have quite the aura they did in the past, w/ the exception of Novak (and Rafa at RG, of course!).

    This is crazy, all QF matches went to 3 sets. Why don't they start these matches earlier? They should know that clay matches can be lengthy. Starting first QF at 3:00 pm is just asking for trouble.***

    Maybe from now on, these guys will get out there and get their business done in "straights" and not let "nobodies" and "never-weres" take them to the limit in early rounds; esp. Nadal who's supposed to be "the clay master!" Fognini is the one that really took it to the limit w/ TB's going long as well! Reminds me of the longest day at USO in '84; all matches went the distance including a "veteran" warm-up match early that day w/ Stan Smith and John Newcombe!

    ***Hi Fiero, sometimes long days at a tournament happen. We've witnessed that before numerous times. You really think that they are nobodies? Monaco is a good clay player so when he plays well, he can give a good fight to anybody. Haider-Maurer and Souza are kind of even and that one was hard to predict anyway. ...It was just a case of 2 players playing well in spurts and not wanting to lose so they kept fighting. The only 1 that possibly shouldn't have gone to 3 sets is Nadal vs Cuevas, but Cuevas won a clay tourney the previous week. He came into the match in great form. Too much tennis and playing at such a ridiculous time probably did him in that 3rd set. Sometimes in Paris they make some scheduling decisions that leave me speechless. Clay matches are usually on average longer than the ones played on HC's or grass.***

  56. ***The worst Slam when it comes to scheduling is the USO. They really have no idea what they're doing. And every year it never improves.***

    Call me a traitor, but as much as we like to put the USO on a pedestal rivalling Wimbledon; more a joke if you ask me and I'm from the States! I guess it's b/c I lived through the atrocious history of the tournament going back to '75; shootings, a murder, excessive airport noise, horrendous weather, shady dealings w/ "the draw," seeding controversies, 2 changes of the surface over a 4 year period ('75 & '78), and in general just a rotten reputation! That was just OTTOMH! I wonder how much I'm forgetting in my old age? lol! When it opened I can still see and hear some pros saying "the place" should be "A-bomb!" That 1st year in Flushing Meadows it was lauded for opening on time, but it needed more time esthetically with little in the way of trees and other grounds' foliage; quite austere!

    ***Yes, USO has definitely had the worst scheduling over the years - crazy at times. AO and WD are better, but I've never been keen on the AO putting the 2 SFs on different days - they s/b on the same day like at Wimby. Placing the Slams from best to worst scheduling: WD, AO, RG, USO.***

    An example of bad scheduling from the USO OTTOMH, an American pro played into the night, his match not ending until after midnight! They still had him on the draw to play someone at noon that same day he crawled into bed! He went down meekly 2, 2, & 2 to Jimmy Connors! I'm still SMH over that one! I would have told those people to "KMA" and put in an official protest of stupidity and lack of common sense on their part! I just don't accept something like that w/o letting the world know how I feel about it!

    ***Can't save this one. Rafa is gone in the semi of Rio 500 to Fognini.***

    If Fognini hadn't run down that net cord, it would have been another fantastic recovery and come back for Rafa in Rio! Good thing he ran for it and flicked a winner crosscourt! Nadal and his fans will be shaking their heads over this one! Wow! Maybe Ferrer should share the prize w/ Fognini like Federer may have done for Soderling after '09 FO! lol!

    ***The head scratcher is Nadal's performance in the 2nd. And Fognini did pick it up a lot. They both played a lot of tennis yesterday. I was actually wondering if it would be better for Rafa not to win today, or else have to skip BA. Two long matches in one day is not a good way to begin the calendar year. So...he'll have a few days' rest. - I remember when he lost against Zeballos in Chile; ugh!***

    Loved Zeballos match; totally out of it, but won a 2nd set TB and had new life! It was so inexplicable; some no name was going toe to toe w/ supposedly the greatest clay courter since Borg and was getting "worked" by this unknown lefthander! There were "eeewww's" and "aahhh's" all over the place in those last games due to great "gets" and passing shots by Zeballos!

    ***A just average player or team can beat the best one. Remember Federer losing against Stakhovsky in Wimbledon 2013? ...Sometimes the losses are due to injuries, or to have been out of the court for months, or just b/c the opponent has played the best match of his life, but obviously very difficult to keep that level and an usually hard for them to pass the 2nd or 3rd round. We'll see what happens this year. As you can see several X's, not even the ones called "experts" know who is going to win.***

  57. ***Rafa complained about cramps from the Rio heat and said he simply has not played enough. He said he is motivated and Rio was not a negative week.***

    Rafa's deluding himself that he'll be able to continue playing this way; so defensively and way back behind the baseline! At least he started attacking and closing out points at the net tonight, but seemed more desperate than actually trying to re-work his game! He continues to get into 3 set wars w/ players I don't even know! ...Today Rafa started out hot, then faded! Normally it's the other way around, coming back from the dead saving MP's! I thought Fabio would find a way to give this match away, but Nadal's shots were barely clearing the net, dropping inside the service box! Fognini saved himself the embarrassment of losing #5 to Nadal by closing out the match on a great "get" from Rafa's "net-cord!

    ***Nah, serve-volleyer Rafter got regular cramp issues. Nadal has had it pretty good w/ only 4 or 5 incidents of serious cramping in his career. As for the 3-set wars, they are unavoidable even when you are fit. I don't have to list the # of X's Federer is pushed to the limit in almost every event. You are right, the more Nadal attacks the better, but I think he'll get cramps regardless.

    Ferrer leads the H2H 7-0 against Fognini. Their last meeting was the Buenos Aries final last year and Ferrer won 3 & 4. That was Ferrer's only title last year.***

    What can be said about today's players who allow themselves to be owned; lock, stock, and barrel? Berdych may have turned the corner on Nadal, but I doubt it! Let's hope Fabio can complete the "hat trick" and finish off this tourney in style! Ferrer is just as mindess as Tomas, just whacking away w/ little purpose but to endure and win by attrition!

    ***What I usually read about Rafa, Novak and Roger when they lose:

    Rafa) He's not going to last too long, his injuries...he is going down hill...
    Novak) He has lost his focus, he just got married, he is a new father...
    Roger) He has to take care of the double twins, he has won enough, he is old...***

    We've become spoiled and not expecting any of these top players to lose to anyone outside of their little clique! I give them "an out" at times, but I like to think myself more rational! Rafa is in decline and it has everything to do w/ his body and how he abuses it in practice and getting into 3 set battles w/ people not in his class; qualifiers, WC's, and players who he's owned for years! I've already explained how I feel about Nole; not necessarily in decline, but his mind wanders, loses focus at times, and makes his job harder by dropping a set when he's serving for a match just 5 min. before! As for Federer, of course he's in decline; nothing embarrassing about getting old and we see him struggling to get past players a lot lower in rank year after year! He will stay on tour as long as he thinks able to win a major and won't stay a moment longer IMO! He made a Wimbledon final last season and had his chances, but they will become more and more fleeting as time goes on regardless of his advanced scheduling to help him out!

    ***That's all true, but for other players too. At the same time, Rafa's known as somebody who comes back from the brink of a defeat and wins a lot of matches. Like I said, emotions and nerves can play tricks on our minds. But Nole usually re-groups and gives his all, short of injuring himself. I think that part of the reason he has been relatively injury free is that he knows his limits and plays accordingly. He will try and push himself to the limits, but very rarely over the limits. They can't be all 100% all the time, but they have to be smart when they play as well. You could tell in that USO SF from last year or '13 Wimbledon final, he tried, but really didn't have it in him on those occasions. Nole will start declining, they all do, but that is nature; you can't do much about it.***

  58. ***If Nadal is carrying an injury and is trying to hide it, then I don't think it will be a blow to his confidence as it would be if he were healthy and without any problems. I don't think he lacks confidence on clay, ever. But he might be concerned if he is not physically where he wanted to be. We'll know soon enough.

    If he is carrying a specific injury, I agree that even losing in BA will not affect his confidence. But, you are confusing that w/ "being physically where he wanted to be." I.E., Rafa openly said that he is getting tired a lot sooner these days. Under these circumstances, a loss in BA will lead Rafa to have less confidence over his body's ability to do things that he wants it to do. That confidence issue will translate from the physical realm to mental realm. OTOH, suppose say we come to know that he had serious groin injury and so he lost in BA, then it won't affect his confidence.

    How could he be carrying an injury? An old one? Why the Hell did he come back then? A new one? Already? Then he is becoming glass-made... this is worst possible scenario for him. Better believe in a long way back to form...***

    Finally! People are so willing to make excuses for Rafa for some reason! Uncle Tony, Nadal, and his fans can't accept a loss w/ "any grace" even when Rafa has said in the past, "I don't want to talk about my knee!" No one was; it was a pre-emptive strike to put it out there and give him cover! If I were on tour, I'd feel quite insulted! - Rafa has no defense of any titles off of clay, 3 set battles w/ nobodies, earlier and earlier exits from majors against WC's, qualifiers, and "also rans!" I'd re-think that IIWY!

    ***Who is talking about he is injured? it was clearly that he got a groin pull which has to be very peinful, but it's not the same as discomfort than an injury and he is not. - Great, if he has not defended any tittle and he woud start to play better, he will have more opportunities to get more points. Roger is now the #2 player in the world and how many MS and GS has he won in these last 2 years?

    Sorry, I am the guilty party. I didn't want to imply that he was injured, but it is possible that w/ the humidity and the late finish from the previous match he didn't feel quite right. Fabio was deserving winner.***

    When was the last time Rafa lost to someone outside of the top 3 that didn't involve "something wrong;" injury, end of a winning streak, or he was injured and had no tourney play to fall back on?" It's always something and it just makes no sense to coddle him like this; he's a man not a child!

    ***Nobody says that he lost b/c he got a groin pull. He lost b/c he was not playing well in Rio. Even he did worse than in the AO, so he had to lose, that's all.***

  59. I watch FOX NEWS shows all the time and they are an embarrassment to journalism! How often do they downplay good news, overplay bad news, and if no news will create and push their own; normally for their own agenda? So much for only the "main stream media" being biased! If a Rep. Congressman is taken to task or run out of office, it's the last thing mentioned and they mysteriously have a big "D" behind their names; happens all too often! These people are lower than dirt and I wonder how they rate even a channel to spout such nonsense all night long when the most misinformation goes on! How often have they been wrong about what the President thought was a good plan; Obamacare, saving the auto industry in Detroit, and any # of things that "the right" insisted would DOOM the country w/ rampant unemployment, a deepening recession, and an economy spiraling out of control! They've all been proved wrong, incompetent, and entirely too partisan to even pay attention to including Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume, and oh so many others who used to have credibility!

    ***CBS, NBC Bash Giuliani for Criticizing Obama; 'War of Words' Taken 'to Another Level'

    - - ***

    Watching him on FNN, "The Kelly Files," she tried to get him to soften his stance; the asshole doubled-down disparaging Obama's father and grandfather for the people they introduced to Obama that shaped his communist, unpatriotic attitudes that "we are bad" and others are just misunderstood! He's such an arse! I hope he does get chewed up! For someone who lived and ran the most diverse city in to world, he sounds like a real intolerant hillbilly trying to meld w/ the conservative movement, embarrassing himself all the way!

    ***Each and every gun related homicide killer was at 1 time a 'responsible gun owner.'- So in your mind, all law abiding citizens s/b treated like criminals?***

    Only the ones who misuse those guns they tout as their right to possess! There's no such thing as an accident w/ a gun as far as I'm concerned! It's predictable most of the time!

    ***Fiero, I think we might have found something upon which we agree. They're not accidents, they're negligent.... and often times remarkably stupid. A friend of my dad's this past week discharged his black powder rifle through the floor and wall of his house b/c he was "making sure it was unloaded." Hearing about stuff like that makes me cringe to the point of wanting to hit someone w/ a stick.***

  60. ***Oh yeah, Fiero didn't Dems claim the Affordable Care Act wasn't a tax, but turned out to be one. ...One lie after another. Wake up and smell the coffee.***

    Obama as President and pushing his socialist agenda, the economy would fail, unemployment would skyrocket, stock market would crash, and of course the ACA would kill healthcare for everyone instead of getting 9 million on a policy that weren't before! You've all be so wrong and are losers!

    ***Libs bitched about Bush til the end of his Presidency. ...I get that no one ever used the N-word to describe George W. Bush... So even though Clinton was impeached over nothing, and Carter was an unsuccessful 1-termer, Johnson was so reviled he declined to run again, and Nixon was (justifiably) hounded out of office, Barack Obama still has it worse than any of them. I get it. And I get that you hate Reps, who of course were PLANNING to invade Iran, Syria and Lebanon and also would have invaded Gaza if only things had gone differently for them.

    And I get that you hate the Patriot Act, and of course the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, which effectively kicked the Liberals out of the mainstream media...except, of course, for ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, PBS, MSNBC as well as just about every major newspaper in the country (save the Wall Street Journal) such as the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, etc (all of whom invariably endorse Dem. candidates)... not to mention Salon, Slate, HuffPo, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and the Daily Beast online, and syndicated radio shows like Air America (which gave it the old college try but quickly folded due to low ratings, but that's the free-market for you).

    I get that you despise George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Reps in general... and I get that you hate Fox News and the fact that talk radio tends to lean conservative even though liberals tried to make a go of it there... I get it. I hear you loud and clear.***

    Yeah, we bitched about "W" b/c he took a thriving, prosperous country and turned it into a pathetic shell of itself! The market crashed, banks and investment companies went belly up, unemployment skyrocketed, and the auto industry was on life support! Through the actions and plans of this President and the Dems, they saved Detroit, the stock market has gone from 6600 to over 18,000 points, gas prices are about $2 now in some places, unemployment is under 6% and getting better all the time, and we're close to getting totally out of Iran and Afghanistan; no thanks to any Rep. that I can tell! They fought, kicking and scratching the entire time, but the country is looking better even w/ their foot-dragging! You're pathetic if you don't know this stuff already; probably in complete denial!

    ***...The stock market is artificially inflated. Bad news hits and it goes negative. Gas went down b/c of drilling that Dems opposed. Unemployment is not under 6 0/0; that is a fantasy. Again another fantasy as the Middle East is just heating up and we aren't getting out of Iran which the President was about to get us into w/ Syria. Another war. You are in denial and don't know 'jack squat.'***

    If "W" had these #'s, you guys w/b screaming from the rooftops! Hypocrites indeed! ...The Gov. of MI is the 1 that has destroyed Detroit, cutting and slashing anything that would help those poor people! Snyder is a worm and hopefully he'll burn in Hell after all the shit he's pulled over the years w/ a Rep. State HOUSE and Senate! I love how these guys like him, Christie, Scott, and Walker get good press from the "main street media" you rail about, but any competent person would know those states are failing; higher unemployment, credit ratings dropping multiple X's, and the people lucky enough to have jobs being underpaid!

  61. ***This is about a dirty Bill nixing repealing Executive Order on Immigration written into Homeland Security funding. The Senate Dems didn't bail on Obama at all. Why would you support KXL Pipeline dirty oil when it's only viable above $80.00 a barrel? Why do you want to grant Eminent Domain of private American property to a foreign corporation?***

    B/c they're hypocrites! They tout their bona fides looking out for the common man, but evidence shows Reps have been bought and paid for and will screw their own constituents if it benefits their own personal interest!

    ***...The deal is the GOP Congress should just own it and tell the American People straight out that they are going to take the dare and ain't funding the BS. I think The People will support it. But, ya have to tell the American people straight w/o all the rightwingnut BS.

    And though there may be a Conservative political party; political / fiscal conservatism is a principle doctrine. ...If the "tea party" were about balancing the budget, instead of simply obstructing new taxes; I might be at the head of the line.***

    Let 'em shut the gov't down again over something easily dealt w/; pass a BILL! That will eliminate the need for Obama to go w/ an E.O.; true idiots in Congress {not to mention their less than brilliant supporters}!

    ***They may. But I think it'll hurt the GOP again.***

    Gov. Walker Leading The Pack In IOWA! How embarrassing for them; #'s twice as high as the rest w/ Bush in last place! It won't last after they find out how dumb the guy truly is regardless of his electoral success! Something's gotta be wrong w/ all Wisconsinites to allow such a thing to expand past their borders!

    Quinnipiac Poll: Walker Significantly Leading GOP Candidates in Iowa

    - -

    As Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker's profile continues to rise, so does his momentum w/ GOP voters all over the country in the 2016 race for the White House. Just yesterday a new U of Texas/Texas Tribune survey showed Walker neck-and-neck w/ Sen. Ted Cruz in the Lone Star State and now a new Quinnipiac University Poll shows Walker leading other potential GOP nominees in Iowa by a significant margin....

