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Dance Moms - Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC)

Set in Pittsburgh, Dance Moms follows the Abby Lee Dance Company's Junior Elite Competition team of young girls aged 8 to 15-years-old as they travel week-to-week to various competitions in hopes of a National title. Much of the program depicts the doting mothers as fellow rivals not only of each other, but oftentimes as a group protecting the familiarity of the team. All of the performances shown on screen are choreographed by Miller, herself, with the exception of routines crafted by guest choreographers hired by Miller. CADC (Canton, OH) is a rivaling dance company.

On Jan. 29, 2014, Miller announced that "Kelly Hyland and her 2 daughters Brooke and Paige are no longer contracted with and will no longer appear on Dance Moms" as stated on an appearance with The View. Hyland was arrested in Jan. on alleged assault charges after a dispute backstage at a dance comp. held in NYC during filming for the show's 4th season in Nov.'13. Hyland appeared in court with Miller on Jan. 21, 2014 and pleaded "not guilty" to charges of physical assault. (Wiki) - (Prev.TV mb)

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Season 3 OG's w/ Asia


  1. The Choreographers:

    Abby Lee Miller is the director of Reign Dance Productions (formerly Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio), which houses the Abby Lee Dance Company to which she is owner and chief choreographer.

    Gianna Martello is an instructor for RDP specializing in all genres including tap dance, en pointe, and acrobatics, and is also the assistant choreographer for the ALDC Junior Elite Competition team.

    The Moms:

    Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni is the mother of Maddie, a lyrical dancer who also enjoys tap, and Mackenzie, an acro dancer. Ziegler was once a part-time receptionist for Miller's studio, but has since switched jobs to spend more time watching her daughters dance. Ziegler is perceived as a doting mother who encourages her daughters' blossoming careers, but is shown as defensive when the other mothers voice criticism about Miller's own doting habits. In Sn 4, Ziegler begins homeschooling her daughters for more studio time.

    Christi Lukasiak is the mother of Chloe, a centemporary/lyrical dancer with strong ballet technique. Lukasiak was the owner of children's fitness franchise, but has since sold her business to spend more time with her growing family. Lukasiak is perceived as an opinionated woman and protective mother, esp. when she feels her daughter is belittled by Miller. Miller sometimes dotes on Lukasiak's daughter's abilities, but often regulates to arguing about Miller's teaching technique or Lukasiak's daughter's emotionality.

    Jill Vertes is the mother of Kendall, a jazz dancer with growing abilities in contemporary dance. Vertes was initially noted as a "studio hopper" and has since found her niche at Miller's studio after her daughter's audition in Sn 2. Vertes, early on, was perceived as a brown-noser, but her daughter's growing abilities are well-spoken for.

    Holly Frazier is the mother of Nia, an acro dancer who also enjoys musical theater. Frazier was a full-time educator, and was once perceived as the most rational mother of Miller's teaching technique. Frazier has since given up her office career in an effort to spend time at the studio rediscovering her daughter's dance potential.

    Kira Hilliker is the mother of Kalani, a centemporary/lyrical dancer who joins the ALDC amid Sn 4. Hilliker was perceived as naive about the familiarity of the Elite team, but later becomes versed in the mothers' voices while finding her own. Prior to Dance Moms, Hilliker and her daughter appeared on Sn 2 of AUDC.

    Leslie Ackerman is the mother of Payton, a Senior dancer often used as a swing when a dancer is unable to perform. Ackerman is perceived as head-strong and stubborn about her daughter's placement on the team despite Miller denying her membership after auditioning in Sn 2, but her abilities allow her to perform on an irregular basis.

    Former Moms:

    Kelly Hyland is the mother of Brooke and Paige. Appearing in 75 episodes and attending 60 competitions, Hyland was dis-invited from the ALDC in Sn 4.

    Cathy Nesbitt-Stein is the mother of Vivi-Anne. Stein left the ALDC on her own accord in Sn 1 to return to her own studio, Candy Apples Dance Center.

    Kristie Ray is the mother of Asia. Appearing in 9 episodes and attending 7 competitions, Ray left the ALDC on her own accord at the end of Sn 3.

    Jackie Lucia is the mother of Sophia. Appearing in 3 episodes and attending 2 competitions, Lucia left the ALDC on her own accord amid Sn 3.

    Shelly Serigne, Gloria Hampton, and Marcia Hoffheins are the mothers of Ally, Kaeli, and Bella respectively. These girls were members of the replacement team in Sn 3.

  2. COMMENTs bracketed with ***'s come from other posters! My posts are w/o them!

    ***Any other guys watching this?***

    Yeah! I like some of the performances and the DM banter! Abby slays me too! I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of her tirade, but it can be hilarious at times!

    ***...But I do like watching the dancing (don't take it that way).***

    Some will take it that way! They'll call ya some kind of pervert and worse! lol! I prefer watching the kids dance! Growining up I appreciated ballet, but the older I got the more I thought of the ego trip they must be on; "look at me!" If the kids are like that, it isn't as offensive so I can watch Maddy, MacKenzie, & Brooke in many of their performances in awe! If it's true they're learning all these dances in a few days, it just makes it more impressive! When adults do it well, I just think of all the time they must devote to "get it" and perform it well! All I can think if is "get a freakin' life!"

    Fave Group Dances: The Last Text, Rosa Park (Nia got to star for a change), Where Have All The Children Gone?, and a few others; esp. with Asia and Sofia.

    ***...Between the video-documented instances of child abuse and the catty nastiness among the rich broads, I thought the show was pretty disgusting.***

    If you think along the lines of it being either staged or edited to look a certain way, it can be hilarious! The performances at the end are great! What slays me is a mom going off; esp. in front of their own kid! Abby can usually come back with truths they could do without, but the retort invariably comes back an insult about Abby's appearance! That's too easy and juvenile! As long as I've been alive, I can't say I've resorted to calling someone fat, ugly, or old! It just shows how inadequite these mom really are when they "go there" so often! It's like going to profanity because they can't express their frustration an other way! I crack up when Jill, Christi, or Kelly go off the deep end! I just wished they had more self control in front of their own children! It's still hilarious!

  3. ***All Time Favorite Dances:

    Solo: Dream On a Star - All time favorite Dance Moms Dance ever
    Duo: Inside of Me
    Trio: Somebody Told Me
    Group: To Be Beautiful***

    Groups - "Twilite, Last Text, Land Unforgiven, Where Have All The Children Gone, & Rosa Parks"

    Trio - "15 Min. of Fame"

    Duet - "Black Swam" with Maddie and Chloe

    Solo - Maddie's "Quiet Voices," "Place Called Home," & "Cry"

    ***Are boy dancers actually shirtless the majority of the time? With Lucas, he seems to always be shirtless. Did most boys wear a shirt or not?***

    Sometimes I think they're trying to illicit pervs to watch everytime I see the boys practically walking around naked! What's up with that? It can't be for the old ladies to drool over, but I still chuckle at the reaction of all concerned when the girls were wearing outfits reminiscent of "can-can" dancers; "Can You Feel It?" Why that was more provocative than a crop top and booty shorts I'll never understand! Fishnets and teased hair makes them more sleazy looking? Christi called them "prostlitots!" Needless to say they didn't even place!

    ***The thing is, Abby is 'hired help' if you think about it. The mothers pay her to teach their daughters to dance, to help them get better. Abby is the only business owner I've seen who's philosophy is I'm always right, the customer is always wrong.***

    You're deluding yourself! The Joffrey were exactly the same way; arrogant, demanding, and merciless with their criticism! They made the girls feel like they were lucky to be there; and they were in fact! That's dance; what else can be said? True enough Abby is the teacher, but she gives them the option of going somewhere else, but people seem to flock to her anyway! She must be doing something right for them to put up with so much abuse! Some were willing to travel from all over the country to go to Pittsburg of all places!

    ***Kelly back in court today - I guess Kelly would rather face jail or at least community service in order to get away from Abby.***

    I have no sympathy for her or the kids! Besides signing a contract of their own free wills, they seem to go out of their way to frustrate situations! What did they expect Abby to do when choreography is changed or their routines pulled at the last minute; more than a few times? Kelly exacerbated it on many occasions, swearing in front of others; including the kids! A real grownup would have pulled Abby aside and told her how she felt, not get loud, use profanity, and storm out of the studio again and again making a spectacle of herself! Coming back with a self-satisfied smirk on her face didn't help her persona either; looking like a real fool! It wasn't enough for her, encouraging others to "so called" stand up to Abby! If you're that unhappy with your circumstances, "just go bitch; GO! And take your little monsters with you!" Brooke's doer attitude didn't help things! Again, if she's so miserable, "GO!" No one was putting a f'kn gun to her head!

  4. ***Dancers always wear costumes that are very short, have an open back, or show their belly. It's the same thing as saying cheerleader costumes make them look like "tramps" that is just the way the costumes are. It has nothing to do with the show or the producers. That is the world of competitive dance.***

    Some people just don't get out much! The only objectionable costumes for the "can-can" outfits with over the knee stickings and tossled hair; like little "prostitots" as Christi so elegantly labeled the girls! The judges couldn't judge it, but it didn't stop them from taking pictures to lear at later! I found it hilarious the moms' reaction; smackin' their butts and spreadin' their legs!

    ***Yea, you must not have watched any dance, swim, or gymnastics competitions OP. Lol I've seen many dances disqualified for costumes, like the judges don't even want to look at it. One that sticks out is a group that wore actual lace bras and underwear as costumes and they were dancing against us at 11. The judges were just like "nope disqualified" after they danced. The parents around us were horrified.***

    My Gawd, when did we revert to such prudishness; Reagan and Bush era? In my day people practically walked around naked; hotpants, crop tops, spandex showing it all! I hate today's bathing suits hanging down to ones' knees! Some shouldn't wear Speedos, but a lot of them can!