    ***It's a very crowded Rep. field. And few if any of them have even formally announced yet.***

    Most of these guys are just 2 steps ahead of investigators; esp. Christi so it's all moot! None of these clowns will even make it past NH; if they get any traction at all!

    ***If Walker is nominated, he will defeat any Dem. candidate!***

    That's what's so embarrassing; it's inexplicable how he's done this well! He makes Palin look glib and erudite to tell you the truth! Like Christi, he's been under investigation so I don't even understand all this talk about him in '16! He'll garner some headlines and he can inflate his scrapbook, but that'll be it!

    ***Gov. Christie (R-NJ) may be popular in New Jersey, but nationally he's a RINO. I doubt he'd have been nominated, even before the bad publicity he's getting. News tonight says Hillary has a strategy to get elected: pick up the women vote ... 51% ...Could be trouble for the other side.***

  62. Bill more under-fire w/ his threats to reporters that he'll "go after them with everything he's got!" He's also getting busted on more lies he's told about situations he's witnessed and proved to all be fabrications! He's gonna say he "misspoke" like the last time, but this one is going to hurt! He made threats that can't be dismissed!

    ***Bill O'Reilly does not need to embellish his past. Explains why Liberals have so much trouble keeping their story straight.***

    - -

    "Just how desperate is Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to fight off challenges to the stories he has told about his reporting amid the Falkland Islands War in 1982? For one, he said last night on his program after refuting the claims of Mother Jones magazine, “I want to stop this now. I hope we can stop it. I really do.” Bill’s on record as threatening a NY Times reporter interviewing him about the story:

    Mr. O’Reilly’s efforts to refute the claims by Mother Jones and some former CBS News colleagues occurred both on the air and off on Monday. During a phone conversation, he told a reporter for The NY Times that there would be repercussions if he felt any of the reporter’s coverage was inappropriate. 'I am coming after you with everything I have,' Mr. O’Reilly said. 'You can take it as a threat.'”

    ***Those who claimed O'Reilly lied, like Eric Engberg, was caught lying. If one is going to try to make allegations and hope they stick, had better not be lying.***

    ...That makes a lot of fuk'n sense w/ all this documentation and other witnesses saying O'Reilly is a fraud! I've watched this guy slide from '97 on and he's deluded himself into believing his own BS! He's been busted and the only way for him to continue on FNN is prove he has "no shame!" After piling on Williams, Karma came into play and it bit him in the ass!

    ***...I'm not accusing him of anything.***

    It probably would have died away but for Bill O making a Federal case out of it, calling Corn a liar and smear merchant, then threatening a female reporter! I don't have to accuse him of anything; the news is full of this and it's hard to avoid! Anyone who sides w/ O'Reilly after all this obviously likes being deceived and deserve the misinformation!

    ***The few articles and reports I've seen of it indicate he did exaggerate; and made claims that could not be substantiated.***

    Common sense and witnesses who have been interviewed and worked w/ the man are shaking their heads! He was not in Honduras seeing nuns get shot in the back of the head and he did not travel to Florida to speak to a Ruby friend supposedly about to knock on daughter's front door when a shotgun blast went off w/ the guy committing suicide! BILL is a pathetic liar and he's catching it from all sides b/c he won't let it go thinking he can look people in the eye and poo-poo it as "the lame stream media" swarming to bring him and all conservatives down! ...Where have I heard that before; Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity...?

  63. No one's more spoiled out there than Rafa, needing and wanting everything to play out at his pace! Loved when he joined Player Council to change things to his liking and it all failed! Roger was the Prez at the time and ignored his ideas; 1 was to make the ranking points span 2 years instead of just a calendar cycle to protect his #1 ranking!

    ***Everyone else has the "Andy Murray problem." It's largely sharing the same field as Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Murray has at least solved his problem more often than the rest.***

    He's shortening his career w/ the idiotic way he plays and practices! Getting into routine 3 hour wars w/ players has to have a long lasting and devastating affect on someone. Ferrer's held up fairly well, but it still has only gotten him to 2 major finals and a handful of Masters wins!

    ***What a triple LOL comment - - The whole GOAT talk is based on the subjective criteria of what defines the GOAT. If someone subscribes to a given criteria (say, slam count), then the deal is done. They can say it as many times as they like, and it is not fanboyism. ...Consensus about this will only be approached once one player leads the rest in most possible criteria, including stupid ones.***

    Well the thing is, there are a couple players who excelled in such a way to own records and X's unapproachable; Roger and Navratilova are the GOAT pair due to sustained excellence, longevity, and consistency unmatched by any other players! Hell, Martina came out of retirement after years of inactivity and actual won titles; including major MD's!

    ***...But you still have what could be called the Big 8, the "Herd of GOATs" that stand out above the rest: Tilden, Gonzales, Rosewall, Laver, Borg, Sampras, Federer, and Nadal. Novak could be joining that group, but he needs to win at least a couple more and also needs to diversify more from the AO. But how to arrange those 8 is debatable. I think it is safe to put Borg #8 b/c he retired so young and doesn't have the overall career accomplishments of the others. But the rest, well, there are any # of ways to order them.***

    Borg is my all time fave, who had an aura about him, but as you said, there were limits and he retired early; #8 is about right if we're only going w/ the TOP 8 of all time! I'm glad you extended the greats back to Tilden; w/o him, I'm not sure tennis would be where it is today! There was disrepute for obvious reasons for a while, but he single-handed put the sport in the news back in the 20's winning tons of majors and multiple Davis Cups! Rosewall was supposedly the best, but like Nadal, I think traveling and befriending the best players in the world that happened to train w/ him helped! Laver thought of as the consensus #1 of all time w/ 2 calendar year GS's and almost 6 years lost due to turning pro in '63! So that gives us the bottom 4 so far:

    - 8) Bjorn Borg
    - 7) Bill Tilden
    - 6) Ken Rosewall
    - 5) Rod Laver

    Now I have to give some credit to Sampras for passing them all and holding onto the top spot w/ 14 majors before the latest crop! He didn't play a FO final so I'll leave him in 4th! I can only go by reputation that Gonzales is a true great who holds all kinds of records even setting 1 as an old man of 41 winning a 1st round marathon Wimbledon match vs Charlie Pasarell! I wouldn't put Nadal in the top 10, but if you go by # of majors as a yard stick, he'll probably earn a few more before retiring so I'll put him in 2nd place for now! The reason I have little respect for Nadal is due to his inconsistent record; more a force on clay even though he has a career GS! He's never defended a title off clay w/ frequent absences from the tour! IMO Roger Federer reigns supreme holding most of the records w/ a consistency over the years unmatched by anyone in the history of the game!

    - 4) Pete Sampras*
    - 3) Poncho Gonzales
    - 2) Rafa Nadal
    - 1) Roger Federer

    * This could change rather easily if Novak Djokovic become steadier and takes titles he should!

  64. ***...The man that lead the impeachment against Clinton, Speaker Gingrich, served divorce papers to his wife while she was in her hospital bed. Even for the Rep. demi-god Ronald Reagan, our "First Lady" was actually Reagan's 2nd wife. In contrast to them, the Clinton's have stayed together, their 1st marriage. And they've recently become grandparents. I think the voters that will hold things like that against Hillary wouldn't have voted for her anyway. So I doubt it would matter much to her.***

    The smear machine is already oiled and chugging! These people are so disgusting, I can't tell you how much animus I feel! They don't stand for anything; as much as they like to say it! It was supposed to be unpatriotic to speak ill of a President abroad; now we have Boehnor totally undermining foreign policy w/ Bebe! I don't ever want to hear about respecting the office from these people ever again after how malicious, bigoted, and petulant they've been to this man! McConnell couldn't even be bothered answering the phone on election night! Boehner puts the man off saying "I'll call him back!" Fuck these animals for all time!

    ***...B/c they're very, very angry about Brian Williams......and O'Reilly is low-hanging fruit.***

    Don't let Bill O hear you say that; thinks he's the KING of cable! He touts his X's all the time in a never-ending inferiority complex he has w/ NBC and MSNBC! He hates the network so much, it's like live promotion for the "peacocks!" If he would just go about his business and stop trying to label his rivals as liars and smear merchants, his bluster would have been overlooked and he could continue to perpetrate this fraud on his loyal viewers! He's been busted and I can't wait to watch him squirm tonight in his chair on "The Factor!"

    ***The left and the center is not very angry about Brian Williams. By and large, few have defended him.***

    There was no defense! He admitted his fault and moved on! Bill will fight this to the end! I've seen him slide from '97 on and this tops it all; being called out for his BS blustering! He hasn't been everywhere and seen everything! He needs to be more humble!

    ***Wolf Blitzer Refers To Scott Walker As "Not Ready For Prime Time"..Mentions Remark On Protesters***

    Yeah, I'm sure those union workers from Wisc. like to be compared to ISIS terrorist! Walker isn't ready for prime time! EVERYTIME he opens his mouth, he puts both feet in, and it takes staff members to pull them back out each time! How often will that happen before the meatheads that think this guy is the future of the Republican party finally see what an embarrassment the man is to all who have a brain? Three will probably be the charm with BUSH the only Republican that has a chance in the general election, but the problem will be "conservatives" will pick his bones clean long before he gets anywhere! The CPAC s already booing him before taking the stage; just w/ a mention of his name! The "establishment" candidate usually wins out; McCain, Romney...! The problem is the process cuts them to ribbons so early on!

    ***The DHS funding battle---who blinks first? - This time the GOP is trying to add something unpalatable to the Dems to a 'must-pass' bill. They own this one. However, when the Dems do exactly the same thing, the Reps still get the blame. Obama blinks. Trust me, he will.***

    You're delusional or ill-informed! This has nothing to do w/ Obama! Congress owns this mess and McConnell did his part to try and avoid this political catastrophe! To not fund "homeland security," we shouldn't ever hear any more of their bullshit how they 'take care of business!' They've threatened our credit rating in the past, now it's our very security on the roads, at airports, and border patrols! "Thanks Boehner; you're so fk'n weak!"

  65. ***I'm glad that the funding impasse is over - for now. Subjecting employees to having to work w/o pay, not knowing when the next paycheck will come in, is no way to treat people whose job it is to keep us safe from terrorists. It's probably demoralizing as Hell.

    I can't believe this casual shrug of the shoulders over the idea that a bunch of people should go to work not knowing when they'll get paid. Are they accruing late-payment fees? If so, their late paychecks won't carry any mitigating interest. This is a horrible way to treat people.***

    Love how Reps try to put this on Pelosi and Obama! They own Congress? I don' t think so! McConnell did his bit and Boehner couldn't get the job done allowing 50 or so radicals in his caucus to run the show! It's a joke Dems have anything to do w/ this! Why should they save Boehner's bacon so he can make demands, never give into any compromise, and still bluster? I don't think so! When he puts up the clean BILL, he won't have anymore problems; well maybe w/ his cretinous caucus!

    ***Elections mean things. Is Boehner supposed to be a dictator, put a gun to their heads, and insist that they vote how he wants them to or something? LOL!***

    Yeah, if it's for the good of the country! Why fool around w/ DHS? Last time it was playing politics w/ the country's credit rating! There's a reason Reps get the blame; inane acts like that! "Thanks Cruz, Paul, Boehner, and McConnell!" Losers! Even McCain and Graham have criticized the tactics of late! So much for gov't working when they're in charge! They run by crisis management; only doing their jobs when nothing else is possible! I know the Dems didn't play this game when "W" was in charge; not 1 shutdown or making threats against the budget! ...they're fighting amongst themselves, not Obama as much! It's all a pretense when they're stabbing each other w/ small and big cuts!

    ***Chgo drew closer to a fiscal free fall on Friday w/ a rating downgrade from Moody's Investors Service that could trigger the immediate termination of 4 interest-rate swap agreements, costing the city about $58M and raising the prospect of more broken swaps contracts. ...the 3rd-biggest U.S. city could face even higher costs in the future if banks choose to terminate other interest-rate hedges against fluctuations in interest rates.***

    Somehow w/ all this carnage, Chgo seems to hold together! It's not a warzone where I live regardless of how crime is "overplayed" in trying to make a point! The trash gets picked up, the streets plowed, and I haven't seen open gunplay going on in the streets! I could be deluding myself, but I haven't felt any of this 'apocalypto'-city scenario going on! We were in the running to have the '16 Summer Olympics; thank Gawd we lost it! We had 100's of millions promised through private donations so we wouldn't go the route of so many ex-Olympic cities! How Rio will survive is beyond me! There's a reason no Olympic Game has been in that part of the world! Idiots!

    ***Like many of you I was saddened to learn that last week's brief media buzz about Sharpton walking the MSNBC plank turned out to be rumor and hopes. He isn't going anywhere. But that didn't stop merry prankster James O'Keefe from diving into the blog rumorfest.***

    The bitchin' never stops! O'Reilly and most conservatives delight in saying how "no one watches MSNBC," but they report on their "doings" everyday; so I guess the ratings are more from their detractors! Why they care I don't know? It's the same dynamics w/ Eric Holder; can't get rid of him soon enough, but they won't approve his replacement anytime soon! They're all a bunch of fk'n idiots and why any of them are listened to is beyond me!

  66. The live ranking still in no danger of changing anytime soon; if at all for the rest of the season! Nole up by almost 4000; likewise w/ Roger in 2nd over Murray! The real race is btw Andy and Rafa believe it or not! Nadal has a lot of points to defend; losing Rio didn't help dropping him to 4th in the WORLD!

    ***In fact, this week Nole increased his lead over Roger b/c he gains 120 points (he lost '14 SF) and Federer adds nothing as defending champion.***

    Didn't notice Kei was so close; took over 4th and Murray dropped to 5th in the world! It's going to be quite a race for 3rd where Rafa resurfaced w/ his SF win in BA!

    ***Djokovic has won 3 of the last 4 Slam meetings w/ Federer. But overall Federer has beaten Djokovic in straight sets 3 X's in the last 12 months, while Djokovic's only wins over Federer was a 3rd set TB at IW and a 6-4 5th set at Wimbledon.***

    Only? You take Dubai; I'll take Wimbledon! lol!

    ***You can bet he was trying his best to make it 19-18 instead of 20-17 and to say otherwise is just delusional.***

    I can't believe this debate! It's so selective! Much is made about Federer and his many wins over Nole, but what about Nadal and his dominance over Roger? If you didn't look at the cold, hard record, most think Roger owned him as well; nothing could be further from the truth which is why some are making more of a big deal of Roger holding his own against NOLE who's the current #1! I prefer to think this is a GOLDEN AGE in tennis and we've all been fortunate to see history made w/ all 3 of these great players! They're showing dominance I didn't think quite possible until recently! Doesn't say much about the rest of the tour's players to allow these 3 to dominate so supremely; almost incredible if 1 of them doesn't take all titles!

    ***Djokovic's wins:

    1st win: Montreal. HC.
    2nd win: Australian Open. HC.
    3rd win: Miami. HC.
    4th win: Rome. Clay.
    5th win: Basel. Indoor HC.
    6th win: US Open. HC.
    7th win: Australian Open. HC.
    8th win: Dubai. HC.
    9th win: Indian Wells. HC.
    10th win: US Open. HC.
    11th win: Rome. Clay.
    12th win: French Open. Clay
    13th win: World Tour Finals. Slow indoor HC.
    14th win: Paris. Fast indoor HC.
    15th win: World Tour Finals. Slow indoor HC.
    16th win: Indian Wells. HC.
    17th win: Wimbledon. Grass.

    Out of Djokovic's 17 wins, 6 were on fast surfaces. Out of those 6, 3 were extremely close 5 setters in which he had to save MP's in 2 of them (2 USO matches), and a virtual MP in the Wimbledon final (a break point that would have allowed Roger to serve for the match). So in at least 3 of those 6 wins (and I'm not counting 2 wins that went to 3 sets in a best of 3 match), Djokovic indeed faced an uphill battle. By contrast, out of Roger's 20 victories over Djokovic, 13 came on fast surfaces.***

  67. ***...Rap has had its Vanilla Ice, etc. Another recent co-opting was Miley Cyrus and twerking. I had a white co-worker actually ask me about how could Miley invent something like that and she was shocked when I told her twerking had been going on in Black dancing and music videos for more than a decade!***

    It was like Madonna invented "Vogue" 20+ years ago right? Remember? lol!

    ***I forgot to add that particular bit of cultural larceny. But in Madonna's defense, she at least hired some of the dancers from the 'Vogue' scene to be in the video. I can't really defend her wholeheartedly b/c she tried to make the Vogue about white people in her lyrics. "Rita Haworth gave good face...", etc. The Black and Hispanic drag queens were not imitating Rita Haworth. They were having categories like Dynasty at the time so that old Hollywood BS was not a part of what they were doing. So phony.***

    I was pretty much done w/ Madonna about that time! She was pushing limits all the time, giving credence to the sensors out there; esp. w/ her "sex book!" I had no problem w/ "Like A Prayer," but I can understand why people were losing their minds over the video; a burning cross, Leon playing Black Jesus, the interracial angle! It's hard to believe it was just 20+ years ago when all that was going on! You'd think we've come a long way, but we haven't! People are always on the lookout for something to "freak out" on!

    ***I got over the Vogue thing and I give Madonna her respect--she is a survivor. She has managed to remain a major celeb for decades and has produced some good work. But I can't forget that she's like Elvis and crew--she copied from Black and Hispanic people and then reaped the benefits.

    Russian oppostion leader Boris Nemstov shot dead in street***

    If Putin can be that sloppy, there's little hope for the country as long as he's in power! He owns it, but couldn't care less about home and the populous! Those poor pathetic people; like Cuba, no real time line to get relief like we have here in the States every 4 years!

    ***And the way the GOP swept the last election cycle really went beyond you I'm sure.***

    It's totally unfathomable! You have MI turning into a toilet under Snyder, Wisc. going under w/ Walker, a criminal in FLA. w/ Scott, and we all know how malfeasant Christie is in NJ! All these states have credit ratings that have gone down multiple times, but the idiots of those states reelected them all; including IL here taking on another Rep. just keeping ahead of investigations into his business practices! There's no accounting for common sense; Reps can still fool a great many people and when it all collapses, it'll be too late like after "W's" tenure as President! Obama's somehow brought the country back w/ Reps dragging their feet, but the stock market has come back from 6600 to now over 18,000, unemployment cut in half, salaries starting to go up, and the auto industry was saved! No credit is forthcoming, I understand it, but it all still happened! If it happened while Mitt was in office, they would be shouting from the rooftops and we all know it! Same when Osama knocked off; no victory lap taken per "the right!" Idiots! Gawd save us from stupid people!

    ***Walker told lies in order to kill the union. I looked up all of the relevant statutes and regulations and posted them. They were studiously ignored in favor of ideology. The biggest problem w/ their retirement system is that neither the state or the teachers were paying in enough to sustain it. I paid a lot more, and we've got one of the best state retirements around.***

    It's like that w/ most of the candidates; esp. Christie! He's going to be indicted eventually so he needs to just give up the nat'l aspirations! So many of these guys just act as if they aren't under investigation for different offenses; all guilty of hypocrisy and lying!

  68. Vilas didn't challenge himself enough! While Borg, Connors, Nastase, Ramirez, and McEnroe are playing Indianapolis, Boston, Toronto, and WCT events, Vilas was playing the "B" tour in Kitzbühel (clay), Washington (clay), Louisville (clay), South Orange (clay), and Columbus (clay)! His streaks are a little misleading if he's only playing the "big boys" at the end in the majors; all w/o meeting Borg! He did nip Connors in '77 at the USO on Hard-Tru, the last year at Forest Hills in the final!

    ***You just get the feeling that Federer has another Slam in him still before he hangs it up. If he can turn the tide versus Djokovic at the Slams (Nole won 3 of last 4), and of course avoid the other usual challengers. I'm a bit surprised Federer has so much trouble at the Slams, as it seemed like 30's Agassi was better at the Slams than at the non-majors.***

    Agassi wasted a lot of weeks, months, and possibly years underachieving! What other top pro have you heard or seen go up and down the ranks the way Andre did routinely; actually playing qualifiers at 1 point? Hell, he actually admitted to drug addiction! He had a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th act b/c the tour allowed it! Sampras needed a rival; desperately! Chang and Courior just wasn't getting the job done, Becker was on the way out, and the other pros had lost before getting on the court against Pete in the mid 90's! The only player that challenged him really was Richard Krajicek! Took Sampras out of Wimbledon and won it in '96!

    ***It would be a miracle if Juan Monaco can even manage to stay in the court for more than an hour against Rafa in BA.***

    That's the nature of my frustration w/ today's 2nd tier; their total inability to even consider doing something different to get another outcome vs "The Big 3!" We saw how many matches and years it took Berdych to beat Nadal playing it his way! I don't ever want to hear anything about how smart these players are b/c they are all mentally deficient to allow Roger, Rafa, and Nole to own the tour for 10+ years! They weren't unbeatable really if you look at matches through rough patches where upsets were or SHB more rampant, but winds up being few and far btw only b/c most players can't finish! In the old days if Borg, Connors, or McEnroe got down in certain situations, they were done! Players like Tsonga had 4 match points vs Nole at the FO a few years ago! It's his home Slam and he found a way to give that match away; not really Nole taking it from him! I can give example after example of this occurring and it's disheartening at times! It's not like I want my faves to lose, but what does it say about the competition where you might as well forget laying any money down on "the field!" It has been and continues to be a 3 man tour plus their practice partners pretending to be opponents!

    ***It would also be a feat if Federer beat Nadal at a HC Slam, as Nadal leads 3-0 there.***

    I'm still surprised Roger hasn't come up w/ a formula to win over Rafa on HC; it has happened as early as a QF when he was down a little in the rankings! Been too long ago to remember the details, but I can still remember him shaking his finger in satisfaction that he finally beat Nadal in something! Early on I only remember Federer winning at Wimbledon and Rafa taking the FO! I always thought Roger had a great chance off clay, but it really hasn't been the case! It doesn't matter the surface, Roger's owned! How he breaks Nole down at times still makes me SMH! It shouldn't happen; even if the court is fast! Djokovic had opportunities to break and it just wasn't in the cards; Roger won his home match! Nole so
    sensitive to the crowds!

  69. ***Bill O'Reilly is the bell that makes the lefties drool.***

    Mouths that roar don't bother me at all! The only influence they have are on idiots who need the affirmation that Dems are all bad and only the Reps should run things! I couldn't care less about "dribblers" like O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Ingraham, Coulter, and all the rest! I like accurate info, not right-wing spin! I watch and listen to these losers so I know they exist and how disturbed they have to be to spew the nonsense they do on a daily basis! More power to them; I won't cut them off! Wrong is wrong, and eventually truth will win out!

    ***Ahh, but we have the leftist idealist "mouths" like Maddow, Sharpton, and Franken to name a few. BTW: If you did actually ever listen to O'Reilly you would know he is a moderate not a "rightie." - Fiero and other libs won't watch. They'll get their news about FNN personalities by Maddow and others who do nothing but criticize anyone on Fox. And if need be, they'll get their info secondhand from media matters, the Clinton's brain child.***

    You know nothing; just get over yourselves! You're nothing special; nor are your conservative mouthpieces! Maddox, Sharpton, or any other lib are not speaking for me either! I can speak for myself and go by history and facts rather than "myth, fantasy, and delusion!" You guys have cried wolf entirely too many times about Dems and Obama in particular! You're only listening to each other while independents roll their eyes at how things are so screwed up; even w/ Congress in the hands of the Reps! Surprise! I'm shocked! They've got nothing done since taking ownership in Jan; pathetic! How do any of you defend this type of malfeasance and incompetence? Truly pathetic!

    ***Just as do most conservatives in this world Fiero! I mean to really claim that one group is being lead around by the nose w/ some radio shock personality and then saying the opposite group is not is just ludicrous. So speak for yourself.***

    But if the info is misrepresenting facts, then you are being led around by the nose! Obama has no real scandal attached to him or his family, but Fox News and his detractors try to trump up garbage that's been investigated to death and they still won't let it go; Benghazi, IRS, etc.! Right-wing leadership say they aren't bigots or racists, but I can't understand the level disrespect for this man who's done nothing but show respect to Congress! They've called him everything but the "son of GAWD," ripped his wife, and actually invoked his children and the protection they are afforded! These people are animals and I have nothing but contempt for people who follow someone propagating such garbage about this man; and I don't even like him! History has shown though, it's always better to take the Dem's side since they're looking out for the country while Reps are only interested in consolidating their power to the detriment of all others; and I'm disgusted by them!

    If comparisons are made concerning "W," you're wasting your bigoted time! This is the leadership of the rank and file; a Speaker and Majority Leader of the Senate who ignore his phone calls, twist conversations that they do have, and go back to the same BS that gets us nowhere! I feel like in year 1; 2009! Polarized is the watchword b/c things have been frozen since Obama took over with wasted "CR's" that end up costing the country more than Congress actually doing their jobs! Idiots, and the people who keep sending them back to DC; including the lazy Dems!

    ***Not funding DHS; the greatest threat to Nat'l security is the Rep Party.***

    They're taking over, but can't do the job they were elected to do! What hope does a Dem have in funding for anything when Reps won't even fund a dept. they created after "911?"

  70. ***Poor, poor Bibi! It must suck not to have the US do his bidding for him when he snaps his pudgy fingers. If he wants war w/ Iran, let him start 1 and let him go it alone. We're not to be cajoled by some foreign power's petulant demands.***

    I agree! We've been involved over there too much as it is and nothing seems to go as planned; if there's a plan to begin w/! It's a mess over there and will continue to be a mess when neighbors hate each other as much as Israel and other Middle Eastern countries who all have their fingers on triggers! We can't handle our own business; why do we think we can do anything substantive over there?

    ***So why is Obama negotiating w/ Iran?***

    Israel is still an ally, even if Bibi's trying to alienate us by insulting Obama! He's an idiot and he'll pay for this slight; maybe sooner than later! I hope those elections are a huge surprise for him and he'll have all the regrets he should be having now!

    ***Couldn't agree more. The audacity of this arsehole advocating that negotiation and diplomacy s/b ended before the discussions are even complete.

    Who has ever claimed there is no bias in the media (mainstream or otherwise)? - On the other hand, if Bibi's whoring wasn't political, how is a failure to cover it an example of political bias?***

    Not to mention he has NO SOLUTIONS; just telling us what the problem is! Typical conservative; can always point out a problem and who might be responsible, but NEVER seems to have a solution!

    ***...As much as you Dems love can't commit crimes while serving office. I know it's tough, but you are just going to have to live w/ that.***

    Reps shouldn't want to re-litigate the Clinton persecutions again since they ended up losing more; Gingrich, Livingston, Barr, Sanford, Vitter, Cunningham, and so many others who were busted for worse offenses! They spent all that time, energy, money, and credibility and got nothing out of it! Clinton wound up more popular and is still flying high while the lowly "right-wingers" who tried to bring him down are all in disrepute! The man got his wife elected to the Senate! She went on to become Secretary Of State, and the leading candidate to take the Presidency in less than 2 years! They are all hypocrites w/ girlfriends, hookers, and worse, but they want to choke off the country just as they tried by shutting the gov't down during the Clinton years and they didn't succeed then either! They will always FAIL miserably b/c they always OVER-REACH! They still haven't laid a finger on Obama, investigating this man TO DEATH, and dragging their heels on every issue, but the country is still puttering along nicely even w/ all their obstruction!

    ***Fiero, remember how Congress went to the Dems in '98 and '2000? It cost them the Presidency! It was almost as bad as the shutdown of '13. The election KILLED the GOP that next year!***

    Gore was just a bad candidate! ...The idiot electorate though, keeping some meager amount of sanity in retaining Obama by a large margin, then decided to increase the power of Reps in Congress thinking "that's the ticket! Things will move now!" Yeah, right! Idiots like I said! Exactly nothing's gotten done this year and it's March! "Yeah, McConnell and Boehner are really taking care of business!"

  71. The so-called ‘leader of the free world’ Benjamin Netanyahu is standing at the podium. A foreigner stood in the spot where the President of the US delivers his annual SOTU speech w/ 2 Rep. war-mongers seated directly behind him. Rep. Cohen (D-TN) said, “It was putting Netanyahu on an equal level w/ the President of the US. And that was wrong.”

    House Minority Leader Pelosi was furious. When Netanyahu suggested his nation’s relationship w/ the USA s/b above politics, and then declared that, “if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand,” Pelosi threw her hands up in exasperation and was visibly incensed. She said, “I was near tears throughout the PM’s speech — saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the US.” Pelosi added that she did not appreciate Netanyahu’s “condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.”

    Netanyahu gave every indication that he would take military action “alone” against Iran to protest any final negotiated agreement btw Iran and America. His solution to stopping Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions is no diplomacy or negotiations like the Bush admin. did. Under "W's" policies, Iran’s centrifuges grew from 164 in 2003 to approximately 19,000 centrifuges today. It led Bush officials to eventually concede that “there was no possible way to reach a deal w/o Iran retaining at least a face-saving amount of enrichment capability” for peaceful purposes.

    Some Congressional aides say that cuts in America’s defense budget could complicate Congress’ ability to “honor Israel’s demand for over $475 million in U.S. funding for missile defense” if Congress does not ease or rescind budget caps on the overall level of the U.S. defense budget. This is an outrage; over $475 million in additional spending for Israel’s military as part of America’s defense budget? After Netanyahu has the temerity to criticize America’s foreign policy and lobby Republicans to thwart diplomatic efforts to protect Israel from an alleged nuclear-armed Iran? It is no wonder Nancy Pelosi was near tears w/ anger; and insulted.

    Last week, Israeli officials asked for an additional $41.2 million for the Iron Dome system which has already received over $1.2 billion in U.S. funding. They also demanded an additional $268 million to develop a long-range defense program and another $165 million for initial procurement of both systems. The founder of the nonprofit Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance said Congress was likely to approve the request, but the funds would have to be taken from other programs.

    The Koch Congress cannot spend one penny for America’s infrastructure, but for Netanyahu who says he will “act alone” to protest a diplomatic deal w/ Iran will get tens-of-millions to honor its “request for war funding.” ...The President was not impressed w/ Netanyahu’s speech and told Republicans, and the foreigner, that “the PM didn’t offer any viable alternatives,” and that “foreign policy runs through the Executive branch and the President, not through other channels.”

    Israel is in league to receive 14 new state of the art F 35 Joint Strike Fighters in 2015... receives more than $3 billion annually it need never repay... $30 billion promised over the next ten years, but now Netanyahu wants another half billion this year for military...***

  72. ***Dude....all you ever post is opinionated angry hatefilled rants (propaganda). Rarely....if ever do you have valid fact to offer and discuss civily.***

    That is a fact; Reps are vindictive, petty, disgusting at times, bigoted, and a host of other modifiers you may not be familiar w/! Their overall intent is just plain evil IMO! It can be backed up w/ proof other than your belly-aching and whining about being a victim! Prove you're good people! The way Obama was disrespected, undermined, and made into something to exploit politically has just about made me done w/ all of you and your ilk! Years ago I could vote for a Rep and not think anything of it, but the actions of the past 10 years shows they've lost it and can't be trusted to run anything bigger than a McDonalds! I can come up w/ many instances of disgusting behavior and unjustified finger-pointing! You can do the same w/o embellishing your info!

    ***'s not a "fact"'s your OPINION...and you know it (or maybe you dont). Reps have not done anything that Dems haven't also done. Your comments are clearly partisan and insanely ideological. You don't state facts with links to back them up. You don't state specific instances or examples like a CREDIBLE person would...just yet ANOTHER hate filled propaganda rant.....exactly what you hypocritically accuse others of doing.***

    Delusional as always! All you have to do is go by Boehner and his Rep. brothers ceremonially passing bills they knew would not pass the Senate, much less get signed by the President; Obama's signature accomplishment, THE ACA! Fifty times you clowns tried to repeal, slow down, and stop implementation! Of course you have nothing to take it's place, just taking health insurance from 9 million people! "Thanks! Is that enough credibility when it comes to my rants fool?" You are debating w/ the wrong person! Find a Palin compatriot you can commiserate w/ loser!

    ***Go ahead and deny that Iran wants to destroy Israel. - Well, I don't think "Iran" wants to destroy Israel; only the most fanatical elements in Iran feel that way. But looking at it realistically, Israel has done a pretty good job of protecting its own interests and security for quite a few years, and will probably continue to do so. The chances that Iran, or any other nation in the region, will someday "destroy Israel" seems very unlikely.***

    ...esp. w/ the US "giving" Israel $3 Billion a year for defensive purposes! Bibi is now demanding another $500 M for missile defense! I'd tell him to 'get lost!' Support them fine, but for him to make demands after dissing our President and our collective intelligence, I'd definitely tell him to "go fish!" Under Sequestor, they'll have to cut something to give him those added funds! This from a Congress that doesn't support ACA for their own country BTW! There are truly disgusting trolls "on the right!"