    ***...I don't see how losing 3 dancers after this season will keep viewers esp when one is a fan favorite.***

    It's just a "motivation tool!" Kids need to be pushed normally, but Maddie truly seems to have the desire on her own! Unlike Brooke and Page that wanted things handed to them, they constantly needed to be encouraged, threatened, and cajoled to get the job done! I don't blame Abby for taking out her frustrations on the mothers and kids! The moms are the ones out of control, but if she never retaliated, it would only escalate; sorta like Kelly's assault! Kelly fell right into that trap! What an idiot!

    ***Oh believe me I'm not letting Christi off the hook. I know Abby mistreats Chloe because she hates Christi. I actually think Abby gives Chloe alot of opportunities despite Christi's behavior. If my student's mother was that horrible to me I wouldn't even allow that child to be in my class.***

    It's never enough for Chrisi! If she denies her solos, Abby's punishing them! If she give Chloe a solo or duet, she's being set up to fail! Chloe's had a commercail, video, and acceptance to Joffrey summer program, but you'd never know it listening to Christi! Everything is set up for Maddie; judges, producers, and talent agents! She can see a conspiracy a mile away I guess!

    ***Right, so Maddie doesn't need to be corrected as often. Kendall can be told 20 times to do something and still does it wrong, Paige was I believe once told like 30 times to sit down on the bus and didn't, Chloe is always trying to do her own thing instead of listening to what she's being told to do.

    So it's not hard to imagine Abby liking Maddie more than the others, Maddie listens, she learns, she corrects. She doesn't have to be told 10-20 times about something. Any teacher will favour the better students over the not so good ones because it makes our day easier. Now having said that she shouldn't be so obvious about it, but I gather that's mostly for the show.

    If you look back at eps when Kendall first joined she was basically on Abby's 'shit' list even when she didn't screw up, but a couple seasons of being reminded how hard Maddy works and Kendall works harder now to try and catch up.***

  5. ***Kelly Hyland arrested - For someone who doesn't really give a flying crap about dance and prefers her daughters to sing and model, she sure gets upset!

    - -

    I really don't think Abby will press charges, I think she'll just be content if Kelly is off the show.***

    If she really wanted her gone, why not let her go before it got so violent? Sure there was a contract, but both sides wanted out; should have let them without penalty! It just got so ugly; esp. with how Brooke and Paige seemed to be treated as a consequence of their mother's rotten behavior!

    ***It's all money. Jeff Collins doesn't give a crap that Kelly even tried to purposely out the show last season, he likes making money off the show. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff is still trying to convince Abby to let the hylands back in so he can force them to finish the remainder of the contract.***

    That's why I say "cry me a river" when both Christi and Kelly are "boo-hoo'n!" They're getting paid nicely and the kids get exposure that will stay with them long after this show is cancelled!

    ***Basically Kelly has been trying to get out of her contract since last season which is why she blew up at recital time. When she came back it was just for the show and not the actual studio since each has its own contract. Christi did not sign a new contract with the studio this season and now just dances for the show.

    ...Basically Lifetime won't let them leave, but Kelly obviously was a time bomb and surprisingly Christi has been really calm and away from Twitter lately. My guess is the blowup with Kelly kinda woke her up and she's biding her time until she can officially leave. ...Kelly, they had no choice but to let go. My guess is they'll hold onto Christi until the show is cancelled unless she puts up a fight about it.***

    I'll say it again, "I wouldn't miss any of them!" Sorry! Love the girls, but moms are interchangable! When they held out and back ups were brought it, the drama still flowed with the same psychotic behavior without any prompting by Abby! She just sat there musing how she attracts such crazy women?

    ***I honestly hope that as soon as Christi can get out of that Lifetime contract, she should take Chloe and run. I'll miss Kelly, even though she was somewhat crazy. She did really care about the girls. I think her hatred of Abby just got in the way and it was just a matter of time before she or Abby smacked the other. Kelly just did it first.***

  6. ***Abby supports Paige tonight when another Dance Mom in the open casting call criticizes her and says her daughter is better than Paige...too bad this is probably Paige's last appearance on the show. Gonna miss the Hyland girls. They have taken Abby's abuse with grace and humility and allways did their best for the team.***

    "Kelly? Please!" I was so over Brooke and her teenage angst; petulent, morose, & resentful! Paige is probably a good girl, but she wasn't really improving; making the simplest of mistakes, routine amnesia, and being a crybaby! I can't have a lot of sympathy if they're that unhappy but keep saying "I want to go back" each time their mother storms out in a huff!

    ***I wish they would replace Abby and keep the team. The show is called Dance Moms, not Abby Lee Miller.***

    Ya'll are deluding yourselves! Abby makes this show! Without her, it would be so boring! I can watch her rants over and over again; "...she should be lucky I even know her name, SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" That was hilarious; Abby over Leslie there!

    ***...Kelly is suing the producers for breach of contract so they must have terminated her contract. Which of course means no, they are not filming her or her kids. They can film the court proceedings from Abby's POV. Obviously they would not be allowed in court, but could film the comings and goings on a public street. This is not a made up storyline, although they may choose to reference it in future episodes. Charges have been filed and warrants issued against Kelly. This is now a criminal proceeding. Further lawsuits have been filed against Abby Miller and the producers by Kelly. While the charges may be minor and the lawsuit frivolous, it is still real. The courts will not allow themselves to be used for a tv plotline.***

    I find it more than a little amusing that Kelly got out of there with her kids with no squawking upon Holly's suggestion! That was a rare occasion; no 20 questions, no rant, no raving, just quietly exiting with her brats! Hilarious! "Now pay me $5 million!" Yeah, right Kelly!

    ***Now it's shown it was the producers idea to get Kelly out of there fast. They even tried to get her on a plane back home before talking to the police. However Kelly went to her hotel room, then called the police and told them where she was.***

    That's the problem Abby's having dealing with both Paige and Brooke! They act like they don't want to be there even at the best of times; moping around! Kelly is always ready with a comment, question, or excuse to deflect from her own kids' lack of enthusiasm! Last season, Abby gave Paige a golden opportunity to get some extra time with her by offering a new solo for "end of season" show! Instead of lighting up and appreciating it, she decides to meekly go the easy route and perform an old piece "she didn't remember in the 1st place;" as Abby so eloquently ranted! lol!

  7. ***I think the slapping incident mighta been fake - Filing a false police report is punishable by up to a year in jail in NY. Not to mention that were it exposed it would almost certainly cause Lifetime to pull the show. I doubt the producers would be stupid enough to consider doing that.***

    Knowing that didn't stop Kelly from invoking silly stuff like "she was trying to eat my face!" Stupid! That was almost as bad as Christi saying she was attacked by Leslie last season when it was clear for all to see her drink was slapped out of her hand, then Christi's drink thrown at her! Loved Kristy standing up and saying she can't deal with liars and left with her kid, Asia! Notice you didn't see all the crying and asking "why!" Asia's a true professional!

    File charges? What are you talking about? Christi started that melee in New Orleans! I wish Leslie had kicked her arse! That woman needs it! She instigates, is always yacking, complaining about everything, but keeps bringing her brat back again and again! Kelly just as bad; never happy with situation! Just go already; all of them!

    Watching past seasons on "LRW," I've come to just loathe both Kelly and Chrisi! Neither is ever happy; bitchin' and moanin' about absolutely everything! When Abby's there, they're po'd; when she isn't, they're still as exercized! They have no self control, always throwing a shot Abby's way about her looks and weight! Did either of these b!tches finish high school? They are just horrible, silly women! They know Abby has no choice but to take it out on their kids, but they continue to exacerbate situations with catty remarks! They each think they're speaking for all the moms, but Melissa and Kristi contradict that each time!

    ***Abby has no choice but to take it out on their kids? Seriously? Of course she has options. I know Abby is your hero and all, but she's done plenty of name calling w/o the mothers instigating anything.***

    What else can Abby do? What kills me is the moms know she will take out her animus on the kids, but it doesn't stop them from being smart-alecks and vindictive saying stuff they know will set her off! I have to laugh when Holly calls Abby "a monstrosity of evil" and is shocked when Nia's duet is pulled! They say they don't care at the time, then come crawling back; excuses falling on deaf ears! They never seem to learn!

    ***Abby needs to have a favorite at all times.***

    Sorry guys, it's inevitible to have favorites! I taught tennis years ago before and after college; you have them! You don't necessarily pick them out, but when you see drive, motivation, and dedication, you can't help but give them extra attention! I don't make it obvious, but it's hard to not give them extra work and time!

    ***Melissa is just as fame- hungry as Abby and the 2 of them together sneak around and plot to keep Maddie at the top. ...She's barely up there in comparison to other dancers.***

    Still waiting for evidence of this devious behavior! She might be a lot of things, but she's never been as obvious as the other moms! She pushes the kids, true enough, but going out of her way to put down the other girls; haven't seen it and I watch the repeats a lot! I find it terribly entertaining the ranting, performances and drama behind the scenes! This year's been a disappointment, but S's 1, 2, & 3 are hilarious! "Kendall, you're supposed to be chasing her! Feet, feet, feet! Oh, you're the baby; thought it was MacKenzie! I'm not teaching while crying; it's disrespectful!" They really were brain dead sometimes! How long were they there to have Abby repeating the same corrections?

  8. ***Abby is so mean to her, last week when she was crying it was b/c a few moments before Abby got in her face and yelled "I will destroy you." Who does that? Of course the producers left that part out and made it seem like something else. I feel awful for Chloe, she tries her best and she's an amazing dancer, but she gets nothing but disdain from Abby.***

    ...and of course her mom Christi has nothing to do w/ how their relationship has deteriorated? The woman has become more and more belligerant and almost goads Abby into being harder on Chloe! How people can forget all that goes into the dynamics of this crazy show is beyond me! You think it's all on Abby, I think it's mostly on Christi! Maybe Chloe's playing us both!