    ***Reps in Congress could always redirect the funds that pay for ObamaCare to Israel instead.***

    I'm sure America will love that! They can't find money for infrastructure, but they can find any amount for war; esp. if they diss us before demanding it! "Thanks Koch-Congress! We see where your true loyalties lie!"

    ***At $6 B, President Obama's free tuition for community college for 2 years would cost twice as much as Israel receives annually. Republicans will cringe at the thought, never do it.***

  73. ***Djokovic is better than Rafa on HC's; both overall and head to head. ...I never believed Djokovic had the ability to beat 'down-the-line-Nadal' at a Slam. Yet Berdych, Kyrgios, Marcy Darcy and others have the ability to beat "down-the-line" Rafa at Wimbledon. The way you talk, you'd think Rafa is the best player in the world or something.***

    I will dismiss that notion to my dying breath! Rafa's had a few noteworthy seasons, a long string of wins at 1 major, and has a career Grand Slam, but that's about it w/ me! He can surpass Federer in the major's count, but I'll still argue Nadal's limitations; which are glaring BTW! Have you ever heard of ANY top player that has never defended a title off clay; EVER? The repeated, timed, and extended absences from the tour; supposed injuries! Again, other than Agassi, that just doesn't happen to a GOAT! I'd rather watch the beauty and fluidity of an artistic player over a grinder and IMO one of the ugliest games in history! Even Francois Durr's 'lift leg' on her bunting serve wasn't as ugly looking as Rafa's game; the forehand and backhand, even though effective! He's just too hard to watch; even when he's floundering as he's done at Wimbledon of late!

    ***Top 20 Greatest Players of All Time (Yet another take) (active)*

    Year-end #1 (sole): 3 pts
    Year-end #1 (shared): 2 pts
    Year-end runner up: 1 pt
    Slam (Open Era): 3 pts
    Slam (Amateur): 2 pts
    Slam (Pro): 2 pts
    Slam (Runner-up): 1 pt

    1. Federer 79*
    2. Rosewall 78
    3. Laver 75
    4t. Gonzales 65
    4t. Sampras 65
    6. Nadal 62*
    7. Tilden 60
    8t. Connors 49
    8t. Lendl 49
    10. Borg 47
    11t. Budge 41
    11t. Djokovic 41*
    13. McEnroe 39
    14. Agassi 38
    15. Perry 37
    16. Renshaw 36
    17t. Larned 31
    17t. Edberg 31
    19t. Vines 30
    19t. Wilander 30
    21t. Wilding 29
    21t. Cochet 29
    23t. Kramer 28
    23t. Newcombe 28
    25t. L Doherty 27
    25t. Riggs 27
    25t. Emerson 27
    28. Sedgman 26
    29t. R Doherty 25
    29t. Lacoste 25
    29t. Becker 25
    32. Segura 23
    33. Vilas 21
    34. Courier 20

    Updated this list to reflect AO. ...Novak went from being tied w/ McEnroe to being tied w/ Connors and Renshaw and on the cusp of the top 10. Another Slam win puts him ahead of Lendl. I think he's got a good chance of passing at least Borg and Tilden before he's through. W/ a big year in 2015 or 2 pretty good years in 2015-16, Rafa could join Federer, Rosewall and Laver in a career Big 4 - a "Goat Quartet" (Goatet?).

    Note that this system doesn't like Borg as some others. I really like how it has Connors and Lendl tied and so high - these 2 don't always get their due. The last 5-10 ranks are very sketchy and not very accurate in that there are a few players that I haven't calculated that might sneak in.

    I'm a little surprised at your criterion. Year-end #1 weighs heavily, but no mention of career Slam. If Roger had been the younger 1, either Nadal or Djokovic would have been the ones to have been racking up weeks at #1. The YE #1 does tell something of how a year went, but it doesn't tell the whole narrative.

    All that said, I think it is a decent system for just that--approximation. It takes into account the most important tournaments, the Slams, and it also takes into account who was considered best 2 or 3 players for each year, which in turn takes into account tourneys won in any given year. It perhaps unduly penalizes players like Murray who are always finishing #3 or 4, and it doesn't go into much detail, but I think it does a decent job overall.***

  74. ***...Stonewalling, hiding records and foreign contributions to CGI certainly don't reflect the Hillary I have ever seen!***

    Conspiracy nuts have been shooting at the Clintons since '91! They've beat back all comers! He was a very successful Gov., then 2 term President w/ an exploding economy, a budget surplus, and peace! He was able to get his wife elected to the Senate to torture their detractors on the "right!" She fell short of the Presidency herself the 1st time, but became a successful Secretary of State, and is on the verge of winning the highest office anyway as an old lady! You're wasting your time w/ drivel like this email controversy and I encourage you guys to continue! The people's eyes glaze over w/ caterwauling about every breath the Clintons take as something conspiratorial j/b Rush Limbaugh thinks so! You guys will just never learn; the people like the Clintons, while the haters are only Rep pols who've been beat by them! You're losers and they're winners! Enuf said!

    Ben Carson now says being gay is a choice and his evidence for his conclusion is that men sent to prison come out GAY! He equates prison rape w/ deciding and accepting of the gay lifestyle! What a tool! Hard to believe he earned a doctorate from anywhere; esp. in medicine! One idiot down, several to go! Who'll be next Paul, Cruz, Rubio, or Walker? None are that brilliant; if they finished school to begin w/!

    ***Fiero, Carson's statement shouldn't be all that surprising. After all, he's gone on record as claiming evolution is a myth so his claims about sexual orientation are pretty much as expected (i.e., stupid and uninformed).

    Even if she produces everything after a subpoena, she can never prove that she hasn't deleted something from her server. You can continue making excuses for her rule-breaking, but this is a pretty significant breach of trust. - However, it still may not be enough to sink her. She appears to be the front runner in the Dem Party. If she gets nominated, and if the GOPers nominate someone from the far right (which won't surprise me) like Cruz, then Hillary could very well survive this scandal.***

    The problem is the same one they have w/ Obama; if you question and investigate EVERYTHING, when they actually do something wrong it will seem like another case of "crying wolf" and no one will care! You guys will never learn! Reps have to be so limited w/ a true lack of common sense to keep acting this way, trying to make a scandal from "jaywalking" if they could! "What do you tell the children if we allow her to get away w/ that?" Idiots!

    ***Only Republicans engage in bad behavior? Are you kidding me? Talk about blinders...Good Lord.***

    Fine; if you want to indict ALL politicians! I have no problem w/ that! There are just glaring and disgusting examples of Rep behavior so repugnant, you can't help but wretch since this is supposed to be 2015! The attack on gays, Blacks, women, and "illegals" is just so offensive to me; s/b to everyone, but it isn't universally reviled! There are people who think this type of behavior is warranted or NOTHING's wrong w/ it! Like they don't know or care that there are biases coming to the fore due to a few cop shootings! We don't need to go into that, but I could come up w/ example after example of bigoted and racist commentary from Rep. "leadership," not just some rube from Lookout Mountain, Tenn.!

  75. In "accomplishments," you mean the accomplishment of taking a thriving economy and turning us into a "debtor nation?" You can blither and blather all you want, but "W" fuk'd up BIG TIME! The Nat'l debt was under $6B and going down in 2001! He created most of the debt we have now; esp. w/ his wars still waging! He put it on the credit card and is sitting at home thinking history will redeem him! After that performance, I have no faith in Reps and in charge like they are now, nothing gets done; as usual! Traitors in my eyes! Funny how they can question Obama patriotism after their colossal screw ups!

    ***What are you talking about? The "thriving economy" of 2000? Do you remember the "dot com" bust of late 2000? You mean the recession that officially took place in March of 2001?***

    You're "misremembering" you own BS! No matter what you say, things weren't trashed until W came along, decided to give tax breaks to people who didn't need or ask for it, then started 2 wars on a credit card! Any IDIOT knows you don't continue tax cuts, start and wage war, then wonder why it all collapses! Please don't insult me w/ lies and BS from Rep. 'talking points;' all lies and full of shit!

    ***...Your lack of knowledge on the subject of Israel receiving billions of tax dollars annually is typically American... But I won't let you cover it up.***

    What kills me is the disrespect from these people going back 30 years; almost waiting until Secretary Baker or someone else visiting to start a new "settlement!" Now Bibi has the balls to come and diss our President to his face in his own country! I'd tell them a few things before handing them that next check, but it won't happen! People are too afraid of insulting the Jewish lobby! Had one here in the name of my stepfather, but I let it all hang out now that he's gone and I'm pissed at these people! We are doing them a favor being an ally and it's just rude of them to have this animal as their PM, sticking a finger in our eye when he feels like it!

    ***Why is Netanyahu an "animal"? - Slaughter of over 100 children at Gaza City last year was animalistic.***

    He's responsible for a lot more innocent deaths! I can't even get into it since Israel doesn't seem to find it a problem! He very well might retain his PM job unfortunately! IMO, they are sanctioning slaughters like that which is why I'm not too thrill w/ the country at this time!

    ***Int'l Criminal Court is taking an interest in Netanyahu too. Not only Reps want to hear what he has to say.***

    Maybe he'll end up being called a "war criminal" like his brethren Cheney, "W,' Wolferwitz, Gonzales, and all the rest of that shady admin!

    ***If we cut money to Israel, lets also cut all aid to the surrounding countries, along w/ fighters in that region.***

    I hate to say we need to get the HELL out of that area! We harm things more than help! Just let those fools kill each other! Why do we have to give away billions and at the same time get little respect or appreciation for our largesse! There's a lot we could do w/ that money for our schools, infrastructure, and energy investment here! Call me selfish, but I'm sick of BeBe and the people who support such a "war criminal!"

  76. ***You Reps don't seem to care what Israel does in America's name, others like me are appalled.***

    I've had a serious problem w/ their tactics for years, now I voice how unhappy I've been w/ their gov't, the way they treat our representatives, and are at times most ungrateful for our assistance to keep them from being blown back to the "stone age!" w/ the rest of that region!

    ***Netanyahu Insults The U.S. To Their Face While Taking $8.6 Million In Aid Every Day

    Reps in Congress can’t seem to get enough of the warhawk PM. And it’s certain they wish President Obama was more like him and less like the logically sound, deep thinking, diplomatic chess player he is.

    However, this isn’t WWII. Conflict in the Middle East hasn’t suddenly risen overnight and isn’t the work of one man creating an opposition for domination. ME conflict has existed longer than history books can recall. ...Obama is thinking long-term, and that’s why he's working on a deal that of course isn’t perfect, but is a step in the right direction in hopes of resolving conflict diplomatically.

    "Some of what the President has done for Israel is less well-known. I called him in 2010 when we had the Carmel forest fire, and he immediately agreed to respond to my request for urgent aid. In 2011, we had our embassy in Cairo under siege, and again, he provided vital assistance at the crucial moment. In each of those moments, I called the president, and he was there.”

    To put it bluntly, Netanyahu wants things done his way or no way at all. He doesn’t want a deal w/ Iran to work, b/c then he doesn’t get his war. His entire speech was a rallying cry for war w/ Iran. If he wants to “protect Israel” he’d be best to let President Obama and Secretary Kerry do what they need to do to protect Israel.If you think I’m being inflammatory myself saying Netanyahu wants war, look no further than Senator Ted Cruz, b/c he agrees. Cruz continued, parroting Netanyahu:

    “What the Obama admin. doesn’t understand is these are radical Islamic zealots who have pledged global jihad and have openly stated their desire to murder as many Jews and as many Americans as possible. . . And if history teaches one lesson, it is that if somebody tells you they want to kill you, believe them.”

    Look, if there’s one thing the United States has done really well, it’s always having Israel’s back and funding them for whatever they need. The US doesn’t even fund their own programs as well. We still don’t even have universal health care like every other industrialized nation b/c “we can’t afford it,” but we give billions to Israel every year, no questions asked.

    Aid to Israel from the US averages out to be around $8.6M per day. In 2010, U.S. aid to Israel was $2.775 B, then $3 B in 2011, and $3.07 in 2012. Israel is receiving $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018. Then Netanyahu has the audacity to come to the US, speak in front of the people who have given his nation these billions every year, and tell them their nation and leader is wrong.

    He literally insulted the US to our face, and Reps alongside their conservative minions are too doe-eyed to realize it. He carefully worded things to appear as though he were correct in everything he was saying. President Obama is not “anti-Israel” — quite the opposite, actually, w/ everything he has done and continues to do. Netanyahu’s inflammatory rhetoric is what could be considered a danger to Israel. The deal w/ Iran may not be perfect, but it’s better than war, which is what Netanyahu so desperately seems to seek w/ his rhetoric. He came here to try to rally Congress around his well-maneuvered seeming plight and to drift away from the actions of our admin. It’s dangerous, is what it is.***

  77. ***This entire scenario is about sticking it to Obama, insofar as the GOP in the Congress goes. With Bibi, it's trying to shore up his candidacy for re-election. ...I think that the negotiations, involving 5 other countries trying to reach an agreement w/ Iran besides the U.S., should have an opportunity to succeed w/o interference from the neo-cons in the Congress.***

    This is why I have so much contempt for Reps now! When they're petulant, treacherous, and w/o honor as they've been w/ Obama as Prez, I just can't be bothered! W/ "W" in office, they were talking about respecting him, but when have they respected Obama? They pile all kinds of shit on him like he wasn't born here, he's socialist, a communist, unpatriotic and it didn't stop there! They attacked his wife and children out of hand about their security detail; "my family doesn't get that kind of protection!" These are Congressmen speaking like this, not some rube in Lookout Mountain Tenn.! It's their attitude looking quite bigoted and racist that will never let me forget the evil intent in everything even if it hurts the country like these shutdowns of the gov't!!

    ***I would love to hear from challengers to Hillary.***

    Unfortunately, who has the gravitas to actually challenge her? Even the VP doesn't have the guts to do it; when was the last time that happened? I guess w/ Cheney, but he would have had to pardon himself the same day; such a "war criminal!" I just don't like the chances of anyone right now outside of Hillary unfortunately! I wouldn't mind her back, esp. with Bill in tow! The Reps will start a new wave of "freakin' out!" I think some would legitimately jump off the Capitol building! lol! They hate the Clintons so much, I don't think they could live w/ it; which is why I want it to happen! I have no sympathy for such animals who have done so much to hurt this country for the last decade or so!

    ***W/ Hillary's new scandal, which looks like it's growing legs, this is the perfect chance for the proggies to throw Hillary under the bus and run CherokeeNation.***

    She could run, but Warren can't win! She barely took out that loser for the Senate! She knows her stuff, but she's not a true POL yet! I can't see it

    ***What about Andrew Cuomo? - That's the 1st name I've heard so far that might not get a total shellacking from Jeb.***

    I like Cuomo, but he's in as much trouble as Christie w/ the corruption of the Port Authority scandal! I don't live in the area, so I don't hear the news, but both are under investigation so I can't see Andrew tossing his hat into the ring until 2020 or 2024!

    ***How many qualified people in this country are qualified to be President? And we are looking at another Bush v Clinton race. WTF is wrong w/ us. Our monarch roots are showing. We are insane.***

    I agree! Most POLs disqualify themselves on the way up unfortunately! I was sorta appalled people went for Obama who had no record; even back here in IL, he voted present most of the time so his detractors had nothing to nail him on!

    ***That canard again? Obama was in the IL State Senate for 8 years. He voted present about 3% of the time; typical really.***

    What canard? I remember him doing it over 100 Xs! He of all the people running was the least qualified, but I'll take him over ANY Rep! After "W" and his reign of global terror, "R's" are off my list of possible candidates! Their war on Blacks, women, gays, and illegals is just too much to overlook! ...They weren't as bad 2 decades ago and even I could vote for them; not now! After how they've treated Obama, "R's" can all go to HELL!

  78. ***Roberts is the one to watch on this one. Will he throw out his conservative Bona Fides to verify he is nothing more then the ultimate Corporate Stooge? I think so.***

    He's in essence has the power and responsibility for taking health insurance from 7-9 million people! If he changes his ruling from the last time, he must be more worried about the conservative back lash other than "doing and being for the people!" Yep, it's all on Roberts! We'll see what happens!

    ***...Justice Scalia insists if ACA is gutted w/ their decision in late June, "Congress will act, and fix it"...***

    That was a funny moment when someone in the courtroom said, "this Congress?" Pelosi sitting in the front row got a good chuckle! W/ Boehner and McConnell at the helm of their "ship of fools," I can't see anything getting done for a couple years! So far most of the legislation has failed; only what is absolutely needed is getting done and it's always late w/ "CR's" to take the place of their incompetence in Congress! How they can blame Obama is amazing since Reps "own" it now! They can't keep passing the buck indefinitely!

    ***I think Kennedy is going to save Obamacare and change the Law; from the bench. Roberts changed it from a fine to a tax.***

    Is it worth taking health care away from millions b/c of 2 or 4 words? Ya never know in this stupid country! We just never seem to learn!

    ***The Supreme Court cannot hide on Obamacare. - Bullshit. The USSC got away w/ selecting a POTUS. They can "hide" on anything.***

    Thank you! I truly believe Roberts went along w/ approving the ACA b/c the Supreme Court will never live it down that they CHOSE Bush in 2000! I'm still disgusted by that and haven't had any faith in them since! Roberts knows they're in disrepute and if he reverses himself, it'll only perpetuate how political the SC has become w/ conservatives trying to take us back to the 19th century!

    ***I can attest that driving while poor ain't the best way to drive down the highways of America.

    - -***

    Wasn't this woman walking? He roused her for jaywalking and now has NO JOB! What an Fuk'n idiot! Was it worth it for him and his family to be so belligerent? I don't think so! This thing went viral so he's as infamous as that loser in Ferguson! They just won't learn! Keep it calm and don't assault women on camera for all to see! Idiot!

    I used to have so much respect for Graham, but he went over to the dark side and fell in line with McConnell and the hater-squad in '08, hitting Obama and Clinton as much as he possibly could; and still does! He first started falling from grace helping McCain in his campaign for President! It was obvious he wasn't ready or able, but still supported him, feeding him lines when at a loss, making him just another Republican stooge! I felt embarrassed for him to go out looking like that! He thinks he's still looks quite stately; nothing could be further from the truth! JMO!

  79. ***Right Wing Suicide Watch: Economy Adds 295K Jobs; Unemployment Falls to 5.5%***

    I said the same thing about Obama winning a 2nd term; just hardens Reps and they get together to come up w/ more "talking points" to downplay any news they don't want to hear! It kills me to see and hear Boehner bitchin' about "where's the jobs" when he could come up w/ legislation today to deal w/ roads and infrastructure and create 2 million of them in months! Even w/ his foot-dragging and Rep. obstruction, the country's coming back and they can't stand it I know!

    ***Fiero, WTH is wrong w/ you? Why would they want to create 2M good paying jobs through infrastructure projects when they can create 35 permanent jobs through the Keystone XL project! Get your head on straight man!***

    That's the way Reps think; "let's bitch about stuff, get nothing done, blame it on the Dems, and go home early!" lol!

    ***Just Like They Did Romney..Dems Aim To Kill Christie..And Anybody Else To Make Hillary Look Good***

    Christie is all but being fitted for an orange jumpsuit, he's been found to be so corrupt! Dems have never worried about his bluster! He's all talk and no real danger to Hillary or anyone else from now on! The Feds and his own state legislature will deal w/ him long before 2016! Btw that GWB thing and stepping into that Exxon Oil settlement; he's done!

    ***...And when I asked for specific Obama actions/policies that he personally accomplished that saved the economy and created jobs, you couldn't answer.***

    Well since Obama was brought up, beside bringing the economy back w/ common sense measures like saving the auto industry, he got the ACA passed that Reps have been desperately trying to repeal! Millions have health insurance while Reps have been trying to take it away! The Suzy Ledbetter Act was enacted to make sure women's salaries were equivalent to men! Osama Ben Laden was killed after fruitless effort of Bush admin. w/ him saying, "I don't really care about Osama!" We gained back a measure of respect lost through the tyranny of the previous admin. as well! Many Executive Orders are in effect that are helping us and we don't even know about them! Republicans have done everything they could to stifle and try to make Obama less successful, but all they ended up doing is putting themselves into disrepute and unable to win a Nat'l election! They've lost the popular vote 5 of the last 6 elections and that was w/ all the efforts made to take the vote away from people! I could go on, but Reps are in such denial, they couldn't or won't absorb the info! Obama single-handed showed his detractors to be bigots, racists, sexist, homophobes, and any # of other conditions that make them what they are today! All he had to do was breath air to accomplish those things!

    ***Next thing they will tell us is that Obama doesn't want gun control. - What's that have to do w/ the article you posted by the great author that discovered the "real" unemployment #s that are so secret they're published right on the BLS website where they've always been?***

    That's a Rep. "Einstein" trying to deflect the issue! They're becoming more and pathetic as time goes on and things still improve! If you listen to FOX News, the country; no the world will come to an end over Benghazi, Hillary's emails, and the ACA passed years ago! These people are so disturbed, I can't stand it! People like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and even a couple Dem strategist are "scratchin'" for any way to undermine Obama, Hillary's political aspirations, and the "main stream media!" It's an all out assault and lying about subjects is their 1st response to events! Truly disgusting and frustrating to see and hear day in and day out!

  80. ***Are Brian Williams and Bill-O doing the same thing and thus subject to the same standard or not? Is Bill-O in the real news business or Bill-O-ing business? Some Bill-O supporters play both sides of that fence.***

    That's the hypocrisy of O'Reilly and his sycophants! When things are going well, he's a serious newsman who's been in the business for decades, but let a little controversy come around and he's more a commentator or editorial type! He's full of it; always has! I've seen him slip from '97 to now and he's a true embarrassment to human kind just listening to him! He lies, calls people names, and is complete denial when called out; esp. by Sen. Franken from Minn. who wrote a very humorous book on him 10 years ago! Even I bought it; "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right," which is why Bill hates Al so much! He can't keep his name out of his mouth when disparaging Dems in Congress! And he says he's an independent; who is he kidding?

    ***Hillary could kill someone on main St. In broad daylight and this life form would say it's "much ado about nothing."***

    What's your point? She would still be imminently more qualified than any of the Reps; including JEB! I have this feeling we would have the same dynamics w/ Reps obstructing and trying to belittle her as a woman, but at least she would have the veto pen to keep these animals of Congress in check! It's been proved when they're in charge from top to bottom, this country suffers economically as well as w, foreign policy, jumping into conflict on a whim! It's not their money or kids being sent over there so why should they care?

    ***Sometimes you just have to shake your head in wonder at the conspiracies that some posters spin, regardless of the OP or subject.***

    Well you have to admit Obama admin. prosecuted more people for "whistle blowing" when supposedly it was to be the most transparent! I'm not happy about how people have been sent to jail for a couple years for exposing something embarrassing, not treacherous or a major secret which put us in jeopardy!

    ***Ergo, we are living in tyranny w/ a President who is a dictator, brooking no opposition? Please. Sometimes I feel like a really old man, at 70, having witnessed Selma 50 years ago via TV while I was a soldier in Europe. ...That kind of spirit doesn't rise in tyranny, Fiero. Our gov't and our President continues to err at Xs, just as his predecessors have, but we are a stronger and better country specifically b/c we change regimes by ballots instead of bullets. Americans expect their gov't to be the best on Earth, and they are highly disappointed to find out any time it is not. That's the sign of a healthy people, regardless of the cries of tyranny from the far left and far right.

    Responding to the Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy on Sunday, potential Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said he has never sent a single message using the technology. “I don't e-mail,” the Rep. Senator said on NBC's "Meet The Press." “You can have every e-mail I've ever sent. I've never sent one. I don't know what that makes me.”***

    I had so much respect for this man, but these last few years showed he's only a Rep. hack like all the rest! It's too bad his party taints all who are not smart enough to see through their deception, greed, and unpatriotic persona! Gaining power is more important than getting the economy going it seems! How many times do they have to threaten it for people to see they aren't capable of being honest and doing the right thing for us all; too concerned about themselves and friends! Just look at each state they run! It's a sad record; esp. in NJ, Wisc, MI, OH, & FL! They deserve all that happens to them after seeing how they've treated this President w/ so much contempt, they'd rather their state go under and not accept ACA funding! Total idiots!

  81. Hard to believe there's little commentary during this 1st Rd of DC! Is it depression and disappointment in their team? Isner's such a disappointment w/ so much ability, but rarely really utilizes it until it's too late in the crunch! People were so impressed by his 5 set Wimbledon marathon vs Mahut a few years ago, but that's how most of his matches go; to the limit unnecessarily! His opponent isn't even in the top 100! Today's players seem to be so afraid of coming to the net, I just want to throw a brick at the tv sometimes! It's pathetic that women have been like that for years, but the men are little better! They can be halfway "in," w/ a floater coming at them and even the best of these clowns back up to make a ground stroke! That's why John lost IMO; playing too passively when he had chances to close out his match in "straights!" The same goes on w/ the Bryan Brothers; allowing absolute nobodies to take them to the brink and I just can't watch it too long! ;-(

    ***So Switzerland's reign as DC Champions lasts all of 104 days. That's 1 of the problems w/ the DC, the champs are given no time to enjoy it and spend a year on top.***

    They could have signed up again, but chose not to! We had the same problem here in the States; our stars played when they felt like it! Actually cost the Captain his job, took on John McEnroe thinking they would flock to his leadership and he was gone in 6 months before his brother Pat took over! Now Courier's in trouble losing in the 1st rd in consecutive seasons, but he has no real players!

    ***Why does Great Britain have so few decent tennis players? Isn't tennis popular there?***

    It's very popular along w/ soccer "horse racing!" They don't really support tennis from what little I've seen and heard! Back in '77, Wimbledon made $7M which was huge at the time when players didn't even make $50,000 winning it! I heard the tourney gave the British Tennis Assoc. $100,000 in the furtherance of trying to get players to the elite level! They've had meager success, but right now, even w/ just a hired gun in Murray, no way will they go anywhere!

    ***Thanks for the detailed insight, I hope they get more stars. Wimbledon is a lot more fun b/c of the Murray hype (previously the Henman hype). But I guess Murray's hype would be a lot less if there were a couple of other British stars. So in a way it's good that there's only 1, as the massive hype makes each of his matches esp. fun. - I want to congratulate Aussie's for their win over Czech. Young 18 yo Kokkinakis to me was the player of the tie, giving Australia a much needed boost in winning the 1st singles match in a exciting 5 set match.***

    Congrats! At least some countries have budding superstars; not us here in the States! Ours are gutless and can't seem to finish matches they should win in a timely fashion in singles and doubles! It's kind of pathetic and sad to see us go down again to a much weaker country! How do we allow nobodies to knock us out like this twice? There's a distinct chance we could lose again in the relegation round we're so bad! Anybody know yet who it'll be or is the draw decided later? I'm not accustomed to us being beat down like this in consecutive years!

    ***Remember the good old days when the USA and Australia were the #1 & #2 DC teams? At least at present, no other country can take that away from either nation. Australia now has some good young players coming through the ranks. ...It is good to see these younger players love to play for their country and hopefully they will be able to do this in their careers. When Hewitt retires next year, he will take over as DC Captain. I'm not a fan of Hewitt, though he loves DC and has a real passion for it. Not sure anyone esle could take it over with such passion.***

  82. ***Quinnipiac addresses the latest argument against trust in Fox. Bill O’Reilly is a commentator, not a reporter for Fox and not a news anchor either, but remains their top draw for prime time. Less than a 1/4 of those surveyed think he s/b punished, w/ an equal # saying he shouldn’t, and 51% who don’t care enough to have heard about the controversy. More than half of the independents who have heard about O’Reilly’s controversy shrug it off too.***

    There's a reason you can't possible trust Fox News for anything! You actually had analyst like Karl Rove freakin' out in 2012 when Obama was winning Ohio! When a Rep. does something wrong, they mysteriously don't report it right away and when they do, a moniker of "D" is behind their names! When Keith Olbermann was anchoring MSNBC, he regularly made Bill O the "worst person in the world" due to errors, exaggerations, and outright lying about his reporting! He's been busted on many of his past assertions that he witnessed this and that; proof shows he couldn't have even been in the state or country the event occurred! He's a terrible liar and I can't imagine him getting another job after they finally get fed up w/ him on Fox! He's the man and he knows his audience! They obviously don't care about truth in reporting; more wanting affirmation of things going bad for the Dems and great for conservatives! Pretty pathetic on all concerned if you ask me!

    ***The Dems seem to have a shallow pool from which to draw --in fact--I'd say the pond has dried up except for Hillary.***

    The Dems really don't have anyone ready in the bullpen to take over for her inevitable run and WIN! I have no respect for the other side either; a retread w/ the Bush name, psychos and malingerers like Cruz, Paul, and Rubio who are only taking up space in Congress doing nothing but b!tchin' about stuff, and losers like Walker, Christi, and Graham who have no chance to win! Most of these guys can't even get through the primaries much less be the nominee!

    ***Fiero, you sound like a happy cat to hang out w/! The woman actually sent 55,000 of unsearchable paper to the State Department.***

    All they have to do is do a search on emails sent; whoever received an email from Hillary will do the job! People are flippin' out over nothing! What do you think, a secret shadow gov't enterprise was going on in the basement of the White House like Bush and Cheney's Admin.? I don't think so! You're scratchin' and wasting your time people! If you cry wolf this much before she wins, when she actually does something wrong, people will yawn! You guys have to pick your battles! You can't be bitchin' about every breath taken by the Clintons! Unfortunately that's what you idiots have been doing for well over 20 years! The man's a saint in comparison to "W" who screwed us up BIG TIME! WHY not go back and punish him; loss of life, treasure, and int'l respect! Obama's brought us back from the brink; can't you understand and acknowledge that? Gawd help STUPID people!

    ***Making a mountain from an anthill. Colin Powell did the same as Hillary, really no big deal to anyone but Rep. domestic media terrorists, propagandists.***

    They don't want to acknowledge that! They do the "well he did it too" when busted, but Dems can't get away w/ that w/ these losers! As I said, when they "cry wolf" over absolute trivia, when she actually does screw something up, people will definitely yawn and tell themselves; "AGAIN?" This is why Bill will wind up being in the top 10 of Presidents all time eventually b/c Reps overplayed their hands and he beat them back at every turn! Those same accusers wound up being run out of "public service" themselves like Gingrich, Livingston, Barr, and so many treacherous souls in the admin. of "W!"

  83. ***New York Magazine: Brian Williams Avoided 'Divisive' News Stories***

    Brian had become quite an ego-maniac and thought himself an entertainer, not just a newsman! I was losing respect for him more and more every year w/ all the appearances around like 'SNL' and other late night TV trying to amuse and entertain, rather than showing himself to be a respected newsperson! I won't miss him, but please don't bring back the worst ego around; Tom Brokaw!

    *** That's PRECISELY what I thought! He's VERY good at comedy! There's simply no excusing falsifying reporting. If HIS chopper was disabled, fine!
    If another chopper in his sortie was damaged, fine! Falsifying is simply inexcusable for anyone; but particularly politicians and news men! But he's an excellent comedian and he anchored an entertaining newscast that I gather was tops in the ratings.***

    I think I heard on cable news that he put in a bid to take over for David Letterman last year; believe it or not! He lost it; NO NEWSMAN lives in that body! Pure entertainer!

    ***Iran's answer was advising Reps they are full of BS and to re-read the US Constitution. It appears that Iran knows more about the IT than Reps do.***

    They PROVED it BIG TIME when they took over the HOUSE in 2011! Do you remember those geniuses decided to start walking legislation through rather slowly, wasting days reading the Constitution only to find out pages were missing or stuck together and these MOHRON had no clue? NOTHING more ridiculous for the world to see what we considered an important legislative body! I've been disgusted w/ them ever since!

    ***I started to reject the Rep. Party when they became obsessed w/ Lewinsky/Clinton like nothing else mattered to them... then came 09/11/01 when they were at the helm.***

    That was about the time I truly gave up on the party! They wasted so much time, money, and energy trying "to get" the Clintons! I was forever done! It was like they didn't care if the country "went under," just GET the CLINTONS! I've really never been so disgusted until then by them! Like now, they've proved they can be even more so; attacking Obama's wife and children! They have no conscience it seems to expose themselves to the world as bigots, racist, and all around "scum bags;" and that's the leadership! The really horrible things said and done weren't being done by some redneck or rube from the South; it was our own Congress! I can't ever be more disappointed in so called human beings to wage this war on women, gays, Blacks, illegals, and Dems in general; assaulting even the right to vote!