    ***So wait, if you have a problem with an adult, take it out on their child!?***

    So as usual you're giving a TOTAL pass to Christi and Kelly when they knew what would happen if they "acted out!" Using profanity, changing choreography, pulling the kids out at the last moment, and actually encouraging them to be insolent is not the act of good parenting! If they have a problem w/ the teacher, you find another, not exacerbate situations for fame, fortune, and possible alienation from their own children after future psycho therapy!

    ***Christi just has everyone brain-washed into thinking Abby is harder on Chloe than anyone else b/c she won't shut her pie-hole or roll her eyes for more than 2 mins! Same w/ Kelly and Leslie too. lol***

    There's sticking up for their kids, then there's exacerbating situations! I watch too often, seeing the pleasure the moms get in torturing Abby, calling her fat, and actually encouraging their kids to be insolent! They actually say they know what will happen, but they do it anyway! Whatever!

    ***I don't like what it had to come to for them to finally leave, but it's for the best all around. Brooke was not interested in dance anymore and Paige was getting bullied by other studios b/c she wasn't progressing. It was a bad situation. Notice Christi doesn't fight as much now b/c she's not as big and bad w/o her sidekick.

    Tell you the truth, she just didn't want to lose her exposure! She's hanging on for dear life now! I've watched eps going back to sn 1 and she's never been happy! It never mattered which way the wind blew; either Abby giving Chloe opportunities to fail or being abused and being overshadowed by the fave, Maddie! The obsession, drinking, and frequent rants is probably what made the show entertaining, but it was hard to watch knowing a lot of this is done right in front of their kids! It was just one of the sickest relationships I'd seen go on for season after season! It got progressively worse and it was getting harder and harder to see it Christie's way when the woman is never happy! The constant victimhood was so overdone! She was doing ok w/ hair, makeup, designer dresses, travel; who's really abusing the kid?

    ***I hate Maddie for betraying her teammates. However, as explained above. It seems she had no say. But still. It's a bitch move.***

    "Hating" a child and accusing her of a "bitch" move! Interesting! I'll take any critique from you with a huge pinch of garlic salt from now on!

  9. ***Have you ever noticed that when Chloe doesn't do well at a competition or if she is given sub-par choreography, Christi always lashes out on someone or starts trash talking? I think Christi knows that b/c of her "bad choreography" Chloe is not going to win and b/c she never wins she will look bad on TV. Christi doesn't want Chloe to be the only one to look bad so she tries to bring someone else down too and since she can't make Maddie a bad dancer the only way to make her look bad is to attack her character.

    I don't know if what she has been saying about Maddie is true or not b/c Melissa and Maddie never stand up for themselves and they never tell their side of the story which makes them look bad. but Christi has been trying to bring Maddie down since the beginning of this season.***

    It's been the case since season 1! All's fine if Chloe wins, but when that camera hits her when she doesn't, you can expect drama; attacking Abby, Melissa, or Jill! I'm really surprised it was Kelly who assaulted Abby since Christi's a lot more confrontational; getting in your face, pointing that finger! That's what Kelly was doing when Abby played like she was going to chomp down on that finger! Christi's a bitter woman who will always find a way to deflect and blame things on other people! Chloe is a good dancer, but she may have plateaued with Abby and should have moved on ages ago! Again, Christi blames Abby instead of looking in the mirror when it comes to her daughter's failures! I was shocked to see her threatening to take her cell phone unless she "snapped out of it" earlier this season! I can't believe that little girl is that innocent and quiet! She likes school, so I'm sure she can assert herself when needed! So far, all I've seen is silence, a quiet voice, and plenty of tears! Blaming Abby has always been ridiculous; who signed up for the exposure?

    ***Christi haters like to bring this up as some sort of way to defend what they're saying. I agree that was pretty odd, but what if that had never happened? ... - When did Christi abuse Chloe?***

    In the immortal words of Bette Davis in "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?;" "...but you are Blanche, you are stuck in that chair!" Christi did abuse her child on camera and my mouth went agape! After all her speel about Abby making her daughter cry, Chloe couldn't have looked any more defeated and sad even though she's a towering young lady! She's even more withdrawn than ever; or the way it appears! She grew "some" in the past year; all of them really!

    What do you call threatening to take something away from a child just b/c she was somewhat morose? The shoulders were slumped, eyes cast downward, no smile, and obviously shaken for some reason! Why play dumb? You saw the same thing I did; quite vividly stuck in my head! None of the other mothers have done anything like that! Melissa was perturbed w/ Kenzie when she couldn't "free dance" against Asia last year!

    ***I think they can be fined for not doing as asked, but I have no idea how much. In one of the eps Kelly and Christi are fighting and Kelly screamed, "well maybe you should GET FINED." Although in another clip of the same scene, I could've sworn they beeped over fined to make it sound like fucked. Does anyone know what I mean? I promise I'm not dreaming this up. lol***

    I've noticed through repeat viewings that that goes on all the time! Sometimes they'll bleep something on the repeat or take the clip out altogether! One of the biggest edits I can remember had to do w/ the Rosa Parks number! You see Maddie step on the back of Nia in the performance and Holly takes note of it in the confessional saying it was a powerful moment; I think! The repeats show the step over, but confessional clip is taken out!

  10. ***Season 3 was the start of the decline for me. I used to have this show in my tv schedule and now I can go weeks w/o watching or sometimes I'll binge watch. Season 4 has become a monster of a show; not even tolerable. It doesn't help that I've been watching the old episodes either b/c I remember how happy and cute the girls were.***

    It was definitely more entertaining last season; esp. during strike and moms hilarious return! I don't know how you get by something like that? If I were Abby, I'd probably be just as vindictive! If you want to go, GO! Don't kvetch about it everyday and continue to return again and again with your kid! Easier said than done I'm sure, but I guess I was spoiled! Been lucky enough not to "have to do" anything but pay taxes and be Black! These people were in better circumstances than most, but all they do is complain! No one wants to hear that in their ear day in and day out! What choice does Abby have but to be cold, mean, and retaliatory? The moms hitting below the belt with her being unmarried, fat, and whatever else they beat her over the head with unmercifully only justifies her behavior! I've always been the champion of the underdog I guess!

    ***Season 2 was when the show started to lose its original charm for me. Yet strangely, I continue to watch... Yeah, the girls were so cute when they were little. Now they're going through the awkward years.***

    They're replaying season 1 on LRW and Kelly is complaining about the pyramid since an acro number doesn't feature Brooke! Was this woman ever happy about anything? Why sign up; "miserable sod?"

    ***If I remember correctly she was upset that Brooke wasn't on top of the pyramid since that week's number was acro. Which made no sense because the pyramid goes for the week before.***

    I'm just making an observation that Christi and Kelly were never happy and should have left ages ago! I have little or no sympathy for them; esp. Kelly who knows how Abby operates! Did they think the show would make Abby more pleasant and accommodating? Idiots!

    ***I like Paige too. She's so upbeat and funny. When they were having one of those reunion shows (not sure how they can call them that since they're never apart). Abby was asked what Kelly was like as a kid. She said she was a lot like Paige: bubbly, and something else I forgot what. And oddly enough, she actually made it sound like a compliment.***

    People just aren't listening! Abby always brags about Kelly as her student; beautiful, talented, but later was only looking for fun! Dance is hard work, so she gave it up for cheerleading and Brooke tried to make the same mistake! Abby's not treating her kids any differently, but it appears to be the case because she isn't happy with the results! I can still see Christi losing her mind at Abby when she should have been chiding Chloe for either forgetting her dance or having a lackluster performance!

  11. ***I've noticed that certain ex-AUDC dancers show up on DM, mostly on Cathy's team (Abby has only snagged 2; Kalani and Asia).

    - season-1

    - season-2

    Zack, Hadley & Jojo have shown up on DM.

    But we've never seen an actual competition performance and so many things about Cathy's team are complete fiction:

    1: Cathy hiring Chloe for a commercial for her husband's beef jerky store wearing a leotard covered with meat, was an utter lie from beginning to end, even though it made int'l news:

    - -video_n_1325979.html

    Yet Chloe herself tells the truth:

    Chloe did the commercial for Candy Apples just for the show


    There is no store, there was no commercial. It was just a figment of someone's (prob Collins) diseased mind to create controversy. (Why Chloe, y'think? Cathy has her own team to pick from. Why demean Chloe? Anybody see a pattern beginning to form?)

    2: Maddie's "skipping CD" controversy: I have found 4 comments from dancers who say they were at the competition and swear Maddie's music skipped. Even more people say they were there and it didn't.

    Lifetime has addressed this issue. Starquest and Thunderstruck are the only competitions shown that have banned [Collins Avenue film crew]. The reasoning you posted came right from Starquest’s press release. Thunderstruck had completely different issues w/ Lifetime, the main one being that they lied about the premise of the show and were entered under the studio name Collins Avenue, which is the production company for the show, instead of Abby Lee Dance Company. They made it clear in their statement that Abby Lee Miller can come back any time, but Jeff Collins is not welcome back.

    Yes they are limited to certain competitions b/c some do not allow any outside cameras whatsoever. This does not mean they are “banned." Filming locations is a common problem all reality tv shows face.

    People who were actually at the competition said that the CD didn’t actually skip so you are wrong about that too. Yes, it was staged for the show, obviously, but really don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about. ...

    - ("comments" section)

    So if Maddie's music skipped during competition, it's the one time we've ever seen an actual competition performance! At a competition where they weren't allowed to be in the first place, much less film! Do I have that right?