    ***Anyone swearing by Fox News today is only another airhead Rep. obsessed w/ conservative propaganda... Fox has been publicly exposed by millions of citizens for fraud.***

    The real killer is, these people are always talking about being so much for their country, but they're being led around by the nose by Murdock who's a foreigner! He has them "by the balls" and they can't get away! It's hilarious in some ways! Now they're being totally treacherous and unpatriotic by undermining Obama's foreign policy initiatives! If ever they sneak someone in the Presidency; if ever again, I want them to remember this treatment of Obama! I better not ever hear any BS about "at least respect the office!" Calling out "you lie" at the SOTU proves it all; animals dressed in clothes and trying to act like human beings! They've all been tainted when they don't object; actually applauding such disrespect! I'm truly done w/ them for all time; and I wasn't even a fan of Obama, but I'll take him over them anytime!

  84. ***Tonight NBC News reported 47 Rep. U.S. Senators sent a condescending letter to Iran's leaders, warning Iran that unless ratified by Congress, the terms of the agreement would not be binding on the U.S.***

    Hard to believe anyone would support such an undermining of a President internationally! Reps are collectively losing their minds and I hope never to hear from these animals in the future; "at least respect the office!" Hate Obama all you like, but this is plain and simple beyond the pale to sabotage a peace treaty like this for the whole world to see! I can't tell you how much contempt I have for conservatives who will say again and again, "we're not racist" even though nothing like this has ever happened before! They all are LOWER than dirt! If anyone has the nerve to say they're a Rep. in my presence, I will definitely walk away w/o a thought about it! They just can't get more disgusting IMO; they've surpassed themselves and I didn't think it possible!

    ***The irony is:
    - if this information is correct about the Logan Act, &
    - the "Logan Act" emanates from Congress, then:

    These 47 disloyalist Republican Senators are in violation of their own body's proscription.***

    Just caught a glimpse of cable news where they were talking about this! She held up a newspaper talking about the issue and "TRAITORS" were written across the bottom concerning these 47 Senators! Bravo! These guys aren't exactly shrinking back; actually doubling down as they usual do! It's going to blow up in their faces along w/ all the heinous things they do and say! Experts are saying the Logan Act hasn't been used since 1802 and "freedom of speech" has been expanded by a lot; in essence saying "USE IT OR LOSE IT!" It probably won't be enforced, but I'll call them TRAITORS to their faces!

    ***RDO2...I believe you are on the wrong side of every issue; oh yeah you're a Republican.***

    Yep; truth, reason, and common sense isn't allowed in the thinking of these people! They'll never learn that the Clintons are invulnerable; mainly due to the incessant attacks over absolutely nothing going back to '91! Both Bill and Hillary have laughed at these fools saying; "they make our lives so much easier through relentless bitchin' about stuff! I find it hilarious! There's a good chance nothing will get done during her administration, but at least she'll be sitting there w/ a veto pen to keep these animals in check in Congress! We need her just to stop another "W" fiasco!

    Hillary's detractors should pull back just a little and stop looking like petulant children who're looking for consolation that isn't coming anytime soon! The MSM is helping, but overall this email controversy's not going to hurt her in the least! Crying wolf as much as these people do isn't helping the situation! They bitch about every breath the Clintons take so people's eyes just glaze over; even some Reps! She's still leading all the polls and nothing like this is going to change that! Get over yourselves people! You're wasting your time! These people have handled this pettiness for 20+ years and beaten all comers!

  85. ***...Now, do you have anything to say about what this frat in Oklahoma did or are you going to ignore it and rant on about other race issues?***

    Well of course FNN thinks we're making a big "to do" about nothing! It was the same w/ Ferguson and their systemic practices of persecuting the Blacks in town w/ ridiculous fines and fees; a lot of time just walking down the street! Megan Kelly actually said, "if 40 FBI agents descended on a company, they would find hateful emails like the ones about Obama, Michelle, and Black people in general! She's a fool and I lost what little respect I had for the woman! I've worked where people have been fired "on the spot" for a lot less BS! How anyone can just POO-POO this stuff is beyond me and I'm too disgusted for words! She making rednecks forgivable in their hateful ways I guess! Just trash!

    ***Laura Ingraham calls for Obama impeachment***

    As smart as this woman thinks she is, she's a total flake! The poison drips from her filthy mouth at the mention of any Dem; esp. Obama and Hillary! She loses it and can't be taken seriously except by demographic of LOW INFORMATION listeners! I'd feel for them, but that's the kind of "mouth" they like listening to; along w/ Rush, Savage, Beck, and Hannity! Truly disturbed individuals that would prefer the country fail under Dem. admin.! Sick!

    ***You do have a good handle on the leftie talking points! Can't you be a little more imaginative than that? Repetition is so dreary.***

    Still in total denial! No biggie; don't expect anything to change in this respect! You'll ignore where the country had fallen under Bush with his deficits, starting 2 wars on a lie, the loss of 5000 US soldier lives, and Int'l disrepute after evidence of torture and being bullied by NEO-Cons more interested in making money for their buddies like Halliburton! Live in your own truth while I'll read the true facts that all smart people are aware of!

    ***Gowdy is a ridiculous blow hard trying to make s name for himself! He is an embarrassment to people's House.***

    Reps never learn that when they go on these 'witch hunts' for years at a time, they all end up looking like colossal fools like Rep. Burton during the Clinton years! The head fool from California, Rep. Issa truly embarrassed himself early on w/ the Benghazi investigation so much, they started over last year with a new TOOL; Rep. Gowdy! After all these subcommittees, investigations, and reports created, these loser have nothing! I have no sympathy for the country since we keep sending these a-holes back every 2 years to waste time, money, and political capital they lost years ago during the Clinton years! Again we're responsible for gridlock when we allow this to go on indefinitely!

    ***Nobody in racist America has any leg to stand on complaining about racism elsewhere in the world. They need to tend to it's own problems 1st. USA rates just 48th in free speech rights around the globe.***

    Yep! How we can criticize any country with our wretched history is a joke; Blacks, Indians, Japanese, and illegals! All you can do is shake your head! Hypocrisy reigns as always!

  86. ***Laura Ingraham calls for Obama impeachment again - "Uhhhh have you listened to your "loathing" lately? They just have the typical blogger "hate Rep." site they visit daily.

    I must say I was sad to read Ingraham got on the impeachment bandwagon. I used to hear her occasionally and thought she was too smart before that rubbish.***

    Well that part is right; I do truly loath Reps! Their leadership have shown themselves to be bigots, racists, misogynists, traitors, and any # of other adjectives you might want to come up w/! They undermined this President before he even took office and refused to work w/ him since he must have been beneath them in some way! They didn't stop there, actually attacking the man's wife and children! Reps hit an all time LOW showing they couldn't care less about anything besides acquiring power they think they deserve! They would have done so much better by coming up w/ solutions and compromise rather than b!tchin' about everything! Just look at the biggest mouths; Rubio, Cruz, Paul, and now Cotton who's the most treacherous of all! I guess I have to give kudos to the 7 Senators that resisted signing onto such a document sent to terrorists they formerly thought not worth corresponding w/! It's hard to feel sorry for us after Reps solidified their hold on Congress, so a lot of people must like dysfunction! Years ago, I could very well vote for 1, but after these last few years of disgusting behavior, actually trying to hurt the country, they can all take a flying leap off a fk'n cliff!

    ***Republican Congress is the greatest threat to humanity today***

    True enough! It would take all day to list the # of X's they actually tried to hurt the country including threatening our credit rating, shutting the gov't down, refusing to pass legislation to promote jobs like infrastructure severely needed, and of course saying in the beginning that we should let the auto industry die in Detroit! Obama saved 1000's of jobs and we've been paid back already! I'm still wondering how people like Scarborough, Hannity, O'Reilly and others see no problem w/ how things are going! According to these idiots, it's Obama's fault we're having race relation problems even though I think the man has overcompensated by not doing much for the Black community besides putting them in high ranking positions like the AG, the NSA, and other cabinet posts! I've found you will never make a Rep. happy until they "own" it all and you see where that got us in '08; the worst recession since the Great Depression! "Thanks "W!"

    ***"09/11/01 happened on your watch GOP voter!" - The low info partisan jackwagon has selective memory....09/11 was planned during Slicks term.***

    OMG, seek profession help! Way to deflect! That's a new one; actually blaming Clinton when there was a memo passed around the NSA about a possibility of that terrorist attack by planes the August before '911!' "W" was on vacation and couldn't be bothered!

    ***...But the protocol is for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to consider the text of the proposed treaty AFTER the Dept. of State has completed it. There are several nations party to this negotiation. The feedback from those of them that have commented on it is that the Senate 47 isn't helpful.

    - It was undiplomatic.
    - It was insulting.
    - It has given Iran propaganda leverage.

    Cotton's tenure is so brief, his congressional office is in the basement.
    And it seems to me the other 46 Reps should have talked him down off the ledge.***

    McConnell is showing himself to be as weak as Boehner in the HOUSE! He can't control a freshman Senator who has no clue what he's doing concerning foreign affairs! I hope he doesn't think that gives him cover over this undermining of the "Commander In Chief!" He's too pathetic for words; as a Minority leader and worse as the Majority leader!

  87. ***"We did not, repeat did not trade weapons, or anything else, for hostages; nor will we." President Reagan, * Nov. 13, 1986

    "A few months ago I told the American People I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true. But the facts and the evidence tell me it is not."

    * March 4, 1987
    * Dated possibly by NBC-TV 'Meet The Press' as having been broadcast live on

    Fiero425, It's a sad thing to see a doddering old man's faculties fail him. It's just difficult to witness. One of the reasons I opposed Reagan's candidacy (AND HILLARY'S!!) is the age issue. And I was (sadly) dead right on Reagan. He was obviously losing his marbles while still President.***

    Normally I wouldn't vote for someone as hold as Hillary as well, but if a woman is going to win, the Dems need someone of her experience and stature; no matther what slimeball Reps say about her! If and when she wins, we'll have to revive the "suicide" thread concerning them! They've vilified her for over 20 years and she's done nothing but overcome them all; First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, then maybe the next President! They will be flinging themselves off buildings for sure! I can't wait! lol!

    ***I really don't understand Hillary's appeal. Bill's appeal is crystal clear to me. WJC may be the most skillful politician alive. In any case, by my math, we're almost 2 years away from the next (inaug. day, 2017).

    It's not about how sharp Hillary is now. It's how sharp will she be 10 years from now, when she's winding up her gig.

    If she was born in 1947, she'll be nearly 80 years old. THAT'S TOO OLD!! We'd be better off w/ Jeb (if he's younger) or Rand Paul (if he were electable).***

    Agreed, but I'd rather jump off my balcony than deal w/ another BUSH or Paul! I almost left the country in '01 b/c I saw the disaster beforehand! It didn't take long for the affects of his policies to wreck havoc w/ the entire country and world for that matter! The stock market crashed in march, his people exposed Plame to embarrass and undermine the report of Wilson when he tried to tell them Iraq did not have "yellow cake uranium" to make a bomb, he gave away the entire surplus Clinton had created when the Nat'l debt was under $6 Trillion and falling, started 2 wars, embarrassed us in front of the world w/ obvious examples of torture and renditions going on w/ black jets, and an all out assault on Gay people and possible marriages! I've never been more disgusted w/ Reps; taking no responsibility for any of this! The only benefit of what they did, "W's" true legacy was he Fk'd up so much, it got an untested Black man installed as President! "Thanks "W!"

    ***Dems are Hostage to Hillary - Given that they have only 2 possibilities in Hillary and Biden at this point, I'm sure they are working hard to get Warren into the debate! I mean really, who else do they have?***

    Honey, if you're satisfied w/ those rejects on the "right," the Dems are sitting pretty! Walker's leading the way and he's just a few steps ahead of being indicted; same w/ Christi for that matter! The rest are flailing away on each other and at least 20-50 points behind Hillary including Jeb, Rubio, Jindal, Perry, Huckabee, and Graham! Bring it on! lol!

    ***I have no clue who I like on the "right" right now, but I do know that there is not a reasonable, let alone rational person on the left running right now I'd ever pick for Prez. Who are you for; Hillary or Biden?***

    Like you about the Dems, I wouldn't vote for any Rep. to save my life! Any Dem would be satisfactory, including old man Biden, old lady Hillary, Gov. Brown from Cal., or ex-Gov. O'Malley from Maryland! I'll take Hillary just to PO the "right!" I can already see the slashing of wrists and gnashing of teeth!

  88. ***Then I totally understand your POV. If you would rather see a person as senile as Biden running our country rather then one of 15 or more competent people, then you are just a person that puts hate of others ideas over the good of their country.

    There's cooperation, and there's obstruction. That 47 who signed the letter clearly seem the latter.

    a) “you may not fully understand our constitutional system” is clearly condescending. And unwarranted in this case. My very limited understanding of the Iranian negotiators is that they are not merely very savvy.

    b) The trajectory of this newly Rep. controlled Congress is unmistakable.
    - We came perilously close to another gov't shutdown, avoid it only w/ a brief stop-gap; and then a deal that'll last less than 1 year.
    - Netanyahu's address to the House. That's not so unusual. What's unusual is how the arrangements were made; deliberately insulting to the Exec.
    - & now the 47 Senator letter, fadiddling w/ of all things nuclear weapons non-proliferation negotiations in the Middle East!

    The disgrace of it all is; clearly for Reps (47), partisanship trumps citizenship. That's not merely potentially injurious, but also potentially perjurious. More hyperbolic hypocrisy! Dems have done far more than merely send a letter!***

    Nothing was more illegal and treacherous than what Reagan did w/ "Iran/Contra!" His selling arms to Iran after they held US embassy hostages for over a year, then transferred the funds to the Contras in Central America in direct opposition to the Boland Amendment prohibiting all of it! So much for NOT negotiating w/ terrorists! No 1 went to jail as usual, but people like you and others will salute the "secret shadow gov't" run in the basement of the White House! No one will ever outdo the criminal acts of that patron saint of Reps!

    ***Bush Reps go around the world poking sharp sticks deep into mad hornet's nests 1 after another for years on end.***

    Neo-cons are just bullies it appears; very selfish, only out for themselves & friends! Their own self-interest is a lot more important than the country's! Reps have been a blight on the economy, social change, and Int'l affairs! We're now thought of as "the torture nation" after "W" and Cheney were running things! We've come a long way, even w/ the obstruction and sabotage tactics of the "right" and they can't stand giving Obama and the Dems any credit for that! They can't even be honest w/ themselves, preferring the lies of Fox News and conservative radio talk show hosts to keep them informed! Why they get even half the votes is still beyond me; esp. when people vote against their own interests! Women, gays, Blacks, and Latin Americans will get nothing but distain from these types and they don't try to hide their bigotry, racism, and misogyny!

    ***As someone who usually votes Dem, .I'd rather not have Hillary or Biden. NOW is the time for both of them to step aside and let others in the party shine and get Nat'l name recognition. - I hope some more people serious about helping our country step-up for the Dem. party. ...The Senate is another story, that looks good for Dems.***

    You may be right, but who? The bench is "light" for both sides! Reps have more in #, but they're more an embarrassment than actually capable of winning! Who really wants dimwits like Rubio, Walker, Jindal, Perry, or Huckabee! I'm serious about Walker and Christie being just 1 step ahead of indictments; that's a fact! This is the reason Hillary has a great chance to win w/ such inferior competition on the "right" after how much they've hurt the country in the last 10 years w/ gov't shutdowns, encouraging war in the Middle East, and trashing the economy on all fronts; stock market, employment, and the Nat'l debt! You can't cut taxes to prosperity no matter how many X's you do it!

  89. ***Working on his flexibility rather than building up muscle mass paid off for Nole in his career, for sure.***

    Nole has no real obvious muscle mass like Murray and Nadal! That's made the difference it seems when it comes to consistently getting their butts out there and avoiding long stretches missed on tour! The worst that happened to Roger was a mild case of MONO IIRC!