    - This is from

    Maddie’s music skipping in season 2 was just for the show and she was not actually being judged during that performance


    Yet here Maddie says the exact opposite:


    I guess my point is that people shouldn't take out their feelings on the girls. It's not their fault. We're being lied to, but it's nothing that will affect any of us personally, just a minor nudge to our gullibility.

    I feel bad for the girls. Anybody who saw that last episode walked away from it feeling like they needed a shower. It's obviously one big, fat whopper and the producers are more than willing to throw little girls under the bus.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Btw, the bridge in the title is still available. Just go to San Francisco and drive north on Highway 1. Can't miss it. Price is, um $100 million. Yeah, that's it.***

    I don't understand people's desire to blow holes in this show! If they find it so objectionable, "don't watch!" The kvetching is getting so old! As seriously as some think I take the show, I still don't parse it to death!

  12. ***I don't trust Christi's word when it comes to these things; esp. after she thought that a fake account was her own husband and then said this:

    - -

    I'm sure Christi thinks that it's true, but the only way she could really know according to the actual evidence would be if Melissa or Melissa's sister told her; which I highly doubt. I'd be willing to bet that Christi "knows" it's true b/c a bunch of fans tweeted her about it 2 years ago, but I'm sure that she doesn't have any more evidence than anyone else does. And it's very apparent by now that Christi is more than happy to believe the worst when anything involving any of the Zieglers is concerned.***

    I found it hilarious how from "day one" Christi was all too anxious to accuse Melissa of lying all the time! I watch the past seasons on LRW and no one lies or misrepresents drama as much as she does! She screeched about her daughter "being set up to fail" when she's holding 2 Nat'l titles! She's truly delusional and caused more drama than anyone it seems; Kelly running right behind her, out of control knowing how things operated at the studio! Both silly, pathetic women!

    ***The thing that made me really not trust anything Christi has to say was her fight with Kelly a few seasons back. By the time the ep showing the fight aired it was a well known fact that the walkout which lead to the team being replaced was due to contract negotiations, but during that fight Christi made Kelly out to be a bad friend by insisting that she had walked out in support of Brooke and Paige. Christi used the lie the producers made them say on the show (b/c they're not allowed to talk about the fact that they're on the show) to try and make Kelly look bad on T.V, knowing that Kelly had no way to defend herself.

    I also found out later that when that thing happened where Maddie's music skipped the reason Abby told her "if your song skips keep dancing" was b/c when Maddie performed her dance the first time for just the judges the music hiccuped, but didn't skip so Abby knew it might happen. ...But, b/c the 'perfoming twice' thing is an open secret, Melissa and Abby had absolutely no defense; just like what happened w/ Kelly.

    In this case the fact that all of this happened 2 years ago is highly suspicious to me. We all know that Christi likes to resort to personal attacks (like talking about Melissa's affair) to win arguments, so I suspect that that's why she's tweeting about this now.***

    That's what makes Christi such a wretched woman; resorting to high school tactics when all else fails! It's obvious she's not very educated and shows how classless she can be going after children and their mothers alike! Christi says "I would never ...," and before the episode's over, she's doing just that! [I]"How many times has my daughter beat your daughter?" [/I]My mouth just went agape! She complains about Abby screaming in kids faces! What the hell was she doing after having a fit that Maddie had 2 solos? There was nothing new about that, but she made it seem like it was a first! The kids were hysterically crying, but it didn't stop her rant! She's a liar, hypocrite, and too juvenile to take seriously; ever! Kelly isn't much better, losing her cool over costumes and Abby not paying as much attention to her children when she complains about that when she does! How do you bitch about bad choreography, then get PO'd when another guy is hired to put her girls through their paces? Neither women make any sense all too often!

  13. ***Abby creates this hostility by playing favorites and building resentment. I'm at a loss for words when Maddie or any child becomes a target. They're children. The adults are the ones who need to know better: stirring the pot and favoring one girl over the entire group isn't beneficial for the group or the favored girl.

    Abby guilt-trips Christi and Chloe over Chloe not being as committed to dance as Maddie and this is reflected in her treatment. Abby uses Christi's behavior as her excuse for short-changing Chloe, which I half-agree, Christi is out of line when she antagonizes Abby and is openly jealous of Maddie, but Abby has shown she'd short-change any child whose parent dares to question her like Holly.

    I agree I also think Maddie becomes more of a target than anyone else due to her playing favourites. She needs to have a separate system rather than punish the child for the mistakes of the parent. If any other teacher did that they would get fired.***

    Abby explained it more than once why that's I the case! Maddie's the only one who works that hard, comes prepared, performs consistently well, and of course Melissa doesn't create drama for the sake of it! With the other moms and kids, there's always something! Skipping class for "meet and greets," questioning everything the teacher is doing when they have no idea what they're talking about, and of course interrupting class with their constant whining about their child being screamed at all the time! The music's blasting, so Abby has to scream to be heard! As for being "fired," these rotten women could have taken their kids somewhere else "years ago!" They wanted the exposure and opportunity w/ they're personal "15 minutes of fame!"

    ***I agree with you on the women choosing to be in Abby's Institute. They know what kind of teacher Abby is and if they didn't want their children to be yelled at, they could leave. However don't they have a signed contract which forbids the women to leave? This is why Kelly took the abuse for as long as she could b/c she couldn't leave. I would like Christi owned up to her being on Dance Moms for the fame. She knows the more she fights Abby, the more famous she becomes and this is what drives these women into putting their daughters in dance institutes: fame.

    Maddie doesn't have a life besides dancing. Isn't she and Mackenzie "home-schooled?" Enough time for Melissa to have her daughters dedicated to dancing 24/7. Melissa is the worst, b/c as much as I dislike certain habits from Christi or Jill, I know they love their child. However Melissa is cold to her girls, esp. Mackenzie. She became angry at Maddie for crying and was horrible to Mackenzie when she didn't sing for an audition.***

    All true except the moms and kids had "an out" very early on! Firstly, the kids have been under Abby's care since they were toddlers! The show wasn't even imagined at the time and they continued to bring their kids to that studio! Abby hinted several times, they could have left very early on w/o penalty; but again, they sucked it up and continued! When a mom acts out, they're suspended, but still can't wait to come back; making apologies, etc.! They're exaggerating the hold this show has over them to explain what rotten mothers they are letting all this happen so they can have their own fame; clothes, bags, travel, etc.! They need to look in the mirror and take a deep, penetrating look at themselves if all of a sudden they think their kids are being taken advantage of and abused! They are famous, financially secure, and should think about other kids w/o a roof over their heads and food to eat! I really resent their "bitchin' and moaning" when they have alternatives that others don't!

  14. ***What happened to the contract Abby made Christi sign in the 1st season after she had her first major freak-out?***

    She signed it probably, being the "fame whore" she is! "Chloe wanted to go back;" that's what Christi keeps saying over and over! I have no sympathy for either! This is an extra-curricular activity, not conventional school! They had alternatives and if they say differently, they're liars! What else is new? Christi made it perfectly clear on day one that Melissa was such a liar, but I've found Christi to be the worst! She conflates events, blames others, and deflects from her own culpability in these drama filled situations!

    An example was that "she would never" mention Chloe's accomplishments to elevate herself! Let me count the ways! Trying to deflate Jill's ego, she searched and found programs from the past that showed Chloe beating Kendall and making sure all knew it! "Kendall was in 10th while Maddie and Chloe were at the top!" My mouth went agape! Jill had done nothing to her, but Christi felt she had to put Jill in her place I guess! She also got in Melissa face at the end of season 1 ranting "how many times has my daughter beat your daughter!" Again, shocking high school behavior IMO! I could go on; love watching those past seasons! I find it hilarious to see grown adults behaving like this in front of their children; screaming, using profanity, then blaming it all on Abby!

    ***Cathy likes to say Candy Apples is different from the ALDC, however this speaks otherwise:

    - - ***

    I remember it well! I thought it hilarious because Cathy makes it a point to tell her kids, "we don't act like ALDC!" The thing is, CADC are the villains, going after ALDC, following them around the country, picking the same music to psyche out a dancer, entering a child too old in an age category, and more! Cathy's full of shit and her moms are more vindictive and evil than any of the other moms; esp. Bridget! I saw her in action in "Dance Moms: Miami!" She's bent in more way than one and she's going to ruin her "meal ticket;" errrr kid, Lucas!

    ***I saw the last episode of "Dance Moms: Miami" and I remember Bridget. She's the one who nearly got physical w/ Leo and who could blame her? Leo came into the program, acting as if she was Jennifer Lopez and provoking the rest of the women w/ her digs. Nobody said anything to her, she began mouthing off and when Bridget responded, Leo began to cry and played the victim. Maybe Bridget is the worst, but in the episode I saw her in, I was on her side.***

  15. *** Notice how the network has been backpedaling and doing specials to try and pretend this show isn't awful for the girls. It's not working very well but I'm sure lifetime will continue to pretend Abby isn't a horrible person. - Like the one special centered on Chloe versus Maddie? Good way to make sure you're not creating conflict btw children by dedicating a full special to something which has been milked to death and created the majority of the conflict between the women.

    Yep, that special was incredibly stupid. Not only that, but notice the digs towards Chloe and Christi and the way Jeff painted Melissa as a saint and Maddie as perfection. And it only used season 1 for the special so it was complete revisionist history. Another example was "Girl Talk." It's not a mistake that Chloe was the host and that along w/ Maddie, most of the special was geared around making Abby seem like an ok teacher, pretend that Chloe doesn't look sad or cry on tv, and that Maddie and Chloe haven't had conflict this year. The girls didn't say anything that probably was edited or cleared by Jeff Collins.***

    Oh please! Talk about revisionist history! What fault could you possible come up w/ Maddie and to label Chloe some kind of sacrificial lamb? Christi is the one making her own daughter miserable, telling her to ignore Abby's abuse when it's Christi who causes the conflict challenging the teacher! She has this stupid, smug look on her face when she thinks she's made Abby upset, then is shocked when Abby takes it out on Chloe! That's how it works; the way it's always worked! Melissa plays it the right way; "shuts up and let Abby do her thing!" She obviously knows what she's doing or people wouldn't pack up and go to her from "cross country!" Get a grip and see what's actually happening!

    ***Lifetime is responsible for ALL the drama on "Dance Moms." The producers are the ones who encourage the fighting and even worse, the Maddie vs. Chloe drama. ...Lifetime does all the editing and all the prodding of everyone to create drama. If they didn't want to portray Chloe as a victim, they wouldn't. If they didn't want to play Maddie up as the favorite, they wouldn't. If they didn't want to portray Abby as mean and unfair, they wouldn't. If they didn't want to portray the moms as crazy, they wouldn't.

    Lifetime has complete control over the (mostly) made up storylines and what they choose to let us see. It has been discovered many times that certain comments from all of the players (Abby, the moms, the girls, Cathy, etc.) have been edited out of context for the sake of "drama." And yet, we're the poor saps who buy into all of it.***

    I'm just going by the hateful and vile comments coming out of their own mouths! When Christi swears out of control in front of everyone, I doubt she was told to do that; come on! How classless can you be to do such a thing with so many kids around; even for money? Christi and Kelly are disgusting human beings who appear to have barely gotten through high school; had no clue who Anne Frank was! Idiots! Even Maddie knew without hearing it in school! Some of it could be editing, but it can't be all; don't know people as dense as these women!

    ***Trust me, I'm with you Fiero. I have never been a fan of Christi or Kelly.***

  16. ***Yes, I know, Abby is the considered the villain on Dance Moms by many. But I side with her much of the time and here's why:

    Love her or hate her, Abby is a respected dance instructor who has spent years in the business and has produced some very fine dancers. There will be those who say she's not that great or not that respected in the field. And true, she surely isn't the best. She's is still very knowledgeable and credit should be given where credit is due. With that said...

    The moms (most of whom have produced nothing of note, other than their kids) have NO right to question Abby or give her shit about anything concerning dance; "Zilch." Is she a tough teacher? Yes. Is she overwhelming at times. Certainly. But Abby is the expert here, not the moms. I'm a successful teacher (music, not dance) and what I say goes concerning my craft. Any good teacher must and does operate this way. Abby deserves credit for what she teaches her students and if the parents aren't happy, "leave." No fuss, no muss. But staying and constantly bitching is unacceptable. I myself never have and never will put up with that.

    I find it appalling that these moms don't simply sit back and let the expert do the job she's being paid to do. And Abby only explodes when the moms interfere. Yes, I know it's a show and a lot is for drama, but some of these parents need a good scolding more often than not. I actually wish the parents weren't under contract, so that Abby could call the shots, in terms of who comes and goes. That's the "real" reality of what any teacher would do.***

    I like the way you're thinking and will definitely make you part of my blog! You made the cut; thanks! I taught kids tennis back in the 70's, but couldn't get away with that tactic! They were just starting out and needed reassurance that they'd get better over time! These kids on DM have dealt with Abby since they were toddlers and it makes no sense for the moms to lose their shit since the kids are experience and want to excel! If they're embarrassed by how they're coming off under the scrutiny of the camera, they should have left early on before making such a commitment!

    I just don't understand their behavior; have it all with gorgeous, talent children, but they're so envious of others and act out w/ little apology! It's so ugly even though Kelly is stunning; hair, eyes, and more! When she starts acting like a juvenile, unable to see how wrong it was to let Brooke go try out for cheerleading w/o saying anything to Abby; I was appalled! Why a grown woman has to wait for a teacher to ask "where's Brooke," shows she's not all there IMO! I think Brooke should find something else to do since it appears she's breaking down w/ all that contorting!

  17. ***I admit it. I know many like the dancing, but I'm over it. Abby's choreography is too repetitive, the same dance moves over and over again. The music is ghastly; bubble-gum pop. Of course Abby includes occasional dance numbers dealing w/ darker subject matters dealt in such a superficial way it is equivalent to Punky Brewster finding met-amphetamines. I prefer to see Christi and Abby fighting, Cathy and Abby at it, Holly overreacting about Nia being stereotyped into ethnic roles, and Leslie acting like Kathy Bates in Misery.***

    That's where most of the entertainment lies; the dance performances a distant runner up!

    ***I am not sure why I even watch this show? When we last left off, I didn't know half the team and now it is just a load of specials - At least we had one with only the kids. Much less drama.***

    Seasons 1-3 a lot more entertaining on LRW cable weeknights and sat.! I don't particularly care for the new team and won't be watching them over and over as I would if earlier episodes! I do like McKenzie's performance of "CRY" and watch it on video tape and online, but the rest I can skip! Cathy's team doing "The Last Dance" isn't bad; esp. seeing them crack up and emplode when Lucas called another dancer outside of his name! So offensive; esp. with him lying about it! "I swear to God I didn't!" He's gonna burn! That's Bridget's influence no doubt; when busted, lie through your teeth, regardless if tape proves it!

    ***I remember that scene, don't worry God will forgive him. I think it's worrying that the kid can be put on trial so easily; "let's go to the videotape." It was a silly kid, spare of the moment thinking to do, you could see he was sorry. Anywhere else he would have just been made to apologise and then move on. But no this is Dance Moms; round 2 ding ding.

    I wouldn't say they have NO right to question Abby about anything she does; they are their kids after all. I.E., I would have never allowed my 9 or 10 year old child to wear the Electricity costume and their hair and make up like that. I get that dancers ae generally scantily clad, but the context of the dance and what they were wearing was inappropriate. I would certainly have a right as a parent to speak to Abby about that and pull my kid from the dance. I then, of course, have no right to complain that my child didn't get to dance that week.

    I also wouldn't mind Abby yelling at my child about dance technique or being lazy, or anything having to do with dance. However, calling them stupid, sneaky, or a slut is over the line of where her authority ends. I think that there s/b a sit down talk before contracts are signed as to exactly what will be required. I don't want my kid dancing until 11 p.m. on a school night. If you tell me that will be happening ahead of time I will find a different studio. But, certainly no swearing or screaming needs to be done on either side of this equation.***

    The problem is they were quite aware of all this before they signed those contracts! The moms have no right to be upset; more like embarrassed letting the world see what rotten parents they are allowing all of this to go on! I have no sympathy for any of them! These girls obviously have heard it all and know too much as it is when you see how out of control Kelly, Jill, and Christi get right in front of them! The profanity is obscene and it comes so naturally to them! My mouth still goes "agape" when they go on a rant! My parents would never speak to someone like that in front of me, even after I turned 18 much less at 8 or 9! Where's CPS? Someone should have reported them all by now! Even Holly's culpable letting this go on for years!

  18. ***I was speaking in a more general sense. That there are times when a parent most certainly should speak up. But, you'll note that I said swearing and screaming were not acceptable. And that if you do pull your kid from a dance due to an unresolvable issue, you have no cause to complain about your kid being left out.***

    That's the thing which is so unsettling with these moms; they're never happy! They nag about their child not getting a special part in the dance, then complain about it when they do! Holly even went off the deep end when Abby wanted Nia to "play the bully!" That was ridiculous! She isn't even satisfied when Nia gets a solo; "why isn't she given an opportunity to be in the trio?" Nia has enough trouble with the group dance, but she's looking for more! I could go on! I just SMH; as if these moms have little common sense amongst them all! Abby explains to Kelly that if she has another person choreograph Paige's solo, she would be out of the group! All you heard from her was "I want, I want, I want!" She's obviously not very educated and accustomed to getting away with murder! Abby's the only one to say "NO" and she can't deal with it! Where was her whining when Brooke was the featured dancer and got all the attention? She had her run so "shut up and collect your money and fame!"

    ***Here's the link to the prostle-tots number; it's awful. I would have never allowed my 9 or 10 year old to do this and I would have liked to have seen someone try to sue me over that.

    - - ***

    I still don't understand the furor over this number? The makeup, hair, and stockings were extreme, but they've all performed with a lot less clothing! The content was risque, but the girls didn't understand what was the problem! I had to laugh when Christi mentioned the girls "opening their legs!" She was more obscene than the actual performance; but I still laughed out loud!

    ***I never got the big furor over it either. To me it just looked like young girls dancing to an uptempo dance song and wearing tacky outfits. It's not like they were simulating sex or doing anything particularly provocative. Also, there's nothing inappropriate about the song lyrics, they're just about dancing. But it was one of their worst dances ever, for sure.

    Obviously the girls did understand if Maddie and Chloe begged Lifetime not to air it. And it wasn't so much the amount of the clothing, it was the total context of the clothing, the hair, the stockings, and choreography. It was just 100% inappropriate.***

    Whenever the kids truly speak up, I think it's their moms talking! I don't believe the girls had a legitimate complaint; all on the moms IMO!

    ***Ah, yes I remember this. I was thinking it was a duet or something that they goofed. Totally inappropriate- can't imagine any mother willingly letting their daughter of any age performing that! Thanks for linking me.***

  19. ***Kelly CONSTANTLY leaves "the team" (just to prove a point to Abby - what that point is, I don't know) and disrespects Abby in front of the girls, then she expects to just waltz back in whenever she wants and still get the same privileges as the other moms/girls who stayed? To quote Leslie: "Who does she think she is?" Kelly keeps bringing up the fact that her girls have been there since they were 3 yrs old and all this hoopla about loyalty, when SHE is the one who keeps pulling them out and getting other choreographers - talk about loyalty, eh?