    ***Was taking a look at The Big 3's Grand Slam records and it's amazing to see what these guys have done since 2003. It all started w/ Federer dominating, then Nadal starting challenging him, and then winning more w/ Djokovic now taking up Federer's slack and challenging Nadal. Federer started this era, Nadal continued it, and now it's up to Djokovic. We as fans get to see if Djokovic will hold up his end of the Big 3 and rack up a few more majors before the next generation takes over. Personally, I think if Djokovic can win 3 or 4 more Slams, then he will have held up his part. And ending his career w/ a winning record against 1 of the other 2 would help as well. But just looking at the chart makes us realize that we may never see a Big 3 like this again.***

    Agreed! We've had past GOLDEN eras, but nothing like this! In the past, the rest of the tour could manage to break it up some, but w/ these 3, it's been almost impossible! Records have been set by each and I too can't see any thing like this in my lifetime! The rest of the tour is too mentally deficient; unable to close w/ 2 points from winning on occasion! It's more than a little embarrassing w/ the likes of Murray, Del Po, Ferrer, Tsonga, and Wawrinka w/ limited success against these stars! Most are lucky to have 1 or 2 majors and some Masters wins! They have the game to win more, but something's holding them back; IMO the inability to close and maybe to attack when in the lead!

    ***I find it hard to criticize Fed's scheduling as it's something he's pretty much always done w/ his head well and truly switched on. The clay practice coming into clay season will be good too and you can bet he's getting a hefty appearance fee for Istanbul which of course is a major reason he'll play there.***

    I hope not to hear any whining from Roger when he falls on his face overplaying; esp. all those clay events before his only real chance of winning at Wimbledon! He obviously has forgotten how old he is and what kind of burden he has w/ that family he travels w/ from country to country!

    ***Even after losing AO in 3rd rd to Seppi, Fed didn't whine. He didn't point out to the long season he had in 2014 including DC and the Indian Aces stuff. ...Roger is no whiner.

    He's playing a 250 event instead of a Masters 1000. How will this tire him out more playing far lesser players?***

    You don't have unlimited time on tour and none of the big 4 have been out on court as much as Federer! He was not only consistently on tour, he was winning as well! He holds all kinds of records b/c of it and I would think it would be better to scale back; actually skip the FO, but he keeps going back hoping for lightning to strike! It will catch up w/ him sooner or later and it'll be ugly!

  90. ***...Rep. Congress have a multitude of legal grounds for impeachment; high crimes and misdemeanors. The VA, IRS, DOJ. There are many, many crimes he can be impeached for.

    (A) Any person who—

    (iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the US, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law

    (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—

    (ii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years...

    You are a loon. Really, what could be more accurate than that? To say that for every illegal he didn't deport, that was a felony. Did we have zero illegals when Bush left office? How many felonies did he commit?***

    He's obviously delusional! If Reps could get away w/ another impeachment proceeding, they would be all over it! They can't help but overplay their hand! They own Congress and it's never enough! They want the whole enchilada which is fine, but they're so slimy and treacherous, it always catches up w/ them! Like Obama said about those 47 Senators who signed that letter to terrorists in Iran undermining the President, "I feel sorry for them" and their stupid constituents who obviously don't know any better!

    ***I don't like Hillary...even if she can win. How about trying to win w/ someone else?***

    Sorry, but we need more of a sure thing to keep a Rep. from trashing how far we've come since the last one in "W!" How many X's do you want to make that mistake?

    ***I think there are other Dems that can win and have way less negative baggage than Hillary. The party needs to get their names out to the Nat'l media. That won't happen unless Hillary officially steps down.***

    I'd rather continue "gridlock" w/ Hillary who we know is even more polarizing than Obama! That veto pen has to be at the ready to keep those animals in check in Congress w/ losers like Boehner and McConnell running things! They haven't proved they can lead yet; nothing's getting done w/ them in charge!

    ***Edits on Wikipedia pages on Bell, Garner, Diallo traced to 1 Police plaza - Computers operating on the NY Police Department’s computer network at its 1 Police Plaza HQ's have been used to alter Wiki pages containing details of alleged police brutality, a review by Capital has revealed.

    ...Computer users identified by Capital as working on the NYPD headquarters' network have edited and attempted to delete Wiki entries for several well-known victims of police altercations, including entries for Eric Garner, Sean Bell, and Amadou Diallo. Capital identified 85 NYPD addresses that have edited Wikipedia, although it is unclear how many users were involved, as computers on the NYPD network can operate on the department’s range of IP addresses.

    - -***

    Color me shocked! This reminds me of textbooks being printed in Texas where they think they can scrub the stink of the SOUTH out of their books dealing w/ their wretched history concerning slavery and civil rights!

  91. Murray's kvetchin' about everything! He's such a disappointment! I have no idea why he's so cranky today! It just makes no sense; esp. since he's winning fairly easily in his 2nd rd match to Canadian, Pospisil!

    ***Once Muzz gets into this type of 'headset' his game just goes right off, losing focus and concentration. Seen it soo many X's over the years; is up to him to address it on court.***

    Courier thinks Murray is still trying to fill the void left by Dani Vallverdu! I wonder did they have a falling out being together for so long? Mauresmo just isn't doing the trick; esp. since Andy's using her as a scapegoat for his early loses this year! I think I heard Murray may have hired Jonas Bjorkman to help w/ his training!

    ***From what I read, Bjorkman will be joining Murray in a tournament soon, though at this stage it is just a trial. Seeing Amelie cant be w/ Murray full time. Murray needs a coach w/ him on tour full time; just my thoughts.***

    - The BIG 4 -

    ***Townsend is a joy to watch. She has the game to be at the top. I hope she takes her fitness seriously b/c she can't waste all that talent.***

    I hate to bring it up, but Townsend's struggling w/ movement b/c she's carrying around quite a few extra "LB's!" Whoever is training her, s/b taken to task! She reminds me of the 70's where it was common for women w/ athletic ability to succeed and compete w/ that extra girth, but that all changed in the 80's w/ the ascension of Navratilova to #1 who showed everyone how it s/b done! No one seems to be saying this here or in the commentary on TV! It's the truth, not just being a mean person! It's so obvious she needs to do something about it if she expects to move up the rankings!

    ***Garrison is Towsend's coach. Weight issues have been at X's a issue currently at the WTA. Towsend's weight has been discussed before. I understand your point w/ Martina who at one stage was carrying unwanted kilo's. She did get herself into shape. At the end of the day, it's up to the player, trainer, and coach who feel carrying extra kilo's to the weight of a player is indeed a disadvantage.

    I definitely feel REALLY uncomfortable w/ this topic for many reasons. First Townsend is super young and impressionable. Second a lot of that could be hereditary and even if she were to lose weight her natural "healthy" and even "athletic" weight could be a lot more than other athletes (look at Kvitova). Still I kind of agree that in some ways its dangerous for a player who moves that much and puts that much pressure on their knees and ankles to be carrying around that much weight on court.***

    You're sorta right; I don't follow women's tennis as much as I used to! I find it unwatchable w/ the prevalence of ball bashing, incessant grunting and screeching, and catching up w/ how slow the men are playing w/ all the toweling off, getting attention from trainers and coaches on court, and challenging calls that are so wrong they s/b penalized 2 pts instead of just the 1! It's quite homogenized w/ only a handful of gifted and talented chess player types worth watching like Aggie! She's the only player I really follow and she's falling a little and being overpowered like Hingis! Hopefully Navratilova can help her a little before she too retires saying "screw it!"

    ***Upset alert: Watson serving for the match against Aga - It's over. Back to the drawing board with a towel over Navratilova's head.***

    This is amazing to me; esp. on the ladies side! Britain proper has been as empty as any 3rd world nation w/ little to brag about! They had a blip w/ Henman and brought in a hired gun from Canada in Greg Rusedski, but the ladies haven't been competitive since the likes of Virginia Wade, Sue Barker, and Jo Durie! That's been a long time!

    ***You forgot Sam Smith lol! Agree it has been a long time btw drinks for Britain in both ATP and WTA.***

  92. ***It's hilarious. The leftists aren't bothered by Hillary's obvious corruption in the least. It's just about having a new hero to root for.***

    From '91 on, all Reps have done is try and investigate the Clintons! After millions spent and untold time wasted "YA GOT NOTHING!" The investigators like Gingrich, Barr, Livingston, and others have been run out of politics for doing what was accused or worse! You can't keep crying wolf; sooner or later the people stop coming to your rescue!

    Secret Service Director Clancy Takes A Grilling! The man looked just about incompetent in front of a Congressional panel investigating malfeasance of the agency! They've been caught w/ their pants down in more ways than one; drinking, driving drunk, and taking on prostitutes in foreign lands! Everyone thinks I overlook everything due to my support of Obama, but this was a bad hire! The President was warned he probably should take on someone to head the agency from the outside, but he didn't do that; guy was on his detail for protection! WRONG thing to do; esp. since he's been at jeopardy so many X's! A drone flew onto the grounds of the White House, someone w/ a gun was allowed on the same elevator as the President, shots have hit the residence, and an intruder got dangerously close entering an open door of the WH last year!

    Clancy wasn't prepared, he hasn't taken much in the way of action, and actually had the nerve to say he still hasn't been informed of how badly the incident was with agents breaking through a barricade supposedly w/ a bomb in a bag! He was about as lucid as Secretary Hagel; and he's already gone as well! This guy needs to be fired; totally!

    ***Sadly, that is a growing problem across the gov't!***

    Total dysfunction; "thanks Boehner and McConnell!" They won't even approve the new AG trying to blackmail Obama and the Dems, demanding a bill get signed w/ addition of an abortion provision! They are true scum IMO, but what else is new? OMG, I better not hear anything about a lack of respect for this office!

    Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) Resigns! In a statement to Politico, the Congressman said he will resign effective March 31. "I do this w/ a heavy heart," reads the statement. "Serving the people of the 18th District is the highest and greatest honor I have had in my life. I thank them for their faith in electing me and letting me represent their interests in DC. I have given them my all over the last 6 years. I have traveled to all corners of the District to meet w/ the people I’ve been fortunate to be able to call my friends and neighbors."

    ***Good riddance. The guy packed A LOT of corruption into a short career. I wish the Dems would recognize the corrupt and deep 6 them w/ the same alacrity. - Fiero... Yes he's a Rep. and I say good riddance. He's a corrupt piece of crap. I want him gone.***

    Hell, in NY, Stanton Island sent a Rep. back to DC who was 1 step ahead of indictment and he had to resign soon after being re-elected! Voters don't seem to care! Some have even voted for characters who are actually in jail believe it or not! Some Rep. is allowed to go vote in Congress, but has to return to jail overnight! This is 1 sick ass country!

    ***Fiero, I hope you will join me in calling for the ending of careers of corrupt politicians like this.***

    You'd have to shut down all of Congress unfortunately! They made past illegal dealings legal years ago! I still remember Boehner passing out checks 10 years ago on the floor on the HOUSE in plain sight; finding out later it was perfectly ok that the oil & tobacco industries give money directly to these criminals! I'm so done w/ all of it! When you have people voting for people who are either on the way to jail or already in, we've proved Democracy is not for us! We need guidance like some backwoods, 3rd world nation!

  93. Boycott D & G! That comment about "synthetic babies" was just too disgusting for words! Worldwide outrage will cost these fools a lot of money! I won't be listening when they come crawling back w/ a lame apology about couples' inventor babes! What was on their minds? Idiots and small minded twits getting what they deserved after panning "same sex marriage" back in 2006!

    ***Perhaps, but they are a product of their environment. Keep in mind that they are both from Italy and staunch Roman Catholics only mouthing off what they were nurtured into mouthing off, hence why they've never married even though they are gay.***

    Which is why I don't accept their excuse! They have to know in the minds of their families, "they'll burn in HELL," but they still respect the customs; IDIOTS! It's like Gay people voting Rep. even though they were vilified and made a political football back in 2004! I barely speak to my old college roommate for that reason; a screw has to be lose! Women, minorities of any kind, and the poor should tell Reps to "bite it," but they actually empowered them in this past election cycle! I'm disgusted and regret not moving to Europe in '01 when I had the chance! I would never have come back w/ the level of incivility, bigotry, and abject stupidity of half this country!

    ***You have great points, but I hate getting put into a box. B/c I'm gay, I'm supposed to vote this way. B/c I'm gay I'm supposed to be offended by certain things. B/c I'm gay I'm supposed to take up every issue that offends a fellow gay person. We aren't clones of each other and we all have our own opinions and thoughts. To imply, assume or infer that b/c you're gay you are supposed to fall in line w/ what another person's idea of being gay is is almost as bad as judging people b/c they're gay in the 1st place. I totally get what you're saying and I partly agree, but people are people and we shouldn't expect people to act and think a certain way b/c they belong to a certain community.***

    Since Reps took over Congress, these losers have had 2 resignations! Let's give them a huge round of applause for getting so much done while in power! Schock should be arrested and charged w/ fraud! He turned in an expense report saying he drove his personal car 170,000 miles for official use, but tracking it down after he sold it, the car only had 80,000 miles on it! Why isn't he going to jail like Jesse Jackson, jr? I guess if you're white, hunky, and travel the world on the country's dime, you can just walk away w/ your fraud! "Thanks America for being consistent!"

    ***...Having a new Attorney General will have no effect on the performance of the Secret Service!***

    It would serve them right if Holder went after Rep. Schook for his fraud! That might learn these bastards to stop playing games w/ this country! Lerner will probably sit patiently, but she's a much better person than I'd ever be! Reps are scum and I wouldn't want to work for this country! It's just not worth dealing w/ a-holes like McConnell and Boehner always playing games when they should take their jobs more seriously!

    ***Um... yes. Reps like myself demand that the corrupt resign. You reward Charlie Rangel w/ another term.***

    How in the HELL did I reward Rangel genius? I've been to NY exactly twice in my life; what a HELL hole! If you're talking about the Dems, clean up your own fk'n house before casting stones! You're the 1 w/ Representatives dropping like flies!

  94. ***Actually the workforce participation rate is still in the toilet!***

    That is only the case b/c of Rep. obstruction! Boehner could put 2 million people to work within weeks or months to deal w/ infrastructure! He just wants to screw Obama and hold off until a Rep. can win the office! Unfortunately they only have losers, rubes, and morons in waiting! If any of them could take out Hillary I would be worried; I'm not! Sooner or later this fool will have to open up w/ legislation that will put a lot of people to work! It's hard to have any sympathy for us since the people empowered Reps to do NOTHING! I stopped caring when they re-elected one criminal gov. after another in FLA, NJ, Wisc, and MI by not coming out to vote in an "off" election! Luckily the turnout will be huge to make sure Hillary's the next and 1st woman President of this sorry ass country! I wouldn't want to run it! We're beyond logical help; just look what we've allowed to happen!

    ***MSNBC Ratings Lower Than Ever Before! - He blamed Bush for the economy in his 1st term b/c it was W's fault; it wasn't Obama's. He hadn't been there for 8 years! Conservatives don't want Bush to responsible for anything negative!***

    If MSNBC is so inconsequential, why do you people bitch and moan about them every single day? At least they're not lying sacks like FNN and conservative radio just making up shit along the way! They are disgusting, but at least it's only "low information" losers who actually take them seriously! I feel sorry for those pathetic creatures being made fools of on a daily basis! "FNN, you take your superior ratings and shove them! It'll do you no good in the end! Sooner or later, the truth always comes out regardless! W/ your help, Reps have lost 5 of the last 6 popular votes for President! If not for the Supreme Court interfering, you wouldn't have been able to destroy the country w/ the admin. of 'W'!"

    ***The capitol city does not share the same name as the county! Like I would or anyone outside of TX would know that! Thats Texas for you!***

    They breed total idiots; look at "W!" Hard to believe I even considered moving there! So hot, humid, & too many homeless kids running the streets! Now you hear how women's health is being assaulted, closing clinics that do PAP smears and other procedures! Hard to feel for them seeing as they're so hardcore Rep.!

    ***Jon Stewart Annihilates Fox News Hypocrisy....Trashes Fox Calling for Ferguson Apologies: Where’s Your Benghazi Apology?***

    - -

    It's a little easy to do as time goes on! They started losing their collective minds a while back; now being even more desperate w/ Obama in office for a 2nd term! Straight-jackets may have to be doled out upon entering their building! Their hypocrisy knows no bounds; kvetchin' about Obama not calling BiBi Netanyahu upon winning his election Tuesday, but thought nothing of giving BiBi a pass earlier this month when this same scumbag slinked into OUR country to undermine our President and his negotiations w/ Iran! Again, nothing new! These animals have no shame and couldn't care less when called out; more into entertaining than actually passing on real news!

    Could Aaron Schock Really End Up in Jail?

    - -

    A grand jury will be impaneled to investigate this "wannabee!" It should only be a formality before being prosecuted and sent to jail! He did a lot more than Jesse Jackson, jr. who's still languishing in jail for a lot less FRAUD! I guess we need to wait though; he is white and self entitled!