    True, Leslie and Payton are "fill-ins", but if Payton wasn't as good as she was, she wouldn't have been invited to join the team to take Brooke/Paige's place. How is it fair for Kelly's girls to keep their spots after ditching the team on so many occasions? Yes, I understand it's their mother doing it, but they could have someone else bring them to practice. Kelly's the one ruining things for her girls, if their true passion IS dance. I know Brooke wants to get into music, fine; then put her in music and take her permanently out of dance (don't bring her back for another season). Don't keep yo-yoing the girls around.

    I love how Leslie speaks her mind. I didn't really like her in the beginning, but this time around, she's spot on w/ her "accusations". Christy asked her one time "Why does your 15-yr-old want to dance with our 7-yr-olds?" (indicating that Payton doesn't fit in). Well, Brooke is almost Payton's age and they don't find anything wrong with that - Christy and Kelly are getting super ridiculous, and Jill's no better jumping on the "Boo Hoo Kelly" bandwagon.

    *EDIT: Just caught the part where Melissa called Abby and Abby says that she'll return "When Brook and Paige get the hell out of my studio". Yes, it was harsh, but I don't know why Kelly was crying. I mean, SHE's the one constantly ruining it for her girls - she came in when she knew Abby wouldn't approve of it, she had Brooke ask for a solo, she always does things "her" way as if it were HER studio. She cusses Abby out and calls her names, then she has the nerve to act like the victim? Is she on something?***

    In a word; "YES!" I don't think it's an accident that Kelly and Christi have been busted drinking incessantly; even when they should be preparing their kids for a performance! I had to laugh when Abby called her out interrupting class on occasion and "mouthed" up to their viewing area, "are you drinking? Are you drunk?" Then tipped her head back a couple times simulating drinking! I roared and was surprised Kelly took offense since it's obviously one of their favorite past times!

    ***There was an episode where Abby caught Christy and Kelly at the bar when they should've been preparing for the competition. Then when Kelly got back, she accidentally burned Paige's arm with a curling iron. I mean, that pretty much said it all, didn't it? I hope to Grace that Kelly felt super guilty for that!***

    Yep; that's the one occasion I though of! I don't understand why she needed such a hot iron for fine blond hair? I even heard the skin sizzle! It looked like a professional "Plimatic" I might have used on my hair back in the 80's and 90's; when I actually had some hair! Lucky I never burned myself in anyway; besides the hair I guess!

  20. ***Hell, if I was Christy or Kelly I would need a drink too w/ all of Abby's craziness and Melissa annoyingness. Cheers!***

    They had opportunities to leave and kept coming back for more! I have no sympathy for these people since they've been there since the kids were toddlers! You can't keep bitchin' and moaning about abuse if you keep coming back; including abused wives! That's why they go to jail more than not! There are too many options these days to put up w/ it! Cry me a freakin' river!

    ***When I was a competitive figure skater, my mom always sat back on the bleachers and kept her mouth shut. She recognized who the experts were. She paid attention to the corrections she gave me, and when I was off the ice she would reiterate what they said, not bitch about it and tell me they were wrong. And if I ran off the ice crying b/c they were tough on me, she either ignored me or told my butt to get back on. My mother raised two star football players as well, so she wasn't going to let me quit a sport she knew I loved just b/c my coaches were "mean." Dancers like Chloe and Kelly's kids don't get it. Christie wants all these accolades for her kid, but she doesn't want to get Chloe to the studio as often as she should be. Maddie is at that studio 9 hours a day (not saying this is normal or right) and Christie is delusional enough to think that Chloe puts in the same amount of effort and therefore deserves the same rewards. If you're going to put your kid in a sport, get them to practice, have them shut up and make sure they're listening hard to the instructor.

    My parents were just like yours, they never interfered with the instructor's job and if I complained, I was told to brush it off. I'm HAPPY this was the case. I was a competitive figure skater too, competing for 15 years. While I was never the greatest at it, I was good enough to make it to US Nat'ls 4 times (even though I never won anything there). So I was pretty serious about it. Like you, I had coaches that were very tough, yelled at times and--yes--often hurt my feelings in the process. I got over it quickly.

    In my real profession--music--I had teachers that were even harsher than Abby and my own skating instructors and, frankly, they HAD to be. This was my chosen profession and from a young age--esp. from a young age--you can't dick around w/ it. You have to be disciplined, apply corrections immediately, practice hard and do it right, or don't bother. There are too many other kids that ARE passionate and disciplined, so if you're not totally serious, someone else is. That's where Abby is absolutely right: everyone's replaceable.***

    Brilliant posts! Thanks guys! Finally sanity being expressed! lol! You guys are more courageous and patient; I tip my hat! I was rather spoiled I guess and couldn't take that kind of abuse and taught myself how to play tennis! It was enough to just get out there everyday, watch technique from the pros on tv, and just let the chips fall where they may! I was never good enough to play on the tour, but I was obviously skilled enough to teach and trained kids and adult alike in local clubs! I did win a few local events, but never considered making it my life to take it to another level!

  21. There are so many haters; I stopped listening ages ago! They only see the girls and moms as victims, but I can point out too many occasions where they bring on the drama themselves! Watching the repeats, I gain more sympathy for Abby's plight over the kids and moms esp.! She's just doing her job trying to make them as good as they can be! If they weren't serious, they shouldn't have signed up! I totally side with Miller; my namesake by the way!

    ***I agree completely Fiero. - B/c if Melissa moves Maddie she won't be the center of the universe anymore. I don't think Melissa could handle that fact. Think about it: Maddie gets everything, is the feature every week and doesn't have to do much to get the best of everything. That's not the reality at other studios where Maddie would be just another dancer b/c there would be tons of kids more impressive than her. Put her in club dance and she would grow but she wouldn't be the center all the time. I think Maddie would like that...Melissa not so much.***

    I think she knows she needs to be pushed, but Abby is probably protecting her and keeping better dancers away!

    ***I agree Fiero. I think Maddie knows that. I don't think Melissa would like it, but Maddie would probably love it. B/c no one lets Maddie be challenged anymore. Kalani and Kamryn were the best dancers to try and challenge her, but of course they danced against Chloe. I think if they asked Maddie, she would welcome the challenge, but Melissa wouldn't know what to do.

    I get the feeling that's just for the show though. I could be wrong but I think the show is scripted in that regard by her keeping better dancers away and not letting the better dancers compete against Maddie so Maddie can always seem like she's the best dancer when she competes, but in actuality I'm willing to bet that Maddie is probably pushed a lot, or at least I'm hoping she is b/c if not she's in for a rude awakening when she leaves ALDC.

    She does compete against better dancers at 'non-show' comps, but Maddie could do that on the show too. At her stage she should be challenged often b/c it makes her better. It's not realistic to paint her as infallible for the makes her look bad and it makes Abby/Melissa look even worse. But even in the 'non-show comps, why is Maddie always the lead? She always has a solo. How is that realistic? In competitive studios not every kid has a solo week after week. And I know when I danced we had to compete for leads and if someone wanted to challenge for the lead role we did that too. Kept us on our toes for sure. I'm just saying the show takes away time from when Maddie could be pushed harder. Right now only Chloe, Nia and Kendall are pushed on the show and the show takes up the majority of their dance time.***

  22. ***...Maybe try not watching the show for hours a day since it gets you so upset. Take a break before the new season starts.***

    It hardly gets me upset! I find it hilarious grown women can act like this on tv for all to see! The girls must be very embarrassed; later in life if not now! The last season wasn't half as funny since Abby took charge, became more stern, and started threatening to replace the girls all the time! I loved the performances though; even CADC's "The Last Dance!" If I didn't know better, I'd swear Abby choreographed that lyrical number for them! It probably would have won against any other team at the time!

    ***...There are all kinds of teaching styles and all kinds of students. Some teachers yell and scream a lot, others don't. Some students actually thrive w/ someone yelling and kicking their butt to get results, others do better with a quieter approach. I thrived under harsh and demanding teachers. They hurt my feelings all the time, but it toughened me up quickly and I became less sensitive to their insults. I did feel that they were on my side in terms of wanting me to perform to my potential. I never had the feeling that they were my friend--or even that they cared much about me as a person--but I wasn't there for love and friendship, I got that elsewhere. I was there for their expertise and wanted to be the best I could be. It worked for me. I tended to work less hard under mild-mannered teachers. A harsh approach wouldn't work for extremely sensitive students.***

    I don't think people understand how cruel it can be at auditions; you're just a piece of meat and they don't stroke you as they cut you to ribbons about your look or lack of grace! It just makes more sense to read these people the riot act so that when something comes along where they have to really work for it, they'll be tough enough to handle appraisals and rejections!

    ***Your so right, Fiero. There's much more rejection than acceptance when it comes to auditions. By the time I was starting out as a young professional, I'd had such tough teachers that rejection, nasty comments, or a bad review pretty much rolled right off me. On the flipside, I had many friends who weren't ready for the cruelty of the real world in the performing arts. Many of them became self-destructive as a result, and in most cases, gave up entirely.

    Favorite male dancer on the show? We always talk about our favorite dancers on the show, but we never talk about the recent influx of new male dancers. I know he was on DMM, but I love Lucas. I think he's adorable, even after his fumble last season (throughout the Miami show, he was sweet and kind to everyone). He's got talent, but I really like his facials and stage presence the most. - Gino. Very skilled, great stage presence.***

    Gino's older brother is a stud; what is it "Kevin?" He danced and lifted Brooke in the senior company at a competition last season! Justice and Lucas are adorable, but have to stick with "what's legal!"

    ***Yep you're thinking of Kevin!! He's what a male dancer should be: strong, showcases the female lead and technically/emotionally great.***

  23. ***Kelly and Abby's legal issues - I found this:

    - -

    But that was in March, nothing since. We probably won't hear much about it until it's over.***

    It'll probably get dropped altogether, but Kelly deserves to go through the process of being a criminal! Her behavior for all 4 seasons has been reprehensible and I don't feel sorry for her or the kids! They always have excuses for their antics and they deserve to be inconvenienced! Maybe if she laid off "the sauce," she could act like a responsible human being and mother!

    ***Honestly, it won't get dropped. There is too much actual video evidence to substantiate Kelly's claims to drop the case. It will probably work it's way through the system unless they settle.***

    Kelly's claim? You really can't seriously think Abby was trying to "eat" her face? Well we know what side you're on! Kelly doesn't have a leg to stand on as far as I'm concerned! She stood there and lied about what Abby said just a minute before; please! By the show allowing the telecast of the incident also gives credence that it was staged; so Abby has nothing to worry about!

    ***No I don't (lol, but I'm just imagining Abby biting Kelly like a dog), but there are a ton of claims in her lawsuit which is why I said that. Also the issue of the girls not being paid for their remaining episodes. Chances are Lifetime will probably try to settle, but I could see this at least going to the initial stages of court. - They should cancel this show; it's a piece of garbage. The only bigger piece of garbage is Abby herself. Screaming at and degrading children - she's nothing but a bully.***

    That's the entertainment of it all! I'll miss it when it's gone! This past season hasn't been as much fun w/ Abby threatening to replace everyone! I was hoping it was a motivational tool, but those odd little kids came in at the end and beat her regulars!

    ***9 times out of 10, it will all get dropped. A vast majority of these cases on reality tv tend to get dropped.

    I don't think it will be dropped. Even though Kelly has acted horrible throughout her run on DM, Abby has acted just as horribly. Maybe going through this will humble them both...unless Abby wins, then I think she'll be even worse. Kelly will fade out and we won't hear much from her or the girls.***

  24. Everything's A Conspiracy in the eyes of Christi and Kelly!

    ***ITA w/ you! Christi and Kelly start ALL the drama w/ their petty jealousy over a CHILD (not sure how old Maddie is at this point, 11-12?)! Whenever I see Christi rolling her eyes at the mere mention of Maddie's name, I just wanna smack her!

    And Kelly; she's constantly, I mean like every other episode it seems, pulling her kids out of the studio so they miss out on practice, then she gets mad when Abby puts them at the bottom of the pyramid b/c they didn't dance as well as Maddie, who's ALWAYS at the studio rehearsing. I've never seen a grown woman act so entitled.

    THEN, when they're given an opportunity by Abby, they complain that Abby's "setting them up to fail." I mean, come on! Why would Abby set up someone to fail when they're representing HER? I just don't understand the way these 2 women think? Their daughters are more mature than they are, and hopefully they will go far in life by not acting like their spoiled, immature mothers.***

    Thank you! That's exactly how I see it! I just hope these women are playacting! If they're like this for real, I feel for the kids; esp. Brooke and Paige! That is not how real life works! Normally if you walk out, "you're done;" never to be allowed to return! That happened entirely too many times for them to get away with! How these people act so profane; it's a wonder CPS hasn't stepped in!

    ***I am watching the full "Electricity" dance and I know that that was supposed to be inspired by DP's "Single Ladies" dance that had made major news, but I thought it was okay. Nothing as mind blowing or eye opening as DP's dance. I didn't understand why they put in the ballet moves like the tour jete and the turning arabesque w/ all the "sexy" dance. It didn't flow very well.***

    I never understood the hoopla; then or now! They're wearing more than some numbers like "Nip/Tuck" and other performances! How teased hair, excessive makeup, and stockings made it inappropriate is still beyond me! You had these "reaction shots" from other dancers backstage and moms in the audience; WHY? I think it was just played up to the hilt and since it was in the first season, scandal was used to draw people to the show as far as I'm concerned! They've replayed it many times, making it seem like it was obscene and never telecast again; total lie!

    ***When you go back and watch the reactions of the spectators, you can tell how fake they are. As for the costuming, I think the thigh high stockings are a take off of adult dancers who wear them hooked to their panties to make them look "sexy" and so by dressing children up like- as Christy, whom I know you love and adore, would say- "prostitots," makes it a bit unnerving; esp. when it's your child. Some parent's don't see the harm in it and judging by some of the interviews I have seen regarding the negative reactions towards the single ladies dance, some of the DP parents just see the "production" aspect of the dance and say that the costume ispart of the performance. I understand to an extent, but still seems over the top. When you have your own kids and you bring them up from birth, it's hard to think of your baby doing or portraying anything as "sexual," ESP. when they aren't even 10 yet. Granted the kids don't see the harm, assuming they haven't even been exposed to sex aside from maybe the basics (female parts, male parts and hopefully the truth that babies DON"T come from the stork). But as parent's and adults who have been exposed to sex, you see the situation completely different than the kids do.***

  25. ***I saw the full dance of the Electricity dance, and IMO, I thought it looked better during the shorter version showed on the show. The girls had no energy. Nia was behind everyone else and stood out like a sore thumb. (this is during first season when Nia was easily the worst dancer of the group). It looked sluggish and not very hot jazzy like the DP and even CD girls do.

    - Here's the full dance: ***

    OMG, the short, cut version is so much better! Nia truly was awful and didn't have a clue! How Holly can get all bent out of shape when Abby doesn't give her more opportunities is beyond me! She wasn't off by just a count, she forgot a full section or 2, not going down to the floor w/ the other girls! They didn't lose b/c it was risqué; it was just bad!

    ***Just saw the promo for Asia's new show. It starts the same day as the next season of "Dance Moms." It's called "Raising Asia." Apparently, she's going to be singing as well. I know she's talented, but I have to believe it will be more about just her; at least I hope it is. I would hate to see it all go to her head (esp. since promo called her a diva). Hope it doesn't turn her into an out of control spoiled brat that turns everyone off. She's still a child. I believe she has hit double digits in age. I just think it's sad to raise a child from the time they were just out of diapers with the attitude that you're a diva and hence better than everyone else.***

    Asia was born in '05! She still hasn't turned 10 and she's always been called a Diva; esp. by Abby! I had no idea, but I probably won't go out of my way to see her new program! She's a marvel though; even more so than Maddie!

    ***Opinions on all the Male Dancers from Season 3 onwards (All from Cathy)

    1. Zack Torres
    2. Gino Cosculluela
    3. Jalen Testerman
    4. Brandon Talbott
    5. Bryant (only appeared once)
    6. Nick Daniels
    7. Lucas Triana
    8. Gavin Morales
    9. Evan Gorbell (Will appear soon)

    Bonus. Justice Mccort***

    What's your opinion? I have none since Cathy didn't really train any of these boys! They're all hired guns who obviously learned more elsewhere; even choreographed by others! I just wished I knew why these moms would allow themselves to be used in this way; all in an attempt to beat and humiliate Abby? Oh how they must feel after all the juvenile behavior and psyche games, they still lose 9 times out of 10!

    ***I haven't paid enough attention to all of them to make a ranking, but I liked Zack's dancing the best.***

    Well he was the oldest, had the most experience, and worked professional jobs!

  26. ***But Maddie did lie. Christi's mistake was to confront the child and not the real monster, Melissa. Maddie won't breathe until Melissa tells her to. The irony is that Christi makes such a big deal out of Abby screaming at her kid when she's doing the same as Abby, taking out her frustrations on Maddie by accusing her of being a liar (which was true, but the responsibility was Melissa's) and a bully and spending the last 4 years whining about Maddie being #1 and Chloe never getting a fair shot.

    But there's no irrevocable proof that Maddie lied. Christi just made a bunch of statements that she never backed up. I'm not saying Maddie is a saint, but she got so much hate over that. I can't tell you the numerous times I've been called a liar just b/c of misconceptions or hearsay. People will think whatever they want and cast aspersions just b/c they're bitter and quick to blame others. I agree w/ you on the ironic part. Christi is a huge hypocrite and so antagonistic; I'm surprised it took this long for someone to hit her. Then again, Abby had it coming way more than anyone else on the show. That woman is deplorable!

    I agree, esp. since Chloe apparently asked Maddie in the studio before the girls ever left for competition and, since they competed at Jump that weekend, Maddie and Chloe wouldn't have even seen each other again until the morning of the competition for the show. I don't believe that Maddie and Melissa lied, but Christi is always happy to believe the worst where the Zieglers are concerned.

    I just hope that they don't turn Maddie's wonderful opportunity into a plotline for the show; though it seems like they're already going that direction. I'm guessing Christi will be the one to complain about it since she's the only one of all of the moms including Kalani's mother who didn't tweet anything to congratulate Maddie on anything Chandelier related and I've heard that there is supposedly some kind of a fight about something to do w/ the video. I know it's not about the way that Maddie was cast though since Sia didn't hold auditions or anything - she just tweeted Maddie and Melissa to ask Maddie to be in it. So at least we know that the moms can't accuse Maddie of only getting the job b/c of Abby's interference or anything.

    Sia didn't pick Chloe or any other little dancer Maddie's age b/c she was a fan of the show and said that Maddie is the one that stood out to her the most and the one whom she thought was best able to portray a character and tell a story on stage. Also, Maddie (who was playing a young Sia) does resemble a young Sia quite a bit. Sia's Twitter background used to be a picture of her when she was about 2 and she looked a lot like Maddie. At any rate Sia literally created the idea for the Chandelier video w/ Maddie in mind so I'm guessing that w/o Maddie she would have gone a different direction w/ it, but if not I'm sure she would have hired another little dancer who resembled her like Brynn Rumfallo.***

    Thank Gawd someone's rational about the whole video thing! Abby has "NO" control over casting and Christi and Kelly need to get over it! Producers and agents couldn't care less about Abby's input, seeing for themselves how well Maddie would work out! It just infuriates me to hear them both "kvetch" talking about a "fair chance" when auditions are obviously there for all concerned! If their kids aren't picked, Abby has "nothing" to do with it! I don't believe Maddie or Melissa lied either; they just didn't know until the last minute! That was all on Abby; her decision! Calling a child a liar is so reprehensible! I think Christi truly needs to go on meds and stop drinking! She's so out of control for all to see!