  95. Obama became President w/ no record b/c the country figured anybody would be better than having another Rep. in that chair! That's "W's" true legacy; he fucked up so much, no conservative was going to win! "Thanks 'W'!"

    ***This is my President, this is what I want to see him do, answer the crazy loon GOP lies and Armageddon predictions!

    Charge from GOP: he is going to run trillion dollar deficits
    Obama: the deficit is smallest its been in 50 years

    John Boehner: where are the jobs Mr. President?
    Obama: 12 million jobs have been created since he came into office!***

    Narcissist Monica Lewinsky Rears Her Ugly Head! W/o a doubt, this bitch is just getting out there to torpedo Hillary! A smarter and classier person would stay under wraps, but she proves my point! She's whining about bullying, acting as if she was a victim, when what happened, the country was victimized by this stalker "loony toon!" Just go away Monica; you're not in as bad shape as that hateful blabbermouth, Linda Tripp! She can't get a job; even in Europe! You ruined everyone's life associated w/ you, have no shame for your going after a sitting President, now you want to complain about how you're being vilified in the press and entertainment! Be satisfied, you got all you wanted; to HUM on Clinton, got your own Wiki page, and a life of infamy! Just go the fuck away!

    Monica Lewinsky Is Back, but This Time It’s on Her Terms

    - -

    ***Poor girls get used by a pervert who people like you protect and when she speaks out against bullying you bully her. She has only 2 choices in life, to continue to suck or speak out. We know what one she choose and I guess you would have chosen the opposite.***

    The bitch cut her own throat! I'm far from bullying her! If she's stupid enough to go searching boards like this for defamation, her life is truly useless! If you're fuk'n around w/ a married man, maybe you shouldn't go around bragging about it!

    ***Sorry, but the power differential btw the 2 of them was ridiculoous. The most powerful man in the world and a young intern.***

    Spare me! Bill didn't dial her up! Don't give me that crap about "differential" powers! What happened to women taking control and being responsible for their own actions? She was not raped and I don't condone Clinton taking advantage of her naivetee, but after all this time, she needs to move on! She caused this all on her own! I don't care if she feels used; she asked for it "so to speak!" People say she bragged to people about doing exactly what she did; so again spare me! Her family had money! This was more than just a job; it was an opportunity she took! Cry me a river!

    ***Typical Clinton enabler. Nice try though; put the blame on a 20 y.o. fresh out of college and give a pass to the POTUS. ...There is no way a person gets into the Oval Office w/o an escort unless Bill set it up.***

    Presidential Hopeful Jindal's LA Budget Does Not Fund Primary - "Louisiana scrambling to find the money to stage a primary election next year after Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential presidential candidate, did not provide funding in his annual budget. Jindal's spending plan, unveiled earlier this month, would impose steep spending cuts to close a projected $1.6 B shortfall brought on by plunging oil revenues." This is what happens when you put Reps in charge; shortfalls, massive deficits, and total incompetence!

  96. ***Novak's had a busy day already: changing diapers and waxing the court w/ Muzz! Lolz***

    It would be nice to stop implying Murray is part of the elite! He's nowhere near it even though he picked up those 2 Slams and Olympic Gold! He had a nice run, but it seems to be over! He's good for an upset on a fast court; esp. if the top 3 are troubled by something! That's about it! Murray has to make some drastic changes for me to be even impressed!

    ***I agree to an extent. He was a lot better before the injury and he did win 2 Slams and got to other major finals during the "big 4" era. Now, he just isn't at the same level as before. I don't know that he will ever get back there, but you have to give him credit during the Lendl era. His game was noticeably better.

    Fiero, it depends what you mean by being 'part of the elite'. A top player and GS contender? Yes. As good as the big 3? No.

    Kskate2, I don't think Andy's level was much better during the Lendl era. Better than last year when he was returning from surgery, yes. But this year - Andy got to the final of the AO and lost to Novak in 4. During the Lendl era he got to the final of the AO and lost to Novak in 4. Even pre-surgery. Andy won his 2 Slams exactly the way Fiero says he could win them now - when the big 3 were underperforming. There's no other way he's going to do it, b/c they're better. As for today, Andy played poorly, but as I posted above, Andy has NEVER beaten prime Novak on slower surfaces. His last win over Novak on slower surfaces was in 2009. So Andy never managed to beat Novak on a slower surface during the Lendl era either.***

    It's "his" game that put him in such a condition needing surgery! I've been saying for years that people like Nadal and Murray wear themselves out getting into wars w/ "nobodies" and "never weres" due to their defensive games! Their groundstrokes are too good to be languishing near the barricades w/ the linesmen unwilling to push forward and close out some of those early rd matches at the net! it's pathetic to see and then we're supposed to feel sorry for them breaking down; NOT!

    ***Showing some appr. & support for Murray; 2 X Slam Champion, Olympic Champion, member of "The Big 4" and affectionately known as "Muzza".

    As of March 20, 2015:

    2 Grand Slam Chps
    6 Grand Slam Runner-Ups
    9 Master 1000 Titles
    1 Olympic Gold Medal
    1 Olympic Silver Medal
    4 500 Titles
    Fifteen 250 Titles

    Highest Ranking: No. 2 (Aug. 17, 2009)
    Highest Year-End Finish: No. 3 (2012)
    Year's in Top Ten: 7
    Tour Win-Loss Record: 493-154***

  97. ***Fiero, what corrupt Dems resignation have you ever called for?***

    Rangel s/b gone, never a fan of Menendez, and I'm a bit disappointed in Gov. Cuomo of NY getting a little too cozy w/ Christie dealing w/ the Port Authority! There are plenty more! I'm not one of those people who follow blindly! On the other hand, I will go on the attack when people from here and FNN just sit there and make up scandals out of whole cloth! Benghazi is still dripping from their mouths even though Rep. committees say "nothing's there!" Hypocrisy of the "right" must also be exposed! I keep hearing this BS about Obama not calling to congratulate BiBi on his re-election tues! Where was the call from Netanyahu saying he was on the way to our country to undermine our President in talks w/ the Iranians? What else ya got?

    ***President Obama Bitch Slaps GOP***

    Looks as if Obama will have to continue slapping around the GOP! Just watched McCain back everything BiBi Netanyahu said and dismissed his own President saying "he needs to get over his temper tantrum!" The Israel PM continues to vacillate over policy concerning it's partnership w/ the US as an ally, defying common sense measures which will only hurt them, not us here! The words disparaging Arabs who came out to vote and promising to not strive for a 2 state position is irresponsible to the peace process! I think BiBi has really hurt his position in his attempt to retain power at any cost!

    ***It proves Obama has failed!***

    Just keep telling yourself that to assure your own hatred and bigotry of the man! You're sad and pathetic to actually wish for failure! As much as I thought "W" was a waste of space, I never wanted the country to do poorly; people like you can't say the same! I'm embarrassed for you and the country!

    ***Aren't the Dems fond of claiming that Clinton ran a surplus? [He didn't but that's the claim.] So how can the deficit be the smallest it's been in 50 years? So somebody is lying.***

    What was said is that the deficit went down the fastest in 50 years! Can't you people understand English? For the other knuckle-heads, there's a difference btw the Nat'l Debt and yearly deficits run up by "W" and his wars, w/ tax cuts and programs implemented that weren't paid for! Go back to school! Clinton did have a surplus btw and George gave it away in his 1st year! No President destroyed this country so fast and so deep; arriving at a recession almost equivalent to "The Great Depression!" That's his legacy and Obama's brought us all the way back w/ Reps dragging their heels all the way! They can't stand it; nor you obviously or you would "give it up" and say so!

    ***...The deficit isn't even a half trillion, much less to say TRILLIONS!***

    Lying to make a political point is nothing new for Reps; even the ones you thought you could trust like Sen. Thune! It's inherent in their DNA and I actually see it as some kind of cultural insanity within their ranks, created by being on the outs in Congress for over 40 years! Dems ruled the Senate and House all of my early days, running rough-shot over policy and Federal budgets, and getting great things done along the way like civil rights legislation and establishing Medicare in the 60's! Now that they're in charge, they want to roll the clock back, but it's been hard and they've resorted to lying, trying to take away the vote so fiercely fought for, and undermining our core beliefs in freedom and "freedom of speech!" The only time they reference the Constitution is to make a specious point to bolster their lies! The hypocrisy is mind numbing!

  98. ***I didn't watch any tennis yesterday (IW), but looking the results and what I was told, I can imagine how bad Muzz played or maybe someone is going to tell me that he played well? Come on, incredible that result, unless he played horrible like he did; what a shame!***

    Whoever says Muzz played horribly is insulting Nole! Andy was just taken to the woodshed and there just wasn't much he could do about it! He had many long rallies where shots would have been winners or forced an error, but Nole proved he was #1! He not only got back the best Muzz could offer, he put him back on the defensive and won the point anyway! If Nole had pulled up just a little, Murray very well could have represented better, maybe taken a set, but not likely to win!

    ***Poor JJ...she fought so hard to take IW title.***

    Obviously not hard enough! I'm done w/ JJ! Falling apart like that w/ just a 2 points to close it out just isn't acceptable in this level of tennis! I expect more out of the men; s/b the same for the women! She's been around too long to let this happen! It would have been a waste of points on JJ anyway; just as well Halep got them being 3rd in the world!

    ***I thought you were done w/ both an hour ago? Just can't help yourself. Gotta keep coming back for more...***

    Just flipped over for the conclusion! I'll be regretting it for a while; hands still shaking! Truly ugly on both sides of the net!

    ***If I remember that fantastic year in 2011, the old Rafa fan mantras were dropping like flies after 1st frost: Novak never beat Rafa in a final

    (IW), Novak never beat Rafa on clay (Madrid), Novak never beat Rafa on real clay (Rome), Novak never beat Rafa in a best of 5 match or Slam final

    (Wimbledon, USO, & AO). - Maybe this year, if they meet a few X's in the right places, that Slam h2h will even out a little too.***

    Preach! I kept hearing all this crap even from past champions like Wilander! Notice he's not asked for his commentary of late! Same for McEnroe lauding Rafa w/ so much praise! It's as if Nole doesn't exist! Who's been as successful taking him out; 7 and 4 matches in a row respectively? No one else has done that and he's creeping up on the H2H contests! Federer has been embarrassing; even if we give him some concession b/c of so many clay court losses to Nadal! He lost to him on grass and that shouldn't have happened; esp. w/ a lead! He's owned w/ only a little success against Nole who's more emotionally fragile! Even Murray tested him a few years ago!

    ***I'm very happy w/ how IW unfolded; Nole defended his fortress, Milos conquered new territories which will help him building confidence when he steps out to face top competition going forward, and the puppy power duo Pospisil & Sock claim yet another big title. All is good in tennis land.***

    Beside Nole holding onto his title and points, Hingis' return continues to be successful winning the doubles title w/ Mirza (whoever that is)! So far I haven't seen it; the men yeah, but not the ladies doubles final!

  99. ***Israel is not able to eliminate Iran's nuclear program. The bunkers are deep, dispersed, and there are too many of them. Israel doesn't have bombers that can carry more than one bunker buster, but they would still need in flight refueling, and still not likely penetrate. The original Iraq reactor Israel hit was closer, above ground, unprotected, unfueled, and totally incapable of ever producing nuclear weapons b/c it was not a breeder reactor, and was run by the French. If Israeli planes cross into Iran air space, they will not survive.***

    People are forgetting the US is the only country advocating for Israel in the UN! Many other countries like German France, and Spain have only been held in check concerning Israel of late! They're as much fed up with Netanyahu as Obama! BiBi has gone too far and it's going to cost him! He'll be the PM, but in serious trouble concerning the economy and retribution for those settlements being built in opposition of us and many other countries!

    ***Cruz for Pres; no green eggs, just HAM - There are GOP Voters who will vote for him the Prince of Gov't shutdowns, but not likely 60 million to put him over the top. Candidates today get to keep much of their contributions and draw a profit from running thanks to Citizens United.***

    I'm glad someone said it! He'll collect millions, then drop out w/ a lot of fan fare! Fools! Funny how they berate Obama and his lack of experience, being a foreigner, blah, blah, blah, but this hypocrite has the audacity to think he's credible anywhere! He hasn't proved statesman enough the way he's made the Senate look the last couple years; "Green Eggs & Ham" indeed! What a tool!

    ***Fiero...the guy actually IS brilliant. That you can't tell the difference btw agreeing w/ him and his intelligence says much more about your intelligence than his. I don't agree w/ Larry Summers much, or Alan Derschowitz, but I'd be an idiot to question their smarts.***

    I question his sanity, not his intelligence! The things he says, most people wouldn't think, much less say out loud! He's a pig, a hypocrite, and a liar! If that's the type you can support, more power to you! No one will thank you if he trashes it all like all the other losers "on the right!" Our best times have been under Dems; regardless of what you say and think! More jobs, better economies, and a sense of well being not possibly felt under the hate filled regimes of someone like "W!"

    ***...WTF kind of drugs are you doing?***

    You're about as nutty as any of them I guess! I suppose you didn't remember the '04 campaign where they went on a jihad against gay marriage! Free speech was only allowed 'on the right!' If there was a demonstration against Bush, it had to be miles away w/ local cops getting in trouble and getting sued for abuse of power! What country were you living fool? As for Cruz, he's one of the main IDIOTS talking about Obama being a foreigner, not entitled to the Presidency when he's from Canada like me! As for the Constitution, he misquotes it often enough for more competent human beings! I could go on, but I know I'm wasting my time trying to reason w/ a buffoon!

  100. ***OK, I have Obama's position on gay marriage in 2004. He was against it. Was he for hate and jihad?***

    Why are Reps like petulant children? This is about Cruz and the Rep. party! Deflecting about a gutless Obama position means nothing here! After re-election, he got a backbone and fessed up; he has no problem w/ gay marriage! Please find another way to fight instead of like a 12 yo girl! There's too much info online for people to be as dense as some of you!

    ***So being against gay marriage is the jihad, hateful position when someone other than Obama holds it for political purposes. Once again, lying in the cause is excusable.***

    The jihad was against every one not white, old, and male! How soon we forget a panel of male doctors telling a House committee what women needed for their health issues! Creating laws in different states to make it impossible to keep clinics open where pap smears and breast exams, using a pretext of killing "late term abortions!" When women start dropping like flies in the South, I wonder what you people will say? Illegals were a huge issue, securing a border that their donors don't want closed b/c of the cheap labor! So again, Reps are hypocrites and Full Of shit! There hatred for gays goes w/o saying! Anything else you need? I got this off the top of my head! You have a computer, not able to do this research? Have your mommy come downstairs into your basement room and help you out ok! You're so embarrassing! I feel for you and other morons that can forget this kind of stuff! It still makes my hands shake that these animals are still so successful with ratings in the single digits! I guess that's our fault; more competent people not coming out to vote to counteract such "cultural insanity!"

    ***Fiero... I thought you were sorta dumb, but you might actually need clinical help. It's hilarious reading your posts and saying OTHER people are hateful.***

    No doubt about it, I HATE REPS! They've become an intransigent party, unable to see anything past their own nose and wallet! They've trashed the country during the Bush years, then tried to sabotage it during Obama's terms! Shutting down the gov't was an exercise in futility except for throwing $24 B down a rat hole! Believe me, I know exactly what I'm saying and can explain myself quite well, even w/ a ton of animus! Nothing I said is a lie or you would do more than try to insinuate that I'm crazy! I'm crazy and I was driven to it by loathsome Reps I call traitors to their country and are only satisfied when in power! They own Congress now and they still can't get anything done! Boehner's been the weakest Speaker ever, being overrun and told what to do by 60 Tea-partiers that were sent to DC to throw a monkey wrench in the Federal works! I wouldn't spit on one of them if lit on fire!

    ***Fiero... Thank you for admitting that YOU'RE the hateful one here.***

    If that's all you got, then you have NOTHING! Thanks for at least wimping out loser! You truly got nothing to say after all this great info you were looking for! You couldn't deny anything; all factual stuff any asshole can find online! Thanks for playing our game!

    ***Israelis Fear US President for First Time***

    "Netanyahu, be afraid; be very afraid!" He fk'd up and w/o the US reigning in the UN, they are likely to pay in Israel! He has a big mouth, was totally disingenuous about the 2 State idea, and proved to be a bit of a racist making comments about Arabs over-running the polls last week! He's not going to have an easy time of it while Obama's in office! Maybe Hillary will forgive him, but not likely if he continues being an ass!