  27. ***Maddie is still an undeveloped little girl. Chloe is very tall and has boobs now. Maybe she wanted an innocent little kid look. Sia references her "inner 9-year-old" in some of her interviews. IMHO, Maddie could pass for 9.

    Christi is also my least favorite mother. In general I dislike Kelly a lot too, but she has had moments that make me think she's not so bad. I remember a few seasons ago Kelly was complaining (again) to Melissa about how Abby always runs Maddie's routines before she competes them, but she doesn't do that w/ her kids. Maddie was there and she turned to Maddie and said something like "it's nothing against you Maddie. I just think that my girls should get the same attention." Melissa said that she agreed w/ Kelly and Maddie also immediately said that she agreed. I was so happy that one of the moms finally took the time to explain to Maddie that they weren't blaming her for Abby's treatment of her. Of course she did something to make me dislike her again shortly after that but still...

    Christi, on the other hand, has proven herself to be very cunning, using show secrets to make herself look better, and has also shown time and time again that she thinks nothing of demonizing and trying to publicly shame a child on tv. I love Chloe, but I just can't w/ Christi.***

    Christi has "cried wolf" so often, no one takes her seriously anymore! If Abby does something legitimately to hurt Chloe, people will reference Christi's past behavior! Nothing will make up for her indiscretions, profanity, ranting, and raving in public for all to see! I'll be so glad when she's gone along with her bestie Kelly! I heard Chloe's training somewhere else so at least she can't whine about her daughter not getting enough of a workout! If she doesn't take her to that, she can look in the mirror when Chloe underachieves!

    ***If their is a dispute between Abby and a parent it should stay between them. There is no need to involve any of the children. Even the parents say that they do not involve children in their arguments and the team respects each other. Abby however has stated that a child's position on the pyramid is due to "their mother's behavior" which is completely ridiculous. If she wants to do that she should have a separate pyramid for parents.***

    Normally I'd agree, but Abby felt she had to do something to keep these vindictive, evil women in check! As you can tell, they're still out of control, so as a result I have no sympathy for the kids! After insulting Abby about her weight, Christi and Kelly are so smug with evil smirks; "sorry Chloe, Paige, & Brooke!" I laugh at it all! Melissa behaves herself and lets the teacher teach! In school, you don't have this kind of behavior; the kid would be suspended as well! That would be the result of a parent losing their minds in school! Sorry!

  28. ***Picking on the Kids - As far as teaching goes, Abby pushes them, she doesn't sugar coat it, and she really wants them to win. ...I've had to tell my friend this, who is also a dancer, that if she doesn't check her attitude, the company she's w/ could so easily say "I don't think so; bye bye, next girl."

    But how she picks on the kids b/c their mothers are a bunch a catty bitches, that's not fair. These are all adorable, hard working, kind and very mature children, but they're constantly punished for their mothers behavior. The moms don't have to be there. If they ask too many questions, interfere too much, and upset things, send them out and focus on the kids. I know this wouldn't work for the show, and isn't really how they do things in real life, forcing the drama, but it's beyond ridiculous.

    In the 1st season, she tells one of the moms that if they don't like it, they can go and get a job, and pick their kid up at the end of the day, but in the 2nd season, Holly, who's made some great accomplishments and works hard and Abby is yelling at poor Nia that her mother doesn't care about her b/c she's off at work. This is disgusting, really.

    Kelly should have been banned from the studio or something, so Abby could have worked w/ Paige and Brooke w/o the constant air of a fight hanging around. And all the jealousy towards Maddie, some of it is completely ridiculous, but I think a lot of it isn't even directed at her herself. I think Maddie is amazing, and I love watching her dance, but as a viewer I sometimes find myself hoping she loses to 1 of the other girls. ...Melissa's so convinced Maddie's the best thing ever, and yet she throws money every which way to give her a better chance, as though she couldn't do it on her own. Melissa, like the other mothers, causes others to pick on her daughter the way they do.

    Their are quite a few points here I agree w/. I've now decided that there needs to be a separate pyramid for the mothers, which is only reflective of their behavior. I like Holly, she's defiantly the rational one. Watching Kelly mid series 3, it seams to be that she's looking for the underlying motive in all of Abby's actions. As for Maddie, luckily the children are mature enough to notice that yes, she has talent, but they don't think of her as the centre of universe as the adults seam to. I feel sorry for her b/c she's the one that really wants to be a dancer so there is this hold over her; "I want her to beg, for this solo." You can see though the show that it's Maddie who gives the most in group support and pep talks.***

    You guys covered it! I wouldn't call it "picking on" as much as retribution for their silly mothers! I've said it before, they have options, but they keep coming back! When Christi and Kelly act out, I don't find anything wrong w/ Abby taking it out on the kids; moms obviously don't care or they wouldn't misbehave! Christi actually goes out of her way to antagonize situations and has this smug look on her face! Calling Abby names, mentioning her weight, and saying the kids are being set up to fail is so uncalled for; very high school! The kids keep saying they want to come back, so they should be accustomed to what happens! I would have told my mother to stop; a little more courage w/ boys to have parents stay in check! If I wasn't happy w/ the conditions, I'd say so! Brooke, Paige, and Chloe act like deer in the headlights for some reason! I know they're more outgoing and speak up when not on tv so I just don't have a lot of sympathy for them! Brooke going off to see what cheerleading was like really PO'd me; at least say something beforehand! Kelly didn't help the situation by allowing it, then Abby has to go hunt her down for an explanation! Who does that? The moms cause ALL the drama since they are so resentful of the teacher! Cry me a river!

  29. ***Portions of the proceeds go to charity; Christi keeps some of the profits and obviously the rest covers for their flights, security, etc. Do people really think Christi and Chloe would travel to other continents just to break even? Christi is a business woman; she's all about that profit. Why else do you need to charge $150 for 1 ticket?

    Remember when Paige broke her foot doing a back tuck and Kelly was the one who yelled at her to 'get it over w/' when Abby was warning her not to do it b/c of the cement underneath? Christi screamed at Abby and vehemently blamed her for that situation and said that Abby was the one who 'made' Paige do it. Christi's also the one that yells at people's moms and their kids for excluding Chloe when Christi is the one who chooses to ostracize herself from the team; everyone else was at "Dancing With The Stars." Christi wasn't. She was invited, but she chose not to go.

    Also, when Chloe and Kendall's placement was switched during that competition where they both had solos, Christi feigned confusion at first, but when Chloe admitted to asking for the director to change the order, Christi acted like it wasn't a big deal and everyone was just trying to get her.

    Looks like they're still showing S 4 once a week here in the UK, but I'm already ahead of them. S 3 was cut short for something called "Vanderpump Rules." Luckily I have already seen the end of S 3 so no real loss. Feel sorry for anyone who has not though, maybe this is just a U.K. thing and the show is not doing so well over here.***

    Oh you poor things! Here in The States, it's always playing; 2 eps weekdays and 4 on sat.! It's practically on a loop so we get through the seasons pretty fast! I'm not as entertained by S 4 w/ how much Abby has threatened the kids w/ replacement and bringing in another team! I was hoping it was a motivational tool, but they wound up showing by the end of this past run! I prefer watching the older seasons, esp. S 3 w/ the so called boycott! The girls brought in to fill the schedule were great and it was a shame they had to deal w/ the hateful behavior of Christi and Kelly when they returned!

    ...Brooke going off to see what cheerleading was like really PO'd me; at least say something beforehand! ...The moms cause ALL the drama since they are so resentful of the teacher! Cry me a river!

    ***Some things like Brooke not letting them know beforehand, or at least how it was dealt w/ all the moms knowing, but not telling Abby, sounds a lot like the kind of drama they cook up for the ratings. If Abby seriously started a rehearsal before stopping them b/c she realised Brooke wasn't there when she's the featured dancer of that number... that doesn't happen. And you don't take "retribution" on someone by picking on a child. I would have told my mother to stop, but only when she's calm. ...What Abby does to the kids for the teaching side of things doesn't work for everybody, but when it does you get kids w/ this talent doing amazing things. For her to be extra harsh or mean to them b/c of their mothers is unprofessional. Like I said, if it weren't for the show, those moms wouldn't have been there, or would have been made to leave.***

  30. ...The abuse will continue which only the producers really want for the drama of the show!

    ***I'm sure the fact that Abby hates Christi is 100% true. And it is truly pathetic that by now Christi has not come to the realization that she is 1000% the reason why Abby doesn't like Chloe. If Christi would ever sit down and shut up, Abby would probably be nicer to Chloe. Christi is simply too ignorant to figure that out so continues to scream like a banshee and let Chloe take the heat for it.

    I'm pretty sure that Lifetime has manufactured ALL of Abby taking the moms' bad behavior out on the kids. In fact, I think Collins and the rest of the producers put Abby up to it. Why do I seem so sure?

    1) If Lifetime did not want to portray Abby in this light, they wouldn't. They'd either tell her to stop, or just not air those segments. But they do air Abby's taking out her frustrations w/ the moms on the kids, so Lifetime WANTS this to happen.

    2) Pretty much everyone agrees that Abby was tough but okay in Season 1. I think this is the real Abby. It's also the Abby we